Feature Writer: Unknown

Feature Title: Vivian Chiang

Story Codes: Religious, Young, Orgy, Priest

Vivian Chiang

The second spin pointed toward Charles Evanson, the newest member of the team. He pulled his soccer shirt over his head and dropped it to the ground. They continued spinning the bottle and drinking more beers. They hooted and hollered each time someone removed another item of clothing. The bottle spun five times before it pointed to Viv. She laughed and pulled the thin purple suede belt from the loops of her hot-pants. She was sitting cross legged and as she twisted to remove the belt her pussy moved provocatively inside her shorts.

All the boys cheered her on, “Yes, Viv. Take it off. Take it off!”

In another half hour all the boys were nude, even the two shy ones. They had consumed enough beer at that point to have eliminated modesty from the vocabulary of their brains. Viv was down to her bra and thong. None of the boys could take their eyes off her. They sat around the circle with their legs crossed and five out of the eight boys had an erection standing up between their legs. They made fun of their two team members who sat there with soft penises and kidded each other about the size of their penises. They laughed at the two boys who had foreskins. They spun the bottle and it pointed to Greg. He wore only a baseball cap.

He let out a yell and said, “Viv, you’re the only one left with anything on! Come on, get naked with us!”

He stood up and his long, hard cock flipped up against his muscled stomach as if attached to a spring loaded clip. He crossed the circle to Viv and unhooked her bra, pulling it off her titties. One of the strongest looking boys grabbed her by the shoulders and held her down for Gregg to strip off her thong. She screamed again, putting her hands over her pussy, laying in the grass in the middle of the circle of boys, all but two of whom had begun masturbating. They stroked their cocks as they watched Gregg climb on top of her.

Some of them yelled, “Yeah, Gregg!! Do her man, do her!”

It may have been the alcohol that transformed her. It might have been the sexual desire that she had built up within her since her obsessive masturbating began. Perhaps it was a signal spot buried deep inside her brain that self pleasuring was only a prologue to something she would discover later, something even more satisfying–a prelude to fucking. It could have been the underlying seriousness in her teasing the boys all these months. Years later, she would think of this night and believe the Devil took charge of her mind and body.

Some combination of those forces gained control of her in a transitional second. The look on her face changed from one of an innocent virgin to a crazed slut. Her eyes dilated as she surveyed the cocks around her. She began to perspire profusely. She was no longer afraid of the situation. Her desire for sex became insatiable. Years later as she remembered that night, she would never understand what caused her to put her arms around Gregg as he lay on top of her and whisper,

“Ok, Greg, let’s show ‘em how to do it. Put it in nice and easy. I’m a virgin, you know.”

She raised her legs and spread them, opening her black velvet gash, oblivious to all the hungry stares around her. Gregg took his hard cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down the lips of her pussy. Viv raised her legs higher and held it open for his prick. Some of the boys began jerking their erections harder and faster.

Others yelled wild expressions.


“Fuck ‘er, man!”

“Ride that pony!”

The two shy boys whose shafts had never achieved full erection became so frightened at what they were witnessing, scooped up their clothes and ran for their cars. Viv moved her ass toward Gregg’s twitching prick in a humping, lurching motion and screamed, “Give it to me!. I want it all. Your cum. Fill my pussy with your jism! Let me feel your hot cock deep down inside me, shooting me full!”

At first, he had difficulty getting the head of his cock into her tight pussy, even though she spread her legs as far apart as possible. She was in a new zone. She seemed instantaneously freed, released of all convention and constraint. It was a time for her to submit to any forbidden act her darkest thoughts had ever imagined.

She screamed, “Give it to me, mother fucker. I want it all!!” After a few gentle pushes, he moved harder against her and slid deep inside her.

“Oh, God your cunt is so hot and wet, baby. It’s so good.”

Viv screamed, “Oh, it hurts! It hurts! Don’t stop, don’t stop. Fuck me! Give it to me!”

The feeling of Viv’s pussy embracing his cock, pulsating in tiny little rhythmic sucks pushed Gregg to the edge of orgasm quickly.

Before he came, he could only manage to utter, “Oh, shit, I don’t know if I can hold on……Oh, man!”

What came out of his mouth after that was gibberish. His face strained between a smile and a grimace as he pumped in and out of her three times. On the fourth root into her, he lost control and blew his wad. Her wanton pussy gripped his cock as Greg’s sexual system exploded. It was over in no more than ten seconds. Viv sat up and grabbed a sweaty soccer shirt to wipe the blood and cum that oozed from her cunt. The feel of the shirt between her legs aroused her even more. She laid back on her elbows and raised her wet open gash up to the circle of boys. Two of them had already come watching Viv and Gregg fuck.

She put her hand on her pussy and said, “Who’s next? I want more. You, Martin, you with the horse dick. Bring it to me. Service your momma.”

She inserted two fingers in her quivering quim and licked the juices with her fingers. She had to have more.

“I said, bring it to me, you cocksucker. I want more.”

The look on her face, her foul words, the feral thrusting of her hips on the grass with her hand stuck in her hole frightened the boy. He grabbed his clothes and ran. Viv removed her hand from her cunt and got on her knees. She tilted her ass up toward Toby Cramden.

