Feature Writer: Tantric Legion
Feature Title: Temple of the Serpent – Chapter Two
Story Codes: Supernatural, NC, Rape, MF, Snake (Serpent)
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Temple of the Serpent

Chapter Two

Silvern sat in repose reading one of his scrolls when he heard a polite knock at the door to his chamber. Rising with smooth grace he crossed the room and opened the heavy oak door, revealing a pretty brunette maid in a blue dress who curtsied before the noble. His eyes quickly appraised the young maid and he prepared to pull her into his suite when her next words stopped him.

“The Queen requests the honor of your presence, my lord. If you would care to follow me I can take you to her.” Bowing her head respectfully the pretty maid politely awaited his response. This was of course the kind of invitation which one was not to deny for royalty did not make suggestions or invitations. An offer from a monarch had the same force as an order.

“Of course, I would be honored to accept her invitation.” The maid waited patiently as the noble took a moment to check his appearance, brushing away imaginary lint from his immaculate attire, before indicating that she should lead the way. As Silvern followed the maid through the passages of the castle, up towards one of the many towers, his thoughts churned in his head. His spine prickled, had something revealed some clue or sight of what he was? Each moment the noble was on guard for danger, watching for any sign of ambush or the approach of guards.

Following the maid they climbed a long spiral staircase lit only by the flickering light of the small lantern carried by the young servant. Until they reached a heavy set of wooden doors artfully engraved with the Queen’s personal crest. Without knocking the maid opened the doors and beckoned him through. Silvern’s eyes took on a calculating look as he was led not into an audience hall but directly into the Queen’s personal suite. Waiting there was an aristocratic looking woman with a haughty expression on her face. The young maid bowed respectfully to this woman before scurrying away, sealing the doors of the chamber behind her.

“I am the Queen’s Lady in waiting, Lady Veronica. Her majesty will receive you now.” Walking through veils of gauzy silk Lady Veronica led him into the presence of the Queen. Silvern could not help but let out a gasp of surprise, making the two women chuckle in amusement. Queen Anne was completely nude but for a golden amulet with a black opal surrounded by diamonds which hung between her full breasts. She lay in the center of a luxuriant bed with her silky golden blond hair spread like a fan across the bed sheets. Her smooth pale skin fairly glowed in the soft candlelight among the black silk sheets. Smiling as she watched Silvern’s eyes drinking in her appearance the queen deliberately stretched, wantonly displaying her charms to the man’s hungry gaze.

Behind his lust Silvern was pleased for entirely different reasons than the women would have imagined. This unexpected opportunity would do much to enhance his lord’s cause. If the Queen had a habit of taking bed partners in her conversion would quickly allow him intimate access to the most powerful members of the court, not to mention granting him access to the king and the young princesses.

Silvern felt hands undressing him and stood still, a slight smile gracing his lips as he allowed Lady Veronica to free his body from the confining clothes. Both women gasped in pleased surprise when his proud shaft was displayed, neither had ever seen a cock so large and the swollen purple head pulsed with readiness. Anne grinned wickedly, obviously pleased with her choice of bed mates, as she caressed her ample breasts before dipping her hand between her legs and seeking out the hard bud of her clit with a soft sigh. With fingers coated with the glistening evidence of her arousal the Queen seductively beckoned to Silvern, welcoming the handsome noble into her bed with a wanton hunger in her eyes.

“I wanted to welcome you personally.” The Queen gave the noble a feline smile. “I thought that some… Cultural exchange might be in order.” A rush of triumphant delight welled up within Silvern. Far sooner than he had ever imagined possible the Queen would be his. “Yes, I agree. I would greatly enjoy sampling the treasures of Altara and in turn nothing would delight me more than to offer you a taste of what my home kingdom has to offer.” “I have long heard that Galancia was a land of learning and knowledge. That its peoples are very highly skilled many pursuits both academic and leisure.” Anne’s sultry eyes fluttered as her voice grew low and husky with arousal.

“I believe that at least some of what you have heard has merit.” Accepting her open invitation Silvern ran his gaze over her lush body. “It would be my pleasure to do my very best to… uphold my people’s good reputation.”

It was shocking really, never had Silvern thought that the opportunity to take such a high ranking member of the royal family would come so easily or so soon. Instead he had believed that a cautious and insidious campaign of subversion would be necessary, slowly bringing those loyal to their king under his power and only then taking the royal family once their support had been removed.

