THE PIXIE 2 by Polaris

Feature Writer: Polaris /

Feature Title: THE PIXIE 2

Published: Copyright (c) 2015, Polaris. All rights Reserved

Story Codes: Sadism, Abuse, Snuff, Young Ones, WS

Synopsis: Lelani is a pervert pixie that gets off as others suffer

Author’s Notes: Feedback always welcome:

The Pixie 2


I made sure that my next several encounters with children were fatal as well. There was the seven year old girl and her six year old brother who I convinced to strip down and climb into an abandoned refrigerator together. The appliance was quite dirty inside, and so my suggestion for them to get naked (to avoid getting in trouble with their parents for ruining their clothes, of course) worked like a charm! I had managed to squeeze myself to the back inner wall of the fridge, where I then stuck a twenty dollar bill that I had found using some adhesive.

I say, “Squeeze,” because the top wire rack had been left in there and had solidified itself quite firmly with rust. Nothing that these two “fine, strong” siblings couldn’t pull out with a little teamwork, tee hee! Let’s just say that when all was said and done, the fridge toppled and created a nice polystyrene coffin for those two screaming, naked cuties! It was their reward for a job well done, and a long masturbation session as their panicked inhalations ate up the precious oxygen inside was mine!

When my Queen finally found out about these events she was furious, and ordered that I was no longer allowed to leave the forest without a supervising partner. So for a modest duration, I was forced to keep my desires restrained, while at the same time racking my brain trying to figure out how I could still indulge them in secret. Fortunately, an answer presented itself to me one day.

It was a leaden afternoon and my sister, Mitsi, had been chosen as my designated ball-and-chain. She was flying with me when we happened to stumble across a clearing within a different wooded area, located roughly two miles from our home. It was a relatively small section, filled with nothing but junk and one other thing: a chocolate lab, looking to be about five years old, secured to a post by a short, but very strong chain.

The animal didn’t appear to be in the best of shape, having scars all over his body. He also looked very distraught, constantly turning his head as if he was looking out for something, whimpering, and even trying to pull the chain leash forcefully with the hope of breaking free.

“Oh, that poor creature …” Mitsi uttered with a heavy heart as we watched the mutt continue to look around in fear.

Not me, though. It was very clear that a person had abused this animal, and knowing that got me excited.

All of the sudden, out from a path among a cluster of trees, a brunette girl, looking to be in her mid teens, whizzed on in on her mountain bike. A cloud of dust kicked up as she hit the breaks. It was as plain as the look on her face that she couldn’t wait to get started on her after school activity; one that she had been participating in each of the past few days to let off some steam.

“Ding, dong! Raven’s home from school!” the girl announced as she pushed her bike over, smiling wide with malicious intent, “Do I know a doggy that wants to get its ass kicked?”

The dog frantically began running away from the girl, which amounted to only a few feet, thanks to the tethering. The teenager then began stripping out of her clothes, giving the dog a hard stare which never broke. It was a confident stare; one which communicated that she was about to show off some personal, “Skills”.

I wasn’t sure how Raven had found the dog. Maybe he had been chained there by a neglectful owner and she’d discovered him while biking through the woods. Or perhaps she had located him somewhere else, found a way to tranquilize him, and then drug him out here to chain him up. The dog was wearing both his collar and identity tag. In any case, it wasn’t important. All that mattered is what happened next.

Raven had stripped completely naked, and then put her shoes back on, lacing them up nice and tight. She then strutted over at a fast pace and started things off by giving the animal a couple of swift, hard kicks in the side with her sneakers. All he could do was cry and attempt to get away. The animal would have tried biting in order to defend himself, but had none of his teeth left, as Raven had ripped them out one by one with pliers; possibly when the dog had been unconscious, but again, with the testosterone that this girl had pumping through her, I would not have been surprised if she’d done it while the dog was wide awake.

The teenager pounced onto the dog’s back from behind, and then gave three very hard punches to his side with her closed fist. I couldn’t quite tell from my distance, but it almost looked like she was rubbing her crotch in a circular fashion on his backside as she did it. Raven pounded her fist several more times on the top of his back. She then got up, began to charge and then quickly extended her arms, giving the dog a violent push to the ground. As he struggled to get back on his feet, she simply smirked and kicked some dirt in his eyes.

“This is so horrible … How could that human girl do such a thing?” Mitsi cried, as she painfully averted her eyes.

The dog was starting to whine very loudly now, and Raven was getting annoyed fast! She went over to her backpack and retrieved three tennis balls, which she then began whipping at the dog’s defenseless body.

‘What a treat!’ I thought as my pussy became moist, ‘This girl is definitely full of surprises!’

After about a dozen, “Pitches,” the naked girl then grabbed something else out of her backpack and knelt down by the dog. She grabbed his right front paw and proceeded to burn the foot with her lighter. The dog began jerking very violently, but was already fatigued by the abuse, whereas the teenager’s arm was by no means devoid of muscle mass.

“Oh yeah … Oh yeah …” Raven said as she burned the animal. “Mmm, nothing you can do about it…”

A small flame had actually started at the bottom of the dog’s foot as she stood back up. The human then went over to one of the small junk piles and pulled out a red fire extinguisher.

‘Hmm, seems she has a little compassion after all …’ I thought.

What quickly caught me off guard, however, was that she did not use the object on the foot, but instead began spraying it right into the dog’s screaming mouth.

