Feature Writer: BluDraygn


Published: 13.11.2019 / Edited/Proofread by: oldfart and 2muchdiggity

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: A succubus’s mouth might be worth dying for


The Witch’s Offering 3

Ren pushed himself up, his hands sinking into the lush lawn. Wiping a couple of stray blades of grass off his face, he brought himself up to a kneeling position. Lethe had stepped out of the car to check on him while Katherine was walking around the front of the vehicle rubbing her stomach where it ached from laughing.

Taking in his surroundings, his face fell. The mansion wasn’t really a mansion, in his mind at least. Instead of a towering Victorian-style building with a grand courtyard and a circular drive like in the movies, the structure in front of him looked more like a Frank Lloyd Wright building on steroids. Sharp angles and huge windows dominated the house, and water ran down a curved sheet of acrylic that covered part of the walkway leading to the front door. It was certainly a lot larger than the five-bedroom house he shared with Jaycee and a couple of other students just off campus, but still didn’t fall into the realm of ‘mansion.’

Lethe held out a hand and helped him to his feet as a car’s headlights illuminated them from the side. Without thinking, Ren stepped in between the witch and the oncoming car, shielding her naked body from view. His wide eyes as he looked between the naked woman and the catgirl made it plain what he was thinking.

The witch melted against his chest, a hand running down to stroke the front of his pants. “Mmmm,” she purred, “nice to see that chivalry isn’t dead. But for future reference, we could have been having an orgy and they wouldn’t have cared. Even if they did they wouldn’t remember by the time they got past the house.”

“Wouldn’t have cared?” Ren asked. She had mentioned before that the people at the club wouldn’t remember the night but why would the people passing by disregard a yard full of people having sex? Someone would at least want to stop and watch, or even join in. With the way she was rubbing him, the last option was sounding like fun.

“Because everyone who lives in this subdivision is in on the existence of magic and monsters,” said Katherine. “In fact, I live just across the street so I can be here for Mistress Lethe at a moment’s notice. Having our own gated community makes it easier to manage who comes and goes. Those who aren’t given permission to enter may see, or even do, many things but will forget it all as soon as they exit the premises. When they leave they will have a feeling of disappointment and no desire to return, regardless of whether or not they joined in the orgy here in the front yard.” She looked down at Lethe’s hand, “If you are going to keep that up then at least whip it out so I can get a taste instead of wasting it on the inside of his underwear.”

The witch smiled at the catgirl and sighed as she pulled her hand away from Ren’s groin. “Sadly, I can’t let you do that. Xaal would be pissed if I gave her a virgin that was already drained.”

“Drained?” asked Ren with a worried expression as he tried to hide his disappointment her hand had stopped.

“Of semen, dear, nothing more. I meant what I said earlier, those under my protection are in no danger from succubi.”

“If Xaal doesn’t run you off or ruin you for all other women right off the bat, then ‘drained’ will become a common feeling for you. Human men are in high demand in our world,” said Katherine.

Ren thought for a moment. “I call bullshit. There’s a whole city out full of men you could take your pick from,” he said with a broad sweep of his arm at the sprawling metropolis around them.

“You would be correct,” said the witch as she began walking across the yard towards the front door indicating that the other two should follow. “However, the magical world has rules about who we bring into the fold. Inviting a human in for only pleasurable pursuits is strictly forbidden, they must have some type of primary purpose. The human must also have a degree of flexibility,” she opened the door and lead the way inside, “we consider the humans among us to be an investment.”

“Can’t say as I can be all that flexible. My college schedule is pretty gruelling and whatever time doesn’t get eaten up by homework is taken up by my side job.” Mom and Dad had never been ‘wealthy’ in their entire lives and were doing their best to keep up with the bills that his scholarships didn’t cover. That still left Ren needing to make some money unless he didn’t mind starving. He knew if he was in dire straits then he could always call and they would make sure he was taken care of. However, he hated the idea of doing that since he knew how strapped they were already. Thankfully, in his sophomore year, he signed on with a local computer repair shop and made decent money doing on-site tech support for them. It wasn’t much, but it kept food on his plate and occasionally gave him the opportunity to do things like go out with Jaycee and Brit.

