Feature Writer: ThatHaremGuy


Published: 28.02.2021

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Sara discovers secrets, sisters and sanctuary

Author’s Notes: This is just a short note to say thank you to some awesome people that have inspired me to actually write and finish a piece as well as publish it. Darth_Aussie and his crew thank you so much. A special thanks to JasonT for help reading and helping edit this very first piece of mine. To my potential readers out there just a few quick things: This story does contain futanari and will continue to do so. If that’s not your thing I apologize but it will be a recurring part of this tale. This part of the story has taken me a long time to write and while I am hoping part two will show up much quicker, I wouldn’t expect it soon. This story will probably have multiple different sexual themes and content and I will endeavor to put the correct tags on them as I go.


The McCallister Curse 02

Part 2

Lord Robert Grey was in his study when the news arrived. Finance reports, intelligence reports, security and containment reports, weather reports, reports on magical anomalies. A never-ending deluge of paper covered the old oaken desk that was his personal private domain. A smaller cocoon of secrets, plans and deceptions, nestled within his sanctum at the heart of the majestic Grey estate.

He sometimes wondered what would happen if he just let them continue to build, to pile up and up without any regard. Probably economic, legal, and inevitably fatal ruin. Lord Grey allowed himself a small grim smile at the thought. It could never be allowed to happen of course. So, he slaved away, countless hours spent ensuring that the Greys, his family, one of the four founding houses of Steelhaven remained where they belonged — at the top.

The power they possessed within their blood gave them a unique position within the families of Steelhaven. While the others possessed the supernatural; abilities that were thought impossible by the masses. Mind-reading, invisibility, seeming immortality. The Greys were different. They were negative magic incarnate. A void, a nullification, a rejection of all other magic. More commonly they were referred to as blanks. A member of the Grey family could suppress or shut down nearly all magical abilities within their radius.

The stronger the blood, the greater the focus, the further they could project their field. Innumerable hours had been spent trying to determine what factors accounted for greater strength in the blood, trying to find a source that could be studied, could be cultivated into something even greater. Those hours had unfortunately proven fruitless, family scientists unable to prove or find anything that would account for such variances in strength between family members.

Upon his ascension to the highest seat, when he became the master of this domain, Lord Grey of Steelhaven, his first act had been to cancel the project. He suspected no true answer would ever be found and those scientists had been needed for other more important projects, projects that after 30 years were finally starting to bear fruit. It also didn’t hurt that if nothing was found then no one would be able to replace him.

That thought was pure ego, a thought contrary to his usual policy of family, of the Greys as a whole before anything and anyone else. A small blip that he could never quite squash from his thoughts whenever he remembered making the decision.

In any case, he had built the Greys into the force, into the preeminent power within Steelhaven they were today. Diplomats, bodyguards, mercenaries, Greys of many different skills and ability woven throughout Steelhaven’s society. If anyone of any significant power was meeting, was making plans or needed a magical threat eliminated, a Grey was there to ensure that things stayed fair, that things went as planned or were removed. They had become the de facto arbitrators in the magical underside of society.

He himself might have recently entered his fifties, may have more grey in his hair than not but he was still the strongest Grey in the family’s history. Generations had not seen his like. His field could extend across the entire Grey estate, hundreds of meters where magic could not exist unless he allowed it. He had held the powers of a Pitlord at bay, prevented scores of magical barrages from the Elder races wiping out Steelhaven’s most influential politicians himself included, he had revealed assassins and their plots. The sheer scope of his range was without equal.

He was why the Greys ruled Steelhaven.

His slate-colored eyes focused on the stacked reports, introspection broken by the reminder of responsibility. The stacks of paper detailing his preparations for an event that could potentially ensure the Greys continued to rule Steelhaven for generations. A potential match for his perpetually rebellious daughters, a representative from a power that could rival any of the Families. A marriage that could bring new power to the Greys, much like his own had many years ago. A new way to spread their reach and maintain the dominance he had established for his family. Nothing could be allowed to interfere.

It was as if the very thought had tempted fate itself, had been heard by the far-flung expanse of the universe and had been summarily rejected.

The knock that resounded through his sanctum, the solid beat of knuckles on the heavy wooden door that marked the entrance to his private study sounded more like peels of doom than they had any right to do. He swiftly shook the foreboding feeling from his mind. The pattern of the knock, the solid beats revealing the identity of the would-be petitioner.

It would be Elizabeth, one of his daughters, the other inevitably following along, the excessive pounding just another small act designed to annoy him he was sure. Maybe the already fading sense of doom was appropriate he mused. They were one of his greatest triumphs, his greatest joys and yet he was almost certain they would be the end of him. They were far too much like him, wilful, demanding and entirely sure they would get their way eventually, nothing like the woman they called mother.

“You may enter Elizabeth,” he called, settling the papers, shuffling them into some semblance of order and setting them aside, carefully checking that nothing untoward was revealed at the top.

His heavy wooden door swung open, the dark portal sliding inwards effortlessly. It did indeed reveal Elizabeth as he had surmised, along with her twin sister Katherine. They were however not alone. That was unexpected. While it was not unheard of for him to see people in his study, the occasion was usually reserved for family or trusted allies. This stranger, this demon, for he could be nothing else, the immense height, the red skin, the curled horns on his forehead and the heavy talons that swung from the hands at his sides. The power of the Greys revealing his ancestry to all who beheld him, this demon was certainly neither family, friend nor ally.

Jasper had remained slumped as he crossed the threshold of the Grey estate. The mountainous black gate closed behind him and he heard the lock engage. He was within the power of another now and could only hope the news he carried would be deemed worthy of sparing his life for interrupting the most powerful family in Steelhaven. It was worth the risk of death, the risk of banishment. When he thought about the power he could gain from the Greys for bringing word of the McCallister girl, it was a siren song he could not escape.

It took him a few steps to realize the change, to notice that his glamour was gone. No longer a man of above average height and muscles to match. Tousled brown hair, brown eyes and an easy smile had all been replaced by the monstrous truth. His height restored to a full seven feet, crimson skin the color of freshly spilt blood, curled horns like those of a ram sat high upon his forehead, sitting within the crest of black dreadlocked mass that now covered his scalp. three-inch claws resting upon the tip of each finger, each hand now a weapon capable of threshing men apart in seconds.

He was a giant, a soldier of Hell itself and still he felt powerless within these walls and without. He had no Lord of his own to serve, no Master that would demand his fealty and his life. He was alone and so he had survived in the streets of Steelhaven, beholden to no one, playing it safe as he stalked his victims through the night. Warrior turned ambush predator and it had been a good life. But now, now he had the opportunity for something more. He just had to survive possibly the most powerful human he had ever known.

He flexed his tremendous fists, muscles bunching together and straightened to his full height. A determined look fixed itself to his face as he stopped and faced the approaching guards and what he assumed to be his escort within the Greys citadel. It would not do well to show weakness here.

The guards that approached came heavily armed, yes, the Greys power revealed him for what he really was, but it couldn’t stop pure muscle and power. Dark grey fatigues, face covering masks and all manner of additional tech covered their forms. Heavy assault rifles pressed to their shoulders; barrels unwavering as they held him in their sights. Jasper suspected that the ammunition they carried would be far from normal as well.

They scanned the area surrounding him, professional, well drilled, and wary of any threat even from within their own compound. Jasper could hear the communications flying back and forth between them as they secured the area immediately around him.

“1 demon, soldier type by the looks of it Ma’am, no other threats detected. You can approach,” the call came from one of the guards, Jasper could only assume it was their leader, the same terse voice that had questioned him over the intercom. The man had turned his head down to a radio pinned to his uniform, relaying the information to another party out of his sight.

Jasper waited. It was only a few minutes before the mysterious party arrived, but he remained still, not daring to make any movements that could see him riddled in holes, a hulking statue, surrounded by his welcoming committee.

They appeared from inside the looming estate house, an automated door sliding back to reveal them, side by side and matching each other stride for stride they came forth like angels with the dawn.

Jasper had heard of the Grey twins, knew of their existence as the heirs to the Grey family line, rumoured to be second in power behind their legendary father. But he had never seen them in person, they simply moved in circles far beyond a simple demon such as himself.

