The Ritual Of Binding by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction

Writer: Hoku Lani

Subject: The Ritual Of Binding

Link: MEWE / 01.05.2022

The Ritual Of Binding

I have been preparing for my Mother’s arrival, for some time. I have spent countless hours achieving climax after climax in her honor. Some of this preparation, incorporated what some would describe as blasphemy. I differ in my view of how I achieve sexual orgasms, not specifically for pleasure, but as an acknowledgment of my Mother and Mentor.

The day started with preparing the vessel I used to imprison the alleged son of a god who had to die to save us all from a woman who listened to a talking snake and ate some fruit. Yes, none other than that submissive one known as Eve and raped by our Mother. The fun I had preparing the cleansing of the religious symbol that so many Abrahamic sheep wear around their necks, hang from the mirror in their vehicles and display as a badge of honor.

It was Monday when Lilith spoke to me and told me to go and acquire the symbol as she knows her daughters and what we each crave and desire. The voice said, “Go and visit the slut nuns and buy a crucifix. It must be from the Catholics.”

Without delay I got up and found a small one at a vendor mall, close to work. I placed it inside my bra so my tit flesh could touch it. However I soon realized I did not go to the Catholics, so I bought a second one, much larger from them. I think Lilith just wanted me, her Daughter to simply walk among the heathen.

I applied myself to my task and after consuming enough liquid. I laid out my childhood bible as well as my mother’s bible and additionally my pocket Gideons bible and pissed all over them — washing them in the Lust of Lilith.

I filled the vessel with Lilith’s blessing. The idol was soaked in my urine — and I shared in many groups — my “Art.”

That was only one step of the preparation for the arrival of Mother’s Black Moon.

I want to share the reasoning behind the items in the image. I believe we covered the symbol of slavery somewhat. You see, Lilith told me to invert and drown the man on the torture device.

The jar was then blinded shut with grasses weaved together in a braid and run through my labia flesh, coating it with the joys of the Entrance to Lilith’s Temple. After ensuring it was dry, I wrapped it to bind the alleged savior within Lilith’s blessing. To ensure that his daddy don’t rescue him, I tied into the seal, Lilith’s Sigil, surrounded by the ancient symbol of the Ouroboros. It was adopted as a symbol in Gnosticism and Hermeticism and most notably in alchemy. The Ouroboros is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The dragon’s skin-sloughing symbolizes the transmigration of souls. The snake biting its own tail is a fertility symbol and the tail is a phallic symbol and the mouth is a yonic symbol. Think of cocks and cunts.

The Sigil of Lilith binds the male, drowned in my urine as a symbol of the power Lilith has over the son and the father.

I took one stick of Dragon Blood incense and the Divine prison and went to the place I will acknowledge Lilith’s Black Moon. She told me to share the picture with others as I did the, “Art,” that I made previously. If you need to see the “Art” — feel free to contact me — and I’m sure we can make an arrangement.

What you see in the image is a false god, drowning on a beautiful beach. On the other side of the bunker was an older man, casting a line out into the sea. On my side of the bunker was a Daughter of Lilith reciting a prayer of acknowledgment while clutching the blood, cum, and piss soaked similes carved into the stone.

The prayer I said before the imprisoned son of a storm god was this:

“Sacred Mother of Heaven, be gentle unto me. I am the newborn that hangs at your breasts, I am the infant that laughs upon your knee. Shelter me beneath the hem of your seamless garment from the heat that devours at noon. Protect me from the burning winds of the desert. Conceal me from the wrath of Geradamas the Righteous, whose eye searches into hidden corners and condemns the wicked. I praise you with great praise. More beautiful than the sunrise the secret shadows of your desires. More beautiful than the sunset, the dark power of your promises. Bless me with the myriad blessings of your love. Shower down upon my head the shinning droplets of your scented oils. Anoint the instrument of my lust that it may ascend to impale you. I dedicate it’s power utterly in the rapture of union. I am the true son/daughter of your womb. I am the deflowerer of your children. Lead me in the ways of your wickedness and shelter me in your shadow from the flaming sword of the All Powerful. Truly, truly, truly.”

So much Lust and Pleasure to share this weekend. Hail Lilith and go forth and seek out wickedness and perversions.