“Not that kind of flexibility,” she said stopping in the house’s enormous living room. Getting up on her tip-toes she tapped Ren on the side of the temple. “Flexibility up here. If at any point you gave me a hint that you might be about to break then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

Ren slowed as he was distracted by the rail-less curved stair that ran up to the second story loft. For a moment it looked as though the steps were floating but quickly saw that the colors of the steel risers and supports were expertly shaded to match the wall behind. Taking a moment to look around he saw the front wall was completely made of glass panels and the short hedge outside didn’t offer much in the way of privacy. The floor they were standing on was a wood that had been stained jet black. He quickly revised that assumption, with the opulence he was seeing around the room he had no reason to doubt that the wood was actual ebony. A large white rug covered the middle of the area with a set of couches and recliners arranged as a viewing and conversation area. The monochromatic theme of the living room was broken up by a huge sandstone-colored slate fireplace with an equally huge big screen hung above it.

Peering closely, he saw that whoever installed the TV did an amazing job. They ran all of the wires in a jagged sunburst pattern along the grout in between the slate then painted them to match. For the sake of symmetry, the same thing was done on the other side but with fake wires.

Ren realized what he was doing and looked over at the women. Lethe and Katherine stood waiting for him with bemused expressions next to an elevator door located just beyond the stairs.

“Sorry,” he said, blushing with embarrassment. Here were two beautiful women, one naked and the other a catgirl who only a couple of minutes ago said she wanted to taste his cum, okay maybe she didn’t say exactly that but close enough, and here he was critiquing a television install. What the fuck was wrong with him anyway?

Rejoining them, Ren looked curiously at the stairs, then at the elevator, then at the ceiling, then finally at the witch.

“We’re going down,” she explained, answering his unspoken question as she pressed the call button. “Summoning demons was not always as civil as it is now, the circle is ensconced in many layers of protection just in case anything goes wrong.”

“How many layers is enough?”

“One layer is enough. Two is overkill. There’s a total of six between us and the room we are going to. I’ve dealt with some of the worst beings within the realms of hell. Because of that, I don’t take chances.”

There was a strange churning sound that came to a stop just before the doors opened that was nothing like any elevator he had ridden. “Is this safe?”

“Completely,” replied Lethe, stepping in. “The elevator shaft is protected with warded doors that open and close to let the carriage pass through. It’s hard to run cables through titanium doors so we went with a gear system for moving the elevator.”

“Titanium?” he asked joining her with Katherine following a second later. “Holy shit,” he whispered when he turned around. The control panel started at 2 and went down, all the way to B13.

Katherine pressed the B7 button as Lethe spoke. “Yes, titanium. Iron and steel aren’t very fond of magic, never have been.” The carriage began slowly moving down. “Titanium is neutral toward magic and nearly as plentiful as iron, just more difficult to process. If you see something metal best to assume it’s not made of anything containing iron.”

“Hmm, must be hard to hang up the kids’ drawings on the refrigerator.”

Lethe laughed, “Yes we probably do go through a bit more double-sided tape than human communities.”

The elevator slowed and came to a stop, seconds later there was a small thump above them followed by a whirring noise below. B1 lit up on the panel, this was going to be a long ride.

“I don’t know if your judgment of my mental flexibility is accurate,” said Ren after a brief pause. “There have been a few times tonight I’ve wanted to run away screaming. I have to admit the closer we get to meeting this succubus the stronger that feeling gets.”

“Succubi are powerful creatures and Xaal is no different. Your fear is rational, especially considering you are putting your life and safety into my hands and we are still only counting how long we’ve known each other in hours. Being afraid of the things you should be afraid of isn’t a weakness, it’s survival. What would have concerned me is if your fear became irrational and say… you were terrified of Kat here, not because she threatened you in any way but just because she isn’t human.”

“Well I did kind of threaten him,” said the catgirl meekly.

Ren smiled, “And not once have I called you Toonces.”

“Wise choice.”

Though it was only six floors, the airlock system for each floor made the elevator ride take forever and the three of them chatted amiably for the duration. Ren noticed the witch preening a couple of times as he stared too long at her naked body. Damn did she look good and he could even see the slickness on the inside of her thighs. The thought of tasting her again was making his mouth water. Katherine seemed to be in a similar state and was rubbing her thighs together while staring at Lethe’s crotch and licking her lips. He had to admit that the catgirl was looking pretty hot herself with her face flushed with arousal and her hands clenching as she tried to keep them out of the slacks of her chauffeur’s uniform.

“Um… Lethe? How long was that drink you gave me earlier supposed to last?”

Katherine shook her head. “It’s still working, her scent just gets really overpowering on these trips down to the summoning room.” She glanced over at him, her eyes only meeting his for a moment before being drawn like a magnet to his prick pressing against the front of his pants. “Usually I don’t have to restrain myself with whoever is riding along but you are a special case. Ugh… I hope Xaal doesn’t take too long, I need something in my pussy.”