They were radiant, tall, and limber, they moved with the smooth grace of models. Tight hip hugging charcoal miniskirts clung to their bodies, the hemline ending mid-thigh, giving a peek at their smooth creamy thighs, matching stiletto heels to emphasize legs that went on for miles and pale blouses with the top few buttons left undone covering their tight athletic bodies, providing the smallest hint at what was hidden underneath. Their breasts were only small, but sat firm and perky on their chests, he was certain their nipples would taste delicious. They were a jaw dropping mix of business attire and casual sexiness. Jasper was incredibly careful not to gape as they came toward him.

Only at the very top of these magnificent creations could he tell them apart. One sister had long chestnut colored hair, it hung freely behind her as she walked, reaching the small curve of her back, and nestling above the curve of what he could only imagine was a picture-perfect ass. The other sister had the same reddish-brown hair but styled into a messy bun, a few locks escaping to hang down the side of her face. Stylish, black-framed glasses sat perched upon her exquisite features. Jasper couldn’t help but immediately wonder how she’d look as she stared up at him as he thrust his massive tool between her lips.

He immediately discarded the thought; it was dangerous to think such things. The Greys may not be mind-readers but who knew who they had in their employ or what artifacts they had nearby to betray his dirty thoughts. Not to mention the state of his jeans now that he had reverted to his true demonic self. He would be lucky if he made it through this meeting without accidentally exposing his private parts and maintaining any semblance of dignity. The pair of beauties before him were truly going to test his willpower.

“You are Jasper,” it was a statement, not a question and he could feel the disappointment, the contempt dripping from it.

“You have found a McCallister?” it was the sister to his left that spoke as they reached him, careful to stay outside the ring of guards that still maintained their intense vigil. She was the one with the longer hair and it was glaringly obvious in her tone that she was skeptical of him and his information.

Jasper ducked his shoulders as he replied, reducing the height difference between them just a little, trying to appear more earnest, less threatening, and well, less demonic really. “Yes Ma’am, I did at midnight this past evening, I was in ‘Eddies’ downtown and her curse activated right in front of me.”

Jasper kept his voice clear and even, being precise and not showing any reaction to the twins’ obvious disdain would get him through this and to see who he really wanted to see.

“Prove it,” demanded the second sister, brown eyes narrowing behind her designer glasses and no less haughty than the other.

Jasper spread his gigantic fists, splaying his hand wide, “I can only tell you what I saw Ma’am, what I felt. It was a McCallister, I would swear upon the Blackened Throne itself. Demons don’t forget that feeling, that power. We hunted enough of them into an early grave.”

He could tell before he’d even finished speaking that they weren’t convinced, that they were never going to take a demon’s word for truth. Their eyes clearly showing they thought him contemptable, a liar and probably worse. He could feel his dreams of power and prestige crashing down around him as he stood before the stuck-up sisters.

Jaspers salvation came from the guard captain who had maintained his vigil throughout the demon’s short report to the Grey twins. “Ma’am, errr Ma’ams, I normally wouldn’t stand up for a demon or intend to disrespect you but this one’s story,” he nodded towards Jasper, a slight inclination of the head. “Your father needs to hear this and hear it from the source. A vow upon the Blackened Throne isn’t something they would joke about, even lightly. He believes he has seen a McCallister and he is right, Demons would know.”

The guard, a grizzled older man Jasper could see now that he actually focused on him, used the same terse voice with the twins as he had through the intercom. Though Jasper could clearly see he was making an effort at being polite and that his words certainly having an effect on the twins, there was no distaste on their faces as they listened to him speak, his words deflating their ego just slightly.

“Uggh fine,” conceded the first sister. Jasper mentally added a tiny foot stamping tantrum to the reply. “We will take him to Father.”

The young woman turned to Jasper, a more professional attitude taking over her as she faced him. The condescension disappearing as if it had never even existed. “Follow us please, we will lead you to my Father.”

Jasper nodded and smiled what he hoped was a polite smile. Being a demon, it had a lot more teeth and a lot more malice in it then was really comfortable. The sisters visibly blanched at the horrifying grin. The sisters abruptly turned to escape it and strode towards the mansion. The guard who had spoken in his defence gestured with his rifle for Jasper to follow them. Jasper straightened again, resuming his full height once more and followed the attractive pair into the manor. He couldn’t help but let his grin widen as he did. He had been right; those asses were sublime.

Elizabeth couldn’t help but shiver as she marched into the house, the hulking demon soldier on her heels. The glamour, the stylized sophistication and artfully arranged decor of her home passed by with barely a thought or a glance. She and her sister had intercepted the message from the gate guard that had been intended for her father. A McCallister, alive and in Steelhaven. It was beyond belief.

The family had been destroyed by the Curse they had brought down upon themselves; the last known member of the family had fucked himself senseless just over 20 years ago, demons desecrating what had remained after the reportedly days long orgy had ended. Family agents had been dispatched to clear up any problems that had resulted. The curse, the McCallister line had been ended. How could they have missed someone?

Elizabeth glanced at her sister as they made their way deeper into the sprawling complex, Katherine was biting her lower lip, consternation plain on her face, their mother made much the same expression when she was bothered by something. They had intended on saving their Father from having to deal with some petty scam artist, maybe gain a little respect from him by dealing with it so efficiently, be seen as something more than as his little girls to be protected and caged.

But now, now they apparently had the real deal on their hands. Elizabeth couldn’t decide if that was better or worse. The McCallisters had become legend, a fable spread among the magical societies to beware the Curse of the witch. A Family, one of the founding five brought low and extinguished. She couldn’t imagine the same thing happening to her own, it seemed impossible.

If it was true, if a McCallister had truly emerged her father must know. If the rumors surrounding their powers were true, if half of them were true and the Lancasters certainly weren’t going to tell, then they were a threat to her family. Elizabeth glanced towards Katherine again, the beautiful brunette was still chewing her lip, probably lost in the same thoughts as she was. Elizabeth steeled herself, a fresh determination filling her, the McCallisters were a threat, and a threat to Katherine could not be tolerated, no matter how legendary they were.

Still, she realised, she hoped, it could still be a trick, a hoax. It wouldn’t be the first, though she prayed somewhat fruitlessly that it would be the last. Thoughts of riches, of power for themselves drove many to madness, to forget or ignore what would happen should they be discovered in their lies. Elizabeth glanced quickly over her shoulder at the demon. The hulking red monstrosity was still quietly following them. Though she was more than pettily amused to see him having to contort his oversized body to get through the manor without damaging anything, doubly so when she noticed his eyes dart away from where they had been firmly planted on her sister’s ass.

That wasn’t uncommon, they had both gotten used to being stared at, at having their bodies be objects of desire. Both she and her sister had even encouraged it as they grew older and could occasionally escape the scrutiny of their father, their clothing becoming even more provocative than what they dared to wear in front of him.

But to have this thing, this demon staring lecherously at them, at Katherine, it was disgusting and more than slightly terrifying. What was worse was that it turned her on a little. She knew the guards trailing along behind would kill it before it even touched her and that it was well within the range of Katherine’s and her own field of power, but it was still a massive beast more than capable of manhandling her and forcing her to do whatever it wanted.

A perfect picture of the beast, its colossal hands wrapped around Katherine’s waist as it bounced her up and down its gigantic red cock, pounding relentlessly into her helpless sister’s pussy appeared in her mind’s eye. Katherine wailing in ecstasy as the demon plundered her dripping pussy, its teeth chewing on her nipples, a glaze of demon cum already covering the majority of her chest and face. Her glasses barely visible beneath the cum that coated her angelic features.

Elizabeth gasped quietly to herself, so caught up in her thoughts that she did not realise they arrived at the section of the manor that held their destination. Still in the midst of daydreaming, she cried out as she stumbled, “Wooaaaah,” a heel slipping awkwardly sideways on the polished floorboard.

“Elizabeth!” Katherine cried, arms flashing out to arrest her sister’s fall. “Are you ok? Did you hurt yourself?”

Elizabeth smiled warmly to her twin, meeting soft brown eyes with her own before darting away, a blush forming across the skin of her face. The embarrassment at her thoughts not allowing her to hold her sister’s gaze. She snatched her arm back just a tad too briskly.

“I’m fine, Kat,” she huffed. “The floor is a little slippery is all.”

Regaining her balance Elizabeth realized they were mere steps from their destination. Her body moving on autopilot throughout the home as she was distracted by her thoughts.

She turned to face the demon fully this time, it hadn’t reacted to her fall, not daring to move in any way that could be interpreted as threatening.

