The Vow – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: 666salem666

Feature Title: The Vow

Link: TUMBLR /  29.12.2020 / posted by Hellsatansworld

The Vow

Lord Satan … King of Hell … True Master of this World … Father of the Demonic Legion … Thorn in the brow of Christ … Black Flame of Creation … Dark Lord of Desires … Lord of Illusions … Giver of Knowledge … Prince of the Isolate Pit … to you I vow The Given Key Of Satan shall be unveiled … the Priestesses of Satan and Lilith shall be gathered for the Convocation for they are the Priestesses of the new Infernal Aeon … and those Brethren who shall join me shall aid this quest to its successful conclusion … on my Oath as a Satanist this shall manifest for the shades of the Dark Creed already converge for this Calling!