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Visiting Uncle Timby

Chapter One

“Uncle Tim?” The quiet, girlish voice came from out of the darkness. It took Tim Gillette a moment to wake up.

“What is it, honey?” Uncle Tim asked, rousing himself to talk to young Angie. He forced his eyes open. His oldest grandniece was just a shadow standing beside his bed in the deeper darkness of his bedroom. He had no idea how long she’d been there.

“I had a bad dream,” Angie explained in a voice made thin by stress.

“Aw, that’s too bad,” her uncle replied automatically. He pushed himself up on his left elbow and reached out with his right hand to find her. He tugged on a forearm, guiding her closer and down on the bed beside him.

“You want to tell me about it?” he asked the ten-year-old girl. In past visits, nightmares were dealt with by just getting the young victim to talk it out. With the bad dreams out in the open and no longer a secret vision in the youngsters’ heads, its effect usually dropped away in moments.

“I can’t remember,” Angela said uncertainly, “but it was scary and slimy and stuff.” She sat uneasily on the side of the bed and turned her upper body to face her great-uncle. “Snake arms came up out of the ground and … and … stuff like that,” she added.

Uncle Tim knew where that came from. It was a scene right out of the movie they’d watched earlier in the evening. Before he started the video, the girls assured him they’d seen it before and that their parents didn’t mind them watching. Tim had accepted what they said on face value but that had clearly had been a mistake. He sighed.

When Angie wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in the hollow of his neck, he twisted slightly and settled down onto the mattress on his back. The young girl followed him down, stretching out beside him on the king-sized bed. Tim scooted over to give his niece more room and Angie moved with him, unwilling to let him slip away.

“It’s okay,” Tim said soothingly. “It’s only pretend. You know that, right?” he assured the young girl.

“I know,” she said in a muffled voice. “But it still….”

“I know, I know,” Tim replied softly.

He didn’t try to get her to open up any more than she had about the nightmare. There was no easy way to push the awful horrors out of his grandniece’s mind but he consoled her as best he could. His left hand patted and stroked her upper back slowly, comfortingly.

After a while, Angie seemed to recover a little. She and her great-uncle spoke for a time in hushed tones to avoid waking her younger sister in the bedroom down the hall. Angie’s body relaxed and she cuddled against her great-uncle’s body. He was big and warm … and she felt completely safe with him.

Tim could feel her breath against his cheek as her head rested on his shoulder. Her breathing was slower now, completely under control. He figured she was over the nightmare now.

“Okay,” he said quietly, “you feel better now?”

There was a perceptible pause before she spoke. Tim felt her body tense up again.

“Uh-huh … a little,” she admitted in a low, little-girl’s voice. “But….”

Tim made a quick decision, not really giving himself time to consider the alternatives … or the consequences.

“Okay,” he said gently, “you just let yourself go back to sleep and if the dream comes back, I’ll be right here. Will that be all right?”

“I can sleep in here with you?” the ten-year-old asked, making sure she understood.

Tim didn’t miss the sudden excitement in her voice, but he wasn’t sure why it was there. On the other hand, sleeping in his bed, after a nightmare or not, was something he rarely allowed, though both girls had wanted to in the past. He’d always been aware of the proprieties, though, and he made sure he never offended.

“Uh-huh … yeah,” Tim said comfortingly. “But we can’t keep on talking, okay? We’ve got to get some sleep so we can go do things tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Angie replied quickly.

Moving faster than Tim was prepared for, Angie sat up, then stood beside the bed. Reaching down, she swept the sheet off her great-uncle’s body, and he wasn’t prepared for that either. Tim had a second to thank his stars that he’d worn some boxers to bed tonight … usually he slept sans everything.

The young girl quickly slipped into bed beside him. Her breath was fast and shallow, her body stiff with tension.

Tim thought he had it figured out. “Nothing’s going to get you, honey,” he said reassuringly. “I won’t let that happen, okay?”

“Uh-huh, I know,” Angie said after a bit. She turned on her right side to pillow her head on his left shoulder again and moved her closer to him.

Her Uncle Tim responded by putting his arm around her protectively and gently stroking and patting her shoulders. After a while, the stress in her body faded and she relaxed, molding her body to his.

Tim’s breathing slowed, and the time between caresses lengthened as he drifted off to sleep again.



He was a hard sleeper, but when Tim awoke the second time, it was to movement beside him in the bed. It took him a while to understand what was going on. Instinctively, he kept still while he figured things out. The first thought breaking through the murkiness was that his grandniece was having another nightmare, but he was still reluctant to move … something held him back from reaching out to her.

Not that she was that far away. In fact, ten-year-old Angela was laying where she’d been when he went to sleep; her cheek was still on her great-uncle’s shoulder. What wasn’t the same was that she was holding Uncle Tim’s left hand tightly between her legs. She was grinding her young cunt down on his hand as if her life depended on it.

“Unnnnnnng,” the little girl moaned softly. She was clearly trying to suppress any loud noises, but she wasn’t entirely successful. “Hunnnnnnnghhhhhh….” Her breathing was ragged and shallow.

Tim didn’t move a muscle. He could feel Angie’s hot breath against his neck and he could hear the young girl gasping frantically as she ground her wet little pussy against her great-uncle’s hand. When he’d first awakened she was working slowly and almost gently, but her thrusts were quickly becoming more urgent and ragged. Tim realized his little grandniece was about to reach a very womanly orgasm … and she was using him to get it.

“Unnnh, unngh, unngh, unngh, unnnnnnnnnngh,” Abby panted. “Uncle Tim … puhleeeeezzzze,” she groaned aloud.

Her great-uncle almost shot up off the bed when he heard her mouth his name. Shaken, he made himself freeze. He didn’t know what to do, so he lay as still as possible on his bed … not daring to move. Should he respond to the heartfelt plea, or just lay there or…?

Before he could decide, Angie stopped humping against him. She froze in mid-hunch, her pubis jammed tightly against his hand and wrist. Though her chest had been heaving an instant before, she held her breath for an impossibly long moment … and then released it in a long sigh. Her body relaxed. She slumped to the mattress beside her Uncle Tim, and began breathing deeply. A soft whimper escaped her lips.

Tim could almost taste the musky aroma of an aroused female in the dark bedroom. He lay still, afraid if he moved the smallest muscle, the young girl would bolt from the room crying … or screaming. He didn’t know which.

If she accused him of molesting her, his life was over. No one would believe the fluids on the bed sheets had been deposited there by the girl doing everything herself. It would be assumed he’d been the instigator. He’d be in prison doing hard time before he could protest his innocence if a complaint was ever made.

So he kept still, trying to remember to snore lightly every once in a while and praying silently that Angie thought he was still asleep. If she did, neither of them would have to deal with this thing that had happened … and no one would suffer. If he could only get through this night, he’d never again put himself in a position like this.

He would wash the bedding, using lots of bleach to eradicate the little girl’s fluids, he thought feverishly. He’d seen a documentary on TV where some murderer had wiped out forensic evidence that way. It would work fine.

No … wait! Even better … he would burn the sheets! That’s what he’d do. Fire destroyed everything. The new mattress would have to be taken to the dump. No, that wouldn’t work. He wasn’t thinking clearly. The mattress had to be burned too, not just dumped … and the ashes would have to be thrown in a river somewhere. He would…

His gloomy thoughts were interrupted when Angie moved again. She settled back down beside him and stretched her body against the length of his side. She snuggled happily there, sighing contentedly in the soft darkness. She put her head back down on her Uncle Tim’s big shoulder and kissed his neck with soft butterfly kisses.

Angie’s small hand drifted across her great-uncle’s bare chest and down to his upper belly and slowly up again until she was stroking his chest again. Her fingers found his nipples and Tim heard her giggle softly as she played with one and then the other. His man nipples stiffened quickly under her touch and stayed that way.

After a few moments, Angie tired of that game and lifted her head from where it lay on his shoulder. Working slowly and more tentatively than before, she disentangled herself from her great-uncle’s body and slipped off the bed. She stood there silently for a long moment.

Tim guessed she was assuring herself he was still asleep and he let a soft drone escape his lips. That he snored was certainly no secret. The kids teased him about it all the time. When Angie tiptoed out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom, Tim was sure the sham snoring had worked.

Hardly daring to move, Tim touched the wet spot on the sheets with his fingertips. He didn’t move anything but his drenched hand. He was afraid Angie would notice if she came back and he wasn’t in the exact same place and position. He dared not take the chance.

Angie had left a considerable amount of pungent pussy juices behind. He lifted his left hand and put his forefinger under his nose. He inhaled, pulling his grandniece’s aroma deep into his lungs. He swallowed hard, lying in the darkness. Without thinking, he took his forefinger in his mouth to taste her essence. His hand dove for the wet spot and came to his mouth again. He sucked more of her cunt juice into his mouth. It tasted wonderful. He tried to thrust the thought away, but it lingered in his mind.

Actually, he hadn’t had known little girls his grandnieces’ age were even able to generate those fluids in their young vaginas yet. Angie could though … and she had masturbated herself quite effectively with his hand to get herself off easily and efficiently.

Tim frowned, troubled by a quick thought. Angie could have used her own fingers, and Tim wondered why she hadn’t.

As he lay there and thought about it, he realized Angie was more than familiar with orgasms. The one he’d inadvertently helped her reach hadn’t shocked her in the least. She’d known exactly what she was doing and what her goal was. Very curious….

Tim brought his fingertips to his nose and inhaled again the exhilarating fragrance of his young grandniece’s hot pussy. Without really wanting it to happen, his cock swelled in his boxers.

He heard her returning and he hastily dropped his arm back to the bed’s surface. He’d half thought she’d go back to her own bed after using the bathroom but apparently that was not to be. Belatedly, he thought he’d better rub his fingers on the sheets to remove her juices from them, but it was too late. Her pussy juices were coating his fingers and they were going to stay that way.

He knew when Angie come back to stand quietly beside the bed, though she was no more than a shapeless mass in the night. He wondered what she was doing. Then he felt the sheet lifted carefully off his body. There was no sound, save for his grandniece’s soft breathing and the gentle snores he remembered to produce occasionally.

Angie sat on the bed beside her great-uncle, but she didn’t lay back down immediately.

Tim wondered why. He was still worried he would be blamed for what had happened tonight and he held himself still by sheer force of will. If Angie became frightened, he was dead. He knew that as certainly as if he were reading the front page of a future edition of the newspaper.

Though he thought he had an iron grip on himself, he nearly lost everything when Angie’s small hand touched his penis through the fabric of his boxer shorts. His breathing stopped for a long second before he forced himself to start again. Angie snatched her hand back, but when there was no other reaction, she touched her fingertips to her great-uncle’s organ again.

Angie deftly worked his penis out through the opening in his boxers and held it in her small hand. Uncle Tim’s cock grew longer and thicker. The organ was clearly pleased with the attention it was receiving from the young girl.

Angie wrapped both her hands around her great-uncle’s growing shaft, happily exploring her great-uncle’s manhood while he slept. She didn’t draw away when his burgeoning hard-on twitched again. On the contrary, she seemed quite happy with the effect her fingers had on her Uncle Tim. He heard her giggle softly to herself.

“Uncle Timmy’s getting hard,” she whispered to herself in the darkness. She blew hot breath on his glans and giggled softly again when he stiffened still more. “Nice cockie,” she cooed. “You like me doing this, little cockie?” she murmured. She giggled softly.

Under other circumstances, Tim would have been inclined to contest the idea of little in connection with his penis, but he didn’t dare say anything. Angie appeared to be unconcerned but Tim was nervous enough for the both of them. He could already feel the cold embrace of handcuffs as they were locked around his wrists and he could hear jail cell doors slamming shut behind him. There was no defense for molesting a young girl. They would crucify him.

Still … he couldn’t bring himself to object to what she was doing.

The teasing touch went on for an eternity while Tim did all he could to keep himself still. He thought he was doing well until Angie bent lower. He felt the gentle brush of her hair on his belly … and then he felt the ten-year-old’s lips on the helmet-shaped head of his cock.

Thinking about it later, Tim didn’t know how he managed to not spew his cum into her waiting mouth right then and there. It took willpower he didn’t know he had, but he didn’t move a muscle, then or afterward. His body was screaming for that release but he wouldn’t allow it–couldn’t allow it–no matter how aroused he was by the sensations he was feeling.

For long minutes, Angie planted wet kisses up and down the length of her great-uncle’s long, thick shaft. When she tired of that, she cupped his balls, weighing them in one little hand while she wrapped the fingers of her other hand loosely around his shaft. Angie stopped every so often, just to make sure her great-uncle was still sleeping.

After long moments of exploration, Angie let Uncle Tim’s cock fall back against his belly. She giggled at the ‘plop’ sound his hard-on made slapping against his belly. Even though she was trying to suppress her laughter, the last giggles had been loud enough that Tim was wondering if he should pretend to wake up. Before he could decide, Angie rotated her body around to lie back down beside the older man and cuddle up close to him again. She left his cock protruding out the opening in his boxers.

Tim didn’t know if it was by accident or not. Not? Or on purpose? His mind skittered away from the question.

Uncle Tim waited until he was quite certain the little girl was asleep. It seemed to take forever and he didn’t know why. The child should have been sleepy, but he could have sworn she was forcing herself to stay awake. Eventually though, drowsiness overcame her and she dropped off. Her limp body and regular breathing told Tim when she was finally asleep. It was only then he allowed himself to relax and flex stiffened muscles.

Working carefully, Tim extracted himself from his grandniece’s embrace for the first time in a long while. He walked down the hall to the bathroom to relieve himself. He refused to turn on any lights because he couldn’t bear looking at himself in the mirror right now. When he went back to bed, it took a long time to get back to sleep. Young Angie’s body was so warm and inviting lying next to him.


Chapter Two

Angie slept late the next morning, evidently worn out by the disconcerting nocturnal sex play with her great-uncle.

Tim Gillette couldn’t rouse her enough to get her up for the big breakfast he had planned for everyone to start the day. More than that, he wanted to get her up so he could get the bed changed as soon as possible too, but she wouldn’t cooperate.

Giving up, Uncle Tim settled for cereal for himself and for nine-year-old Cindy, who came yawning into the kitchen shortly after Tim got there. They took their breakfasts into the living room–a thing Cindy and Angie liked because the girls’ parents would never have allowed them to do at home. They ate while watching cartoons.

When they finished, the scantily clad little girl climbed up on his lap, and her great-uncle didn’t even consider objecting. Neither Cindy nor Angie wore anything to bed except T-shirts and panties of a style that seemed to Uncle Tim to be awfully grown up for them. Uncle Tim didn’t mind at all.

With his experiences with Angie last night still very much on his mind, Uncle Tim surreptitiously inspected Cindy’s young body while she sat enthralled by a new episode of some children’s show about some aircraft accident stranding a bunch of kids on a deserted island somewhere.

Angie was four feet and maybe eight inches tall; Cindy was an inch or so shorter. Angie took after her father in her slimness and would probably be as tall as most of his side of the family was, but Cindy had more of her mother’s sturdier frame, not that that implied the slightest plumpness.

Both girls were small, but they never gave the impression they were fragile. On the contrary, the sisters were enthusiastic about soccer, tennis, family football scrimmages … and most recently, the tae kwon do classes their mother had enrolled them in.

Born barely fourteen months apart, both girls were as cute as they could be in Uncle Tim’s estimation. Tim doubted either would ever develop into classic beauties, but their cuteness was undeniable and their looks would age well. They had pleasantly rounded faces and generous mouths with soft lips that seemed to call out for kisses. Strange he hadn’t noticed that before.

Both girls were brunettes, though Cindy’s hair was a tad darker, and she wore it longer than Angie. They both had wide-set brown eyes that seemed to always be sparkling with some kind of mischievous fun were set on either side of cute little up-turned noses. They had infectious giggles that invited everyone within earshot to join in the fun. Both had already been out in the sun enough this year to have a light tan and there was already a dusting of freckles across their noses and upper cheeks.

Tim thought they looked a lot like their mother had at their age and he considered that a high compliment. He’d loved his niece since he first met her when she was just a toddler and he thought the world of her.

He thought Angie had Cindy beat in the breast department. Though Angie was the slimmer of the two, Tim had seen appreciable bumps under Angie’s T-shirt last night. Cindy probably had only a vague puffiness on her chest where breasts would someday be.

That thought lasted only a few moments.

With the little girl settled comfortably on his lap, Tim changed his mind. When Cindy leaned back against his chest and wiggled around a moment to get comfortable, the T-shirt’s fabric drew tight across her chest, and he could tell the young girl was beginning to bud already–far more than he’d thought. Appalled, Tim hauled himself back from the brink. He wouldn’t let his thoughts continue down this path.

“How come Angie is sleeping in your room?” Cindy asked suspiciously. She’d suddenly remembered to ask about something that had been on her mind earlier. She twisted her upper body quickly around to face him.

It took Tim a moment to find his voice. When Cindy’s head first whipped around, he was afraid Cindy had caught him studying her body, but a glance into her eyes reassured him. His inappropriate examinations had gone unnoticed.

“She had a bad dream,” Tim finally said.

The little girl looked at him owlishly for a moment before settling back against him. Uncle Tim could have sworn a sudden understanding lit her eyes before she’d turned away.

“Oh, yeah … she has bad dreams sometimes,” Cindy said carefully. Her eyes returned to the TV.

“Sometimes she has them all week long,” she remarked. “Every night,” she added.

“Oh, really?” her great-uncle asked. “When did that start? She was okay when you two were here in … what was it? … March? … for your Spring Break, right?”

Cindy shrugged expressively, the back of her shoulders moving deliciously against his chest. “I dunno,” she replied with elaborate disinterest. “A while,” she said.

The commercial was over and the program reclaimed her attention.



When Angie finally woke, she was already grumpy. She was even more unhappy when she found her little sister on their great-uncle’s lap, and triply so because Cindy had clearly been there for a while. Tim was used to the girls being competitive. Each of them made sure she got her fair share of attention, and tried to get more–but it seemed a little more intense this morning. Both girls were well on their way to being cranky and annoyed with each other.

That was the way things stayed until the middle of the afternoon when Tim decided he could distract them their semi-argument by announcing they should all go down to the pool. It was one of their favorite activities when visiting Uncle Tim … and it worked superbly. The girls looked at him with excitement in their eyes–then whirled to go into their bedroom without saying a word. They loved swimming in the apartment complex’s big pool.

When they came out of the bedroom, they wanted to model their new suits for their Uncle Tim and get his opinion. They made him wait for a long moment and then came strutting saucily into the living room.

What he saw took his breath away and he couldn’t say anything for a long moment.

Both girls had on skimpier bikinis than he’d ever seen on little girls before. Angie’s bikini was a bright azure; Cindy’s a dazzling yellow. Both suits looked fine on the girls’ lightly tanned young bodies … and both of their tops had barely enough material to cover even their small breasts. It was the bottoms of the suits that caught most of his attention though.

The material for the bikini bottoms began low on the girls’ immature hips–and ended early. What little there was dove quickly between their young thighs. On the sides, the front and back halves of the bottoms depended upon fragile ties made up in dainty knots to keep the fabric in place.

Uncle Tim had no idea how the string bikini bottoms kept from sliding off the girls’ immature little bodies. It wasn’t like either of the sisters had much of a pair of hips on which to anchor the ties. It didn’t look like there was enough fabric in either bikini to make a good handkerchief. Their great-uncle stared hard, wondering what he should say … or if he should say anything … or if he should forbid them to wear these scanty outfits or….

“Well?” Angie asked, putting a hand behind her head and thrusting out a hip to pose for Uncle Tim. She was clearly vamping for her great-uncle’s benefit, though he doubted she knew what “vamping” meant.

“What?” Tim asked hoarsely. He had to stall. If he answered too quickly, he’d surely screw up–he knew he would.

“You like our bikinis?” Angie asked impatiently. She shook her slim hips in a delicate shimmy that made her firm little breasts dance just the teeniest little bit. Tim didn’t know his grandniece could move her hips that way, and he didn’t know that little titties could move like Angie’s were.

Uncle Tim licked suddenly dry lips before he could speak. He was about to answer when Angie grinned naughtily and turned away without waiting for his reply. She’d read his approval in his expression.

Putting her hands on her girlish hips, she wiggled her butt from side to side for a long moment, letting the bikini bottom work its way well into the crack of her ass. Looking over her shoulder at him with a coquettish expression on her face, Angie saw her great-uncle swallowing again and smiled happily.

Cindy’s almost bare nine-year-old ass cheeks were bouncing around to the same unheard pagan rhythm Angie’s were. Cindy was mimicking everything her older sister did, and doing it very well too. Cindy’s slightly smaller body was just as lithe as Angie’s, and her little butt was just as lovely.

Uncle Tim would have moaned if he’d had enough presence of mind. He wanted to tell them to stop showing off, but he couldn’t. It wasn’t the right thing to do to stare so intently at them. But he didn’t really want them to stop … ever!

The girls saw it in his face. Their great-uncle was thoroughly captivated by their string bikinis and their nasty little dance. He couldn’t have stopped them for love nor money.

In a daze–barely aware of what he was doing–Tim went to the entertainment center, turned on the stereo, and touched a preset button. He cranked up the volume and the room was filled with a hard techno beat that inflamed the senses and drove all thoughts of propriety from their minds.

The two little girls danced for their great-uncle, prancing around in a lewd little dance, undulating and writhing for their Uncle Tim’s pleasure. With the material of their bottoms fully captured by their butt cracks, their round little asses were almost completely exposed. Tim badly wanted to stroke the smooth, forbidden flesh his grandnieces were so casually revealing.

The girls watched him closely as they performed and became even bolder when he failed to stop their wanton performance. The saw their great-uncle had no desire to end this moment.

Their strained grins relaxed even more and they smiled broadly at him. They went into a bump and grind that quickly had their great-uncle sweating bullets. He forced a grin back at them, trying to gain control over both his emotions and body.

“Okay, okay…!” Tim croaked finally.

They ignored him. He didn’t really mean it.

After a long while, he swallowed hard and tried again.

“Time to stop, girls,” he told them with only a little more conviction in his voice.

“Remember the people downstairs,” he said weakly. He turned down the stereo and then switched it off.

Tim’s apartment was on the third floor. The family downstairs, a couple with a young daughter, weren’t generally home at this time of day but Tim hadn’t checked to see if their car was here this afternoon. Tim and the girls actually did need to be a little quieter just to make sure the neighbors didn’t come upstairs to complain–and saw how skimpily the girls were dressed. This was his only way he saw to calm the girls down; they’d been cautioned not to stomp on the floor in the past. Fortunately, his only next-door neighbor on this floor was an old woman who was stone deaf. She liked to live life with her hearing aid turned off and couldn’t have heard a jumbo jet roaring low overhead.

The girls gradually slowed … then ended their suggestive dance, but they didn’t bother working the bikinis out from between their ass cheeks. The grins never left their flushed little faces as they strutted over to him.

“You do like our new suits, don’t you?” Cindy cooed, looking up at her great-uncle with innocent eyes.

Tim delayed an instant, but there was no way to deny it.

“Well … yes,” he admitted, trying to keep things light. “They’re … uh … nice. Your mom buy those for you?”

“Uh-huh,” they said in a chorus, nodding vigorously.

“Mommy thought you’d like them,” Angie said mysteriously.

The girls glanced at each other and giggled.

“And you did!” Cindy finished in a satisfied voice.

Shoulder to shoulder, the young girls looked their great-uncle up and down, inspecting him in a way they never had before.

He stood it for a time, in nothing more than his own swimming trunks. Under their gaze, he felt as nearly naked as they were.

Finally, he turned away, busying himself with gathering up everyone’s beach towel. He was afraid the arousal he was belatedly becoming aware of was tenting his swimming trunks. He hid it by draping one of the long beach towels over one shoulder and down over his body.

“You look good too, Uncle Tim,” Angie remarked, not quite innocently.

The girls studied their great-uncle more closely, their eyes roaming all over his body. The forty-seven-year-old ex-fireman had retired after a very preventable accident furnished him (and his attorney) with a lucrative settlement from the city. A couple of years work rehabbing a wrecked knee, and a new commitment to workouts born of the rehab period, rendered Uncle Tim very fit. He didn’t look nearly as old as his grandnieces knew he was.

“You’ve got really strong legs,” Angie said admiringly, adding to her first comment when she saw her great-uncle wasn’t going to protest the girls’ frank examination of his body.

“And nice, hard muscles in your tummy too,” Cindy said, “and your chest, too,” she finished. Both girls giggled.

“And really big arms … and … other things,” Angie said approvingly.

The young girls looked at each other and giggled. Their Uncle Tim had never had his body parts examined so closely by young girls, and he didn’t really know how to handle it.

Flustered, Uncle Tim herded the two pre-teen enchantresses out the door before they made any additional evaluations of his body. It wasn’t that he disliked female attention, but….

He watched their undeveloped young hips as they swayed alluringly from side to side and wondered when the girls had learned how to do that … or was it instinctive for the female of the species?

The girls didn’t bother adjusting their bikini bottoms to cover even the tiniest bit of their delicious-looking little behinds. Walking a short couple of paces behind them, Uncle Tim was treated to the sight of two young girls striding along with nearly their whole butt cheeks entirely exposed. In fact … if one took a snapshot right now, it would appear they didn’t have anything on below the waist.

The girls were walking hip to hip, talking and gesturing animatedly … Uncle Tim didn’t bother listening. If they wanted him in the conversation, they’d let him know. Then, just in front of the guarding gate around the pool area, the girls stopped suddenly dead in the middle of the sidewalk. Tim didn’t have any warning and he bumped right into them.

With the sisters not paying attention, engrossed as they were in determining whether they’d brought the correct suntan lotion, Tim’s hands came up involuntarily and landed on their backs. His palms slid along the smooth flesh over the girls’ ribs … and then even further around toward the front of their young bodies. His fingertips brushed the edge of the scanty bits of fabric stretched over their small titties.

Both girls noticed immediately. Both inhaled sharply–their eyes widened. But neither pulled away.

Angie turned her head and smiled impudently in his face. She changed her position minutely and leaned back familiarly against the front of his body–which didn’t make sense. Cindy was only a split second behind her sister. Leaning back into him pushed Uncle Tim’s fingers a little under their bra cups.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Cindy murmured appreciatively. “Angie … you know what? I think Uncle Tim really loves us … all of us!” she said impishly.

He didn’t understand their reaction. He’d thought what had happened would provoke an astonished irritation, some sign they were uncomfortable with his touches. Instead….

He tried to keep the confusion from showing in his face but he wasn’t totally successful and he knew it. The look in their eyes told Tim the girls could read his expression. The laughter in their eyes said they liked him back on his heels. Blame that on those female instincts again. It had to be something primal … something in the genes.

His mind reviewed the past few seconds’ events. When he’d stumbled into them, Tim’s body made some quick decisions for him. First, not a single muscle in his body even BEGUN to pull back. Second, his cock snapped into instantaneous rock-like hardness. Then his fingers developed minds of their own, sliding a smidgen forward before their momentum could be stopped, until they were just under the outside edges of the girls’ bikini tops.

For an infinitely long instant, the three of them were frozen in their tight little bunching. He held their eyes with his, still expecting them to do something.

The two young girls were surprised. He could tell they were. Their pupils widened in reaction, but that was all they did. They stood quietly under his touch, neither encouraging greater contact nor rejecting what was happening. Tim’s bare chest was flush against the almost naked backs of the two scantily clad little kittens.

They smiled up at him. All they did was smile….

His mind stopped the replay … and they were looking into his eyes, waiting calmly for what was to happen next. Their bodies writhed slowly against him, making his hands move in small strokes just under the cups of their bikinis and back out. Their silky-smooth skin was hot against his. They waited for whatever their Uncle Tim chose to do….

Abruptly, his nerve gave way. Not knowing what else to do, he leaned forward and glanced over their shoulders.

“That looks good to me,” he told the girls. Their eyes followed his down inside their beach bag where the spray bottle of sun tan lotion was visible. It had been the bone of contention that initially stopped them. With them momentarily distracted, Tim pulled his hands up and put them on the points of their shoulders–much safer territory.

The moment was over. He could breath again.

“But Uncle Tim,” Cindy complained, “I want–”

“That bottle will do just fine for now,” Uncle Tim said briskly. He used his no-nonsense voice.

“Next time, you can bring whatever else you want.” He nudged them forward into a slow walk. A wicked impulse took control again and he playfully swatted a beautifully rounded butt cheek on each little girl. And then he did it again … softly.

“And we’re walking…,” he admonished them, urging them along with his hands and by moving his body into them. “Walking….”

Sniffing their disdain, the girls moved, resuming their slow promenade through the gate and across the side of the pool to a couple of lounges. They bent over for a long moment to arrange their towels just so. They threw a glance at each other, then reached back with both hands to slap their own ass cheeks suggestively and made sure Tim saw. After an instant’s massage, they threw a wicked little grin over their shoulders at their great-uncle.

He did what he could to keep his eyes off the firm globes of their young butts as they sauntered casually to the side of the swimming pool and jumped in, but he wasn’t terribly successful. His eyes wouldn’t move away from the girls, no matter how hard he tried.

They knew it. They grinned happily at each other.

Uncle Tim tossed his towel on a poolside lounger and jump in the water right after them. He had to. It was the only way he knew to hide an erection he couldn’t control. The water helped some … for a while.

In the pool, both girls swam to him and attached themselves to their great-uncle, wrapping their arms and legs around convenient parts of his anatomy and hanging on for dear life. Their tiny bikinis and his swimming trunks were the only things that kept skin from sliding against naked skin … some skin anyway.

When they first pressed their young bodies against him, Uncle Tim tried to disengage, but it was no use. After a while, he gave in to the inevitable. He did what he could to conceal most of the action by keeping his body, and theirs, beneath the water, because there were a few residents home during the workday. If anyone were watching closely, they’d have seen a great deal, even through the refraction of the water. The trio had been lucky so far. He hadn’t heard any balcony doors sliding open yet.

After a while, Tim didn’t care any more than the girls seemed to. He gave in awfully quickly, relaxing and enjoying the touch of their nearly naked bodies against him. In no time at all, he was encouraging greater contact. His body and mind suddenly craved the excitement of young, immature bodies draped all over him and slender legs wrapped around his waist and thighs as they played in the warm water.

The pre-teen girls took every opportunity to touch their great-uncle’s chest and arms, stroking and caressing him while they pretended to examine his muscles. They grew increasingly more daring and didn’t hesitate to slide their hands into more forbidden territory when the opportunity presented itself.

An examination they talked him into–ostensibly checking the size and strength of his thighs–led to small hands gliding a little way under the legs of his trunks. With the last bit of his self-control, he refused to let himself speculate on what they were seeking. Testing the hardness of his abdominal muscles led to caresses through his scant belly hair there, and teasing fingertips darted even lower, and then under the elastic top of his swimsuit.

After a while, Uncle Tim didn’t protest anything they did. There was no point to stopping them because he couldn’t hide that he was enjoying the play as much as they were. He let them do what they were intent on doing anyway.

