Feature Writer: Quixerotic1

Feature Title: The Warlock’s Milkmaid

Published: 01.11.2019

Story Codes: Text

Synopsis: A warlock finds new servants through a wicked competition


The Warlock’s Milkmaid

Light from the tavern spilled out into the muddy road. An old villager, drunk and half asleep, leaned against the wall beside the door. The old man didn’t want to make the ten minute walk down the hill to his home where an angry wife awaited him. The sounds of cheer from inside the tavern kept his spirits up and helped him ward off the encroaching specter of sleep.

He hiccupped and brought out the other bottle of wine he had ducked out with. The innkeeper was distracted by the revelry and it meant nicking a few bottles quite simple. The old man would make it up to him tomorrow, if he managed to wake up before dark. The inn had been packed to the brim earlier, but most of the villagers had already broken off for home. The remaining patrons were the younger lot from the village. The men had spent the past month working day and night to bring in the harvest and now that it was shipped off they were eager to blow off steam and squander their pay. The young women were glad for the attention and their fathers were a bit lax on harvest day. The result was a grand party and a good night’s return for the innkeeper.

A sound shook the old man from his stupor. Hoof beats. The city guard did not patrol this road at night. The man stared into the darkness as the rider approached. A black horse pounded through the mud until it reared up just in front of the inn. The rider dismounted and spent a few moments taking off gloves and his cloak to store in his saddlebags. The old man tried not to stare, but his curiosity was enhanced by his drunkenness. The stranger stepped into the light of the tavern as he tied up his horse.

The old man had seen many people in his small life in a village by the city, but he had never seen someone like the rider. Pale skin and white hair meant noble blood, but this man had many scars on his face. Perhaps he served in the army, the old man thought. The rider wore a black tunic with red stitching that the old man did not recognize, but the pendant hanging from his neck was another matter.

When the old man was just a boy, before the Witch Trials, that pendant was a common sight. An Eye of Kethis was a catalyst for magic. The damned things had been wiped out during the Witch Trials, smashed on an anvil as the witches burned. The old man knew his childhood myths well, and he knew that forging a new Eye of Kethis took a great toll on its creator while also giving him or her great power. The old man was afraid as the rider walked over to the inn door.

The drunk hoped that he wouldn’t be noticed, but the rider looked down at him with pity. “Go home old one,” the rider said.

“Yes, mi’lord,” the old man replied softly. He crawled to his feet and started backing away from the rider. Through the window of the tavern he could see the last of the revelers toasting once more. He thought he should warn them, or perhaps raise the guard. As soon as the thought crossed his mind, he felt a tightness in his chest and a pain in his left arm. The old man collapsed beside the road as the stranger entered the inn.

The rider surveyed the room.

The tavern was small, but warm and brightly lit. The innkeeper was passed out drunk behind the bar. Ten others remained, all mostly intoxicated. The innkeeper’s wife was still managing the place. Three of her friends, all old maids, remained to keep her company while the young folk continued to sing and laugh and dance. Three young couples were sitting at two conjoined tables in the center of the room.

The three men were all roughly the same in appearance and demeanor. Each was of average height, and their builds matched that of every other field working villager in the whole realm, as well as having the exact same cropped haircut and shaved face. Somewhat flabby to look at, but pure muscle underneath. Their skin, even at the age of 20, was sun-worn and hardened. They each wore a loose fitted shirt and fairly dirty trousers.

The women on the other hand were fairly unique, a redhead, a brunette, and a raven haired. They were wearing their day dresses, which usually fastened at the neck, but each of the girls had loosened this top lace and allowed their cleavage to come into view. The redhead was the most captivating. Her face was youthful and bright with a smile, while her perky breasts heaved up and down with each breath. The brunette was shorter and less endowed, but seemed to make up for it in cheer. The raven haired girl was entirely demure and reserved. Her dress was off her shoulders, but she had not been brazen enough to pull it down to her cleavage.