As Lady Veronica removed the last of his attire Silvern stepped forward confidently, ready to take both women. Power gathered itself around Silvern as he called upon the dark magic gifted to him by his god, carefully crafting a charm to seal the room and hold them in his power. Neither of the women was mystically sensitive so the gathering evil went unnoticed, both thinking that the slight smile which graced his lips was simply the result of their inviting offer.

Climbing onto the bed he reached for Anne’s calf, magic already tingling eagerly along his fingertips waiting to be channeled. He suddenly froze, his skin a mere fraction of an inch from her alabaster flesh. Something very close to panic filled him as he collected his will and fought the power he had summoned, forcing it back inside himself from whence he had called it and feeling the frustrated energy burning within as it was denied release.

Magic emanated from the intricate amulet Anne wore, playing across Silvern’s skin with a prickly warmth, and he could feel the power of the spells waiting with scorpion like patience for any threat to its wearer. It was ancient and powerful, an artifact from the shadows of history when mages had worked the souls of screaming sacrifices into their spells. Silvern felt a cold shot of fear rush up his spine. If he had tripped the protections of the amulet, as he had come dangerously close to doing, there would have been little left of him but a smoking pile of ash. Judging by the power he sensed bound up in the amulet it would have been a very small pile of ash indeed.

Smoothly the Serpent’s priest recovered, to Anne and Veronica his pause had seemed to take but a moment, and gently caressed her smooth skin, running his hand up her leg to her inner thigh. Slowly he kissed his way up her flat stomach and over her generous breasts, suckling briefly at her crinkled nipples. Resuming his upwards journey he kissed along her graceful neck drawing pleased moans from her before his lips found hers, squelching any sound as he captured her mouth with a passionate kiss while his hands massaged her firm breasts.

Anne was busy as well, her warm hands reaching down and fondling his ready shaft before running the tip up and down her labia, coating its swollen head with her silky juices. Veronica joined then on the bed, the Lady in Waiting crouching behind Silvern and trailing teasing kissed down his back as her hands found his dangling scrotum and began gently massaging his aching testicles.

With a single smooth thrust he slid his shaft into her ready hole, his tongue confidently exploring her mouth as his cock stretched her clenching vagina wide. Anne arched her back, moaning as she accepted the delicious intrusion into her body. The sensation of fullness that the nobleman’s every thrust brought made her belly quiver with an electric thrill of pleasure. Silvern growled as he rutted the queen, tirelessly filling her again and again as he felt her legs cross themselves behind his back, urging to do plunge even deeper into her heated depths while Lady Veronica’s hands and mouth laved erotic attention across their clenched and straining bodies.

When Silvern lifted himself from her Anne she let out an undignified squeal of disappointment. Flipping her over he knelt and massaged her heart shaped buttocks before gripping Anne’s shapely hips and mounting her from behind.

“Oh Yes! Just like that! Oh!” Anne cried out, on her hands and knees all royal composure abandoned as she panted in ecstasy while he worked his rigid shaft in and out of her hungry sex. Silvern reamed the buxom woman until her arms collapsed, unable to hold her weight as her belly trembled with one climax after another. Finally when the writhing queen thought she couldn’t take anymore Silvern withdrew his raging cock from her raw vagina and left her to collapse gasping amidst the the luxurious covers, driven almost senseless by the magnificent fucking she had just received.

Turning about he forcefully grasped Lady Veronica by her long black hair and roughly pulled her down to his cock, the veined member glistening with her queen’s sweet juices. Hesitantly the Lady opened her mouth, the tip of her tongue poking from her mouth as she prepared to taste the pre-cum oozing from his urethra. Deciding that he did not wish wait for her tentative attentions he thrust his hips forward, sliding his entire length into her mouth while he chuckled slightly at the shocked look in her wide eyes. For a few moments she struggled, on the edge of choking as he relentlessly fucked her mouth, before moaning in surrender and relaxing, allowing Silvern to use her as he wished. After sampling the pleasures of the Queen’s body it wasn’t long before the noblewoman’s warm mouth brought him to climax and he tensed with a guttural moan. Silvern looked down and watched Lady Veronica with his shaft between her full lips, her throat working as she swallowed the thick seed spurting from the tip.

The delighted expression shared by both beautiful women as they realized that his erection remained potent despite his orgasm brought a smug smile to Silvern’s face. Soon Silvern was lying on his back, lapping at the Queen’s sweet musky juices as she knelt above him while Lady Veronica rode astride his rampant shaft, sinuously swiveling her hips and sobbing with pleasure as she drove his penis straight up her velvet passage.

