Feature Writer: Rachael
Feature Title: A Father Possessed
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Story Codes: Mdom/F-teen, Incest, Rape, Violence, Fantasy

A Father Possessed

Rache typed “Demon Summoning” onto the screen … 87,322 matches. The first 300 were all about some stupid game. She narrowed her search, she tried different combinations, she tried different search engines. She took 3 aspirins. But Rache finally found what she was looking for.

It didn’t sound very hard; most of the ingredients came out of the kitchen actually. The rest of it came out of her. I could tell you what she did and what she said, but that’s not what this is about. Look it up yourself, just keep the aspirin handy.

And be prepared for the consequences.

Rache sat in her room, cross-legged on the floor. She’d lit a single candle and its light danced weakly in the close confines of the darkness. Her hand was bleeding, but she didn’t notice. She was concentrating on something else. The bitter smell of burned salt dilated her nostrils and she was repeating a mantra of ancient origin.

She could only hope that she was pronouncing the seemingly random mix of letters correctly, but somehow she didn’t think it would really matter. If it worked it would be the intention of the words, not the sound that mattered.

For over an hour she sat, waiting for…what? She didn’t know.

Something. Anything. A stroke of lightning, a crash of thunder. Even a gust of wind would have meant something. But everything was still. She sighed and looked at the long straight cut on the palm of her left hand. It had stopped bleeding finally and she poked at the still soft scab with a finger. Rache laughed and shook her head at her foolishness.

The chances of actually summoning a demon were so remote, she thought, what could have possessed her to even try such a thing? The joke made her laugh again and she stood up, turning on the light next to her bed. She blew out the candle and picked up the mess she’d made on her bedroom floor. The old blanket she’d been sitting on was stained with her blood. But this wasn’t the first time for that blanket, was it? Rache rolled it up and tossed it in the corner, she’d wash it later; right then she wanted a bath.

Rache undressed in her room, slipping her old white nightgown on over her bare skin. It was late, nearly 3:30am; her father was sleeping down the hall in his bedroom. She and her father had an easy living arrangement; they’d been on their own for a long time, just the two of them. Her father had his own bathroom adjoining the master bedroom; the one across the hall was Rache’s.

It was her private sanctuary and as far as she knew, her father never went in there. It was probably as alien to him as his was to Rache. Rache smiled as she contemplated the masculine mysteries she’d picked through when she was younger, when she was still an explorer in her own home. Now, of course, she did most of the shopping, there was very little mystery left.

The bathroom was large, designed to be the main bath for a house with 4 bedrooms. That just made it all the better, especially since her father had had it redone. It was a bribe; if Rache hadn’t come to Seattle kicking and screaming, it hadn’t been with a song in her heart either. Redecorating her bedroom and recreating the bathroom had probably been a small price for her father to pay.

Rache turned on both faucets, adjusting the temperature to her liking as it filled the huge Victorian tub. It wasn’t that old, just a modern replica, but a faithful one at least, right down to the clawed feet. Rache loved her bathtub.

She brushed her teeth while she waited and then sat down to pee. The tub took a long time to fill, but it was worth it. Rache undressed, hanging her nightgown on a hook on the back of the door so that it covered the long mirror there. She looked at herself around the narrow swath of white cotton.

Only 5’4″ and growing no more, she thought wistfully. She pulled her shoulders back and sucked in her tummy; her breasts weren’t getting any larger either. She ran her fingernails over the dark stubble above her sex. She’d shaved herself a week before and had been debating whether or not to keep it that way. It was starting to itch a little. It felt rough and strange beneath her fingers. Yeah, she decided, time to shave it again.

The tub was getting full she leaned over and turned the faucets off, the hot one first, then the… Rache felt a sudden cool draft. She froze as she looked over her shoulder at the unexpectedly open door. Rache’s mind couldn’t fathom what her eyes were telling her.

“Daddy?” she whispered, confused.

He stood there darkly, as if in a shadow even though the light should have been shining fully on him. His body seemed dark somehow, his face clouded…Except for his eyes; they seemed to glow a deep angry crimson. A split second later Rache gasped as she realized he was also naked. His right hand was stroking his huge stiff penis slowly, it seemed impossibly large and Rache stared at it.

In his left hand he held a long leather belt, it gently swayed back and forth. She didn’t think she’d ever seen her father completely naked before and certainly not with an erection! She started to stand up straight; it hadn’t even occurred to the girl yet that she was totally naked as well.