The rider nodded to himself. “These will do,” he thought as he turned the latch on the inn’s door. The innkeeper’s wife saw him and started to rise to meet him, but he held up his hand and the woman sat back down. He walked over to the celebrating couples.

“Hello, friend!” said one of the young men. “Come to join in our little party?”

The rider smiled, “No. I have come here with the offer of work. I am called Argyle of Riven.”

“What kind of work does Argyle of Riven offer in the dead of night in our village?” replied the young man, waving his hand in a patronizing bow.

Argyle ignored the fool, instead focusing on the three young women. “I am lord of a manor in the hills north of here. I am searching for a new milkmaid.”

“Beg your pardon, master,” said the brunette. “We’re low folk. We ain’t got no fancy servant training. All we know is field work and village chores.”

“You would be trained,” Argyle said, taking a seat at the table. The men around him bristled at his intrusion. “The manor is vast and you would be well taken care of. The wage is ten silver a month.”

One of the young men heard the sum and almost choked on his own drink. The three women’s eyes went wide with shock. “Ten silver a month?” asked the redhead, dumbfounded. “That’s mor’n they’ll get for the whole harvest.”

“Lord or not,” said the biggest of the three men, “you’re not coming round here spinning that nonsense.”

Argyle did not argue. Instead, he snatched a pouch off of his belt and dropped it on the table. It opened and dozens of coins spilled into view. “I wager that is more money than you have ever seen. Am I correct?” They whole tabled nodded in disbelief. “I only need one servant girl, but I’m happy to give each of you a fair shot. I need to know how well you can handle the job. To that end, I would enlist the help of you gentleman. You’ll have this sack of coin for your services. What do you say?”

“How could we refuse?” said the dark haired girl. Each of them around the table agreed.

Argyle smiled. The eyes on his pendant glowed bright red, “Then we have a deal. Clear an area over there.” He turned to the four old women in the corner. “You lot, grab the drunk and take him upstairs. You will wait there until I’ve finished here.” Without a word, the women scurried over to the innkeeper, lifted him up and went upstairs. The others thought that this was strange behavior, but Argyle was a lord of some kind and such people tended to be obeyed without question.

“Now then, you need names. You three are my tools in this so we’ll call you Scythe. And you will be Hammer. And you will be Plow.” The three young men nodded, somewhat amused by the game. “As for the women, we’ll keep it simple as well.” He pointed at the redhead, “You will be Ginger.” Then to the black haired girl, “And you Raven.” And finally to the brunette, “And Autumn.” They all smiled as they received their new names, instantly forgetting their old ones.

Argyle took a seat in a chair in front of the cleared area and kicked his feet up on a table. “Right, all of you undress.”

The six of them stared back at Argyle with confusion. “Sorry, sir,” said Plow. “Why do you want us to get undressed?”

Argyle responded, “I am here to get a new milkmaid. If we’re going to have a proper audition, then I’m going to have to see how much milk she can give. And it’s also good to know how well she can fuck, which is where you boys come in. Or should I say, cum in.” He laughed at his own joke. They remained frozen in place, staring at him with a mix of horror and confusion. “Oh, hell, you’ve all already agreed to the contract. Here, this will help. For every command you obey you will receive a feeling of great pleasure.” The eyes on his pendant glowed again. “Now everyone touch your nose.”

Slowly, they each followed the instruction. Hammer was the first. The second his finger touched his nose, he felt a twinge of pleasure course through his body. He recognized it as the same feeling as when he stroked his cock to thoughts of Ginger. Each of them shivered with pleasure as they completed the instruction, and they all wanted more.

“Go on then. Undress.” Argyle waved them on with a smile. “Oh, and you will not feel shame or embarrassment at your nakedness.”

Without hesitation, they all began to strip. The men watched with glee as the girls took off their dressed and underclothes. Plow felt his cock getting hard as he watched them reveal their bodies, but like Argyle had instructed, he felt no shame. Instead, he went to touch his prick as he watched Raven pull her dress over her head and drop it on the floor. The dark haired beauty bent over to unlace her shoes, giving Plow a perfect view of her pussy lips beneath a round and soft ass.