“Sorry you two, it’s one of the few things I have no power over.” Looking at Ren she explained, “The spell that boosted my pheromones altered the fabric of my being. It’s not something I can turn off with a bit of magic. Once we get into the clearer air of the summoning room the effects should lessen substantially.”

Ren must have adjusted his erection twenty times before they heard the soft thump of the panel above closing. Lights came on in the room before them as the doors opened. Glass panels etched with runes and eldritch markings obscured Ren’s view at first, as they proceeded down the curved hallway he was able to make out a large platform in the middle of the room with what must have been the summoning circle on it. Surrounding the platform was more glass panels that took up the rest of the room’s floor. Suspended just below the etched floor panels were huge twelve-foot-tall obelisks made of quartz, though it was the clearest quartz he had ever seen. The hallway opened up into a large room with a titanium door that led into the central area on one side and what looked like a small apartment on the other separated by more etched glass. She really seemed to like the whole glass theme.

The apartment was relatively spartan with a small kitchenette on the right side and a large bed on the left, big enough to sleep at least four comfortably. In the middle, and partially obscured by a metal door, was an entertainment and reading area with bookcases set into the wall on either side of a flat-panel television. Also set into the back wall was a restroom that offered no privacy whatsoever. The wall, door and shower doors were all clear glass.

The entrance to the summoning chamber was a sterile-looking white wall like everywhere else besides the apartment, that at least had warm looking mahogany panelling and a lush carpet, except for the tile in the bathroom and kitchen area. Ren seriously thought places with this kind of look only existed in movies. Part of him wanted to look at one of the girls and say “Guns, lots of guns,” just to see if racks of them would appear from the walls.

Lethe walked over to the door and took a small pad of paper from a holder next to it, writing the name of the succubus down before ripping off the top sheet. Placing her hand on the wall above the holder, the area lit up with a green glow as it scanned her palm and fingers. The door opened with a tinkling chime, granting the witch access.

Katherine came up next to him and briefly ran her hand over the bulge in his pants before sighing in frustration and looking toward Lethe’s retreating form. “If you were expecting seances, candles, and people chanting magic words in a dark room, prepare to be disappointed. Summoning has come a long way in the last few decades.”

The crystals beneath the floor began to glow pink along with the circle in the middle of the room. Lethe tossed the piece of paper into the circle and took a few steps back.

“Come on,” said the catgirl as she tugged the human toward the door. “It may not be what you were expecting but it’s still pretty cool to watch. She writes the name down so there’s no chance of accidentally misspeaking,” she explained as Ren allowed himself to be pulled along. “All of the rituals you probably heard of or saw before were mainly to gather the power needed for the actual summoning. Lethe gathers power from the people living in this community and stores it in the crystals.”

“Gathers power?”

“She’s an eromancer. When people have sex she takes a little bit of that energy to use for things like this. Every house around us has a conduit crystal somewhere in it for that purpose. If you think of pleasure during sex on a graph and the orgasm is a sharp spike, the conduit snips off the tip of the spike and rounds it out a bit. The tip goes into the crystal and the people getting off have a slightly less intense orgasm that lasts longer. As an added benefit the guys are usually up for a second round a lot quicker.”

The glowing from the circle was beginning to leave streaks that pointed toward the ceiling. The paper Lethe had tossed into the circle lifted off the floor as if carried by a stray breeze and fluttered into the air for a moment before disappearing in a puff of flame.

“If she isn’t busy, she should be here soon,” said the witch as they walked up behind her. Ren’s attention was drawn to the huge crystal below them. What appeared to be large fibre-optic cables connected to the top and bottom pulsed with energy as they drew magic from the gem and fed it into the center platform. The bottom and sides of the crystal’s pit were covered in pipes, tubes and wiring. He assumed it was all for some specific purpose though he had no clues to what that might be.

He looked back towards the summoning circle as a column of fire erupted from the center and quickly dissipated, leaving an attractive brunette dressed in a sharp-looking business suit.

“You are a lifesaver!” said the woman with a happy smile when she saw Lethe. “Satan and Lucy were getting into a pissing match over Lucy’s new plan and I was sick to death of listening to them bicker,” she said as she walked toward them. Holding up the slip of paper with her name on it, she continued, “You have no idea how much I love these little notes you send. It makes it so much easier to get out of boring and unwanted obligations when I can hold this up as proof that I was just summoned.” Letting the paper fall to the thick glass they were standing on she stepped up to the witch and wrapped her in a tight hug that Lethe returned. As they separated Xaal leaned down and took one of the naked woman’s breasts in her hand before a serpentine forked tongue flicked out and teased the witch’s nipple. Moving over to Katherine she gave her a kiss on each cheek in greeting but nothing more.

