Feature Writer: Rak_Sasha

Feature Title: THE RAK-SASHA 8

Published: 11.05.2018

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Shemale, Demonic, Bisex

Synopsis: Amy possessed and the townspeople begin to transform


The Rak-Sasha 8

Among the distant growls and beastly sounds now coming from the small isolated community, the grumble of a vehicle engine could be heard quickly approaching. The work lights surrounding a fenced in area near the cemetery where the ground caving in had revealed a strange forgotten structure. Headlights from the van help to reveal not only a large sinkhole, but what looked like a stone altar next to a partially buried demonic stone figure. With a bang, the van crashes through the locked gate and skids to a stop mere feet from the edge of the sinkhole. Almost immediately, Amy steps out of the van before walking to the back to retrieve Erica’s body. Finding her still unconscious but alive as she easily picks her up, bringing the young woman over her shoulders as she makes her way down to the altar.

Gently placing Erica on the smooth stone surface, knowing the altar had seen countless sacrifices placed upon it before it was forgotten. A red tint shines in Amy’s eyes as Azetlor, still in control of her looks to the statue of the demonic creature nearby. Recognizing it as a primitive depiction of the ancient demon beast Draikoth. Smiling at this and even purring a little as he looks down at Erica once more, knowing this beautiful creature will soon hold the essence of a fierce and powerful beast. Unable or unwilling to deny his lust and desire to serve his master, he leans forward to kiss Erica’s soft lips only to stop just before they touch. Looking at this mortal while something began digging at his subconscious, he could see that Amy was looking into the memories of the beast controlling her body.

He couldn’t deny the lust coursing through him at the sight of this beautiful young woman, yet in the back of his mind he felt something from the woman he had possessed. Azetlor could feel Amy looking through his thoughts, sharing the same body had given her access to at least some of his memories. Various images and events were revealed to her, things that she could have never imagined. Amy witnessed first hand as if she had experienced it herself, the depths of the Rak-Sasha’s insatiable lust and profound cruelty. Not only towards mortals, but to her “loyal” pet Azetlor himself.

Amy’s mind suddenly reeling, experiencing the memory of the Rak-Sasha striking him and sending him to the ground. Forced to watch as the snarling she-beast lay tangled in her bed with the dark skinned dragon god Nekozar. Their bodies wrapped together in a seductive dance, mating with one another while the beastly sounds of their pleasure filled her ears. The memory was quite vivid, allowing Amy to even smell the scent of their lust as the dragon and feline demoness were painted with the remnants of hours of passionate and animalistic sex.

Azetlor shakes Amy’s head a little with a vicious snarl, trying to pull the young woman out of his memories as he growls at her “Get the fuck out of there!”

“I’m trapped in here! What do you expect me to do?” Amy asks, speaking inside her own mind to the leopard demon.

“I EXPECT you to do as your told!”

“Like the way I let you fuck me? Didn’t that mean something? I was a virgin, and I gave myself to you… to an animal for my ONLY first time!” Amy shouts, hearing her own voice echoing back a little as Azetlor grows silent.

For a moment both of them said nothing, Azetlor could hear the pain in Amy’s voice as she mentioned this. Knowing she had seen just some of what his mistress had done to him, how she seemed to be replacing him without a second thought. He also couldn’t remember the last time a mortal woman had ever willingly offered herself to him, normally Sasha would take all the willing sacrifices. Allowing her beast to play with ones that had already been seduced or possessed, never untainted and innocent flesh. While still a creature of lust, he could feel something else beginning to seep into his subconscious.

As if sensing that Amy was about to say something else to him, he suddenly turns and snaps Amy’s teeth at the air. A set of upper and lower fangs jut out for a brief moment as the possessed woman bites at the air, letting out a ferocious snarl. Shaking his head a little before growling softly, Amy’s eyes glow red as Azetlor purrs from within her. Realizing that Amy wasn’t trying to regain control, instead he felt something he never expected… remorse, compassion, even sympathy.

This mortal who had only been under his influence for a short time had learned a great deal about him, as well as his history with the seductive predator now planning to sacrifice this innocent woman. With that knowledge came more memories and visions of Sasha’s treatment of her faithful pet, including using him to satisfy her insatiable lust only to neglect him after summoning the dragon god Nekozar. He couldn’t help feel betrayed by this, and Amy began to understand as well.