I started laughing uncontrollably! I couldn’t help it, as I was every bit as surprised as the canine was! Mitsi, on the other hand, was nothing but horrified.

Raven emptied the extinguisher completely, and then hurled it at the animal’s ass, before then sitting on a nearby stump for a breather. My entire crotch was tingling as I watched the dog drop to the ground. I could tell that his lungs were collapsing, due to them being dried out by all of the foam that had been swallowed. And to think, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to get out of bed that morning, teehee. <3

“Mmm, I love it when I’m in a bad mood, don’t you?” the human said to the animal, leaning back on her hands with her legs splayed out. “I still can’t believe my boyfriend broke up with me. He kept telling me that I was too hormonal! Can you believe that?”

The teenager then got up and sauntered back over to the beast.

“Looks like you’ve got a pretty big dick, though

Raven pushed the dog with her foot so that he rolled over onto his back. She then stood there, looking down at him for a moment, before stepping over him, and finally squatting down over his genitals. She took his penis into her hand and played with it for a few seconds.

“Get hard …” she commanded, sternly.

The dog, however, was still doing all he could just to get his breath back.

“Get HARD, I said!” the girl yelled, and then gave a hard, twisted pinch to his chest, evoking a loud yelp.

After a little more manipulation with her hands, she was able to get the dog into a semi-erect state, which was enough for her to work with. She lowered her pussy onto the dog cock and began to fuck him.

How kinky! I’d never seen a human have sex with an animal before, much less torture and then rape one! I prayed that the ratio of pleasure to pain between the two of them was one hundred to zero in the girl’s favor as I thrashed my arms around in the air, cheering her on; a spectacle that Mitsi sadly missed, due to her tightly clenched eyelids.

Grunting and gyrating her hips, Raven hunched over and slammed her hands down onto the dog’s front arms, pinning them to the ground. She then held this position the entire time that she rode him. I could tell when she finally came. It wasn’t a big cum – not the one she was looking for, I’m sure – but an orgasm none the less. As for the dog, I wasn’t sure if he ejaculated, but if he did, there was no doubt it had been completely involuntary!

Raven got up and walked to another one of the junk piles, this time tugging out a very heavy looking wooden headboard made for a queen-sized bed. She drug it out near the dog, who was still whining shrilly, and then returned to her bag of tricks; this time producing a hammer and several nails from it.

“Lelani, let’s just get out of here!” Mitsi pleaded, having lost about as much of her nerve as she could.

“Just a few more minutes,” I said, my eyes affixed, “We’ve got to see where this goes …”

What a suggestion. Honestly… ‘Go rape yourself with a cocklebur!’ is what I really wanted to say to her. After watching this far, I wasn’t going fucking anywhere!

Raven sat down on top of the dog’s chest, the front of her calves resting parallel to the ground with her knees tightly gripping his neck. She then pushed his head down, leaned over, pressed his left ear flat against the headboard, and began nailing the floppy pinna into the wood.


The dog started to struggle, but it wasn’t anything that her body-weight couldn’t control. She drove the long nail in with just a couple millimeters to spare, and then did the same to the right ear. Finally, she spun herself around, and marched back over to the backpack to extract one last item.

It was a very large jar, but not just any. The glass container held nearly a dozen paper wasps; ones that were none too happy about the jostling they’d received inside of her dark backpack when the girl was on her bike. As she pulled it out, another object unintentionally popped out and fell onto the dirt; a very long, orange dildo. Raven bent down to retrieve the rubber dick and then stuffed it back in the bag.

‘A preview of what’s to come?’ I wondered, ‘Oh, God, I hope so! Rape him with it! Beat him with it! Choke him with it! Just please tell me you’re gonna use it!’

Raven took the jar over to the upturned dog, who was howling in pain each time that he tried to pull his skull free from the headboard. The teenager took a few moments to size up the canine’s penis while also mouthing it sensually to help bring his erection back as best she could. With one eye glued to the genitals, she then used a nearby screwdriver to punch a hole in the lid of the jar that matched the girth of his member. Once she had accomplished this, she recklessly shook the jar several times, and then — as quickly as she could — guided the hole down onto the penis until it hit the base of the shaft.

The insects were already quite threatened by this massive pink intruder, but Raven continued to shake the jar around the dog’s crotch to further encourage them. It worked like a charm. The wasps stung his penis relentlessly. Raven tried to keep the container in place for as long as she could, but the pain was so intense that the dog was madly twisting and trying to flip over. He finally succeeded, though at the cost of his left ear, which was forcefully ripped away from the headboard, splitting it right down the middle. Raven didn’t even notice, however, as she was now busy hacking away at his asshole with the claw of the hammer.

The nipples on my chest were so hard they felt like they could cut steel! Where had this human been all my life? It was at that moment when an idea suddenly popped into my head. There was a high chance that it wouldn’t work, but any consequences from its failure would be very low risk. I knew I had to try it.

“Mitsi, that girl needs our help. You’ve got to talk to her! Convince her that what she is doing is wrong!” I pleaded.

“What? B-But I can’t …” she began.

“What do you mean you can’t? Don’t you want to help that dog? To prevent her from hurting other animals in the future?”

“I-it’s just … we’ve never engaged with a violent human like that before …” I could tell that Mitsi was apprehensive.