After several hours of coupling the trio was thoroughly coated in perspiration and other fluids issuing from their union. Anne held up a hand as the nobleman, have just finished depositing a thick load in Lady Veronica’s puckered anus, lifted her ankles and prepared to sink his veined member into the Queen’s inflamed vagina once again, “No more my good sir, you have quite impressed me. Your swordsmanship is definitely unparalleled. I yield.”

Silvern wore a triumphant smile as he acquiesced gracefully, acknowledging her surrender with a slight nod. “It has truly been my pleasure your highness. I am flattered that you find my skills satisfactory.”

Anne laughed musically, “It is rare to find both stamina and wit, especially in a man. I hope that we shall have the opportunity to speak again.”

“I share that desire your Highness. With your permission I will now take my leave and allow you to retire for the night.” As Anne gestured her approval he gave a her a courtly bow and turned to gather his cloths.

After a brief respite Silvern and Lady Veronica were once again presentably attired and she escorted him from the chamber, leaving a very pleased Queen Anne behind. As they walked down the corridor the Serpent’s priest decided the time was right and gently took her arm. Smoothly Silvern maneuvered the Lady in Waiting into a small alcove in the hall, quickly backing her into a corner and stepping forward until they stood only inches apart. He reached up and fondled her left breast, kneading it while wearing an expression of hungry lust.

Swatting away his hand in annoyance she fixed him with a chill glare, “I would have thought that you would have had more than enough of that already tonight Lord Silvern.”

“My hunger mirrors that of my god.” Silvern leaned in and whispered into her ear, “And right now he desires your soul!”

“I believe that you have taken leave of your senses Sir, release me or I shall call for the queen’s guards.” Her tone was growing harsh in response to his unwanted attentions. It was obvious however that she still felt in control, free to brush off the uncivilized foreigner who had performed like a dog for her and her queen.

It was only when Silvern dropped his human seeming and Veronica stared into his yellow slitted eyes from only inches away that her fear awoke. Silvern grinned viciously, his mystically enhanced senses drinking in the waves of terror which washed over him as the Lady’s normal haughty demeanor was shattered by primal fear. Just when she opened her mouth, drawing in breath to scream the priest passed his hand across her lips. It left behind a gag of shadow that his victim could breath through but didn’t allow even the merest peep of her screams to escape.

Pinning her wrists above her head with one hand he roughly tore her bodice into shredded rags, revealing her heaving breasts. His victim screamed silently as the thick black snake crept out of his pants, writhing back and forth obscenely as it fixed her with its reptilian glare. Silvern’s mixed lust and amusement were evident as he reached up under her skirts, tugging down her undergarments and baring her charms.

Slipping under her skirts the unholy member slithered back and forth across her soft inner thighs, its tongue flicking out to taste the sobbing woman’s swollen labia before it found her entrance and slid upwards into her wet warmth. Mixed pain and horror filled Veronica’s eyes as it stretched her already abused vagina as it began to plunge in and out of her with powerful thrusts.

Despite herself Veronica trembled as a shuddering climax ran through her belly as unholy sexual pleasure emanated from her violated cunt. Helplessly she struggled against her rapist even as she succumbed to the obscene stimulation from the vile member, struggling weakly in Silvern’s grasp as her treacherous body throbbed with pleasure.

A rush of power filled Silvern as he channeled his god’s presence. The priest could feel the air tingling with power as a mystical passage opened, temporarily linking this world another far more hellish place. This was the moment he loved, the dark communion with his master as they brought a new servant into the Serpent’s service. It was like nothing else he had ever experienced or dreamed possible before he gave himself to the dark god, a form of communion with a being so much greater than himself. Together they prepared to sully Veronica’s soul, to rip out any trace of purity and good and replace it with the boundless corruption and hunger of evil.

Veronica trembled, her soul quailing before the insidious power of the Serpent god as she instinctively sensed the dark presence welling up around her. Thousands of chanting voices screamed in her mind, the damned souls in the Serpent’s realm bombarding her with demands of surrender and promises of eternal pleasures once she submitted to their master’s will.

She could feel the thick member writhing within her, punishing her inner organs and making her normally taut stomach bulge outwards with each powerful thrust. Tears poured from her terrified eyes as its slithered forcefully upwards and bulled its way brutally through her cervix and into her womb, its presence defiling her most holy place. Despite the brutality she couldn’t help moaning into the shadowy gag as the forceful penetration brought her body to another unwanted climax.