Looking down at her friend, seeing the wound left by the ancient blade as she nods a little. whispering to her friend “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

A distant inhuman roar suddenly gets her attention, causing Azetlor to take control once more as her eyes glow red again. Speaking in his beastly tone as he looks back towards the small town, “We must hurry..” he growls.

“…Yes,” Amy responds.

Both voices coming from the same body as the two interact. Quickly turning to walk back to the van and drive back into town, noticing the moon in the night sky beginning to take on a reddish tint. Both of them understanding that there was little time before Sasha’s ritual was to begin, once back in town several citizens could be seen walking outside onto their lawns. Some of them barely clothed while others seemed to be removing what little they had on. Then for the first time, Amy witnessed a mortal body transforming into something utterly monstrous.

Catching sight of a friend named Kelly, she could feel her stomach grow uneasy. Recognizing the bite marks on the woman’s bare shoulder, seeing that Sasha had already claimed her. Kelly didn’t seem to notice her friend driving by, but rather seemed transfixed on the moon in the sky. Watching it’s color change before the same red tint was noticeable in their eyes, her lips peeling back to reveal her sharpening teeth. Easing off the accelerator to slow down and watch what was happening, Amy felt some reassurance from Azetlor being within her and capable of handling those corrupted by Sasha. Before the young woman’s eyes, she watched Kelly fall forward onto the lawn. Resting on all fours and digging her growing claws into the grass beneath her, bones pushing up from her back and running along her spine.

The transformation pulling low and wanton moans from the young woman, Amy watched silently as bones shifted and skin stretched. Pushing out from the base of her spine appeared to be a rather feline looking tail, it begins to sway back and forth as drool falls away from Kelly’s face. Her features hidden by her long brown hair, moans becoming growls and snarls just as Amy whispers to herself “Kelly…”

Almost as if hearing this, the creature that was once Kelly suddenly lifts her head to reveal a beastly muzzle pushing out from her once beautiful facial features. Her fangs bathed with drool as she looks over towards the van, her eyes flaring red while letting out a ferocious snarl. Her bones shifting to allow her to move easily on both two legs or four, the sudden and violent changes to her body tearing off the last of her clothing and leaving this new creature completely naked. Just as she is about to take a step towards the passing van, a clawed hand reaches down to stroke her now feral mane.

The hand, covered in green scales and still wearing a class ring continues to pet the new beast while Kelly begins to purr loudly. Even licking at the clawed hand while Amy watches from the road, Azetlor reminding her just what she was looking at. Especially when this other creature approached, explaining that this obviously male reptilian beast was none other than Erica’s brother Vincent. A few shreds of clothing hand to the powerfully built creature, he turns his snout down towards the transforming woman to admire the beast she was becoming.

Kelly’s new fanged muzzle opening to catch the thick bead of precum oozing from the reptiles cock, savoring the taste as his manhood slithers free of it’s sheath. Lapping at his inhuman member before taking it into her mouth, her new pointed ears pushing out through her hair as she willingly submits to the beast within her awakened by the Rak-Sasha. She no longer cared for her husband who had been away on business, all that mattered was satisfying this insatiable lust within her. Tearing off the rest of her clothes to allow her naked body to shift and transform into a sleek and sexy demonic feline.

Amy couldn’t help but feel sick to her stomach, seeing the once reclusive and strangely attractive male now wearing the form of some humanoid alligator or crocodile type creature. Part of her beginning to understand a bit of Sasha’s history, the Egyptian influence especially in what she turned Vincent into. Watching long enough to see this scaly beast guiding her friend’s head up to his waiting manhood before Amy drives past, the deep guttural growl of the reptile making the woman tremble. Inwardly cursing herself for not keeping her safe or Erica, sensing this Azetlor begins to explain what Sasha intends to accomplish with this demonic ritual. Understanding his plans as well, Amy feels a slight smile come across her lips while driving back towards Sasha’s home. Her last sight of the animalistic couple in her rear view mirror, revealing Vincent mounting what looked like a white humanoid tigress.