The teenage girl down below was a force of nature, after all. That said, I could also tell that deep down, she wanted to help. Out of all the pixies in our forest home, she was one of the most gifted when it came to boosting morale with her words, and she knew this. Nary had I ever seen a time where she was unable to cheer someone up, regardless of what problem or worry had befallen them. I had to keep driving the point home.

“Mitsi, this is a girl who never had a pixie to befriend her when she was a child! But it isn’t too late … I know it’s not! The magic has just ran out of her life! I know that you can help bring that magic back if you just try …”

“I don’t know …”

I gave a deep sigh, turned my back and flew a couple of inches away.

“So … that’s it, huh? It really is just a big farce after all …” I said, disillusioned, “All this talk that the other pixies have been giving me about the need to do good and help people. It’s all just words we say to make ourselves feel better …”

That did it. At that moment, Mitsi realized that she had to try, not just for the sake of the teenager and her victims, but she knew that she had a personal duty to keep me on the right track as well.

“Okay … I-I’m going,” Mitsi said.

“I’ll stay back and if there’s any sign of trouble, I’ll go get help!”

Mitsi nodded and then began flying down towards the girl. My heart began palpitating as I watched.

“E-excuse me, miss …” Mitsi nervously began.

The girl jumped and then turned her head.

“What the fuck?!” she exclaimed, her left eye twitching as she tried to identify just what it was she was looking at.

“P-please, I … Th-that animal has f-feelings, too and … Eeeeeee!”

My thighs crunched together with glee when I heard the shriek. My plan had worked! Raven’s swipe had been too quick for Mitsi and now she was trapped in the girl’s clutch!

“Lelaneee, she’s got meee! Heeelp! Help me, pleeease!” I heard my sister scream.

‘She’s got her! Oh God! What have I done? What have I done?’ I asked myself. ‘What beautiful, exciting, incredible, AWESOME thing have I done?!? <3 <3 <3’

I remained flying, keeping well out of sight. It was my burning hope that at any second the teenage girl would rip Mitsi’s body in half with her hands. Instead, Raven grabbed her discarded black T-shirt from the ground, pressed my sister down into the center of it, and then closed it up around her scared little body. Using her teeth, the teen girl then ripped one of the sleeves away from the shirt and tied up the garment until it looked like a hobo’s bindle.

Raven stood up and stared at the squirming beneath the shirt for a few moments, still not quite sure if she had really seen just what she thought she had. The cries from the dog, however, were beginning to attract her concentration. Returning to her bag once more, the teenager retrieved a white, meshed reusable produce bag. She then yanked the jar away from the dog, shredding the skin of his now swollen, welt-ridden dick. Streaks of red blood now running down the pink shaft, it looked like a stick of melting strawberry ice cream, I thought to myself.

Raven unscrewed the lid, opened up the produce bag, and turned the jar upside down into it. The wasps – the ones that hadn’t been fatally mangled by her hastiness – began transitioning from glass to polyester, and once the last one had evacuated, she threw the bag over the dog’s head and tightened the drawstring cord.

As the wasps began a merciless assault on the innocent canine’s eyes and face, Raven began squeezing and wringing and peeling what loose skin she could off of the penis to elicit more cries of pain. I could tell that she was conflicted though. It was clear that she wanted to continue tormenting the dog, but could not keep Mitsi out of the corner of her eye. Finally she swung the dog around so that his body was now on top of the flat headboard and pounded a few nails through his penis and into the wood.

As the dog began a slow death from stinging and asphyxiation, Raven retrieved her shirt, undid the knot, and then grabbed Mitsi once more. She then shoved her into the jar and tightly closed the lid.

‘She’s going to keep her?’ I wondered.

Raven put back on her jeans, followed by her black t-shirt which, I must say, looked a bit badass now that one of the sleeves had been ripped. She then shoved the jar in her backpack, got on her bike and sped off.

“Crap!” I shouted, and quickly chased after.


It had been quite the tiring struggle to keep up. The teenager was always just on the horizon as I followed, and there were many times I would have lost her in her route through the city if I had been just a few seconds too late. Finally, we reached the property where the girl lived. Raven again threw her bike down and retrieved the jar from her backpack in order to verify that Mitsi was still inside. She then carried it into the house.

The residence looked pretty run down from the outside. I flew around the entire perimeter searching for a weak spot.

“Bingo!” I said to myself as I spotted a window screen with a small hole in it.

I entered it and found myself in the living room. The upkeep didn’t appear to be much better on the inside. There was clutter everywhere, and right in the center of the room, on a couch, was a middle aged woman getting fucked by one scuzzy looking dude. Her boyfriend (I presumed) and the several liquor bottles scattered around gave the indication of drunk afternoon sex.

Just then, Raven speed-walked through the room from the kitchen.

“Don’t come in my room, I’m gonna be masturbating,” Raven bluntly told her mother, not stopping for a moment as she passed.

“Alright,” her mother grunted as the man pounded his pole inside of her.

Keeping a fair distance, I zipped right behind Raven and followed her to her bedroom. The teen set her book bag down and turned to shut the door behind her. She then extracted the jar and set it on top of a small desk.

For about seven minutes, with her chin resting on her folded hands, the human girl simply stared inside the jar, her face about as close to it as it could get. Mitsi, on the other hand, was cowering and quaking clear on the opposite side. The teenager used her hand to twist the jar several times, so that Mitsi was swung back towards her, but my sister was so stricken with terror that she quickly backed herself up against the far glass.

