Feature Writer: Rak_Sasha

Feature Title: Two Years Later

Published: 06.01.2022

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Alex and Mary are still dealing with what happened.

Two Years Later

Two Years Later …

A wisp of smoke drifts across the room, gliding past a picture of a young woman standing in her college graduation cap and gown while a familiar couple stands next to her for the portrait. Alex and Mary’s daughter Erica had graduated college the year before as the family and even the town itself was still haunted by the events that took place a few years ago. Even after all this time, he could still remember that woman’s name… Sasha, who had moved into the house next door. That sultry blonde with that pet leopard, he could remember thinking there was something terribly wrong with this picture.

Taking another long drag off his cigarette, a habit he picked up to help deal with the stress of living with the memory of what happened to them. The events that nearly ripped his family, the town, and potentially the world apart. He was handling it better than some of the other people in his town, several moved away. After it was over there were numerous divorces and separations, fearing the same would happen between him and Mary he found himself looking for a way out. Not an escape from his marriage, but an escape from this setting. To get away from all the bad memories, yet even if he wouldn’t admit it to his wife.. not all the memories were bad.

Closing his eyes for a brief moment, he could still see his wife climbing on top of him. Easily taking his thick cock into her delicate folds, feeling them stretch and wrap around him lovingly. Her hands caressed his chest and gripped his shoulders as she begins to ride him, then he remembered how things had changed while Sasha was around. Mary had gone from a rather passive and reserved woman to a lustful and passionate creature, the sex with her had never been better. She couldn’t seem to get enough of him, and the more often she seemed to go next door to visit Sasha the more she seemed different afterward.

The vivid memories of his wife began to stir his arousal, he could feel his cock beginning to rise and press against his jeans. an obvious bulge forming there as he leans back in his chair, taking another long drag off his cigarette and slowly exhaling the smoke. He could remember the first time he noticed that lustful and almost crazed look in her eyes, seeing her smiling at him and showing her teeth a little. At that moment he noticed something was different, her teeth appeared sharper almost like her upper and lower canines had grown slightly longer.

Her wanton moans were becoming a little deeper, a hint of a rumbling growl could be heard in them as she became more forceful with him. Shoving him back onto the bed and snarling a little, looking back on it now he knew this was wrong but he couldn’t stop himself. She felt so amazing, the things she did with her body were unlike anything he ever experienced with his wife before then. The feel of her claws against his skin as she scratched him, clinging to him as she continued to ride him like a beast.

He could still see that sexy tail swaying back and forth behind her as she grinds against him, not bothering to use a condom as she urges him to cum inside her. His cock now painfully erect and pressing against his clothes as he sits in his chair, his hand resting next to his belt as he slowly begins to unbuckle it. Carefully running the zipper down and pulling his boxers open to allow his cock to slither free, slithering out and glistening with precum as he grips it firmly. He couldn’t resist giving it a few sensual strokes, biting his lower lip and trying not to moan.

Down the hall in the bedroom, Mary was still sleeping, shifting a little on the bed as she turns over onto her side. Reaching over and sliding her fingers across the bed where her husband would normally lay, having since gone to bed without him as they seemed to be growing apart since the thing with Sasha. The lingering scent of his arousal eventually makes its way back to the bedroom, reaching her nostrils as she takes a soft breath. At that moment she could feel something begin to stir within her, something dark and primal.

Laying there wearing little more than one of Alex’s t-shirts and a pair of panties, she began to move a little. A light sheen of sweat begins to form on her skin as the shirt sticks to her while a low and wanton moan slips past her lips. Her hand gently resting on the bed next to her suddenly digs its nails into the bed, her fingernails thicken into inhuman claws as she rips into the sheets. A sultry smile crawls across her lips, feeling an unnatural lust washing over her and forcing her to start moving her hips a little.

Seemingly grinding against an unseen lover, with her head resting against the pillow as she bites at it. She could feel her teeth growing sharper as she chews on the pillow, trying not to make too much noise while enjoying this raw and primal lust surging through her body. Feeling something wet trailing down her inner thigh as she reaches down with one hand, teasing her moist lips and sinking a single clawed finger into her dripping pussy. A low inhuman purr rumbles within her as she slowly opens her eyes, revealing they were the same gold color they had become after her first evening spent with Sasha.

Looking back towards the bedroom door, baring her fangs and almost snarling as she begins moving her finger in and out of her dripping slit. Knowing her husband was in the other room and aroused by something, her senses were heightened as she could smell his precum leaking from the tip of his cock. She could hear how his breathing had become slower, her toes curl to reveal her toenails had also grown into thick claws. Gracefully sliding her legs over the edge of the bed and letting her bare feet hit the bedroom floor, tossing the sheet aside that was covering her as she pulls her claws free of her delicate folds.

Slowly bringing her hand up and licking her fingers clean, purring softly as she walks through the bedroom. Noticing the image of her reflection out of the corner of her eye, turning to admire the image in the mirror on top of the dresser. Seeing that what was staring back at her in the mirror was not her human self. It was a beautiful black-furred panther woman, the sensual and exotic creature she had become after having sex with Sasha. She knew she wasn’t possessed by some demonic beast… she WAS this beast. This was the creature chained up within her, secured by the bondage of humanity.

Admiring her reflection for a moment before letting out a low growl, smiling at herself and watching the reflection of the panther woman smile back at her while the name she was given by Sasha still echos inside her head… Ne’Kara. As she walks down the hallway towards Alex’s office which was once Vincent’s bedroom, their son had moved out not long after what happened. The memories of him turning into an animal still haunted him, and the unnatural attraction he had to his mother and sister just made things worse after he became a beast.

Dropping Alex’s shirt and stepping over it before she reaches down to her side, slicing through the strap holding her panties together, and letting them fall to the floor. Leaving them in the hallway as she stands in the doorway to his office. Naked and leaning against the door frame, for a moment just admiring the view of her husband sitting in his chair. Slowly stroking that big cock, she couldn’t resist sniffing at the air a little and savoring the scent of his lust. Taking a few graceful steps towards him, her claws clicked against the floor with each step as he seemed lost in his memories of what happened years ago.

Slipping up behind him with the grace and stealthy agility of an animal as she reaches over, placing her hand across his eyes to keep him from seeing anything. He almost sits up a little at the sudden surprise of her touch, feeling her push him back down in his chair with inhuman strength. His cock now throbbing with arousal and drooling precum all over his jeans as she leans in closer to his ear, letting out a low beastly purr. “I know you’ve missed this…” That sound, the sweet and sensual sound of his wife’s voice sounding so different… so lustful and passionate. Then there was that low beastly growl that was rumbling in every word, instantly reminding him of when his wife had become a daughter of the Rak-Sasha.

Alex could feel his heart skip a beat, hearing that growl that he had heard only once before as he rests in his chair. Mary’s hand still covers his eyes while her other hand reaches down into his lap, pushing his hand out of the way and gripping his cock firmly. A low and wanton moan slips past her lips, her sharpening teeth just a breath away from his ear as she purrs to him. “you’re so fucking hard for me, my love… but I still find myself missing that thick wolf cock of yours.” The mention of this bringing back a vivid and yet often repressed memory he had, he could see himself desperately thrusting between his wife’s thighs.

He could see his back muscles flexing as he mercilessly pounds into her flesh, sheathing his cock within her as she clings to him. Scratching lines of red across his back, drawing a little bit of blood with her thick feline claws. The savage embrace of his mate only fuels his desires as a wolfish tail begins to grow out from the base of his spine, it wags back and forth in time with his thrusts. His cock took on a more pinkish tint to it as its tip became pointed and inhuman, yet all that mattered was the pleasures being given to him.

His hips slap wetly against Mary’s thighs as a layer of dark black fur begins to cover her skin, arching her back beneath him as her moans become low and bestial growls and snarls. Lifting slightly as she smiles up at him, revealing her golden and feral gaze as she stares into his eyes. His once kind and loving stare was now intense, his eyes were a similar shade of gold with flicks of red creeping into them from the outer edges. His lip curls into a snarl to reveal his canines as they begin to grow longer, a little bit of saliva trails down his chin as he leans down to his lover.

The vision suddenly ends as he felt her hand pull away from his face, revealing his wife standing in front of him completely naked. Offering him a seductive smile as she gracefully kneels in front of his chair, stroking her hands across his hips. Taking hold of his cock once more as she leans forward, wrapping her lips around the thick head and sucking wantonly. An intense warmth enveloped his shaft as she hungrily sucks him off, moving her head gently as he enjoys every moment. It had been so long since they had done this, but this time it was different.. it was dark… primal… animalistic.

Looking down between his legs, for a brief moment, he could see not his wife’s body kneeling there. Instead, he saw the creature she had once become, the beast she was revealed to be after spending some time with Sasha. Knowing that this creature had always been within his wife, living just under the surface. Past the flesh and a few thousand years of domestication, she was an animal. He couldn’t resist reaching out and touching her head, feeling her cat-like ears fold down against her head at his touch. A low purr rumbling within her as she begins sucking wantonly, easily taking the full length of his cock down her throat and not even once gagging.

This continues for several minutes until he could feel himself growing close, trying to hold back but it was so tempting. The wetness of her throat tightening around his cock, the warm and sensual caress of her tongue on his sensitive flesh. Grabbing a handful of her dark hair as he pulls her down into his lap, forcing the full length of his manhood into her mouth. Instinctively bucking his hips a little and letting out a few grunts and moans, venting his thick load down her throat as she hungrily swallows every drop of it. A low purring begins to rumble within her as she continues to milk his cock, savoring the taste of his seed as she continues to suck on his softening manhood. Spent, she lets it slip out of her mouth as a strand of cum stretches from her lips back to the head of his cock.

The low purring within her begins to deepen, sounding more like a growl as she turns to look at him. The lust faded from her eyes as they looked even more feral now than they did earlier, her upper lip begins to quiver. Showing a hint of the sharp fangs underneath, reaching up and digging her claws into his shoulders as she pulls herself up into his lap. He gently places his hands on her hips, a mixture of fear and lust washing over him as his cock begins to throb. Slowly rising between his thighs and brushing against her, feeling her muscles tense a little underneath her soft fur before she lunges at him. A ferocious and almost lion-like roar escapes her as she rakes her claws across his chest, he felt an intense stinging sensation spread across his chest. Gripping where she had scratched him, suddenly sitting up and finding himself lying in bed next to his wife.