“Who might this be?” asked the succubus, separating from the catgirl and staring hungrily at Ren.

He had taken a step back when the woman casually walked out of the summoning circle. He had expected there to be some kind of invisible wall to keep creatures contained. Instead, there was only a couple of tiny sparks to denote there was anything there at all. Now he just stared at her in confusion. If her physique hadn’t thrown him off then her demeanor and the warm greetings from the woman certainly had. If it weren’t for the forked tongue and her holding up the paper with her name, there would be no reason to think she was anything but a normal woman.

“This is Ren, I brought him for you,” said the witch.

Xaal looked over at her. “For me?”

“Twenty-two-year-old virgin. He passed up the chance to get laid earlier tonight because he didn’t want to be his friend’s charity case. Intelligent, strong mind, and he agreed to this on his own.”

“Fuck, I might need a change of panties after all that, if I wore them. It’s too perfect, Lethe. What’s the catch?”

“You only get his virginity, I want him.”

“Surely you have plenty of toys to play with, you can give up one,” said the succubus as she eyed up the human like a piece of meat.

The witch shook her head, “Not negotiable, I’ll sit on his cock right now if you don’t agree. Max is getting old and he can’t keep up with the new tech the humans are putting out all the time. I need a new IT guy and I think Ren here will be a perfect fit.” Lethe ignored the muffled laughter from the catgirl.

“Oh,” said the demon, standing up straighter and looking surprised. “You’re bringing this one in? Not just wiping his memories and sending him on his way with his balls drained?”


“Well damn.” She contemplated the human for a long while before speaking. “Belgrun is still the top pick for the new ruler of the second level…”

“Lust,” Katherine whispered in Ren’s ear.

“… and I need to be in that spot. Once there, enough of Belgrun’s followers will defect to me that I should be a shoo-in. The easiest way to do that will be a direct challenge and getting your virginity might give me what I need to take him on without worry.” She looked over at Lethe, “I need a couple of days to get this set up. Can you keep him virginal for me until then?”

The witch shook her head as Ren groaned in frustration. “I’ve had him on edge for some time now, I won’t torture him like that for three days or however long you end up taking.”

Xaal sighed, “Fine. Three days, hands and mouth only. Last day he goes without so he’s nice and full when I come to collect.”

“I can live with that. What about you Ren?”

“For the next two days I can only get blowjobs and hand-jobs? Other than these two no one has really shown much interest so it’s not like that will affect much.”

The succubus looked over at Katherine. “You offered him a blowjob? Sadist much?”

“No, I did not,” the catgirl replied a confused look on her face as she stared at the human.

“But… outside… when she was… you said not to waste it,” Ren stammered.

“Don’t get me wrong, I would love the feel of your cock in my mouth. However, you wouldn’t.” She stuck her tongue out and ran a finger down it, the rasping noise made the hair on the back of the Ren’s neck stand up. “Tender bits don’t like cat tongue, but kitties still like the taste of cream,” she said demurely looking up at him through her lashes with eyes full of lust.

Ren gave a little grunt as his cock twitched in his pants from the display.

“Once Xaal is done with you, you should ask Kat to clean you before you have sex,” suggested the witch, drawing his gaze away from the catgirl. “She’s very gentle and I’ve heard that sex feels amazing after the skin has been roughed up just a little.”

Ren scowled at the thought, rubbing his dick with sandpaper didn’t fall into his definition of ‘foreplay.’ On a different note, from everyone’s conversation, he didn’t feel like he needed to worry about losing his soul to the woman standing in front of him. It certainly sounded as though Lethe had plans for him beyond this rendezvous with the succubus. From the looks Katherine was giving him, she had her own plans in mind as well.

“Since you brought him for me, I’m calling dibs,” said Xaal beckoning him over with a finger. Her business suit sprouted small fires that smouldered and ate away at the fabric until the woman was naked. The ashes from her clothes drifted upward and disappeared in puffs of flame.

Ren’s dick lurched in his pants and he had to take a couple of deep breaths before he painted the inside of his underwear. Now that she was nude here was little doubt that the woman was a succubus. Every square inch of her exuded sexuality from her slightly parted lips that could only look better with a cock between them to her pert breasts that begged to be kissed and sucked, to the lips of her pink, puffy pussy that was already slick with arousal.