Pulling up in front of Sasha’s house to see her and Nekozar walking outside in their human forms to welcome the possessed Amy, expecting one of his mistress’ usual rough and passionate kisses. A sudden pain shoots through Amy’s jaw as Sasha backhands Azetlor, violently separating the woman and demon. Looking over to see the leopard demon landing on the lawn while Amy stumbles away, tears filling her eyes while holding her jaw. Sasha’s eyes glow red as she pushes past a confused and free woman, addressing her pet with a demonic growl. “You were supposed to be back here an two hours ago, we have until midnight to awaken the ancient one!”

Sasha looks over at Amy, allowing her facial features to shift to their native feline appearance. Watching Nekozar approach her, caressing the side of Amy’s face while his hand becomes the black taloned hand of the dragon god himself. Snarling lustfully into the young woman’s ear “if you survive the night, perhaps you might be the first mortal host for the Rak-Sasha.” Having already been made aware of their plans and understanding Sasha intended to use a mortal to possess and conceive the dragon god’s children, she began to feel sick. Nekozar could see the reaction on her face, taunting her a bit more by sensually dragging Jake’s tongue across the side of Amy’s face. Azetlor snarls angrily, watching Jake’s tongue shift to become the forked tongue of the demonic dragon wearing his skin.

The two exchange a brief look before growling at the two “Nekozar, bring the whore with us!”

“No, wait!” Azetlor growls, padding across the lawn to walk between Nekozar and Amy. Actually leading her away from the dragon, just as Sasha moves to intervene Azetlor addresses his mistress.

“The vessel for Draikoth has already been chosen, this meat has no further use to us.”

“Then she dies.” Nekozar snarls, revealing Jake’s teeth sharpening to fine points.

“Enough of this, bring her and you… stay out of my fucking way! You disobey me now, even for an instant and I will condemn you to a torture far more terrible than you can imagine!” While saying this, Sasha seems to lose her composure as her face shifts to a lion-like shape. Glaring at Azetlor as she lets out a ferocious snarl, shaking her blond hair and changing back to her human form. Looking back to watch Amy being forced into the van, tied up and tossed into the back. Nekozar gets in to drive while Sasha and Azetlor slip into her sports car, speeding away back towards the ritual site. Sasha and her pet have a wordless car ride while the van weaves across the lines behind them. With a ferocious roar Nekozar’s wings suddenly bursts from Jake’s back, spraying blood onto Amy as she struggles to get free.

The sound of a ferocious roar coming from down the street suddenly pulls Alex from his sleep, looking over towards the window and asking “what the fuck was that?”

A clawed hand reaches over from the other side of the bed, the dark fur growing out from her normally smooth skin as Mary caresses his bare shoulder. “Nothing, now come here” She purrs lustfully, pulling her husband over on top of her once more and catching his lips in a passionate kiss. Alex moans into the kiss before pulling away once more, looking into his wife’s eyes and noticing the strange look in them again. At the same time he felt the wetness between her thighs, the movements of her hips inviting him to fuck her once more as it sounded like she was actually purring.

“mmh… just a second, OK?”

He could hear what sounded like several different animals growling and snarling, even roaring as the noises could be heard up and down the street. Mary just glares at him, watching her husband get out of bed and move to the bedroom window while she idly licks her growing fangs. Looking out at the neighborhood to see a few familiar people walking outside into their lawns, one of them he recognized as Jennifer slowly turned to look at the night sky. Noticing the curvy brunette in her twenties was wearing a long shirt and likely just panties underneath. The moon high overhead began to take on an ominous shade of red, causing a smile to come across the woman’s lips. Alex could see them darken as this woman began taking off her clothes.

Feeling both fear at what was happening but also desire at watching this attractive neighbor stripping naked, followed outside by her husband. As Jennifer exposed her naked flesh, Alex could clearly see the bite and claw marks on the woman’s thigh. Seeing they were just like the ones on his wife, realizing this just as he felt Mary coming up behind him. Her warm breath blowing across his neck as she speaks in a sultry tone, “it is time…”

“Time for what?” Alex muttered, still watching Jennifer and her husband Rick while the woman’s face reshaped into a canine muzzle.