A cold sweat covered him from head to toe as he gasps a few breaths, for an instant, he was thankful to be alive. That it had only been a dream, a very strange… vivid, erotic.. and almost familiar dream. Trying to calm himself as he looks over to see Mary still asleep next to him, his eyes travel over her sleeping form as if checking to see if she still had any of her feline traits. A nervous smile comes across his lips, trying to make sense of what he was actually looking for. As he turns over with his back to her, he could feel a dampness between his legs. From the warm slimy feel of it he knew what had happened… another dream, another load of laundry he thinks to himself. Feeling the cum sticking to his boxers as he closes his eyes, thinking he could just deal with it in the morning.

Alex could feel the warmth of the sunlight pouring through the bedroom window as he begins to stir, opening his eyes and noticing that Mary had already gotten out of bed. Letting out a yawn as he sits up, even reaching up and touching his hand to his chest as if checking to see if she had really scratched him last night. Not seeing anything and taking a soft breath, slipping out of bed before walking towards the bathroom. Taking off his boxers, feeling they were still a little sticky from the intensely erotic dream he had last night. Not even bothering to close the door as he steps into the shower, letting the warm water run down his face while trying to shrug off that strange feeling that maybe it was all starting to happen again.

Later that morning while sitting at the dining table, he looks over at his wife who was busy looking at something on her phone.

“Why don’t we do something? Get out of this house for a while, out of this town…” He asks, taking a sip of coffee and waiting for her answer.

“Yea I know, you’ve been wanting to go to Vegas,” She says with a hint of irritation.

“Mary, it’s been 2 years to the day since–”

She suddenly puts her phone down, turning to look at her husband and glaring at him before cutting him off in mid-speech. “Don’t EVER mention her name in this house”

For a moment they just stare at one another, he could see how upset his wife was at the mention of their former neighbor Sasha and how that strange woman had almost destroyed their marriage, their town, and almost the world.

Mary’s hand tightens a little, almost scratching her nails against the dining table as she too could remember everything that happened. She remembered first seeing this strange woman, even going over to visit with Sasha before things got weird. Along with those memories, she could still remember how good it felt to have sex with this woman. To feel Sasha’s cock sheathed within her, pumping her full of its seed as she was growling and snarling. Wait… SHE was growling? Mary’s thoughts were racing, vivid memories of seeing herself as some panther woman covered in dark fur and climbing on top of a humanoid lioness with beautiful ram-like horns.

Alex could see a distant look in his wife’s eyes, he knew she could remember more than she’d ever admitted about what happened back then. He too could remember the first time he had witnessed Sasha having sex with her, seeing his wife transform into a beautiful and seductive animal. Even parts of his own transformation into a wolf-like creature, having never felt so powerful, so free in his entire life. Finding himself missing that feeling from time to time, eventually reaching over to touch Mary’s hand.

As he does, she looks at him and jerks her hand back from under his. Her eyes briefly turn a feral gold color as she lets out a beastly snort, blinking a few times as her eyes shift back to normal. The two of them just stared at one another, trying to maintain their composure and dealing with the fact that even 2 years later they were still dealing with the after-effects of being transformed by Sasha. Mary reaches across the table to grab Alex’s coffee, taking a big gulp before getting out of her chair.

“That Vegas trip you were looking at last night, go ahead and book it. Maybe it wasn’t just her.. maybe the house next door, or even this town… just get me out of this place for a week.”

Walking out of the room and leaving Alex still sitting at the table, Mary walks back upstairs and into the bedroom before closing the door behind her. Thinking about what just happened in the kitchen and looking at her hand, noticing a rough pad-like surface on her palms. “goddammit….”

Almost growling at herself as she walks over to the bed, crawling onto it and rolling over onto her back, reaching down with one hand and easily ripping her panties off. Tracing a single finger along her moist lips before dipping into her warm and juicy slit. biting her lower lip as she tries not to moan. The memories she had of Sasha were turning her on, even if she hated this woman who used her, transformed her into a monster, seduced her son, and almost killed her daughter. She couldn’t help but lust for her, remembering how good it felt to feel Sasha’s cock inside her.

Still in the kitchen Alex quickly makes the travel arrangements for their trip to Vegas, while doing so he notices a few promotions for different places on the strip. Several casinos, hotels, even some strip clubs. Among them was a listing for a place called “Safari” that had just opened recently, noticing an animal-like woman on the ad. He couldn’t help but feel aroused at the image of this seductive creature, a sensual mix of human and animal not unlike the creature his wife had become when corrupted by Sasha. He couldn’t resist adding a membership to the club to the travel package before paying for it. Thinking it would be an interesting and kinky surprise for them once they get out of town, it was then that Alex began to notice something.

Taking a breath as he could smell something… a faint and alluring aroma fills his nostrils. Looking upstairs where his wife had gone earlier, upon smelling this he could instantly feel his cock pumping itself erect. Within seconds it was pressing against his pants, desperate to break free of his restrictive clothing. Even he still had a few lingering effects from his brief transformation at the hands of Sasha’s corruptive nature.

A few days later a jet screams across the sky over the desert, touching down at the Vegas airport as the two make their way off the plane and to the valet waiting to take them to their hotel.

With his phone in hand, showing the confirmation for their hotel room Alex approaches the front desk. Around them a near-constant flow of people entering and exiting the beautifully decorated hotel lobby, hearing her husband talking to the hotel employee as she looks around. Noticing a group of young women walking into the lobby, their conversation echoing across the large room.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe we’re actually out here!” One of them shouts while another takes a selfie of the group before posting it online.

“And to think Jessica, your parents paid for this AND sent you out here by yourself! Wish I had parents like that” Another girl shakes her head, motioning for the man following them carrying the luggage cart to follow them into the hotel.

“Last night as a single woman, girl. Better live it up!” The one that was obviously the bride smiles back and nods. “Oh I intend to… he even booked us a private bachelorette party at someplace called So-Furry?”

“Actually, it’s called Safari” A woman answers from across the lobby.

Mary turns to see who was addressing the young woman, seeing a tall blonde woman wearing dark sunglasses and a black dress and heels. Mary felt her heart leap into her throat, noticing the striking resemblance this woman had to the woman who almost ruined her life two years earlier. Gasping a soft breath before turning towards her husband, finding him still talking to the receptionist.

“Oh my god, Alex…. Alex! It’s her!” Mary whispers to him in an urgent and frightened voice, Alex shrugs off her remarks as he tries to make sure everything is set up for their stay at the hotel. By the time she gets him to pull away from the reception desk, he turns to look across the lobby to just see random people he had never seen before walking through the room.

“Her who?” He asks, looking at his wife for a moment before shaking his head. He knew she was on edge about what happened a couple of years ago, feeling thankful they were able to get out of town for a while and away from those bad memories. “Come on, sweetie… let’s go upstairs,” He says, gently pulling Mary to follow him as she looks across the lobby of the hotel.

Knowing that she wasn’t seeing things, that she really did see that Sasha woman here at the hotel. Yet the calm in her husband’s voice, his reassuring presence, and the faith she had that were tested two years ago helps her remain calm and try to relax.

After reaching their hotel room they slip inside, tossing their luggage on the second bed as Mary turns to look at him. “Separate beds?”

Alex shrugs a little “the hotel didn’t have any single bedrooms available, it was either this or the presidential suite. We could slide them together?”

Hearing that Mary actually smiles a little, walking up to her husband and slipping her arms around his neck.

Leaning up and placing a soft kiss upon his lips before whispering back “I’m glad I let you talk me into coming out here…. it feels good to get away from things that remind me of what happened” She turns, laying her head against his chest as he holds her almost protectively.

Resting his chin on the top of her head as they just stand there for a moment, both of them knowing they had some wounds that needed to heal and this seemed the best way to go about that.

After an hour or so of getting unpacked, the couple set out onto the Vegas strip just as the sun begins to set. Dazzled by the millions of bright lights and decorative style of the many casinos and hotels along the road, at times stepping into a few of them. Trying their luck at some of the many card games, gambling a little both there and on some of the slot machines. Hitting one of them as its lights and sirens go off, Alex felt the gambling bug bite him a little before Mary helped him to leave the casino before losing too much money. As they venture deeper into the city Alex suddenly pulls out his phone.

“Who would be calling you right now?” Mary asks him as he looks at the screen and sees a notification reminding him of their membership at a new club that had recently opened, something called Safari.

Mary recognized the name as the one mentioned in the hotel by the bridal party and didn’t share his enthusiasm for it, especially once they arrived at the club. Seeing the large neon sign and the line of people waiting to get inside, a couple of rather intimidating security guards standing outside the main entrance as he gives his wife a reassuring look.

“Alex, you can’t just walk up there, we have to get in line… and look at it, it’s gonna take forever. Let’s just go somewhere else?” He grabs her arm and gently pulls her to come along with him as they walk past the line of people waiting to get inside, the guard turns to look at them.

At that moment Alex could see there was something different about this man, something strange yet familiar. Staring into the greenish eyes of the security guard and noticing they were slit like those of a reptile, the man’s lip curls up slightly to reveal a hint of the sharp teeth in his mouth. Letting out an inhuman growl before Alex holds up his phone to show the membership he purchased, the guard notices the name and nods slightly. Stepping aside to let Alex and his wife inside, past the line of patrons who yell and shout at the couple skipping ahead of them all.

Leaving the angry shouting and vague threats outside as the doors close behind them, leaving them in the darkness of the club entrance before a woman approaches them. The light seemingly reflecting in her eyes like that of an animal in the dark, she offers a slight smile as she comes closer. Revealing a woman no more than her early twenties and wearing not a stitch of clothing, instead, her naked flesh seemed covered in soft tan fur with dark leopard-like spots. She even had a sexy feline tail that was idly twitching back and forth a little behind her, neither Alex nor Mary could stop looking at the woman’s face.

It was a beautiful mix of human and feline, the perfection of the human form with the sensual touch of an animal’s natural features. A slight muzzle, dark lips, a feline nose, and lovely cat-like ears poked through her long hair.

Taking a few steps closer and introducing herself “Good evening, Alex… Mary… we’ve been expecting you”

Mary looks at her husband, narrowing her eyes a little before asking the woman “…how did you know who we are or that we were coming here tonight?” The leopard woman purrs softly, taking a couple of steps closer to Mary and almost sniffing at her.

Giving her a slight smile before answering “Oh, when the club owner saw your names on the reservation list… she wanted to make sure you were given the royal treatment”

Alex smiles, savoring the gratification while his wife seems to be growing even more upset that her husband made a reservation for them both at some Vegas strip club. Glaring at him for a moment before deciding to go along with it, for now, knowing that she would have a long talk with him once they get back to their hotel room. Mary puts on a fake smile and nods to the woman, following her as she leads them from the entrance out into the main room of the club. Passing through a dark curtain as the interior of Safari was revealed to the married couple, a sight that caused Mary’s heart to skip a beat.