He granted himself some leeway too … and didn’t allow himself to hear the angel on his shoulder to dissuade him. While they played at things he was sure they didn’t understood, his hands also left safe areas on their bodies and wandered freely. The girls showed no sign of discomfort and then astounded him by inviting more caresses by nestling close against him at every opportunity.

“Be careful, Uncle Tim,” Angie said at one point in a soft, teasing voice. Her great-uncle had positioned his hands on her hips in preparation to lifting her bodily out of the water and tossing her in the air to land in the deeper part of the pool.

“If my strings come undone, I’ll be nekkid!” she remarked loudly. She was grinning right into his eyes when she said it. There was no apprehension in her face.

Uncle Tim had no answer for her, and didn’t try to find one. He just wished she’d learn how to whisper. Her voice seemed terribly loud. He wondered if anyone in the surrounding apartment buildings had heard the girl’s words….

Without speaking, Tim turned her around and slid his hands lower, getting a firm grip on her hips. Dropping into a crouch and setting his feet firmly on the pool’s bottom, he straightened his body convulsively and thrust his arms upward, launching a screeching Angie high into the air.

The splash when she landed a few yards away in the deep end of the pool was highly satisfactory to both launcher and launchee. When she surfaced, Angie swam right back to where her great-uncle was preparing to do the same for Cindy. Angie waited there impatiently for another turn.

They wound up spending more than three hours in the pool. When Tim finally dragged the girls out, their protests were weak and ended quickly. Everyone was really tired and ready to call it a day.


Chapter Three

“Uncle Tim?”

Tim woke instantly this time. He rolled over onto his back. He knew immediately it was Angie again, and he knew without asking why she was there. A thrill of anticipation flashed through his body and ignited a fire deep in his groin.

“Have another bad dream, honey?” Tim asked the young girl. Without being asked, he lifted the bed sheet so she could slip in beside him. The ten-year-old moved lithely, gracefully fitting her body against Uncle Tim in a tight cuddle.

“Uh-huh,” she said belatedly.

She didn’t explain further–and Uncle Tim didn’t ask. Tim didn’t even think of denying her access to his bed tonight. Nor did it occur to him to suggest a little distance between their bodies might be more appropriate for a great-uncle and a grandniece.

Angie sighed softly and pillowed her head on his left shoulder, just as she had the night before. His left arm was already around her shoulders and gently stroking her left arm and shoulder.

Tim felt her small hand stroking little circles on his chest. It seemed to scorch his bare skin. The confining folds of his boxer shorts restricted his aroused manhood. It was uncomfortable and he had to make a slight movement, slipping his right hand down to rearrange his boxers and himself.

When Angie tentatively lifted her left leg over his, and squeezed his thigh between her two, he responded by placing his left hand on the point of her left hip. He left it there a long moment without moving. The girl plastered her lower body against his.

Encouraged, he began stroking his grandniece’s body from her shoulder down to the smooth flesh of her outer thighs and back up. They kept on doing what they were for a long while. Neither needed to say anything. It felt good and neither wanted to stop.

But it had been a long day. Tim Gillette didn’t get enough rest the night before, and horsing around with the girls in the pool had been physically and emotionally exhausting. Somewhere in the middle of a caress down Angie’s thigh, Tim drifted into a dreamless sleep, his arms and legs intertwined with those of the young girl sharing his bed.



When Tim Gillette woke for the second time that night, he held himself as still as he could. This time it wasn’t because he didn’t understand what was happening–it was because he did.

Angie was masturbating again, and she was using her great-uncle’s body to do it–again.

This time she was using his left hip! With her leg already over his, Angie was rubbing the outer tip of Uncle Tim’s pelvic bone to hunch against. Her left hand was braced on her great-uncle’s chest, her right clutched his shoulder and she was grinding her pubic mound hard against him. He could feel wetness on the skin over his hip and knew it was the sweet honey Angie’s immature cunt was producing.

“Unnnnnnnghhhhhh,” Angie groaned in frustration. She was panting hard, gasping for enough air to keep up her masturbation.

“Uncle Tim…!” she whispered. “Pleazzzzzze,” she begged.

When his grandniece spoke his name tonight, Tim Gillette didn’t stop himself–he didn’t even try.

He pushed his left hand down between their bodies and pressed his palm against her plump little pubic mound.

Angie felt the intrusion and pulled back a little … but only enough for his hand to have freer access.

In seconds, he was probing with his middle finger inside her pussy. His finger penetrated the young girl’s outer labia and slid effortlessly through Angie’s slippery inner lips and even a little beyond.

“My God!!” Tim moaned under his breath. Until this moment, he’d thought all little girls kept their hymen intact well beyond than their first ten years. They surely had when he was that age; he thought they had anyway.

Maybe … not so much these days. Every once in a while, Tim saw a story on the news about elementary school girls giving oral sex, and more, to boys no older than themselves and in public places like the stairwells at their school. They didn’t seem to mind they might get caught. Viewed from that perspective, maybe it wasn’t too surprising that his finger was sliding in and out of his grandniece’s pussy so easily.

He didn’t even consider stopping. Last night and the afternoon in the pool had prepared him for something far more than he dreamed of before this week.

Sometime between getting into bed and waking up with his hip soaked with little Angie’s pussy juices, Tim Gillette’s subconscious mind had reached a conclusion about things the right side of his brain didn’t even know were under consideration. Where he’d tried to be ‘hands off’ in previous visits, now he admitted to himself he was physically attracted to the two little girls … and they seemed to return that desire, with interest. Tim didn’t know quite when or where the line had been crossed, but he had surely edged across it now.

“Do me … do me … Unca’ Timmy….” Angie chanted breathlessly. “Do me, Uncle Tim!” she mumbled softly.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” she groaned, arching her back against the pressure of her great-uncle’s hand on her pussy. “More … okay? More … Uncle Timmy … please?”

“Uung! Uung! Uung! Uung! Uung! Uung!” the ten-year-old grunted.

When Uncle Tim slipped a second finger in beside the first, the young girl gasped. She bucked her hips into his hands, then back. She scrambled around convulsively and flopped on her back. She splayed her legs as wide as she could so his ministrations wouldn’t be hindered.

Tim sawed his fingers in and out of the young girl’s cunt, and Angie did nothing but shudder delicately. Clearly he wasn’t hurting her. Her body wanted what he was giving her. Unexpectedly, Angie gave voice to her frenzied efforts to get herself off in a louder voice than any she’d used last night.


“Oh God, Uncle Tim!” she panted. “Harder … harder,” she pleaded. “Faster … please … ohhhhhhhh!” Her heels slipped on the smooth bed sheet under her and she struggled to get them back under her so she could hump her sopping pussy up against her great-uncle’s hand faster and harder.

Uncle Tim’s fingers probed deeper inside the young girl’s cunt and Angie’s whole body convulsed with the force of the orgasm Tim’s fingers brought her.

“AAAAANNNNNNNGGGGGH,” she groaned loudly … and then collapsed limply.

Uncle Tim could feel her trembling slightly.

Panting heavily, Angie lay beside him, her chest heaving as she dragged in deep breaths. Gradually, her breathing quieted and she lay still.

Every so often, she felt a little movement from her great-uncle’s hand. Tim wondered if the little girl thought he was still asleep, even with two of his fingers buried in her pussy. Clearly, she felt a new thrill every time he moved but after a little while, Angie’s body relaxed. Regaining her breath, she giggled softly to herself.

The pre-teen girl stretched and sensuously wriggled her body around on the bed unconcernedly. His fingers slipped out of her pussy with her movements. Her skin was still so sensitive, just the touch of the smooth sheets on her ass and legs was sexy, and awfully, awfully satisfying.

She scooted down the length of his body and worked his penis out through the opening in his boxers for the second time in two nights. The little girl kissed the shaft from bottom to top, working her way to up to the glans. She gathered herself and opened her lips to take her Uncle Tim’s cock in her mouth. When her tongue touched the slit at the end of his penis and slathered its way down the side of the shaft, Tim groaned aloud with pleasure.

The ten-year-old dropped her head to engulf as much of her great-uncle’s cock as she could get in her mouth. When it bumped the back of her throat, she bobbed her head up and down for a minute, then let his prick slide a little way out. Her tongue massaged the glans and shaft for a time while her Uncle Tim, moaned softly. Her little mouth was so velvety hot, so wet … so wonderfully clinging around his penis. She sucked just the glans, then put the tip of her tongue to the slit in the end of his cockhead, alternating that with sucking pre-cum out.

The girl laughed softly, delightedly, at the way he was responding. His hands were behind her head now, not pulling, not forcing … just touching, stroking.

She tilted his cock up and her tongue delved into the sensitive V-shaped area under the glans, making Uncle Tim writhe on the mattress. She hummed as she did what she could to swallow him whole, almost choking when she tried to laugh at he cried out and humped up into her mouth.

“Baby … baby…,” he said pleadingly, “Honey … I’m gonna … gonna cum … sugar, watch out…!”

Her answer was to double her efforts, sucking strongly on his glans, seeming to be trying to separate the slit on the tip of his penis, working her tongue all around but always coming back to the little hole. She tightened her lips around his cock and bobbed her head rapidly, sensing her great-uncle’s rising need. When his cum jetted out, she was ready and kept the tip of his cock in her mouth. She swallowed happily, sucked some more … and was rewarded with even more goo that slid down her throat as easily as had the first spurt.

“More, Uncle Tim?” she murmured encouragingly and he responded, spewing a third glob into her mouth to coat her tonsils with pearly-white jism. A fourth jerk of his hips sent a last weak stream surging down her throat … and then he collapsed weakly on the bed.

She spent a few minutes licking him dry, searching in the darkness for stray droplets of semen that might have escaped her sucking mouth. She chortled deep in her throat, pleased with what she’d done and received from her beloved great-uncle.

When she was finished, Angie rose off the bed and sat at the head of the bed. Uncle Tim kept a glass of water there in case he became thirsty in the night and she drank a deep draught before sitting down where she’d laid only a little while earlier.

“Sooooo … are you mad at me, Uncle Tim?” Angie asked slyly. She didn’t quite laugh.

“No … no, I’m not mad, sweetheart,” Tim said quietly, “I’m not sure what I am, but it’s not mad.”

Angie giggled. “I didn’t think so,” Angie replied with more composure than Tim would have predicted. She was teasing him, laughing at him, and … not one bit ashamed of what she’d done … or sorry she’d been caught either.

“Was it good, Uncle Tim?” Angie asked mischievously. Her great-uncle could hear the laughter in her voice. She obviously already knew the answer.

“Oh, God yes!” Uncle Tim replied. “It was fantastic … and you know darn well it was,” he added warmly.

“I know,” Angie said confidently, grinning. “I just wanted to hear you say it,” she said happily. She sat up and stripped off the T-shirt she’d been using for a nightgown, then settled down … comfortably naked … next to her great-uncle.

“I like being nekkid,” she commented casually, just for something to say.

“Wish I’d known that this afternoon in the pool,” Tim said distractedly. “You might just have wound up “nekkid” as the day you were born if you’d kept on messing with me.”

Angie giggled. It was what little girls did, but in the context of discussing being naked in public and having sex with each other, the laughter was intensely exciting for her great-uncle to hear. His pulse began to race again.

Angie, sensing her great-uncle’s reaction, stretched her length next to the older man, plastering her nakedness against him. She moved slowly, stroking him with her body, taking her time and enjoying the thrill of the forbidden things they were doing. Moving over him, she sucked his man-nipples into her mouth one at a time and bit them gently, making the older man gasp. She giggled again.

“Next time we go swimming,” Angie cooed in her great-uncle’s ear, “you will know and you can make me nekkid any time you want,” she finished. Tim was dumbfounded–and thoroughly, immediately aroused. His ten-year-old grandniece was inviting him to strip her naked in public. He chuckled, letting that stand in lieu of an answer, primarily because he didn’t know HOW to answer her.

Without asking, Angie sat up, and moved down the bed. She casually pulled her great-uncle’s boxer shorts down to his ankles, and then completely off his body. He cooperated, though at first he was slow to react. Raising himself off the mattress enough for the young girl to pull his boxers off, he felt his cock spring free to plop slap against his belly. They both chuckled at the sound.

“Wanta do something naughty?” Angie asked, laughter bubbling up in her voice.

“I think we just did … didn’t we?”

The ten-year-old smothered a giggle. “Something else naughty!”

“Yeah,” he said softly. “Oh, yeah!” he added more fervently.

Angie scrambled atop the older man and straddled him in a quick, easy movement. Bending low and leaning forward she worked her groin around on Uncle Tim’s tumescent cock until his shaft was aligned along the length of her slit. She sighed expressively and started moving back and forth slowly, loving the sensation of rubbing her bare pussy up and down her great-uncle’s penis. This was so nasty … and she loved it.

She sat up straighter and took Uncle Tim’s hands in hers, guiding them to her small titties. Angie felt her nipples harden in the man’s strong hands and she gasped aloud at the increased sexual tingle shooting through her young body.

Holding his palms tight against the budding mounds, Angie arched her back and pressed her body forward to mash them even harder into his hands. Her great-uncle gently rescued his hands from her grip and wet his fingertips in his mouth. When he began tracing the outline of her aureoles with his fingertips the ten-year-old girl caught her breath and another little flash of excitement flashed down from her small breasts to her groin.

She could feel the faint heat of a flush spreading over her upper chest and neck. Little prickly sensations swept through her body. They goaded her into rocking her hips a little faster back and forth along Uncle Tim’s cock. Her great-uncle’s big organ was rock hard again … and she loved the way his manhood felt against her wet pussy lips.

Working by touch, Tim decided Angie’s breasts were about as round as silver dollars, give or take, and the firm little cones rose not quite an inch from her chest. When he teased Angie’s nipples, they reacted quickly, hardening into tiny, sharp-pointed little playthings. He grinned to himself in the darkness when Angie whimpered.

Tim marveled at the hardness of the nipples he captured between his thumbs and forefingers. He’d never consciously considered it, but now it occurred to him he hadn’t even been aware little girls’ nipples could react that much, or as quickly, as Angie’s were at his touch. He experimented. Gently tweaking them brought a gasp from Angie’s lips. He grinned to himself and played with the small mounds for a few minutes more.

“You like my boobies, Uncle Tim?” Angie asked finally in her little girl’s voice. Her hips were working faster now, and she bent lower across the length of her great-uncle’s body so she could better rub her pussy along the older man’s cock.

“Mmmmmmmm…. No, I think I love them,” her great-uncle replied softly.

Angie giggled.

“Can I kiss them?” Tim asked.

Angie’s answer was to scoot her body up her great-uncle’s abdomen until she could arch her chest forward enough to meet her great-uncle’s searching lips. Her wet pussy lips trailed sticky little-girl juices up his groin and lower belly. Tim could feel the wetness and knew what it was. The thought that the young girl sent to him by her mother yesterday was a sexually excited sex toy in his bed tonight made his cock lengthen and grow harder.

Angie’s sensitive little nubbins swelled and hardened even more as they were sucked between the older man’s saliva-wetted lips. She threw her head back and squealed a little wail of wanton pleasure.

She tried to suppress another shrill cry but her sexual excitement was fast overcoming her sense of caution. When Uncle Tim stimulated her nipples to an even greater height and hardness, she moaned happily. Having moved too high on his body to maintain contact with Uncle Tim’s cock, she began rubbing her pussy against her great-uncle’s upper belly, trying to relieve the warm, itchy feeling in her cunt. The sensation was becoming impossible to ignore. She whimpered when her Uncle Tim slid his right hand down between their bodies to cup her pussy and finger her clit.

Tim chuckled. This girl, one of the two grandnieces he’d always thought of as totally innocent, was actually a hot, horny little slut. He had her dancing on his fingers in seconds.

“Uncle Tim?” Angie panted. Her great-uncle’s left hand was on her right breast; her left was being swallowed whole in his mouth. Two fingers from Uncle Tim’s right hand were probing along the length of her outer labia and then working at the top end on her hard little clit. Every few moments, her great-uncle’s fingers left off teasing her clitoris and probed deep, exploring her wet little cunt. The little girl was becoming frantic, and the strain was in her voice.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm?” Tim replied, not bothering to lift his mouth from the wonderfully soft little breast he had in his mouth. Evidently, Angie felt the humming. It was a moment before she could continue.

“Uncle Tim … can we put your … thing in me now?” Angie asked breathlessly. Her small body was wracked by intense sensations from all quarters and she could barely think well enough to get the words out.

“What thing is that?” Tim asked his grandniece teasingly. He was surprised. He hadn’t expected normal bantering to rear its head here, tonight, doing what he was doing to the young girl.

Angie mumbled something indecipherable. Whatever it was she said, it was clear she was getting frustrated, and a little desperate.

“Pardon?” Uncle Tim asked, persisting with torturing his young grandniece.

“Uncle Tim!” she said in an irritated voice. “Please put it in me. It’ll fit … it’s okay … please?”

“Well, I had a couple of my finger-things in there a little while ago … I did, didn’t I? Two things weren’t inside you?”

“What is it you want me to do, sweetheart?” he asked mischievously.

Angie’s annoyance at her great-uncle’s teasing gave her a small measure of control over her body for a moment. She leaned forward until the tip of her nose was only inches from his.

“I … want … you … to … put … your … danged … cock … in … my … pussy … and … and fuck me ’til I can’t think no more!” she announced breathlessly.


The older man chuckled, then sobered. The obscene words and her shameless demand were incredibly exciting. Abruptly, he wasn’t interested in teasing his grandniece any longer. He wanted very badly to fuck her right now … and do it until she couldn’t stand up, just as she’d asked.

“Alright,” he said in a low voice, serious voice. “Let’s do it slow and careful, okay? You stay on top of me and I’ll hold still while….”

He broke off when Angie impatiently grasped his shaft in her left hand and shifted herself astride his body to the precise position she needed to introduce the bulbous head of his cock through her outer labia and deep inside. Seeing there was no need to coach her, Tim concentrated on the sensations welling up from his groin.

Her overheated little pussy was soaked with the sweet syrup her cunt was producing. Some dribbled down onto his lower belly to make a little puddle in the hollow of his hip.

In an amazingly short amount of time, Angie worked the glans of her great-uncle’s penis most of the way inside her, grunting and grunting the whole time. When she felt a little give inside her body down there, she knew the head of her great-uncle’s cock had passed through the narrowest portion of her sex and she gave a sigh of satisfaction. The little girl resettled her body, wriggling her hips in a little circle to seat him more firmly inside her.

Angie gradually let her thigh muscles relax and let her body slide down the older man’s rigid member. She felt Uncle Tim’s big cock penetrate deep inside her as her own bodyweight pulled her down on top of him.

She moaned. Uncle Tim’s cock was nice and big … but her cunt was stretching easily to accommodate it–she’d known it would. His cock wasn’t a thing to be afraid of … on the contrary!

She groaned at the incredible feeling of hot fullness became stronger. Uncle Tim was playing with her boobies again and they were on fire again. The wonderful, electric sensations flooded down her body to her cunt and rebounded all the way back to her sensitive young nipples.

Without warning, the overhead lights came on!!!

Angie screamed.


A violent spasm wracked Uncle Tim’s entire body. He nearly bucked the young girl off him.

Angie gripped his hips between her knees, holding on for dear life.


Chapter Four

When the brightness exploded into the dark bedroom, Tim Gillette’s fight or flight impulse tried to kick in and, under the circumstances, his first instinct was flight…. And he might have done exactly that if Angie’s surprised little cunt had tightened around his cock so tightly he couldn’t pull out of her, throw her aside and leap from the bed to … well, he didn’t exactly know what he could have done.

So there he was … naked, lying on his back with his cock plumbing the depths of one of his grandnieces’ cunt. The sudden explosion of light meant someone, somehow, had discovered what he was doing with Angie and he was about to pay the price for his perverted, incestuous pleasures.

When his eyes quick darting around the room looking for an escape, he focused on the figure standing there with her finger still on the light switch.

It was his other grandniece, Cindy. Tim saw little girl was clearly upset with everything and everyone.

She stood silently with one hand on a girlishly slim hip, glaring at them both.

“So when is it supposed to be my turn, huh, Angie?” Cindy snapped crossly with enough volume to dismay her great-uncle. No one seemed to know how to whisper anymore.

Confused, Tim blinked. He’d expected anger and accusations….

Nine-year-old Cindy stared reproachfully at her Uncle Tim, as if he’d failed her somehow.

He didn’t have a clue what he had done. Well, other than fucking her sister right in front of her….

Then Cindy gave her sister a particularly fierce glare and the girls’ great-uncle began to understand … a little. Angie had betrayed Cindy in some way, and the younger girl was furious about it, whatever it was. She stamped her small foot on the floor in exasperation.

“You were supposed to wake me up,” she said heatedly to her sister. “How come you didn’t, huh?” Cindy asked.


Cindy was upset because her sister hadn’t awakened her for–Tim’s mind stopped working on that problem.

Angie didn’t say a word in answer to Cindy’s accusation. Still blinded by the sudden light in the room, she stared wide-eyed at her younger sister.

“You don’t get to hog Uncle Tim, Angie!!” Cindy told her sister hotly, continuing her sister’s indictment. “He’s my uncle too,” she said firmly. A hurt expression gradually replaced the anger on her pretty little face.

Uncle Tim cleared his throat, trying to jumpstart his mind into some semblance of functioning … even a little bit would help. He had a crisis to deal with. Though he was still in shock from Cindy’s abrupt arrival on a scene he’d thought was private, it was increasingly clear he had to do something quick because his whole life was about to implode.

Cindy and Angie were always in competition for his attention. Each felt the other was always one up on her. Nothing Uncle Tim could do would ever change either girl’s conviction. It was what it was and probably would never change.

His mind whirling, Uncle Tim fastened on the fact that Cindy had asked when “her turn” was. With he and Angie stark naked and she astride him with his cock shoved up her cunt, that could only mean….

“Honey,” Tim said gently. “Angie and me just got started … uh … well … I didn’t know you wanted to … uh….

“Well, I do!!!” Cindy spat out. “And Angie knows it,” she added decisively. “She’s always trying to make me not … I mean, not let me … I….”

Still mad, the little girl couldn’t find the words to express herself. It made her even angrier. She stamped her bare foot again in frustration.

“I’m sorry, Cindy,” Angie said contritely. She was trying to be humble.

“Oh sure!” Cindy snapped back, a scornful look on her face. “You’re always sorry, but–”

“Sugar,” Tim interrupted softly, trying again to mollify Cindy and head off an argument.

Cindy shifted her gaze to her great-uncle.

“Your turn starts the minute you climb up here, okay?” Uncle Tim said quietly.

“What?” Cindy looked at him uncertainly. She moved a couple of steps closer, drawn by what Uncle Tim said. “Well … but what about Angie?” Cindy asked in a quieter voice. She was still irritated, but at least she was listening.

Her great-uncle didn’t stop to marvel at the fact he was mediating between two little girls, both of whom apparently wanted to have sex with him … and one was pissed off because the other wasn’t sharing and … Jeeeeeze! He was actually talking to a nine-year-old girl who was unhappy her sister was already fucking him….

And the question was who would be first!!!?

He plowed on. There was really nothing else to do.

“Angie just this minute … I uh … well … she got up on me,” Uncle Tim assured Cindy, not at all sure how to phrase it. His mind was whirling.

“Angie gets to be first to take me inside her,” Uncle Tim ventured, not daring to be more explicit, ” ’cause … I already am … ah … inside her,” he finished lamely.

He heard a sigh of relief from Angie, but the sigh made the frown deepen on Cindy’s features. If Tim didn’t hurry, he’d lose control of the situation. He laughed maniacally, though silently. He’d never, ever had control this evening. A vision snapped back into his mind … one of Cindy running from the apartment, screaming for the police to come and stop what he and Angie were doing.

He shuddered. This whole thing was un … be … lievable!

It came to him, a bolt right out of the … well, if the girls were actually accepting this idea of sex with their great-uncle so casually, and if they could talk about it so matter-of-factly, then a man more than thirty-five years older than they were should be able to at least fake a little self-control while. He put everything else aside and concentrated on the problem at hand.

“But you get to be first to get her pussy eaten. Okay…?” Tim told the little girl standing so innocently beside the bed. He held his breath while he watched Cindy consider his suggestion. She was thinking it over. Gradually, her tight jaw muscles loosened, and a happier light brightened her eyes.

“Okay,” she said slowly. Though not completely satisfied, she was more agreeable than not. She started to scramble up onto the big bed.

“Oh … wait!” she said to herself in a reasonable tone, as if she’d realized she was getting ahead of herself. Unceremoniously, she pulled her T-shirt over her head and skinned her panties down her slim legs.

Impatiently, she shook her shoulder-length hair back into some semblance of order. Holding her clothing in her hands, she inadvertently struck a sexy pose up standing up on her tiptoes as she looked around for some place to put her panties and top. When she saw the scraps of material in a far corner, she divined what the pile was and tossed her own nightclothes in that general direction.

Uncle Tim made a soft sound, not quite a cough. It brought a suspicious look and narrowed eyes from Cindy. She wasn’t entirely sure the agreement she and her great-uncle had reached a moment ago was actually going to happen.

“Ahhhhh, honey…,” her great-uncle said quietly, “would you turn off the ceiling lights, please. It’s so bright in here.”

The young girl nodded and went to switch off the dazzling light fixture. At the same time, Uncle Tim twisted his upper torso to the left and stretched out his hand to turn on a bedside lamp. It had only a 40-watt bulb in it, giving the room a softer, more intimate feel, but it provided more than enough light for everyone to see … and be seen.

Cindy hopped up on the bed, all smiles now. She saw her great-uncle examining her closely and grinned wider. She especially liked it that Uncle Tim was looking at her and not Angie.

For his part, Uncle Tim was captivated by this first opportunity to actually examine the girls’ naked bodies. He’d finger-fucked Angie, she’d sucked his cock, and inserted his penis in her cunt … and it all happened in the dark. The room was lit now, and everyone was exposed.

The girls didn’t seem to mind, and Uncle Tim decided he didn’t either. He was quickly finding out that just looking at Cindy’s little pussy made the sensations of Angie’s vagina clamping tight around his cock that much more enjoyable.

Standing up on the bed’s surface, Cindy walked carefully across the mattress until her toes touched Uncle Tim’s lower ribs. She turned to the head of the bed and lithely raised her left leg over her great-uncle’s body lithely. There she balanced on the mattress, hands on her hips and smiling down at the older man. Her legs were spread and her great-uncle had a fine view of her young pussy. To make sure he could see everything, she carefully arched her back a little and pushed her groin out.

Her prominent little pubic mound was the center of Uncle Tim’s attention now, and Cindy knew it. She grinned happily. Her fingers spread the lovely little opening a little wider. The folds of deliciously pink flesh were quickly becoming blood-infused and darkening rapidly.

Tim moaned appreciably and licked his lips theatrically.

The nine-year-old giggled. “You like my pussy, Uncle Tim?” Cindy asked playfully.

For the first time in several moments, Tim took a decent breath. It appeared that whatever else was about to happen, his grandnieces weren’t going to run into the night, screaming that he was raping them and…. His mind skittered away from further consideration of what might ensue should the neighborhood be roused by screams from the two girls.

He relaxed a little. A squeeze of Angie’s tight little cunt around his cock reminded him he was still deep inside the ten-year-old’s pussy and there was much unfinished business.

“Huh uh!” Angie offered. “He loves your pussy,” she said earnestly, taking her cue from Uncle Tim’s comment to her earlier.

Cindy looked around at Angie suspiciously, almost overbalancing on the mattress. She had to step backward toward her sister to regain her balance. Angie wasn’t off the hook by a long shot so far as Cindy was concerned. She sniffed expressively and turned back to her great-uncle.

For his part, Tim was finding the sight of Cindy’s prepubescent little pussy totally captivating. Her puffy outer labia were smooth as silk–so beautifully plump and soft….

His mouth watered in anticipation. He was looking forward to spreading Cindy’s lovely slit with his tongue and slathering it up and down those lovely pussy lips. He wondered how she tasted. A bolt of electricity ran down his body. He was about to find out.

He examined her naked chest and saw this morning’s assessment had been correct. Cindy’s breasts were indeed more developed than he’d realized, though not yet as big as Angie’s. Cindy’s boobies, as Angie had referred to her own breasts, were a little more than the size of a halved plum with her sharp-pointed little nipples rising only a little more than a finger’s breadth off her chest. She had small aureoles … only a shade or two darker than the surrounding skin … with tiny nipples not much bigger than two little BB’s.

Tim reached up to gather both of Cindy’s butt cheeks into his big hands and urge her closer. He squeezed and fondled her ass for a long moment as she swayed unsteadily on the mattress, her legs spread wide as she straddled his chest. He quit stroking her butt cheeks, but only to capture Cindy’s little boobies in his palms. The little bumps were just as soft and smooth as they looked … and her nipples were just as hard as they looked. Cindy’s breasts were too small for him to actually cup, but just the feel of his palms touching her nipples was more than enough for Cindy.

The young girl’s breath hissed out and her whole body stiffened. She pushed out her chest in an unconscious attempt to intensify and prolong the depraved sensations her great-uncle was causing in her body.

Angie took it upon herself to reach between her younger sister’s widespread legs from behind. Her fingers probed and found Cindy’s slit, then slipped inside. Cindy looked around indignantly.

“Did I say you could do that?” Cindy asked her sister crossly.

Her sarcasm didn’t have the withering effect Cindy had intended. Perhaps if she hadn’t been hunching back into Angie’s small hand even as she spoke, her complaint might have had more impact. As it was, Angie saw Cindy’s anger weaken considerably as Angie continued to molest the younger girl’s heated pussy.

“I said I was sorry,” Angie said petulantly. She’d apologized and wanted to get beyond this as soon as possible. “I just got busy and I … couldn’t think real good when Uncle Tim put his fingers in me,” she added.

Cindy’s face said she wasn’t entirely convinced, but she didn’t demand that Angie stop either. Tim thought the scowl on her face was more a formality than anything else. When Angie’s forefinger slid deeper between Cindy’s pussy lips, the young girl swallowed hard and her eyes closed for a moment. Her annoyance with her big sister melted away.

Sensing she’d won for the moment, Angie gently thrust her fingers in deeper and gently worked them around in her sister’s cunt. Tim could see this was far from being the first time the girls had accepted, or offered, such intimate contact. Not for the first time, he wondered where the girls had learned all this, and when they’d done it.

Looking between Cindy’s legs, his attention was caught by the sight of Angie’s young pussy lips bulging wide to take his penis inside her. The lewd spectacle of his big cock penetrating his grandniece’s body so deeply made him catch his breath. He’d not known how wonderfully obscene it would look. His heart pounded in his chest. He was fucking his ten-year-old grandniece, and would soon be eating his nine-year-old grandniece’s pussy. The vulgar thoughts made his cock twitch inside Angie’s vagina.

Peering between her sister’s legs, Angie grinned at her great-uncle. She felt the movement of his cock inside her vagina and sensed her great-uncle’s penis growing even larger inside her. She pushed her hips forward and back a couple of times, and then moved her lower body in a tight little circle, just to watch her Uncle Tim grit his teeth.

