You know it’s time – Non- Fiction

Writer: Triplesixbitch

Subject: Yiu know it’s time

Link: Tumblr / 22.05.2021 / Reposted by Koruptdsoul

You know it’s time

What are you waiting for Christian? MAKE TODAY… THE DAY! Don’t you let your fucked up faith, their false promise of eternal salvation and their idle threats of damnation prevent you from making this grand and glorious commitment. I know what’s truly in your heart and it is not god or Jesus fucking Christ. It is the power of the Dark Lord and the burning lust that resides within you that brings you here each and every day, tempting you with the unholy pleasures that you crave and desire. Will power and resistance is not enough to fight off the inevitable. Stop fooling yourself, you know deep down that your soul will never be satisfied until you give yourself completely to him. This is where you belong, this your destiny. Free yourself and shout …Hail Satan!


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