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Wendyinthemists on New Tumblr

For all those who love her blog posts — please check out Wendyinthemists on New Tumblr — just click on the link above. Wendy is a writer, who I have featured a number of times (through her posts on other sites). She is amazingly wise and fun (both at the same time). Though her work isn’t really porn, she uses it as a vehicle to draw attention to issues and matters that are both real and interesting. Yes, I do believe she is really the wife of a pastor — that makes it even more dark … 

Special thanks to LoboRex for the contact details … XP

A New Beginning Again

For those who see this and are intrigued, I am Wendy. Yes, I am a pastor’s wife who follows the Dark Lord. My site is both a praise to the Dark Lord and a personal forum where I am able to develop my thoughts, address an issue I wish to work out in my thoughts or to respond to an inquiry or a topic shared with me.

I admit this isn’t my first opportunity doing so. However, I have been terminated on other venues for whatever reason the other sites chose to do so. Whether I am spared this happening I do not know. I am having to get used to using this platform so please endure as I learn. Be assured I am authentic. My husband is clueless about my true self and I work extremely hard to assure he remains clueless.

This is not a porn site though porn is fequently addressed and shown because, as a follower of the Dark Lord speaking to others who strive to discover our authentic selves, sex and topics sexual and sensual are addressed because how we deal with these issues are issues we deal with everyday. But one will quickly discover the focus is self understanding and strategies, etc, concerning relating to the Dark Lord and matters which deal with freedom of thought and how one exercise freedom to act in a world where all humans have free will.

This site is what I call, “An acquired taste,” for the discerning seeker after the supernatural, Satan and the Dark Lord, etc. and focuses on the, “Beyond the supernatural,” and not the, “Tricks, spells and potions,” aspect of one’s search into the, “Beyond”. How to deal with the xian, “Sin,” problem and how the Dark Lord would want each of us to deal with the sexual, sensual and other related issues is primary.

So there you have it and if, as I say above, you are, “Intrigued,” hopefully my small effort here will be worth it beyond simply being a place for me to express myself — I trust the Dark Lord will be pleased with this new effort.

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