“My father’s study is just here. Prepare yourself to meet Lord Grey,” she declared imperiously. The demon, Jasper, if she wanted to acknowledge the things name, met her gaze. It nodded once and Elizabeth was sure she saw a buried smile tug at the corner of its lips. She had the sudden feeling that it knew what had really caused her stumble. Warmth flooded her cheeks, and she could feel the blush deepen. The slight dampness in her panties didn’t help either.

Elizabeth spun, unable to look at the demon a second longer, afraid that the dirty thoughts that had surfaced in her mind would be betrayed to the demon, afraid that if her gaze lingered the wetness in her panties would only grow. A trio of forceful strides and she was at the door to her father’s study. She banged her fist into the solid wooden door, more forceful than truly necessary causing a loud reverb to bounce down the hall.

Finally, Elizabeth thought, let Father deal with this thing. Let him listen to its tale of the McCallisters reborn. Let him listen to it lie and then destroy it.

“You may enter, Elizabeth,” the smooth eloquent call of her father’s voice broke her train of scornful thoughts. With a final sneer upon her face at the demon, Elizabeth pushed the door inwards and led the way into her father’s sanctum.

Lord Grey watched as Elizabeth and her sister led the demon into his study, he noted the sneer on his daughters face as she looked at the creature, how quickly it vanished as she turned to face him. He saw the crinkled brow of Katherine, the way she was chewing the corner of her lower lip when something was truly bothering her. He observed the careful movements of the demon as it squeezed its bulk into the room before straightening to its full height, the quick darting movements of its eyes as they observed him in return, the way they lingered a fraction of a second on the bodies of his daughters.

Lord Grey steepled his hands and propped himself up upon his desk. He stayed silent as he considered the trio. A few seconds of quick thought to unravel the mystery they presented before Elizabeth no doubt explained the unexpected intrusion. His daughters he knew. Twenty-three this past winter, they were becoming more and more resentful of the control he had over their lives. Even the clothes they’re wearing now, far too revealing for any daughter to be wearing in the presence of their father, just one of many incidents the two girls did purely just to express their dissatisfaction towards him. Demanding more autonomy, less security, a place within the family hierarchy and business. He knew he had probably shielded them too much from the darker side of the family business, they were hopelessly naïve about such things, but they were his daughters and even he would protect them for as long as he could.

The demon though, the demon was a true puzzle. Oh, he knew the type sure enough. The size, the build, the talons. He could only be a soldier type, a member of the uncountable legions of hell. What was intriguing was the lack of brand or collar that marked him as a servant of a Pitlord. A free demon was a rare occurrence indeed. But it was still not enough to warrant this intrusion and his daughters were certainly not versed enough in demonic culture to tell the difference, or at least he fervently hoped that this was the case.

No, it was something else, something that would drive a demon into the heart of Grey power, something that his daughters thought to gain some prestige from by bringing it to him personally. Something important. Something dangerous.

“Father this…” Elizabeth began, but he simply held up a hand to silence her. She hated it when he cut her off and he could see the anger simmering, but she stopped.

“Let him speak Elizabeth. It is obviously his news you have brought to me. I would hear it from the source,” he motioned towards the demon, ignoring the glare his daughter was shooting at him.

“Please. Your name and why you are here,” he showed the demon his teeth, a threat within the smile. “Just remember where you are and who I am.”

The demon didn’t flinch at the threat. Lord Grey hadn’t expected him to do so but it was expected, and Lord Grey really did try to fulfill those expectations.

The demon stepped forward slightly, passing between the twins to stand squarely before the desk.

“My err name is Jasper err my Lord. I umm have news that I thought you would want to know personally,” Jasper as he had now named himself, stuttered his way through his introduction. Lord Grey simply frowned, the demon may have been colossal, but he was still clearly intimidated by the man before him.

“I uhh was in ‘Eddies’ last night my Lord, hunting you see and I uhh came across a young lady. I was working to get some of her when it happened my Lord. A, ahh, Curse activated my Lord. She went from being a mere human, umm sorry a human to something else,” Jasper looked Lord Grey square in the eye as he dropped his bombshell. “She was a McCallister my Lord.”

Lord Grey felt the words like a physical blow, knocking him back into his chair, he sank into it, hands falling limply into his lap. Of all the possible pieces of news that could have been delivered he would never have picked this one.

The McCallisters were gone, the last of them dead and buried over twenty years ago, the family itself hadn’t been a threat or power of any significance for at least a century. No matter the strength of their blood they hadn’t been able to escape their Curse. For one of them to reappear now, it could be disastrous. He flicked his eyes towards the reports he had carefully set aside. Disastrous indeed. But they were also an opportunity. An opportunity to build upon his success. His eyes moved back to the trio before him, focusing momentarily on Katherine. If he could gain access to McCallister blood, a permanent source of that fantastic resource then the Greys would be unstoppable. He would have an alternative to the motions he had set in place, a backup in case the planned meeting ended badly.

Lord Grey regathered himself. It was time for action, not panic. The Family could not grow stronger through idleness. He focused himself upon the demon. “You are certain? Certain it was a McCallister?”

Jaspers reply was immediate, “Yes my Lord, I would swear it upon the Blackened Throne itself. Demons know McCallisters. Their aura is unmistakable and the feel of that Curse, it is uhh unique.”

Lord Grey considered the demons reply. He was serious and most definitely certain. To swear by the seat of the King of Hell itself was as close to binding as a demon could get. Their king was not known for letting it be used lightly nor for being kind to those who abused its power.

“Why isn’t the girl with you now? You said you were with her in this club, this ‘Eddies’?” he asked.

Jasper didn’t back away from the question, he had been expecting it, it was a logical follow up. “I ahh wasn’t the only demon in ‘Eddies’ my Lord. I wasn’t the only one to notice what the girl was,” the demon swallowed before continuing.

“There was a succubus there my Lord. An old one I suspect and unbound like myself. If you know anything of their kind,” Jasper sneered, his thoughts on the sex demons splaying across his face.

“Then you know how they were, umm are, around McCallisters. There is no way I could have taken the girl away from her once she had been revealed.”

Lord Grey lent back in his chair, considering the implications of the demon’s explanation. A McCallister in Steelhaven, an unbound succubus as well, probably an Elder Succubus if Jasper was correct and he was inclined to believe the demon. This was valuable information, there was no reason for the demon to risk himself and lie about such a thing. It could however be a ploy, a trap set by any number of enemies, even his wife’s own family among them, that would delight in bringing him down.

Still, this wasn’t something that could be ignored. Not with such huge potential for chaos or for profit. A McCallister was bad enough, if the girl managed a miracle and learnt what she could do, then she would be a danger to everything he had built. If a succubus already had her scent, then sex and mayhem were sure to follow. While he had researched as much as he could about the McCallisters and the Curse that plagued them, he still had no idea why it would draw succubi to them like moths to flame. If what he had learnt from the family records was true, then a succubus had been involved in nearly every single McCallister death since they had been cursed.

Lord Grey shifted in his seat once more. He looked each of the waiting trio in the eyes, meeting the gaze of all of them briefly.

“This must be dealt with immediately. I will not allow the McCallisters to return to Steelhaven. I will not allow them to endanger this family and I certainly will not allow a single girl to tear down all that I have built!”

He paused briefly, gathering himself and his thoughts before laying out his plans.

“Katherine, get a description of the girl from Jasper here and then send it to Henry. Your cousin will know what to do from there, I suppose you should inform your mother as well, she will find out eventually anyway,” his quieter daughter nodded her assent, eyes wide behind her glasses.

“Elizabeth, you will inform Captain Fuller that he is to prepare his men for immediate deployment as soon as we have news on this new McCallister. You will then fetch anything from the family vault that he deems necessary for the mission,” he glanced towards Jasper. “I would suggest something capable of subduing or binding a succubus.”

Elizabeth huffed, clearly wishing to question him, to do something more then what he had given her, but she nodded her assent as well. “Yes Father.”

“And you Jasper, you I wish to thank. Thanks to your information you have given the Greys an opportunity to strike before anyone else even knows about the girl. I assume you know how valuable this information is and had some sort of reward in mind,” Lord Grey kept his face fixed and pretended he didn’t see the demon’s quick glance at Katherine with the mention of a reward.

“I am more than willing to provide a reward; the Greys have a whole host of items and amenities that I am sure would be of service to a free demon such as yourself. However, I would ask one thing further. Would you accompany my men on this mission? A soldier demon such as yourself would be a valuable asset, and if this mission is accomplished successfully, you have my word that additional compensation shall be provided, on top of your reward.”

