Walk the Path of Sin – Non-Fiction

Writer: evilgodfucker

Subject: Walk the Path of Sin

Link: Tumblr / 26.09.2021 / Reposted by Iamaworshipperofsatan

Walk the Path of Sin

I do walk the path of sin as all those who follow the true Satan do. Become a walking sin for Satan. Have sin in your mind, in your soul, in your words, in your deeds, in your heart and in your body. Do all of that and you Will become a walking sin and Satan will reward you for it. Who is up for the challenge??   Hail Satan. Fuck Jesus.



I have been walking the path of sin most of my life! I stepped on to that path the first time did something I knew to be wrong as a child, but did it anyway! That was the Best decision I ever made because it led me to My God and saviour Satan! I love Satan beyond measure! He resides in me, the unholy trinity sustains me, gives me life and fulfils me! 666Hail Lord God Satan666!

1 thought on “Walk the Path of Sin – Non-Fiction”

  1. Doing wrong for its own sake liberates. Sin is accepting Satan and freely giving you our soul to the Dark Gods. To do Evil in Their Names is an honor. Hail Satan!!

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