The Power – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: so-so-so-gay
Feature Title: The power behind all of our gay passions
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The Power

The power of Satan over former Christians:

I want to really thank my LORD GOD and Master SATAN for showing me that the real way, the real truth, and the real life is only through HIM!   When I worshiped the so called son of god I never felt the way I do in Satan’s service. He has brought me into the light of HIS pure darkness. I edge my BIG HARD COCK and praise Him as He takes me deep, DEEP, and DEEPER into His powerful world of Lust, self-indulgence, sins of the flesh and pornographic bliss. I want no part of Christ’s heaven, to sing his praises with the other misled beings that have been blinded by the lies of the church. I just want to sit at the foot of SATAN and MASTURBATE to perverted images and feel the rush of endorphins that gives me the PERFECT HIGH that I crave and am addicted to, as I stroke my throbbing cock to PORN. If you are a former Christian like me and understand what I feel, re-blog this and show the world how many of us have left jesus to praise and worship the prince of this world….. SATAN!!!


Blaspheme and feel HIS goodness as He and His demons completely take over. Having surrendered and submitted my ALL before His Throne, I have been guided to ever-increasing raw sexual delights. And each new level of delight only keeps me turning back to Him and His freely-offered PROVISION of SEXUAL DELICACIES. Orgasms again and again and again. Unbelievably copious, explosive, sticky JIZZ.  Satan loves to give us the fulfillment of our GAY PASSIONS !!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “The Power – Non-Fiction”

  1. HELL YEA BABY sweetie HAIL SATAN may he makes us all his bitches to worship him and be RAPED by SATAN and DEMONS praying for SATANS HOTT SEED sweetie

    1. Yes, yes, YES! FUCK YES!!?

      Bow before Satan & take His beautiful massive fucking cock in your mouth & up the ass. Amazing fucking orgasms!

      Worship Him, worship Him, WORSHIP HIM !!!!

      Satan FOREVER; FOREVER Satan!!!

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