When You Accept Satan – Non-Fiction

Writer: I’M 666 CAIN

Subject: When You Accept Satan

Link: Tumblr / 30.08.2021 / Reposted by Delicious Blasphemy


When You Accept Satan

When you accept Satan.

Your thoughts and actions become satanic.

Your mind is blessed by Satan.

His thoughts will pound you night and day.

He will break open the hidden box in your mind.

All your lust, depravity and evil will be released.

You will crave it.

You will ache for it.

The demons will have entered you.

You are completely alive.

3 thoughts on “When You Accept Satan – Non-Fiction”

  1. This is no more, and no less, than the undiluted truth. Satan liberates us from the yoke of godly “morality.” Sin is the deliverance of the soul into the hands of the Dark Gods.

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