“Word of warning,” said Lethe snapping him out of his reverie, “It will feel like she ate a jalapeño about fifteen minutes ago. It’s normal, all demon fluids do that.” The witch put a hand on his back and pushed him toward Xaal, who had dropped to her knees and was looking hungry as she eyed up the tent in his pants.

Katherine pouted, “Dammit I was hoping to get some tonight, too.”

The witch smiled over at her, “Sorry, you’ll have to settle for me.”

“Ha! I love how you say that as if you were the consolation prize,” with a sigh of disappointment, she looked at each of them before jerking a thumb over her shoulder toward the apartment. “I guess I’ll wait for you back there.”

“Hold up, don’t go yet,” Lethe told the catgirl before turning to Xaal. “What’s news with Lucy’s plans?”

The succubus had her face pressed against the front of Ren’s pants and was inhaling deeply through her nose. After a small kiss on the fabric covering the tip of the human’s prick, she leaned back and looked up at the witch. “Lucy is still bent on getting souls back up to Purgatory, so they eventually have the chance to get to heaven. Satan is pissed because he wants them all to stay down there and burn for eternity.” She looked up at Ren, “He still hasn’t figured out that after a hundred years in the lake of fire, all of that horror and agony just becomes the new ‘normal.’ After a few centuries, there’s nothing left to burn. They’re essentially a clean slate. The problem is that the Big Guy could use those remnants to make new souls for up here, Satan and Lucy can’t, so they’re essentially just being wasted.”

“Lucy? As in Lucifer? I thought he and Satan were one and the same,” asked Ren while resisting the urge to yank his pants down and shove his prick into the kneeling woman’s mouth.

“Common misconception among humans, but no, Satan is a true demon while Lucifer is a fallen angel. Good guy really, he rebelled and was a complete asshole for the first few millennia after being cast out, but now he looks at it as a prison sentence and he’s just doing his time. I have to say though, back when he proposed this latest scheme of his it made a lot of us think he’d finally snapped. The last couple of decades have proven that we just weren’t able to see his genius.”

“You have my attention, but not all of it. Fuck, that feels good,” he muttered as Xaal’s fingers came up and began to gently caress his balls. “What genius idea is this?”

“Video games.”

Ren’s brain locked up for a second at those words, “Excuse me?”

Xaal giggled, “I love that reaction. No, not the way you are thinking. Nothing has changed in hell for thousands of years. Because of that, some of those who were doing penance and trying to get back to purgatory just stopped. Flogging a sinner only counts as long as they care, once a soul becomes numb you may as well put down the whip. Satan says keep whipping, but Lucy wants to put them into video games.”

“Put the souls of sinners into video games… I’m lost here. How will this help anything?”

Xaal smiled but Lethe answered, “By making them afraid of death again.”

“Still lost, most games you just respawn somewhere or restart the level.”

“True, but what he wants to do is section off a part of the plane of Wrath where the souls are connected to the game and experiencing what the character on the screen does, but with the human emotions attached. See your friend gunned down in a firefight and you feel rage and fear. Accidentally push your dog into lava and you will feel guilt and grief. Build up a farm and court one of the local girls and you will feel love.”

“The first two sound rough but the last doesn’t seem so bad.”

“Until the player completes the game and turns it off, then all of the very real experiences you shared with your wife, even to the point of having children, become nothing more than memories as you are thrust into a totally different game.”

“That… That’s a dick move.” Ren was well aware of the catharsis from completing a 70+ hour video game and also the sense of loss as you bid farewell to the characters you came to know and share experiences with. Relationships built on multiplayer servers could make it even more devastating.

“There’s talk of an in-game death count limit based on the type of game. Lucy is researching an optimum number, so a soul doesn’t get stuck in a game, as well as time limits in case the human stops playing.”

“So the soul riding along gets to build an area of the game into a huge home for themselves but each respawn ticks them closer to shifting to another game.”


“Let me guess. As the final piece of the puzzle, they will never, ever be put into that game in that particular world ever again?”

“Again, correct.”

“Sounds like it could be effective. But damn, that’s cold.” Ren began running permutations in his head for the likely long-term effects of such a concept based upon a variety of different personality types and…

“What the fuck!?”

Ren looked down to see the succubus staring at the front of his pants. Despite her caressing his balls through his pants, he got so lost in his thoughts that the bulge in his trousers shrank. Even though his erection was coming back quickly, Xaal did not look pleased.

“What kind of man goes soft when a naked woman is kneeling in front of him, about to give him a blowjob, and fondling his nuts?”