I could tell that the human was thinking deeply about something, but wasn’t quite sure what. There was complete silence, aside from the loud moan from her mother once she had started coming. Eventually, Raven raised herself up from the desk, and then exited the room. Just a few seconds later, I flew towards the jar so that Mitsi could see me.

“Lelani! You’re here! Oh thank God! Did you go for help? Please, try to get me out of here!” she whined.

“What? I can’t hear you in there!” I yelled as my feet touched down on top of the jar.

Mitsi quickly flew up to the larger hole in the lid that Raven had created previously with the screwdriver and attempted to stick her head through it to talk to me. The moment she did however, I pushed my supple, naked pixie ass down through it to meet her face; giggling from the feel of it.

“Lelani! Knock it off! What are you doing? Lelani?!” the shocked pixie shouted as she tried pushing my ass flesh back out and even pounded on it with her fists. I’m no masochist by any stretch, but I can tell you it was the most enjoyable pain that I’ve ever received!

I wiggled my ass tauntingly at her for a few more moments and then pulled myself up so that I could speak through the hole.

“Ooo, things aren’t looking good for you, Mitsi!” I said with an evil grin, “It was really short-sided of you to approach that girl like you did. You’re gonna have to really put your golden tongue to use now if you plan on getting out of this!”

“Lelani, please! I’m really scared! Please, don’t let her do anything to me!” the little crybaby begged as she tried to stretch her arm up through the hole.

In all honesty, there was ample room for her body to fit through it. The problem, of course, were her wings. Drawn motionless towards her body, she would be able to clear it, but she was forced to keep them flapping in order to keep herself in the air. Her only hope, it so happened, was for me to reach in and grab her arm, and then pull her out myself.

“Lick my pussy,” I said.

Mitsi stared blankly at me for a second.


“It’s simple! You want out, and I’m horny. I want you to jam your tongue up between my two cunt lips and move it around until cum flows out of my body and into your mouth!”

“Lelani, that’s sick! W-we’re not supposed to do things like that! We’re sisters, even! Please don’t make me do this!” she begged.

“The clock’s tick-ing~!” I said in a singsong voice as I again scooted my nether-regions over the hole.

Filled with a shame that was most arousing, my sister, resigned that she had no other choice, complied. It was indeed a great struggle for her to reach me with her tongue while still keeping her wings out of harms way. To tell the truth, the fact that I was feeling her lips off my vulva more often than they were on made it even more exciting, as I knew how frantic and frustrated she must have been trying to fulfill my evil request! These thoughts alone were quick to bring me to an explosive orgasm, with my cum raining down without compassion onto her sweet, fear-stricken face.

Having achieved temporary release, but still most certainly in a teasing mood, I dropped my limb through the hole, moving it just millimeters out of reach each time that she desperately attempted to grasp it.

“Lelaniii! What are you doing?!” she yelled.

“What do you mean? I never said that I was going to LET you out!” I taunted, squeezing my ass and thigh muscles gleefully as I said it, “You wanna know what I really think? I think that all the precious little girls that you befriended in their youth were probably getting their sweet little assholes kicked by a bitch just like that one! I like her style, and I guarantee that’s what I would have done were I in her shoes!”

Tears — intermingling with my pussy juice — were streaming down Mitsi’s face now, pushing my body to selfishly manufacture even more wetness for me between my legs. I had never had such a position of power over someone of my own kind before. Prior to this day, Mitsi had never once wronged me in any in all the many years that I had been with her, and somehow, that made it even more delicious than if she had. It gave me solace knowing that I wasn’t driven to do this to her out of some pretty, reactionary spite, but purely because I wanted to do something evil to her for my own enjoyment!

And speaking of evil, I suddenly heard the sweet sound of footsteps fast approaching. I hurriedly flew myself up to a far corner of the room just as Raven returned, carrying several items with her; one of them being a flat white board, about two foot by one foot. The girl set them down onto the desk and slowly twisted the lid on the jar. I started to get a little unsettled as I watched. Mitsi was clearly poised to make a last-ditch effort to fly out, and if she somehow got out of the house, that could spell bad things for me. Luckily, however, my fears were quickly laid to rest. The girl whipped off the lid and immediately stuffed her nimble fingers down inside to snatch her.

With Mitsi in her grasp once more, the human girl spoke.

“I never knew something like you existed,” she said.

She then put Mitsi down onto the white board on her back, and held her in place with her finger.

“Let’s see what else I can learn about you …” she then added, as she picked up one of the thinnest needles I’d ever seen.

Her captive struggled and tried to push the finger away — a hilariously pathetic sight, I might add — but Raven used the point of the needle to stick one of her hands with ease and then gently guided it away so that the arm extended out perpendicular from her torso. She then drove the needle completely through her palm an into the board.

I gotta admit, not only had I never heard a member of my species emit such a chilling scream, I wasn’t even aware that we were capable of it! Raven wasted no time in pinning a second needle through her other hand, and then two more through her feet. What a transformation. My previously genial and meek sibling was now madly thrashing her head from side, with a face that was almost as red as the blood now spurting from her appendages. I wasn’t the only one enjoying the scene, however. There was a look of unquestionable delight on the human girl’s face as she watched Mitsi struggle to break free.

Still, this appetizer was not something that the teenager intended to dwell on very long. She grabbed another of the objects that she had brought in: a soldering iron, which had been heating up for the past few minutes.