“I would be honored my Lord” Jasper replied, ducking his horned head in acquiescence.

“Follow Elizabeth then if you please. She will introduce you to Captain Fuller. Now the three of you, leave me. I have other matters to attend to. Katherine keep me updated on any news.”

“Yes Father” came the simple reply.

Lord Grey made a dismissive motion with a hand, not watching them file from his study. His mind was already onto other things. He laid a hand upon the piled reports, smoothing them with a palm, flicking the corner with the tip of a finger. Plans would have to be modified. A McCallister would bring chaos yes, but the potential gains were larger. Still, he hoped the girl would be found quickly, and found by his men, anything else could not be tolerated.

Lord Grey settled back into his chair; hands clasped before him. The meeting he had arranged could not be changed at so late a juncture, too much of the future rested upon it. A source of McCallister blood would render it unnecessary but such a thing was far from certain. Better to keep the course, better to plan for whatever outcome would benefit the Family the most. All he could do for now was wait.

Rose scanned the dark horizon as she floated through the cool night sky. The dazzling lights of Steelhaven were laid out beneath her, traffic filling the streets, the unwashed masses spreading themselves far and wide, oblivious to the true nature of the world and the wretched city they called home.

It had been hours now since she had fled from the self-righteous glowing buzzard that had ambushed her. Hours spent recovering, burning with embarrassment, and plotting her inevitable revenge. Never mind that she had been the one who had been single-mindedly focused on the beautiful young woman with the delicious cock between her legs, to busy manipulating the lust fogged minds in front of her to notice the arrival of an oh-so-holy servant of the Divine.

No, it had very definitely been the angel’s fault.

Rose scowled as she remembered the brief, terrifying encounter once again. She had just been about to claim her prize. A brand new McCallister, fresh to her curse and reeking of power and lust. Oh, the plans she had for that girl. Most of them involving breaking in her new slut, ravishing that tight body and molding her to her will. Then it had all gone wrong. A tiny flash of golden light. A literal hand of god and then she had been exiting the building via the nearest wall.

Rose had reacted as soon as she was able, the impact with the wall was inconvenient but of no real consequence to a demon like her. The angel was the problem, it was in her face, a glowing hand gripping her, tangling with her gown, the other forming a fist to pummel away at her helpless form.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Hit after mighty hit, collecting with her midsection. Now those had hurt. The follow up was worse, a swinging haymaker colliding with her face, snapping her head back, the holy touch blistering her skin.

It had been the impact with the ground that broke the angel’s rhythm, allowed her to react. They had hit pavement with back-breaking force, cratering the concrete and flipping them around, rolling into the street, the debris of the exploded wall landing all around them.

Rose had taken her chance as their momentum stopped. She had been on top of the goody two shoes, feeling the divine form beneath her, large firm breasts cushioning her own. Rose rammed her head down, horns first, cracking them into the golden glow that obscured the angel’s features. She was rewarded by a surprised yelp, the grip in her dress loosening. Her tail had snaked its way between the straddled angel’s legs, a quick slap of its tip upon the angel’s hidden goodies. She was a demon. Fighting dirty was demanded.

The angel had gasped at the intrusion as it followed the headbutt and Rose had taken the opportunity. Wings spreading wide, launching herself into the air, a glamour quickly following to hide herself from view before swiftly fleeing into the morning sky.

She had had time to recover, a poor solitary bum in a refuse filled back alley restoring her, not her proudest moment but a quick fix and she had filled his last moments with mind numbing bliss as she took what was needed.

Rose considered the angel now, if they hadn’t ambushed her, she was confident she would have come out on top. The angel was no true warrior, no Archangel designed to destroy evil in all its forms. In fact, her divinity had felt… uncertain. As if it was on the verge of collapse. The holy fire had barely burnt her features where it should have left it in ruin. Not that she was complaining really, but it was curious. Most curious.

Thoughts of the angel, of the weakened divinity, of the tiny barely audible moan she still wasn’t certain she had actually heard escape the angel filled Rose as she continued to soar over Steelhaven. Her hunt for the new McCallister would continue.

Gabrielle considered her situation. She lay spreadeagled in the middle of the street, only the early hours of the morning and the glow of her divinity obscuring her nature from any humans that might be nearby.

A strange new feeling filled her, the succubus’ unexpected retaliation had surprised her, a buzz filling her mind, skin tingling from the whip of the demoness’ tail.

Things had definitely not gone how she had expected when she had ambushed the hellish seductress. She was an Angel of Heaven, she was a guardian of humanity, she was Sara’s protector. When she had realized the succubus was there, it had been too late, Sara was already defiled, her dear friend Audrey as well. The foul creature was attempting to claim her ward and another soul as well.

And so, she had acted, launching herself at the succubus intent on saving Sara from damnation. Slamming into the demon, blindsiding the distracted succubus, Gabrielle had expected the demon to be consumed in holy fire, the sinner no match for her divine might. Instead, the impact had been astounding, the demon taking the hit with ease, the collision with the wall was barely noticed she was sure.

With nothing else to do now but commit to the fight, she had laid into the succubus, a flurry of blows in her curvaceous figure, another cracking across those perfect lips. The blows had hurt the creature Gabrielle was sure, but they were woefully short of vanquishing the demon. Then they had hit the ground and the succubus had made her escape. Gabrielle had simply watched as she took to the sky, great black wings spreading wide behind a glamour that would hide her from mortal eyes.

So now Gabrielle laid there on the asphalt, unhappy that she was unable to defeat her foe, confused as to why the thought of seeing her again made her happy and shamefully aroused at the reaction the succubus had forced from her body, at the thought of the luscious smooth red skin pressing upon her own.

She shook her head, trying to dislodge the conflicting emotions and took another second to calm herself. She had a responsibility now. She had revealed herself and Sara was in danger. From the succubus and other forces, forces the poor girl didn’t even know existed. Sara didn’t even know what she truly was.

Gabrielle pushed herself up, spread her wings and in an instant was floating back through the gaping hole in Sara’s apartment wall. The girls were facing each other as she approached but turned back to the hole as Gabrielle re-entered the apartment. Awe filled their faces as they took in her appearance, a golden glowing figure, clad in nothing but air and wide outstretched wings, perfectly aligned feathers the colour of pure snow.

“It’s an angel,” whispered Sara, she was transfixed by Gabrielle’s glowing form.

“Holy fuck,” was Audrey’s less reverent reaction.

“Audrey, language please, there is no need for such,” Gabrielle reproached, touching softly down upon the floor, wings folding in behind her.

‘Fuck me, it’s an angel,” Audrey corrected herself without even blinking.

Gabrielle sighed and rolled her eyes heavenward, “That’s not the part I meant.”

She looked at the pair, they were simply awestruck, staring at her blankly. They were a mess, Audrey in particular, covered in Sara’s cum and dust from the exploding wall, it was like looking at a particularly dirty ghost. Sara, she noticed was not as worse off, some dust had gathered in her silky raven locks, juices smeared across her inner thighs but the man’s member she had been sporting was noticeably absent, gone as if by magic, which Gabrielle was almost certain was the case.

“This won’t do at all. We need to move, Sara you’re in danger and this place isn’t safe anymore. Not if a succubus knows you’re here,” Gabrielle stated it plainly and slowly, hoping their brains would kick into gear.

Getting no reaction except for continued blank stares, Gabrielle breathed deeply and sighed, “I guess we do it this way then.”

A brief thought and her glowing form dispersed, slowly fading away, the golden light that shielded her relinquishing its hold. Gabrielle stood before them undisguised, revealing herself to Sara at long last. Her hair was blonde, a platinum so bright it was almost white, and it hung in soft curly waves around her ears, bright blue eyes the color of summer sky gazed out of perfectly symmetrical face, a cute button nose and soft curved lips forming a portrait of heavenly beauty.

Her figure was also heavenly, a truly divine gift. Toned arms hinting at strength rather than flaunting it, large firm breasts that defied the laws of physics themselves capped with puffy nipples that begged for attention. Soft curves to her hips that flowed into immaculately toned legs. Gabrielle was a vision to behold and she knew it was so. They had been created to be perfect versions of the Lords favored creations.