Her father grinned and suddenly rushed forward, catching Rache by the neck with his right hand, surprising her. He shoved her head into the bathtub just as Rache opened her mouth to scream. It took on a strange, distorted sound and bubbles rushed to the surface as Rache emptied her lungs into the water.

She struggled to find purchase on the hard silky-smooth porcelain, trying to push herself free. The wound on her hand reopened and the water turned a light soft pink as she thrashed through it. She could feel the large hand seeming to go nearly completely around her thin delicate neck. She felt confused and terrified and took a short breath of water, as if she’d forgotten her head was underwater.

Rache’s father had his weight on Rache, pressing her down to her knees, bent painfully over the hard rounded rim of the tub. He loosed his cruel grip on her neck and grabbed a fistful of his daughter’s hair, yanking her clear of the water. Rache coughed, sputtering and felt her aching lungs rejecting the water.

She took several breaths, unable to do much more than gasp before her head was pushed quickly back into the water. Rache tried to hold onto the edge of the tub and push her self up, but it was no use, he was too strong for her. She at least remembered to control her breathing, fighting against the panic, trying to hold it, trying not to scream.

She felt a sudden flash of pain; her father had started to whip her with the belt. He’d doubled it up in his fist and he brought it down hard against his daughter’s bare back and thigh. The strokes were short and fast, the leather into Rache’s tender skin relentlessly. With every movement of her father’s arm his body would move against hers, pressing her stomach against the tub, pushing the air out of her lungs.

Rache bit her lip, the pain spreading through her body like a fire and beneath it she could feel herself needing to breath. Her heart was pumping fast; she could feel its vibrations and the heaving of her empty lungs as she tried to keep them under control. She was thrashing, tossing her body one way and then the other, fighting to get free before she’d have to open her mouth and take that huge breath she so urgently wanted.

And then suddenly she was pulled up and out again, gulping a huge lungful of air and then sobbing as she felt her father’s mouth next to her ear.

“You want it don’t you? Tell me you want it!” It was a stranger’s voice, deep and menacing and …evil.

Before Rache could reply she was shoved back into the water. He was whipping her again, slapping the hot leather against her smooth white skin. He was beating her along the ribs now, first one side and then the other. The belt would curl under her tummy and lick her painfully.

Rache held her breath; eyes clenched shut as she concentrated on accepting it. Her body still jerked, her arms pushing against the bottom of the tub, but something else was starting too. She felt the heat of the belt on her skin and the weight of her father pushing down on her, dominating her. Excitement found a little voice in her confused mind and helped to calm her a little more. The hand in Rache’s hair pulled her up a little quicker this time.

“Yes! I want it!” Rache said it quickly, gasping for air and opening her eyes trying to turn her face to look at her father.

But he shoved her back into the water without a word. Rache held her breath, her heart was rushing the blood through her and with it the building passion for what was happening. Rache didn’t understand it, she didn’t want to think about it, but she had no choice. Her Daddy was spanking her again, only this time it was different. It was better. The terror had started to fade; Rache could rationalize what her father was doing to her, just like she always had before.

Rache felt a new wetness growing between her legs, coming from inside her. The fire of the belt was bringing a flush to her pale skin; she could feel the welts already beginning to rise on her back and legs. She no longer struggled; she held her breath, shuddering as the pain built to a fever pitch. When she felt her lungs start to burn, expanding and contracting involuntarily she started to push against the fist holding her in place and was rewarded when her father pulled her free.

Rache felt her Daddy’s hardness pressing between her legs and she pushed back against it slightly. She was breathing heavily, water running out of her stringy hair into her eyes, blurring her vision. His mouth was against her ear again; Rache thought she could feel his tongue and lips as he spoke.

“You’ve been a bad girl Rachael! Oh yesssss…A very bad girl!”

He shoved his hips suddenly forward, spearing his daughter on his swollen member. Rache gasped and felt herself being ripped open by his unnatural size.

His right hand pulled her head painfully back; arching her spine while his left hand dropped the belt and reached for her hand. He gripped her small delicate hand in his as he thrust his rigid penis deeper, making Rache cry out with unexpected pain. She tried to speak, to ask him why he was doing this but as she opened her mouth her father squeezed her wounded hand in his. She screamed with agony and stared in terror as her blood streamed out between their fingers. It ran wetly down Rache’s arm, mixing with the water on her skin. She could smell it, a pale almost rust-like smell.