Past the curtains was a large room filled with natural decor, tall trees, vines, the apparent ruins of a forgotten jungle temple. The temple itself was actually the main stage where a woman and a man were in the middle of a passionate performance, her body barely clad in black leather as she begins tearing it off her body and revealing the thick cock between her legs. The man steps back from her as if afraid while the woman on stage throws her head back and lets out a lion-like roar. Both Alex and Mary stop for a brief moment to watch what was happening on stage, seeing this naked woman seemingly transforming before their eyes. Watching the golden fur grow out from her skin, a feline tail slither out from the base of her spine while her face shifts to that of a lion-like creature.

Watching a pair of demonic horns coming out from the sides of her head as the beast slowly approaches the man on stage with her. Alex couldn’t help but feel aroused at watching a beautiful woman become such a ferocious animal, feeling his cock throb with arousal as it begins to rise under his jeans. In his head imagining himself on stage with that creature, amazed at how real it looked like she had actually transformed on stage. Still reminding himself that it was all for show, just some makeup effects, and optical illusions. Not even hearing what Mary was saying to him as she also watched the woman become a beast, he could only hear her growling and see her painfully erect shaft between her powerful legs.

The beast tackles the man and the two of them tumble across the stage, stopping with the demonic lioness on top of him. Hooking her claws into his shoulders and pinning him down with inhuman strength, leaning down and trapping his lips in a deep and passionate kiss. He begins to moan into the kiss, still struggling against her while unable to hide his growing erection. She could feel it brushing against her own as she pulls back from the kiss, sitting up a little and grinding her cock against his own and listening to him moan with pleasure. Snarling back at him as she snaps her teeth at his neck, utterly dominating her human lover while reaching down between them. Stroking his thick shaft and smearing their shared precum all over her chest, matting her fur with it before growling and forcing him to lay back down.

Eventually, Alex and Mary are able to regain their composure and continue to follow the woman deeper into the club, walking past the bar where a young man with a mohawk tends to the customers. His mostly shaved head looks rough, almost scaly as he notices the woman giving the married couple a tour of the club. The leopard woman blows him a kiss, the bartender smiles back as his mohawk actually grows longer. Revealing that it wasn’t hair at all, but thick lizard-like spines with leathery skin stretched between them.

Alex turns to look over at his wife, but not seeing anyone but the crowd of people inside the club. His eyes wander across the room and still not recognizing her among the other patrons before shaking his head, making a fist as he turns to look back towards the entrance.

“Goddammit…. Nice move Alex.” Inwardly kicking himself for thinking it might have been ok to take his wife to a strip club, assuming she got sick of the surroundings, and went back to the hotel.

Alex tries to shrug off what he almost witnessed, that tiger man almost fucking the young bride right there in the club. As he makes his way back towards the main entrance, he grabs a drink from one of the waitresses. This one appeared to be some kind of exotic bird as she snaps her beak at him, seeing him grab a drink without paying before he slides a 20 between her breasts. She glares at him before watching him leave the club, once outside he didn’t notice any sign of his wife and thinking she had already made it back to the hotel by now. Staring at the pavement as he tries to figure out how he could make things up to her after a stupid idea like this.

While still inside the club, Mary also watched this woman actually roar like a lion before telling one of the strippers… the tiger man apparently named Kral, that he could have his fun with the bridal party. Watching him reluctantly pull away from the trembling bride, her and her friends follow this seductive creature towards the back of the club. She couldn’t help but watch them, her mind racing with the lustful and depraved things that the group would experience tonight. Eventually looking over to see the leopard woman who was leading her and her husband through the club, she leans back to ask Alex something only to find he wasn’t standing there anymore.

“Alex?” she asks, moving past a couple of people and even shouting “Alex?!” the leopard comes up next to her and Mary asks “Where is my husband?” the feline creature nods slightly, taking Mary’s hand as she answers in a lustful purr “…I’ll take you to him”

Mary slowly follows the woman further into the club before passing a sign on the wall that reads “Wildside” apparently the VIP area of Safari, where she had just seen the bridal party disappear to. she opens a door for Mary and invites her to go inside, giving the leopard woman a strange look before walking past her. No sooner does she pass through the doorway before it closes behind her, looking around to see a mostly dark room with a large bed, a couch, and a couple of chairs. Through the walls she could barely hear the music of the club outside, still trying to make sense of the things she had witnessed already.

“…this was a mistake”

Waiting impatiently, Mary was still trying to understand why the performers looked the way they did at the club. They all seemed to be made to look like various animals, but it was so realistic that it bothered her a little. Most of the employees resembled big cats, a few reptiles and canines, even an avian or two. In fact, the woman that led her back to the VIP area reminded her of a leopard, even hearing the woman growl at one point. The sounds of the club itself were something else entirely, witnessing that woman on stage dropping onto all fours. Throwing her long blonde hair back and roaring like a lion, it sounded like it was coming from her but had to be some recording played through the sound system.

Still, she couldn’t shake the feeling it gave her, how it reminded her of Sasha as she makes her way over to one of the chairs. Expecting a private show arranged by her husband since he booked the tickets and made the travel arrangements, lightly tapping her fingers against the arm of the chair before hearing a door open on the other side of the room. Seeing a hand tipped with inhuman claws reaching around the edge of the door to push it open, the familiar sound of a low lion-like growl could be heard as a woman slowly comes through the doorway.

Wearing a tight-fitting black dress with dark grey tiger stripes, Mary instantly recognized the woman with her beautiful blonde hair. That same feral look in her eyes as they looked at one another, the purring was real and was actually coming from the woman Mary thought she would never see again. Letting out a soft whisper as she looks upon the creature that gave her the greatest pleasures of her life, but almost ruined her life and destroyed her family. Feeling a mix of lust and rage as she glares at Sasha for a moment, feeling such a harsh conflict within her as she looks at this seductive creature.

Purring softly as Sasha slowly makes her way over to this woman she had not seen in two years, yet she could still remember the time they had spent together. “….you poor creature, forced to live as a human. as a housewife, chained down to a dull and boring marriage to a mortal man.” Sasha kneels down next to the chair, putting herself at eye level with Mary while gently placing her clawed hands on the woman’s thighs. Almost pushing the material of Mary’s dress up slightly before feeling a hard slap come across the side of her face, turning away from it and letting out a low and threatening growl.

“You fucking whore… you almost ruined everything. You seduced me, you slept with my husband, you slept with my son and tried to kill my daughter.” Mary glares at this woman, knowing that just beneath the surface of Sasha’s human appearance was a ferocious and powerful animal.

Sasha’s dark lips quiver as she snarls at this mortal creature that dare raise a hand to her, suddenly reaching over and grabbing a handful of Mary’s hair. Forcing this woman to look into her eyes as she growls back softly

“Mary… I still remember the way I made you squirm on the bed. My cock buried deep in that warm pussy, feeling your insides caressing me… tempting me to release my seed into you”

The mortal woman struggles against Sasha’s grip, not wanting to look into those eyes. The same eyes she stared into when begging Sasha to cum inside her, to give herself to the beast that was fucking her. Despite herself, she felt wetness growing between her legs. A familiar ache within her to feel the heat of Sasha’s seed inside her, to wrap herself around the warm and throbbing cock hidden under the demon’s dress.

“You’re an animal, a fucking monster!” Sasha just smiles back at her, taking it as a compliment instead of an insult as intended.

Slowly coming closer as she still holds Mary’s head and forcing her to look into the eyes of the beast, her other hand reaching up to actually slice the top of the woman’s dress open. Cutting all the way down to her stomach and allowing the material to rip and stretch to bare Mary’s breasts to the creature.

“And you couldn’t get enough of me, my my… seems like you kept some of the traits given to you from the last time we were together”

“Don’t touch me, you disgusting creature…” Mary almost growls at her, still struggling against Sasha’s grip.

Sasha notices the cross hanging around Mary’s neck, easily snatching it from her and tossing it aside. “mmm…. you want to worship something?” Still holding the back of Mary’s head as Sasha reaches over with one hand, grabbing the bottom of her short dress and pulling it up. Revealing she was wearing nothing underneath and letting her thick cock flip-up, already painfully erect and drooling a thick strand of precum. “I still remember the first time you came over to my house, you were so innocent and sweet. A kind and gentle woman… so thoughtful, so….. domesticated”

Mary could hear the growl creeping into Sasha’s voice with that last word, hearing it reminding her of how she felt after the incident with Sasha. Despite herself she felt empty returning to her human life, the time spent with this creature was the most intense and pleasurable thing she had ever experienced. Feeling ashamed and knowing that she’d never admitted it to Alex, but had their daughter’s friend not saved them… she would have been content living as a beast with Sasha for the rest of her life. Sasha could see this conflict within the woman, knowing she could remember the time they spent together.

“I’m a married woman… I have a husband, a daughter in college, and a son in a mental…” Her voice trails off, remembering what Alex told her about their son.

How he tried to stop him and their daughter from leaving the house to get help, she knew more about his corruption and transformation than she would ever admit to him. Her thoughts becoming tangled in the distraction of Sasha’s claws running through her hair, she couldn’t resist actually rubbing her head back against the creature’s hand and purring softly.

“No… you are a beautiful and magnificent creature. You weren’t meant to be chained down to a mortal man, caught in the bondage that is the human idea of marriage. You were meant to be free… free of those responsibilities, free of those burdens and restraints… free of the prison of humanity!”

Standing up and pulling Mary closer until the woman could feel the beast’s cock pressed against the side of her face, smearing its warm pre onto her skin. The scent of Sasha’s lust-filled her nostrils, triggering something within her. Something dark and primal that had been resting for two years, the beast within her starting to awaken as Mary slowly opens her eyes. Revealing her own had little flakes of gold began to form in them, turning slightly to look up at Sasha as her lower lip gently drags along the underside of the demon’s shaft.

Looking up at Sasha as Mary lets out a lustful moan “mmmmhhh… I’ve wanted this for two years”

A low purr rumbles within Sasha’s chest, savoring the feel of this woman’s lips against her throbbing erection. Her cock actually jerks a little, shooting a thick strand of precum out onto Mary’s head and into her hair. Feeling this the woman places a gentle and loving kiss upon the underside of Sasha’s cock, moving her head up towards its tip before wrapping her lips around it. Taking it into her mouth as she had done with Alex back at the hotel, with the familiar taste on her tongue a low rumble could be heard from within Mary’s chest.