The unholy appendage probed around her uterus, sending shocks of bizarre sensation shooting through the noblewoman while its owner groaned with guttural pleasure. Silvern’s body went stiff as the snake bit into the tender walls of her womb, latching firmly on as it began pumping its tainted venom into Lady Veronica. Silvern hissed with the twin pleasures of corrupting a new slave and sexual release. The unholy venom rushed through the noblewoman’s blood, soaking outwards until it inundated her entire body. Instead of poisoning her it burned within, making every inch of Veronica’s skin incredibly sensitive to even the slightest stimulation. It also drove her arousal ever higher, each vicious thrust into her body bringing stars and sparks to her eyes, until the helpless woman was trapped in a daze of fear and need. Veronica was lost, her willpower being washed under a torrent of darkness that was all too seductive.

Silvern held her in an iron grasp as she wildly writhed and shuddered in response to the thick green venom being injected into her bloodstream through the tender walls of her uterus. Even as it bit her the snake didn’t stop writhing and twisting within her cunt sending a perverse thrill through her traitorous body despite her mind’s denial.

Anne, smirked as she heard a small commotion in the hallway followed by faint rhythmic noises. This foreign nobleman certainly had great appetites and the endurance to match them. She couldn’t recall another man exhausting her, usually they succumbed long before her own desires were whetted. As the queen drifted to sleep she realized that she would definitely have to invite Silvern to another audience.

Outside in the hallway Lady Veronica was shuddering uncontrollably as unholy venom burned in her blood, her eyes rolling up in her head as she heard the Serpent’s voice hissing inside her mind. Ancient voices chanted, their sibilant words seeming to pluck away at her soul bit by bit, slowly opening up her very essence until the dark entity slipped inside past all of Veronica’s defenses.

The noblewoman’s spirit was far from pure and she quickly succumbed to the Serpent’s influence. As the incantations continued she embraced the presence that mingled with her mind, opening herself and allowing it inside. Without hesitation it took her, hungrily tearing out her purity and swallowing it like a delectable morsel, leaving behind an empty hollow waiting to be filled. The Serpent’s essence poured into the empty vessel that Veronica had become. She hissed in mingled pleasure and pain as the transformation wracked her body and mind. The feeling of pure power coursing through her was amazing and the noblewoman shuddered convulsively, her eyes rolling up in her head as she changed.

Throughout her convulsions Silvern never ceased his vicious thrusts into her well-used cunt, the brutal treatment working out some small measure of the frustration he felt at having the opportunity to convert the queen snatched away after it had been dangled so tantalizingly before him. The visual evidence of her corruption spread quickly, her skin fading to an almost pure white, covered with fine scales that glittered ever so slightly in the corridor’s torchlight. Her already raven black hair darkened until it hung in flowing waves of lacquered darkness. Flaws and imperfections smoothed away as the Serpent’s touch remade her into a perfect seductress, ready to entice man or woman alike.

Silvern smiled as he watched darkness swirl through Lady Veronica’s eyes like black ink before dissipating, leaving behind golden irises and slitted pupils, marking her service to the master they now held in common. As she reawakened to servitude he grunted and tensed, ejaculating torrents of hot semen deep into her warm womb. There the corrupted seed would quickly fertilize her eggs, overwhelming the minor charm that he had sensed on both her and the queen, no doubt placed there to allow themselves to enjoy their licentious pursuits without risking an awkward pregnancy as a result. Now changed in both body and mind by her enslavement the Lady in waiting would eagerly deliver her new god’s obscene spawn into the world.

With an arrogant sniff Silvern released the noblewoman and stepped away, watching as the exhausted woman slid down the wall and slumped down on the floor, her legs sprawled wide revealing her abused slit and the mixed juices which coated her inner thighs. Leaving the now tainted woman behind he fastened his trousers and strolled briskly from the chambers. Behind him Lady Veronica hissed softly as her fingertips slipped between her legs and found her swollen labia, exploring her aroused sex while she savored the changes coursing through her altered flesh and soul.

* * *

Hazel lifted her hand and tentatively rapped twice on the oak door. At the murmured “Enter” she shyly opened the portal and slipped inside. Finding the foreign envoy seated at his desk she presented herself to him with a curtsy. “I have your traveling clothes from the laundry, freshly washed and pressed, M’lord.”

“Excellent, please put them over there in the armoire.” He indicated the proper place with a gesture. When Hazel turned to leave she let out a startled squeak. Without a sound the nobleman had left the desk and was standing between her and the door. “I hate to impose but I was wondering if I could ask something of you while you are here.” Silvern gave her a charming smile.

