Would you not commit your soul? – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: deathsexysix

Feature Title: Would you not commit your soul?

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Would you not commit your soul?

Would you not commit your soul to such wonders? Of course! Satan is always there waiting for us each time we feel our desires for sex begin to burn within! Hear Him! With each arousal we surrender a piece of ourselves to Him! Reject Jesus Christ and give yourselves fully to the Master of Your Flesh! Only then, you shall be whole and know the power and ecstasy of the pit! Hail Satan!

4 thoughts on “Would you not commit your soul? – Non-Fiction”

  1. Of course we would. The pleasure derived from such committing is so great that it gives me pleasure from just thinking about my soul being given to our Lord. Hail Satan. Hail Lilith

    1. Hail Sabrina — haven’t we all given our wicked souls to Satan? I submit to him every day and as often as I get the opportunity

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