Using a small amount of power Gabrielle summoned clothing, a minor creation to cover herself, hiding her body from view with modern trappings. A plain white shirt wrapping itself around her, a pair of faded blue jeans coming into existence around her lower body and finally a simple silver cross and chain around her neck, to hang low beneath her shirt and nestle across the top of her breasts.

The fading glow and the tiniest of flashes of her bare flesh was enough to galvanize a response from the pair of young women.

“You, you, you glowed! You saved us! You’re an angel!” cried Sara.

Audrey was more focused, “You said succubus, danger. Why? What is going on?”

Gabrielle turned to the other blonde, “Yes danger. That succubus knows where you live. It is no longer safe here. She was much stronger than I anticipated. We must flee,” she admitted.

Audrey nodded as she listened to the angel, “Yes. OK. That makes sense.

“A fucking succubus knows where I fucking live. Of course.

“An angel is in my bedroom; my best friend grew a magic cock. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?” calm acceptance gave way to panicked frustration as the young woman muttered.

Gabrielle watched Sara from the corner of her eye, the slim dark-haired girl was still experiencing shock, too much had happened too fast for the poor thing.

“Audrey, I know it’s a lot. A lot of weird stuff in a really short time, but I need you ok?

“I need you to help me with Sara. She is in danger, we need to get her out of here, I can explain a lot more when I know she is safe,” Gabrielle pleaded.

Audrey took a deep breath and exhaled, her mind was racing, the angel, a literal holy fucking angel was right. Panic wouldn’t help. With a concerted effort she calmed herself.

“OK, OK. Calm not panic,” Audrey told herself, arms waving as if trying to physically expel the panic from her body. A few seconds of this and she was ready.

Audrey focused on the angel.

“OK you’re an angel. Do you have a name?

“Why is Sara in danger?

“Why was there a succubus here?

“Are they related?

“Where are we going to go?

“Do you have a plan?

“What do we need?”

Gabrielle blinked at the rapid barrage of questions fired at her. Audrey’s mind was obviously back in the game.

“Yes, I am an angel, my name is Gabrielle,” she replied.

“Sara is a McCallister, the last in fact.

“I don’t know why the succubus was here but now that she knows what Sara is, she won’t give up easily.”

Gabrielle continued in a rush, “Yes she is part of the danger Sara faces but not all of it.

“Yes, I have a plan, I know a place that will provide us with sanctuary, but we need to leave quickly.

“Pack only the essential,” as if to emphasize her last point sirens began to announce themselves in the distance, the concussive nature of the angel’s clash with the succubus finally rousing the city’s authorities.

Audrey’s head whipped towards the hole to the outside world as the sound reached her, “Ok, time to run then.

“Doesn’t seem like we got much choice since I sure as shit don’t think they are gonna believe us if we explained what happened.”

“Sara,” she called to her seemingly still paralyzed best friend.

“We’re gonna do what the nice angel lady says OK? We need to go,” her voice was gentle as she tried to get through to her friend.

Sara remained unresponsive till Audrey laid a soft hand on her shoulder, she jumped a little at the touch, the unblinking stare that had been fixated on Gabrielle broken by the contact.

“Audrey, she’s an angel,” she pointed at Gabrielle to emphasize the fact.

“We’ve met,” was the wry reply.

“Sara, we need to get out of here, the police are coming, and the succubus might come back,” Audrey told her friend.

“What? The police?” Sara cocked her head as if hearing the growing wail of approaching sirens for the first time.

Then her eyes widened, looking from Audrey to Gabrielle, “The succubus is going to come back?” a small tremble filling her voice as she asked the question.

“Yes Sara, she’s hunting you. Gabrielle said she can hide us, but we need to go,” Gabrielle nodded at Audrey’s words, confirming the blonde’s words for Sara.

Sara nodded. Rousing from the shock she was catching up to the others.

“OK. What do we need to do?”

Gabrielle replied to her, “get some essentials packed as quickly as you can, then I will get us out of here.”

Audrey looked down at her body, “I’m going to need a shower first, I can’t get dressed like this.”

She started moving towards the hall, “I can be quick.”

“No time,” Gabrielle said, keeping well aware of the approaching sirens, she was amazed concerned neighbors weren’t already knocking at the door.

“I’ll take care of it,” she said and imbued some air with her power, brushing it across both the naked beauties.

Where it passed, it left only smooth skin and shining hair in its wake, a cool cleansing breeze winding its way from head to toe. Sara and Audrey stood stock still, the brazen show of magic amazing them but leaving them feeling a heavenly sense of purity and cleanliness, it was unmatched by any sauna, bath or shower they had ever experienced as the soft zephyr caressed their bodies.

“There,” said Gabrielle, a small smile blessing her face.

“Fresh as daisies. Now move!” The angel shooing the two women into action once more.

Less than 5 minutes later they were almost on the street, a hastily packed sports bag over their shoulders, still straightening hastily donned clothing, soft summer sundresses, appropriate for the time of year but more importantly, easy to put on in a rush.

Sara and Audrey were waiting just inside the lobby of their building as Gabrielle, continuing to use her human form checked outside.

A small gathering of bystanders had appeared, pointing, and staring at the debris and ruined wall of the building. A freshly arrived fire engine and its crew were beginning to blockade the street. They hadn’t paid any attention to the doorway they were loitering in yet and Gabrielle beckoned the others forward.

“OK, there’s a small crowd and some firefighters, no police yet though which is good. Nothing seriously magical that I can sense either.

“Audrey we should take your car. The less of Sara’s things we use the better,” she told them.

Audrey nodded and whispered in reply, “OK, sure let’s do it.”

Gabrielle took her eyes of the street and faced Sara, reaching out to delicately cup the pale girl’s cheek.

“Sara, I know this is going to sound weird, but I need you to trust me OK? I’ll explain everything when we are safe, but I need you to concentrate really hard on something for me OK?”

Sara nodded, enjoying the feel of Gabrielle’s touch on her skin, “OK.”

“I need you to think really hard about not wanting to people to see you OK? As if you’re telling them not to look at you with your mind. Then I need you to imagine throwing that thought all around you OK? Like you were spreading seeds or umm,” the angel explained before trailing off, at a loss for another explanation.

Sara nodded, “It’s OK, I get it, think about hiding and throw it at people.”

Gabrielle smiled at her chosen ward, “Yes, that will do for now,” she glanced outside again, “Ok it’s still clear. Let’s get out of here.”

Gabrielle guided them through the streets and morning traffic of the city. It was at least a good hour of winding back and forth Sara thought before they reached the outer suburbs and their intended destination.

She wasn’t sure if all the twists and turns were necessary, but Sara was happy to trust the apparent angel for now. She had saved her and Audrey from the succubus after all, plus Audrey seemed willing to trust her. That was enough for now.

Sara took in the view of their intended hideout as Gabrielle directed Audrey to park her little hatchback in a parking spot just down the road.

The building was old, incredibly old, dark ancient brickwork stood tall and forbidding in the morning sun, a tangled teeming mass of vines coated the solid portions of the walls turning them a vibrant green. A large partially rusted iron gate stood locked and bolted at the head of the drive, a smaller better maintained wicket gate was also visible, locked into the bricks beside the larger metalwork.

A pair of towers sat high above the gate; their grand pointed roofs topped with crosses reaching for the sky. Beyond them lay a building or hall of some sort, Sara couldn’t see all of it properly from the street but the large bell tower, constructed with the same dark solid bricks sat squarely atop it, dominating the surrounding landscape with its looming presence.

It wasn’t until the car had been parked, bags hurriedly retrieved, and Gabrielle had almost fully escorted them all the way to the gate that Sara realized the old building was an abbey.

A surprisingly youthful looking nun was crossing the lawns beyond the closed gates to meet them. Sara guessed that the woman was still in her late twenties thirty at a stretch. Immaculately dressed in the traditional habit of black and white, a smile like the sunrise lit up the youthful nun’s face as she apparently recognized Gabrielle’s human form through the gate bars.

“Gabrielle!” she exclaimed, “It’s lovely to see you again so soon! I was not expecting to see you for another week at least.

“Come, I’ll let you in the side gate and you can introduce me to your friends,” she told the disguised angel.

It was only a moment later and Sara found herself face to face with the young nun, being welcomed into the promised safety of the abbey walls by a warm welcoming hug.

“Welcome, welcome. I am Sister Talia, and this is the Abbey of Saint Avacine, Our Lady of Hope. Peace be upon you within these walls.”

