Feature Writer: Wolfman124

Feature Title: THE SANDS

Published: 27.07.2020

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Quicksand seduction

The Sands


My Love

I have a lover above the surface. He brings me what I crave. He knows me, and I love him for that. We will never be together until the last day, when he gives himself to me completely. He lives but a scant hundred yards from me. We are on each other’s minds at all times. There is a hunger there…

I can see his house from down here. I can watch him come and go. And I can sense when he’s bringing me a gift. We know each other well….

He knows my cravings. We have the same taste in women. I am female myself, yet we agree entirely. We both crave the same thing.

We met quite by accident. He had a girl over, and after they made love, she walked outside to have a smoke. She wandered towards me in the moonlight, gazing upward at the stars, when I claimed her ankles. She let out a quiet, startled gasp and tried to pull free, but I would have none of it. I wasn’t about to let this beautiful creature with flowing locks, bathed in moonlight, out of my grasp. It had been so very long since I last fed. I needed this!

Her attempt to free herself caused my surface to come alive with undulating ripples, and I sucked her in to her knees. Now she was mine, to do with as I pleased. I could take my time now, and savor every moment of this exquisite creature’s company. I set about injecting pleasure into her frightened state. It’s something I do very well. Every grain of my sand came alive and began to caress her lovingly as they swallowed her thighs. Her gasps began to change as I crept up her legs. I could smell her recent orgasm, and it made me even hungrier to reach the prize I sought. She could now feel my desire for her, and her nipples hardened. Her fear of me began to recede. I could feel her relax as she began to give herself to me. She had never experienced this kind of craving, and she liked it.

As I approached her womanhood, she became amazingly wet. Now her nipples could cut glass, and she found them with her fingers, pinching and rolling them as she threw back her head and sighed. Her obvious arousal stirred me to my core, and I could wait no longer. I quivered my surface and sucked her in further until I finally lapped at her pussy, which by now was literally flowing. As I made contact she exploded into orgasm, causing my surface to undulate from her involuntary movement and forcing her further into me. I had her by the waist now, and I held her there, drinking in her essence as she cried out in pleasure.

I felt her entire body begin to go limp as she drifted into contented bliss, and I held her as a lover. We were one.

As she began to recover, she ran her hands over my surface in wonderment. She was experiencing the same thing that so many others have when they wander into me. A side of themselves they never knew existed. And they like it. She wanted more! And so did I. She thrust her hips and watched my rippling reaction as I crept up her body. I felt her arousal flowing into my sands with every millimeter of her that I claimed. I could read her thoughts, now that we were lovers. My embrace, so loving, so complete around every inch of her body, was what she needed. What I needed.

She began to pump her legs to excite me, though she needn’t have bothered. I was as aroused as she was. I moved up to lap at her breasts, and marveled at their perfection. As I swallowed her nipples, she burst inside of me, flowing into my depths. Her reaction sent convulsions through me, causing me to swallow her shoulders and caress her neck. I held her there while she cried through the overpowering emotions she was experiencing. We were one, she and I. For the first time in her life, she felt complete.

It was then, that he came looking for her. Against both of our protests, he wrenched her from my embrace, and she hated him for it. I hated him for it. But that is how he and I met, so I’m glad that it happened. She sneaked back the next night, and gave herself to me completely. We are together now.


My Love

After she came back the next night, under the cover of darkness, and gave herself to me, it was a couple of days before he found her discarded clothes at my edge. When he spotted them, he was confused. Then he remembered her protests as he wrenched her from my grasp. He gradually began to put two and two together. “She did this on purpose!”

He called his friend, the sheriff, and eventually after everyone had departed that evening, he was left alone to his thoughts. When he first spotted her in my depths, it had actually stirred something in his loins. But he hadn’t had time to think about it. She was almost mine. He’d had to act fast.

Sitting by himself after all the police had left, he had time to re-live the experience. When he asked himself why anyone would disrobe and wade into me on purpose, he remembered the momentary stirring in his own loins. Was it possible? He drifted off to sleep.

He dreamed that night. (Entirely my doing! :)) He dreamed about a beautiful woman with flowing hair hovering above the bogs, beckoning to him. She was alluring. He awoke aroused. An odd feeling stayed with him all day, and when he returned home that evening, he came to see me. It was dusk, and my sands were shimmering in the fading light. I sensed him approach, and was excited. You know that feeling when you first sense that someone might be attracted to you? I felt that excitement, and I liked it!

He never uttered a word. He sat down at my edge and just dwelt with me. No words were needed. We simply fed off of each other’s arousal. We reached a silent understanding. He dipped a toe into my edge, exciting me beyond belief, before heading back to the house. OMG! I was so aroused! He left me there to churn all night in anticipation. (Bastard!)

The next morning I watched him leave for work, without so much as a glance in my direction. I was crest fallen! I had remained so aroused all night after our first slight physical contact, that I had quivered in anticipation throughout the seemingly endless darkness. At one point, a deer had grazed perilously close to my edge, and my hunger was reborn. Alas, she never stepped close enough for me to reach. I spent the day sweltering here in the lowlands, exposed as I am to the midday sun. As evening approached I could sense him thinking about me. Just a vague feeling, but there, nonetheless. As it was, it was nearly midnight before I saw him arrive home. My pulse quickened. He had company. And she was stunning! My surface began to involuntarily undulate.

After two hours inside, they emerged in the full moonlight, each carrying a drink. She was in a bra and panties, while he sported only swim trunks, with a coil of rope thrown over one shoulder. They made a striking pair, in the soft light. As they walked down towards me, I began to hear his thoughts. I could also feel her excitement. Something good was about to happen, and my sands began to stir in anticipation.

They stopped a few feet from me, and set their drinks on the ground. He unfurled the nylon rope from his shoulder and began to wrap it around her gently. She giggled, and asked him if he was sure about this? It was a faux query, because her anticipatory arousal was palpable. She simply exuded excitement. Needless to say, so did I.

He refilled her plastic cup with whiskey, checked the rope knots, and said “Go ahead.” She looked at my glistening surface, and stepped into me. OMG! At that moment I was so in love with him! He had brought her to me! She was startled as I immediately sucked to her knees in one fell swoop. She nearly spilled her drink. Recovering her balance, she raised her cup to him in a toast, and said “Thank you for this, baby.” I caressed her calves lovingly, and drew her further into me. She threw her head back and sighed. “Oh my God, this feels good!” she shouted. I silently agreed, as I sucked at her legs. As I crept up her thighs, her excitement got the better of her, and she began to pump her legs into me. Within a minute I had claimed her prize, and she burst into me, flooding me. I was in heaven. (And so was she.)

On the bank, his arousal was visibly apparent, making me hunger for him even more. He had brought her to me, and I can’t tell you how hungry that made me. I began to feast on her.

She was losing herself to me. Every molecule in her body became alive and quivering as I devoured her, inch by excruciating inch. Now I had her by the waist, and she writhed uncontrollably. This was going to be fast. She didn’t want me to take my time. She wanted this now! And who am I to argue? I set about swallowing her, as she thrashed in my depths.

She and I had lost all sense of reason, and were plunging into the abyss together, when, just as I was claiming her mouth, he snapped the rope taut and stopped us. It startled us both. He shook his head with a wry smile, and hauled her away from me. God, I was in love with him!


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