“Of course, M’lord, I am at your service.” She said, embarrassed by her undignified surprise.

“I have a small gift for my betrothed and was wondering if you could tell me what you thought.” As Silvern spoke he lifted an amulet on a chain from his pocket and held it up.

“How could I presume to make judgment about your choice it gifts?” Hazel’s cheeks flushed at the thought.

“Please, I am sure that you know how hopeless a man can be when choosing a gift for his lady. I would be very grateful.” He said before smiling hopefully.

With a nod she assented to his request and began to examine the amulet. Hazel looked carefully. What she saw was a pair of snakes twined about one another. It was made of black metal with silvery highlights and black jeweled eyes that glittered in the torchlight as it swung back and forth.

“Well, it’s…” Hazel trailed off her eyes jumping to the noble’s handsome face, her feelings of nervousness obvious.

“Yes?” he lifted an eyebrow expectantly awaiting her response.

“Perhaps it is a little… Dark M’lord.” Hazel said hesitantly.

“Are you sure, look closely.” He urged.

Hazel leaned forward, her eyes taking in the intricate detail of the amulet. It seemed as if every scale of the serpents had been etched separately.

“See how the eyes sparkle in the candlelight.” Power and intensity filled his voice

“I. See.” Hazel was becoming fascinated by the way that the entwined snakes seemed to merge and separate as it twirled before her while the black diamonds sent of sparkles of light into her vision.

“Watch it spin, around and around.” Gradually his voice was growing softer as he watched Hazel falling beneath the artifact’s power.

“Around.” Hazel breathed wearing a slack expression. It almost seemed as if it were the room moving, the amulet standing still as it became the total center of her attention.

“I have always thought that snakes are the most beautiful creatures, don’t you agree?” The nobleman’s smile was predatory as he watched the servant girl’s transfixed expression.

“Yes. Beautiful.” Her voice almost a whisper as she stood before him, her eyes glazed. Gradually she became unresponsive, her entire focus firmly locked on the spinning trinket in front of her. When the Priest finally stopped spinning it she stood there, unmoving and staring off into infinity.

Duke Silvern’s smile was predatory as he slipped the amulet into his pocket and stepped toward the entranced young servant. Hazel felt hands on her shoulders gently guiding her across the room until she was before a floor length mirror.

Silvern stood behind her, his arms wrapped around her slenderness as he leaned close, inhaling deeply as he took in the soft sweet scent of her blond curls before bending his head down to her neck. Hazel shuddered as his fangs slid into her flesh, letting out a startled gasp before relaxing with a sigh as her legs failed her. When Silvern released her from the embrace there were two perfect fang marks on the graceful curve of her throat, thick venom welled from each puncture. Hazel’s mouth slowly worked, an expression of confusion marring her pretty features as her head spun dizzily. She took two faltering steps towards the mirror, reaching out towards her image with a shaking hand before darkness swept in and everything went black.

* * *

Hazel awakened slowly,swimming back to consciousness against the tide of poison that still rushed through her veins. Above the young servant was the rich purple fabric of the canopy and beneath her back she could feel silky soft sheets. The sensation of air breezing gently across her smooth skin told her that she was nude.

Blearily Hazel blinked and shook herself, trying to discard the foggy feeling in her mind. Her head was still spinning dizzily and feeling altogether together disoriented she tried to rub her eyes. Her arm didn’t move. Slowly a realization came over her. Something was tightly twisted tightly around her wrists and ankles. She found herself bound securely to the bed, her body held spread eagle by ropes tied to the thick pillars at each corner of the bed. Attempting to wrench herself free Hazel found that the ropes were secure, her struggles only served tighten the knots restraining her.

Hearing a soft sound of someone moving beside her Hazel turned her head and shrieked. Inhuman golden eyes observed her from only inches away as Mary watched her pull uselessly against her bonds. Throwing her head the other way she found Wendy laying on her other side.

Instead of finding the presence of her friends calming their familiarity only fueled her terror. While recognizable as her friends the changes wrought in the naked servants since Hazel had last seen them were obvious. They reveled in their nudity, wantonly displaying themselves to their prisoner allowing her to see the supernatural perfection of their pale white bodies. Their ivory skin gleamed in the room’s candlelight while reflections of the flaming wicks danced across the golden orbs of their slitted eyes. Watching her squirm with fear they both hissed with amusement, their wide grins revealing long ivory fangs.

“What’s happening?” Hazel cried, cringing as the women moved closer with a scuff of skin on silk. “Stay away!”