Sara felt lighter, happier than she had in hours as she embraced the woman, her carefree bubbly attitude seemingly infectious. She grinned at their host and took in more of their surroundings. Lush, manicured lawns and gardens filled the courtyard, large beautifully exquisite stain glass windows depicting various religious events and figures looked down on them all, dominating the wall of the grand hall she had only glimpsed from outside.

“This place is beautiful,” she murmured to her new host before wandering a few steps, breathing deep and taking in the serenity of the abbey gardens.

Gabrielle greeted the sister behind her, “Talia, its lovely to see you,” genuine warmth filled the angel’s words as she spoke.

“That is Sara, and this is Audrey,” indicating her blonde companion.

“We need to see the Abbess. Urgently.”

If Sister Talia was offended or bothered by the angel’s polite but brusque greeting, she didn’t show it.

The lovely sister bowed her head, “Of course Gabrielle. The abbess is currently in her personal quarters I believe, though she may be in the small chapel.”

“If you wish I will check there, and you may head directly to her quarters. I’m sure you remember the way,” she told them.

Gabrielle smiled gratefully, “Thank you Talia, you are a true treasure.”

Audrey was still waiting patiently beside her, not having moved far from the entrance or the angel at all since entering the abbey but Gabrielle called out to Sara who had wandered deeper into the gardens.

“Sara, follow me, we need to see the Abbess. She can help us.”

“Yeah. Ok,” Sara replied leaving the beauty of the courtyard behind.

She quickly re-joined Audrey, following Gabrielle across the lawns towards the high arched doors that were the entrance into the grand hall of the abbey. The angel pushed the well-worn doors open with ease and the girls followed her into the cool air of the ancient stone building.

The interior Sara saw as she followed Gabrielle further into the abbey was simple yet beautiful, perfectly sanded smooth stone, high vaulted ceilings, candles of devotion and prayer already lit and providing a soothing glow around the entire space.

Several other nuns, dressed identically to the lovely Sister Talia were dotted around the imposing space, busily performing their assigned duties, or sitting in the sturdy wooden pews in silent contemplation and prayer.

A few of the sisters noticed their hurried passage and nodded quick greetings to Gabrielle and a pleasant smile to Audrey and herself. Sara offered a small smile in return before they were gone, Gabrielle leading them to an adjacent hallway and further into the abbey’s depths.

A few turns and a minute or so later and Gabrielle had led them to another door. Wooden, with iron bands nailed across its width, an old iron ring handle hanging loose, it was identical to several they had already passed on their short journey.

Gabrielle turned to them as she knocked on the solid wood, “This is the Abbess’ quarters, she is an old friend of mine and hopefully will be able to help us.”

She smiled at Sara, “We should also have some privacy to talk, there are things you need to know Sara,

‘Not all of them pleasant I’m afraid,” the angel’s tone was apologetic, and her smile faded as she admitted the truth to Sara.

No answer had responded to the angel’s knock, the Abbess obviously not within her quarters, so they settled in to wait. Gabrielle pacing the width of the hall, an obvious impatience filling her graceful form. Sara simply leaned back against the stone walls, absorbing the quiet, taking a moment to reflect on the morning that had turned her life into chaos.

A deep crimson blush filled her pale cheeks as she remembered, a magical cock, a deep unending lust that still hadn’t entirely left her, the need that had filled her. A need for Audrey.

Sara glanced quickly at her blonde friend, the sight of her nude body had been breathtaking, the feeling of pouring her cum deep into Audrey’s throat unimaginable bliss. She had to bite her own lip to stop a moan escaping as the memory flooded her body with a resurgence of the morning’s lust.

Sara could see Audrey stir, as if reacting to Sara’s dirty thoughts, the curvy blonde surreptitiously rubbing her thighs together and Sara could see her nipples quickly firm and become visible against the fabric of her sundress. Her friend was obviously becoming aroused in time with Sara’s own thoughts and just as obviously was puzzled by how her body was acting, a curious mixture of confusion and arousal spread across her pretty face. Any further thought on the connection was forgotten as Gabrielle laid her hand on Sara’s shoulder, the angel’s touch cooling her thoughts, the lust abating once again.

“The Abbess is coming,” the angel said, gesturing with a small nod of her head.

Sara followed the indicated direction, looking down the hall to see Sister Talia and another much older woman that Sara could only assume was the Abbess.

Sara studied her apparent savior as she approached. The abbess wore much the same as the sister beside her, the main difference being a large golden cross that hung from a cord around her neck, laying itself on the outside of her habit. She was older than Talia certainly, though Sara couldn’t discern how old exactly, her face was heavily wrinkled and lined but her eyes still bright and sharp, her step still sprightly and without any signs of trouble.

The elderly woman smiled as she approached.

“Gabrielle,” she called, voice vibrant and strong.

“How wonderful to see you again so soon, and with company as well.

“You bless us with your presence.”

Sara was treated to seeing a flustered angel for the first time, Gabrielle ducking her head shyly, the abbess’ words obviously meaning a lot to her.

“Constance, please, enough,” Gabrielle said tiredly, the reply obviously well worn, an argument lot in the past.

“I bring news, important news,” she eyed Sara, “Important guests as well.”

“Is that so?” the abbess replied.

“Then come in, come in, we shall have some privacy and you can introduce these lovely ladies,” the abbess said producing a key and unlocking her door.

“Thank you for escorting me Talia, you may return to your duties. I’m sure Gabrielle will seek you out when we are done here,” Constance dismissed the younger woman who simply nodded, smiled at them all and continued her way down the hall.

The abbess pushed her unlocked door open easily before stepping inside, “Come in, come in, make yourself comfortable. If you would be a dear, make sure the door is completely shut when you come in.

“If this is as important as Gabrielle says then we don’t want any extra ears.”

Sara wasn’t sure if the comments were directed at her but as she entered last, following Audrey into the room, she did as asked, closing the door firmly, feeling it slide into place in the wall.

Turning back to the others from the door, Sara saw Gabrielle and the abbess in a warm embrace, Audrey had taken a seat in an old, cushioned chair that was sitting in front of a desk that was littered in papers, a statue of a holy woman, the saint the abbey was named for Sara surmised was holding station in one corner, a cordless lamp in the opposite.

Sara moved to take the seat next to Audrey as Gabrielle and Constance broke their embrace.

Gabrielle turned towards the pair, ‘This is an old friend of mine, Constance, and she knows the truth of what I am,” a soft divine glow briefly outlined her perfect form to emphasize the point.

“Constance, this is Audrey and Sara,” they both gave the woman a polite smile as Gabrielle introduced them.

“Sara,” Gabrielle said, bracing herself to share the news that would astound her old friend, “Is a McCallister. The last McCallister in fact.”

Sara was shocked at the reaction the name had on the elderly nun. Constance had been settling into her own chair behind the desk when Gabrielle dropped her bombshell. Upon hearing the name McCallister though she had gone dead still, even her breathing stopped, breathe catching in her throat, those sharp bright eyes now focusing on Sara like a laser.

“A McCallister?” she whispered to Gabrielle.

“You are certain?”

Gabrielle simply nodded, letting the abbess absorb the shocking news.

Sara broke the silence.

“I’m sorry but why are you calling me a McCallister? Why did that succubus call me a McCallister? My name is Sara McKenzie, not McCallister.”

Constance’s face took on a sympathetic cast, “Oh my child, I am so sorry. So very, very sorry.”

Gabrielle looked much the same, “It’s part of why we had to flee Sara. You are a McCallister truly, not a McKenzie and to be a McCallister in this city is an extremely dangerous thing.”

Sara was stunned, why were they saying her surname was McCallister? It should’ve felt unreal, to far-fetched a thing to be true, but an abbess and an angel telling her it was so was a confronting thing. They had no reason to lie to her, she wasn’t even certain Gabrielle could lie, being an angel and all. But something in her very bones knew it was true. Knew they were telling her the truth. Something inside her body was telling her to claim her true bloodline. Claim the name of McCallister.

Overwhelmed by the situation, desperately, blindly, she reached out for support, trying to find Audrey’s hand with her own, a lifeline to something real. Her stomach sunk when she found nothing but air. Gabrielle had moved with the speed of light, moving Audrey’s chair away from Sara’s own. Her friend was staring up at the platinum haired angel in astonishment, disbelief at the incredible turn of speed written across her features.

