The Witch Father – Non-Fiction


Feature Writer: scarletarosa

Feature Title: The Witch Father

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The Witch Father

In my experiences with the Witch Father, he is the god Lucifer, the King of demons. He is no Faery King, for the Fae have no rulers and were paired with the Devil by the lies of Christians. In truth, he is an infernal god who holds the secrets of magick and bestows them upon the worthy. However, he is often known as the Man In Black in his Witch Father aspect, though he has many names.


As the Witch Father, Lucifer is most mysterious and feral-feeling. He is connected to the primal feelings of lust, indulgence, rage, and power. The Witch Father is of the untamed wilderness and the might of a Witch who has been crossed. He is of the cries of wild animals, the blood of sacrifice during ritual, of ecstasy, the fire, twisted trees, and the winds of night. The Witch Father smells like fire and his energy is both intimidating and sexual, for he rules over both power and pleasure. He is the husband of the Witch Mother, who is known by many names, including Lilith.


One can connect with this ancient god by calling upon him at night, speak to him and ask him to be near, to guide you. He is the god of folk magick, the Old Ways; modern magick is of no interest to him or the Witch Mother. Ask him to teach you the ancient arts and grant you visions. If he deems you worthy, he will guide you. It should be known that Lucifer does not actually seek to claim souls, do not ask for him out of greed.

He wants those who are dedicated to their work and are focused on obtaining knowledge. But assisting in revenge pleases him as well. He can teach the ways of calling upon spirits, astral traveling, trances, visions, blood magick, curses, and much more. Embrace his darkness and allow your craft to be untamed, for a Witch must be one with the wilds.


Best yet, call upon Lucifer while in the woods at night. Burn a fire if you wish or sit in the darkness, then call him to you and let him walk with you. You may close your eyes and see if you are able to receive visions, you may get flashes of a man with the head and legs of a goat. His energy is very warm, like fire, so pay attention to any sort of sensation.


Element: Fire

Colours: Black and Red

Offerings for the Witch Father:

Dark, rich tasting foods and scents, whiskey, ale, red wine, strong tobacco, goat milk, coffee grounds, apples, plums, pomegranates, cream and sugar, dark chocolate, honey, chili peppers, dead flowers, blood, bones, chicken feet, rabbits’ feet, cat eyes/whiskers, goat horns, playing cards, red roses, coffin nails, ashes, sulfur, onyx, obsidian, black candles, spirit communication tools, and colors such as black or red.

*It is encouraged to leave these at a crossroads or in the forest if you are able.