“Does fire scare you, little fairy?” Raven asked as she locked her eyes with Mitsi, who said nothing and simply trembled,  “Well, if it doesn’t, it’s going to now…”

The girl brought the tip of the tool towards Mitsi’s left leg. She didn’t strike it, but rather hovered back and forth very slowly, as if trying to find just the right distance. Confident that the girl wouldn’t see me, I was unable to resist flying in for a closer look. I couldn’t believe it. The flesh on my sister’s leg was actually… melting!

“Oh yes! YES!!” I gasped, as one hand darted for my pussy, and the other, to pinch my nipple.

The sight of Mitsi sobbing; the heavy, frantic inhaling and exhaling of her abdomen; her thigh and calf bubbling and oozing – it put me over the edge! I couldn’t believe how foolish I’d been. Here I had wished that Raven would have crushed her back at the clearing, when she was now doing something far more beautiful!

The teenager took her time, however. There was no way that this was the first time that she’d done this, I thought to myself. She milked the destruction of the limb until it was completely charred. I wondered what must have been going through Mitsi’s mind at that moment. How hard that she must have been asking herself why she was in this position.

I suppose they’re right when they say, “No good deed …” (tee hee hee)

Raven moved to extract the needle at her victim’s right foot, but only enough to pull it out from the board, leaving the rest embedded in the extremity. She pressed her finger down on Mitzi’s knee and then, ever so carefully, began to rotate the needle; slowly … slowly … until the pixie bellowed out a specific cry of pain. From here she twisted it little by little, stopping in between, in order to maximize the agony. Fuck! How I could have used one of those sprites with the huge cocks from the northern glade pounding into me at that moment. My hands simply were not doing justice to the type of glorious climax that I wanted to experience from this.

Raven turned and turned and turned, until Mitsi’s calf had been twisted around several times over. With virtually no muscle tendons left un-torn, the teen then pulled the needle out from the foot. She raised her finger and pressed it down onto Mitsi’s pelvis, where she then stuck it all the way through her thigh, just above the knee cap, and began the process all over again. By the way her hips were now squirming, I could tell that the human was beginning to get very horny as well.

With both legs completely devastated, it was time to move onto the upper half; but Mitsi was fading fast, so the teen knew that she had to be just as swift. She pulled a switchblade out from her pocket and began sawing away at the left arm — starting vertically at the wrist and working her way up to the shoulder — and then did the same to the right arm, getting about a half dozen severed chunks from each. Finally, she used the tip of the blade to carefully cut around Mitsi’s neck. She then grabbed a pair of tweezers, clamped them down on her skull, and then slowly began to pull. Within (what were all-too short) seconds, Mitsi’s head had been ripped from her body, complete with near a third of her spinal cord dangling from it.

Raven licked her lips, breathing heavily for a few moments, and then yanked her jeans (with no panties) down to the floor. She then turned around and violently began thrusting her cunt up against her bedpost. I watched the grunting human’s impressive ass muscles clench and flex as she humped, in full agreement that she had earned such a reward after what she had just done. I then flew down next to Mitsi’s corpse.

There was blood everywhere. everywhere! It was incredible. A taste of heaven itself. But then suddenly … yes! Another idea popped into my brain! Would it be possible? It was an idea that was going to prove far, far riskier than the previous, but with the way luck had shined on me that day, I just knew that I had to chance it.

First, I needed an escape route. The screen in Raven’s window, unfortunately, had no damage holes in it, but it did appear to be loose. I flew next to it, looked up, and saw that there was a very narrow section up at the top that where it was supposed to meet with the rest of the window that was not properly aligned. Of course, it would have been insane for me to not test it out first. I fluttered up and attempted to get out. It took a bit of wiggling, but was otherwise not much of an obstacle. Nevertheless, I repeated the process a couple more times to make doubly sure.

Next, I quickly looked around the room for anything that my strength would be able to manipulate while also creating noise. I zipped around the desk several times, but everything there looked too heavy to push over.


But then, I saw it. A television remote control, sitting over on the nightstand. To my fortune, it was even pointing towards the appliance! Now I just had to hope that I had the might to pull it off.

I flew to the top of the device until I located the red button that said, “Power.”

I landed next to it, pressed both of my hands down, and began to push with every fiber of my being.

‘More … More … Come on … just a little … more’ I coached myself through the strain.

Finally, the television buzzed on, and scared Raven – who had just been at the verge of her climax – half to death. She whipped around immediately, only to have myself launch right at her eye and clip it; a ballsy move to be sure, but I had to make this girl mad!

“Ah you little shit!” the girl yelled as she rubbed her right eye, “Where the fuck did you come from?!”

I bounced around in the air a little bit to give the appearance that I was laughing at her, and then headed for the window. I climbed up just like before, though this time at the apex, I pulled my body out and then pretended like my foot had been caught. I flapped my wings very rapidly and began struggling to help give credence to the facade.

“Mad that I killed your little friend, cunt?” she snarled at me. I took it as a term of endearment.

This wonderful individual would have to do a lot more than that to offend me.

Raven tried getting to me with her fingers, but just as I predicted, the space simply was not wide enough for her to do so. The only solution was to get at me from outside, and that is exactly what she chose to do.