The kindly sympathetic look was still on the angel’s face as she spoke to Sara, “It would be best if you didn’t touch Audrey or anyone else today if you can help it. At least not until we have explained some things.”

Sara’s voice was trembling now, fear creeping its way to nestle within her mind, “Why?

“What is it?

“Is there something wrong with me?”

Her thoughts flashed to the morning’s earlier events. The lust, the way she and Audrey had acted, her magically appearing dick.

Audrey beat her to the punch, voicing the question before Sara had even finished the thought, “It has something to do with this morning doesn’t it? Something to do with what happened to us, something to do with Sara growing that yummy cock.”

Audrey’s hand flashed up, covering her mouth in embarrassment at the words that had unwillingly come out in front of the abbess. Constance didn’t appear bothered by the description or of the revelation of Sara’s penis at all.

The old nun looked at Gabrielle, “Did you want to explain it all or should I?”

The angel looked torn with indecision for a moment before conceding to her old friend, “You do it, you’ll be able to explain it all better than I can. Just leave the succubus part to me.”

“As you wish,” Constance replied.

“Sara,” the elderly abbess began, “this is going to be a long tale, all of it true to the best of our knowledge. Our own and the Church’s. It will sound impossible, unbelievable at first, but I swear upon Saint Avacine, upon the Lord above, that it is all true.

“You are a McCallister, the last sole surviving member of one of the founding families of Steelhaven, both blessed and cursed. The blood that runs in your veins, the blood that saw your ancestors driven from their homes and across the seas, fleeing the church and all who saw their powers as unholy, holds incredible potential. A potential that could see you dead or holding glory beyond your wildest dreams.

“The McCallisters came here, and with four other families, the Greys, the Lancasters, the Carmines and the Griffin-Wells, they founded this city. Shaping it, nurturing it through the years into the bustling metropolis it is today.”

The abbess considered Sara for a moment, she was rapt, soaking in this new history like a sponge.

“You may recognize those names, all of them are still prominent to this day and make no mistake. They rule this city, and they will not take kindly to having a McCallister among them once again.”

“Because you see,” the nun continued, “several hundred years ago, the McCallisters of old, your ancestors, they betrayed the others. They used their powers to corrupt, kidnap, extort and defile members of the other families. In secret they created a breeding program, a magical genetics experiment designed to make them stronger, to gain access to the powers of the other families and graft them with their own.”

Constance could see the question on Sara’s lips.

“I suppose I should explain that as well.”

“All of those families, the Greys, the Lancasters, Carmines and Griffin-Wells, have what is known as genetic powers. The Greys are the current dominant power in the city and they, are anti-magic, ‘blanks’ people call them, nearly all other magic doesn’t work in their presence.

“There are exceptions of course, Gabrielle here being a Divine being is immune to their power, some others are powerful enough to overpower the ‘blank’ space they exude, but to my knowledge none have been able to do so with the current Lord Grey.”

The abbess powered on, “The Lancasters are extremely long lived, we are not certain as to how long exactly they live but the general consensus is several centuries at least.

“The current Lord Lancaster hasn’t been seen in at least a dozen years now, but from what we have been able to learn, he still rules the house.”

The abbess paused briefly, “It is also likely that he was a contemporary of the man that brought destruction down upon your own house.

“Any further information about your family beyond what we can tell you now is likely known by the Lancasters and they guard their secrets jealously.”

Sara was speechless. Angels, demons, and now ancient families with magical powers that apparently, she had as well. Constance hadn’t lied, this was unbelievable.

The abbess rolled on; invaluable information being provided for Sara’s new life in this incredible new world she had found herself in.

“The Carmines can read your mind, a simple touch on the skin and your mind is an open book to them. Thoughts, feelings, memories, a Carmine can access them all, nothing will be hidden from them.

“Of course, there are exceptions again. Angels are immune and no one wants to see into a demon’s thoughts. There are several of the elder races that are resistant to it as well. There are also reports that a strong enough mind can hold them out at least temporarily.”

“Elder races?” Audrey butted in, the blonde had been listening intently, absorbing all this information into her own magnificent mind, but the mention of other races, potential monsters and fairy tales made real was too much for her. She had to know.

“Elves of various kinds, dwarves, though there are few left now, giants, of which there are even less, and two dragons.”

The abbess snorted, “They don’t like each other much, tend to keep to opposite hemispheres.

“There are others, but you are likely to never see them, they don’t get along well with humans and have long ago retreated to the deep or dark places of the earth.”

“There is more of course, unnatural man-made monsters that have become more than just weapons. Vampires, werewolves, ghouls, and goblins. All those dark and scary tales, all of them real, the result of man’s hubris,” the abbess’ gentle voice was filled with disgust as she spoke of them.

Audrey’s eyes were wide. This was so much more then she had ever imagined. The new world that lay beyond this moment was filled with so much more to learn.

‘Fucking vampires Sara! Vampires!” she crowed, the excitement she felt at the revelation could not be contained.

Sara could only nod, why not vampires along with everything else in this crazy mess.

“Language please,” Constance pleaded.

“Sorry,” Audrey apologized quickly.

“Now, where was I,” the abbess contemplated briefly.

“Ah yes, the Carmines, mind readers via touch as I said, they are currently ruled by Lady Rebecca Carmine. Widow, socialite, businesswoman. She is exceedingly dangerous, she has crafted her power to an unparalleled degree, capable of stripping your mind of everything in an instant.

“Only the presence of Lord Grey has kept her from dominating the entire city.”

“The last of the other families is the Griffin-Wells. They are the least prominent of the four, fittingly the power that runs in their veins is that of invisibility.

“As you can imagine this makes them fantastic covert agents, another part of the Grey’s rise to dominance has been their ability to expose the ghosts of Griffin-Wells and foil their missions,” Constance informed Sara.

“The head of that family is Lady Griffin-Wells and again somewhat fittingly we don’t know that much about her. Came to power as head of the family several years ago after her mother came out on the wrong side of a skirmish with the Greys. Does all her business and social engagements via proxies.”

The old abbess paused, appearing to rearrange her thoughts, as if mentally preparing a checklist of things to explain. Sara watched Constance square herself, bracing as if she were about to do battle.

Here it comes, Sara thought, the truth of what I am, the power of the McCallisters.

“Now the McCallisters are, you are,” she corrected herself.

“You are unique among the families. For one your blood carries more than its original power, from our best records, we think it carries two others.

“The original power of the McCallisters, your birthright and the one that doomed you all is known simply as ‘Command’, the ability to influence those around you with your mind and essentially control them, you can even reach into their dreams and manipulate them.”

Sara couldn’t help herself; she gasped at the revelation and could hear Audrey do the same.

“Control people?” she asked.

“That’s not all I’m afraid, though that is the power that ruined your family. For ages they either controlled or policed themselves, using their power cautiously, making friends and allies, playing peacemaker on several occasions before the onset of war.

“That changed however with the arrival of Lord Ian McCallister. Ian McCallister was a brilliant man, murderous, tyrannical, and greedy, but brilliant. He masterminded a campaign of covert operations against the other families, secretly gaining access to the blood of the Carmines and the Lancasters.

“We know very little of what occurred next, only that they were eventually discovered and banished from Steelhaven, the other families uniting as one to force them out,” Constance admitted.

“There is rumor and conjecture of course, but it appears that the families did their utmost to erase all evidence of what Ian created, out of fear they destroyed it, dreading the spread of its evil. From what we have been able to gleam over the years though, he succeeded. He managed to integrate the other genetic powers with the McCallisters own.”

“So, you my dear,” she continued, “have the powers of 3 families flowing in your veins.”

Sara couldn’t believe it. Being told she was the last member of a magical bloodline was one thing. A huge stupendous world-shaking thing yeah but it was still one thing. To learn that your ancestors were mad scientists who made some powerful enemies was another, and to be told that because of this you had even more magic and a target on your back. It was impossible.

Sara couldn’t handle it, it was too much, today had been one crazy thing after another. She was sure she looked like a stunned mullet and when she turned to Audrey, she could see the exact same expression on her friend’s gorgeous face.

“I’m afraid that’s not all my dear.”

Sara turned back to the abbess, her mouth agape, “There’s more?”

Her voice was barely a whisper, disbelief choking her of any volume.

“I’m very sorry my child, but yes there is more,” the abbess replied not unkindly.

“Simply because your ancestors were banished does not mean their villainy ended.