Ren shrugged. He really didn’t have an answer, it baffled him as much as anyone else.

“I will give you credit, though. I’m surprised your cock isn’t in my mouth already. Not many humans I’ve met would have so much restraint.”

“It’s not because I don’t want it there.”

“On that note, we will leave you two alone,” said Lethe. “But first, strip. We’ll take your clothes with us.”

Ren blushed, he hadn’t been completely naked in front of a woman for a very long time. With his face burning bright red from embarrassment he began undressing and handing his clothes to Katherine. Holding one hand in front of his prick he used the other to tug down his boxers, clumsily switching between sides so he didn’t have to move the one keeping the girls from seeing him. At the same time his brain was screaming at him for being an idiot there were three women in the room, two of them were naked and all three of them had already expressed interest in having sex with him in the near future and here he was covering himself like a kid on the playground who had just been pantsed and everyone was pointing and laughing. Yeah… that was a bad memory.

“Someone needs help getting comfortable around women,” said the succubus smirking at his awkward attempt to undress. “Lethe, do you still have that cock-cage spell?”

“Yes, though I don’t like using it.”

“I understand, but if I remember correctly you can choose which parts of the woman it affects. Correct?”

“Yes,” replied the witch, warily.

“Good, he’s going to need it. Pussies and asses only, please. Girls can suck him off and give all the handjobs he can stand, but no real sex. Have the geas expire on the third morning from now.”

“You’re a bitch Xaal.”

“I know, but I need to have his virginity intact and when I claim it and I don’t want to feel like I’m taking advantage of a nervous twelve-year-old boy.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Ren had seen an advertisement on the internet for a sex toy that looked like a plastic cage that went over a guy’s dick. He briefly considered how much it must hurt to get an erection in one of those before clicking off the page. He didn’t know what exactly it had been called but Xaal’s name for the spell seemed disturbingly close.

“A spell I learned during my BDSM phase, it prevents the man’s cock from penetrating a woman. She is asking me to cast it on you so you can get blowjobs but can’t fuck anything besides their mouth.”

Katherine whimpered a little bit drawing everyone’s attention. “What?!” she exclaimed defensively when she noticed them all staring at her.

“What was that for?” asked Xaal.

The catgirl sighed, “You know how people always want what they can’t have? I could quite literally cum from standing here and imagining getting throat-fucked by him. But thanks to my tongue that’s never going to happen.”

“Let me talk to a friend of mine back at the university, he’s a materials engineer,” said Ren after a moment’s thought. “What I have in mind might keep you from tasting anything, but you’d be able to have the experience at least.” The thought of holding the neko tight to his crotch as he pumped his cum down her throat made sure that the succubus didn’t have a chance to complain about him going limp again.

Xaal chuckled, “Need a problem solved? Put it between a man and a blowjob, or piece of ass, take your pick.”

Katherine smiled, “Pull that off and you’ll be the first to test it out.”

“Xaal, are you sure about this?” asked Lethe.

The succubus gave the witch an evil smile and tugged Ren’s boxers down. Pulling his hands away from his dick she leaned forward and pursed her lips. As she exhaled, a wispy red cloud came from between her lips and surrounded the human’s cock. Moments later the cloud split apart, a strand travelling to each armpit and one to his neck while some of it stayed down at his groin. The red substance glowed for a fraction of a second before sinking into his skin.

“Ya, fuggin’ cunt!” yelled the witch, her accent coming back full force in her anger. “Why the bloody hell did you do that!”

“I told you I wanted him comfortable around women, this will take care of that. Besides, it should wear off around the same time as your spell.”

“I’m half tempted to tell you to go fuck yourself and just take his virginity myself,” she looked over to the catgirl, “or let Kat do it.” She began moving her hands, looking like she was twisting her fingers into knots as her arms moved in jerky motions. “If I don’t get this damned spell cast she may not give you a choice.”

Ren turned his head to see Katherine staring at his prick with a maniacal hunger in her eyes. A droplet of saliva escaped the side of her mouth and ran down to her chin. Seeing a woman drooling over his prick was a thrill he never thought he would feel.

Lethe finished casting the spell by holding a glowing orb that had formed in her hand up to Ren’s cock and speaking a few words that didn’t even sound human much less like any kind of language.

Pausing once she was done, the witch looked up into his eyes, “I’m betting on you being a good choice, Ren.” Without waiting for an answer, she launched into another set of motions.

“I’d hope so, both of you are doing all kinds of shit to my dick and I haven’t punched anyone or run away screaming… yet. However, if someone doesn’t tell me what the fuck you two are doing to me that may change very quickly.”