Angie knew exactly what she was doing was driving the man wild, and the little wanton’s grin widened. She loved the feeling of power over him it gave her.

“Hey!” Tim remarked, struggling to keep his voice level. Cindy opened her eyes and looked down at her great-uncle questioningly.

“How about parking your cute little butt on my chest and lettin’ me get to work?” Tim inquired, grinning widely.

“Work?” Cindy asked with pretended disdain.

“You know what I mean,” Tim answered her quickly. He grinned impudently up at her. “Come here,” he commanded gently. He crooked a finger and motioned her down to him.

Smiling, Cindy complied, squatting slowly so that Angie’s fingers didn’t do any damage as they slipped out, but not taking any longer than necessary either. The last sight Tim had of his prick stabbing into his older grandniece’s cunt was of Angie beginning to slowly rise and fall on his shaft again. He could feel the hot tightness of her vagina clamp his penis tightly … the coolness on his shaft when she lifted … and the velvety furnace that enveloped his manhood like a glove when she dropped down again. He groaned softly.

When Cindy’s soft ass settled down on Tim’s chest, he lifted his head off the pillow and lapped a long swathe from the bottom of her little slit all the way to the top. Cindy shuddered delicately. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” she breathed. Little shivers of ecstasy moved up from her sensitive pussy over her lower belly and back again.

Uncle Tim would have chuckled if a hot, very slick, little-girl pussy wasn’t covering his mouth. It seemed he could use the same techniques a lifetime of pleasing grown women had already taught him. After a moment’s exploration, he captured the tiny nubbin of a clit he found hidden at the top of the pre-teen girl’s pussy and worked at teasing it from its hiding place.

After a few moments, he slathered his tongue up and down little Cindy’s outer labia again. When he had her working her groin up and down in a regular rhythm, he crossed her up by stabbing his tongue deep as he could inside her hot little vagina.

The change made Cindy buck hard and gasp. Uncle Tim captured her immature little clit a second time between his lips and gently sucked it further out from behind its sheltering hood again, Cindy moaned.

She whimpered softly, imploring her great-uncle to, “Stop … no … I don’t want you to … I mean … Uncle Tim … do that again … do it more … don’t … UNNNNNNGGGGHGHHH!! … more, Uncle Tim … harder … I mean more … faster….”

Cindy didn’t know what she was saying. She didn’t know she was saying anything at all. The young girl only knew she loved what her great-uncle was doing to her. Cindy ground her pussy even harder against his mouth, slipping her hands behind his neck and pulling his head tighter against her.

Uncle Tim used his right hand to fondle Cindy’s small breasts, stroking one, and then the other in slow caresses, while he reached around the slender nine-year-old’s body with his left hand to do the same for Angie. Both girls were caught up in the perverted ecstasy of the moment, loving the taboo sex they were having with their great-uncle. It was fun, being this nasty. They moaned almost in unison.

The sisters’ naked groins were soaked with the wonderful honey of their cunt juices flowing out through their labia–fluids that refreshed themselves as quickly as they were used up. Uncle Tim slipped his hands down to their groins every so often and gathered enough of the syrupy sweet fluids he found there to bring up and smear all over the girls’ chests. There was plenty for that and enough to satisfy his urgent need to taste them both at the same time.


The two pre-teen girls groaned together, singing a duet with no words but full of feeling and need. When Angie leaned forward and Cindy inclined back, they touched. Angie put her hands on Cindy’s shoulders and sensuously stroked her younger sister’s back. Cindy’s hands touched first on Angie’s knees and then swept as far as she could reach along her sister’s thighs. The girls groaned at the exquisite torture the lightest touch brought to super-sensitive flesh. Their whole bodies were erogenous zones now, and every stroke was a separate pleasure.

Their whimpers were accompanied by the obscene squishing noises made by Uncle Tim’s cock as it thrust deep inside Angie’s hot cunt and Uncle Tim’s nasty slurping as his tongue explored Cindy’s little pussy. The two little girls were soon having problems getting enough air in their lungs. Their breath became even more labored the longer their great-uncle worked on them.

With his mouth covered more often than not by Cindy’s wet pussy lips, Tim was finding it harder and harder to get a big enough gulp of air himself. Several times, he had to bury his nose and chin under one of Cindy’s hot thighs to find enough space to breathe. His nostrils were filled with the musky odor of a young girl in heat and it inflamed him even more.

His attempts to breathe were short and taken quickly because he couldn’t keep himself from tonguing Cindy’s pussy very long. He didn’t want to stop what he was doing.

Also, each time he pulled away for even the shortest of moments, Cindy murmured a protest. She worked her groin around frantically until her pussy was once again pressed tight to Tim’s lips. The little girl was working herself up to a fine climax and her great-uncle was intent on making it even better.

Angie had been rising and falling on her great-uncle’s cock for some time before Uncle Tim’s hands began fondling her small boobies again.


Uncle Tim gently twirled her tiny, diamond-hard nipples between thumb and forefinger, making the young girl groan.

Angie mouthed all the sexy, nasty words she knew to spur her great-uncle on to even greater efforts. She wanted this to last for a long time before she climaxed, but there was no way she could resist the onslaught of sheer physical pleasure her great-uncle was giving her.




Ten-year-old Angie was annoyed Uncle Tim was pushing her faster than she wanted to go, but she didn’t even have time to express her irritation before it faded in the onrush of sexual pleasure. There was too much assault on her senses to complain. Then, between one heartbeat and the next, she lost control of herself and gave in to the heat of the moment and her own needs.


Angie’s movements changed. She quit rising and falling on her great-uncle’s cock. It wasn’t enough anymore. She couldn’t move fast enough in that position. She got up from her knees and moved higher up his body so she could begin slamming her hips up and down like a piston.

The climax Angie had put off as long as she could began to overwhelm her. It was coming fast and hard. She could feel it. A faint mewl of desperation slipped out. The whine gained strength.

Angie groaned deep in her chest as the thick length of her great-uncle’s penis probed even deeper. His cock bottomed out inside her, bumping into places seldom touched in her cunt. She gave herself over to the inevitable, working hard for it and then instinctively forcing herself to climb even higher. Angie’s moans harmonized with her little sister’s pleas for the ending she urgently needed too.

Both young girls cried out, their desire mounting too high to be contained any longer.


Angie and Cindy’s overheated bodies both had a flush extending upward from each immature chest over necks and faces, not that any of the three incestuous lovers could actually SEE now. Their senses were too overloaded to notice such details.

Tim’s mouth was pressed tightly against his youngest grandniece’s pussy lips. He lapped strongly against Cindy’s tiny nubbin, occasionally pausing to hold it between his lips and suck on it as best he could … it was such a tiny thing.

Cindy’s trembling was consuming her. She’d lost control of her lower body and she was virtually paralyzed in one position with her young cunt pressed forward and her back arched away. She pressed her hands back on his ribs, and pushed forward so as to maximize the contact between her clitoris and her great-uncle’s tongue.

She found a way to move, but it was jerky and largely uncontrolled. Her hips bucked–she thrust her groin forward and gave vent to her ecstasy with a squeaky little cry. Hunching Uncle Tim’s mouth, Cindy worked her pussy around on his stiff tongue, straining to get her climax. Her breath sobbed in her throat. She thrust forward, pulled back, and thrust again … and froze in place, letting her great-uncle’s lips on her clit suck her orgasm into full bloom.


She shuddered involuntarily, hunched forward one last time, then collapsed bonelessly over her great-uncle’s face. She felt him turn his head to the side but after that, awareness faded for a time. She didn’t exactly faint, but neither did she have any control over her body. The glorious sensations of her orgasm kept rolling over her.

Angie’s tight cunt spasmed when she sensed her little sister cumming. Angie clamped down on Uncle Tim’s cock with her vagina, relaxed for a space, and tightened down on him again. She was intent on milking all of Uncle Tim’s cum from his balls and into her cunt.

Tim fought it as long as he could, but it was a losing battle. He caught each of Angie’s hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers to pinch them lightly. Angie ground her pubis hard against his groin. She raked her hips back, only to thrust them forward again as quickly as she could. She leaned forward, resting her face on her nearly comatose sister’s back.

With her clitoris in even better contact with her great-uncle’s cock, she humped her great-uncle, slinging her hips fore and aft in a rhythm whose tempo became faster with each passing stroke.


She mashed her pubic mound hard against Uncle Tim’s groin one last time and groaned. Taking in a few quick, shallow breaths, she sighed, and went limp. She fell forward against Cindy’s motionless back and rested there, unable to do anything more.

When Uncle Tim felt Angie’s orgasm overwhelm her, he thrust deeper inside the willing young girl’s body. All the while, he marveled at how much of him she could take. He was still trying to hold back, but he gradually lost control as Angie’s cunt teased his penis, pumped it, demanding it give up the cum still dammed up inside. He rammed himself deep inside the little girl’s body. The heat and friction of her tight cunt were too much. He wasn’t in charge of his own body any more than the pre-teen girls having sex with him were.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDD!!!!” he groaned in a tortured voice.

A fountain of hot semen spewed into young Angie’s greedy cunt. A second followed, and then a third. He groaned, unable to control himself. Thrusting his hips upward, another eruption of milky-white cum shot up inside his young grandniece.

“ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Tim slumped back to the bed’s surface. His balls offered up a final squirt of incestuous spunk. He could hear Angie cooing her satisfaction as she felt the gooey stuff bathing the walls of her vagina, mixing and becoming part of her own juices.

The trio lay there a long moment, breathing hard and waiting for their bodies to recover. After a while, Cindy dragged herself off her great-uncle’s upper body and lay beside him on his left side. Angie slumped over and rolled carefully off to cuddle against Uncle Tim’s right side.

After a while, Cindy levered herself up on her elbows and surveyed the scene.

“That was fun!” she quipped brightly. “Are you gonna fuck me now, Uncle Tim?” she asked.

Tim let out a sigh, turning to face the nine-year-old girl who’d spoken so casually.

“Honey,” he said between breaths, “I think we’ll have to wait for a little while for old Uncle Tim to recover. Old farts like me need some time to get ready again, sugar,” he added.

Cindy’s face darkened. “Then what’s that?” Cindy demanded suspiciously, pointing at Tim Gillette’s groin. She thought Uncle Tim was making excuses in order to keep her from getting what her sister just received.

Following her pointing finger, Tim looked down to find his cock as erect and hard as it had been when Angie had first guided it inside her cunt. Indeed, he could feel the heat in his groin beginning to grow and strengthen already.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” he said, marveling at how quickly he was recovering.

“Mmmmmmmm, you’re not supposed to say words like that,” Cindy admonished her great-uncle. “It isn’t nice.

Her great-uncle stared into her innocent eyes to see if the child was kidding. She manifestly was not, and he apologized.

“I’m sorry, honey,” he said contritely. “I’ll try to not say that again.” Cindy nodded shortly, mollified for the moment.

“So … wanta fuck me now, Uncle Tim?” she asked, grinning.

Tim blinked. He looked at her closely. He was sure he was being played.

The matter-of-fact tone of the little girl’s voice though, coupled with a total lack of embarrassment for either her words or question, was incredibly arousing to her great-uncle–much more so than he would have predicted if he’d ever thought about it before tonight. Tim was trying to absorb the new rules of this universe but failing badly in the short term. He’d have to do this by trial and error. On the other hand, his prick was as hard as a thick steel rod again. He could feel an excited throbbing deep in his gut … and the little girl was offering.

“Sure,” he told the little minx. “Climb aboard, sugar puss,” he added, smiling as broadly as the young child.

The trio readjusted themselves and began again, this time with Angie hunching her cum-soaked pussy lips against her great-uncle’s tongue and Cindy carefully positioning herself so Uncle Tim’s cock could slip slowly up inside her cunt.

It wasn’t the first time Tim had tasted his own cum; he saw nothing wrong in it. If he expected his girlfriends to swallow his semen during oral sex, it seemed to him he couldn’t really object to a little cream pie every now and then–so long as it was his cream.

The sex was less noisy this time around and there was less fumbling around. Each of them had at least a glimmering of how the others would move now … and how they would react to touches and caresses. They all came again within a few seconds of each other again, with everyone climbing as high a slope of hot sensation as before.

Exhausted, the three incestuous lovers finally collapsed on the bed. Uncle Tim barely had time to snap off the lamp before they were all lost in a deep slumber. They were all sweaty and covered with each other’s juices, but none of them had the energy to even suggest a shower or change of bed sheets. They lay where they’d fallen, sleeping the sleep of the completely sated.


Chapter Five

When he woke the next morning, the sun was already shining brightly, a thing that rarely happened to the ex-firefighter. He was usually up and had at least one cup of coffee already down his gullet by the time the sun rose.

Tim didn’t move for a long while. He could feel the warm, satiny-smooth touch of his young grandnieces’ skin against his and there was no reason to move. His cock lay quiet on his belly, but it stirred when Angie whispered something in her sleep and moved a little against his side. Fully awake now, Tim was apprehensive for a moment.

All this was so new. Exciting, God yes! Most emphatically it was–and to a degree he’d never experienced before–but it was a bit frightening too. So many things could go wrong. Tim forced the anxiety away. He concentrated on his young grandnieces laying naked beside him. Obligingly, the concern dwindled and faded to nothingness.

Every time he stretched a limb or shifted his weight, one girl or the other would frown in her sleep and scoot her body back closer to him. It didn’t seem as if they would object to what had happened last night, even with the harsh glare of daylight shining a bright light on everything. He was even more reassured when Angie woke suddenly, her eyes snapping open as Uncle Tim watched.

The older of the two sisters smiled softly, cuddled a little closer, and let her eyelids droop again. She reached out and clutched her great-uncle’s upper arm to her and rolled on her back. His left hand fell naturally to her lower abdomen and Angie spread her legs a little to give his fingers easy access to her pussy.

Accepting the invitation, Tim stroked the little girl’s outer lips and then probed gently beyond, searching for the tiny clit he knew was there, hidden behind its protective little blanket of flesh. Angie’s increasingly heavy breathing told him he was doing well.

He slipped his right hand to Cindy’s upper thighs and stroked until the younger girl’s legs parted enough for him to fondle her too. Both girls’ hips were soon rising and falling in an easy rhythm with his fingers. Tim didn’t know exactly when Cindy awoke, but she was soon as absorbed as her sister was in the nasty little finger-fucking game. In a few minutes, he’d worked both girls up to breathless little orgasms and they slumped back, ready to doze a little longer.

Seeing the clock on the nightstand, Tim wouldn’t let the girls go back to sleep. It was mid-morning already and high time they were up and about.

“UP! GET UP!!” he commanded, yanking the sheets off the young girls’ heated bodies. “Rise and shine!”

“We need a shower … bad!” he added.

His demands, and perhaps some of the stale odors from last night’s and this morning’s sex, finally goaded the two pre-teen girls into semi-awareness again. Still protesting, but only because they didn’t want their great-uncle to think he was completely in charge, they stumbled down the hall to the bathroom with its big bathtub.

Clouds of steam and the aroma of hot, sudsy water soon filled the air and the three incestuous lovers engaged in a little sex play in the shower just for the heck of it. Uncle Tim got a blowjob, both girls working together to repay him for the early morning finger-fucking. He held off as long as he could, but his cum finally erupted into Angie’s hungry mouth.

Mindful of a need to be absolutely even-handed in view of Cindy’s irritation last night, Angie quickly lifted her head off Uncle Tim’s spewing cock and thrust it between Cindy’s soft lips so she could taste their uncle too. The sight of the two girls sharing the milky-white goo made Tim’s cum all that much more intense, and it tickled the girls no end to see how much he loved what they were doing for him. They were proud they’d made their great-uncle cum as much, and as many times, as he did.

They got dressed, sort of. The girls shrugged on T-shirts that covered but didn’t conceal their sharp-pointed little titties, and when they bent over (which they seemed to find cause to do far more often than one would imagine), their bald little pussies were exposed for anyone–most especially, their Uncle Tim–to see.

Tim pulled on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt of his own, but they didn’t last long. The girls constantly slipped their hands beneath the T-shirt to caress his chest and lightly furred belly … they did it so often, they were stretching the fabric. When they unzipped his cargo shorts to fondle his penis, Tim took the shorts and T-shirt off and slung them into a corner of the closet to wash some other day. The girls’ tops followed quickly. They padded naked into the kitchen to find something to eat.



They ate a heavy brunch, having realized with their first bites they were truly famished. Uncle Tim had to fry up a second pan of bacon and scramble more eggs to satisfy everyone’s appetite. Clearly, a trip to the supermarket would soon be in order if they kept eating like this. He assumed they would kept on using up calories as they had the night before and this morning.

In the early afternoon, they settled down to exploring this new relationship a little further. It wasn’t that they were shy with each other. It was a lull of sorts–a time of foreplay and sexual overtones in everything they did and said.

“Y’all want to go swimming?” Tim asked his grandnieces, expecting them to agree. It was their favorite thing to do in their summer visits. The girls were silent for a moment.

“Can we go ‘nekkid’ ?” Angie asked, grinning broadly.

“Uh … that would be a loud NO WAY … thank you very much!” Tim replied. “I really don’t want to go to jail today, thank you very much,” he continued. The girls shrugged.

“Then we’re good,” Cindy remarked, and spread her thighs wide so she could fondle her pussy more easily. She giggled when she saw her Uncle Tim unconsciously lick his lips.

For a time, the girls teased Uncle Tim unmercifully, spreading their legs whenever they could, showing him faintly wet pussies that winked cheerfully at him. Whenever the girls exposed themselves to him, Tim’s cock rose to salute the spectacle, only to wilt when there was nothing happening. Over the next hour, his cock hardened, then softened a dozen times or more with each cycle eliciting giggles from the two pre-teen girls.

The settled down and watched a few interesting TV shows. When they were over, the incestuous trio settled down to play a board game, which the girls claimed he owed them from their last visit. Uncle Tim could only call up a vague memory of the girls and their brother not having enough time to play the game on the morning of their departure when spring break was over, but he didn’t know how that was his fault. Both girls earnestly assured him it was though. He shrugged and gave in.

They played for a while, but neither little girl really had the patience to play the game. They purchased every lot they landed on and immediately bought houses and hotels, resulting in quick bankruptcies. At least, Angie and Cindy would have been bankrupt if they hadn’t begun paying off Uncle Tim, and each other, with promises of sexual favors. By the end of the game, all three were sufficiently stimulated that playing the board game was no longer possible.



“UNCLE TIM-EEEEEEEEEEE?” Cindy called, drawing out her great-uncle’s given name into two lengthy syllables.

Tim Gillette was busy putting the game pieces back in the box and storing it in the hall closet. His mind was whirling, trying to figure out a way to design a monopoly-like game that substituted sex between young girls and older men for streets, utility companies, and railroads. He had a REAL good idea what would substitute for “jail” in the new game … and how one would “get out of jail.”

“WHA-AAAAT?” he called back, mimicking the young girl’s tone.

“COME HEEE-EEEEEERE,” Cindy replied in exactly the same singsong rhythm.

Tim could here both girls giggling and wondered what they were up to. Considering what had been going on since last night, his mind conjured up all sorts of images and his penis hardened quickly. He hurried the process of storing the game box on the top shelf in the bedroom and followed his cock back into the living room.

“What do you…? Hello!” Tim exclaimed, stopping short just inside the living room.

His two grandnieces were laying side-by-side on the big sofa, their thighs spread as wide as they could get them. Angie’s right leg was over Cindy’s left and both pink little slits were pointed right at Uncle Tim. He could see their pussies were already slick with little-girl cunt juices. The girls grinned mischievously as their Uncle Tim’s cock rose perceptibly, growing longer and thicker.

“You like our pussies?” Angie asked innocently, and facetiously. She could see her great-uncle’s response clearly enough.

“Oh, hell yes,” Tim responded with feeling. He walked quickly to the couch, stopping and falling to his knees just short of the furniture. He was in no mood to waste time.

“Who’s first?” he asked, grinning at the two naked imps. Cindy pointed at her chest, and then quickly changed her aim to her wet little slit.

“Cindy,” Angie confirmed, not entirely happy with the admission. If she had her druthers, her fourteen-month seniority in life would guarantee she would be first every time there was any choice to be made.

Cindy chortled, not very kindly.

“You want me to eat your pretty cunt, or fuck it,” Tim asked Cindy with a lewd little grin on his face. He made his eyebrows rise and fall lecherously for a quick moment. Both girls giggled appreciably.

“Eat me!” Cindy demanded happily. Tim was beginning the process of learning what made his young grandnieces happy. It would seem Cindy loved oral sex performed on her and Angie….

“I want to fuck!” Angie asserted loudly, earning her a suspicious glance from her young sister. “When it’s my turn,” Angie continued hastily.

She rolled her eyes derisively, but only when her sister’s attention had veered back to Uncle Tim. Clearly, Angie was still trying to make up a not-yet-defined “something” to her sister, but her patience was failing.

Cindy pulled up her feet and anchored her heels on the edge of the sofa. Thus bracing herself on the cushions, she arched her back and lifted her lower body off the couch and thrust her sopping groin up at her great-uncle’s smiling face. Her inner lips were a glowing rosy color as her excitement grew. The little girl was already fairly desperate for Uncle Tim to do something, and do it soon.

Uncle Tim shuffled a few inches forward on his knees until he was in front of his youngest grandniece. He cupped Cindy’s butt cheeks in his big hands, holding his young grandniece’s lower body captive in his hands and lifting her ass even higher. Her pubis was even more obscenely prominent and open, making everything that much more exciting to Uncle Tim. Bending low, he kissed his way from the top of her pussy to the bottom, paying particular attention to the barely protruding little bud at the top. When Uncle Tim’s lips captured her tiny clit, Cindy’s breath hissed out in a long sigh.

“Open wide and say ‘ahhhhhhhhh,'” Uncle Tim remarked, a doctor speaking to his patient.

“Huh?” Cindy asked, perplexed. Too much of her attention was centered on her throbbing little clitty to make sense of what her great-uncle demanded.

Tim didn’t wait for her to understand. Settling into a more comfortable slouch, he pulled his grandniece’s lower body up a little higher and stabbed his tongue as deep into her cunt as he could.

“Annnnnngggggghhhhhhhhh!” Cindy groaned. She arched her back at an impossible angle. Her heels and the back of her head were the only parts of her body in contact with the couch.

“Close enough!” Uncle Tim declared, lifting his wet face from his grandniece’s sex for a small space and grinning mischievously and wriggled his eyebrows at Angie.

The older girl giggled.

The sudden penetration of her great-uncle’s tongue so deeply inside her pussy slammed Cindy’s libido into high gear. Cindy’s universe closed down and she could only concentrate on the sensations flowing from her pussy. She didn’t even know Uncle Tim had made a funny.

Uncle Tim smiled down at the suddenly helpless nine-year-old Cindy. Before she could recover from his initial assault, he resumed an attack on her pussy lips with his tongue, slathering Cindy’s slit from bottom to top.

He pushed his hands under her buttocks and kneaded her ass cheeks in his hands, rolling and squeezing them as best he could, letting these sensations, subtle little increments though they might be, add themselves to what the little girl was already feeling. With all the sex play and teasing that had gone on all morning, it didn’t take long for Cindy to reach a towering orgasm.


The intensity of Cindy’s hard climax surprised even her. When her body quit shuddering and she could breath again, she slumped against the sofa cushions and just lay there.

Her great-uncle wiped a mixture of her juices and his saliva off his chin with his right hand, grinning all the while. This was so much fun. If all this continued for very long, he’d have a smile on his face all day long. Reaching for a box of tissue on the end table, he cleaned his hand off and then patted his grandniece’s pussy dry.

When he bent down to kiss her still steaming outer lips, Cindy’s breath caught in her throat. She moaned.

“Too much?” Uncle Tim asked her.

She nodded. She was reluctant to admit it, but it was clear her body hadn’t recovered yet. Just now, more sex would be closer to pain than pleasure so Uncle Tim planted a single butterfly kiss on her belly button and let Cindy come down from her sexual high on her own.



A few minutes later, after a more thorough face cleaning and a long drink of water, Uncle Tim was setting on the sofa beside Cindy and waiting for more instructions from Angie on what she wanted him to do. Smiling, Uncle Tim allowed the ten-year-old girl to direct things and arrange him exactly the way she wanted him.

It was clear Angie liked being on top and she was setting things up for another cowgirl ride on his cock. Uncle Tim made a mental note to find out sometime if Angie would like a reverse cowgirl. And he wondered how long he should wait until he reversed their positions completely. His mind was filled with a vision of her ass thrust up in the air waiting for him to feed his prick into her cunt, doggy style. He grinned happily.

In a few minutes, with Uncle Tim’s body parts finally arranged the way the young pre-teen girl wanted, Angie climbed aboard and immediately pushed forward on his lap to press her young breasts into her great-uncle’s mouth. She trembled when his lips widened to encompass a whole titty at one time.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!” she hummed. “That’s goooooooooooooood!!!”

When he delicately caught her nipples between his teeth, Angie’s breath coarsened and grew more ragged. It didn’t matter which breast he was paying oral homage to at any given moment, the other never lacked for incestuous attention. His thumb and forefinger were always gently tweaking that other nipple or stroking, cupping, and caressing the firm little mound. In short order, Angie’s boobies were small mounds of intense erotic pleasure.

Uncle Tim didn’t have to ask Angie to put him inside her. She knew the timing was up to her and the two young girls had already picked up on the fact that Uncle Tim loved it when they handled his cock with their small hands and slim fingers. He liked them to guide it inside their bodies just when they were ready.

That suited Angie just fine. She liked placing a cock between her pussy lips and positioning it just so–at the angle best suited for her pleasure. She was making sure the penetration was slow enough for her immature body to adjust was part of it but also, Angie simply loved doing it her way … guiding and directing things exactly when and how she wanted everything done.

She rose high on her knees, regretting Uncle Tim couldn’t continue his oral attention to her breasts–he was just too danged tall and she was too short! She scooted back until her cunt and great-uncle’s big cock were lined up. Letting her thigh muscles relax slightly, the blood-engorged head of Tim’s penis slipped slowly through her outer labia and down into the constricted space where her hymen once stretched across her vagina.

Uncle Tim felt the tightness too and knew it wasn’t nearly as tight as it should have been for a ten-year-old girl. For a brief instant, he wondered when and where the girls had lost their cherries … and who had taken them … but the thought fled the instant it was born. Too much else on his mind–

Angie and her great-uncle both watched his cock head slipping slowly inside the little girl’s pussy … and then deeper. Both were so engrossed with the sight that neither was aware of things around them.

Angie dropped her chin to her chest to see more clearly. The top of her head rested in the hollow of Uncle Tim’s right shoulder.

Uncle Tim slouched even more into the cushions on the couch, canting his head to the left so he could see. His eyes never left the point where his prick was disappearing inside his young grandniece. What he was feeling as his penis penetrated the young girl’s little slit was stimulating enough, but watching it happen increased his pleasure by about a zillion percent.

Neither said anything, but they both knew it wasn’t going to be a long, slow, fuck. Angie had been stimulated by the morning’s sex play and also by having to sit quietly watching her baby sister being orally serviced by Uncle Tim.

For his part, Tim Gillette was finding out just looking at his two naked young grandnieces … let alone actually touching and having sex with them … was keeping his cock rock harder, and for much longer periods than any dose of Viagra ever could.

Uncle Tim and his young grandniece began their pursuit of dual orgasms, and they were not going to be denied for long. Uncle Tim’s cock was almost completely inside the young girl now. A few grinding hip movements from Angie’s groin and he abruptly slipped easily inside. He instantly thrust his butt back into the sofa cushions and pulled a little way out of Angie’s slick cunt.

Performing its usual magic trick of widening and lengthening to take a man inside, Angie’s vagina easily accepted her great-uncle’s penis. She and Uncle Tim groaned in unison.

Uncle Tim felt the head of his cock bump his grandniece’s cervix and Angie grunted with the pleasurable touch. Her great-uncle was surprised; many full-grown women experienced pain at that contact but it seemed Angie was one of the lucky few whose bodies took it in stride.

In moments, Angie’s immature cervix retracted to allow even more of Uncle Tim’s cock to enter her body. She began rocking back and forth, seating the helmet-shape end of Uncle Tim’s manhood deep inside her and helping her body adjust to its bulk.

“ANGIE! You know it’s four o’clock, right?”

Uncle Tim and Angie both stared blankly at Cindy. The young girl was pointing at the grandfather clock in the far corner. Neither of the incestuous twosome fucking so urgently on the sofa had the faintest clue why Cindy was making sure Angie knew what time it was.

Angie turned back to her great-uncle’s face. She didn’t care what time it was. Her mind was filled with fuck lust.

Cindy shrugged and hopped off the couch, taking care not to disturb the couple fucking next to her. She walked casually out of the living room into the bedroom the girls had shared before last night. They still had their clothes and personal items in there, though they had no intention of sleeping there ever again.

Moments later, Angie’s feet were planted firmly on the overstuffed sofa cushions and she was squatting over her great-uncle. Uncle Tim had obliged by slouching down a little more, so that that at least his lower body was closer to horizontal. Leaning slightly forward and balancing herself with her hands braced on his chest, Angie was rising and falling in a natural rhythm, ramming her Uncle Tim’s cock up inside her and then lifting to pull it back out. As her juices flowed and her cunt adjusted to his size, she increased the pace of her jackhammer thrusts.

She moved faster, slamming herself down on his impaling cock and then jerking herself off him again. Uncle Tim’s penis nearly slipped out of her with each harsh, piston-like movement. Angie was breathing hard with physical effort. Her face and upper chest were flushed–her eyes weren’t focusing well anymore. She would be cumming very soon, and she was dragging her great-uncle along with her. They were almost there. A few minutes more and….

“Angie…,” they heard Cindy say firmly. There was a pause.


Everything on the sofa ceased in mid-stroke. The lewdly fucking pair had been doing their best to ram themselves up to a mind-altering orgasms, but they became motionless manikins between one tick of the clock and the next. It meant different things to each of them, but both knew this was a grim thing to happen in the midst of a happy little fuck session. The blood drained from both their faces.

Uncle Tim and Angie turned to Cindy where the naked little girl stood beside the couch and holding out a cell phone to Angie. Uncle Tim hadn’t known the girls even owned a cell phone. That their mother wanted to talk to the little girl he was fucking was a catastrophe in the making.


Chapter Six

Tim Gillette was quite certain his life was now over.

Last night and this morning, his conscious and subconscious minds had warred with each other, with his more primitive, immoral, subconscious winning out. One side of his mind had tried to warn him last night and earlier this morning that what he was doing with the girls was terribly wrong, but those attempts had been beaten back and then totally suppressed. His primal instincts had been in charge since Angie first woke him night before last.

Drawing a shuddering breath, Tim Gillette faced the stark realization the hot sex he’d been having with his young grandnieces were going to end with him serving the rest of his life in prison. He hung his head low. He’d been enjoying the sex for what it was and ignoring the possible consequences–but that was all over now.