“You did the spell! It was you’re blood!”

The words made no sense to Rache; she couldn’t concentrate on anything but what was happening to her body. Her father was fucking her now, a steady in and out movement that Rache tried to match despite her pain and fear. Her sex was responding to the pleasure of being penetrated and Rachael’s screams fell off to a low moaning sound.

Despair and ecstasy merging. How many times had she dreamed of being taken after her father had punished her? So many times she’d wished he would force himself on his little girl. The moment was starkly different than her fantasies, but the excitement was better than she had ever dreamt.

The fire of his cock was burning inside her, joining with hers. She saw the pain of her hand as a bright light and she embraced it. Her skin tingled where he’d whipped her, sending little jolts of electricity through her when his body came in contact with hers.

“Now you have to pay.”

Rache felt the head of her father’s penis banging against her cervix now, it felt incredibly wonderfully, almost too wonderful as he buried himself completely inside the girl over and over again. She needed him to slow down, to stop pushing so hard, so deep, but her Daddy held her tightly to him. His cold hands were on her breasts, pulling at the rings in her nipples, threatening to rip them out.

The sensation was delicious, Rache was gasping as her orgasm rolled over her like a series little waves, each larger than the last. She was jamming herself hard upon her father’s cock now, fucking him as she rubbed her bloody hand across her face, smearing her mouth with a sweet red stain. She rose and fell rapidly with the peaks of her pleasure, her breath was ragged and she closed her eyes as the final riot of ecstasy roared through her body like a freight train.

Her father pushed Rachael’s head back into the water, cracking her forehead hard on the bottom of the tub. Another cloud of dark red blood appeared in the light pink water from a cut at her hairline. Rache was bent completely over and her Daddy was holding her head and shoulders below the water while he pistoned in and out of his daughter’s quivering sex.

Rache screamed once again underwater as her final orgasm shuddered through her. Her legs went weak and she slipped, banging her hips painfully on the smooth rim of the bathtub. Her father was ramming himself violently, raping Rache as hard and deeply as he could. Her bruised and battered cervix was a mass of brilliant pain beneath his assault.

Rache was out of breath, her lungs burned and her eyes bulged as she tried to keep her strength. But the beating of her heart, the screams of pain and passion had robbed her. With a whoosh Rache opened her mouth and reflexively took a deep breath. Warm pink water filled her lungs, and Rache’s body thrashed wildly, her arms pushed with a sudden burst of desperate energy, but it wasn’t enough. She felt the pulsing of her father’s cock as he rammed himself deep and began to cum inside her shuddering, dying body.

Rache struggled a few moments more, her body spasmed and her sex contracted tightly around her father’s penis as he spent himself into his daughter’s womb. Rache felt her heart slowing; she could not feel anything anymore. The soft crimson light filtered through the bloody water began to grow faint.

Her father kept his weight on her, leaning over Rache and pressing her to the bottom, his cock still swollen inside her. She was beyond caring, her heart stopped with a final pulse and Rache died never quite realizing how successful her spell really was.

The end?

Rache woke up with a start! She was drenched in sweat, soaked with it. She breathed deep and coughed. She must have been holding her breath, she thought. God! What a dream. Her bed was soaked as well, as if she’d wet herself.

She looked around, dazed and breathless, wondering where her notebook was. She wanted to write this dream down as quickly as possible, before she forgot it. She reached to turn on the light but a cold hand grabbed her wrist. Rache screamed. It was her father! His eyes glowing and his penis standing obscenely erect.

“Ready for another bath?” His voice asked, but it wasn’t Daddy’s voice at all!

He grabbed Rachael by the hair and dragged her from the bed, across the floor as she screamed and kicked and pulled at his hand with her own. He took her into the bathroom across the hall, bending her roughly over the smooth rounded edge of the full tub. The water was a soft crimson color and the cold tap was still running. Rache gasped and her father twisted her head around by her hair.

“You’ve been bad Rachael! Oh yessssss…You said the wrong words!”

The walls suddenly faded and Rache screamed as she looked out at the desolate horror. She suddenly realized that she hadn’t summoned the devil – she’d brought herself to him.

“Welcome to Hell.”