The other two men undressed as quickly. Their cocks all bobbed in the air in front of them as each slowly realized that he could touch himself without fear of ridicule.

Argyle’s attention was focused on Ginger. The girl pulled off her dress to reveal a plumper frame than he had expected. The others had the almost waifish physique of many hungry winters, but Ginger’s body was full and ripe. Her breasts were twice the size of the other girls. They hung from her chest, each a pleasing teardrop shape topped with a rosy red nipple. Her red hair cascaded onto her shoulders and it made the small patch of pubic hair seem that much brighter. Argyle saw that she groomed her pussy hair more than the other girls as well. He began to wonder whether or not Ginger had a lover.

Lastly, he turned his attention to Autumn’s petite frame. The girl was mousy, but robust in a diminutive way. Her breasts were small, but round and sat high on her chest. She did not have much else about her. Little flesh clung to her bones, the result of which was a flat ass and skinny thighs. Argyle shrugged. “A blank canvas,” he thought.

Six naked twenty year olds stood in front of the warlock. He’d planned for this for a very long time, and now he could barely contain himself. Still dangerous, he knew. The city guard could happen upon the inn and have his head on a stake before dawn. Nevertheless, he wanted to take his time and enjoy the show.

“My milkmaid needs to excel in several categories. We’re going to have a little competition to find out which one of you girls would be the best for the job. But a milkmaid for the Warlock of Riven is more than her set of skills, she’s also known by her unique form. Big, fat titties heavy with milk and a big round ass ready to be slapped by the lucky person to fuck her, these are the hallmarks of her body. Now, Ginger you already have a head start, but that doesn’t mean the others are out of the running. Each of you gets a stud to help you in the contest. Your stud will cum as many times as you can make him, and for every load you receive your tits and ass will grow just a little more.” The pendant burned hot on his chest as he spoke. “Oh, also your tiny little pricks just won’t do, so each time you give your cow in training a load, you’ll grow a little bit too. That’s only fair.”

Each of them smiled with delight. A warm feeling flooded through their bodies as they accepted the scenario.

“Very well,” Argyle said. “Let’s begin. First thing’s first, let’s see you suck your man’s cock until he cums.”

“Suck his cock?” Raven asked. “Like, put his little prick in my mouth?”

“Of course, silly,” Autumn said. “Watch.”

Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees in front of Hammer. She gave his cock a few quick licks before shoving the whole of him in her mouth. Hammer let out a groan of surprised pleasure. Her mouth was small and wrapped perfectly around his shaft as she started to bob up and down.

“Oh I see,” Raven said, dropping to her knees in front of Plow. “Like this,” she said as she let her tongue circle around the head of his penis. He too groaned with pleasure at the feeling of a mouth on his painfully erect cock. Never in his life did he think that he would get to feel something as heavenly as this. Maybe if he’d gone into the city and bought a whore.

Ginger was not going to be left out. She had Scythe’s cock in her mouth as well, delighted by the feeling of its throbbing heat pushing back and forth over her tongue. She wanted him to cum, needed him to cum. The desperation for it started to overwhelm her. Her tongue undulated along the hard ridge that went under his cock. In a moment of inspiration, she brought her hand up to tug on Scythe’s balls. He grunted at the sensation and Ginger knew she was going to win, but then Hammer let out a guttural wail as he blasted cum in Autumn’s mouth.

Autumn tried to swallow it all, but couldn’t keep up with the torrent of jizz erupting from her partner’s shaft. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and let it continue to spray on her small apple sized tits, dripping the milky white fluid across her nipples.

Not to be outdone, Ginger had her man gushing only seconds later. More and more of his spunk filled her mouth, an impossible amount. How could he produce this much seed, she wondered, but was grateful for each and every drop. She swallowed again and again, amazed at the feeling of it sliding down her throat.