“…master is coming,” Mary purrs, grabbing Alex by his shoulders and effortlessly tossing him into the bed. Before he could react, his wife was on top of him and seemingly pinning him down. Just as he tries to sit up a little, Mary actually growls at him like an animal. In that instant, the woman’s eyes glow red and her husband realizes this creature isn’t his wife any longer. She could see the confusion on his face while she raises her hips a little, reaching down between them to tear away his boxers. Allowing his growing erection to brush against her inner thigh, the feel of it sending shivers along her spine and making her tail twitch a little while it sways back and fourth.

“wh… who is… coming?” Alex trembles beneath her, fear and lust dueling within him as he remains pinned beneath this seductive creature his wife had become.

“Draikoth” Mary growls, leaning forward and catching Alex’s lips in a rough and passionate kiss.

Actually biting into his lower lip as she snarls lustfully, lowering herself onto his throbbing member and feeling it push into her dripping pussy. The feral creature snarls into the kiss before breaking the kiss, his blood still on her lips as she arches her back. Slamming herself down on top of him, forcing his full length within her while her insides begin to stroke and caress his manhood. The warmth was more intense than he remembered, looking up at this demonic animal possessing his wife’s body. Already the warmth and pleasurable caress of her inner muscles was tempting him to release his seed into her once more, holding back at the idea that this was not his wife anymore.

Sensing his hesitation, she looks down at him while her now beastly muzzle curls into a vicious snarl. Baring her fangs at him and even letting a few drops of saliva drip down onto his chest, hooking her claws into his shoulders as she continues to ride him. An utterly demonic voice slipping past her lips between thrusts, “rrrrhhh… yessss… surrender human… fuck me… cum in me… ”

Mary’s voice trails off into several growls and snarls, shaking her head back and fourth while grinding her hips into his. Her tail whipping back and fourth behind her, grinding down onto her husband’s trapped member until she suddenly tenses up. Her muscles flex while her bones shift and pop a little, reshaping into that of a humanoid panther. The rest of her body quickly covered in soft dark fur, her new feline ears poking up through her hair while tilting her head back.

A blood red color seeps into Mary’s eyes, blinking a few times before turning her gaze down towards her husband. Alex could see this beast staring back at him, feeling her inner muscles constrict around his cock at the very instant his seed vents into her willing form. The intense pleasure forcing his eyes to close tightly, letting out a scream of mixed pain and pleasure. Mary could feel the warmth of his seed filling her as she draws a ragged breath, throwing her head back and letting out a ferocious roar. Her roar joining with others from around the neighborhood, revealing just how many had been seduced, corrupted, and transformed into minions of The Rak-Sasha.

After a few moments, Mary’s roar softens to a low and satisfied growl when she looks down at her husband. Noticing his eyes still closed and his teeth baring at her, reveling his lengthening canines. Already the essence of The Rak-Sasha had spread to him, causing Alex to suddenly open his eyes to reveal they were starting to turn red. Mary smiles back at him, reaching down to take his head into her hands and kiss him passionately. The kiss quickly becomes more animalistic as the two begin growling and snarling at one another, licking and biting at each other before they pull back. Alex stares at her for a moment, watching his wife slowly get up and slide off his still erect shaft.

Noticing it had already changed a little, growing pointed and more canine in appearance. Alex’s growing tongue begins hanging from the side of his mouth as he begins to pant, the two share a brief look before he gets up. Pushing the beautiful panther woman over onto her back, burying his head between her thighs and begins hungrily lapping at her pussy. Licking away the sweet mix of their combined juices, feeling Mary’s clawed hand reaching down to caress his head while his body begins to transform. Surrendering to the beast awakened within him as his own wolfish tail pushes out from the base of his spine, just as he lifts his head from between her legs she growls at him.

Grabbing his shoulders and pulling him on top of her, hooking her legs around his waist and bending upward to feel that wolf cock sliding into her once more. Alex’s face suddenly pushes out into a canine muzzle as dark fur begins to grow out along his spine, quickly covering most of his body while his skin darkens to a leathery brown. Leaning forward to kiss his wife once more, only to feel her push him back a little. Allowing her the chance to just lick at his muzzle, teasing his tongue and licking around his sharp teeth. Even nuzzling her smaller snout against his, breathing in his scent and still tasting her own juices on his lips. For an instant Mary’s true voice whispers from between the panther demon’s lips…

“I love you…”


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