For her part, Angie glared at Cindy but that was her only reaction and it was as instinctive as her great-uncle’s reaction was … but for different reasons. Tim saw Angie’s comparative lack of concern, but it failed to console him. It was he, of course, who would suffer her mother’s wrath. He was the adult. It was his fault.

Sucking in a deep breath, Angie accepted the cell phone from Cindy’s outstretched hand and resignedly put it to her ear.

“Hello?” Angie said into the phone in a quiet, diffident voice. It was the voice children use when they know they’re in trouble and don’t want to irritate parents any more than they already were. She paused for a moment. Her great-uncle could hear the scratchy sound of his favorite niece speaking into Angie’s ear, but he couldn’t understand what she was saying.

“No … I … no, there wasn’t any time,” Angie said defensively. “I said I was sorry to her,” Angie added. She listened to another, longer tirade from her mother that Tim couldn’t understand any better than he’d been able to before.

“I knoooow,” Angie said in a conciliatory tone. She was hoping to defuse her mother’s anger with soft words. “I just didn’t know it was so late,” she declared.

“She did NOT! I didn’t know what time it was…,” she protested indignantly. “I … oh….”

Angie stopped talking as she belatedly recalled Cindy’s admonition about how late it was a little while earlier.

“I ‘member … she did,” she sighed finally. “But … I didn’t hear her. I mean, I heard her, but me and Uncle Tim were already fucking and … I know … Mommy, I know I was supposed to talk to you first … I know … but….

Sweet Jesus!! At his grandniece’s casual admission to her mother she and her great-uncle were having sex, Tim Gillette’s heart stopped and his lungs quit pumping air. Stunned by the speed at which his world was disintegrating, his mind stopped processing information. Odd thoughts and stray ideas skittered around his brain, but they were rabbits fleeing a nimble fox. They jumped here and there, stopping, then leaping into abrupt motion and flashing by too quickly to be recognized.

“Okay, I’ll be good … I promise … and I’ll … what? Okay…,” he heard Angie say after a long moment.

Tim hadn’t really been listening to the one-sided conversation while his mind raced madly … it was a motor revving high in neutral and running away with itself. His body had reengaged some functions though. His lungs and heart, for instance, had resumed functioning, though his brain was still frozen in the instant his crime had been discovered.

“Here….” he heard Angie say. “Mom wants to talk to you,” she said in an irritated tone.

Angie scowled fiercely at Cindy again, but the nine-year-old was totally unaffected.

A derisive sniff was Cindy’s only reaction to Angie’s glare. Cindy knew her position in all of this was unassailable. Angie was wrong and she was right, and that was all there was to it. Mommy was on Cindy’s side this time. Cindy made a face right back at Angie.

Tim looked up slowly, to see Angie holding out the cell phone to him. Numbly, he accepted the small cell phone from Angie’s hand and tried to speak. The first attempt failed miserably.

“Hello?” he croaked. Tension and a suddenly dry throat had taken away his ability to speak. It was tragic. His last words to his favorite niece were going to be nearly unintelligible. Angie, for her part was amused at his distress. She giggled, having forgotten her anger at Cindy for the moment.

Suddenly indignant at the way his life was turning into a complete shambles, Tim Gillette marshaled all his faculties and forced himself to do this thing.

“Hello,” he said more strongly.


Uncle Tim hadn’t heard any of what Rachel had been saying to Angie. The young girl had had the cell phone pressed tightly to her ear. Tim didn’t have any problem hearing Rachel now, though. The girls’ mother was spitting mad and not about to be pacified any time soon.

Tim’s fragile recovery collapsed back into complete paralysis and he heard little of Rachel’s ranting for a time.

“I DID EVERYTHING I COULD TO GET YOU TO PLAY WITH ME WHEN I WAS THEIR AGE, BUT NOOOOOO … YOU WOULDN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH LITTLE RACHEL,” his niece raged. “You could have fucked me into a coma anytime you wanted to, but nooooooo!! You wouldn’t even touch me,” she raved.

“I’d have sucked your cock all night too … but noooooo … you pushed me out of the shower and I had to go to bed horny and leave you alone. Damn you! And now? Now you’ve decided to fuck my BABIES?!”

Tim’s eyes widened in shock. He took the phone from his ear and raised it in front of his eyes to stare at it in profound amazement. He was aware his chin had dropped open unattractively, but he didn’t have the presence of mind to close it.

Something in his niece’s words touched a chord. He recalled an event that hadn’t come to the surface in many years.

He remembered a visit to his brother’s home, late one summer, half a lifetime ago. The hot, lazy afternoon was good. They’d all had fun and more than a few beers apiece. Young Rachel had spent most of the day sitting happily on his lap. After dinner, when everyone had talked themselves out, he’d gone to his room and eventually made his way to the bathroom down the hall. It was only a short time–he’d been in the shower for only a moment or two when he sensed, rather than heard, someone behind him.

He’d turned to find a nude, grinning eight-year-old Rachel in the shower behind him, pulling the glass door shut behind her. He hadn’t heard the door open over the force of the spray and his own exhaustion. Rachel had grinned up at him and captured his penis in her little hands. Bending over, she’d been about to take his rapidly hardening cock between her lips when Tim, horrified, had bellowed at her to not do that! He’d wrenched his body back and covered himself as well as he could.

Her parents were there in an instant and handled everything smoothly. Rachel sure was the family’s resident little nudist, wasn’t she? His brother and his wife had remarked on that several times to Tim over the next couple of days. Probably, they suggested, Rachel had thought she would help her favorite uncle take a shower. They said kids just didn’t know what they were doing sometimes.

And there the subject was dropped, and almost forgotten by Uncle Tim.

So…. apparently, the part about kids not knowing what they were doing had all been bull shit, huh? Tim closed his eyes. He couldn’t ask his brother or his sister-in-law about that now–they’d been lost on a ski vacation when a freak snow storm swept down a high mountain pass….

“Uncle Tim … you there?” Rachel giggled like a schoolgirl. She waited. “UNCLE TIM!!!”

Her voice was tinny coming from the cheap cell phone, but he could easily understand. Tim put the phone back to his ear but his mouth still wasn’t working. He croaked something that was completely indecipherable.

“Are you all right, Uncle Tim?” Rachel asked. She sounded a little anxious this time.

“HE LOOKS LIKE LYLE DID WHEN HE GOT HIT IN THE HEAD WITH THE BASEBALL,” Angie yelled, loud enough for her mother to hear.

The girls and their mother joined in laughter that lasted long enough for both the kids to grow breathless and red in the face. Cindy and Angie grinned at their Uncle Tim. Evidently an insider’s joke.

Tim Gillette had no idea what to say to the woman whose children he had been fucking pretty much nonstop since the middle of last night. It seemed clear Rachel wasn’t really mad, though she’d plainly been in a mood for some payback for a rejection she’d suffered twenty-one years earlier.

Maybe she’d gotten it out of her system.

“Well…,” he said after swallowing three times. Inspiration struck.

“Maybe … it’s not too late?” he asked his niece. “Maybe we could do some catching up … you think?” he added.

There was a long pause on the other end.

“Don’t say that if you don’t mean it,” Rachel said flatly. There was no awkwardness in her tone.

“Oh, I mean it,” Tim said sincerely. He realized he absolutely did.

“Well–I mean … I don’t want to cause trouble with….” he added hastily. There was the small matter of his niece’s husband.

“What? Oh, I see,” Rachel said. She laughed. “No, it’ll be fine with Jesse,” she assured her uncle. “You wouldn’t believe what he’s doing with his mother right now … as we speak,” she continued matter-of-factly.

Again, Angie had been able to hear what her mother was saying in a normal voice on the phone. Clearly, her ears were a lot better than Tim’s.

“Daddy likes to fuck his Mom … our Grandma,” she told her great-uncle in an amused tone, “and Grandma’s sisters too,” she added matter-of-factly.

“He’s probably screwing her right now and listening to us talk,” Angie said. “AREN’T YOU DADDY!” she yelled in the direction of the phone.

Tim Gillette heard a muffled cry over the phone. Apparently Rachel had her phone on speaker and the sound may or may not have been an affirmative, but it didn’t matter. Tim assumed Angie was correct about the relationships in their household. For a time, his mind stopped processing information again.

It was overload, pure and simple. Too much information, given too fast. It was a moment before he was ready to move on.

“I see,” he said into the phone vaguely. “Well … I don’t … but I will … someday … when I can think again,” he said, more truthfully.

Rachel laughed, but it was an understanding chuckle. Tim began feeling much better.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen this way,” she declared. “My darling oldest daughter was supposed to let me know about what was going on, for one thing,” she said loudly.

Angie was meant to hear that part, and she did. She hung her head guiltily for a moment and wouldn’t meet her Uncle Tim’s eyes.

“I heard about their little dance in the living room in those cute little bikinis, and how it had a real good effect on you,” Rachel remarked in a happy tone. “That was something we did plan,” she confided, “but things apparently got out of hand pretty quick after that, huh?” Rachel remarked.

“Angie told me rubbing her pussy all over your hand the first night,” Rachel went on, in a casual voice that had her uncle shaking his head in disbelief. “We talked it over and decided you probably weren’t going to kick her out of bed if she went and did something last night, just a little bit more … intense,” Rachel continued. “But, it seems my stubborn little daughter decided all on her own that she was going to go whole hog, huh? I was supposed to get a call when I got off work this afternoon–oh, by the way–to see how far things had gone and help with a little strategy!”

Tim was silent for a bit while he digested everything he’d just heard. There was a lot left being unsaid, but the things already on the table were mind-boggling.

“Well,” he said finally. “I think maybe we all were just overwhelmed by things as they came along,” he told his niece finally. “Things got out of … well … things kinda moved along without anyone realizing how fast they were going,” he said.

He looked up to see a grateful expression on his grandniece’s features. Angie was hopeful her mother’s annoyance would now be satisfied, and she’d be off the hook for taking things too far, too fast.

“Uh-huh … and little Miss Angela thought she knew better than her mother too!” Rachel said flatly. She wasn’t going to let her irritation fade quite so quickly. Her oldest daughter had taken a chance that could have turned out disastrously for the family.

Angie’s face fell again, but her chagrin was not nearly as deep as it had been before. If nothing else, it was an improvement that her mother wasn’t actually yelling at her anymore.

A thought occurred to Tim and he let it out before examining the idea thoroughly. “So, I’ve been set up pretty good, huh?” he asked Rachel ruefully. He should have known better.

“NOT HARDLY!! Not even one little bit!” Rachel retorted stridently. Evidently that had already been considered on Rachel’s end, and summarily dismissed. “You can call it an intervention, if you want,” she continued, but it was not a setup!”

She paused to take a breath.

“You … cooperated … every danged step of the way and you know damned well know it,” she remarked cheerfully. “You could have stopped them the first night they were there. They had pajamas in their bedroom and if you’d told them to, they’d have put them on, but you liked them half-naked in T-shirts and panties, didn’t you, you dirty old man?

“They brought other bikinis with them too, my dear, dear Uncle Tim. They even had some really modest one-piece suits with them. If you’d told them to, they’d have trotted right back to their bedroom and changed, but you didn’t even think of that, did you, you old fraud!?” She laughed again.

Tim knew a well rehearsed speech when he heard one. His niece had thought this all out before hand. His eyes slitted in concentration. There was a lot here that he didn’t understand yet.

“And … you totally loved that sexy little dance they put on for you, didn’t you?” Rachel asked suddenly. “Didn’t you?” she demanded.

“Ohhhhhh … yeah, I guess I did,” Tim growled.

“Hello?” Rachel snapped back at him. “What was that? I couldn’t quite hear you, Uncle Tim.”

“I said ‘I GUESS I DID’ !” he yelled into the living room. The girls giggled happily.

“You guess?? You loved every second of it, you danged ol’ fraud, and you know it!! You loved ogling your little grandnieces every time they got a little more naked, and you loved it when Angie started her little tricks, didn’t you?” Rachel paused.

“Come on, Uncle, dear. Admit it and get it over with,” Rachel told him.

Tim chuckled, surprising himself a little.

“Oh, all … right!!” he said into the mouthpiece. He laughed. It was cathartic. It was a passage from the life he’d known and was comfortable in to something new, and incredibly exciting.

“Yes, I did love it, ” he admitted more comfortably, “and I’m really looking forward to getting in your pants,” he added. Rachel laughed on the other end of the line.

“Me too!” she replied cheerfully.

All this time, Angie had never stopped a slow churning of her hips that kept her great-uncle’s cock harder than he would have supposed, talking as he was to the children’s mother–who could have been a vengeful mother as far as he’d known at the beginning of the call. Incredibly, in spite of the shocks his system had endured over the past few minutes, Uncle Tim’s penis was still hard as a steel rod … and he was cheered considerably. He thought it signaled the beginnings of a slow recovery.

“Well … anyway … we were talking about we might be able to make up for all the lost time?” Tim said softly into the phone.

He still didn’t exactly want his niece’s husband to hear him propositioning her, even though the things he’d just been told seemed to indicate Jesse had no problems at all with the concept of his wife’s uncle fucking her. Apparently he was into fucking his own mother … and his sisters-in-law? Hmmmmmmmm….

“When?” Rachel asked promptly.

“Uh … well … when are you…?” he asked hesitantly, not sure how to ask when his niece would be available for a good fucking. His brain tried to slip its clutch again but he forced himself to deal with this as calmly and unemotionally as everyone else was, including the two pre-teen girls he’d been fucking. He told himself to man up. Jeeeeeze!!

“Next Saturday … the whole weekend,” Rachel replied quickly. “Is that okay?” she added when her uncle didn’t immediately respond.

“I … sure,” Tim said. “It’s just that … you know … taking all this in at once….” His voice trailed off at the end.

“Poor Uncle Tim,” Rachel crooned. “It’s a lot to get your mind around, isn’t it?”

Tim felt better. Finally, someone understood what was happening to him.

“If you’d only let me suck your cock when I was eight, you wouldn’t have to be getting used to this today!!” Rachel added sharply.

Tim closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Honey, if I’d had two brain cells to bump up against each other back then, I would have let you!!” he admitted.

“Just so long as you know better now!” Rachel said triumphantly. “Nitwit!!” she added.

All this while, Tim could feel his cock hardening even more than it already was as his mind relaxed enough to let Angie’s continued gyrations do magical and intensely thrilling things to his penis. He made tiny thrusts up into her hot pussy and Angie responded by intensifying her efforts. She sensed the bad times were over and she was back in control again.

“Any requests?” Rachel asked. “I can be there with bells on and nothing else,” she added, “or maybe just a veil or two, if that’s what you want, Uncle Tim,” she concluded. She waited.

Tim sensed his niece was laughing at him again, but perhaps not unkindly. He decided he was going to join in on the fun and games. She’d made an offer….

“I have neighbors, you know,” Tim chided his niece. “I really don’t want you arrested for public indecency climbing up the stairs to my apartment. It would … you know … kinda put a damper on the evening.”

“Darn,” Rachel replied unapologetically. “Well, how about I wear a trench coat with bells on underneath?” she asked cheerfully.

“How about you wear a trench coat with nothing underneath–bells are too danged noisy!” he proposed, getting into the spirit of the game. “You can open up that trench coat when you get to my door.”

“And high heels,” he added in a rush.

“You got it, lover. I’ll be there, stark starin’ nekkid under a coat with my best ‘fuck my brains out’ heels on, Uncle Tim,” Rachel said in an excited tone. Tim could tell, even with the low quality connection they had that Rachel was breathing heavier and quicker. “Anything else I can do?” Rachel asked her uncle. He thought about it for a moment.

“Well … just be ready,” he said finally.

“Honey, I’m going to be so ready,” Rachel assured him. There was a short silence. “Hmmmm … how about little Rachel puts some Ben Wa balls in her hot little pussy for the drive down there … hmmmmm?” Rachel asked mischievously, with that steamy note in her voice getting stronger.

“I … that sounds good to me,” her uncle replied, a little hoarsely.

He was new at this. Talking sex with his favorite niece was still not a thing he could do calmly … not yet anyway. He was getting better though. He was sure of it.

“Okay, Uncle Tim,” Rachel said happily. “You’re going to have one hot mama on your hands when I get there,” she said excitedly. “You going to be ready for that?”

“Oh yeah…!” Tim said fervently, suddenly very eager for the chance to slide his cock into his favorite niece’s wet pussy. He wet his lips. “You better be ready to drop that coat fast, sugar, because I’m going to close the door and back you up against it,” he told her, his voice getting more confident all the time. “And then I’m going to nail you to it,” he added. Rachel giggled.

Tim noticed the look of approval on Angie’s face as he continued the conversation with her mother. Angie clearly thought Uncle Tim was really getting into the swing of things. Tim laughed. He was beginning to feel good again.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Rachel purred, “I can hardly wait.”

“I can’t either,” Tim Gillette told his niece.

“Cool,” Rachel said happily. “So, what have you three been up to?” she asked.

Tim’s heart froze before resuming a steady beat. Now that the moment had come to talk openly about his new relationship with her daughters….

“I … well, we’ve been … I mean, we’ve been….”

Rachel’s chuckles stopped him before he embarrassed himself any more than he already had. He wasn’t going to become comfortable to speaking so frankly to Rachel about having sex with her children … not today anyway.

‘One step forward, two steps back’, he thought to himself.

“Let me talk to my daughter, if she’s still there,” Rachel said.

“WAIT A MINUTE!” she yelled.

Angie could hear the shout as well as Uncle Tim. They both froze in mid-stroke.

There was a short pause while Rachel collected her thoughts.

“Uncle Tim,” Rachel purred, “do you have your cock stuck up my daughter’s pussy right now … as we speak? Hmmmmmm? Do you?” she asked mischievously.

Tim could picture in his mind the impish look he was sure was plastered all over his niece’s face.

“I … well….” Tim knew he sounded lame. Maybe that was one step forward and three steps back.

Rachel laughed. Angie could hear her even though Tim had the thing pressed tightly against his ear.

“Uncle Tiiiiiimmmmmmm,” Rachel said teasingly, drawing out his name into one long sentence. Cindy had done that earlier today and now he knew where the little girl had picked up the habit.

“Are you fucking my little girl while we’re talking on the phone, or not?” Rachel asked quietly.

That did it.

Tim Gillette hastily shoved the phone into Angie’s hands.

“Here … talk to your mother,” he told her quickly.

Angie was immediately uneasy, but she took the phone without argument. Her expression cleared quickly and a broad grin spread across her lips.

“Oh! Yeah! We are,” Angie said happily. “We’re fucking on the sofa … the one against the long wall, remember?” she said unperturbedly.

“Well, I’m on top this time,” Angie said cautiously. Her glance into Uncle Tim’s eyes was a plea for him not to spill the beans about something. He didn’t know what.

“Uh-huh,” Angie said more warmly. She smiled at her great-uncle. “Yeah, he’s plenty big but he always makes sure he’s real nice … yeah, I mean gentle … no, it didn’t hurt any at all,” Angie assured her mother.

Tim could imagine what Rachel’s questions were by Angie’s replies, now that he was paying attention.

“Huh uh … not Cindy either,” Angie continued. A worried look took over on her face. “Well … once … and then, me and Cindy sucked him off in the shower too this morning.”

Tim easily deciphered that. He flushed, forgetting for the moment he’d resolved only moments earlier to take all this with a more practical attitude.

“Okay … yes … we will … yes, I promise,” Angie said. She listened for a moment longer, her face becoming more worried with each passing second.

“No … we haven’t done that yet, but … no, not that either,” she told her mother in response to a series of questions. The worried look deepened.

“We will…” she said plaintively. “I know … yeah, we will,” she said again.

“Mommy,” she said finally, beginning to tear up. “It’s not so easy to remember everything we’re supposed to do, you know? I can’t help it if I forgot some things … and … what?”

“Okay,” Angie said into the phone in a soft, halting voice. The tears weren’t quite flowing.

Her face slowly brightened.

Rachel was a good mother. She sensed sincere distress. The little girl was, after all, only ten years old and she’d been dealing with some awfully adult issues over the past few days. There was some indistinct murmuring on the line.

“What?” Angie asked. “No … not yet” she said wearily. “Mommy, we haven’t done a lot of things yet, you know. It’s only been since last night and … oh, okay, just a minute,” she told her mother. She covered the cell phone with her off hand.

“CINDY,” she yelled. Her sister would probably have heard her on the other side of the county.

Cindy came out of her great-uncle’s bedroom where she’d disappeared when the conversation became boring.

“What?” she said flatly.

“Mommy said for you to go do an enema,” Angie told her sister. “She says you can be first to get fucked in the ass by Uncle Tim,” she added.

“What?” Angie said into the phone. “Okay,” she replied.

“And Mommy says not to forget the KY when you put in the butt plug either,” she told Cindy. Angie listened for a moment. “And when Uncle Tim puts his cock in your butt too,” she reminded Cindy.

“Well … duh!!!” Cindy replied with a disgusted expression on her face.

Cindy’s whole attention turned to her great-uncle. She’d watched his jaw drop precipitously when he figured out where the conversation was leading.

For his part, Tim Gillette was thinking that perhaps it was four steps back for every stride forward. He was really having trouble getting in step with these three sexually active females.

“Do you want to?” Cindy asked Uncle Tim, making sure her great-uncle’s expression wasn’t one of rejection.

Tim faced the little nine-year-old girl directly. He nodded when he recovered enough to close his mouth and not take a chance of biting his tongue off when he made the gesture.

“You sure?” Cindy teased, smiling broadly now. “You want to butt-fuck me?” she asked with a playful expression on her face. She turned around and wiggled her butt at her Uncle Tim, watching his face over her shoulder.

“Yes … I do,” her great-uncle remarked when his throat relaxed enough for him to speak.

“What?” Cindy asked teasingly. She wasn’t going to let Uncle Tim off lightly. He hadn’t let her off last night.

“Uh … do … I mean….”

Her expression said being circumspect wasn’t going to work.

“I do want to fuck your little ass,” he told Cindy, trying to be as bland and casual as everyone else was.

“And I’m going to do it better than you’ve ever had before, little lady,” he avowed

“Okay!” Cindy said sweetly. She scooted out of sight, racing down the short hallway to their bedroom.

“It’s in the bottom drawer,” Angie called out helpfully.

“I know, Angie,” came the annoyed yell from the girls’ bedroom. “I’m not stupid you know!”

Tim Gillette sighed. No matter what, sisters would be sisters. The competition never ended. He heard Rachel laughing over the phone. He was sure she understood exactly what he was thinking.

He relaxed and slumped back against the sofa cushions for the first time in many minutes. The tension was visibly flowing out of her great-uncle’s body and Angie grinned broadly.

“Uncle Tim is smiling again,” Angie told her mother. Her face blanked, then she grinned and nodded, as if her mother could see her. “Yeah, his thing is really hard too,” she advised her mom. She listened, smiling into space. She looked into her great-uncle’s eyes.

“Uncle Tim,” she asked sweetly, “do you think my pussy is pretty?”

Tim grinned, more relaxed than he’d been at any time over the past half-hour.

“I do,” he said quietly. Her mother was clearly coaching Angie.

“Do you … what, Mommy? Okay….”

“Uncle Tim, do you like it best with your big, fat cock going in and out of it of my pussy lips, or just … just when you’re looking at them?”

“Honey, I truly love your cute little pussy either way, but I really, really, really, really love being in your hot little cunt and watching my cock slide deep … and feeling your cunt holding me tight and making me cum so deep inside you … and everything else about it too!” Tim told his grandniece.

He was at peace with it all now, what he was doing, what the girls were doing and what his favorite niece was promising him. The threshold had indeed been crossed.


Angie flinched at the loud yell coming through the cell phone’s earpiece. Tim Gillette could hear Rachel’s cheering very clearly himself.

He grinned, and directed his attention to his grandniece’s groin where his dick was again rammed deep inside her, then being exposed for most of its length as Angie’s body rose and fell in a perverse, primitive rhythm.

The pile-driving cadence Angie was pounding out before the phone call hadn’t yet resumed, but it was getting there. A faint rosy flush was beginning to spread from her neck up to her face. Tim was learning this was normal for Angie when she was engaged in sexual play.

It was sheer ecstasy sitting there, watching his cock disappear inside the young girl’s pussy, only to reappear when she raised her body off his thighs. Her fluids were flowing hot and nasty, spilling over his groin and causing nasty, wet, sucking noises as his cock rammed in and out of her cunt. With his personal crisis over now, Tim felt his cock begin to increase in both length and girth, swelling in response to the visual stimulation of watching himself fuck the ten-year-old girl. Unbidden, his hips thrust upward the tiniest little bit, pushing his cock a tad deeper inside his grandniece’s woman-child body.

“You do know it stretches, right?” Angie asked unexpectedly, pausing in mid-stroke.

It wasn’t clear if Angie was referring to her own pussy, which didn’t make much sense considering what his cock was filling to capacity at the moment, or Cindy’s upcoming anal sex. Either way….

Tim cocked his head to one side, pursed his lips, and arched his eyebrows at Angie. It was his version of Cindy’s “Well, duh!” comment.

There was a low-voiced comment from the phone.

“I just asked!” Angie protested. She listened. “Okay,” she said.

The ten-year-old rocked her hips fore and aft for a while and then swept them around in a tight circle a couple of times before returning to the more straight-forward rocking. She had the phone to her ear the whole time … maybe because she’d forgotten it was in her hand.

Tim used the quiet time to reach out and begin playing with Angie’s young titties. Wetting his fingertips in Angie’s own pussy juice flooding across his groin, he traced little circles around the outer circumference of her light colored aureoles. Angie’s eyes grew big when he dipped his fingers in her overflowing fluid again and brushed a liberal coating of the sticky-slick substance on each breast. His fingers inadvertently touched the fleshy hood covering her clitoris and her hips bucked at the unexpected stimulation. Her Uncle Tim chuckled and did it again, deliberately.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” Angie moaned into the phone’s mouthpiece.

“Uncle Tim is wiping my ‘gina fluids all over my boobies,” she said, obviously responding to a question from her mother.

“UNNGGGGH!” she grunted involuntarily.

She had to collect herself to continue the conversation with her mother.

“Sorry, Mommy,” she said quickly. “What’d you say?”

“Uh-huh, he’s doing it really good … now he has his mouth over my whole titty and he’s licking off … I mean, he’s got my whole boobie in … okay … he….”


Angie couldn’t continue, but based on the laughter coming over the connection, her mother knew exactly what was happening.

“Mommy … I just can’t keep talking, okay?” Angie said breathlessly over the phone.

She listened for a moment with a ferocious frown on her pretty face. It grew darker.

She stopped working her body around on her great-uncle’s lap, took the phone from her ear and stared at the keypad area for a long moment. She quickly grew even more irritated. Her hips twitched every few seconds and her great-uncle’s cock made contact with different parts of her cunt, distracting her from whatever she was supposed to be doing. Her annoyance increased exponentially the longer she had to remain relatively still.

“Mommy, I don’t know how to do the speaker thing on this phone, all right?” she said crossly into the phone. She listened, then thrust the phone into her great-uncle’s hands without out saying another word to her mother.

“Mom says for you to put it on speaker,” she told her great-uncle without further elaboration. Her job, as she saw it, was finished and it was his responsibility now.

Uncle Tim chuckled and looked the cell phone over to find the volume control, then thumbed it higher. Glancing at the screen and the question there, he found the “select” key and punched it. There was a squeal, a pause and then Angie and her Uncle Tim could hear her mother’s labored breathing.

“Did I cut you off,” Uncle Tim inquired, quite sure he hadn’t. It was one way to do a volume check.

“We’ve been on speaker too here,” Rachel replied. “Can you hear me okay?”

“Loud and clear,” her uncle responded. “What’s up?” he asked cheerfully.

“Apparently your cock,” Rachel shot back, “and it’s up inside my little girl,” she added, giggling.

“It is indeed,” Uncle Tim replied warmly and chuckled himself. “I have to stop talking for a sec,” he informed his niece. “There’s a lovely little boobie covered with some really delicious syrup all over it right in front of my face and I really need to take care of business, okay?” He put the cell phone down carefully on the arm of the sofa, making sure it was well balanced.

Rachel laughed aloud, delighted with her favorite uncle’s progress.

For his part, Tim didn’t bother waiting for a response. Leaning forward, he bowed his neck so he could capture Angie’s young right breast in his mouth. For long moments, there was little to hear but the quiet slurp of an adult male stroking the naked, and very sensitive, little-girl flesh with his tongue.

Rachel heard some faint moans as Angie fought her own body, stretching upward and trying to hold her chest close enough (and still enough) for Uncle Tim to continue trying to swallow her boobie whole. It wasn’t easy. The differences in their height made it nearly impossible to connect satisfactorily. It was doubly difficult because Angie’s lower body was still rhythmically hunching forward and back to make her great-uncle’s big cock stab deep inside her and then slide back out until the bulbous head almost came into the open.

Angie was having serious trouble holding things together. Her breathing became progressively less stable. She gasped and moaned by turns. Her hips tended to lose the rhythm she was trying to keep.

Every so often, she whipped her cunt around in a tiny circle and then back in the other direction before resuming a straight back and forth movement. Whenever she did that, her great-uncle’s eyes closed and he groaned at the pleasure the ten-year-old girl was giving him. Angie saw this, but she didn’t have enough control left over her body to make that movement voluntarily. She tried, concentrating hard….

“My goodness,” Rachel commented over the phone beside the incestuous fucking pair. “You two are really going to town, aren’t you?”

The comment made for a little break and Angie recovered a little. She worked on making her lower body do those little circles with Uncle Tim’s penis held tight deep in her cunt. He moaned his appreciation. She found she liked it too … more than she’d expected. Uncle Tim’s shaft was rubbing all around on her slick inner lips, stimulating the thousands of nerve endings there, and she could feel him moving around deep inside her too. Experimenting, she found she could lean back slightly on her haunches to expose her soaked pussy lips to Uncle Tim’s view and still move her lower body in the way he really liked.

“Oh, shit,” he whispered. “You beautiful little fucker, you!” he complimented her.

They grinned at each other, reveling in the naughty, forbidden sex.

The young girl was quickly becoming overwhelmed by the sensations flooding up from her overtaxed cunt. She began whipping her lower body all around, trying for just that one final jolt that would lift her over the top into a beautiful climax, but she just couldn’t find it.

Seeing her distress, her great-uncle supplied what she needed. Taking each of the little girl’s nipples between thumb and forefinger, he tweaked them into even higher erection and hardness. Twirling them in first one direction and then the other, he did everything he could to overload the child’s senses and push her into the orgasm she was so desperate to achieve. It worked.

“ANNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!” She drew in a ragged breath–just enough so she could scream.


Angie’s long overdue climax, interrupted by the phone call from her mother and much discussion, finally came with a huge rush. She froze in place; her hips slammed down one final time over her great-uncle’s cock. Her body held rigidly in place, she gave out a strangled groan. Her breath sobbed in her throat.

Tim watched Angie’s abdomen as it rippled rhythmically with waves of pleasure that washed from top to bottom and back again … and the little girl collapsed. She lay there a long moment, trying to drag air into lungs long starved of oxygen and then she straightened.