I waited until I could see her coming around the corner of the house in my peripheral vision and resumed flapping and writhing once more. When she was nearly two feet away, I, “Broke free,” and flew up into the air. My own reverence for this human aside, I most certainly did not want her getting anywhere near me!

It was here that I kicked off my second phase of deceptive acting. I began flying in an irregular pattern, just a few inches higher than the teenager would have been able to reach, even when jumping, in order to make her believe that I had injured myself during the escape.

Over and over, Raven swung a butterfly net which she had brought with as I taunted her with my low flying, making the girl’s blood pressure rise all the more. After deciding that she had been pissed off to an optimal degree, I then began to fly out of her yard. Just as I had hoped, the human girl grabbed her backpack, stuffed the net inside, and hopped on her mountain bike.

The two of us would again be playing, “Follow the leader,” only this time it would be her who was chasing me.


It was a grueling trek. Somehow, I had managed to lead Raven back out of the city, staying just a little bit ahead of her as she peddled, but there was still a ways to go. My wings felt like they got more of a work out that day than they had the entire year prior. One thing was for damn sure though, I had not overestimated this girl’s ability to hold a grudge!

In addition to my exhaustion, I was also getting sleepy. The sun was already down, and we pixies are biologically tuned to sleep from dusk till dawn. And yet… the hour could not have been more desirable.

By some miracle, I made it to the edge of the forest. The trees were so thick that Raven was left with no choice but to abandon her bike, which was a relief for me, as it meant that I could now fly at my own pace. The teenager wasn’t about to leave her backpack behind, however. Perfect, just perfect!

Raven followed me intensely as I weaved through the trees. I was still amazed at her persistence, but I suppose that if I had discovered a magical creature that next to nobody had ever seen before, I wouldn’t be too keen on letting it slip away either. Further and further into the woods I led her, until at last, we reached the secret grove. Kept hidden from nature, its entrance can only be made visible by those of my species. Using my power, I opened it up, but for the first and only time in my life, I had no plans of closing it behind me. The path henceforth would be linear, and that meant that it was time for Raven and I to part ways. I once again boosted my speed, as I had to find the best hiding spot available before she reached the village.


It was evening, at a time that the humans would describe as just after, “Eight o’clock.” Here in my homeland, now concealed, but with a generous all-encompassing view, I was the only pixie on the premises who was not asleep.

Our home rests within an enormous hollow tree, roughly thirty feet in diameter. The mighty trunk of the tree grows completely underground, with only the upper branches extending past the soil, giving the illusion of common woodland flora. The wooden walls are as smooth as can be, but are also decorated with several varieties of vines and other foliage which are able to grow here. A tunnel leads from the world above to the base of the tree, of which there is a tiny hole just large enough for us to exit through. The tunnel itself, on the other hand, is tall, practically 50 inches, and the aging outer bark has weakened over time; a vulnerability that this violent girl’s foot was now kicking against.

Crrk… crack… CRACK!!

With every sound and quake made by the impact, my heart grew more and more excited. This was it! I’d thought for sure that the human would have turned around by now, but apparently she figured that if she’d come this far, why stop now?

Several of the pixies started waking up just as the teenager began squeezing through the hole. The Lumineauxa – a type of bell vine that grows in our tree and acts as a security alarm – immediately began to glow, lighting up the whole room. I could see the stunned look on the girl’s face as she stood up inside of our tree home. Then, the screams started.

“A human!”

A human!”

Oh my God, a human’s inside!”

How did she get here?!”

Protect the queen! PROTECT THE QUEEN!”

Every one of the hundreds of pixies in my clan had now been startled from their sleep. No less than fifty of them immediately flew to our Queen, forming a sphere of bodies to protect her. The remainder rapidly began flying around, some to help distract the intruder, while others did so simply from fear. The second that she noticed a few of them escaping through the very hole in the tree that she, herself, had traversed through, Raven immediately dropped her backpack in front of it. She then removed her shirt, followed by her jeans and then began stuffing them into the cracks between the bark and backpack, until the, “Escape route,” was tightly sealed.

It was the greatest day of my life! The human was attacking every pixie in sight … and killing them! And not out of defense, but of pure enthusiasm! Even our children and infants were not spared! The naked giant ground them under the sole of her foot, ripped off their wings, bit off their legs, arms and heads. Crimson corpses and body parts fell from above like raindrops. It was a nightmarish bloodbath that made me cum several times simply from witnessing it.

Raven continued to swipe and swat until she discovered that her hand had landed in something sticky. It was one of several pools of sap that frequently collected within our tree home. I watched as she stared at her hand for several moments, as if wondering how she could use this to her advantage. Always thinking, this girl!

Once the solution had hit her, Raven immediately turned around and went for her backpack. Upon unzipping it, she pulled out the same orange dildo that had shown itself in the clearing. She then took the sex toy back to where she had been and slathered it all over with sap. It was here that Raven noticed the Queen’s protective body sphere, floating in the air. Holding the sticky, dripping cock with one hand, the fingers on her other tore through the defenses like they were nothing. Several pixies making up the exterior of the ball were ripped away and immediately stuck to the shaft. While our skin could technically pull away from the sap with enough effort, our “Achilles wings,” were the bane. Raven was quick to learn this, and made sure to manipulate their bodies with her digits so that the wings made generous contact with the adhesive.