Plow finished last, cumming into Raven’s mouth as she moaned around his shaft. The contest was far from her mind, instead she was focusing on her own pleasure. While the other girls had used their hands urge their partners along, Raven’s free hand had moved down to her own pussy, parting the folds and dipping a finger into her hot snatch. She masturbated in time with her head bobbing along the shaft and when he started to cum, she was sorely disappointed that he was emptying into her mouth and not her pussy.

Argyle clapped and cheered as the girls finished cleaning the cocks off with wet slurping sounds. “Well done! Well done. Hmm, now let’s see who should be the winner. Autumn had her man cumming first, but she did have a bit of a head start. So she gets three points.” As he spoke, Autumn felt a heat in her chest. She looked down to see her breasts swelling, the flesh expanding outward to double the original size. Simultaneously, her rear added some girth, filling out her form to a much more feminine one.

“And Ginger. From the look on your face, you had Scythe cumming buckets which means you have a good technique, but you were a bit slow even with Autumn’s early start. Two points for you.” Ginger also felt a warming sensation flowing throughout her body, but her breasts were still the largest in the room even after Autumn’s growth. Instead, she felt her ass growing wider and rounder as the tiny bit of fat around her midsection burned away leaving her with a perfect hourglass figure that she always wanted.

“Finally, Raven,” Argyle said. “Finished last and with no real finesse, but you certainly seemed to enjoy yourself. One point for you.” Raven’s body too felt the warmth of growth as her breasts and ass swelled to a similar size as Autumn’s now enhanced body.

Each of the men grinned at the sight of the girl’s new bodies. Their cocks were all rising, but the sudden burning sensation in their crotches almost made them yell with pain. Hammer looked down as his cock rapidly swelled to its full length and then continued to grow another three inches. He felt his balls get heavier and begin to push against his thighs. Plow and Scythe also suffered the same painful and pleasurable growth. Pleased with their new tools, they looked to Argyle for the next contest.

Argyle helped himself to one of the other bottles of wine. “For round two, we need to see just how well our cow candidates can fuck. The men will lie down and you three will fuck them like you ride a horse.”

Eagerly, the three men dropped to the ground and laid down on their backs. Ginger had victory snatched from her in the last competition, so she was quick to straddle Scythe. She positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and sank down on him, reveling in the feeling of his cock pushing apart her pussy walls. Fully impaled on his unusually large phallus, she started to rock back and forth slowly as Scythe started to pull and grope her ass.

Raven had Plow beneath her, but she was not taking her time. She grabbed his wrists and pinned them above his head as she started fucking him in earnest. His cock pistoned in and out of her dripping cunt as he rasped in pleasure. Raven could sense his orgasm building and prepared for the warm flood of cum to saturate her pussy walls and finally satisfy the ache that had been growing in her since the spell began.

Autumn had chosen a slightly different tactic. Instead of facing Hammer as she fucked him, she instead turned around on top of him, so that he could watch her ass bounce up and down as she rode him. Leaning forward, she grabbed hold of his ankles and moved her hips in a circle, giving each angle of his cock maximum pleasure. Hammer was ecstatic as he slapped her ass in encouragement.

Plow couldn’t resist Raven’s speed for very long. He grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her into a kiss as his cock started erupting inside of her. The transformations did not wait this time. Plow felt Raven’s tits swelling against his chest as she continued fucking his cumming prick. Her ass swelled in his hands getting rounder and rounder as he realized she was raising higher and higher each time without letting his cock slip out.

Autumn’s pussy clenched around Hammer’s cock as he came second. After the first two ropes of cum sprayed deep inside of her, she pulled his cock out and continued stroking it, encouraging the thick goo as it blasted against her stomach and outer pussy lips. She was pleased to see the fleshy cock growing even longer in her hand.

Ginger had lost track of the competition due to her own pleasure. Scythe’s hands had started to tease her engorged nipples. The feeling of his rough fingertips raking over the tiny nubs was electric and waves of pleasure coursed through her body each time. Finally, Scythe’s hands went to her hips and roughly grabbed hold of her, forcing her to rock back and forth faster and faster until he was blasting his load inside of her. She realized she had lost when the small warmth in her chest passed quickly and she barely noticed any growth. Scythe meanwhile had even fatter balls than before and they remained heavy with unspent cum.