The neko seemed to have regained her senses somewhat though her eyes kept being drawn to his prick as if pulled by a magnet. “Xaal cast a spell called Blessing of the Succubi. It adjusts your pheromones to make you a lot more attractive to the opposite sex for a few days, kind of like a temporary version of Mistress Lethe’s scent. The one Mistress just cast was the cock-cage so you can’t fuck anyone until you come back and lose your V-card to Xaal. If I’m recognizing the spell she’s working on now it will adjust your size based upon who you fuck. Can’t expect to satisfy a werebear if she wants to get fucked in her Bellator form, the biggest of them can get up to twelve feet tall. On the flip side, if a fairy wants some dick you’d split her in two. The spell makes you able to handle both.”


“From Latin, it’s the name for the were-beasts in warrior or mid form. Normally, if she does this spell she also does another one where a guy can get off up to four times in a row before you and the spell need to recharge.” Lethe just nodded as she continued casting.

A few minutes later Kat followed the witch as she made her way to the room’s exit, stomping hard enough to make the thick glass panel vibrate with each footfall. Ren watched their retreating forms for a moment before looking down at the woman kneeling in front of him. He swallowed hard.

“She’s pissed at me now, but she must love me a little if she cast those spells on you before I’ve had my way with you.” A slender forked tongue stretched out and ran up one of his balls before slowly making its way up the underside of his prick. “Then again, I think she may be right that you are something a little bit special.” Her tongue snaked out again and wrapped around his shaft just under the head and gave a series of little tugs before retreating back onto her mouth. “So calm, so controlled. So different from what I’m used to.”

“Sorry if I’m about to shatter your image of me, but I’m at my limit and now I have four shots instead of one or maybe two, so I don’t need to worry about disappointing you by popping too quickly,” he said as he put a hand on the back of her head and guided her mouth to his cock.

Smiling, the succubus kissed the tip of his prick before taking in just the head. Ren’s hips jerked at the feeling of being in her warm wet mouth and her hand on his thigh was the only thing preventing him from burying himself in her throat. Lethe hadn’t been joking about the mild burning sensation from the demoness’ saliva but the heat wasn’t painful or even uncomfortable.

She pulled back, releasing his cock with a pop. “Don’t hold back on the first one, we can relax and enjoy the second.” Xaal immediately took the head back in her mouth and began rolling her lips back and forth over the sensitive flange as her tongue swirled around his shaft and began to rhythmically squeeze. If he lasted a minute he would have been surprised. It was less of a blowjob and more of a cum extraction. Ren really didn’t care, holy fuck did it feel good to come in something besides his hand. He pulled back instinctively afterwards expecting it to hurt as his first climax faded. The spell seemed to take care of that as well and he quickly realized that he didn’t need to wait at all. Looking down he saw Xaal’s eyes glowing red as she looked up at him and smiled around the head of his prick. One hand pinched and tugged at a nipple as the other flew furiously over her clit.

Again, Ren took her head in his hands. He was already in her mouth just pulled her further down his cock, the demon’s eyes rolled up and fluttered as he sank further into her mouth. She swallowed his spend just before he nudged up against the back of her throat. In the same moment, a sudden exhale around his shaft signaled the succubus’s orgasm. The glow in her eyes ramped up to a blinding shine as wings exploded from her back and a tail sprouted from the base of her spine. White horns grew from just above and behind her ears curving forward until they nearly touched just above her eyebrows.

She began to pull back but Ren reached out and grabbed her horns, holding her in place. The succubus breathed heavily through her nose for a minute until the light from her eyes faded back to a glow. Once he could see her face again her expression was a mixture of surprise and confusion. Not seeing any hint of dismay, he took a stronger hold on her horns and began driving his cock into her mouth. Yup, this one was going to take a while, and he was going to enjoy every second. Ren groaned as his prick slipped into the woman’s throat a moment before her lips wrapped around the base. Her tongue slithered out and wrapped around his balls gently squeezing them.

Every. Fucking. Second.


Ren flopped into the bed next to Katherine, feeling deliciously drained and completely exhausted. Admittedly, he wasn’t used to sharing a bed but was too tired to care.Xaal had decided two wasn’t enough and had stayed attached to his prick until she pulled his fourth load from him and his cock finally began to wilt. Curling up up behind the sleeping neko, he shifted her tail out of the way and pressed his prick against her ass cheeks. He was awake just long enough to hear her start purring before he nodded off.