Closing her eyes and just savoring the taste of Sasha’s precum oozing down her throat, part of her enjoying every moment of this. Having wanted to experience this again for the last two years, so many nights were spent dreaming about Sasha and the time spent with this amazing creature. Yet she could hear an inner voice inside her head, perhaps one of the reasons warning her that this was wrong, that she should stop. At one point she hears a more animalistic voice growling at it to shut up before she didn’t hear it anymore.

“It’s time for you to stop living this lie, accept what you are… what you were meant to be”

Sasha could sense the conflict within this woman, and upon hearing the low growl starting to come from Mary she started to relax her grip on Mary’s head. Letting her move on her own as the woman began passionately sucking on Sasha’s thick cock, slurping loudly while listening to Sasha purring like a lion. Her cat-like tail slithering out from underneath her dress and swaying back and fourth, smiling down at Mary as she continues.

Her dark lips peel back to reveal her sharpening teeth, purring and lovingly stroking her fingers through Mary’s short dark hair before noticing a pair of cat-like ears starting to poke up through her hair. Noticing how they fold down against the woman’s head as they are touched, still petting her as Sasha arches her back a little. Savoring the lustful attentions of this woman willingly submitting to her own corruption, smiling down at her before reluctantly pushing her away from her cock.

Reaching out and sliding a single talon under Mary’s chin and inviting her to stand up out of the chair, some of her precum still dripping from the woman’s lips as she had the look of an animal in her eyes. Walking with Sasha as they move towards the bed, Sasha couldn’t help but admire this woman’s lean and powerful frame. In spite of her being human and aging a couple of years since they were last together, Mary didn’t seem to have aged. For a moment Mary looks over at the door she came through to get into the private room, then looking back at Sasha.

The two share a brief look before Sasha walks past her, leaving her an open path to the door before purring lustfully into her ear. “It’s your choice, Mary… it’s always been your choice.”

“…what?” Mary asks, shaking her head a little as if clearing her mind of this lustful daze clouding her thoughts.

Seeing that this creature was actually giving her a chance to leave on her own, she felt like she was pulled in two directions at once. Part of her wanting to run out that door and leave this club, even leave Vegas entirely and get as far away from this creature as possible. Yet part of her wanted to ignore the exit, and instead crawl onto that large bed and experience pleasures she had not felt in two years.

“I’m saying you can leave if you want, but I can see the beast inside you. I can hear her moaning, purring, even growling to me.” Reaching up with one hand, almost touching Mary’s face as the image of a panther’s snarling muzzle briefly becomes visible as a ghostly and transparent shape.

Mary could feel the animal within her snarling lustfully, desperate to break free of her restraint before Sasha takes her hand back. “My husband is waiting for me…” Mary whispers back, looking into Sasha’s eyes as she stands next to her. “I……. I love him.”

Such lust boiling just beneath the surface, she felt herself almost trembling. Wanting nothing more than to simply rip her clothes off and have sex with this amazing creature. Her only hesitation was that she still loved Alex and wasn’t sure how he would react to what she would become. The thought of returning to him as a beast only seemed to arouse her, remembering how she attacked him in the bedroom at their home.

Leaping onto him and scratched his chest, ripping through his shirt as she straddled his hips. Making short work of his clothes as she cuts them away from his body, desperate to feel his cock within her once more she lets out a ferocious growl. Tearing away his underwear and sliding herself down onto his waiting manhood, feeling it sliding deep within her as she tilts her head back to let out an inhuman growl, feeling her muscles tense while resting on top of him. No longer hiding what she had become as she smiles down at her husband, showing off her fangs as her skin begins to darken from the soft fur growing out of it.

He begins to struggle beneath her, yet as soon as she begins to move against him his struggles become less intense. While afraid of the animal his wife was transforming into, he couldn’t deny the pleasures of her new body as she began riding his cock. Her hips moving in small circles, that sexy tail growing out from behind her and swaying back and forth. Finding himself actually reaching up and stroking his fingers through her new dark fur, listening to this low and sensual purring sound coming from her as she leans down to him. Their lips met in a deep and passionate kiss, at that moment he could feel something pass between them.

A warmth began to flow through his body, he could almost swear he was starting to feel stronger. Ne’Kara could feel this mortal man begin thrusting into her with renewed vigor and a total lack of fear, snarling lustfully as she takes advantage of his enhanced arousal. She could actually feel his cock throbbing within her as it seemed to grow, becoming something more than human. Between their kisses and tender licks, she noticed a feral look in his eyes before his face began to push out into an almost canine-shaped muzzle. Feeling the developing knot on his cock slip inside her, locking them together as she throws her head back and lets out a powerful roar that actually rattles the bedroom windows of their modest home.

Almost trembling as Mary’s eyes remain closed, reliving the vivid memory of the time she revealed herself to her husband. No longer holding back and letting him see what she had become, what she truly was.

Eventually opening her eyes to reveal those of Ne’Kara staring back at the creature that had changed her life, Listening to Sasha’s voice as she purrs to her in that low and sultry voice “He can join us… after you’ve been fully awakened and released. You will go to him, satisfy him…. and bring him to me. Together, we will free the beast trapped within him” Giving Mary’s now cat-like ear a teasing lick before gently biting it gently.

Hearing this seemed to release the last bit of restraint Mary had over the animal within her as she slowly opens her eyes, revealing the golden eyes of the daughter of the Rak-Sasha. The fierce panther woman she had become two years ago now fully awakened within her body, her lips curl to reveal her sharpening teeth. Already she could feel the fur beginning to grow out along her spine as her skin begins to darken, feeling a surge of warmth racing through her body. A power that she had missed was warming her muscles, strengthening her human form as the beast within her could sense the presence of the Rak-Sasha.

With a gentle swipe of her claws, Sasha easily cuts the material of Mary’s dress to let it fall away from her body, revealing the lean and almost athletic frame of the middle-aged woman. As the dress falls away it reveals a matching set of black bra and panties, wearing only her high heels as Sasha comes up next to her. Taking her time as she wanted to enjoy her daughter’s awakening as she deeply inhales the scent of her lover, sniffing at the woman’s neck.

Nuzzling against her and purring softly, slowly dragging her tongue across Mary’s neck and offering a gentle bite. “I’ve missed you Ne’Kara…”

Hearing that name Ne’Kara began to purr, turning to look at Sasha. Reaching out and stroking her fingers through Sasha’s flowing mane of blonde hair, taking a few steps closer as they look at one another.

Eventually speaking in Mary’s voice laced with a low growl “…it’s been too long, Rak-Sasha” With those words they suddenly lunge forward, their lips meeting in a rough and animalistic kiss.

She could feel her claws growing out from the tips of her fingers as she strokes Sasha’s beautiful mane, turning her head slightly and deepening the kiss. Their tongues slither against one another like lustful serpents while low inhuman growls escape them.

Mary’s lips began to darken, looking more like Sasha’s as the two of them step back towards the bed. The beast within her slowly changed her body while enjoying the feel of Sasha’s form pressed against her, even grinding against the obvious bulge under her lover’s dress. Eventually feeling the bed against the back of her legs before falling back onto it, pulling Sasha with her as they land on the mattress with a beastly growl.

Sasha suddenly tears her lips away from those of Ne’Kara, seeing that Mary’s lips had darkened and even her facial features had started to transform. Her cute nose now looked more feline while the woman’s human eyes had become the lovely shade of gold that was the panther within her. They look at each other for a brief moment, Sasha’s cock pressed against her lover as it threatens to rip through her dress. A low growl rumbling within her as she leans down, dragging her lower lip along Ne’Kara’s chin, feeling the panther woman trembling as Sasha runs her claws over Mary’s transforming body.

Tracing her claws along her shoulders before hooking them into her shirt, not even bothering to take it off as she simply rips it away. Baring Mary’s chest to the beast, making short work of her bra as she cuts it away. A sultry smile comes across her lips as she admires her lover’s breasts, remembering how much Mary had enjoyed when Sasha played with them. Placing a clawed hand over one of them, letting Ne’Kara feel the warm leathery pads on her palms against her human skin as her dark fur begins to grow out along her spine. Teasing the hardening nipple with a single claw before gripping her breast firmly, her other hand reaching down between them.

Pushing past the thin material of the woman’s panties to feel the warm and juicy lips just underneath, loving how wet Mary had become just from being near her. Knowing that she wanted this, that she had thought about this for the last two years of her mortal life. Mary continues to writhe and squirm on the bed, moans and beastly growls escaping her as if she and Ne’Kara were struggling for control of the same body. The instant Sasha slips a single finger into the woman’s delicate folds, Mary sits up a little on the bed. Drawing a sharp breath between her developing fangs and glaring at Sasha, growling like an animal and even biting at the air as if to ask why she stopped.

Sasha turns and glares at Ne’Kara, obviously in control, and snarls back. Baring her fangs as her humanoid features quickly shift to those of the beast’s true form, snapping at Ne’Kara’s neck before shoving her back down onto the bed. Gently fingering her drooling slit, then adding another finger and then another. Slowly working three into this lustful creature and enjoying every moment of watching Mary’s body slowly transform into that of a beautiful and alluring panther woman. Within moments Ne’Kara lay naked on the bed, trembling and savoring the feel of Sasha teasing her.

She eventually reaches over, running her newly grown claws across Sasha’s back. Watching the beast’s tail twitch a little before turning to look at the panther woman, offering a sultry smile before pulling her fingers free of this lustful creature. Thick strands of her almost slime-like juices hang from her claws as she begins licking them clean, purring loudly while Ne’Kara moves back a little on the bed. Taking off the torn remains of her clothes and laying there completely naked and waiting for Sasha, a low purr rumbling within her before she finally speaks in her seductive and animalistic voice.

“I’ve thought about this so much over the last two years… living every day wishing that things didn’t return to normal after that night,” Ne’Kara explains, watching intently as Sasha sits up from the bed.

Reaching around behind her back to slowly unzip her dress before pulling it off, revealing she was completely naked underneath as she tosses it aside. Now standing in front of her lover in her true demonic form, her feline tail swaying back and forth as she crawls forward onto the bed with her.

“I know… I didn’t plan on Azetlor betraying me, and I hated having to leave you behind.” Sasha purrs, leaning in as if about to kiss her before turning slightly.

Closing her eyes and nuzzling her head to Ne’Kara’s, the two of them purring to one another as Sasha gently licks the side of the panther’s face. Dragging her lower fangs along Ne’Kara’s ear before pulling back. The two demonic beasts share a tender moment, Sasha resting over her daughter almost protectively as she licks her neck a few more times as if cleaning her fur.

“Don’t ever leave me again…” Ne’Kara whispers, slipping an arm around Sasha’s neck and gently running her claws through the beast’s long and flowing mane.

