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The Witch

Causing fear with its mysteries or having fun in various children’s stories. They have always been present throughout the world, from ancient times where women charged with wisdom were always relating to nature, their forces, evoking gods and goddesses, manipulating diverse, benign, evil, constructive, destructive energies, since ancient times they represented the holy female, they were priestesses in holy temples, they were witches, healers, warrior women, endowed with great knowledge and magic.

But it was in the Middle Ages together with Christianity that these women became witches, evil, evil, passing into the popular imagination the various fantasies of turning into animalistic beings in search of blood, women flying on their brooms around the moon, finally. Thanks to the holy office comes the demonization of these women considered witches, the demonization of their pagan cults, rituals and activities.

During the Inquisition, there were the most vile and cruel tortures for them to “confess” the devil’s worship, to reveal how they performed them and how “they were the demons”, it is noteworthy that these reports were made under torture and that the documents that bring the information was written by the Christian torturers, who from the first inquisition transformed a Christian icon to the pagan gods Pan and Cernunos, making centuries later the association of witches with the devil became latent, according to the bible itself the devil may have in various ways, believing that their gods were the personification of the devil, such ignorance.

The Sabbath of witches also causes haunting, many believe it is a ritual of watered desecration of orgies, black masses, devilish evocations, sacrifices, the Sabbath of witches is just like any other sect or belief, a time of gathering, celebration , communion and of course, communication with spiritual beings whether they are “diabolical” or not.

What happens is that from ancient times, through the middle ages, to the present day, between gods and demons, between “good” or “evil”, not every witch is good and not every witch is evil, either as However, they still exist either in the astral plane, in the underworld, or here in the material plane, regardless of religion or belief, witchcraft is the art of the wise!

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