Time To Fly! by Stevie May – Non-Fiction

Writer: Stevie May

Subject: Time To Fly!

Link: MEWE / 15.01.2023

Time To Fly!

Moonrise UK. Wolf Moon. Time for all Witches to meet for the Esbat. All of our many pre-historic Henges, Barrows and Menhirs will be busy on this island tonight. All the Covens to be bathed in golden moonlight. Time to fly!

When it comes to Covens, Witches, Ghosts, Hauntings, Legends and Myths— we have more per square inch on our little island than the rest of the world combined. Within a mile walk of my home we have at least five known Hauntings — the earliest dating back to 1349 — What a place for a Witch to live!

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