Inspired by a post by Harryfox on Religious Fetish… as a writer, it would be interesting to know what your hot buttons are. Though I must admit, I do get requests that are outside of my realms (I do try to bend now and again).


  1. Transformation / the proverbial fall from grace  / damned for eternity
  2. Temptation / the temptation of Christ / decline / loss of one’s religious morals
  3. Blasphemy / sacrilege / use of blasphemous language / cursing
  4. Abuse / non-consensual / incest / young ones / family time in all its combinations
  5. Confessions / process of confessing one’s sins / admitting to your true self
  6. Human sacrifice / rape ritual / abuse / sexual violence / hate sex /
  7. Crucifixion / bondage / bound before the devil
  8. Satanic rituals / dressed up in robes / chanting / offering homage
  9. Filth / pissing / shitting / scat / urine drinking / urine play / urine as sacrament
  10. Demon worship / demonic idols and effigies
  11. Nuns and priests / saints / apostles / Christ / Jesus / Mother Mary
  12. Sodomy / buggery / anal sex / altar boys getting it up-the-shitter
  13. Cults / Voodoo / African themes / Yoruba / jungle fever / possession
  14. Evil books / satanic bible / witchcraft / occult literature
  15. Supernatural / preternatural / ghosts / sexualized specters
  16. Succubus / incubus / demons
  17. Desecration of churches, altars, artifacts, crosses, rosary beads and religious texts / defiling the bible
  18. Blasphemous porn
  19. Seduction into evil by others (variation on the fall and temptation)
  20. Blood / blood play / menstruation / vampires


14 thoughts on “20 HOT BUTTONS”

  1. Mmmmmm! Wonderful!

    Dare I add to item 4) pregnancy…? Perhaps with a demon child?

  2. Definitely #4, the little ones being molested by mommy and daddy (or other groups with both male and female) penetrating them. Non-consensual is fine, but not to actually harm them — rather to bring them into a fully lustful state on a path to worship Satan.

    #12 is a must — Sodomy is the basis of sexual wisdom and growth, triggering the rise of kundalini and opening the one being penetrated for demonic influence.

    #16 — welcoming lust demons and turning their host into a pit of desire as well as a master/mistress of sexual expertise.

    #18 — not REALLY one of my hot buttons, but I would love to see a story about the crucifixion as a gay, incestuous, S&M scene.

    1. Interesting selection Slut-Wannabe – the rising of Kundalini and the opening of the soul to demonic influence (beautiful) – thx XP

      1. HAHA ! Harry, I was darkly inspired my your article in Religious Fetish… I actually draw the list up from the content of the answers given by the respondents – but I must admit, it hits all my HOT SPOTS! HAIL ! HAIL ! XP

  3. I have read all the stories very well. If I’m allowed to put forward a suggestion, I feel in certain fictions the detailed descriptions of rituals! / René

    PS: Ich bin auf tumblr. erreichbar

    1. Hi Mr… thanks for the encouragement… so you are saying that you’d like to read stories with detailed description of satanic black rites and rituals? XP

      1. Hello …. yes I would like to have a detailed description of the rituals in the black fair ….

  4. Your stories are so wickedly erotic. I’m a white married male recently separated. I’m a Christian but since moving put of the house I’ve begun to watch a lot of porn and stumbled across some satanic sissy porn and loved it. I’m now into cross dressing and worshipping our Lord of Light…Lucifer

    1. Hi Savanna – thanks for the emails and posts … satanic sissy porn is fucking hot … it gets my cock hard in seconds!

  5. Hi Sally, i just came across this post today. Don’t know how i missed so completely. i like your buttons 1,2,3, 19 telling the story of the “transformation”, (including from an apparel/gender standpoint) form “good” to “evil” or is it the other way around? Then 8, 10 and 18 confirming the transformation. Then the rest are just fine. Love the site. Hail Satan

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