Twining her arms around her great-uncle’s neck, she hauled him close for a long, sexy kiss. They came up for air to hear Rachel hooting in the background.

“YEEEE-HAAA!!” Rachel cheered. “That sounded like a beaut, huh, Angie?”

Angie nodded happily, then remembered her mother couldn’t see her.

“Uh-huh,” she answered dreamily. “It was sooooo good, Mommy,” she said. Both could hear Rachel’s guffaws over the open phone connection.

“I’ll bet it was, sugar,” Rachel told the little girl. “I can hardly wait ’til I can see you fuck your Uncle Tim in person,” she said. “But … I didn’t hear Uncle Tim….?”

“I know, Mommy … I’m going to take care of him right now,” Angie said briskly. She had her breath pretty much under control now, though she was still red in the face, and the blush hadn’t yet receded from her neck and upper chest. “He’s gonna love it,” she added. Angie grinned at her great-uncle and playfully wrinkled her nose at him.

Getting up on her knees, she regretfully extracted her Uncle Tim’s penis from deep in her cunt by rising slowly, so as not to stimulate her already overloaded senses. Even so, she couldn’t help a little groan every now and then, and her body had a tendency to flinch a little at odd moments. When his purple head finally came all the way out, it made an audible ‘plop’ heard clearly through the phone.

“I know what that was!” Rachel chortled. “And I bet I know what you’re going to do,” she added.

Angie smiled at her great-uncle, letting him suffer through the anticipation for a bit while she carefully unwound her body and sank to the floor in front of Uncle Tim. She managed to never lose her handhold around the base of the older man’s cock. Once on her knees, without any preparation or warning, she leaned forward and licked a long stroke from his balls all the way up to the slit in the end of his penis.

Tim’s lower body shuddered and he closed his eyes in ecstasy. His eyes opened again quickly. He didn’t want to miss the incredible experience of watching his grandniece slurping on his cock.

“Uncle Tim?” Angie asked unexpectedly. She inspected her great-uncle’s cock closely, and then looked directly into his eyes.

“What, sugar?” Tim replied huskily. It wasn’t easy to talk just now.

“Do you like it when a cute little girl cleans your cock with her tongue right after she fucks you?” Angie asked in a mock serious tone. She batted her eyes at her great-uncle. She looked up at him expectantly.

Rachel laughed aloud over the phone. “Answer the question, Uncle Tim!” she demanded, chuckling.

“Oh, God yes!” Uncle Tim croaked. The vulgar, long-distance conversation with Angie’s mother, coupled with the enjoyment of watching his angelic-faced little grandniece lewdly licking her own juices off his penis, not to mention the sensations his body was experiencing … it was all beginning to overload his poor abilities to think.

The little girl’s mother laughed again. “I’ll just bet you do,” Rachel commented. “Go for it, honey!” she ordered her daughter.

Angie ‘went for it’. She licked her great-uncle’s shaft from root to tip and back again, cleaning another swathe of his penis. Tipping her head back, she opened her mouth wide to show him the cooling cunt juice and the pre-cum she’d tongued up. She casually swallowed the sticky mass down her throat and came back for more.

She did it again, and then a third time, making Uncle Tim groan aloud. His guts were beginning to cramp up with the effort to put off coming as long as possible. He pushed his groin up a little–not intending to, but unable to control the impulse. Angie paused and shot a grin up at her great-uncle.

“I think my pussy tastes just fine. Don’t you, Uncle Tim?” she asked, accompanying the question with a smile of pure innocence.

“It’s wonderful, baby,” Tim croaked.

Rachel and Angie giggled together.

“Do you like the way me and Cindy taste?” Angie persisted, enjoying this torture of her great-uncle.

“You and your sister’s pussies are the sweetest tasting pussies I ever knew,” Tim ground out, half babbling now.

Angie’s tongue swirled around her great-uncle’s glans several times before slathering the underside of his glans with strong strokes. His body rose involuntarily off the couch in an effort to intensify the contact. Tim could feel the molten lava sensation of semen mixing with sperm deep inside his body and beginning to seek an outlet.

“I think so too,” Angie said smugly. “Did you know Cindy and I sometimes eat each other’s pussies?” she asked sweetly.

Not waiting for an answer, Angie raised herself up on her knees and positioned her great-uncle’s penis in the air. Opening her mouth as wide as she could get it, she took him into her mouth in one long, smooth swallow. When it ended, the young girl’s mouth and throat were filled with the length of her Uncle Tim’s hard cock.

“OOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!” Tim groaned pitifully. His body jackknifed at the waist. The incredible sensation of his cock pushing swiftly down a deep, velvety smooth and very wet channel was almost too much to bear.

Working the muscles in her throat as her mother had taught her, Angie made her throat muscles massage his penis. Her tongue moved along the underside of his shaft, adding as much as she could to her great-uncle’s rapture as she could. It was hard though. There was precious little room for her tongue to move, what with Uncle Tim’s whole cock making its way down her throat. Just before it became impossible, she let his cock slip back out until only the underside of his glans lay on her pretty pink tongue.

Her Uncle Tim hadn’t been able to reply to the little girl’s question. He had no idea now what she’d asked. When Angie gulped his cock down her throat, he gasped and clutched great handfuls of sofa cushion. When she let him part way out and the tip of her tongue began probing the super-sensitive ‘V’ on the underside of his penis, he let out a low moaning sound that made Rachel giggle.

Tim heard her, but he had nothing left to form a reply. Angie raised her mouth off Uncle Tim’s penis, slathering her tongue all over the underside of his glans again and licking it all around.

“You like that?” Angie asked serenely.

“Jesus, YES!!!” Uncle Tim ground out. He wanted to say something in response to the laughter he could hear from Rachel over the phone, but his mind couldn’t concentrate long enough to figure out what he should say.

“Anyway … we’re not lesbians or anything like that,” Angie told Uncle Tim briskly, continuing the discussion she’d started earlier. “We just like to lick each other and make each other cum, while someone watches … like you, ya know?” she added.

“What? Oh … I know, sugar,” Uncle Tim panted. He gathered what few faculties he had left. “As much as you like my cock, I would never even think of calling you a lesbian,” he croaked.

“That’s true,” Angie said complacently. “Me and Cindy do like your cock,” she concluded.

“Angie?” Rachel called.

“Yes, Mommy,” Angie replied.

“Don’t tease your Uncle Tim,” Rachel said in a mock scolding tone that came through the cell phone’s small speaker just fine. “Finish up and let him cum in your mouth, sweetheart,” she told her ten-year-old daughter. “It’s time you got him off, honey,” Rachel said.

“Okay, Mommy,” Angie said obediently.

She took her great-uncle’s cock head back into her mouth and slathered her tongue all around. She varied the routine every so often, plunging her head down to take his cock deep down her throat. Once the glans was rammed as deep as it could go down, Angie began humming a happy little tune she knew her great-uncle would love.

She was right. The sensation of Angie’s vibrating vocal chords sent waves of intense pleasure coursing through Uncle Tim’s entire body. Semen rose quickly from the boiling twin cauldrons in his ball sack up to his prostate gland, which propelled the whole hot, slimy mass further on and up the channel in his penis. He was doing all he could to stem the flow, but his eruption couldn’t be denied much longer.

“Baby,” he said to warn his grandniece. Angie only glanced up at him with laughing eyes, enjoying the supreme power she held in that instant over her great-uncle.

A second later, hot cum spewed out the end of his cock to coat little Angie’s tonsils. She swallowed happily, bobbing her head up and down over Uncle Tim’s cock again, letting her tongue rasp along the underside of his cock on each stroke. She sucked hard. There were big indentations in her cheeks from the force of the suction. Her great-uncle saw and felt his grandniece pulling even more cum out of the slit in the tip of his cock.

Angie opened her mouth to show Uncle Tim how his latest spurt, a hot geyser of milky-white goo, had splashed against the back of the her throat. The mess covering her tongue began lewdly dribbling out the corners of her mouth.

“Unnnnnnnnnngggggggggg,” Tim groaned. The obscene sight, and the wantonness of Angie willingly showing it to him threw his orgasm into high gear.

Angie swallowed again, humming and sucking even more strongly. She wanted every drop of cum from her great-uncle’s balls in her tummy, and she wanted it now.

Tim strained, trying to hold back. He wanted this to go on forever. But Tim wasn’t in control of himself just now. Everything he was belonged to Angie and her hot, demanding mouth.

“AAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!” Tim’s body arched spasmodically, jamming his cock down Angie’s throat again.

Angie pulled back until Uncle Tim’s knob was the only thing in her mouth. She wanted to taste her great-uncle’s cum, and if he shot it down her throat, she wouldn’t taste a thing. That would be a waste, in her estimation.

A third jet of cum squirted into Angie’s waiting mouth. She sensed her great-uncle’s orgasm might be coming to an end. Capturing his glans between her lips, she redoubled her efforts to suck as much cum as she could from her great-uncle’s balls into her mouth. She loved it, craved it, and she was going to get all of it or know the reason why.

A fourth fountain of gooey cum spurted out, and then Uncle Tim’s body pumped out a fifth, but this one dribbled rather than sprayed. Angie collected it all that remained, letting the last of it pool on her tongue. When it seemed she’d gotten all her great-uncle could give her, she grinned naughtily and let her mouth gape open again, showing the older man what she had there. Angie dipped her forefinger in her mouth and swirled her finger around in the goo a few times, collecting some on the tip of her forefinger.

Tim shuddered. His hips bucked forward … but there was no more cum in his balls.

Carefully stretching the strand of sperm-laced cream, Angie dragged it up to her nose and pressed her finger to the tip of her nose. Tilting her head back, the little girl grinned happily at her great-uncle around the nasty string of cum. She stuck out her tongue at him, showing him once more the puddle of fluids she had there, then swallowed the gooey mass down her throat.

The sight of a slender, obscene rope of cum running from the tip of Angie’s nose down to her open mouth was enough to make Tim’s body spasm again and a thin slime of cum seeped out the slit in his cock head. Angie bent and cleaned it off the tip of her great-uncle’s cock, swallowed it down, and then licked his cock dry while he shuddered through the last throes of his orgasm.

“There!” Angie declared, finally finishing her ministrations to her Uncle Tim. “Was that good?” she inquired, though she knew the answer already.

“It was great, baby,” Tim replied through a raw throat.

He could hear Angie and her mother laughing at him, but he couldn’t summon any energy with which to formulate a proper retort. He lay back, breathing heavily.

“Mommy?” Angie called, facing the phone.

“Yes, sweetie?”

“You are really going to like how Uncle Tim tastes,” Angie told her in a matter-of-fact tone. She could have been reporting on how her morning cereal tasted. “He’s just a little bit salty, but not nasty at all.”

Tim was floored. He thought he should join the conversation, but his brain couldn’t find the words.

At that moment, Cindy wandered back into the living room, having apparently finished a quick enema. Tim was very, very glad of the interruption.

“What’s going on?” Cindy asked innocently.

Her great-uncle, sister, and mother hooted with laughter for the longest time before anyone could find enough breath to tell her.

“Dang it!” she said in exasperation when it was all explained to her. She turned to her great-uncle.

“You know I can do that too, right?” she said earnestly.

“Sweetie,” Uncle Tim said reassuringly, “I absolutely know you can, but right now, your poor ol’ Uncle Tim has to rest a little bit, okay?”

“Sure,” Cindy said shortly. “But your thing is still a little bit hard … so it won’t need to rest too long, right?”

Tim Gillette looked down at his groin, and was again amazed to find his tumescent penis had not, in fact, gone completely down. “HUH!!” he grunted. “I’ll be darned.” As Cindy had said, it wouldn’t be long.

“I think you’re right,” Tim told his youngest grandniece. “Just the sight of you two naked little girls with your pretty little pussies is the most wonderful aphrodisiac in the world!” he said emphatically.

“What’s a … a-fro…?”

“It’s something that makes you horny,” Uncle Tim explained succinctly.

Cindy considered the new information for just a second. Her face cleared. “Uncle Tim….” she said sternly, “I think you’re always horny when me and Angie are around.”

Tim and Rachel exploded into laughter again. Angie had retrieved a soft drink from the refrigerator and nearly spewed a mouthful all over everything.

“Sweetheart,” Uncle Tim replied earnestly, “I think you’re right!”


Chapter Seven

“So … are you ready to fuck my ass now?” Cindy asked her great-uncle in her best child-like voice.

She and Angie had already figured out that saying nasty words in a tone pitched like the sweetest little baby girl in the world made their Uncle Tim’s cock rise quicker than anything. It worked this time too.

They’d spent the last fifteen minutes talking to the girls’ mother over the cell phone. While that had been going on, Cindy had settled herself bottom-side-up over Angie’s lap. Angie lubed up a graduated butt plug, spread more KY in and around her little sister’s bunghole, and began working the device slowly in, and then back out of Cindy’s anus. Cindy was completely relaxed with her cute little ass pooched up in the air and with her sister penetrating her butt hole more deeply with every stroke.

Working gently and slowly at first, Angie was soon able to slide the obscene piece of blue plastic in and out of her sister’s ass smoothly and easily. It didn’t take long before she’d opened the young girl’s ass hole up enough to take the thickest part of the butt plug. Then Cindy handed an even thicker one back to her older sister and Angie began again–stage two in a process the girls showed they knew well. And now….

“I most certainly am, young lady,” Uncle Tim assured her, watching intently as Angie moved the thickest part of this butt plug in and out of her sister, rolling it around the circumference of her little sister’s anal opening to further stretch the gap. It had taken only a few moments.

“Why don’t you and your sister lube me up real good and then we’ll get to some prime, Grade A butt fuckin’ ?” Tim suggested with relish.

Cindy nodded her agreement and stood carefully, leaving the obscene thing deep inside her.

“So you girls are going to put on some shows for me, right?” Uncle Tim asked his grandnieces … just to get them on record.

There were a number of things their mother had outlined for them to offer their great-uncle. If he summarized them with Rachel listening, neither girl would be able to deny that Mom wanted them to do these things with their great-uncle.

“You’ll be going down on each other and stuff like that … and you’ll do some masturbating for me … and letting me take pictures like your mom said?”

The girls nodded at each question. They didn’t hesitate at anything.

“And you’re going to do, like … daisy chains with me in them?” Uncle Tim went on, cataloguing everything he could remember and letting the delicious naughty images swim through his mind.

His cock grew hard, long, and as thick as the girls’ wrists, both from the girls’ ministrations and the anticipation running rampant in his mind’s eye. “And I get to fuck you in different positions, now that I know you can,” he added. The girls nodded, almost wearily.

“Like … doggy style, right … Angie?” Uncle Tim asked pointedly. His eyebrows arched in question as he waited for her reply, knowing Angie’s mother was also waiting.

The ten-year-old nodded resignedly. She assumed one of those long suffering expressions children wear when, in their opinion, they’re being put upon. She did so love being on top, but…. She sighed.

“And you and me are going to do some anal sex too,” Tim asked his oldest grandniece, “right?”

“Ye-es!” Angie replied, beginning to get a tad irritated from being singled out.

“And I get to eat anybody’s pussy I want to, whenever I want to, right?”

“I already said … OH! Yeah!” Angie responded more enthusiastically, her face changing instantly to one of delight. “And we get to take pictures of you doing us,” she added, lest her great-uncle forget.

“Deal!” Uncle Tim replied. “And we’re all going to remember to keep those pictures and videos hidden really well and never forget we can’t talk about anything like this outside the house, right?”

“Right!” the girls responded, nodding emphatically in unison.

“And never talk to anyone about stuff on the phone except only on our special cell phones,” Cindy added.

“Exactly!!!!” Tim and Rachel said in unison, many tens of miles apart. Uncle Tim was standing in his living room while the two young girls slathered liberal quantities of KY all over his cock. Rachel was listening in from her own living room in her home on one of those very same special cell phones, but they were in complete agreement.

The “special” cell phones were, in fact, nothing more than ordinary, pre-paid (and very disposable) cell phones available almost anywhere. They offered high security at very little cost, and it hadn’t taken Tim two nanoseconds to understand their usefulness if he, Rachel, and her girls were going to stay on the path it appeared they were taking.

Practically speaking, the cells were untraceable. Even if someone with some highly illegal equipment eavesdropped on their conversations, there was no real way for those people to find out who, or precisely where, the conversationalists were. Theoretically, the police could probably mount an operation to intercept the actual transmission by scanning traffic hitting a particular cell tower. Of course, they’d have to know which cell tower and probably the cell phone identification information too.

If they had that, they could narrow the traffic down to coming from somewhere within a few square miles, but they’d play hell getting much more precise than that without a HUGE investment in radio detection equipment to triangulate the signal. For talking purposes, (and considering police budgets were steadily decreasing everywhere) it was a virtual impossibility.

“Hey!! Are we about ready out there?” Rachel asked, unable to see what was happening where Uncle Tim and his two grandnieces were.

“I believe we are…,” Uncle Tim replied with more composure than he actually felt.

“Yep,” Cindy chipped in. “We are,” she said cheerfully.

She got up on the couch, her knees on the edge and her hands braced on the back of the couch. Her Tim could see her ass hole, stretched wide by the big blue butt plug still inside her anus.

Angie carefully extracted the plug from her sister’s behind. It made a pop when she pulled it out that both girls giggle. Uncle Tim chuckled too, albeit a little nervously.

Tim stepped up behind the little girl and fisted his cock. His penis, Cindy’s ass hole, his balls–why they were also coated, he didn’t know–and his hands … everything … had a liberal coating of gel, and Angie stood by with more in case it was needed.

Pressing his cock against the outer ring of muscles of Cindy’s butt hole, her great-uncle paused. He inched forward a trifle, reset his feet and used his hands to spread Cindy’s butt cheeks apart another millimeter or so.

“Have you ever done this before?” Angie asked, frowning impatiently.

Uncle Tim faced her with a frown of his own that furrowed his forehead. He’d seen Angie take a couple of deep breaths and had had an notion she might be working up to something critical of his slowness.

“Not with your baby sister, I haven’t,” Tim replied levelly.

“ANGELA RENEE!” The cell phone’s poor speaker made Rachel’s voice sound metallic and distant, but Angie had no problem hearing her mother’s irritation. “What have I told you?”

Angie’s face immediately took on an injured expression. “I was just trying to help,” she said a small voice. There was silence for a moment.

“Then why don’t you help by getting out Uncle Tim’s video camera and making a movie?” Rachel called out in a reasonable tone.

“Oh! Okay!” Angie replied, her face brightening considerably. She threw a questioning glance at Uncle Tim. He nodded resignedly.

Angie, in particular, dearly loved using her great-uncle’s digital camcorder to make little movies, but her casual attitude while handling the expensive camera usually made Uncle Tim very, very nervous very, very quickly.

On other visits, Tim would allow Angie and Cindy to use the camcorder for as long as he could stand it, but at some point he always came to the conclusion the camera was about to be dropped, mangled, or otherwise destroyed sometime in the next half-second or so. On those occasions, the camera was then confiscated and put away.

Angie sensed that wasn’t going to happen this afternoon. She was going to get to use it for as long as she wanted because Uncle Tim was going to be totally preoccupied with butt fucking her sister and he wouldn’t be able to tell her to stop before the show was over. Angie was licking her lips in anticipation. She did so love supervising the action, and she thought she saw an opportunity to do that this afternoon.

Giving in to the inevitable, Uncle Tim and Cindy waited, making only a few simple, gentle movements together, while Angie got the tripod and camera set up the way she wanted and where she thought she’d have the best angle for the forthcoming action. Twice she had to stop and wipe fluid from her recent fucking off her thighs. She got distracted when it dribbled from her pussy down her slender thighs.

Tim made only small probing movements for a few moments longer, pressing lightly into Cindy’s little butt hole carefully so he wouldn’t injure the nine-year-old. He experimented with bracing himself on one hand or the other so he could use the other hook around Cindy’s body to explore her pussy and sensitive little boobies from behind.

To tell the truth, Uncle Tim was a little apprehensive about fucking his young grandniece’s ass. He didn’t have the smallest of cocks and she was such a little girl. He nervously refreshed the lubrication in and around his grandniece’s ass hole, but he could only delay so long.

“Okay, honey,” Tim said, “you’re in control here, okay? When you’re ready, you just push back at me a little bit at a time, okay? Let’s just ease my cock up inside you.”

“I know, Uncle Tim,” the young girl replied. “But you can push in too, you know. I’ve done this lots of times and my butt hole stretches really easy….”


“Yes, Mommy,” Cindy said promptly.

Whatever Uncle Tim wanted was the way it was going to happen today.

Cindy pushed backward, feeling her Uncle Tim’s penis gradually probing deeper inside her. He was big, but Cindy wasn’t concerned. She knew how to relax her muscles back there to let the invading cock gain entry through the first ring of muscles around her anus.

It seemed like forever to her, but it was actually only a moment before the helmet-shaped head of Uncle Tim’s cock slipped a fraction of an inch inside her outer sphincter. When it popped through, they both held themselves very still, waiting to see if anything untoward was happening but the pause didn’t last. Nothing did. Uncle Tim’s nice cockhead was soon completely inside her outer sphincter.

Technically speaking, human beings don’t have voluntary control of the second ring of muscles making up the internal sphincter, but Cindy felt like she could make herself relax back there too by relaxing all the muscles she could feel. She did what she thought would work, and it may even have had some effect. In another couple of minutes, she felt Uncle Tim push on through the inner ring.

“UNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHH!!” he groaned. Cindy’s anal muscles were strong; they grasped tightly. It was so hot in there.

The young girl eased forward several times, only to push back onto her great-uncle’s cock smoothly, gaining a tiny bit more depth each time.

“Mmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnn,” Cindy crooned.

As Uncle Tim gained confidence and Cindy’s rectum stretched, they moved faster. The lubrication was holding out nicely.

“Annnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhh,” Cindy moaned, shutting her eyes and craning her head back on her shoulders.

She really DID love this feeling … the fullness and … well, just everything about having something up her ass. Mommy had told her that what was happening was the stimulation of the nerve endings around her butt hole, but it also seemed to her that she felt something in her vagina too. She even liked using the nasty words her mother and father had taught her about this kind of sex.

“Fuck my ass! Fuck it, Uncle Tim!” the little girl whimpered. “I want you to cum in my shitter!”

Her great-uncle plunged deeper. He was doing the ass fucking now and Cindy stopped pushing back at him. She settled into a more comfortable crouch, laying her head on her arms on the back of the couch and humming a tuneless little song while her Uncle Tim shoved his cock deep in her bowels.

Uncle Tim began to enjoy the butt fucking he was giving his young grandniece. Her sphincter tightened down on him every time he moved, either in or out, holding him inside and squeezing him hard. He began to pant, finding it hard to catch his breath.

Buzzing around the butt fucking pair, first on one side and then the other, Angie was busy making a video record of everything going on. Her mother would want to see this when she and Cindy went home. Whenever she thought she could get away with it, she shoved the camera lens in for an extreme close up. She couldn’t do that very often. It irritated Uncle Tim and he kept saying she should use the zoom feature to get close ups but she didn’t think that worked quite as well.

After a while, Angie climbed up on the sofa, mounted the back of it like she would a horse, and leaned over to get an angle where she could capture Cindy’s pretty face in the lens. She threw directions at the incestuous lovers every once in a while, getting them to position themselves a trifle this way or the other so she could get a better shot. Sometimes they cooperated, sometimes they didn’t.

Tim thought more than once about having Angie back off so he and Cindy could do this with just each other, but Cindy never objected and, to tell the truth, knowing a movie was being made of the encounter began to excite him too. He envisioned reviewing it again and again in the future.

Bracing himself with his knees against the front of the sofa inside Cindy’s soft thighs, Uncle Tim leaned over and slipped his right hand under Cindy’s belly to probe her pussy with his middle finger. Cindy groaned appreciably and arched her back. She raised her face to the ceiling again. Her eyes were closed; she was intent on the sensations coming from two places … and then there were three.

Uncle Tim’s other hand was tweaking her left boobie. The nipple might not have been much bigger around than a BB, but Uncle Tim was pinching it gently and rolling it between his thumb and forefinger and making the stand up as tall as it could … and it was as sensitive as a full-grown woman’s breast. She loved what Uncle Tim was doing.

And then he switched hands! And boobie. Young Cindy began to tremble with pleasure.

“DOOOOOOOOOOOOO ME, Uncle Tim!” She keened. Her hands slipped and she almost fell to the seat cushions. She leaned harder against the back of the sofa so she wouldn’t fall. She rested her head on her arms and hiked her ass up even higher so Uncle Tim would have more fun fucking her.

“UNGH–UNGH–UNGH–UNGH–UNGH–UNGH–UNGH!!!” she chanted in time with her great-uncle’s demanding thrusts.

Uncle Tim began moving his cock in and out of the young girl’s rectum even faster now. They paused only once, both of them breathing heavily, to quickly apply more lube when it seemed things might be drying out. In moments, he was feeling the familiar rise of hot liquid from his gonads up his penis. He thrust deeper. Her bowels were straightening out nicely as he plowed deep into his grandniece.

Abruptly the incestuous pair found the orgasm they’d been spiraling toward for a long while. They came hard. Their climaxes hit so closely together as made no difference. Cindy’s keening rose another octave before ending abruptly. Her face turned a beet red, her breathing all but stopped, and her body trembled faintly. The little girl collapsed across the back of the couch, moaning and trying to fill her lungs with desperately needed air.


Tim pushed deep one last time and squirted a hot jet of cum deep in Cindy’s bowels. Muscles deep inside captured and held him securely. He couldn’t move in and he was afraid to pull out too suddenly. He might hurt the youngster. He was held in place by his grandniece’s tight ass.

Two more shots of cum squirted out of the end of his penis to splash deep inside Cindy. A final surge, more a dribble than a jet, and then his body was finished. He caved forward; his chest brushed little Cindy’s smooth back and he caught himself on his hands. He didn’t want to crush the young girl under his heavy body.


The long wail filled the room, easily heard over the pants of the two incestuous lovers while they were still recovering. Uncle Tim and Cindy raised themselves, turning their heads to throw startled looks at the cell phone on the end table.

Cindy twisted around farther to shoot a quick glance at her sister, doing it far quicker than her great-uncle was comfortable with. His softening cock slid out of his grandniece’s butt. He thought it should have been done more slowly, and carefully.

“Mom??” Cindy called in the direction of the cell phone. The wailing slid down the scale until it finally ended.

There was a long pause.

“What, Sweetie?” Rachel replied in a strangled voice.

“What are you doing?” Cindy demanded.

“That’s what Mommy sounds like when she’s getting ass fucked,” Cindy told Uncle Tim in an aside.

Rachel chuckled.

“Yep, I’ve got my little man here,” Rachel said by way of explanation.

“Lyle is butt-fucking you … while Uncle Tim is doing it to Cindy?” Angie asked in an incredulous voice.

“Say hi, Lyle,” Rachel said by way of explanation.

“HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!” Rachel’s 8-year-old son squealed. He was clearly breathless and working hard.

“Uncle Tim,” Cindy inquired. “Is this what we’re doing phone sex?”

Her great-uncle broke into loud guffaws.

“I think it is, sugar,” he replied.

The three of them sat close on the sofa and listened as the young girls’ mother finished getting her ass fucking from her young son. The girls offered sotto voce comments and louder, quite facetious, suggestions to Lyle. The young boy was having a ball fucking his mother with an audience that, for the first time, included his great-uncle. He laughed frequently, his titters going on and on.

Cindy’s body let loose the first of a number of long farts. There was no odor … it was only air pumped inside her by Uncle Tim’s cock slamming deep inside her earlier … but the sound was hilarious to all the kids. They giggled every time Cindy let one rip. Lyle apparently collapsed on the other end of the open line and had to be frantically redirected by his mother to reinsert his cockling inside her still unsatisfied butt.

The little girl continued her loud farts all the way through the shower they took to clean up. After a while, Uncle Tim laughed too. Her astonished expression when one came upon her unexpectedly was priceless.


Chapter Eight

The day after Rachel’s unexpected phone call almost gave her Uncle Tim a coronary, he and the girls got up naked and stayed that way. There didn’t seem to be any point in kidding themselves. They were going to be fucking, sucking, or doing some kind of nasty foreplay, so why bother with clothing that would just get in the way? They’d only have to take it all off again anyway….

They started in bed that morning, with Cindy getting a lazy fuck from her great-uncle while she woke up. Surprisingly, Angie then wanted Uncle Tim on top of her when it was her turn, in a missionary position. She locked her ankles around the small of his back and bucked herself and Uncle Tim into a quick, rousing climax.

In their shower, they experimented, trying to find ways of minimizing their height difference so they could have sex in a hot, steamy shower. They found if the girls stayed in the slightly raised tub and got up on their tippy-toes and bent over with their foreheads pressed against the shower stall wall … then their lovely little asses pooched out just enough for Uncle Tim to insert his cock in their scorching-hot cunts from outside the tub. Water got all over the floor, but a quick mop took care of that. It was so much fun with the warm water spraying all over them, steam rising, and the smell of hot sex and soap filling their nostrils.

Breakfast was at least as interesting. The girls were thoroughly intrigued when Uncle Tim poured maple syrup on their little nipples, spread it around their aureoles with the tip of his cock, and then licked it all off their young chests. They were amazed … and totally aroused.

When she finished eating, Angie called Uncle Tim to her side, had him bend his knees, and happily dipped her great-uncle’s penis in the syrupy, buttery goo on her plate. She invited her great-uncle to fuck her mouth and cum down her throat before he went on with his own breakfast.

Cindy watched, one hand forking mouthfuls of sausage links and pancake into her mouth and the other hand working on her pussy. When Uncle Tim came in Angie’s mouth, Cindy suggested Angie lay out on top of the table and Cindy ate her sister’s pussy while the older man finished his cooling pancakes. Angie reached a wailing little orgasm on her sister’s tongue.

Having disposed of her sister as competition for Uncle Tim’s attention for a while, Cindy scrambled up onto the tabletop to lay on her tummy beside her sister on the dinner table. The nine-year-old girl wiggled her little butt at Uncle Tim and lewdly invited him to fuck her from behind.

Tim was ready again, just from watching the naked sprite work her way up onto the table. He spread the little girl’s legs into a wide ‘Y’ and slid his prick deep inside her wet cunt. He began stroking long, deeps thrusts inside the sexy little girl. It was a short fuck. They were both too highly excited to last long, but they reached a most satisfying climax for both of them.

The trio couldn’t seem to get enough of each other’s bodies. No honeymooning couple had anything on them. They found themselves constantly touching, stroking, fondling, or caressing each other, pressing their bodies against each other and reveling in the naughtiness of what they were doing. Of course, the forbidden things they were doing made everything they did that much more heated, that much more exciting, and that much more enjoyable. Put another way, the doubly taboo acts of incest and adult-child sex, kept all their libidos operating in high gear.

It was all good.

Hell, it was fucking fantastic!

The girls and their great-uncle had no intention of stopping anytime soon. They had something going their plain-vanilla neighbors didn’t know about, wouldn’t have approved of, and had no experience with. To the three lovers, that made them very, very special. There was a special exhilaration in doing nasty taboo sex that kept them going long past the point where normal lovers would have longed to rest and recuperate.