Back in the summoning room, Lethe tilted her head looking at the succubus’s wings. “What the fuck happened Xaal?”

“Honestly? No clue. It’s like the kid’s a battery or something. Are you sure he’s fully human?”


“I feel like I could take on Belgrun right now,” she said looking down at her hands, “I’m honestly a little worried about taking his virginity now. This is a fuckton of energy for just a few blowjobs.”

“A demon as old as you is worried?”

“Even we have our limits, Lethe. I could drain your crystals and survive, but just barely.” She thought for a second, “I want him.”

“His choice not mine.”

“Not like that, if I took him back he’d be dead or stolen within a week. I want you to keep him safe and protected for when I need him.”

“One: still his choice, not mine. I don’t need power the way you do in Hell so I don’t see any reason to force him. Two: You will owe me another favor.”

Xaal shook her head. “He’s special but that’s too steep. I already owe you one just for finding him, two is too close to being owned.”

“I understand, but keep in mind I will likely keep him safe anyway, but if you don’t take my offer now you won’t have any say about what I do or don’t do with him.” The witch held out her hand.

Xaal glared at the woman. “You know damn well how I came to have my position.”

“I do. Not my problem.”

“You can be a cold bitch for a human,” she said shaking the woman’s hand.

“It’s kept me alive for all these years and favors keep Heaven and Hell alike out of my business here on Earth.” She smiled, “No quicker way to get rid of someone than having them owe you something.”

“How true, now open the gate, I have work to do before I come back.”

Lethe smiled and threw a note that said ‘Xaal’s Home’ on it into the glowing circle. With the demon’s protections and wards on her mountain castle, the portal would find a random place nearby to open up. “See you in three days.”

Xaal nodded and stepped into the circle, vanishing in a column of flame.

Lethe grinned as the light from the summoning circle faded then walked back toward the exit with a bit of extra sway in her hips. The second layer of hell was about to get a new ruler who was only one favor away from being owned by a human witch. This day had ended far better than she had expected.


Xaal inherited the castle from the demoness who previously held her position. A masterful piece of trickery had forced the succubus matriarch to agree to a third favor just to save her life, effectively giving her life over to the upstart rival.

This was also the reason she was so extraordinarily pissed off as she landed in her courtyard and stormed into the main keep. Now she owed the witch another favor. The worst part was that she hadn’t been paying close enough attention, if Ren decided none of this was for him and walked away she would still be left owing her favor to Lethe.

An imp approached her to ask if there was anything she needed. With a blast from her hand, the hapless creature was reduced to a pile of ash. Xaal looked at her hand in surprise, imps were relatively fire resistant and notoriously hard to kill. What the hell had that man done to her? Entering her throne room her breath caught in her throat as she froze in place.

“Helloo succubuss,” came a rumbling voice from the man sitting in her throne.

Xaal dropped to a knee and lowered her gaze, “Milord Shai’tan. I’m honored by your presence.”

“Hmmm, I much preferr thiss look to the one at the meeting earlierr.”

“I’m glad you approve, Milord.”

“I wass curiouss what could be so important that you would need to leave in the middle of our… ssoiree.”

“I had important business elsewhere, Milord. I’m attempting to finalize my plans to become the next ruler of the plane of Lust now that Asmodeus and Lilith left to go help L—”

“SILENCE!” Her throne crumpled as the strongest demon in hell jumped to his feet, growing in size until his large black horns nearly scraped the roof of the throne room. The archdemon’s voice dislodged bits of dust that rained down on the terrified succubus.

The entire castle shook with each step as he walked over to the kneeling demoness. A red-skinned finger with a black claw lifted her chin until she was looking up into his eyes. Shining black orbs stared back at her. “Azzmodeus and Lilith made a misstake. If I have your assurancess that you do not have ssimilarly poor judgment, I might be willing to ssupport your endeavorr to rrule the ssecond level.”

Xaal swallowed hard, “T… Thank you, Milord…”

“Goood,” said the demon, smiling as he stood.

“… but I’m afraid I will have to decline.” Xaal flinched at the growl that came from above her. “Your support would lead to whispers haunting me about how I would not have ascended without your help. I appreciate your offer, Milord, but I must do this on my own.”

His chuckle vibrated the stone floor, “As you wish, ssuccubuss. I advisse caution, lesst your ambition overreach your ability.”

The archdemon stepped over her kneeling form and into the courtyard, a sudden rush of wind made her look back to see the courtyard empty.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she repeated over and over as she made her way to her personal quarters. Why was he here? How much did he know? After such a high point earlier, this day had ended far worse than she had expected.