Again and again and again, the teenager clawed more and more pixies away from the sphere. Every one of them were delightfully terrified, of course, but the natural instinct to protect our alpha mother prevented them from fleeing. Even I might have found it difficult not to succumb had I been as near as they were! Fortunately, however, I was tucked safely away up in a dark corner of the village, with my ass resting comfortably on the best seat in the house!

After about two thirds of the dildo had been caked in bodies, Raven began to notice that each time she dug a chunk out of the sphere, the surrounding pixies moved to, “Fill in,” the dent. Determined, the human viciously slashed and shred through the orb until she reached the core.

I knew that I was not dreaming, but could not help but pinch myself. There, in the girl’s hand, was our Queen; completely paralyzed with fear! My toes curled and my fists tightened as I braced myself for what was to come.

Noticing that this particular pixie was, “Special,” Raven plopped our Queen onto the very top of the phallus. Her royal energy being exponentially more powerful than the rest of ours, she was able to break free after a few flutters of her wings, only to be forced back down by the hand of the human girl. Raven gathered a few final pixies to fill in the, “Cracks,” and then ran her fingers along the edges of the dildo to verify that none remained. The naked human breathed heavily as she tightly gripped the base of the rubber dick, watching all the little pixies writhing and screaming around its surface. She sat down, propping her back against the inner wall of the tree. Taking one last look — a look burning with nothing but gluttonous sadism — she then thrust the dildo up into her pussy.

“Oh yes! Yes! God motherfucking yes! Die! Die! Die! Die!” I cried out!

I was so happy! Elated, even! And not just because I had sentenced my friends and loved ones to death, but for the girl as well! The dog had screwed her out of a great cum. I had screwed her out of a great cum! But this time, there was nothing to stop her from getting that magnificent orgasm that she’d been waiting for all day! Raven bellowed out all sorts of beautiful human obscenities and vulgarities and she violently rammed the death stick in and out of her cunt. What were, in the beginning, crumpled and mangled bodies on its edges were quickly turning into streaks of blood and mush, and not long after that, severed limbs were being strewn out from her pussy lips.

When she felt the bulk of flesh begin to thin, the human girl quickly got up and, with the cock still buried up into the hole between her legs, began to hunt for more pixies. Luckily, the sap was still sticky enough to keep them lightly attached, but one trip into those pink inner walls and those powerful, compressing vaginal muscles was enough to render escape impossible!

“Oh, fuck yeah! Fuck! FUCK!” Raven’s shouts echoed.

As her orgasm built, she grabbed more pixies yet, clamped her jaw down onto their torsos and began ripping them away with her teeth. Blood was spurting from her lips and running down her chin, neck and between her breasts as she chewed them up; well aware of her own vileness.

That was when I lost control. It was rash, it was reckless, and at that moment I didn’t care if it cost me my life. I had to show my gratitude to this girl.

Evacuating my hiding spot, I made a beeline straight for Raven’s crotch. Being careful to steer clear of the pistoning dildo, I then showered myself with my magical droplets and began rubbing my body all over her hard clitoris. Raven fell to the ground, gave out a final triumphant scream of pleasure and then succumbed to the most explosive, thunderous, tsunami of blood-and-cum orgasm she’d ever hand.


Thirty minutes later …

Her climax achieved, Raven was now gone; heading back towards her home on her mountain bike. She had not left, however, without first snatching about a half dozen other shivering, quivering pixies and stuffing them into her bag. I could only imagine what exquisite horrors awaited them once they arrived at her residence, but as surprising as it may seem, that was not the most vivid thought on my mind.

As I glided down to the floor of our home, looking amongst the splendorous carnage of the dead and the dying, I spotted our Queen. She was still alive, but struggling very weakly. I flew myself right next to her.

“Le … caglhh Le … lah … nee …” she sputtered.

“My Queen! Oh, thank God you’re still alive!” I said. I then leaned my face down to hers, and smiled, “How’d ya like the new friend I made today? Wasn’t it nice of me to invite her into our home?”

I couldn’t help but let out a loud, boisterous giggle as I saw the expression of shock on the Queen’s face.

“I can see that you’re fighting hard to hang on, but we both know that your life force is being pulled into those dark depths of death. You can sense it, I can sense it. I bet the one thing you’re thinking right now is ‘What will happen to all of the pixies who survived this disaster?’ Well, before you die, I want you know that if you thought today was a tragedy, it’ll be a drop in the bucket compared to the mayhem that I’m gonna cause from here on out. And I know just the thing to help me.”

I paused for a moment, and then put my hand over my Queen’s left breast. Her face again tightened with the look of terror and despair as she realized what I meant.

“There’s lots of little girls and boys in the world still waiting for me out there! Real little … and real dumb! But I couldn’t have done it without you, my Queen! Here, allow me to show you my thanks!”

With those words, I sank my teeth into our Queen’s neck and ripped out her jugular vein. My eager canines and incisors then followed up on the surrounding neck flesh as she went into her final death spasms. The taste of her blood on my tongue was delicious. In fact, all five of my senses were singing the praises as I realized how the tables had now turned.

When nothing but vertebrae remained, I snapped my Queen’s head from her body via a violent kick of my heel and then plunged my hand into her collarbone. It was a tight fit, and I had to root and break through her blood and organs, but very soon, I found it. Her heart. Gripping it in my clutch I tore the beating organ from her chest and out through her neck-hole. It was colored a turquoise-like blue, and there was good reason for that. Inside the heart was the, “Sienewya,” the magical stone that bestows alpha status to a pixie.