“What about your husband?” Sasha asks, nuzzling against Ne’Kara’s ear.

There was a brief silence as the panther looks away for a brief moment before turning to look into the eyes of the Rak-Sasha. “He will join us, he has to,” she said as Sasha could hear the love her daughter had for her mortal husband. “There is nothing left for us in that little town. Among those who remember what happened, they live every day depressed. Unable to find the pleasures, the freedom that you had given them, some have even taken their own lives in desperation.”

Sasha nods a little, she knew all too well that some become addicted to her and to the power of becoming a beast. Of having the animal within them unleashed, to experience that kind of freedom from their humanity. Actually feeling sorry for those who were forced to return to a life of living as a human, with no apparent way to regain their former power.

“Ne’Kara…. I love you, you are my daughter… and I’ll never leave you again”

With those words the two begin to kiss passionately, Sasha’s hands sliding over the beautiful panther’s body. Exploring every sensual curve, from her shoulders, along her back, and down to her hips before gripping them roughly, feeling those lean and powerful legs slipping around her waist. Drawing this seductive creature closer to her body until they both felt it, the warm throbbing of Sasha’s cock sliding against Ne’Kara’s inner thigh. The slightly pointed tip comes to rest against the panther’s delicate folds as they pull back from the kiss, growling and purring to each other as Sasha looks into her lover’s eyes.

Savoring the lust, the desire, the passion in them as she moves her hips a little, feeling the head of her cock slipping inside this beautiful and amazing creature. Just as the tip slides in, she could feel Ne’Kara’s body wrapping around her, helping to draw her in deeper as a low growl rumbles within Sasha’s chest. She had mated with countless animalistic demons but there was something different about this creature, she felt perfect as if made for her. Feeling a deep and intimate connection that could only come from being the offspring of the Rak-Sasha. Remembering that she had never told Ezranox that she had a daughter, thinking that she would eventually reveal it. But for now all that mattered was feeling the warmth of this beautiful creature’s body wrapped around her cock.

Arching her back sensually as she felt Ne’Kara’s legs tighten around her waist, drawing her in deeper while the panther digs her claws into Sasha’s back. Pressing her head back against the pillows and baring her fangs, snarling lustfully and looking up into the eyes of the beast on top of her “yessss… fuck me” Sasha smiles down at her, flashing her fangs at her daughter as she begins moving her hips in a sensual and graceful motion. Her cock glistens with the slimy juices of the panther woman beneath her, her tail swaying in time with her thrusts as she leans down as if to kiss her once more. Instead, it looked more like they were trying to bite each other, their love and desire were beyond human words as the guards waiting outside could hear the ferocious growling and snarling coming from the apartment.

At the hotel Alex slips inside the room before closing the door behind him, looking around and expecting his wife to have been waiting for him there. Nervously walking back towards the bathroom only to find it empty before checking his phone, not seeing any missed calls or messages from her. Taking a soft breath and trying to remain calm as he calls her again, listening to it ring a few times and hoping that she would finally answer.

Amidst the ferocious growling and snarling coming from Sasha’s bedroom, neither Sasha nor Ne’Kara could hear the phone ringing on the floor nearby. The two of them still grinding against one another on the bed, rolling over so that Ne’Kara was on top of her lover. Rolling her hips and showing off that toned belly while her dark fur glistens in the dim light of the bedroom, moaning and growling as Sasha’s hands reach up to caress her hips. Helping to guide her movements as their tails sway back and forth in time with their hips, savoring the feel of Sasha’s beastly shaft buried deep within her. Fucking her harder and deeper than Alex ever could as a human, her juices washing over her lover’s cock as she tenses up. Baring her fangs and letting out a ferocious snarl, riding out another powerful orgasm while Sasha continues to thrust into this beautiful creature on top of her.

Reaching up with one hand and grabbing a handful of Ne’Kara’s dark fur, pulling her head down as their lips meet in a rough and passionate kiss. The panther woman suddenly tears her lips away from the kiss as Sasha arched her back, her balls slapping wetly against Ne’Kara’s thighs as she forces herself deeply into this beautiful creature before letting out a powerful lion-like roar. Ne’Kara could feel the intense heat of Sasha’s cum soaking her insides, filling her as some of it begins to seep out from between them. Smearing against their different colored fur as the panther woman falls forward on top of her lover, Sasha’s roar softens to a low and satisfied growl. Slipping her arms around her daughter’s beautiful form and holding her almost protectively, keeping herself within the panther’s quivering slit. Feeling Ne’Kara’s inner muscles gently milking her cock, trying to draw every last bit of Sasha’s essence into her body as she begins to purr. Kissing her mother’s lips before closing her eyes, just laying her head on Sasha’s chest.

As the sun begins to rise, casting a warm glow across the city Alex continued to pace back and forth in his hotel room. Still trying his wife’s phone and even calling a few of her friends who had not heard anything from her, most of them didn’t even know they had gone to Vegas. Letting out an exhausted sigh as Alex sits down in the chair next to the bed, running his fingers through his hair and fighting to hold back tears. Thinking that perhaps his greatest fear had become a horrible reality, he knew his relationship with Mary had been stressed because of what happened. “How do you deal with that shit, some beautiful blond with a big dick moves in next door. Come to find out she’s some animalistic demon that seduces your wife and transforms her into a hot as fuck panther woman?”

Looking across the room out the large sliding glass window at the city, knowing his wife had to be out there somewhere and hoping that she was trying to find her way back to him. Seeing a glimmer of light as the sun shines through one of the empty liquor bottles he went through in his nervous depression after his wife still had not returned after being out all night in a strange city.

Seeing there was still some alcohol in one of the bottles as he pours it into a glass, not even bothering with ice as he takes a drink while still talking to himself “She turns your son into a fucking monster that almost tears your throat out, your daughter is almost sacrificed, and you turned into a goddamn werewolf thing…” His voice trails off as he quickly swallows the drink, slamming the glass back down before looking at the wedding ring still on his finger. “I’m sorry, Mary…” He lightly turns the ring against his finger, staring at it intently as he could still remember their wedding day.

Coming home to the house they left behind, having two wonderful children with this beautiful woman. That was before shit got weird, after that thing with Sasha things were never really the same after that. Not just the craving for raw meat that lasted a couple of weeks, the enhanced sex drives of both he and his wife and their son. He never really talked about it with her but he found himself depressed. Missing the strength he had as a beast, the liberation from his humanity… freedom is addicting, and when you are forced back into your cage. You can still remember what it felt like to be free, and it stays with you forever.

Taking a soft breath and wiping a few tears from his eyes before looking at his phone, noticing it was still too early in the morning to involve the authorities. All the stress, the fear, the anxiety, and the excessive alcohol taking their toll on him as he finds himself blinking slower and slower. Keeping his eyes closed for greater lengths until he finally drifts off to sleep, his phone slipping out of his hand as he rests in the chair. Outside the hotel a sleek black sports car pulls up, its engine growling softly as the passenger door opens. The hotel employees notice the car and send one of the servants out to greet the new arrival, a feminine hand-tipped with thick inhuman claws reaches out to take their assistance.

A set of black high heels steps out onto the sidewalk, the doorman smiles a little as he admires the beautiful woman stepping out of the car. He had seen the woman before when she had arrived with her husband but she looked different, more confident and sensual. She had short dark almost shoulder-length hair and was wearing a black dress with a grey leopard print pattern, her sunglasses hiding the feline eyes staring back at this man. Smiling back at him and showing a hint of fang before gently running her clawed hand across the side of his face, petting him gently before walking past while he closes the door behind her.

The man could only turn and look at this gorgeous creature as she walks into the hotel, the sexy sway in her hips. The grace of an animal as she slips through the doors of the main entrance, gently turning her head to look across the lobby as if searching for someone. Even the receptionist is about to ask if this woman needs help with finding something or someone, only to hear her actually let out a low inhuman growl. Turning her head slightly and actually sniffed at the air, looking over towards the elevators before making her way over to them. Placing a single claw against the call button before the doors open for her, stepping inside as a young man likely in his mid-twenties stands in the corner of the elevator. Wearing a black shirt and grey jean shorts and black shoes, he had the look of someone who had been in town a little too long. Pressing one of the buttons as the doors slowly close, leaving this unsuspecting man in such close proximity to such a dangerous animal.

Feeling the elevator slowly ascend the hotel the man runs his fingers through his short blonde hair before he finally talks to her “Hi… I’m Kyle, staying on the 22nd floor” Ne’Kara doesn’t pay him any attention as he tries to shrug off the cold reception, his eyes traveling over her beautiful form and that exotic dress she was wearing. Noticing her claw-like nails and giving her a strange look, they looked thicker than human nails. Clearing his throat as he continues to try and talk to this woman, seeing the wedding ring on her finger. “You know I’m not doing anything later if you wanna do something, I mean… he doesn’t have to know about it.”

Hearing this a slight smile begins to crawl across her dark lips, not turning around to face him just yet. Instead answering him with a sultry voice laced with an inhuman growl. “Your right, Kyle, he doesn’t have to know” She reaches back with one hand, pressing the stop button on the elevator to make sure they would not be interrupted, taking a few steps closer to him as he smiles back.

Having tried those lines on several women in the hotel and nobody ever took him up on the offer, but now finally someone had and she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

He reaches out, sliding an arm around her neck and pulling her closer as he moves to kiss her, their lips meet in the most intense and passionate kiss he had ever felt. Almost taking his breath away as he reluctantly pulls back, seeing her upper lip quivering and seeing a hint of her sharpened teeth behind them.

“My god… your so intense, I’ve never met a woman like you before” Placing a hand on her shoulder and pushing her low cut dress down enough to reveal her left breast, leaning down and wrapping his lips around the hardening nipple, even chewing on it a little and hearing a moan escape her, yet as soon as she felt his teeth she actually growls at him.

“No… you haven’t” She purrs, running her claws through his short hair while her other hand slips down between them.

Rubbing the growing bulge in his shorts as she presses him against the wall of the elevator, savoring the taste of his inexperience. The untapped lust within his body, her body was still feeling the aftershocks of her intense mating with the Rak-Sasha. She was loving this newfound sense of strength, of power, and noticing how this human was so receptive to her touch. Smiling a little as she begins undoing his belt and zipper, hearing him moan into her ear before dragging her fangs against his neck

“Oh…. oh my god, you’re really going to mmmhhh” his words becoming caught in a rough and more animalistic kiss as she reaches into his shorts, gripping his cock firmly and giving it a few strokes.

Feeling this man leaning against the elevator wall, his erection throbbing in her hand and already drooling precum in response to her skilled touch. Suddenly ripping her lips away from his before actually licking the side of his face, savoring the taste of his lust before snapping at his throat. He let out a frightened gasp, a mix of fear and arousal washing over him as he looks down to see this strange woman kneeling down in front of him.