The corrupted servants wore expressions of pure carnal hunger as they looked upon their innocent friend. They ran their hands along the blond’s nubile body, caressing her exquisite curves as they while amusement danced in their eyes.

Wendy licked her lips with a forked tongue and moaned quietly as she teasingly trailed her nails across a pert young breast, “Mmm. You smell so fresh. So pure.”

“Please.” Hazel whimpered, “Don’t. Please let me go.”

“Shh. It’s alright.” Mary stroked her fingers softly along the bound brunette’s cheek, “It will be so wonderful when you join us.”

Hazel shuddered with revulsion as she felt Wendy slide up beside her and nibbled gently on her ear. “Mmm. You taste delicious Hazel.” Wendy whispered to her, so close that Hazel could feel the girl’s hot breath on her skin.

“Please Goddess, Help Me!” Hazel cried as she pulled futilely against her bonds.

Mary pressed a finger to Hazel’s lips and smiled, “It’s no use. She can’t hear you!” Wendy and Mary broke down into laughter as they watched the helpless girl’s stricken expression.

“I see that our guest is awake.” Silvern’s rich baritone filled the chamber and sent Wendy and Mary scurrying off the bed and across the room. The two naked beauties pressed themselves up against their master, rubbing and stroking him eagerly as he looked down at Hazel, the malevolent hunger in his eyes sending a chill right through her.

“She’s so lucky master. She will soon know His touch.” Wendy trembled in frustration against him. “I’m so jealous!” She cried.

Silvern smiled indulgently at the outburst, “Perhaps when our numbers have grown to the point that we can spare servants you can be a sacrifice and join the Serpent in his realm.”

Wendy nodded eagerly, fanaticism blazing in her eyes as the thought of laying on her god’s altar as the knife plunged downwards instantly sending a spike of wet heat between her legs.

“Prepare her.” Silvern handed Wendy a small clay pot and nodded towards their chosen victim.

Hazel whimpered as her friends crawled onto the bed, their smiles terrifying and hungry. Wendy held the pot in both hands while Mary dipped a finger into the black substance within. Reaching out she began painting runes on Hazel’s abdomen. Soon the paste had filled the air with a sulfurous reek that burnt the bound girl’s nostrils and brought a smoke-like haze to her thoughts, making her limbs so heavy her greatest efforts could barely lift them.

Once they were finished the pot was quickly put aside. Kneeling on either side of their captive’s prone body Wendy and Mary lifted their arms high and began chanting with fervor. Their words were twisted and dark, invoking powers that were ancient and powerful long before man walked upon the earth. Soon the chamber echoed with power and a wind swept about the room making tapestries swing as a whirlwind swirled about. In the growing fury Wendy and Mary shouted the words of the spell, their hair blowing wildly in the maelstrom. With a crackle of energy red light erupted from the floor and etched a glowing pentagram centered around the women on the bed,

Black flames edged with purple flares erupted from the symbols scrawled across Hazel’s thrashing body burning away and leaving glowing runes that sank inwards into her skin leaving pristine flesh behind. Slowly the gathered power dissipated, the pentagram vanishing from whence it came and the air growing still.

For a moment Hazel lay there, temporarily still in the aftermath until the magic began to work its will upon her body. Supernaturally driven arousal cut through her like a blade of pure heat, cutting upwards from her loins to her throat, stealing Hazel’s breath as she drew in a strangled gasp.

Her entire body tingled, every sensation was unbearably intense and she could feel a growing liquid heat between her legs. Hazel had never known a feeling like this, a pure sexual arousal that coursed through her and left her heart pounding wildly as she thrashed about on the bed.

“You’re going to love this.” Mary’s voice brought Hazel back to her senses and she lifted her head, looking down her own prone body to find Mary kneeling between her widespread legs.

Mary’s head was already sinking between her thighs and Hazel gasped as her former friend’s hot mouth trailed kisses along the sensitive skin of her inner thighs and across the swell of her mons. Moving leisurely downward Mary’s forked tongue glided along her swollen labia, stroking up and down before delving within, lapping away. Hazel wept as its unnatural length explored every inch of her clenching vagina. Something so wicked shouldn’t have felt so good and she felt her belly trembling inside as hot raw blasts of primal lust thrilled through her nerves.

Mary lifted her head and licked her lips, staring upwards at Hazel through heavily lidded eyes. “You taste so good,” she purred before returning to her task.

