Feature Writer: Unknown

Feature Title: The Seminarian

Story Codes: Religious, MM


The Seminarian

“Papa, where are our guests?” Miguelito asked his father, Don Alfredo, when he entered the sala.

“Where have you been, young man?” The older man said as he light his pipe.

“I was just strolling in the garden?” He paused. “So, where are our guests from Hacienda Montevero?”

“Padre Patricio and his nephew Damien are in their respective rooms.”

“Ah, I see. May I go there and meet them, father?”

“No, Miguelito. Don’t you dare disturb them, they might be taking a rest. You know, Hacienda Montevero is quite far from here. Better go to your room and clean yourself up before dinnertime. You look like you been doing more just strolling. Why do you always have to take those long damn walks in the garden?” He paused. Then he took a puff from his pipe.

“May, I be excuse now.”

“You may go now. Son, please don’t be allow yourself to distracted this time. We have a guest and I need your help entertaining them, especially Padre Patricio’s nephew. He may be a bit younger than you but I guess, you could be nice to him and be a pal to him. Is that to much to ask from you?”

“No, sir. I will try my best to make his stay here a memorable one.”

“That’s what I like about you, Miguelito. You are so good to me.”

“And, that’s why you love me so much. Ain’t that right, Papa?”

“No, you rascal. I love you by just being my son.”

When Don Alfredo said that Miguelito quickly hugged his father.

“I think, you better wash, you stink.”

Both of them laughed which caused their embrace to part. Fleetly, Miguelito ran to his room to prepare for supper.

Still downstairs, Don Alfredo had finished smoking his pipe. Then he sat in his favorite rocking chair. He was thinking how lucky he was to have a son like Miguelito. At nineteen, his son had graduated Zuma Cum Laude with a degree in Business Administration at Universidad de Sto. Thomas. How proud he was when he saw his son give his graduation speech to his contemporaries.

Besides from being intelligent, he was proud that his son had taken after him when it comes to appearance. However, the boy had his mother’s white complexion, but his black round eyes, pointy thin nose, pouty lips, manly face, broad muscular shoulders and tight buns reminded Don Alfredo of his youth.

A smile was painted in his face as he reminisced how women in his time went gaga after him. And, now it was his son’s turn to knock up every brood his rod could get into. He even burst into laughter with the thought that he might be a grandfather one of these days.

Upstairs, Padre Patricio had removed his sutana and was now standing in front of the mirror in his white briefs. He could clearly see his reflection in the wall sized mirror. He admired his lithe abdomen, lightly caressing it with his right hand while touching his firm stomach, Patricio began to feel a steer in his underwear.

Slowly, he walked towards the mirror and pressed his body against it. He then raised his arms placed against the wall and slow grind his hips like some Latin erotic move. He particularly mashed his dong against the glass, which caused him to groan, especially now that the head of cock had peek out two inches beyond the confinement of the cloth. As his hip movements became more pronounced and bolder, precum started oozing out of his rod slit that added fiction to his cock. He then pressed his lips to the mirror and sensual French kissed his own reflection. At this point, he closed his eyes and savored the sensation he was experiencing.

All this time, Padre Patricio’s was being watched by Miguelito through the small crack from the door. After the talk Miguelito and his father had in living room, he headed straight to his room to change. He was about to enter his room when he heard someone moan in the guestroom next to his.

He was going to knock but saw the door was slightly ajar, so he decided to take a peek through the crack. When he saw the sutana on the floor, he had deducted that it was the priest’s chamber. Then heard the moan again, so he panned his vision to the source of the noise, and what he saw excited him, which caused him to jack his peter through his trouser. He saw the priest was rotating his hips against the mirror while kissing his own reflection.

By now, he was extremely horny and decided to grab the opportunity in front of him. He bad needed some release after being rudely interrupted by Basti while he was sucking Pedro earlier in the garden. And, this Padre Patricio could be the answer to his craving. While watching he had formed a plan and decided to contiguously do it.

He gently pushed the door open and tiptoed his way inside the room. Once inside, he cautiously locked the door and quietly sat on floor as he remove his shoes and socks. After that task, immediately he lay on the floor and quickly pulled off his pants leaving him in his jockeys. He almost cried out when his bum felt the coldness of the floor but he controlled himself from uttering a sound.

He then crawled towards Padre Patricio until his face was in front of the priest’s butt. Being near to the priest’s firm arse caused his mouth to salivate. He couldn’t wait no more, thinking it was now or never, he seized the priest’s underwear and pulled it down enough to exposed Patricio’s crack. Then in one fluid motion, he parted it with his hands and started lapping the man’s anus.

Patricio instantly opened his eyes and when he looked behind and he saw a guy on his knees rimming his ass. The guy kept licking his ass and darting his tongue inside his crack. This was too much for Patricio to bear, instantaneously he shoot his holy semen to the mirror as he felt a finger being inserted in his derriere.

Miguelito knew that the priest had released his dear sperm by the way the other was jerking. He stopped his ministration to Patricio’s butt and saw the white liquid descending against the glass. He went near the mirror and hungrily licked off the delectable fluid from the mirror.

When the glass was squeaky clean, Patricio aggressively grabbed Miguelito by the hair and jabbed his spent nine-inch dong to the young man’s pouty lips. Miguelito immediately devoured it to the root without gagging. Sucking Pedro’s horse prick gave him much vantage in taking the priest’s entire holy baton in one motion.

Patricio fucked rabbit Miguelito’s mouth while forcibly shoving the lad’s head to his cock. Miguelito loved the aggressiveness that this man was doing. He then freed his cock from the confinement of his jockeys and furious pounding his sticking until he came. He blasted his seed so strongly that it hit Patricio’s left thigh.

Patricio scrapped the cum off from his thigh with his finger and brought it to his mouth. The young man’s juice was so sweet like no other he had tasted before. And upon savoring this sweetness, he was ready to shoot again. He sped up his motion and grabbed the cocksucker’s head harder and in one final thrust, he emancipated his power orgasm.

Miguelito couldn’t believe the harshness of this priest while he was being face fuck. He doesn’t know why but he’s loving every minute of it. When the priest reached his second orgasm, he swallowed all the sperm that was given to him, and kept on milking the priest’s holy rod with his undying gusto.


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