Actually taking his cock out of his shorts and wrapping her dark lips around it, letting him feel a warmth and a pleasurable sensation, unlike anything he had ever experienced. It wasn’t his first blowjob but by far the most intense. He couldn’t resist reaching down and placing his hand on the back of her head, yet the instant his fingers touch her hair she begins to growl like an animal. Suddenly jerking her head back and letting his cock slip free of her lips, looking up at him as her sudden movement makes her sunglasses fall from her face. Now he could see why he was wearing them as he looks down into the eyes of a panther staring back at him, glowing a feral shade of gold while this woman continues to growl and snarl.

With a terrifying scream, the man tries to pull away from her as she gracefully crawls up his body. Standing up and hooking her claws into his hips, pulling him up against her roughly as she raises her right leg. Bracing herself against the wall and letting the young man’s erection slide into her delicate folds, still warm and slimy from her recent mating with the Rak-Sasha. Some of Sasha’s cum still felt warm as he slides in deep within this animalistic woman, feeling her shoving him back against the wall with inhuman strength. With one hand gripping his hips, he could see the other was actually digging into the wall of the elevator.

Ne’Kara could feel her body starting to transform back to her natural feline form as she growls at him, trying to maintain control as she feeds off his lusts. She could feel an instinct to want to turn this poor creature, to take what was once a man and turn him into a beast. To awaken the primal spirit within him, but she couldn’t stop thinking about Alex. How badly she wanted to turn him, to feel the warmth of his wolf-cock stretching her insides. To mate with her lover once more in their true demonic forms, hearing the human almost whimpering in fear despite the pleasure of her insides expertly stroking and caressing his shaft. She suddenly tightens herself around him, holding him within her as she licks his throat.

“Pl… Please… I just… just wanted to show you…. A… a good time….” Kyle explains in a trembling voice, feeling so helpless as he remains pinned against the elevator walls.

Looking into the eyes of a predator toying with her prey, she smiles a little as she looks at him. Savoring the scent of his arousal, of his fear as she could feel another hunger within her starting to awaken. She sniffs at him a little before leaning in, dragging her tongue across the side of his face a few times as she begins to purr. Kyle almost smiles a little, thinking that perhaps she was starting to relax, that she might even decide to let him go. His brief moment of relief slowly turns to a sense of dread as he could hear her purring deepen into a low and threatening growl. Looking over at her as she stares at him, her lips quivering and showing off her sharp teeth before she suddenly strikes at him like a snake.

Sinking her teeth into his throat and with a wet crunch, silencing his screams for help as the two of them slide down the wall of the elevator. Growling and snarling as she easily rips into his flesh, sending a spray of blood onto the wall nearby before a bloody clawed hand reaches up to push the “in service” button on the elevator as it begins to climb once more. It had been two years since she had tasted human blood and the warmth of living flesh between her teeth. Shaking her head a little and ripped flesh from the bone before hearing the elevator chime as it hits the 40th floor where Alex was waiting for her, tearing away one last bit of flesh before swallowing it hungrily. As the elevator doors open they reveal the human form of Ne’Kara standing there wearing the exotic dress that Sasha had given her, wiping the blood from her chin and leaving Kyle’s remains behind.

Making her way down the hallway of the hotel before coming to the room Alex had reserved for them, taking out her room key and unlocking it. Expecting to see her husband standing there waiting as she opens the door, only to find him sitting in a chair next to the bed. Several liquor bottles sitting around the room, the beds were untouched so apparently he had stayed up all night drinking. Her lips peel back into a snarl as she growls at him a little, seeing that he had either passed out drunk or eventually fell asleep from exhaustion. Licking some of the traces of blood from her lips before walking over to him, kneeling down to his level as she sniffs at him a little. Tilting her head curiously before feeling something on the ground next to her, seeing his phone sitting there as she picks it up. She could see how he had been calling and texting her all night until early that morning, everything from asking where she was to apologize for anything he had ever done to upset her.

She puts the phone back down, looking at her husband for a moment as he continues to sleep before leaning in close. A low purr rumbling within her as she gently places her lips upon his, kissing him softly and gently nudging her head to his. He stirs a little but doesn’t wake up, she could taste the alcohol on his lips before stepping back from the chair. Looking over at her reflection in the mirror and smiled a little, showing off her fangs. She was enjoying the power and strength she felt after becoming Ne’Kara once more, admiring the human form she had now that it was her choice if she was to wear it or not.

Feeling something warm and slimy trailing down her inner thigh before reaching down, smearing it against her leg. Knowing exactly what it was as she brings her fingers to her lips, licking them clean and even sucking on her claws before purring to herself. “…Mom”

Her golden eyes look across the room and towards the bathroom as she continues sucking wantonly on her finger, savoring the taste of Sasha’s seed. Kicking off her high heels and gracefully slithering out of her black dress and arching her back, lightly running her fingers across her bare shoulders and down her sides. Admiring her reflection in the bathroom mirror, at the same time, she could see her human form she could also see the beast within her. A beautiful panther woman covered in dark black fur, a sexy tail swaying back and forth behind her as she smiles at the mirror. Showing off her fangs and letting out a silent roar before turning to step into the shower, her bare feet touching the cold tub as she turns on the water. Feeling its warmth as the water runs off her skin, turning her head a little and letting her hair get wet.

Eventually, Alex begins to stir, taking a deep breath and letting out a loud yawn as he looks across the room. Noticing a black dress that he had never seen before, a pair of high heels leading back towards the bathroom. He could hear the sound of the shower running as a sense of relief washes over him, having no idea where his wife had been last night but thankful that she had returned to him. For a moment he considered waiting for her to finish her shower but instead he gets up out of his chair and gently knocks on the bathroom door.

“Um… honey? Look…. I’m sorry about what happened at the club last night. I didn’t know it was gonna be that kind of place. I suppose you got mad at me and walked out, and I can’t blame you for that.”

She turns a little, listening to her husband explaining things as she runs the shampoo through her hair. Noticing something different as she begins washing her hair, looking down at her hand to see the leathery paw-pads forming on her palms. A slight smile comes to her lips, listening to the love and compassion in her husband’s voice as he continues to talk to her through the bathroom door. Biting her lower lip while rubbing the soap across her breasts, they felt so full and tender now as she tries not to moan. Leaving a trail of soap and suds down between her breasts and rolling over her stomach, her hand seems to follow it before lightly caressing herself and teasing her delicate folds. Her well fucked slit still leaking with Sasha’s cum, taking some of it on her hand before licking it clean and letting out a low purr.

Alex could almost swear he heard a deep purring sound coming from the bathroom as he clears his throat, looking at the wedding ring on his hand while trying to maintain his composure.

“Mary… I know these last two years haven’t been easy. I know it’s been hard seeing our son hauled away to an asylum, people think he is crazy because he says our neighbor turned him into an animal and had sex with him. Looking back at everything that happened, I can’t even believe it and I was there. But I can remember it… I remember everything that happened.” He turns, walking away from the bathroom door and laying back on the bed. Staring up at the ceiling of the hotel room and shook his head. “I remember when Sasha moved in next door to us, we were watching her stuff being unpacked while our kids were getting ready for the day. With Erica getting ready for class and Vincent…. Doing whatever the hell he wants to do I guess. I remember seeing the statue of some feline woman with a big dick that they brought into her house, and then she arrived. Driving some black sportscar and having a fucking leopard for a pet. The first few nights with her living next to us I couldn’t sleep for the noise, it sounded like she was having sex with that thing every night!” Alex almost growls, hitting his fist against the bed before he nods. “…then looking back on it, given what we know now…. She probably was.”

Ne’Kara leans against the inside of the shower, having already finished cleaning herself but just listening to her husband explain what he could remember about what happened two years ago. Hearing him mention the leopard that Sasha had kept as a pet, but he was so much more than a pet. He was her servant, a guardian, a slave… closing her eyes a little as she could still see the image of that beautiful creature in her mind. The wild look in his eyes as the leopard would approach her, his body shifting to a more humanoid shape before fully becoming a normal-looking man in his mid-twenties with sandy blonde hair. Lightly running a single claw along her dripping pussy and even teasing her clit as she hisses softly “….Azetlor”

After a brief silence, Alex gently knocks on the bathroom door, hearing his wife stepping out of the shower as she shakes a little. Almost slinging some of the water out of her hair before opening the door, not even bothering with a towel, and just standing there naked in front of her husband. Aside from her nudity, the first thing Alex noticed about his wife was her eyes. That lovely shade of green was now a warm golden color, he felt a chill race down his spine as he looked into those eyes.

The eyes of an animal staring back at him, it had been two years since he had stared into those eyes as he nervously takes a step back from the bathroom doorway. “M…Mary? Mary it’s me… Alex? You… your husband.” He explains, even holding up his hand to show her his wedding ring.

Never breaking eye contact as she begins taking a few steps closer to him, a low rumbling building in her chest and sounding like a deep inhuman growl. The look on her face and the way she moved reminded him of a big cat like a leopard or panther slowly stalking its prey, never taking its eyes off it. Hearing the inhuman growl coming from his wife and noticing her fingernails and toenails looked more like claws than human nails, still backing away from her until he felt cornered in their hotel room with no obvious means of escape. Not having any more room to keep his distance from her as she walks up to him. Looking him over as if this was the first time she had seen him, leaning in close and almost nuzzling into his neck. He could feel her sniffing at him like an animal, even giving him a tender lick before pulling back.


His wife’s darkened lips peel back a little, showing a hint of her sharpening teeth and her extended upper and lower canines before answering back in a more seductive tone of her natural voice, laced with a low and rumbling growl. “Ne’Kara…”

Alex felt his heart skip a beat, he had not heard that name in two years and a part of him had wished he would never hear it again. Yet his body also seemed to remember that name, the creature that his wife had become as his cock begins to rise. Throbbing with arousal and quickly starting to push out in a bulge in his pants, Ne’Kara smiles a little at seeing Alex’s body respond to her presence. Even reaching down between them and rubbing his growing erection, feeling it straining against the material of his clothing seemingly desperate to get to her. She began to purr, still rubbing the obvious bulge before leaning up to him as Alex stood taller than her. Pressing her lips to his and kissing him softly, a gentle and loving kiss that quickly grew more passionate. Actually snarling into the kiss before tearing her lips away and baring her fangs at him, with inhuman strength she pushes him back onto the bed.

