You 2 by Bernd

Feature Writer: Bernd

Feature Title: YOU 2

Published: 28.08.2020 /

Story Codes: Demonic, Threesome, Initiation Ritual

Synopsis: A short story about YOU by Bernd in second person

XP Notes: My dear friend Bernd — I have done a little editing here. Hope you are OK with it? — Thank you once again for contributing to LS666. Satan smiles up at you.

You 2

She was still exhausted on the floor.
The evening was long and exciting for her. Fucked and licked — this was a new experience for her — to be with another woman. She was torn by the whole experience, but you, my Goddess, called to her come get up onto the altar.
We knelt down. You took her from behind — in her arms —caressing her still damp skin. Over her breasts down to her eager cunt. You whispered in her ear, “Look at Baphomet — see his phallus that waits for you every night. He wants you. Now look at Mother. Lilith — she gets you so wet and excited. Yes — she want you too.”
It’s hot and balmy today. She waits. So wet and excited. Wonderful. We know she’ll definitely come back to us. She belong to us now. She knows her desires will only increase and she can’t do it any other way.
You kiss her hard. You take my cock. I’m aroused again. You rub it in front of her and you say, “Let’s see. Maybe he can fuck you then. You’ve dream of this every night!”
And then you kiss her again hard. You press her hand into her cunt. She pants in anticipation. She felt her soaked cunt. Her labia are so wet.
The room is filled with black and red the candles. There is an altar. You tender words of wildness, tempt her further. Dreams haunt her. This lust she woke up and felt that she was wet like never before, she couldn’t help but masturbate — she literally leaking.
It took a few days and every night the same feeling. The same inner scream of, “Yes I want it. I want. I want.”
Saturday evening she first walked aimlessly through the streets. But then came out of the club in which she met us, she saw us hesitated because there was another woman there was, but we saw her.
My Goddess went to her and said, “Well there you are. I knew you were coming. It’s like an addiction. The magic of darkness. Fuck us all.”  We drank something.
The two apparently understood each other. In any case, Katrin, had fun with her. She liked small breasts and a nice ass. We then broke up and went to ourselves. In our realm of the senses of black lust and passion. We took off wearing hooded frocks, nothing underneath and open at the front. We saw these beautiful genitals. mature and lustful. A pussy more beautiful and wet like no other. and a tail that slowly rose.
We all knelt down in front of the altar. We each took our partner. Katrin and Josie.
Katrin knew our kind of passion. She started caressing Josie’s body as her tongue teased her ear. She felt her budding breasts and went deeper. She began to caress her. Josie’s head tilted backwards as she moaned grabbing Katrin’s cunt. We watched and we felt hot with anticipation. She will be, “A horny Satan’s whore,” she said to me.
We were all aroused by now. My cock was very hard by the sight and the smell of lust. My Goddess pulled me onto the bed, As Katrin licked Josie whose abdomen was moving rhythmically. Her cunt was wet and open. And you could hear the wetness as Katrin sucked it and fingered it, over and over, again and again.
To increase Josie’s addiction — the juices seemed to squirt my Goddess as she sat down over Josie’s face. Josie trembled beneath her legs. My Goddess held me to her while she was on her ride she still took care of my cock rubbed it and took it in the mouth — the lust burned in us and everyone moaned loudly.
You could hear the wetness. You smelled it.
That evening broke her spell — she was so obsessed with this new lust. The candles they shimmered over the sweaty bodies — they literally shone — it was loud when the first orgasms came. They were like fire, so hot and relentless. The faces consumed in lustfulness.
Our greed was so strong as the three licked each other and fucked with dildos. I was right in the middle and my Goddess guided my cock with her hand and pressed me to penetrate Josie. She reared up and I fucked her wet cunt hard. Katrin joined me, licking her with her tongue. I then fucked Katrin — allowing her to enjoy a few thrusts. She always so horny. She loved lust — loved orgasms.
I then turned to my Goddess — she was to claim my sperm for herself. She loved to feel me inside her  when my spent semen runs out of her, she lapped it up, sucking her fingers covered with a mixture of her juices and my cum — spreading it on everyone’s lips with kisses; as a pact of the new warriors of lust.
Wolves among wolves. We got up and went naked to the altar and thanked the evil Gods for the honor of being able to fuck in front of them — to be able to give them our pleasure.
Slowly we got dressed. Sweaty. Full of juice and cum. We wanted to have a drink — but of course without panties under their skirt — when we were back in the club, Josie asked — “is it always this great?” — “No,” we said, “It gets even better!”  and with that, I grabbed her under the skirt.