Hazel moaned in protest, as much at her own body’s reaction to Mary’s ministrations as the lesbian act itself. Wendy leaned forward and engulfed a crinkled nipple, sucking and nibbling while the point’s of her fangs scraped threateningly across the hardened nub. As she alternated her attentions between both nipples she squeezed and massaged the girl’s gorgeous breasts.

Helpless before the servant’s debauched appetites Hazel could only struggle weakly as they Between her legs Mary bit down, her razor fangs sinking deep into Hazel’s white skin. The blond servant felt only a brief moment of pain before the wounds grew numb. Moments later Hazel felt Wendy’s fangs gouge into the swell of her left breast. She could only lie there, still terribly aroused but waiting for the poison pumping through her to sweep her away into oblivion.

Instead of the expected affect however the tainted fluid had a far different affect on their innocent young victim. The venom was like oil poured into the fire of her lust. Soon Hazel’s slit and nipples ached with need while Mary and Wendy expertly manipulated her. Again and again they brought her to the very verge of orgasm only to pull back, denying her any relief from the erotic need burning through her body. When they finally pulled back with obvious reluctance the blond fought desperately against the ropes, unsure whether she sought escape or merely to free a hand to satisfy the desire between her legs.

“A truly beautiful sight to behold.” Silver looked down at his captive from the foot of the bed, lewdly examining every inch of her sweat sheened flesh.

For the first time Hazel looked upon the priest in his true form. The strange slenderness of his humanoid but not human frame, the scaled skin covering his body, the golden reptilian eyes and the now familiar fangs gleaming within his mouth. The final obscenity was the thick organ that had replaced his cock. While her mind was repulsed by the grotesque snake hanging between Silvern’s legs her flesh, co-opted by both the spell and her friend’s venom, longed to revel in perversity and depravity with this creature.

Desperation filled her eyes as Hazel fought against the lust and desire which filled her. Never had she dreamed that such overwhelming feelings of need could be possible. She felt as though she would go mad. Perhaps her heart might even stop if something didn’t fill this burning emptiness she felt within.

Silvern smiled as he watched Hazel’s will warring with the desires that the ritual had placed within her. This young woman really was exceptionally pure, for the most part free of the normal petty jealousies and secret conceits that colored the soul of the average girl. Her aura protected her from direct influence, its very purity forming a barrier around her soul. What was needed was an opening, her own personal original sin as such which would provide a pathway for the Serpent’s whispers to be heard. The spell was placed upon the young blond’s physical body, amplifying the natural hungers of the flesh a hundredfold. Now Hazel needed only to give willingly into the temptation, staining her own purity and unknowingly damning herself to servitude.

These newly instilled feelings were almost unbearable, an aching need between her legs that was quickly becoming her only focus. The sight of the writhing obscenity between his legs had the bound blond writhing in a paroxysm of lust

“Please help Goddess, I’ve always been good, why are you letting this happen to me!” She cried plaintively, desperate for satisfaction while terrified for her soul.

“The Goddess offers nothing Hazel, she cloaks herself in a cloak of purity but only takes from you. Her followers preach restraint and repression of your natural feelings and desires. She does nothing to fulfill your needs! Is she here to help you now? Where is her protection?” Silvern lifted his hand and held it above the struggling blond’s heaving chest, nearly giving her the touch that her traitorous body craved so much.

“Take these feelings away, I don’t want them.” She begged, looking up into her captor’s snakelike eyes, “Oh, please make it stop!

“I truly want to help you.” He said with an artfully sorrowful expression. “I cannot unless you deny the Goddess and accept the Serpent.”

“No! You’re trying to trick me.” Hazel looked stubborn and suspicious, “I won’t damn myself!”

“Do it! Denounce her!” he shouted “You have been abandoned! Shed your past and take the Serpent to your breast!”

Hazel shook her head violently back and forth in denial, tears streaking her cheeks as she realized how much she craved Silvern’s touch, how she longed to be penetrated by the vile member wriggling between his legs.

“The Serpent is the only one who can slake your need!”

“I need it. Please!” Hazel closed her eyes and tasted the lust washing through her body. The peril that threatened Hazel’s eternal soul now seemed insignificant. Even her treasured virginity seemed meaningless when set against the overarching pleasure and she yielded to the priest’s demands.

“Do you accept the Serpent?” Silvern cruelly allowed his member to explore his victim’s crotch. The wicked sensation of its forked tongue probing against her clitoris made her toss wildly about despite her bonds before its snout settled against her untouched entrance.