In the afternoon, they were resting and watching TV again, making ribald comments about the girls and boys on various children shows when Angie remembered another thing her mother had asked her to do. She leaned over and whispered something in Cindy’s ear. Both girls’ eyes widened in anticipation and they whispered to each other for a moment longer.

“Uncle Tim,” Angie asked.

“What, sugar puss,” her great-uncle replied. He couldn’t have avoided seeing the whispered conversation, but he had plenty of patience and knew they’d get around to bringing him in on the secret soon enough.

“Want to see what real girls and boys would be doing if they crash landed on a deserted island like that?” Angie asked, gesturing at the TV and the just-ended program. Her eyebrows were skating up on her forehead and an excited flush was building on her upper chest–all signs the woman-child was being aroused by her own thoughts, and quickly too.

Before Angie got the last words out, Cindy jumped from the couch to the floor. She raced into the bedroom where their clothing and some other items still were stored. They didn’t sleep there anymore. Nowadays, both of them nestled on either side of their great-uncle in his king-sized bed. They all slept very well too … after a while. Uncle Tim was going through his stock of clean sheets very quickly.

“Cindy!” Angie yelled. “I get to….”

She gave up her ineffective protest and ran after her sister to claim custody of whatever it was they’d brought with them. “I was going to….” Angie told her sister hotly.

“I get to show Uncle Tim some too,” Cindy countered. “Mom said you gotta share,” she added. That was true. The last thing discussed yesterday on the phone with their mother had been an admonition for the girls to cooperate.

“One of you bring half and the other bring the other half,” Uncle Tim called out, hoping the girls would understand the poorly constructed directions.

“Cindy, that’s … you got more than half!” Angie said hotly. “You heard what Uncle Tim said,” Angie protested.

“Fine!” Cindy snapped back. “Here, you take this.” There was a break. “Now YOU got more than me,” she complained.

Uncle Tim sighed, got up from the Lazy Boy and ambled into the back bedroom where two cute, and very naked sisters were angrily confronting each other. Tim had never seen that before. It was strangely stimulating. He had a sudden vision of the two little girls in a mud-wrestling match, and his cock began to rise … well, rise faster maybe.

“Give them all to me,” he demanded after a moment, thrusting aside the mental image he’d built on the spur of the moment.

“Thank you, ladies. Well, heck … there are seven of them. You’d never be able to divide them up equally. What are these?” He looked at the disks, wondering if he was holding movies or some DVD’s full of pictures.

“Movies!” both girls said in unison. They shot irritated glances at each other.

“Okay, okay, simmer down,” Uncle Tim said. He started to go back to the living room but decided to detour back to the master bedroom for a quick look at the disks on his computer. The girls followed him down the short hallway. It took only seconds to load one into the DVD player/recorder in his PC.

“Hmmmmmm,” Uncle Tim mused. “Well, these are encrypted files of some sort. What do you…? Did your mom say anything about a password or anything?” He was familiar with the program used to encrypt the files. It was one that had never been cracked, even by brute force assaults as far as he knew. Certainly, Uncle Tim wouldn’t be able to break the encryption.

“Oh!” Angie said. “It’s in my … I’ll get it!” She turned and raced back down the hallway. Uncle Tim and Cindy heard her rummaging through the bureau where they’d unloaded their luggage for a moment, then Angie’s bare feet beat a fast rhythm on the floor on her return trip.

“Here,” she said, thrusting a small piece of paper into her great-uncle’s hands. He read the password and smiled. Rachel had used the first sixteen words in a poem as the password. It was one Uncle Tim had first read to her when she was six years old. It was something neither would ever forget. It was a lengthy password, and had been altered to include some special symbols, but it was easy to remember.

He double-clicked on the file, typed in the password, and let a large folder build on one of his computer’s hard drive. It was done quickly and Tim saw he had two big movies there.

After Tim clicked on the first file, they watched as it flashed quickly up on the screen. They were as clear and sharp as any Blue Ray disk he’d ever seen. Clearly the HD production was a high quality effort from … someone.

After some opening throw-away scenes, a young girl appeared, smiling innocently out at the three watchers. The little girls couldn’t have been more than seven years old and she was missing a front tooth.

She was also missing all her clothes.

The girl did a little curtsey–it was the first naked curtsey Tim had ever seen. The youngster grinned again, and looked to her left. A boy, perhaps a year younger marched into the frame and stood beside the young girl. She promptly fell to her knees on a strategically-place pillow and calmly began sucking the boy’s little cock.

The fingerling was no longer than–and not quite as thick, as a sausage link, but it was apparently quite big enough for the little fellow to experience instant pleasure when the little girl began slurping on it. The beaming grin on his face told the whole story.

“Can’t we watch this on your big TV in the living room?” Cindy asked plaintively. It brought her Uncle Tim back from an engrossed study of the pair of sexually involved children on his monitor.

“We certainly can!!!” Uncle Tim told her.

He quickly copied the contents of the DVD, and then the other six disks, onto the hard drive. He’d use a secure delete process to shred everything when they were finished watching the movies. The multimedia link from his computer to the big HD TV in the living room used a cable instead of a wireless setup … because Uncle Tim didn’t like wireless networking. Anything that was broadcast could be intercepted and the cable from his computer into the living room could not!

In moments, the software in the multimedia link modem in the living room had identified the new movies and the trio of naked moviegoers were all set. Uncle Tim and his grandnieces sat on the couch and spent the next while sitting and watching some very high-grade kiddy porn. High-quality videos, but clearly done by amateur “actors.”

It wasn’t just kids either. There was plenty of hot, nasty sex with women, boys, girls, and men all taking turns on screen. There were teens, toddlers, older men … heck, there were representatives of every age group … having sex one-on-one, in family groups, and large parties. Uncle Tim was enthralled, amazed, and incredulous by turns. Someone had amassed a fine collection of top-grade stuff.

After the second movie, Uncle Tim couldn’t take it anymore. His grandnieces had been casually working his cock since the opening scenes–one with a hand stroking his shaft while the other cupped his balls, but that was no longer enough. Tossing a sofa pillow on the floor, he positioned Angie with her tummy on the pillow and her ass high in the air. Working his cock into her cunt, he began a slow fuck that brought both of them to climax mid-way through the third movie.

While he rested, they watched another movie where a man, woman, and five children engaged in sex of all kinds. They were clearly a family. They looked too much alike–redheaded and freckle-faced–to be a random collection of individuals. Even the mom and dad bore a close resemblance to each other.

When that movie was over, he coaxed Cindy down from the sofa to take Angie’s place, not that she needed any persuasion. Uncle Tim was soon thrusting smoothly in and out of Cindy’s young pussy while they watched another movie.

This one showed what had to be at least two families having sex together. Plainly, there was no upper age limit because this one included a man and woman who must have been well into their sixties. Their advanced age didn’t stop them from doing some energetic fucking though.

Tim watched the old man screw a slender blond girl who might have been in her early teens, but she was probably younger, while the woman sucked off a boy who didn’t look old enough to be able to cum. Whether he could or not, the young boy certainly enjoyed the older woman’s ministrations.

What struck him most was that not a single, solitary soul in any of the movies was in anything but excellent physical condition. There wasn’t a beer belly or a thigh pockmarked with cellulite in the whole crowd. Their genitals were all on display too, not hidden by any hair at all–men, women, and children alike.

He and Cindy managed to last through the movie on the fourth DVD, but then they both came so hard they fell prostrate on the living room carpet. The trio of incestuous fuckers watched the last three DVDs laying flat on the floor with their heads propped up on their elbows or a pillow. None of them had the energy to sit up.

That last video in the movie marathon was intriguing; it had a 30-something woman, a boy about 14 and four young girls of varying ages in it. It was hard to tell if they were just one family or not but it seemed likely. One girl was a brunette, and another had auburn hair. The other two girls and the woman looked like natural blonds. The girls ages ranged from four or five up to … maybe twelve. They all favored one another … and the woman. But there was no man in the picture.

Cindy and Angie were completely enthralled with the boy, but they took pains to point out to Uncle Tim how cute all the girls’ pussies were … and the mother too. Wasn’t the woman pretty? they asked Uncle Tim. Her pussy was just as smooth as the littlest girl, huh? Did he like the woman’s big breasts? Wow! Look at that!! Her son sure like ’em; he sucked one and then the other until they stood out–cherry red, rock hard, and big around as the end of the boy’s thumb. And look at that four-year-old lick her big brother’s prick. Can’t you just feel her doing it to you right now, Uncle Tim?

So he could imagine it better, Cindy got in a sixty-nine position and began lapping his cock from his balls to the slit in the tip of his glans. She explained in a high-pitched child’s voice that she couldn’t get his big old hard cock in her widdle mouth … did it feel good when she licked him?

Uncle Tim told the role-playing nine-year-old that he most assuredly did like it … so much she could just keep on doing what she was doing. Don’t start fires you aren’t going to put out, he admonished her. She giggled and built the fire far higher before quenching it very effectively.

On screen, the family group engaged in every kind of sex imaginable between females and with a young boy clearly perceived he had a duty to service all the females. While he was fucking one of the girls, the oldest girl donned a belt with a short dildo attached at one point and fucked one of the younger girls. The youngest girl wasn’t penetrated in her pussy or ass, though she did enthusiastically engage in a lot of oral sex, giving and receiving.

Right at the end, the boy was seen standing beside the woman, facing her, and casually fondling the woman’s pussy. The girls fell into line alongside them, grinning broadly. But there the movie ended … without resolution, as it were. Tim wondered where the woman’s husband (and the children’s father) was, but there was no explanation forthcoming.

When Uncle Tim had been distracted enough not to notice, Angie had retrieved Uncle Tim’s digital camcorder from the closet and gone to work taping Cindy and Tim as Cindy sucked his cock. Uncle Tim and Cindy’s sexual escapades while watching others have sex on the big wide screen TV were thereby documented for posterity. Hooking up the camcorder to the TV, the trio of incestuous lovers watched that tape while they ate supper.

Halfway through the meal, Angie left her seat and sidled near her great-uncle. In another moment, she was sitting on Uncle Tim’s lap, impaled to the hilt on his hard cock while the two endeavored to both watch the movie and finish dinner at the same time. Cindy had her turn later, demanding she sit on Uncle Tim’s lap with his cock up her ass instead of her pussy while they ate desert.

Suppers had never been so much fun for Uncle Tim.



Next day, they were watching a porn movie that included a scene where the protagonist and his mistress took a flight to some city somewhere. They scrambled aboard the flight and took off. In moments, it was clear much of the movie was going to happen in an airliner’s passenger cabin with other passengers, stewardesses, and pilots all together in various combinations.

It was nothing, a piece of crap that Uncle Tim and his grandnieces had downloaded to kill a couple of hours while they rested and had a snack. They’d already had sex this morning and they’d all cum a couple of times this afternoon too. Cindy had cum three times in one fucking, earning her a high five from Tim and a scowl from Angie.

Angie disappeared for a while. Uncle Tim was just about to get up and go investigate the slamming of cabinet doors and unidentifiable thumps and thuds when they abruptly ceased.

“Coffee … tea, sir?” Angie said in a strangely formal tone, making her great-uncle look away from the TV screen. Angie was back with a serving tray and a few cups on it. He accepted one, finding it filled with a soft drink, which he promptly downed.

“A pillow, sir?” Angie asked, paraphrasing lines from the movie.

“I … sure, a pillow would be fine,” Uncle Tim responded, thinking fast. His attention had wandered for a moment when Angie bent over. Even her firm little titties lengthened and dangled a tad, and in a most delightful way, when she bent over like this. A part of his mind was still amazed at how much Angie’s boobies could dance. They looked too small and too firm, but they did bob and weave most delightfully. His was a wonderful life, he decided, blessed with visions such as this.

Angie pulled a couch cushion from behind her back and plopped it down on the sofa arm. She didn’t actually give it to her great-uncle. Tim cocked his head to one side questioningly.

Angie grinned and looked into Uncle Tim’s eyes. He could see the game wasn’t over yet. Angie licked her lips, a quick dart of a small, pink tongue to wet the soft, pouting lips she and her sister had both been blessed with.

“Would you like some more hot coffee, sir? Tea? Or perhaps a hot blowjob?” Uncle Tim chuckled. That was it, then. Angie was starting things up again.

“Oh … it’s such a hard choice … I mean a difficult choice….”

Angie swatted his bare shoulder with her palm.

“HEY! You do that again, I’m hittin’ back!!” Uncle Tim declared vigorously, but he wasn’t serious and she knew it.

He subsided. “A blowjob would be very nice,” he told Angie finally, rubbing at the red mark on his shoulder. His rubbing was actually the thing making it red, but he pretended otherwise. He wasn’t fooling anyone. Angie was ignoring the byplay and Cindy had sniffed derisively before turning back to the TV.

Angie grinned happily. “Very well, sir,” she told him. She fluffed up the cushion and smoothed out the wrinkles, both real and imagined.

“If you’ll just make that thingie stand up, sir,” Angie said, prolonging the game long after her Uncle Tim would have ended it.

“Okay, just a minute and….”

Before he could complete the sentence, Angie turned to her younger sister sitting in the Lazy Boy a few feet away.

“Assistant?” she called, still speaking in her play-pretend voice.

Cindy, not paying attention to anything but the TV, didn’t respond.

“Assistant!!” Angie called out again, a little more peremptorily.

“CINDYYYYYYYY!” she yelled, not quite loudly enough to alert the neighbors the next block over, but it was enough to break her sister’s concentration.

“WHAAAAAT?!!!” Cindy replied in kind. She wasn’t impressed with Angie’s tone or volume. This was just an interruption she’d put up with for a little while.

“Show Uncle Tim your pussy,” Angie ordered. Uncle Tim chuckled again, knowing where this came from.

Cindy looked at Angie owlishly for a long moment without moving. She blinked a couple of times to show her independence from her older sister. Then she shrugged and hooked an ankle over each arm in the big overstuffed Lazy Boy.

Looking at Angie and her Uncle Tim serenely, Cindy took a green vibrator from the end table next to her, stuck it in her mouth to wet it and thrust the plastic sex toy under her leg. She deftly inserted it into her pussy. She didn’t bother turning it on; she just moved it in and out a few times. Her deadpan expression gave way to a more introspective one. She began to enjoy what she was doing to herself.

Uncle Tim laughed.

“Thank you, assistant,” Angie said, attempting to regain control of the game she was making up as she went along. “And thank you sir,” she added.

Tim Gillette looked down to see his cock was indeed responding to the lewd sight of his nine-year-old grandniece pushing a vibrator in and out of her own pussy. His penis was standing tall and proud, ready for whatever Angie had in mind.

Angie decided to abandon the role-playing and go straight to the endgame. She bent her body over the arm of the sofa, her belly on the pillow she’d placed there for more padding, and reached for her great-uncle’s cock.

Uncle Tim adjusted himself to accommodate his grandniece and they worked for a moment to get their bodies aligned properly. They wound up with Tim sitting on the far left of the three-cushion couch while Angie sprawled over the other two cushions, her head in his lap. Her ass was pooched up a few inviting inches by the discarded throw pillow. Her thighs were spread and her legs bent at the knee and her feet were kicking the air. She was industriously attacking Uncle Tim’s prick with long, sweeping tongue strokes from the glans all the way down to the root. The porn movie on TV no longer had anyone’s attention.

After a couple of minutes of watching his cock disappear between his grandniece’s soft lips, Tim reached out to cup Angie’s left buttock in his big right hand. Angie’s butt cheek was beautifully rounded, with skin that was satiny smooth. It was warm; the muscles were firm but yielding.

He squeezed gently, massaging the flesh beneath his fingers. He wanted to do something for Angie while she was sucking his cock, so he leaned his upper body to the right. Now he could reach between her ass cheeks and probe between her thighs. Angie moaned appreciably and spread her legs still wider so the older man could work his fingers inside her pussy.

Uncle Tim worked for a while, trying to find a way to make it better for his grandniece, but the angle was all wrong and just working his finger around where it was just inside her outer labia was about the best he could do. His thumb threatened to disappear up her butt hole, and that was okay … but he worried about his thumbnail gashing something delicate.

Tim looked over at Cindy, who was watching her great-uncle and sister going at it, her attention totally diverted from the TV. She was sliding her vibrator casually in and out of her pussy with one hand while she massaged the fleshy hood over her clit with the other. Seeing Uncle Tim watching her, Cindy grinned. She slumped in the chair, spread her legs even wider and thrust the vibrator a little deeper.

“Honey,” Uncle Tim said, smiling back at Cindy, “would you bring me those two dildos there?” The end table was covered with a variety of colored toys the girls had emptied from a suitcase full of such things. Uncle Tim had been astounded at the time to see how many they’d brought with them.

“No, sweetheart … the purple and the orange one there. No, the kinda ‘clear’ purple one with the … There! That one, sugar.” Cindy gathered both of the instruments in one hand.

“I have an idea,” Uncle Tim told Cindy, grinning broadly. “We’re gonna experiment, is what we’re going do.”

“What…?” Angie asked, a little petulantly. She’d set this whole thing up and she didn’t take changes to her script very well.

“You just keep on doing what you’re doing,” Uncle Tim told the ten-year-old soothingly. “It feels soooooo good,” he said encouragingly. It was easy to tell her that because it was absolutely true.

Mollified, Angie returned to giving her great-uncle another of her fantastic blowjobs. She’d given her great-uncle several over the past few days and Uncle Tim was beginning to understand the little girl really had a talent for oral sex … and liked doing it. He was pretty sure it was because when she had a dick in her mouth, she had total control of the male attached to it. But that was okay with Uncle Tim.

“Now, first….” Uncle Tim said, more to himself than anything else. “Cindy, honey … give me that jar of … yeah, that.”

Cindy returned to the end table across the room, brought back the jar of lubricant she’d pointed at, and watched as Uncle Tim calmly began smearing the KY all over the thin purple dildo. When he began working the slick gel into Angie’s butt hole, Cindy knew what was about to happen.

Angie giggled happily. She knew too, and she wriggled her ass to show her approval. Her eyes were sparkling now. She’d intended this playtime as a chance to do Uncle Tim, but she had no problem at all with getting something for herself too, and this was new….

Slowing inserting the slender dildo inside Angie’s butt hole, Uncle Tim worked it around carefully, encouraging her muscles to relax and allow an ever-deeper penetration. It was slow work, but the lube was doing its work and there was less and less of the dildo visible.

All the while, Angie was doing her best to deep-throat Uncle Tim’s cock. She varied her routine every so often by trying to thrust her tongue inside the slit at the end of his cock. When she twisted slightly so she could better tease the super sensitive, V-shaped area under his glans, she made her great-uncle groan softly. Grinning, Angie attacked that area again before doing her little trick of swallowing Uncle Tim’s cock whole. She made him moan again, and then once more, just for fun.

Uncle Tim pulled the slender dildo out of Angie’s ass, coated the thicker orange one and then inserted it inside Angie’s anus. Angie bucked a little, but there was no pain, just surprise. Uncle Tim was moving the new one slowly inside her, steadily and gently. Her butt hole and the dildo were both well lubed and, in the end, there was only the pleasurable stimulation of nerve endings around her rectum and the feeling of something nasty, nasty, NASTY! being done to her down there.

Uncle Tim left off working the dildo into Angie’s butt and left it protruding obscenely from the young girl’s butt hole. He looked at the end table again. Cindy went back to it and began lifting dildos and vibrators, one after the other, throwing a questioning expression at Uncle Tim with each one.

When she got to the thick gray vibrator, Uncle Tim gave Cindy a thumbs up signal. They grinned at each other and Cindy trotted back to the sofa with the selected device.

Angie hoisted her ass up a little so the underside of her body was more accessible. Slick little-girl honey was flowing from Angie’s pussy … it had been for a while … and Uncle Tim had no problem working the vibrator inside her puffy outer lips. He turned the switch to its lowest setting and pressed it against her clitty.

“Uuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnngggggggggg!” Angie rumbled deep in her chest.

“Cindy?” Uncle Tim prompted. “How about you taking charge of this one in her pussy and I’ll do the one in her ass hole, and we’ll see if we can’t make your sister cry like a little baby, okay?” He grinned at Cindy’s mischievous expression.

Cindy nodded, not needing any time for a decision, and wrapped her small right hand around the vibrator imbedded in her sister’s cunt. She slid it in and out a couple of times to draw Angie’s attention to it. Wicked little lights glinted brightly in her eyes.

Angie’s eyes were bright too. She grinned around the thick cock she had in her mouth and made the head of his cock slide around inside her mouth. It caused an obscene bulge in her cheeks that was spectacularly vulgar. Uncle Tim almost whimpered with pleasure. He loved watching the young girls do nasty things.

Cindy whipped the sex toy out of her sister’s cunt, then pushed it quickly back in. Angie protested the suddenness of the exchange, but not very forcefully and not very long.

When Cindy turned the vibrator on again–the intermediate setting this time–Angie flinched.


Tormented by the simultaneous sensations emanating from her cunt and butt hole, Angie bucked hard, alternating a plunge down on the vibrator and then back up, forcing the buzzing vibrator deeper and into more intense contact with her clit. Uncle Tim was working the dildo in and out of her puckered butt hole, not trying for anything complicated, but it was clearly adding to the ten-year-old’s pleasure.

Before long, Angie was giving a fair imitation of a mare whinnying pitifully between gasps for air. She was still trying to suck her great-uncle’s cock, but events were beginning to overcome her resolve to get him off.

Uncle Tim changed what he was doing to the young pre-teen girl. His fingers were still slick from initially lubing up Angie’s rectum, and without warning, he pulled out the dildo and inserted his middle finger. He pressed the wall of her rectum against the vibrator in her cunt.

Cindy was moving the vibrator in and out of Angie’s pussy all the while and in a moment, the back of Uncle Tim’s finger was moving in a rhythm that meshed perfectly with Cindy’s vibrator thrusts. He pulled his finger out and when he put it back in, it had another one with it. The pressure on both sides of the thin wall between Angie’s vagina and her anus made the two separate motions weave themselves into something more than the sum of its parts.

Angie broke off her ministrations to Uncle Tim’s cock and craned her neck around to look back at her ass. This was something she’d never had done to her before and the young girl didn’t know exactly how to react. A moment later, the sensations flooding up from her cunt and her ass overwhelmed her misgivings and gave in to just enjoying what was being done to her.

When Cindy turned the vibrator up to the highest setting, Angie’s lower body convulsed.

“ONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!” Angie cried out, but she was actually loving every second of the abuse she was getting. In a few minutes, Angie was forced to abandon her attempts to orally service her Uncle Tim. She couldn’t even hold onto his cock, much less suck it.

With her ability to reason overpowered, Angie’s primitive instincts took over. Without consciously deciding to do it, Angie’s lower body began a nasty, perverted little dance on with her great-uncle’s fingers and her sister’s rough thrusts. Deeply impaled, Angie’s groin moved around in a grind that rotated from one intense source to the other.

She literally didn’t know what to do next. If she ground her ass up into Uncle Tim’s big hand, the wonderful sensations welling up from there threatened to make her faint. If she tightened her cunt around the vibrator, she almost swooned. Each was so good it was almost painful. Together they were an almost inconceivably ecstasy. She went from one to the other and back again in a frenzy of perverted pleasure.

She twisting around frantically on the sofa, trying to find relief from the twin assaults–but she needed the contact to go on and on too. It couldn’t last much longer. The stimulation was too intense, the pleasure too great for her body to bear for long.

Angie lifted her upper body off the couch, bracing her hands flat on the sofa cushions and arching her back at an angle only young girls can achieve. When Uncle Tim took that opportunity to molest one small breast and then the other with his left hand, Angie’s rapture was complete.


Mashing hard, she ground her lower body around in little circles, then bucked her ass back up to receive Uncle Tim’s fingers in their next plunge into her bowels.


Her pussy juices had been streaming for a long while but the double stimulation increased the flow by several orders of magnitude. The surge of fluids alarmed her somewhere deep in her mind–it felt almost like she was about to pee–but she could do nothing about it. Her muscles would not … could not … heed her brain’s commands.

And then there was no controlling her body any longer. Angie’s orgasm ripped through her young body and mind, quashing her thought processes and reducing her to an unreasoning animal, bent only upon the bliss flooding her body.

She surrendered to the ecstasy wracking her young body. She twitched uncontrollably as each new wave of sensation washed over her. It surged again … a third time and then settled to a slow subsiding.

Gradually, the young girl came down from the high. Her lower belly still rippled with aftershocks and her breath sobbed in her throat. Gradually they subsided.


She groaned as another little quake rushed through her lower body. Moaning and whimpering, she collapsed, her head back on her great-uncle’s lap where she’d begun, though there was no way she could resume the blowjob she’d been giving him. Angie gasped when the vibrator and her great-uncle’s fingers were removed simultaneously from deep inside her. “Nooooooooo,” she complained, but it was already done.

“DANG!” Cindy remarked. “That was fun!” she added cheerfully. She prodded her older sister on the right buttock with a rude finger.

“Get up!” she ordered Angie. “I want you to do me now,” she said peremptorily.

Angie’s body didn’t have the strength for her to even consider moving for a long while, so it took a little longer than Cindy really wanted. Angie and Uncle Tim had to wash up too, which further exasperated Cindy.

But soon, Uncle Tim’s younger grandniece was spread on the sofa as Angie had been earlier. Her great-uncle’s fingers, and a vibrator operated by Angie, began plunging deep inside her young body. Cindy didn’t even try to suck Uncle Tim’s cock. She knew very soon, she wouldn’t be able to do anything like that.

Angie worked enthusiastically on Cindy’s cunt from behind while Uncle Tim finger-fucked the nine-year-old’s butt hole to bring Cindy to a huge orgasm that had Cindy howling, and humping her body around like one possessed for a long while.

After she came, it took her even longer than it had Angie to recover from the rapture. Indeed, at one point, Uncle Tim was concerned the little girl had passed out. She was still breathing though … he checked … and after a few minutes, her eyes opened. She managed to croak out a few words of thanks and even grinned faintly when her great-uncle and sister chuckled. Angie and Uncle Tim did a high five in celebration.

Later, Uncle Tim was repaid for his imaginative ways of sexing his young grandnieces. The girls happily laid down on top of each other, belly to belly on the bed, and let Uncle Tim fuck first one hot little pussy and then the other. He switched from one baby cunt to the other every few strokes.

It didn’t take long. The girls had found out how arousing it was for their great-uncle when they talked dirty and they cheered him on while he fucked them, using every nasty word they knew and a couple they invented on the spot.

Uncle Tim came hard when he finally gave up trying to hold off. He spewed incestuous baby-making seed deep inside one little cunt, and then the other, until he could cum no more. Enough remained to coat the outside of their pussies with one last, runny stream … and then he was finished.

The girls made their great-uncle set up the digital camcorder on a tripod to record their great-uncle’s cum dribbling out of their cunts. The little vixens licked and sucked each other’s pussy to get as much cum out of the other’s cunt as possible and then kept on going for it just for fun. Both came with delicate shudders while their great-uncle watched spellbound.

Groaning, Uncle Tim had been just barely able to make sure the camcorder was operating correctly, but when they reviewed the scene later, the threesome saw he’d indeed captured a fine view of their sperm covered pussies, their licking, and their quivering climaxes. In fact, the girls congratulated each other on having made a really good movie they’d be able to watch when Uncle Tim was old and gray. He sniffed, pretending offense, but the girls quickly made it up to him.

He thought his evening was done but the girls got him hard again in much less time than he thought it would take. Just the sight of them playing with their own, and each other’s, clits for a few moments–combined with the new video playing in the background–overcame all his fatigue. They moved to the bedroom for the next round.

When they arranged themselves this time, Angie and Cindy were side by side, on hands and knees on the bed facing away from their great-uncle. They dropped their upper bodies down on the bed top, leaving their asses high in the air and their cute little pussies totally exposed to their Uncle Tim’s lustful gaze. He took advantage of their invitation and slid his cock deep inside Cindy’s steaming little cunt and thrust in and out of her for a long while. When Angie complained about being left out, he pulled out of Cindy, shifted a step to the right, and plunged his prick inside Angie’s hot pussy.

When Tim was about to cum inside Angie, she felt it and gave her sister a quick warning. Angie slid forward to get Tim’s cock out of her and both girls whipped around to face their great-uncle. Their demands that Uncle Tim spray his cum all over their faces was quickly met … enthusiastically. He couldn’t have stopped from doing it even if he’d wanted to.

The girls laughed with pleasure as their Uncle Tim’s cum spewed out to make a slimy coating over their faces and much of their chests. They worked the cooling, thickening goo around over their breasts, tasting it and giggling at the sight of each other’s facial expressions. When they tired of this, and convinced there was no more incestuous baby-making juice to milk from their great-uncle’s balls, they began licking each other clean.

The sight made Tim hard as steel yet again and he flopped down on the bed, dragging the two pre-teen girls on top of him. With Angie riding his tongue and Cindy his cock, they worked hard to get each other off one last time. Tim couldn’t manage much more than a thin, slimy flow of cum this time but his orgasm felt just as good as the earlier ones had, and the girls shuddered their way through one final climax for the day.

Everyone slept deep and long that night. Their bodies needed the night’s respite from the exertions of the whole day’s sex. When the morning came, they started all over again….



A few days later, Uncle Tim and his sexy grandnieces left the apartment complex for the first time since the girls had arrived. Actually, except for occasional forays down to the pool and jacuzzi for some well-earned relaxation, the incestuous trio hadn’t even opened the front door for many days.

This excursion was necessary though. The huge expenditure of calories in the course of a non-stop orgy meant they’d all been eating like horses. Simply put, they had to go to the supermarket or there would be nothing to eat for supper tonight.

But, first, they wanted to enjoy a little of the early summer’s beautiful weather and a picnic in a local county park seemed just the thing. The girls packed one of Uncle Tim’s duffle bags with a plastic tablecloth, plastic silverware, napkins and other essentials and they were quickly on their way.

Stopping by a fried chicken place for a big bucket of crispy chicken parts, Uncle Tim and the girls traveled a few miles outside the city to a huge park set well off the road and hidden from the highway by thick stands of tall cottonwoods. They found a good table, in the back of the park, near the barbed wire fence setting the park off from the empty farm fields beyond.

Looking back up the low rise toward the parking lot from the picnic table, there was a playground about 25 yards away and the parking lot itself was about the same distance beyond. They were able to park their car close enough for convenience but the playground, and parking lot too, were far enough away to give them a little privacy for their picnic.

The girls wore white, sleeveless crop tops that … sorta … covered their upper bodies. In Uncle Tim’s opinion, their bare midriffs invited a certain prurient attention … but then he had to explain what prurient meant and the girls grinned broadly. They assured him that that was only because the tops were …. what he said.

Angie wore a lavender tennis skirt that came barely to mid-thigh and Cindy wore a pastel green one that hit her about the same place. Between the top hem of the skirts and the bottom of the crop tops were wide expanses of tanned bellies.