No sooner does his back hit the mattress, he could see her leap onto him with feline agility and grace. Landing on top of him and easily pinning him against the bed with inhuman strength, keeping him from trying to get up as she digs her claws into his shoulders. Cutting into his shirt as he moans a little from the pain, silencing him with a rough and animalistic kiss. He could hear her purring even louder, he even felt it. That low and sensual rumbling vibration traveled through the body of his wife, at the same time he felt her hips grinding against the bulge in his pants.

Smearing her warm juices onto his clothes before sitting up and snarling at him like an animal, holding up her hand and flexing her claws as he begins to plead with her. “Wha…Wait! Mary… Ne’Kara. Ne’Kara look… I…. I don’t know what’s happening but I…”

Feeling this beautiful woman on top of him and feeling that sensual grind of her hips against his aching manhood, he couldn’t resist reaching up and slipping his arms around her. Fighting his fear and giving in to his lust as he kisses her back, licking around her growing fangs and noticing her tongue felt different. It seemed flatter than it used to be, and a little rougher like that of a big cat. Leaning into the kiss and growling a little as she reaches down between them, not even bothering with her husband’s belt and pants. Easily slicing through them with her sharp claws and pulled the frail material away from his body, leaving him wearing only his shirt and underwear. Savoring the feel of his thick cock pressed against her pussy as she continues to grind against him, arching her back and letting out a vicious snarl while pulling back from the kiss. Alex could feel something moving under his hand, traveling down her spine before her tail bone seems to grow. Extending outward and taking the shape of a feline-looking tail that begins to sway back and forth gracefully.

Laying back on the bed and staring up at this beautiful creature his wife had become, hearing her rip away his underwear in her impatient lust. Feeling the head of his cock brush against her delicate folds, savoring the wetness of her slit as she begins to rub herself on him. Her moist lips glided along the underside of his shaft, smearing her warm juices on his skin almost as if marking him as her mate. Her eyes roll back, savoring the dull throbbing sensation of his manhood as he aches to sink into her body. Baring her fangs and turning her head to the side, actually biting at the air while she continues to growl and snarl lustfully. Looking down at her husband as her eyes meet his, at that moment she could see something within him. A blurry almost ghostly image of a wolf staring back at her, she smiles at him only to see his lips peel back as he begins snarling at her. Recognizing the creature as the beast her husband had become two years ago, feeling a wave of lust washing over her while staring at this ferocious creature. She could feel him clawing at her husband’s insides, desperate to get free and mate with her once more.

Alex shakes his head a little, clearing his mind of the lustful daze clouding his thoughts as he looks up at his beautiful wife. Watching her slowly starting to transform into the sensual and seductive panther woman she became a couple of years ago after having sex with Sasha. “Mary… please, this isn’t you… you have to fight this”

Tilting her head curiously as she looks down at him, the smile fades from her lips as she almost growls at him “….why?”

He blinks a few times, shocked by her question before struggling to answer “Why? Because your not a monster…. You are a beautiful and amazing woman, you are a loving and compassionate mother to our two children, and you…”

“…are a prisoner” She growls, leaning down and looking into his eyes as her nose almost touches his. Giving him a good look at hers as it begins to take on a more feline shape, her facial features slowly adjusting while a layer of soft dark fur begins to grow out from her skin.

“What are you talking about, you think being married is like being in prison… that your chained down to me in our relationship?” Alex asks, trying to hide the pain that he felt at the idea that she actually resented him for being married this long.

She shakes her head a little, licking the side of his face and purring softly. “I don’t regret being married to you, I regret being human. Trapped in a human body when I know I am so much more… Sasha helped me understand that.”

Alex looks up into his wife’s golden eyes, hearing the truth in her words that he himself had felt after it was over. That he secretly found himself missing the freedom, the power, the desire he felt after he had felt this primal essence awakened within him. The depression it caused, thinking that he would never again experience something like that was what drove him to drink and put further stress on their marriage.

“How is all this happening, my love… why now, two years later?” He asked.

A slight smile comes across her dark lips, her face no longer that of Mary but of the beautiful daughter of the Rak-Sasha. Ne’Kara looks at this man, she could see the pain in his expression and feel the torment within him at being denied the freedom to return to his primal form. Leaning forward and kissing him softly, letting him feel the lips of Ne’Kara on his for the first time in two years. The feeling instantly takes him back to the many nights spent with this amazing creature, his cock actually jerks a little and vents a thick strand of precum onto her stomach. Smearing onto her dark fur as she purrs back to him, eventually pulling back from the kiss before whispering into his ear.

“She’s here… in this city. I thought I saw her in the hotel downstairs when we first arrived. Then we went to that club Safari, it’s her club. She runs it, she even lives in an apartment upstairs. Last night when we went there, when we got separated she had someone lead me back to the VIP area. She was waiting for me there…” Arching her back sensually, feeling her bones pop as she stretches out on top of her lover. Savoring the feel of assuming what she felt was her true form, letting her tail sway back and forth behind her while she begins to purr.

Looking up at this beautiful creature his wife had become, he couldn’t resist reaching up and lightly running his fingers through her short dark hair. Feeling the warmth of her fur against his palm as she even purrs and nuzzles back against his hand, smiling back at her and watching her reaction to his touch.

“You are so beautiful, Ne’Kara… I remember our daughter explaining to me how men used to worship you. I don’t blame them, you are the most amazing creature I have ever known”

She looks at him for a moment, her lower lip begins to quiver and show a hint of fang before letting out a ferocious snarl. Her lips trapping his in a rough and animalistic kiss, their tongues slithering together like lustful serpents as she bites and chews at his lips. Moving her hips a little until she felt the head of his cock slip inside her, suddenly jerking her head back and pulling away from the kiss as she lets out a feral and animalistic roar. Her insides clench almost painfully tight around him as she slams herself down onto her husband, feeling his cock throbbing within her and aching for release. Breathing through her bared fangs as she smiles down at him, moving her hips in sudden and forceful thrusts. The bed beneath them creaking with their intense and forceful mating, her toes curl as she savors the feel of her husband’s cock within her.

Alex couldn’t help but moan and grunt, trying desperately to keep pace with this ferocious creature his wife had become. Living out his darkest desires, his most secret fantasies as he lays beneath the beautiful panther woman. He had dreamed of having sex with her since they were released from Sasha’s influence, spending countless nights desperate to recapture the pleasure of their primal and animalistic mating. Now he lay trembling beneath this beautiful predator, feeling her insides gripping his cock and caressing its length. Tempting him to release his seed into this amazing creature, resting his hands on her hips and letting her ride him as she continues to growl and snarl lustfully.

Between his lustful moans and beastly snorts, he sits up a little and gasps between thrusts. “Release me…”

Smiling down at him as she licks her fangs, reaching up and gripping her breasts with her hands. Squeezing them and teasing her nipples as she shakes her head from side to side, snarling and biting at the air before hearing him say it again. Her eyes meet his as she leans forward slightly, never breaking her rhythm as she grinds her hips into his. Feeling her husband’s cock slithering into her with each thrust, a wet slippery sound came from between them along with the muffled slap of his balls hitting the fur on her body. Lovingly stroking her claws across his chest, tearing open his shirt and exposing his toned body underneath. Tracing her claws over his skin and leaving faint red lines on his flesh, placing her palms on his body as he could feel the leathery pads on her hands.

Ne’Kara’s eyes flutter and roll back into her head as she begins to growl softly, a low demonic sound that slowly deepens. The natural gifts given to her by her mother began to stir within her body, allowing her to feel the presence of the wolf beast trapped within the body of her husband. Inside her mind she could see this creature pinned on the bed beneath her as she continues to ride his cock, she had missed him terribly since she last felt his touch and the warmth of his body against her. Her eyes roll back down as she looks at him once more, staring into this man’s eyes but looking past them and addressing the beast trapped within his human body. “Take me, my love… I want to feel the warmth of your seed inside me, let me feel your pups growing within me” Her voice trails off into a lustful growl as she kisses him with renewed lust and intensity, her juices washing over his cock as she suddenly tenses up.

Alex could feel her eyes staring through him while he could feel the lust in her voice, at first he didn’t seem to understand but then he felt something. Something dark and powerful, a primal essence starting to awaken within him as he feels the instinct to bare his teeth at her and even growls. At first, what escapes him sounds like a human trying to growl before it deepens to a sound only an animal could make. Sounding not unlike a wolf as he continues to bare his teeth at her, almost leaning up and trying to bite her as she speaks to him. Hearing her purring to him about wanting to mate with him, to breed with him, and even carry his offspring. With those words, he leans up and kisses her back roughly, with his hands still resting on her hips he could feel his nails beginning to shift into thick inhuman claws.

Ne’Kara suddenly felt his cock pulse and throb within her, its base beginning to swell as the tip was starting to shift. Taking on a more pointed and animalistic appearance, she could feel it stretching her insides as she continues to ride her lover and mate. Her eyes widen for a brief moment, looking down at her husband and watching his face begin to push out into a canine muzzle. His hair grew out a little, blending into a thick coat of dark brown fur while his eyes became a captivating shade of light blue. Leaning forward and catching his lips with her own as they begin to kiss passionately, a low growl rumbling within his chest while he slowly breaks free of the prison of his humanity. His shoes split apart to reveal paw-like feet, flexing his claws as even the socks rip apart. Laying on the bed beneath this beautiful panther woman riding his cock, eventually pulling back from the kiss as he lets out a loud and echoing howl.

The sound of his howling could be heard through most of the hotel, even drowning out the screams of a woman who opens the elevator only to find the remains of a young man lying in a pool of blood. Inside the hotel room, the only thing that mattered to the two beasts mating was each other, her insides lovingly caressing the canine erection of her husband. Leaning forward as if to kiss him once more but instead, they begin licking and even biting at one another, both of them edging each other to an intense orgasm before pulling back. Alex could barely control himself as he actually uses his inhuman strength to roll them over so that he was now on top of his wife, desperately thrusting between her thighs as she wraps her legs around him. His wolfish tail wags behind him as he instinctively bucks his hips against her, the force of his thrusts actually knocking the wind from her as she gasps for breath. Almost panting beneath him as she smiles up at this amazing creature, having missed the feel of his primal form against her.

Reaching up and running her claws across his face, stroking his head and pulling him closer. Licking the side of his muzzle and purring into his ear “take me Rava-Set… remind me why your father was a god to the Egyptians” She moans wantonly, closing her eyes and pressing her face against his. Arching her back against the bed as she was trembling with pleasure from the feel of the ancient beast awakened within her husband’s body. Biting her lower lip as another intense wave of pleasure crashes over her, soaking his cock with her warm fluids while begging for him to take her.