“You, Toby, you fucker, push that hot rod in my pussy. Fuck me like a dog!”

He obliged her with no hesitation. He dropped to his knees behind her beautiful ass and guided the head of his cock into her upraised pussy. He tried to be sensitive with her, gently pushing the mushroom head of his cock into her dripping gash. She wanted it harder and faster. She felt an all consuming need to do obscene acts.

“Cock, prick, cunt, motherfucker, cocksucker, shit, piss, fuck, oh fuck me, fuck me, ram me like a goat fucker. Beelzebub reins tonight! Give me your hot, thick slab of meat. Oh, fuck, yes, yes!!”

She bucked back at him with every forward thrust he made with his shaft. Toby lasted only a few more seconds than Greg. He groaned as he pumped his rocks into her delicious rear entrance. He jerked three times and dropped his load. Then he fell away from her, flat on his back, breathing heavily, panting. Her pussy had gripped his cock so tightly it made a sucking sound when he pulled it from her.

Viv took another swipe at herself with the towel and stood up to see who she would take next. Three soccer players remained. The firelight glistening on her body as she evaluated their hard penises. She stepped between two of them, took a cock in each hand and began furiously jacking them off. One of the boys shrieked with pleasure as she squeezed him harder.

“Ever wonder if the Devil had a daughter? You’re lookin’ at her now, motherfucker! I’m where evil gets good!”

She stroked the two boys only a couple of times before they squirted into the fire in long, white pulse streams of sperm. They writhed in ecstasy. She caught some of their jism in her hands and rubbed it around her face, licking the remainder from her palms with her long, amphibious tongue.

“Oh, yeah, yeeeehah,” she screamed. “Now I want some meat in my mouth. Feed me! You, fuck my mouth!” She pointed at Robert. “ Let me suck you and feel you deep in my throat. I’ll gargle your cum and guzzle it down my gullet!!”

She took his penis in her mouth. His precum covered her lips as she sucked his long, thin cock into her mouth. She moved her head up and down on it and then took his balls in her mouth.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “Come to mamma!”

That was more than Robert could take. He shivered and shook as four long white creamy ribbons pumped from his cock head and hit her face. His viscous sperm had the color and consistency of sour cream. The boys she’d pleasured before had now regained their hard-ons as they watched Vivian suck Robert.

When he gushed all over her, they began jerking their cocks faster, almost in
syncopation. They watched the white cum drip from her lips and ooze down her
chin. They listened to the eerie sounds that roared out of her mouth– like a
rooting wild pig in heat.

At that moment, the party came to terrifying end.

Father Shaunessey’s school van drove into the firelight and pulled to a stop. Viv and the soccer team leaped for their clothes. The old priest got out of the car and held up his hands. The headlights from his car silhouetted his tall thin body. As he held up his arms, a patterns of shadows moved across their naked bodies.

“Stop, don’t move any of you move a muscle. The all powerful hand of God has arrived to smote you for your sins!”

They all froze, trembling in fear and trepidation.

The boy Viv had just sucked made only one quick move to wipe some cum dangling from the tip of his shriveling cock. All the other boys’ penises had completely wilted. Viv hunched down to the ground and tried to cover her nakedness with her hands. A picture of Eve’s shame in The Garden flashed through the priest’s mind.

Father Shaunessey ripped a wide thick leather belt from loops of his pants and snapped it high above him.

“Now you boys are going to pay for your sins. And you will too, Vivian Chiang, let me assure of that. You ask God to forgive you for what you’ve done this night while I introduce these evil boys to the meaning of retribution!”

Viv dived into her shirt and jerked on her shorts. Her mind snapped back to reality and a feeling of shame came over her. The priest ordered the boys to stand in a circle and bend over, with their faces away from him.

He surveyed their ring of asses and said, “Let’s see if this makes you sexually excited!”

He began whipping the boys’ protruding bottoms with all the power he could muscle up. Snap! Whack! Pop! Each time he cracked them with the thick leather belt, the boys cried out in pain.

Some took their beating in silence; others begged his forgiveness and pleaded with him to stop. The old priest said nothing and kept whipping them. He administered three whacks per bottom, one after the other around the circle. Then he repeated his gauntlet of pain again and again.

The belt slapped one boy with such force he fell forward on his face. He turned around on his knees to face the priest. He clapped his hands together in a prayer sign.

“Please, father, no more. No more, please!” Tears streamed down his face in embarrassment and fear of what he knew would happen when his parents learned about this awful night.

As Vivian ran away into the black night the screams of the boys and the slapping from the avenging priest rang in her ears. She could still hear them as she dialed for a taxi from a pay telephone booth at the end of the road near the farm.

When the cab arrived to take her home, the boys’ cries and the popping of the
belt continued relentlessly.

The next day she visited Father Shaunessey in his office and begged absolution
and forgiveness. She also asked him to sponsor her as a novitiate in the nunnery after she graduated from Saint Mary’s High School. Vivian Chiang never had sex again in her life.


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