Traditionally, it does not form unless the recipient is several hundred years old, and has presented qualities of guidance, protection, and nurturing throughout her life. When this pixie has achieved the purest of pure hearts, the stone – starting at the size of a pin dot – appears in her heart and gradually begins to grow, giving her the powers of leadership. Once or twice, however, the thought had crossed my mind: would such a stone work for a host different than the original?

Using my nails, I pried the organ open until I saw it, shiny and beautiful, as it reflected in my glazed eyes. I plucked the stone with my fingers and swallowed it. I then flew through the large hole that Raven had made and out into the dark night. I knew that there were other surviving pixies still back inside the tree; some who may have even saw what I had just done. Nevertheless, for the fourth and final time that day, I had to hide. I took shelter beneath a few leaves inside the cavity of a tall tree, and fell asleep.


When I woke up the next morning, I was astonished to discover that the change that I had dreamed and longed for throughout the night had arrived. My skin had turned to a slightly blue hue, and my wings had both changed their shape and nearly doubled in size. Willfully or not, the Sienewya had transformed me into the new pixie Queen.

To say that the remaining pixies were surprised by my appearance as I returned to the tree would be an understatement. That said, it really did not matter what they thought, as my new dominant power now gave me the control to both overrule and override any decision that they made. On a whim, I decided to hold a celebration for my new ascension. I ordered two of the pixies with the most skilled hands to fashion me a strap-on, with the stipulation that the harness be made from the silkiest, most comfortable material in the forest, and the phallus, of the most sharp, spiky and barbarous. The two initially tried to resist, but it didn’t last long. While their forced obedience was great to behold, I wanted more proof. Rounding up a dozen of the strongest pixies, I delivered to them a different command.

“Fly to the Northern Glade and capture several of the young male sprites which live there. And make sure that they are well hung!”

Once my strap-on was complete, before the entire of audience of surviving pixies, I then raped the corpse of my former queen, both vaginally an anally. Cries of sorrow and confusion accompanied me from start to finish, which made for a beautiful soundtrack.

Ripping out chunks of flesh from her breasts and ass cheeks with my teeth … pissing down into the hole of what used to be her neck … I abrasively defiled the body in every manner conceivable right up until the twelve pixies had returned with their plunder. To my amazement, they had managed to capture twenty of them, each in full-on adolescence. Exhausted from the performance I had just given, it was now MY turn to be fucked.

“Bring every infant and child here to me.”

As before, many of the pixies tried to fight it, but it was unavoidable. Though their hearts and minds were resistant to the Sienewya, but as much as they hoped otherwise, their bodies could not. They dragged the pixie children, ones who cowered in their rooms as they tried to block the events of the prior evening from their minds, to the square. When all had been gathered before me, I then ordered the adult pixies to begin raping and slaughtering them. This command was met with the greatest resistance yet, but through tears and sobs, the adult pixies began attacking our young as they screamed and pleaded for their lives. Violently and lewdly, I might add. Many of the adults even vomited with disgust as their brains struggled to process the horrific actions being carried out by their own two hands.

Several of the pixies — ones who had made the decision that it would be better to go with the flow — roughly held the first two male sprites to the ground, symmetrically and flat on their backs. They then proceeded to tie their thighs together, until asses, balls and cock heads touched. Once my little helpers had succeeded in getting them hard (despite their reluctance), I lowered my anxiously awaiting asshole down onto the two shafts and began to pump. With the threat of severe violence, courtesy of my increasingly-loyal clique, a third frightened sprite boy plunged his cock into my pussy and began to fuck me. As my hands touched down onto the wooden floor, putting me in a, “Crab walk,” position, I tipped my head back to watch the upside-down carnage before me.

“Kill every one of them! Do not let a single one live!” I said with a giggle, “Don’t worry yourselves, there will soon be many many more where they came from! Our numbers will have to be very large to handle everything that I plan to attempt!”

Just as I finished shouting, a fourth and fifth sprite each pushed their cocks into my hungry mouth. For the first time in the history of our species, pixies had a vulgar, insatiable whore as their Queen. The only kind that I truly could ever serve, or be.

The orgy of blood lasted hours and hours. Though perfectly capable of flying, I made the personal decision to walk barefoot through the mass of bloodied child limbs, wings, asses, brains and intestines that had accumulated across the ground as I made my way to the structure that housed my new sleeping quarters. Per my request, several pixies had fashioned my new royal bed out of the cleaned and embalmed flesh of our former Queen. Her stretched skin made for a lovely comforter, and the skull had been removed from her severed head and replaced with the softest materials found in nature to form a pillow. My head laid upon it, I drifted off to sleep, happy and fulfilled.


And there you have it. Sorry for not revealing it before, but I am now indeed the Queen of the Pixies! Royalty hasn’t gone to my head, however. I still enjoy appearing to children and interacting with them one on one. Naturally, my size and physical strength are still no match for that of a human, but with the help of my legion of unwilling slaves, I have been able to subject many darling little tots, with judgment skills as poor as my pulsating clit is hard, to the most lethal tricks and pranks! So keep a close eye on your backyards, moms and dads! You never know just when I’ll have your precious child’s ear, and I assure you, it is not at all a manner of ‘if’, (tee hee)!

May ignorance forever reign supreme in children across the globe! Yours truly, Lelani!

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