Where to find Mick Michaels – Non- Fiction

Writer: Mick Michaels

Subject: Where to find Mick Michaels

Link: MEWE / 17.05.2021 / Mick Michaels

Where to find Mick Michaels

After about 6 or 7 years I think I’ve finally had enough of tumblr’s bullshit. Yesterday they shut me down for the third (and last?) time. And it wasn’t even for something I posted myself. It was for REposting stuff from other people’s blogs (i.e., stuff that tumblr had already ALLOWED).

Originally, I was MySinfulKinkyWorld on tumblr and I had gotten to about 4000 followers that enjoyed my perverted forms of blasphemy, abortion fetish, satanic sex, piss play, incest, etc. After that I shut down I came back as MySinfullyKinky and my blog grew even larger to about 8000 followers. Then December 2018 hit and tumblr did the big “purge” of most of their adult content and I was one of the first to get the axe. I came back one final time as ForResearchPurposeI and adopted a policy of NOT posting any new material and only reposting stuff that I found on tumblr… thinking that if they had previously allowed it then maybe they’d leave me alone.

Well that was working fine for over 2 years until yesterday. And of course they don’t even tell you which particular post got the axe to fall. They just send some smart-assed message saying so long. Well, I’m on here, plus iTaboo, FetLife, MeWe and a few others so I’m going to focus my online activities on these other sites and tumblr can kiss my ass for the final time.

Tumblr lost a LOT of people with the 2018 purge and has been having more people abandon ship ever since. Perhaps this is Satan’s way of telling me to stop wasting my time with them and focus my efforts elsewhere.

For any of you reading this who are still on tumblr, I hope we can connect thru here and stay in contact. I’ll miss my friends and followers from tumblr (so please tell others to come find me some place else). But tumblr… to you I say FUCK YOU!!!!

4 thoughts on “Where to find Mick Michaels – Non- Fiction”

    1. Hail BG … I was speaking with Mike last night … well, writing to each other on MEWE and I was telling him about a potential new story idea …

      “ I love the “fall” … last night I was wanking off … thinking about an evil seminal school … where all the classes were conducted at night … and the three stages of their learning process were … XXX … xpose, xcite, xperience … where 12 yo boys (all fem) learn about mutual masturbation, oral sex and sodomy … taught by x-dressing nuns (shemales) … getting them ready to serve the Lord … of course it’s the Lord of darkness …”

      What do you think ?

      1. I love the idea. XP. That is a secret fa n tasty of mine to start a boarding school like that. To teach students to be sex toys. Enrollment would be either voluntary or required. Hail XP. Hail Satan and Lilith and their delicious dreams

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