Dragging her lower lip along his muzzle before looking into his icy blue gaze, speaking in a low and almost animalistic voice “Claim this flesh, we don’t need rings to let others know I belong to you, my love. Breed me… make me yours” Her voice trails off into a low growling moan as she writhes beneath him, feeling this beast thrusting even harder into her.

Sheathing the full length of his canine erection within her before his muscles suddenly tense underneath his dark fur, digging his claws into her shoulders and bracing himself. Baring her fangs at her lover as she arches her back beneath him, taking him all the way inside her as she tightens her inner muscles around his cock. Feeling the base of his shaft swelling within her, seemingly locking him inside her before he lets out a powerful demonic roar that sends a tremor through the entire building. Ne’Kara felt two years’ worth of pent-up lust and desire suddenly be unleashed as Rava unleashes a thick load of seed into her guts. Soaking her insides and quickly filling her to the point that she couldn’t hold anymore, feeling it seep out from between them and smear across the bed and soak their fur. Closing her eyes tightly as she rakes her claws across her mate’s muscular back, throwing her head back against the pillows as she lets out a ferocious lion-like roar. The windows in their hotel room crack from the sheer power of their mating, the sounds of their passion echoing down the hallway outside.

Eventually, Rava falls forward on top of Ne’Kara, panting like an animal as he begins kissing her passionately. Trembling beneath her lover as she kisses him back, stroking her claws through his fur and holding him tightly. His manhood still locked within her body as she clings to him, moaning and purring to him before slowly opening her eyes. Staring into the beautiful icy blue orbs of Rava-Set, taking a soft breath and almost wanting to cry. After what happened two years ago she was afraid she would never see him again, that he would remain trapped in the body of this mortal man she was with forever. Without a word he reaches down, running his paw-like hand across the side of her face. Lovingly caressing her beautiful feline features and gently touching his wolfish nose to hers, sharing a look between them as if to remind her that nothing would ever keep them apart.

After numerous complaints about hearing loud noises, moaning, even growling, and snarling one of the hotel employees knocks on their door. Rava’s ears twitch a little, hearing the sound before whipping his head around to look at the door just as it is unlocked. The hotel security officer opens the door, shocked to witness what looked like a dark-furred werewolf resting on top of a beautiful panther woman underneath him. Staring into the icy blue gaze of the wolf beast and snarling ferociously at him, even the panther beneath him sits up a little to look past her lover. Letting out a powerful roar.

Stumbling back out of the doorway and slamming the hotel door shut behind him, the guard stands there for a moment and trying to make sense of what he had just witnessed. “Goddamn furries…I swear this is the last time I’m working during a furry convention”


Several hours later, Alex suddenly opens his eyes with a brief snarl. He could tell he was naked and laying on the bed next to Mary, but he felt a headache probably from drinking so much the night before. Blinking a few times and looking up at the ceiling of the hotel room he and Mary had reserved for their Vegas trip, his mind was filled with images of his wife as some beautiful panther woman. Of her coming back to the hotel room and transforming in front of him into this amazing creature he had seen her become a few years ago, the memory was so vivid as he could feel himself quickly becoming aroused. Eventually looking over to see Mary laying next to him, only it wasn’t his wife. Recognizing the panther woman as he smiles a little, her name was one he would never forget.

“Ne’Kara….” He whispers to her, watching her sleeping next to him. Part of him was a little scared that Mary didn’t change back after having sex, yet at the same time, he almost wished that she would stay like this.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” The sound of a familiar voice causes Alex’s heart to skip a beat as he turns his attention to the beautiful creature his wife had become. Looking across the room to see Sasha standing next to the door, still closed and locked.

She was wearing a dark form-fitting dress that helped to show off her sensual curves as well as the obvious bulge between her legs. Smiling at him, allowing her fangs to poke out a little from behind her dark lips while a low lion-like purr rumbles within her. Watching as Alex grabs the bedsheet to cover himself, finding it rather amusing the concept of modesty that humans tend to obsess over.

“Oh my god…” Alex whispers, after two years he assumed he would never see this woman again but now here she stood in his hotel room. Looking just as beautiful and seductive as she did the last time he saw her as if she had not aged a day.

Sasha laughs a little at his reaction, offering a slight nod in agreement and walking across the room to sit in one of the chairs next to the bed. “To you and other beasts like you, yes” She purrs, getting comfortable and letting her legs spread to offer him a teasing look at her thick cock under her dress to show she wore nothing underneath.

Watching as Alex gently places a hand on his wife’s shoulder, trying to wake her but she seemed as if she was in a trance unable to awaken.

“What are you talking about?” Shaking his head, still processing the memories of the night before where he had sex with Ne’Kara and transformed into some kind of werewolf creature.

The most frightening aspect of it for him wasn’t that he turned into a beast, but that he enjoyed every minute of it. The power he felt, the pleasure of connecting to his wife on such a dark and primal level. It was something he had missed from his life since Sasha first changed them a few years earlier, often looking back on that and wishing they had not been saved from her.

Staring at him for a moment, she could see the conflict within him as he looks at his wife and then back to her. “You don’t want to go back… do you?”

“Back to what?” He asks, rubbing his eyes and letting out a sigh of frustration.

“To your old life, that empty house, that small town where everyone can remember what I did there but nobody is brave enough to accept it.” She explains, pulling out a small metal box and opening it to take out a strange-looking cigarette. Lighting it and taking a slow drag off it before blowing the smoke towards him, seeing the look in his eyes that even he had trouble dealing with what happed back then.

“You almost tore my family apart, you turned most of the town into animals… you tried to summon some ancient monster and you almost ended the world” Alex mutters, despite having thought about what he would say to this creature if he had ever the chance to see her again. However, he could barely comprehend what happened the night before, which was like re-living those traumatic events all over again.

Sasha looks over, seeing the cross and chain left laying on the table next to the bed. Something that Mary would often wear, even keeping an extra in case something happened to one of them. Narrowing her eyes a little at the religious trinket and even growling softly, Alex notices her displeasure at the cross before looking back at her. “I suppose you that priest in your little town told you that? I’m assuming he left out the part where I fucked him in the ass until he turned into a demonic crocodile similar to the ancient Egyptian god Sobek?” Sasha arches a brow, taking another drag off her cigarette before holding out her hand. Watching the cross leap from the table and land in her palm, holding it up to look at it and shaking her head.

“No, I guess felt he should leave that part out of the Sunday service” Alex watches her as she holds Mary’s cross in her hand.

“Too bad.. would have made for an interesting sermon,” he said.

Balling up her fist and easily crushed the religious trinket in her hand before tossing the broken pieces to the floor. “I didn’t come here to discuss religion, Alex… I came here to make you an offer”

Hearing this he begins to sit up, resting on the edge of the bed and briefly looking over at his wife who was still sleeping. Finally turning to look at this woman who he had been thinking about for the last two years, reaching over and grabbing one of the half-empty liquor bottles from the nightstand and taking a drink before answering her. “What kind of offer?”

She just stares at him for a moment, taking another hit off her cigarette before slowly exhaling the smoke and answering him with a lustful purr. “My daughter asked something of me last night, she asked if she could keep you.”

Alex just sits there a moment, briefly looking over at the panther woman laying on the bed and feeling that indeed there was some part of his beloved wife still within the body of this beast. Turning back to Sasha as he nods to her, taking another drink and putting the empty bottle back on the table. “Your daughter?”

“Your wife… Mary is my daughter Ne’Kara reincarnated. She loves you, she told me herself. As powerful as I am I cannot be in two places at once. So I need someone I can trust to handle things here in Vegas after I return to New York.” Sasha explains, reaching over and putting out her cigarette on the table nearby.

He could only sit there and absorb everything she had revealed to him, he wasn’t sure if he believed in reincarnation but there she was laying next to him. The creature Sasha had awakened within his wife’s body, the most touching thing to him was that she even told Sasha that she loved him. That she wanted to stay with him even after she was turned once more, thinking about this he couldn’t help but reach over and gently touch her paw-like hand. Noticing she was still wearing their wedding ring as he felt a tear come to his eye, biting his lower lip before turning back to Sasha.

“If I say yes… what will happen to me?” He asks, a little nervous as the first time Sasha transformed him was after an intense night of animalistic sex with this demonic creature.

He could still remember what it was like with her, he had done things he would have never done with anyone else. He tasted the warmth of a male member on his lips that night, he felt the throbbing of her erection sheathed within him as they had sex. That night she had awakened something within him, the wolf beast he had transformed into when he had slept with Ne’Kara.

“Rava-Set…” Sasha whispers, getting up out of her chair and walking over towards the bed as Alex slowly stands up. Hearing that name as he lets the bed sheet fall away to reveal his naked body and his obvious arousal, he was lean and fit and slightly muscular since his first transformation into the wolf beast. An icy shade of blue began to seep into his eyes after hearing Sasha address him with his true name, Alex could see things he had tried to forget, his time spent with this beast but also a previous life. Images and memories of living in ancient Egypt and having both women and beasts tending to his lustful desires, even Ne’Kara herself.

A low inhuman growl rumbles within Alex’s chest, his cock throbbing with desire as it begins to leak precum from its tip. Sasha walks up to him with a sultry smile on her lips, Alex stood slightly taller than her as she stops in front of this mortal creature. Letting his erection brush against her own as it remains held back by her black dress, the obvious bulge rubbing against him while she purrs to him. Even leaning in and sniffing at his neck before offering a tender lick, hearing him speak in a more beastly demonic voice “Rak-Sasha”

She could feel a shiver of pleasure racing along her spine, hearing the voice of Rava-Set once more. Reaching up with one hand to gently stroke the back of his head, pulling him closer as their lips meet in a rough and animalistic kiss. Immediately she felt his hands on her body, helping to remove her dress while she holds the back of his head. Deepening the kiss as their tongues slither out to meet one another, growling and snarling at one another while she rakes her claws across his naked back.

Feeling herself being pushed up against the wall of the hotel room and sliding one leg up against his hips, the last of her dress being ripped away from her body as she stood naked against him. Their cocks rub against one another, swapping precum between them as she rips her lips away from his. Her facial features become more feline, staring into the eyes of the wolf demon as she snarls lustfully. “It’s been too long Rava… I still remember the time we spent in East Meadow. Laying claim to your new virgin flesh, feeling that tight ass wrapped around my cock until you let out the most beautiful howl of pleasure”

Smiling up at him, seeing his facial features becoming more canine as he nods a little. Leaning in and gently biting at her neck and shoulder, having missed the taste of her flesh and the scent of her lust. His now paw-like hand came to rest on her right breast, squeezing it roughly before snarling into her ear “I accept your offer, Rak-Sasha.”