Below the skirts were acres of slender, creamy-smooth young-girl thighs and beautifully sculpted calves that curved down to some very pretty ankles. He noticed again how wonderfully adult their legs already were even if their breast development was a matter of disappointment to them both.

Uncle Tim sighed, knowing he was going to be on edge, stimulated the whole afternoon by what they wore. At least the girls wore panties. He hadn’t been at all sure they had any on when he first saw their outfits, but they’d happily lifted their skirts to show him, and he had to adjust his penis in his shorts yet again.

The panties they wore matched their skirts, though the style seemed too mature for their ages, until Uncle Tim considered what he and they had been doing for the past few days. He had to agree with them that they were plenty grown-up to wear pretty much anything they wanted, or didn’t want.

Neither girl liked flip-flops except for wear around the pool, so they each had on a pair of delicate white sandals with raised heels. They explained they had higher heels and would wear them if he wanted.

Uncle Tim declined this time, but accepted the demand they be allowed to wear them if the trio went out for dinner some place. He immediately began to anticipate that dinner out. His prick was now pushing up a respectable little tent in his shorts.

Anyway, with their lightly tanned skin, tasteful amounts of lipstick, mascara, and eye shadow, the overall effect was extraordinarily complimentary to the young girls and Uncle Tim told them so.

The girls glowed. Their beaming smiles told him he’d struck just the right note.

In return, they said he looked very manly and sexy in his dark tan cargo shorts, sky-blue pullover, white athletic socks, and running shoes. He wasn’t so sure, but he was willing to take their word for it. Though they wore panties, the girls demanded Uncle Tim go commando, and he didn’t object. Briefs were too constricting, particularly if he got a hard-on, and boxers just didn’t go with shorts … and it would be easier to adjust his prick from one confining position to a more comfortable one if he didn’t wear underwear.



It was the middle of the week. There weren’t that many people in the park and as big as it was, those few users were widely separated. When they arrived, a fair number of couples and small families had been eating a quiet lunch in the shade of the spreading branches of the huge cottonwoods and pecan trees, but nearly all of them were gone now. The part-time caretaker had locked up the office and departed a little earlier, leaving the park unsupervised and almost empty.

On the other hand, Uncle Tim did notice a number of isolated men still hanging around who seemed to be delaying their departure well past the time they normally would have left. Whenever one of his grandnieces stood and walked around, for instance, a lot of eyes snapped around to focus in her direction.

Many a lone wolf out there was obviously finishing a brownbag lunch one tiny bite at a time to make it last longer. When Angie bent over to retrieve a dropped plastic spoon, one guy actually sloshed something on his leg. From the way he acted, it must have been hot coffee.

Uncle Tim began to enjoy the show the girls were putting on for the pervs across the way. Those men thought they were being so cool and discreet. It was funny to watch them.

Unbidden, he wondered how he’d handle things if those men were accompanied by their families … and what if those families had girls just as delicious as his grandnieces. He blinked. A vision of dozens of young girls cavorting around in skimpy outfits and mischievous smirks on their faces flashed through his mind. But those perverts didn’t have their families with them.

Some wicked, nasty ideas came to Uncle Tim’s mind. “How would you two think about showing those perverts a little more leg?” Tim asked, speaking in a low tone. “Maybe a panty shot or two? Wiggle your butts at those guys? Whatcha think?”

The girls were outraged. They rolled their eyes at their great-uncle.

“What do you think we’ve been doing, Uncle Tim?” Angie asked, dramatically waving her hands in the air.

“Ever since we got here…,” Cindy added.

They giggled nastily when he blinked in astonishment.

“Hey, I can’t see under the table,” Uncle Tim complained in a wounded tone. “And I’ve never been to lunch with two exhibitionists,” he continued. His defense made remarkably little impact on the girls.

“How do you know?” Cindy inquired sweetly. “Didn’t your daughters ever show you their panties or pussies to you, Uncle Tim? Or maybe to some pervs while you were with them sometime?”

Tim blinked his eyes in confusion. The thought had never occurred to him. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” he replied lamely.

“Or maybe your granddaughters…?” Angie suggested. She gave her sister a triumphant glance when their great-uncle couldn’t reply.

Taken aback even more, Tim considered the questions. His thoughts roamed free for a long while, examining every moment he could remember being around his children and grandchildren when he couldn’t see what they were doing behind an obstacle. There was that time when….

Tim suddenly realized his cock was trying to burrow through his shorts and he had to make a circumspect adjustment.

With their great-uncle distracted, the girls tossed their hair back, looked up at the sky and brought their hands up to organize their masses of hair. Taking ties from their small purses, they put their hair up in ponytails. It took a very long time to get their hair fixed just the way they wanted.

In soft-voiced commentary to their Uncle Tim, they pointed out how their crop tops rose high on their young chests when they lifted their arms just that high, but without showing anything–not really, they said. They giggled at every little thing, even when they had to stand up and bend over at the end of the table to retrieve a couple wind-blown napkins.

They wriggled around, making their butts waggle from side to side, telling him just how far up their ass cracks their panties were now. Then they pantomimed picking up other debris, but just had to do it facing him … and their asses pointed at the nasty-minded guys over there.

Cindy and Angie laughed out loud from time to time, pretending Uncle Tim had said something funny. They stood and pretended to chide him with pointed fingers. They took pleasure in putting their free hand on a hip and bending forward to shake extended forefingers in his face.

Tim could imagine how their skirts rose up in back and how those men’s breath caught in their throats, waiting for just one more millimeter of girlish thigh to come into view. Soon, every chime of laughter brought a tortured reaction from the curious wolves across the green expanse of grass.

Telling him to watch her from the corner of his eyes, Angie demonstrated how a girl could accidentally forget to keep her knees together while concentrating on fixing her hair. He agreed it was entirely possible for accidents like that to happen.

It was all theater put on for the benefit of those nasty old guys and the girls played their parts to the hilt. The girls made a point of telling him what they were going to do beforehand so he wouldn’t miss anything.

“You see, Uncle Tim?” Cindy asked confidingly. “You see how nasty little girls can do things…?”

Tim did begin to understand, and his laughing face morphed into a contemplative one. All those accidental shots of girl parts and panties, bras and such….

Unh-Unh-UNH! Damn!

How many things he’d seen over the years were completely on purpose, and which were not? At what age, and how, did girls learn how to do these things?

Reproving looks were the only comment they made when he asked if they thought many accidental glimpses of things he shouldn’t have seen were really on purpose.

He began to go over memories that were buried deep, and asked more questions. When the girls nodded, or rolled their eyes derisively, wondering how Uncle Tim could ever have been so blind, his mind conjured up still more images. He knew he’d never be able to shop the way he’d always done before in the mall.

He wondered about those girls in the mall … and his daughters, and granddaughters too.

What with everything going on, Uncle Tim had a hard time not laughing out loud from time to time, and he wasn’t always successful suppressing the urge. It was either laugh or cry….

An inadvertent guffaw spilled his Pepsi and he stood quickly to brush the dark liquid off his cargo shorts. Inadvertently he was facing the trees and those men over there. A bark of laughter was certainly not out of place for a picnic in the park, but some of those nervous men thought otherwise. He wasn’t even looking at them–wasn’t actually thinking about them at that moment–but they thought he might be. Their guilty consciences did the rest.

Uncle Tim hadn’t wanted to scare them off while Angie and Cindy were having such a good time but his laughter was deep and booming. It could sound menacing under the wrong circumstances … especially if it was loud and sudden.

One of the guys made a quick decision to escape before his voyeuristic fun was ended by a long stint in the local jail. Most of the guys had been uneasy for a long while anyway, torn between staying longer to see what else was going to happen and their anxiety at not knowing anything about that man over there with those two little girls. Was he cool with this, or just unaware? No one knew.

He was certainly big enough though. He was clearly a strong man, and he carried himself like a big cat poised for a leap. Just who was he? And who was he watching from behind those dark sunglasses? Who knew what would happen if he took offense.

When the first voyeur picked himself up and walked quietly away, it started an exodus. The others made their decisions quickly. The parking lot and the park road leading back to the highway were busy for a little while as they made their way out of the big county park. Once the stampede began, most of the lunch crowd departed within the span of a very few minutes. It was as if a genie had crossed her arms, nodded emphatically and blinked away everyone but Tim and the girls.

The park was deserted, so far as Uncle Tim and the girls could tell. Certainly, there was no one in sight from their little corner of the park. Maybe there were other folks around the other playgrounds and clusters of picnic tables in the park, but Tim and his grandnieces couldn’t see anyone. They couldn’t see the highway, but they could hear an occasional truck downshifting for the climb up the western hills out on the distant highway.

“Well … so much for that,” Uncle Tim observed. “Sorry girls….” He chuckled.

The girls laughed with him. Their skirts were suddenly gathered around their waists as they repositioned themselves on either side of their great-uncle. With no one to hide from, they dispensed with the formalities.

Tim’s hands found many places to explore as they finished their picnic. In moments, the girls were feeding him bites of chicken and potato salad from plastic spoons because his fingers were too busy, and they didn’t want him to stop to feed himself. When the girls leaned into him, he could see aroused little nipples down their tops. They ate and enjoyed the warmth of the sun, the quiet breeze drifting through the trees, and the feeling of togetherness they had between them.

“So…what about them?” Angie asked, casually studying a nearly stripped chicken leg before popping it in her mouth, lengthwise. Deep-throating the thing was no trick for her. Tim knew that from any number of fantastic experiences the past few days. He watched, enthralled with the process. Tim wondered how the nasty voyeurs would have reacted if she’d done it earlier.

“Them who?” Tim asked.

“Mom says her cousins were cute little hotties when they were all kids,” Angie responded, having slid the chicken leg back out. She took a bite and waved it around in the air as she spoke to emphasize her words.

“Her cousins? Oh … my daughters?” Tim replied.

His mind tried to run away from the question for a moment, but with Cindy’s hand on his cock, albeit through his shorts, and his hand rubbing Angie’s panty-clad pussy beneath her skirt, his mind was already in a certain channel. It was a legitimate question and deserved a serious answer.

“Well…,” he said, clearing his throat unnecessarily. “There are some times I can remember when they had funny expressions on their faces when we were at a restaurant,” he mused. He had the girls’ full attention now. “And they would get affectionate from time to time, you know?” he continued. “And they liked T-shirts and panties for nightgowns like you do,” he said slowly, as stray thoughts struck him.

“And I did see an awful lot of their panties when they laid down in the floor sometimes.”

Angie and Cindy shook their heads in unison and stared reproachfully at their great-uncle.

“And I’ll bet you never even patted their behinds or touched them anywhere else a single time, did you?” Cindy said accusingly.

“Uh … no,” Tim conceded.

He frowned to himself. Until this moment, no one had ever implied there was anything wrong with not fondling his daughters.

“Dummy!” Cindy remarked succinctly.

Tim drew in a deep breath and let it out in a long sigh.

“Mommy said we’d have to hit you over the head with it just to get you to notice us,” Cindy told him. “US!” she repeated, marveling at the concept. She shook her head in disbelief. “And we’ve been trying for two years,” she added.

Tim blinked.

“DUM-MEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Cindy said again.

Tim thought about what she’d said. “Well … maybe so,” he said resignedly. “Maybe there were a couple of times that … heck, I didn’t know….” He ran out of words. “And now they’re all grown up and have kids of their own and they don’t even come around much anymore,” he said finally.

“Yeah … well, what about your granddaughters?” Angie asked.

“Well … I don’t see much of them either,” he admitted. “So I wouldn’t know about them,” he told them.

The snorted derisively.

“Bet they’d come around a lot more often if they knew how much fun they could have fucking you,” Angie offered. She grinned up at a startled Tim. “And your daughters too,” she added.

“But they’re grown up,” he began.

“One is almost exactly Mom’s age,” Angie retorted quickly. “And one is just two years older, and the other is a year younger than Mom.” She picked up another drumstick.

“And you’re gonna fuck Mom this weekend,” Angie added. “Right?”

Uncle Tim knew he was being herded down a path he’d never envisioned before and he suddenly had some doubts about how easily the young girls were doing it. He cocked his head to one side and began to understand. He laughed and waved his around in a motion that included all three of them, the picnic table, the park … and the departed voyeurs too.

“All this is your mother’s idea, isn’t it? She’s doing another long-distance ‘intervention’, right?” he demanded.

Angie gave him a toothy smile, but admitted nothing.

“She tell you exactly what to say or are you winging it?” Tim persisted.

“We told her we were going on a picnic, and she told us to show off to whoever was here, and make sure you saw us doin’ it … then we had to say some things about your kids and grandkids … and wait for you to say something silly like ‘they’re too young’ or something dumb like that,” Angie admitted, unperturbedly.

Tim chuckled again. He didn’t think there was any hint of nervousness in the laugh. “Seriously,” he said. “I don’t think there’s anything there.”

“Are you sure?” Cindy asked innocently. “I mean, it’s not like me and Angie didn’t have to be really obvious or anything like that to get you to notice us, did we?” She batted her eyes at her great-uncle. “You sure you didn’t miss something … way back then? Hmmmmmmm??”

Tim looked at his younger grandniece for a long moment, remembering odd moments through the years. He took advantage of his right to remain silent.

The girls sniffed their disdain. “Uh-huh. For two danged years we tried to get it through your head before Mom decided to go hardcore!” Cindy remarked, seeing her answer in Uncle Tim’s eyes. There was a long moment of quiet.

“Well … we’re here now!” he offered.

Maybe it did sound a little lame. The girls’ snorts said they sure thought so.

“So … what about your granddaughters, huh?” Cindy asked after a moment.

Tim turned back to her. He’d thought the conversation was over.

“Uh … I don’t think so,” Uncle Tim replied after considering the question for a time.

“O-KAAAAAAYYYYYYY,” the girls chorused derisively. Tim wondered how they’d managed the duet. He hadn’t seen them even glance across his body at each other to coordinate it.

“They’re innocent and … pure as the driven snow … just like us, right?” Angie said sweetly. She batted her eyes at her great-uncle. “You mean they don’t have pussies like me an’ Angie, right?” She sniffed derisively.

He looked at them suspiciously. That first phrase just wasn’t one a ten-year-old would ordinarily use. That had been coached.

Finished with her drumstick, Angie stood and stretched for a long moment. Putting her hands on her great-uncle’s shoulders, she leaned over to bump her forehead against his. Her shoulders were forward, allowing her crop top to fall away from her chest so Uncle Tim could see her bare boobies and their hard little coral tips.

“There’s one more thing Mommy wanted us to be sure to ask you,” Angie cooed.

“Mommy said to ask if you remember how she was really tight with your daughters when they were growing up? Like when they pretended they were all of them sisters, playing together, trying to be all alike … playin’ with the same toys … and stuff like that?” Angie looked deep into her mesmerized great-uncle’s eyes.

“Uh-huh,” Cindy said to draw Uncle Tim’s eyes to her. “And Mommy says, “What makes you think your daughters didn’t want the same thing she did?”

“And that’s all mommy said to tell you,” Angie concluded. When Uncle Tim didn’t answer, Angie straightened and walked around the table for a moment, swishing her skirt to show her panties to imaginary voyeurs under that tree over there, or that one. When she sat back down, her great-uncle’s jaw still gaped wide.

Angie smiled but didn’t offer any more comments, preferring instead to plaster her body against Uncle Tim and fondle his cock through his shorts.

Her mother had prompted her to not expect a response but she studied his expression for a long moment so she could report to her mother. She grinned nastily at Uncle Tim.



Uncle Tim gathered up the debris from their lunch and stuffed everything back into the plastic bags their meals had come in. Standing up, he took an armful of the garbage to the trashcan a short distance away. He heard the rustle of movement behind him when he starting walking and assumed the girls were right behind him with more of the paper plates and other stuff to throw away.

“Damn!” Uncle Tim breathed when he turned around for the return trip to the table. Nine-year-old Cindy was sitting on top of this end of the table with her lower body perched right at the edge, her feet dangling. She was grinning happily. Her skirt was tucked up into the waistband in front to expose her naked groin to Uncle Tim’s eager gaze.

Leaning back on her left hand, Cindy’s right hand was industriously stuffing a translucent blue dildo deep inside her open pussy. Angie was nonchalantly snapping pictures with Uncle Tim’s digital SLR, preserving the moment for posterity. They’d organized the whole scene in only the few seconds their great-uncle had taken to walk to the trash bin.

Uncle Tim walked quickly back to the table, darting glances in every direction. What the girls were doing could get them all into deep trouble, especially him. But the girls had actually been very careful to make sure they weren’t being observed. The park was empty, for as far as they could see in every direction. If there was anyone still here, the rolling hills and trees hid them very effectively. The prairie behind the park, though open and unobstructed by any trees or brush, was equally deserted. For the moment, there was no danger.

“What, in the name of all that’s sexy, wicked and perverted, do you young ladies think you’re doing?” Uncle Tim asked, more or less casually when he got back within earshot.

“Gettin’ ready to get fucked and takin’ lots of pictures of it happenin’,” Angie retorted tartly.

Cindy giggled.

Uncle Tim looked around carefully one more time, listening for the sounds of a vehicle coming closer, but he heard and saw nothing. Relaxing, he made a mental note to check frequently to make sure the little party the girls had planned wasn’t busted by any late arrivers.

He hadn’t known the duffle bag of picnic necessities also contained dildos, or the camera, for that matter. He should have known. The girls were always planning something. He snorted. They’d been planning one thing or another ever since they’d gotten down here … and what the hell, he loved it!

“I see,” he told the girls, watching Cindy work the plastic sex toy in and out of her cunt. It was already moving with an easy fluidity, suggesting she was about ready for her great-uncle to take over and give her the fucking she wanted. “I guess I’ll just have to take care of you two young scamps then,” he said. They didn’t bother responding.

“Ready to fuck?” Uncle Tim asked.

Cindy nodded brightly and yanked the dildo from the depths of her cunt.

“You’re the lookout,” Uncle Tim said to Angie.

“I’m the photographer!” she replied, hoisting the camera higher so he could see it.

“No…,” Uncle Tim said emphatically. “You–are–the lookout,” he said slowly, “…and you can take some pictures too. But mostly you’re in charge of watching to make sure no one comes down that road,” he warned, pointing at the playground and parking lot beyond.

One of those expressions settled in over Angie’s face.

“Deal breaker!!” he warned.

Angie, struck by sudden inspiration, didn’t offer an argument. She nodded and made a big show of looking all around to satisfy her great-uncle’s paranoia.

Then she set to work taking nasty pictures of her great-uncle fucking her little sister. She actually did look up every so often though, since Uncle Tim had been so insistent. She checked what they could see of the park, the parking lot, and the playground to make sure they were still alone.

Tim dropped his shorts and tossed them on the table behind Cindy. There was little point keeping them on, since anyone close enough to see he didn’t have anything on below the waist would ALSO notice he was enthusiastically fucking a nine-year-old girl on a picnic table. In for a penny, in for a….

Pushing Cindy’s top up, Uncle Tim gently pinched her little boobies and leaned in to suck them into his mouth for a moment. They were so small, it was hard to capture only the nipples, but he gave it his best shot. Cindy loved it. Her breath hissed between her teeth whenever his lips contacted her sensitive little breasts.

He didn’t stay with that for very long. It was incredibly erotic, having sex out here in the open and he freely admitted it. There was the added spice of knowing someone just might see them and there was a sense of urgency at the back of his mind, a need to fuck his grandniece before anyone came along to interrupt.

Taking his manhood in his right hand, he rubbed the big helmet-shaped end of his cock against the opening of the little girl’s pussy. Cindy sucked in a deep breath, and spread her legs wider so Uncle Tim could push inside. She was beginning to need him now. She needed the cock she’d become so familiar in the past week–she needed it so bad.

Knowing his grandniece’s sexual responses very well by now, Uncle Tim wasted no time pushing his hips forward. Staring down, Uncle Tim was mesmerized by the sight of his glans gradually disappearing inside the young girl’s body. Her plump outer labia gave way slowly, sucking inward as his cock probed deeper. The outer lips bulged obscenely when he pulled slowly out.

Cindy’s body had learned how to best accommodate her great-uncle’s big penis. Without any conscious effort on her part, she shifted about, making minute adjustments to her posture so the penetration was easier and quicker. She dragged in another hasty gasp of air and pushed her groin up, eager for Uncle Tim’s cock to plumb her depths.

Tim watched his prick disappear inch by inch into Cindy’s eager little pussy. In a moment, her cunt was stuffed with his length, but Cindy demanded more and he was going to give her as much as she wanted. Her pussy lips stretched lewdly around his cock. They sucked at his shaft when he drew back the slightest little bit, only to be driven slightly inward when he thrust forward.

Cindy’s pussy juices had been flowing for some time. They’d begun surging when she and Angie teased the men having lunch earlier. The flood had increased exponentially when she’d inserted the dildo into her own cunt and they were gushing now. She loved this.

Uncle Tim could tell how much Cindy wanted him deep inside her and he did his best to give her exactly what she wanted. He drilled his cock a little more deeply inside the young girl, bottoming out finally, and without having hurt her in the least.

They began to fuck, slinging their bodies at each other with abandon in an effort to please each other and themselves. Cindy wrapped her slender legs around her great-uncle and kicked at his butt cheeks to spur him on. Gasping, the little girl whipped her ass around in tight patterns on the picnic table, slip-sliding deliciously in the pussy juices deposited by her own cunt on the slick plastic tablecloth.

Every time Uncle Tim drove forward, she slid back and away from him. It was getting to be a problem, so she clamped her heels around Uncle Tim’s waist as tight as she could and began using her leg muscles to pull the older man deeper into her hot cunt. Panting with the effort, Cindy felt her climax approaching. It was something that couldn’t be denied; it was coming hard and there was nothing she could do to make this last any longer….

Cindy came, trembling in the grip of her ecstasy.

“AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” She shrieked, loud enough for everyone in the park to hear had there been anyone around.



Straining, every muscle clinched in an orgasmic knot, Cindy howled at the sky. Holding tightly to Uncle Tim’s wrists, her legs were still clamp tightly around his waist. Tim’s big cock pinned the little girl’s lower body to the end of the table.

Cindy’s back arched until only the back of her head and the heels of her feet were still on the table. Everything else was straining muscle, laboring lungs, and heartfelt entreaties to her great-uncle. Slowly, the powerful climax ebbed. The young girl could feel again, and again she knew there was a world outside her orgasm.

Her eyes closed tight against the sun filtering through the leaves on the huge tree overhead, she gloried in her great-uncle’s slow, gentle strokes inside her pussy as he let her cool down slowly. He caressed her heated little body with his hands touching her small breasts and lightly pinching the tiny nipples that were still so flushed with blood they almost hurt.

Uncle Tim bent over, still sheathed tightly in her cunt, to kiss her lips and administer little butterfly kisses down her body as far as he could reach. When she was done … exhausted … her heels dropped away from behind Uncle Tim’s back and her legs hung limply off the table. The little girl drew in a shuddering breath, then another, and a third before she could resume breathing in anything approaching a normal rhythm.

“Thank you, Uncle Tim,” Cindy said fervently to her great-uncle. She loved the older man, and she loved his cock.

“My pleasure, sweet baby,” Uncle Tim replied.

Carefully, he extracted himself from his grandniece’s body and stood up straight for the first time in many minutes. Some of Cindy’s fluids were cooling enough to turn sticky. A long strand maintained the contact between their genitals for a moment, but then it sagged and broke, to fall obscenely to the ground.

Cindy sat up, looking at the mess she and her great-uncle had made on the red and white plastic tablecloth. She giggled, wondering if anyone had ever done anything this naughty in the park before. Her fingers trailed through the puddle of mixed fluids in front of her on the tabletop. After a while, she stood up unsteadily and tried to brush out the wrinkles with her hand.

“Now you’re the lookout,” Angie said brusquely, intercepting her sister as she tottered around the picnic table. “Here!”

Obligingly, Cindy took possession of the camera and pointed it at Uncle Tim to get a quick shot of him standing there in his T-shirt, socks, and sneakers. His cock was still hard and pointing straight at the camera. Cindy giggled as she took a few more pictures while Uncle Tim posed for her, putting his hands on his hips, turning sideways and making a biceps for her, waggling his cock at her … he amused the young girl for several moments.

“Uncle Tim….” Angie said impatiently. “I’m ready … it’s my turn!”

“Yep, I know,” Uncle Tim replied warmly. “And how, may I ask, do you….” He didn’t bother completing the question.

“Woof, woof!!” Angie barked, grinning maniacally, her irritation instantly forgotten. Without further explanation offered or needed, she turned and put her knees on the bench on the far side of the table.

She got off just as quickly as she’d knelt and yanked a small blanket out of the duffle bag. Folding it, and doubling it again, she put it down on the bench for padding between her tender knees and the hard wood. Angie hoisted herself up on the bench seat again, reached back to flip the back of her skirt up and over her bare ass. She leaned forward and settled her head on her forearms. Tim had a moment to wonder when she’d removed her panties, but decided he didn’t care.

“Woof, woof, indeed!!” Uncle Tim said agreeably, to no one in particular.

He was much taken with Angie’s sexy young ass just at that moment, so even he wasn’t paying much attention to his words. It was just something to fill a short silence, the time necessary to shuffle up behind his oldest grandniece and line up his cock with her hot pussy. If the little girl wanted to fuck doggy style, that’s what she’d get. In a moment, he was driving his cock deep inside the young girl’s cunt and working them both up to a shattering climax. At the end, they were unashamedly howling their way through their orgasms.

Cindy did both her jobs very well. She did a better job of keeping a careful watch over the park, but she never saw anyone coming in their direction. She also took a hundred and thirty-nine digital images of her great-uncle slamming his cock into Angie’s young pussy from behind until they both came hard.

Cindy thought the look of anguish on her sister’s face and Uncle Tim’s tortured concentration to be of particular interest and took many shots of them, occasionally including both faces in the same frame. When the two perverted lovers came, first Angie and then her great-uncle, Cindy did everything she could to capture each second of their orgasms with a separate picture. The sequence of pictures would make for great viewing later on. Mommy would be thrilled at what they’d done here in the park.



It was some time later, not until the two young girls and their great-uncle were leaving, that the first late afternoon visitors began to arrive at the park. The first vehicle the incestuous lovers saw was a van full of seven young children, chaperoned by a young mother with a young teen girl along to help. The kids were noisy and apparently not very well disciplined. Uncle Tim and his well-fucked grandnieces decided to leave. It had been a long afternoon and they’d had a great time.

They walked casually by the group of kids who seemed headed for the same area the trio had just abandoned. Tim and the girls had decided to bring the plastic tablecloth with the red and white gingham design with them to wash with bleach, instead of just throwing it in the trash dumpster here. It was clamped securely under Uncle Tim’s arm.

They knew, from the abundance of forensic shows on TV, that it was possible for a really mean-hearted someone to retrieve the plastic sheet from the trash if they got the urge, and test it for ‘biological material’. Uncle Tim and the girls couldn’t take the chance.

The young sisters had stuffed their panties in the duffle bag and were strolling along with bare legs, and bare pussies under their skirts, and bare boobies under their tops. They were satiated for the moment, and indescribably pleased with themselves.

Truth be known, Angie was already trying to think of a way to initiate the next sex session with her great-uncle and ideas were already running through her mind. Her blood was already racing a little faster through her body and her breath was a trifle faster than usual. She was ready for anything and more than willing to try something new.

The incestuous lovers walked past the young teenager coming toward them, a leggy redhead with that super creamy skin some redheads have .. and bigger breasts than a girl that age should have. Her legs were shown off to good advantage by the tight daisy dukes she wore. With her complexion, she was going to burn badly if she stayed out here too long.

Uncle Tim noticed the young woman’s attributes and let his eyes travel from bare thigh to painted toenails without trying to hide the fact he was looking. So much had changed in the last week and a half; he might as well indulge himself with a little more voyeuristic pleasure.

He nodded pleasantly and said hello when they passed the girl … and the teenager looked right through him without acknowledging his greeting. He sniffed derisively and chuckled. He pointed his key chain at the SUV and started the engine.



Thirteen-year-old Kelli was unhappy. She didn’t really want to be here with her older sister and the brood of kids her sister had taken in to baby-sit today. She wasn’t at all interested in the older guy with the two girls … girls her age rarely noticed men in his age group, but she did take in the girls’ outfits.

Kelli made a mental note to see if she could get her mom to get her some outfits like that. The girls … just children really … they did look good in their short dresses and crop tops, and the thirteen-year-old was sure she’d look even better.

She stopped dead in her tracks. Now that she was downwind of the three people walking past her to the parking area, she could detect a faint aroma–one she knew well from her second sexual encounter, that thing she’d done with Tommy last month just before school was out. Whipping around, she stared at the two young girls and the tall man.

She was stunned, frozen in place. She stared at the trio … at the older of the two young girls, in particular. In the glare of the mid-afternoon sun, she could see … she could actually see a runny something dripping down inside of the girl’s thigh and calf. It was a pale, glistening streak of viscous fluid and.

Ohmigod!! It couldn’t be anything else except…. The thirteen-year-old breathed deep, trying to get another nose full of the wonderful odor. She licked her lips unconsciously. She wondered if anyone else noticed the three of those people walking casually toward the parking lot. Kelli didn’t know what to do.

The two girls and the man with them strolled to the SUV. They didn’t seem concerned about much of anything at all. Had those little girls really…?

She saw the older girl finally notice the dribbling down her leg. The freshly fucked girl had turned around and was facing right at Kelli when she bent over.

As Kelli watched, the young girl finally became aware of Kelli’s scrutiny. Her head rose and saw the young teenager staring at her from the playground. Their eyes met across the distance. The pre-teen in the short skirt and crop top instinctively knew there was no danger from the girl standing beside the merry-go-round. The last thing the teenager was going to do was raise an alarm.

Deliberately, insolently, Angie bent over again and used a forefinger to squeegee a rivulet of cooling cum from her inner thigh. She let the girl over there see exactly what she was doing.

Straightening, she held her finger up so that girl could see she’d collected the dribble down her thigh. Grinning broadly, she stuffed the finger into her mouth and sucked happily.

Uncle Tim had his door open, ready to duck inside, when he noticed the byplay. He looked quickly from one girl to the other. He snorted. He caught the youthful teenager’s eyes and grinned openly at her.

Kelli watched as the girl beside the open car door lifted another finger’s worth of what HAD to be cum up to her lips, suck it dry and impudently smack her lips before twisting around and sitting inside the vehicle.

The man at the driver’s door saw what was happening. He gave Kelli a thumb’s up gesture and blew a kiss at her. Still grinning, he lithely inserted himself behind the wheel in the SUV and put the vehicle in motion in less time than it takes to tell.

The teenager was galvanized into motion, but at the same time, she didn’t want to attract attention.

Moving as quick as she could without running, thirteen-year-old Kelli marched firmly toward that man and his girls. By the time she passed the monkey bars she was trotting, trying desperately to close the distance–why had they backed into the parking place closest to the picnic tables anyway? It made their getaway too easy. They were leaving!