Hazel looked up at her captor through tousled blond curls. “Yes. Please. I accept the Serpent. Just give it to me!”

Gripping her curved hips Silvern slid forward, enveloping his impressive girth in Hazel’s velvet slickness as she sobbed with gratitude. A brief cry was the only sign as he sundered her maidenhood with a single thrust. Quickly Hazel grew accustomed to the writhing presence that filled her passage, its scaly skin stimulating every inch of her clenching vagina as she screamed with joy. Desperately she lifted her pelvis, arching her back and meeting each thrust even as guilt sat clenched tightly within her chest. Hazel’s flat tummy bulged outwards as the priest desecrated her deflowered vagina.

As Silvern thrust into her body Mary and Wendy pressed themselves against her sides, leaning forward as they began whispering the Serpent’s dark blasphemy into the writhing girl’s ears. Their roving touches making her body hum with pleasure as she was filled again and again. Hazel moaned helplessly as she felt the unholy words burning themselves into her mind, infiltrating ever deeper into the core of her being.

With each shattering climax her defenses weakened, crumbling before the torrent of evil pleasure. Her purity lost the sullied servant had no shield against the Serpent and his voice soon echoed in her mind. Almost feverish visions began flashing before her as Hazel found herself looking across a massive plain. A massive leviathan covered the ground as far as the eye could see, countless miles of coiling flesh that she somehow knew was a single malevolent entity. <Look upon the presence of your new god>whispered a voice brushing against her thoughts. <Give yourself over> The thoughts strummed with power, demanding compliance. Hazel shivered as she tasted the utter evil of the being’s intelligence, ancient and ever hungry.

Helpless before the Serpent Hazel’s will utterly broke. “I denounce the Goddess! The Serpent is my only god!” Hazel shouted. It felt deliciously wicked to surrender, willingly accepting evil into her heart and soul. “I am yours, Master!

Hazels eyes blazed fanatically as her invitation was accepted and the Serpent was given free reign to do with her as it wished. Its presence echoed within her being, consuming her innocence and the tattered remnants of her purity as its own corruption flowed into the hole left behind. All of her inhibitions and morals were stripped away as her will was fully subjugated by the Serpent’s own.

Her corrupters wore matching expressions of pure satisfaction as Hazel screamed horribly with the sensation of rebirth even as her belly contracted repeatedly around the member impaling her as a continuous series of climaxes rocked her body.

Soon it was finished and she fully belonged to the Serpent. Hazel lay on the bed, panting heavily and still firmly bound, basking in the ecstasy of thralldom as her master’s magic and evil washed through her transformed flesh. Regaining full consciousness Hazel sat up, the ropes snapping easily as the servant exerted her newfound strength, the corrupted woman’s golden eyes marking her eternal devotion to the Serpent.

* * *

The stars twinkled brilliantly above the Crystal Castle as Silvern stood on his balcony, drinking in the cool night air as he looked over the faint flickering of the lights of the town scattered far below. Hazel’s conversion had been a most delectable treat. In many ways, despite her relative lowliness, taking the girl had been even more satisfying than the conversion of Lady Veronica. It was always a pleasure to take a true innocent, drinking in their pain and terror and then watching as they slowly succumbed to the darkly seductive lure of the serpent. In the end Silvern had a pleasant diversion while his god gained a newly dedicated servant.

Leaving the slaves to amuse themselves with their new sister Silvern had come outside on the moonless night to think, forming further plans to advance his god’s agenda in this unsuspecting kingdom. So far he had only gained relatively few converts. Here though, in this isolated kingdom that had grown so complacent, was the potential for the Serpent’s cult to flourish and grow. The thought of temples raised to the Serpent, filled with loyal devotees brought a wicked smile to his lips. This was quickly followed by a frown as Silvern chastised himself for his eagerness. It would not do to become too bold. Discovery before the proper time would be disastrous and while the rewards that came with success were great the fates of those who failed the Serpent were truly unspeakable.

Suddenly the Priest’s ruminations were interrupted as he sensed a familiar psychic presence, the same one that had so peaked his attention at the welcoming banquet. His eyes flicked about Below a massive white shape swam through the moat, a massive roiling presence that must have been at least two dozen arm-spans long. Most interestingly it bore the same psychic taste as the silver-haired Lady whose silent presence had gone unremarked by all at the King’s table. His eyes narrowed thoughtfully as a speculative smile curved his lips. With a malicious laugh he left the balcony, returning to the women writhing about on his bed in a delightful mass of sweat slicked skin, flashing limbs, and tousled hair.


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