“Wonderful! Wonderful,” Argyle said. “And now for our last test. This one is one for your tits especially. Those big milk bags aren’t just for show any more. A milkmaid needs to give milk of course. You three get those pails from the counter and bring them over. The first girl to fill up her pail is the winner. Now, it wouldn’t be fun without a little more fucking and a good cow gives more milk when she’s being fucked like the stock she is, bent over with her ass up and her tits spewing milk.” He waited while everyone assumed the position.

The three girls lined up beside one another, thrusting their cum soaked pussies up towards the men. They each felt the new pressure building in their breasts as they positioned their nipples over the pails the boys had provided. A new ache was building, a feeling of fullness in their breasts that told them they needed milking. Ready and maddened with anticipation, they looked to the warlock for a signal to begin.

As soon as Argyle gave the signal, the men pushed into the velvety deeps of their chosen consort. They had stopped having any rational thought a while back and now they could only focus on the heat of the cows in front of them. Throbbing cocks and heavy balls dictated each of their thoughts. Their entire world was devoted to servicing the females and they only regretted they could fuck just one at a time.

Raven squealed with delight as the first drop of milk oozed from her breasts. Ginger grunted and bucked back against her stud, determined not to lose.

Autumn kept a steady rhythm as her breasts swelled larger and larger, growing painfully full until they finally erupted in a torrent. A loud stream of milk hissed and splattered against the bottom of the metal bucket. She cooed with relief as more and more of the fluid gushed from her breasts.

Ginger was the second to achieve a steady flow, using her free hand to massage the milk from each tit. More and more of the white fluid splashed into the pail until she couldn’t resist bringing a lick of it up to her own mouth. Her milk tasted wonderful and she could tell her production increased.

The sight of his cow tasting her own milk sent Scythe over the edge. The sudden wave of pleasure threw off his rhythm and his massive cock slipped out of her pussy, sliding up along her ass cheeks and spraying cum all over her back. Without a cock inside of her, Ginger’s milk slowed, but the feeling of hot spunk on her back was divine.

Raven’s pails were almost full when the other two men came. Plow also slipped out of Raven’s snatch so that he could finish himself off on her back. His spray was impressive, several gouts landing in her dark hair. Hammer remained sheathed deep inside of Autumn, cumming over and over, but never stopping fucking her.

Autumn grunted and gurgled with pleasure as milk started to run down the side of her pail. The warm sensation she’d felt when her body had changed returned three times as fierce. Her breasts doubled in size once again, growing larger and larger as milk continued to pour out of her covering the tavern floor. When they couldn’t grow any more, she felt the pressure move down on her chest to a spot just beneath her massive tits. “Udders,” she thought. “I get to have udders!”

New nipples crowned the growing buds as they pushed outward from her small frame. In moments, two brand new breasts were hanging from Autumn’s chest. She reached underneath her to tease the nipples and was please to feel the ooze of milk.

The other two girls were jealous until their own second pair of dugs sprouted beneath their usual pair. Four breasts to play with, Ginger thought. Four teats to give suck from, Raven thought.

Ginger turned around to Scythe to get his cock back inside of her, but she was shocked at the sight of him. All of the men’s cocks were now dark and leathery in texture. Their balls were as large around as melons and they hung low between their legs. She had seen cocks of that size before on the bulls in the village. Scythe grunted and positioned his massive cock at her entrance once again. With a hard shove, he pushed his entire length inside of her and his balls slapped forward into her engorged pussy. After taking a moment to assess their new forms, Hammer and Plow did the same.

Argyle grinned from ear to ear. “Now technically, Autumn is the winner, but I am a generous man. I’d like to offer you all a position at my estate. Three cows and three bulls to service them. What do you think?”

In a fever of pleasure, all six of them shouted incoherent agreements.


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