She wanted the SUV to stop so she could … well … she didn’t know what she would do then. Frustrated, the girl stopped and watched, whispering every cuss word she knew. It was too late. The SUV was already gathering momentum and moving quickly down the park road.

The thirteen-year-old hated those younger girls with that guy. The ones who got to fuck out here in the park. They were disappearing over a little rise now. She wanted what that they had with the big man who had been nice enough to say hello. Belatedly, she dragged up a memory of his strong legs and his wide shoulders. Was he their father?

She cursed again. The SUV was out of sight and already she couldn’t remember whether it was gray, or silver, or what. And of course she hadn’t even thought of getting the license plate number, not that she had any idea of how that would help.

“Dammit to hell,” she said to herself. She glanced quickly around to make sure she was still alone and unheard. Her big sister would slap her silly if she heard that kind of talk. She relaxed and then shook her head in disappointment. She sniffed, hoping for just the slightest whiff of sex in the air. But it had dispersed, blown gently away in the breeze.

The thirteen-year-old had hope … a little anyway … when she thought about it. After all, she and her older sister (with all the crumb snatchers in tow) would be coming to this park all summer long. Maybe she’d see the man and his two sexy little girls again, and next time they wouldn’t get away, she vowed.

She let a little daydream overcome her. If those young girls liked their dad doing them … if he was their father … maybe she should get her own father to….

Or maybe she could someday get that same big hunk of a guy to send those little girls packing so the thirteen-year-old could have him all to herself. Strange that she hadn’t noticed how handsome he was when he said hello to her. What was wrong with her?

Maybe there was something else she could do. She wondered what her big sister’s husband was doing this evening. He was a hunk and she already flirted with him, just to watch his eyes get big and round. Sometimes she made him sweat just for the fun of it. She wondered if sister would like to share.



Uncle Tim and the girls never got to the supermarket as a group that afternoon. After getting home and taking a badly needed shower, Uncle Tim went back out on a quick shopping trip to get milk, eggs, soft drinks, and other necessary vittles.

The girls stayed in and took a nap … so they’d be ready for their favorite great-uncle to fuck them silly that evening.


Chapter Nine

The Saturday night had finally come. When Uncle Tim and Rachel first discussed this trip, he’d assumed the “next” weekend meant the one beginning three days from the date they’d first spoken. Rachel actually meant the one after that, but they’d cleared things up in another cell phone conversation.

Tonight, everything was ready. It was finally going to happen. Uncle Tim and his grandnieces were on pins and needles, and the tension increased dramatically when Rachel called to let them know she was on the road after working her Saturday shift. She’d be there by 9:00 o’clock. The girls could hardly wait. They missed their mom, and they really looked forward to watching their Uncle Tim fuck her into a coma, as both adults constantly referred to it. It never occurred to the young girls to be jealous.



Rachel missed her young daughters too. She loved them dearly and was looking forward to seeing them after nearly two weeks without them. But this evening, she was badly distracted because tonight she would be doing something she’d been dreaming of since she was a child younger than her daughters were today. She was going to have sex with her favorite uncle!

Her cunt was awash with juices making her ready for the long-awaited fucking, and had been since she got off work earlier in the afternoon. The Ben Wa balls she’d popped in just before getting in the car were doing some very special things to her libido. She had to catch her breath every time there was a bump in the road. If she got any hornier, she’d have to hump the gearshift for a little relief … and she could only imagine the effect that would have on truckers passing by.

She was close to Uncle Tim’s now. She could see the glow in the sky from the lights of the city just over the horizon. She drew in a shaky breath.



“There she is,” Uncle Tim said tersely. Peeking between two slats in the drawn venetian blinds, he watched his niece drive in the entrance to the parking lot and quickly find a space across from the building where he lived.

Rachel didn’t waste any time doing a professional job of parking–that she got three wheels of her sub-compact inside the lines was plenty good as far as she was concerned. She got out of her car and walked hurriedly across the lot. In seconds, her high heels were beating a quick tattoo on the concrete as she climbed the three flights of stairs up to Uncle Tim’s apartment.

She paused briefly, glancing behind her and to both sides. Uncle Tim’s apartment door was inset about four feet deep into the outer wall … between his kitchen window and the windows of the master bedroom. Inside the alcove the inset provided, she couldn’t be seen from either side, and only her head was visible from the pavement below. Across the parking lot, there was nothing behind except the tall wood fence that separated the apartment from the street beyond and no one on that boulevard had time to be glancing up at the apartment complex.

She pursed her lips. “Hmmmmmmmmmmm? To do or not to do….”

She decided quickly. She could take a chance; it would only be for a moment.

She wasn’t wearing the trench coat she and Uncle Tim had discussed. Instead, she was wearing a wrap-around jersey-knit dress that she’d altered so that it was held closed by nothing more than the sash around her waist … and that with only the loosest of knots; it was already coming loose. Taking the chance, she pulled the sash undone and whipped off the dress. Holding it between thumb and forefinger, she threw it over her shoulder and pushed Uncle Tim’s doorbell with her other hand.

The door was jerked open. “Get your hot little ass in here,” Uncle Tim said gruffly, his voice thickened by passion. He was as naked as she. He reached for her wrist and yanked.

Rachel let herself be drawn inside. She giggled happily. Uncle Tim was in charge and Rachel was just fine with that. She felt herself enfolded in his big arms and turned her face up for their first lover’s kiss. She giggled again. Her exploring hands had found her favorite uncle’s hard cock, erect and ready to pleasure her. She dropped the small overnight bag she’d brought with her onto the hard linoleum of the entranceway so she could use both hands on Uncle Tim.

Rachel took her uncle’s cock in her left hand and rubbed it over the smooth skin over her belly button and below. A little pre-cum slime oozed from the slit in the tip of his penis, making a wet, slick streak on her skin. She laughed delightedly.

Uncle Tim held her away from himself for a moment, drinking in the sight of his favorite niece. Mother and daughters had many traits in common. Clearly, some fine genes had bred true in the younger girls. Beneath trim, softly rounded bellies, all three of them had prominent pubic mounds with soft, puffy outer labia folded together into beautiful slits undisturbed by protruding inner labia.

Though a mother of three, Rachel’s body looked just as virginal as her daughters’. That she wore her hair in a saucy ponytail tonight couldn’t be by accident. She looked like a fresh-faced teenager waiting for her first fuck.

Rachel grinned, understanding her uncle’s gaze to be highly complimentary. Her high heels tapped on the hard tiles in the foyer as she turned around in a slow circle for her Uncle Tim. Rachel’s hips were rounded into a womanly shape where her daughters had only gentle curves, but all three pairs of hips flowed into shapely thighs and down to sculpted calves and ankles. Tim decided the three had the best legs of any three women he’d ever seen at one time.

There wasn’t a single dimple of cellulite on the back of Rachel’s thighs. He’d not expected to see any. He knew Rachel worked out religiously. She spent an hour and a half in the gym every morning before going in to work and jogged around the neighborhood after she got off. It was time well spent. Her trim figure and sexy legs would last her all her life.

“Lovely!!” Uncle Tim sighed finally.

“Thank you, Uncle Tim,” Rachel whispered, stepping forward until they were belly to belly again … well, more accurately, belly to lower ribcage. Rachel’s height, even augmented by her high heels, still didn’t match up to her uncle’s near six-foot frame.

Without asking, Rachel knelt in front of her uncle and captured his cock between her lips. Breathing steadily through her nose, she didn’t stop until her uncle’s cock was all the way down her throat. She heard Uncle Tim gasp and she giggled, nearly choking in the process. Uncle Tim moaned and tried to cover it by clearing his throat but everyone saw through that.

“I see where you girls got your talent for swallowing a guy whole,” Uncle Tim said, glancing around at his grandnieces. They grinned.

A few moments and Rachel released Uncle Tim’s penis. She examined him closely, blowing gentle puffs of her hot breath on the swollen head, and explored the little slit there. Her uncle’s breath caught in his throat more than once at the wonderful sensation.

Rachel inspected his hairless groin. “So smooth too,” she commented, glancing slyly up to meet his eyes. “Did my babies have anything to do with that?” She cupped his scrotum in her soft right hand to show just exactly where she meant.

“Yep,” Tim replied, and a certain nervousness came over his features. “I had to admit I like them without any hair down there and they said they liked me that way too,” he remarked, somewhat defensively.

“I just didn’t realize….” He stopped.

Rachel looked up at him, turned her head to glare at her daughters and back to him.

“You don’t mean to tell me,” Rachel said at last, “they talked you into letting them shave you?”

Tim looked more uncomfortable than ever, in spite of the fact that Rachel’s massage of his ‘family jewels’ was feeling very good.

“Well–” he began. He cut himself off. “They did do a great job,” he said defensively.

“I’m sure they did,” Rachel said laughingly. “They love doing it … and they really love making a guy sweat too.” She looked at her daughters and shook her head at the grinning urchins.

“Uncle Tim, dear,” she told her uncle. “We’re going to have a talk about laser technology, for one thing. There are lots of benefits to getting rid of your hair down there, like not having any sharp edges around one’s private parts.” She looked around at her daughters. “They probably volunteered to do the shaving thing any time you needed, didn’t they?”

No one actually moved, but Rachel nodded the way she would have if everyone had replied with a loud ‘Yes, ma’am’….

“Uh-huh,” Rachel said. She threw a ‘We’re going to have a little talk when I get you home’ look at the two girls. They tried to look contrite, but they were really only unhappy they wouldn’t have Uncle Tim’s family jewels and sharp edges in their hands simultaneously in the future. He looked so funny when they did….

Rachel stood up. Uncle Tim took the opportunity to trace the length of her pussy lips with his fingers and explore the surrounding area. His niece’s groin was as satiny smooth as were her pre-teen daughters’. There wasn’t the slightest difference. Clearly, Rachel was intimately familiar with ‘laser technology’ or something because no razor blade could shave this smooth.

Rachel waited until he was ready, then knelt and fed her uncle’s cock back into her mouth, holding his balls in her right hand and massaging them comfortingly. Her tongue washed the underside of his cock and delved into the V-shaped frenulum to make Uncle Tim groan out loud again. He couldn’t stand that.

“Oh God!!” Uncle Tim whispered. “Honey, come up here. Reaching down, he pulled her up. His fingers went back to her sopping pussy while he kissed her demanding lips.

Rachel spread her thighs a little, and her outer labia parted slightly. Uncle Tim smelled the musky aroma of a sexually aroused woman. He licked his lips in anticipation. He went down on his knees, eager to taste his niece.

He dropped to his knees in the foyer between Rachel’s thighs. She spread her creamy thighs wider. Tim kissed his niece’s pouting pussy lips for the first time, making Rachel sigh and wriggle her hips in sheer bliss at her uncle’s incestuous touch.

Uncle Tim’s tongue stabbed into his niece’s young pussy, diving swiftly between her outer lips and through her sensitive inner ones.

Rachel gasped. Her feet stamped a quick tattoo before she could control herself. Her uncle’s tongue rasped on the tender flesh covering her clit, quickly teasing it from its protecting fold and sucking the bud between his lips. For long moments, Rachel’s body squirmed uncontrollably, beset with assaults all over her body.

“Time for these to come out,” Uncle Tim commented. He began to pull gently on the soaked string attached to the Ben Wa balls inside his niece’s cunt. Giving up eating her pussy for a moment, he settled back on his haunches and began pulling the weighted little balls out of her body. He pulled steadily, and the two balls dropped into his hand a moment later. Rachel moaned. Her vagina was empty and she needed it filled.

Uncle Tim held the dripping little balls up to his mouth and looked up into her face. Holding his niece’s eyes with his, he deliberately licked the balls dry. Rachel’s lust-filled eyes grew even more hot and wanton. She watched her uncle’s eyes, making little thrusts up at him with her groin. Uncle Tim’s tongue flicked out again and again, gathering the final remains of the slick pussy juice Rachel had left on the balls and taking it in his mouth. When he was done, he licked his lips to make certain he hadn’t missed any of the musky sap.

“You taste wonderful,” Uncle Tim said reverently. Angie and Cindy giggled from the sidelines. They well understood what their mother was going through. Uncle Tim was SO nasty and he knew exactly how to make a girl desperate for his cock. They loved him dearly.

“NOW! No more … please, Uncle Tim.” Rachel said hoarsely. She put her back against the closed door. “Fuck me now, Uncle Tim!! I need your cock in me right now! Nail me to this door!! That’s what you said!!”


Uncle Tim grinned and pressed tight against her. Dipping his knees, his cock found the heat of her cleft and battered its way inside her dripping labia.

“AAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGH!” she cried as her uncle penetrated her for the first time, almost twenty-one years after she’d first tried to get him to take her.

Uncle Tim rammed his cock deep into his niece’s vagina. Rachel was a mature woman. She was moaning with the need for a cock inside her and he didn’t need to be as gentle as he was with her daughters. He touched bottom and felt a little give. Bumping forward again, he touched the depths of Rachel’s cunt. Adjusting his stance, he pulled almost completely out of Rachel’s body.

She moaned, protesting against the emptiness he left behind. Her vagina sought to squeeze down on him to keep him from deserting her. With only his cock head still inside her, Uncle Tim drove forward again, plunging his cock back into the depths of his favorite niece.

“ANNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Rachel gurgled. She wound her arms around her Uncle’s neck and tried to climb up his body.

Uncle Tim pulled out again, his penis reappearing outside Rachel’s pussy slowly. Sucking noises accompanied the movement, proof his niece’s vagina was doing all it could to keep the hard shaft inside. The scent of a man and woman having sex permeated the room. The foursome breathed deep, inhaling the heady perfume and were aroused even more.

Uncle Tim slammed his cock back into his niece’s cunt, slipped back a space, then rammed forward again. He began a rhythmic, pile driver-like plowing of Rachel’s volcanic tunnel. Gradually, he speeded his assault up, powering deep inside the woman, plumbing every inch of her vagina while she clung desperately to him. She was balancing on only one leg now because her right leg was hoisted in the air now, crooked behind her uncle’s body. Her calf massaged her uncle’s upper thigh rhythmically.

“Ooooooommmmmmggggggggghhhhhh!” Rachel crooned. “Aaaannnnnnnggggg!”

She panted for a while, taking her uncle’s cock inside her in long, smooth strokes. “God, Uncle Tim … I’ve needed this for sooooooo long.”

“Me too, honey,” Uncle Tim assured her. “I just didn’t know….” There was anguish in his voice. He regretted disappointing his little niece all those years ago. He would have to work to make it up to her … he didn’t know if he could.

“Fuck me now, Uncle Tim … fuck your little niece good and hard!” she implored.

“Anh! Anh! Anh! Anh! Anh! Anh! Anh! Anh!!!!” Rachel chanted. Her breathing was getting ragged; her face was screwed up into a blank mask. She was concentrating on what was happening inside her.

“ANH! ANH! ANH! ANH! ANH! ANH! ANH! ANH!!!!” she panted.

“Oh Gawddddd!!! Fuck me FASTER!!!”


Uncle Tim needed this release at least as much as Rachel did, though he fought it off as long as he could. He was looking down at her when she began her mantra; she couldn’t stop her wailing. Her need was too urgent. And so was his. Abruptly, he could stave it off no longer.

When the first spout of his incestuous seed splashed against her cunt walls, Rachel cried out with the fulfillment a lust so long delayed.





The pleasure was so intense, it nearly crossed the thin line into pain. Rachel felt her uncle coming deep inside her. At that moment, her orgasm consumed her and her personal little universe collapsed in upon itself until she and her long-delayed climax with her uncle were the only things around. The walls of her vagina held his cock inside her, rhythmically milking him of more semen and sucking it into the depths of her womanhood while she reveled in the rapture of her orgasm.

Uncle Tim thrust deep again, having managed to pull a few inches of his shaft out of Rachel’s body.

“NOOOOOOOO!!” She groaned complainingly, afraid he was going to pull out completely. This first orgasm with her uncle, postponed for so many years, was phenomenal. Waves of sensation swept back and forth inside her. Muscles rippled in her abdomen. She froze as another jet of cum spewed out of the narrow slit in the end of her uncle’s cock. It wasn’t enough. Her cunt demanded more and she squeezed down on his cock again

Uncle Tim sprayed another splash of cum into his niece’s body. His back arched as he drove in one last time to pump out a few last droplets of cum.

He was done. There was no strength left in his body and he stood there, swaying. He and his niece stayed fixed in that position and waited for their hearts to calm and their laboring lungs to catch up with their need for oxygen.

“Okay,” Cindy’s little voice interjected. “So who’s next?”

“Oh, God….” Uncle Tim moaned.

He looked down to see Cindy’s fingers stroking her little cunt and his body began reconsidering his weariness. Obligingly, the nine-year-old spread her feet and pooched her groin forward to show him her steaming cunt. As she opened herself up, her pussy juices dribbled obscenely down her slender thighs.

“Well … give me a minute, okay, honey?” Uncle Tim said reflectively.

The girls and their mother giggled in unison, and Uncle Tim pretended to be affronted. It didn’t impress anyone so he gave it up.

Shortly, Cindy was spread out on the massive coffee table in the living room while her mother, sister, and great-uncle worked on her with tongues, fingers, and cock until she exploded.

Angie was last, but Uncle Tim made sure when she came that it was one of the bestest she’d ever had. She told him so.



The girls were put to bed back in the bedroom where they’d started this visit and Rachel was stretched out beside her uncle in his bed. The kids hadn’t gone quietly. They’d gotten used to sleeping with their uncle but they had nothing to refute their mother’s quiet assertion that they’d had Uncle Tim to themselves for almost two weeks now and she had a LOT of catching up to do. They whined for a while, but Rachel assured them they’d have plenty of time to fuck Uncle Tim tomorrow, and in the days after that too.

Rachel lay on Uncle Tim’s right side, cuddling against his body. Her head lay on his shoulder and she’d thrown her right leg over his. Every once in a while, she rubbed her body along his thigh and sighed while she pressed her hot pussy against him for a moment’s pleasure. Rachel cupped her uncle’s soft scrotum in her right hand. She loved the feelings it gave her … power and trust in nearly equal quantities.

“You understand,” Rachel murmured to her uncle after a long while, “your life has changed forever? You know that, right? Whatever else happens, it’ll never go back to what it was.”

Her Uncle Tim did understand that, but he hadn’t thought much about it beyond that point.

“That’s true enough,” he admitted.

“The girls are going to want to see a lot more of you,” Rachel continued.

“I want to see them, and you too,” he replied. He stopped short. “Oh!” he said softly as the import of what Rachel was slowly working up to finally struck him. His niece and her daughters weren’t going to be satisfied just seeing him every few months … and the feeling was equally true in reverse. Living in different cities wasn’t going to work any more.

“Yeah,” Rachel cooed in his ear. “Everybody is going to want a lot more of everybody, darling uncle.” Tim caught something in her voice.

“And you have a solution for all this?” he asked, certain he already knew the answer. He smiled. He was only a pawn in a plan Rachel had been working on for a long time now.

“I’m soooo glad you asked,” Rachel cooed. “You see, there’s this house two doors down from us that’s vacant … and you already told me last month your lease here is up at the end of next month, and….

There was a short silence while Rachel massaged her uncle’s balls gently.

“Well … I could at least take a look at the place,” Uncle Tim mused. “Does it have a swimming pool?” he asked.

“No,” Rachel answered quietly. “But you’re going to be too busy to go swimming anyway,” she said in his ear. Her fingers were cupping his balls and fondling them again. She bent over to kiss and suck on his nipples. The girls had told her about his sensitivity there.

“Did I tell you?” Rachel said suddenly. She interrupted herself by contorting her body and scooting down Tim’s body. She took both her uncle’s goose egg sized jewels into her mouth and bathed the soft sac encasing them with her warm tongue. Tim groaned his pleasure with what she was doing.

“Did you tell me what?” he asked when he could speak again.

“Hmmmmmmmm?” Rachel replied. She took her uncle’s cock into her mouth and slathered her tongue around it a couple of times before straightening up a little. She dropped her head down, engulfing his entire shaft down her throat in one swift move.

“Ohmigod!” Tim whispered fervently. His whole world was centered on the delicious feelings of his niece tending to his throbbing cock. He fought for control. “Did you tell me what?” he repeated.

“Oh … I remember,” Rachel said when she came up for air.

“Tammy said she’s coming for a visit this summer … or did you know that already?” she asked nonchalantly. She didn’t wait for an answer.

Tim tried to sit up. “What–??”


His question cut off and he groaned as his cock was engulfed again in a feverishly hot mouth. His upper body flopped back down on the mattress. His cock head was deep inside her throat and it was a while before he could frame another question.

Tammy was his oldest daughter. She lived on the eastern seaboard and hadn’t been home to visit her father in a long while.

“And Roger,” Rachel added, taking a moment to love her uncle’s cock head with long strokes around the rim and paying lots of attention to the underside.

“And Kimmie, of course,” she said. She licked his shaft from head to his scrotum twice while Tim tried to do something besides croak unintelligibly. “And Carrie too,” Rachel continued. “And Denise … and yummy little Roger Junior,” she finished in a sexy voice. She rolled his balls around in her mouth for a long moment.

Roger was Tammy’s husband. Kimberly, Carrie, and Denise were their daughters and ranged in age from eleven down to six. They were Tim’s granddaughters. Roger Junior was Tammy’s ten-year-old son, Tim’s grandson.

Rachel’s tone left no doubt she had a thoroughly unwholesome interest in the boy. She giggled happily.

“Oh, Christ,” Tim muttered, trying to organize his thoughts.

“OOOOHHHHHH GODDDDDDD!!!!” he moaned. “Honey, please….”

“Ohhhhhhhhh Chriiiiiiiist, RACHEL!!!!”

Rachel had done her best to swallow his whole cock again.

“You know something I don’t know?” he demanded when he was able.

Rachel considered the question. “Maybe,” she said coyly.

“Woman!” Tim said threateningly. “I’m gonna … ANNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!”

Every time she plunged her mouth down over his prick, he lost track of what he was saying.


“Nothing for certain,” Rachel said when she took a break. “But maybe,” she teased. “We’ll just have to find out,” she concluded.

Exasperated, Tim pushed his niece onto her back and pushed her legs high in the air. When he finished, her knees were nudging her shoulders and her cunt was wide open, exposed for him to fuck. Tim fitted his cock into her pussy and took her with one long thrust.

Rachel giggled happily. She put the back of her ankles over her uncle’s big shoulders and urged him deeper into her with her hands pulling at his hipbones. For a long time, there were only the rhythmic sounds of a man and woman pleasing each other in the night.

* * *

A week later, Uncle Tim moved to the house just down the street from his most favorite niece in the world. He had to pay a penalty for not giving a full thirty days notice to the apartment manager, but he didn’t give a damn. It was money well spent.

It turned out the house owner was more than willing to sell the place instead of renting it, and the mortgage company was more than happy to find a customer who didn’t need to scrape his last few pennies together for a down payment. Everything came together quickly. Tim moved in before the deal actually cleared escrow.

Tim loaded everything he had in a big U-Haul truck, an auxiliary trailer and two full-packed pickups driven by his niece and her husband’s mother. The trip took much longer than expected; the two women mugged Tim and forced him to have sex with them behind the rest area’s bathrooms.

Tim fought them for as long as he could, but eventually they had their way with him.



On a night not too long after he moved in to his new home, Rachel dragged her uncle to a big party at one of her friends’ home. He’d known it was coming and had resisted as best he could.

He protested that he didn’t have much of anything in common with a bunch of young yuppies, but the last time he’d said that, his cock was buried balls deep in a twenty-nine-year-old yuppie named Rachel … so that particular argument became a lost cause. Giving in, more or less gracefully, he agreed to go to the party.

When the door opened, everything was dimly lit, and Tim frowned in annoyance. He didn’t like games. But once escorted inside by the mistress of the house and down into the basement, the lights flashed on.

Turned out, it was a surprise party for Uncle Tim, welcoming him to a little community that hoped to be able to count him among their number. They succeeded totally with the surprise thing. When the lights came up, he saw some forty-five or fifty men, women, and children having fun in the vast basement … and every single one of them was stark naked.

His jaw gaped, but everyone understood. They tactfully resumed what they had been doing on the assortment of sofas, cushions, and even the thick carpet when he and Rachel arrived so Uncle Tim would have time to recover.

Tim’s jaw dropped a second time as he caught sight of Cindy walking toward him, hand in hand with a little auburn-haired girl about her own age. Both of them were unashamedly naked. The little girl looked familiar, but he didn’t know why. He didn’t even know when Cindy had left for this party, but here she was.

“Hi, Uncle Tim,” Cindy said happily. “This is Bonnie and she wants to know if you’ll fuck her ’til she walks funny,” Cindy announced, grinning broadly.

Tim’s jaw dropped again. He made a huge effort to close it and keep it shut. It was so unattractive for a grown man to wander around with his mouth flapping open like a country yokel all the time.

“Did you see Bonnie’s new tattoo, Uncle Tim?” Cindy continued. She wasn’t waiting for Tim to contribute to the conversation. She pointed to a place low on the other little girl’s body.

Dazed, Tim knelt. Seeing his name, he pulled himself together well enough to read what it said.

‘Insert Uncle Tim Here’ was written in small, fancy script just above the child’s slit. An arrow pointed down to her puffy pussy lips. Tim sucked in a lungful of air.

“Oh my God,” Tim breathed. He was abruptly aware his cock had snapped into a steel-hard rod in response to the lewd invitation the pre-teen girl was proposing.

“It’s not really a tattoo,” Cindy confided. “It’ll go away when she takes a bath,” she continued. “Do you like it?” she asked coquettishly.

“Yes … I do,” Tim said hoarsely. “It’s very nice,” he added as some strength returned. His eyes lifted enough to take in Bonnie’s face. She was grinning happily.

“You can lick my pussy if you want to,” Bonnie told him without the slightest sign of shyness. “Mommy says you can do that any time you want to … and fuck me in my mouth and my ass too,” she said with perfect aplomb.

She stepped in and kissed Tim on the lips. He was startled when her tongue darted between his lips to flick at his. Bonnie giggled, probably at the expression on his face.

He stood up then, not entirely certain what to do next.

Small teeth nibbled at his earlobe. Someone–a female someone–behind him was plastered against his back. Reaching around, his hand had found a wonderfully smooth, firm butt cheek that he fondled for a moment. Apparently Rachel had stripped her clothes off in record time.

“Did I forget to tell you we aren’t the only people in the world who like hot … nasty … perverted family sex, Uncle Tim,” Rachel whispered in his ear. She giggled when he growled in mock irritation.

Then she pulled at his arm to turn her uncle around to face her … and another woman–a pretty, blond, and very naked woman.

“Uncle Tim,” Rachel said, “this is Darlene Parker … Darlene … Tim Gillette.”

The naked woman shook hands with Uncle Tim and smiled warmly at him. Tim was sure he’d seen her somewhere. In his mind, he thought about all the people in the neighborhood he’d meet these past couple of weeks. He couldn’t place her.

“Darlene is Bonnie’s mother,” Rachel said helpfully. She was insufferably cheerful.

“Ahhhhhh….” Tim shot a quick glance down at the naked little girl who was holding his hand possessively. Then he looked back into Darlene’s faintly amused eyes. He wondered what one said to the mother of a darling little sprite who’d just offered to let him fuck her in every hole. Bonnie’d said she had her mother’s permission. Still….

“You remember Bonnie and her brood starred in one of the movies the kids brought with them?” Rachel prompted.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Tim breathed, recognizing her now. He had to say something … anything. “My compliments on having such a lovely family,” he said.

‘God! How lame!’ he thought to himself. He hoped his confused thoughts didn’t show on his face.

“My Uncle Tim likes naked little girls and women,” Rachel laughed. “Can you tell?”

“That’s good,” Darlene cooed. She had a soft bedroom voice that made Tim’s knees weak. “We like to be naked for him,” she said, closing the gap between herself and Tim.

Between the two women, and with Bonnie helping, Tim was soon as naked as everyone else. They chatted with him and each other and gave him a hand finding the closet to put his clothes away for the duration.

“Darlene is a special friend of mine, Uncle Tim,” Rachel told him, putting Darlene’s hand in his. “I know you’ll like her … and her children.” She turned to walk away. By the way, Darlene is looking for a Daddy to fuck her brains out and her daughters too … did I mention that?”

“Oh, not Priscilla!” Darlene said to Rachel’s back. She turned back to a stunned Tim and smiled warmly.

“After all, she’s only four and we’re still working on getting her opened enough with dildos and butt plugs so a big ol’ hunk of a man … can fuck her cute little cunt and her ass too.”

Tim stared.

“But she can do oral sex okay,” Darlene continued, smiling wickedly. The woman closed the distance between her and Tim’s bodies. Her nipples were hot coals burning into Tim’s lower chest. She took his hard-on in her right hand and jacked it slowly back and forth.

“My Prissy just loves to lick a hard cock–kind a’ like an all day sucker, you know? And then she wants to suck the cum right out of a guy … oh, my goodness … you should see her lips glued to the end of a guy’s prick.” Darlene chuckled prettily.

” I swear she does everything she can to get the tip of her tongue all the way down that slit so cum can come out.” She chuckled again, shaking her head ruefully. “Can you just imagine?”

Tim Gillette swallowed hard. His throat was dry. He looked around the room. He could imagine.

“OH, there she is. PRISCILLA!! Come over here, honey,” Darlene called, waving at a naked cherub a short distance away. “Mr. Gillette wants to meet you,” the tot’s mother explained to her. “Did you say you want to show Mr. Gillette how much you like sucking cum out of a nice cock?”

The little girl grinned and nodded.

“Don’t you think you better ask him if that’s alright with him?”

“Mr. … G … Gl … Mr. ‘lette … is it alrigh’ if I suck … cum from your cock?” She beamed up at the ex-fireman.

“I … I … sure, it is, honey,” Tim replied hoarsely.

“Right after you help him fuck your sister, okay?” her mother prompted.

The tyke nodded brightly.

“She just loves licking a hot dick right out of a fresh-fucked pussy too,” the tiny girl’s mother confided to Tim. She smiled fondly at her wanton little toddler. “And sucking cum out of that pussy too … don’t you sugar?”

The tiny girl nodded happily. She smiled sexily up at Tim.

“But listen to me babble on. Goodness … I do go on sometimes. Someone should stop me.” Darlene giggled like a schoolgirl. “Listen, why don’t we go over to the Parker mattress over there in the corner,” she suggested, pointing.

“You do know I have two more daughters who are going to be super excited to meet you, right…?” she asked as she pranced away.

Uncle Tim Gillette nodded dazedly as he followed the naked woman and her lewd little girls as she led the way across the roomful of fucking kids and adults. He watched the play of Darlene’s firmly packed ass as she swayed gently from side to side walking gracefully to the corner. The two girls, toddler and preteen, had beautifully rounded bubble-butts too. Thoroughly entrancing … exhilarating … hell, electrifying….

Before they were halfway to the Parker’s corner, Uncle Tim caught up with the trio of lovelies and caught up Darlene’s hand in his. By the time they reached the cushions and mattresses in the corner, Uncle Tim was leading the way.


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