“No, I’m afraid to say that while Lord Ian McCallister’s grand designs were discovered and somewhat thwarted, his son’s vile ways were only exacerbated by the banishment forced upon him.”

“While Lord McCallister meddled in genetics and magic, his son Duncan sated his baser desires. Sadism, perversion, and excess were his calling cards and he used them freely. It was he who doomed your family,” she declared.

“What did he do?” Sara asked timidly, she couldn’t help but wonder, what could have doomed an entire family.

“He murdered a witch,” came the reply, “and so in turn she cursed him and all McCallisters until the end of time.”

“Cursed?” Sara blurted, the unexpected word surprising her.

“I have the exact words in a book here somewhere,” said Constance, swiveling in her chair to look at one of the many bookcases lining the walls.

A reference book wasn’t needed however. Gabrielle, who had been standing and listening silently while Constance explained everything to the girls spoke up, her voice ringing clearly in the study as she intoned the words.

“I Curse you McCallister. I Curse you and all your blood!

“May the eyes of heaven be eternally blinded to your blasted fates!

“May the denizens of Hell hunt you and yours, till the very last of you is dust!

“May the dark lusts that have blinded me from truth and cost me my life be carried till the very end of time by your family heirs!

“This trinity of hatred I lay upon you and yours as the price you must pay for killing me!”

Sara sat in silence, the curses sinister words binding her tongue, constricting her throat, horror filled her body as she realized, she could feel the words reacting to something within her, an echo resonating through her from head to toe.

Audrey filled the silence for her, “Pardon the language, but what the fuck was that?”

Constance didn’t bother to scold Audrey this time, she couldn’t really fault the girl for her reaction. The McCallister Curse was truly a horrid thing.

“The Curse of a dying witch, possibly the most famous one in our world, the doom of generations and spreader of misery. I can’t fault the witch, manipulated, and murdered, cast aside by those with power.

“I cannot say I would not have done the same.”

“I do fear however, she did not think of the cost, that Ian and his son would manage to slow the curse, that in doing so they would ruin more lives than she could count. The poor girl might not have even known she was a witch at all.”

Audrey was bubbling with questions now, unable to sit still in her seat. She needed to know everything if she was to help her mistress.

This stray thought of Sara as her mistress didn’t go unnoticed by the blonde, but there were more pressing concerns.

“What does the curse do exactly?

“What did they do to manage it, to slow it down?

“Gabrielle if the wording is literal, how did you find Sara?

“Is there any way to get rid of the curse?”

Constance blinked at the sudden onslaught, the bombardment of questions from the stacked blonde startling the elderly abbess. Gabrielle just shook her head, she had already received a similar barrage from Audrey before, the blonde was fiendishly quick, a walking counter to the brainless blonde stereotype.

“That is a lot of questions, I should have expected it really,” Constance admitted half to them and half to herself.

“Firstly, to my own and the Churches’ knowledge, there is no way to remove a Curse of this magnitude and power. The witch must have truly hated the McCallisters for a curse such as this.

“Second, and again this is all pieced together from old records and reports, the curse does exactly what it claims. It imprints on every heir of the McCallister family line, the dark and vile lusts that consumed Duncan.

“In short, Sara is going to become a predator,” the abbess said it quite bluntly, a statement of fact that was impossible to dispute.

“She will begin to crave it, the pleasure, the desire to dominate and subdue others for her own wants and needs. A sadistic streak will emerge, the desire to punish and hurt those she can dominate and hold in her thrall. And then when she has had her fill, then the cycle will begin again.

“She will never have enough, never fully sate her desires, always wanting, always needing more.”

“And then,” she said sadly, “the demons come. The pain, the sex, the simple excess of it, will draw them to her like bees to honey, forever chasing, forever hunting her like an elusive piece of prey.

“And with them comes the end, the unholy monsters will twist her further, drive her further into the darkness, the madness of the devil himself will consume her, and then when they have had their fill, have spread their misery and disease, they will end her life,” the abbess could not contain herself, her calm voice and demeanor changing, righteous anger filling her frame and sharpening her words at the injustice of it all.

Sara sat in numb horror, this last revelation had broken her, a future of cruelty and depravity, promised by her own blood, promised by a curse she hadn’t even known existed. She could feel Audrey’s eyes on her, the sympathy, the pity her friend felt for her was palpable.

Gabrielle was beside herself, the anguish, and the dread that Sara was now feeling made her feel useless, a Divine agent of the Lord above and she was powerless to help this wonderful, magical woman before her.

She spoke to fill the dread silence, to feel purposeful, to bring hope.

“It will be ok Sara,” she said soothingly, trying to calm the distraught girl, “don’t give up hope, you can be strong, you can fight.

“This curse may have destroyed your family, but you are not them. You are resilient, brave, beautiful and sweet,” the angel couldn’t help but smile and blush faintly as she praised the petite, midnight haired woman.

“You can survive this!” Gabrielle declared forcefully.

“But how?” Sara asked, her question barely audible even within the stone-walled solemnity of the abbess’ study.

Gabrielle wasn’t even certain Sara had spoken at first. It was when those soft green eyes, sparkling with unshed tears latched onto her own that Gabrielle realized Sara needed her. Needed her strength, something, anything to grab onto and stay afloat among the sea of madness she had found herself in.

“You have me,” Gabrielle told her, meeting Sara’s gaze, trying to project all the hope, faith and love she carried within her to the frightened woman.

“You are the first McCallister in the history of this wretched curse to have Heaven on their side, the first to have an angel sit on their shoulder and guide them from the darkness.

‘We can do it together,” Gabrielle passionately declared, she needed Sara to believe, to have faith in herself and those around her. That this curse would not doom her as it had so many others.

The small grin she received from Sara in response to her heartfelt words, the young woman sniffling and upset, but no longer a despondent terrified waif, filled Gabrielle with warmth, a small portion of her divine glow breaking through to brighten the room.

“Thank you,” Sara murmured, “Thank you for helping me. This is all so crazy.”

“It’s why I’m here Sara, my only goal is to save you from this terrible curse,” Gabrielle replied, moving to reassure Sara with a soft touch of her hand.

Audrey couldn’t help but feel relieved as she watched the touching scene, her mis…, Sara wouldn’t be alone. She had her own angel trying to save her. But still she had questions, things she needed to know.

“Do you really think you can help Gabrielle? From what that stupid curse said, heaven is meant to be blinded to her? What does that mean?”

Gabrielle considered carefully before answering.

“I think I can partly because I already have.

“My presence seems to have a dampening effect on the curse. When we met this morning, you both had no trouble controlling your urges once I appeared. Sara’s penis disappeared as well.

“Again, just before, Sara started getting worked up as we waited for Constance, but a simple touch from me caused it to fade.

“I think that as long as I am around, I can prevent Sara losing herself to the curse,” the angel concluded.

“That’s very circumstantial,” Audrey’s response was doubtful.

“But it is better than nothing,” she admitted.

“I know Audrey, I wish I could give, or do more, truly I do,” Gabrielle’s utter sincerity made the blonde wish she hadn’t been so doubtful, to have some faith of her own.

“As for the other part of your question. What did the curse mean by heaven being blinded?

“Well, it means that we angels couldn’t seek out or find traces of the family, it literally hides them from us. Worse when they start attracting demons, it hid them from us as well. Demons and devils wandering the earth, spreading their sins and we were always blind to it until the McCallister was dead,” Gabrielle’s words were filled with incredible sorrow as she explained, as if all the demon’s victims rested at her feet alone.

“I only found Sara by accident, a chance encounter in the street, and now we have another chance, one of stopping this curse from claiming more victims,” she admitted.

“You found me by accident? How?” Sara had been listening to Audrey question their beautiful divine friend, but she couldn’t help but wonder at this turn of fate.

“I was in the city a few years ago, middle of winter, the streets full of ice, you had just come out of a coffee shop, balancing a drink and a few other things. You slipped and I caught you by reflex.

“Instead of being filled with any information I would need to help you or bring some joy to your life, I got nothing. Not a single thing about you or your life. It was as if you didn’t exist.

“When I tried to actively get something from you, I hit a wall, when you turned the corner and disappeared from sight afterwards, I couldn’t track you like I would any other potential soul in need.”

Gabrielle chuckled, “It was incredible, I hadn’t encountered anyone like you ever. So, I did the logical thing. I followed you home.”

“I used some contacts, people better versed in history and magic for information on what could possibly cause such a thing. As you can probably guess there isn’t many, and the McCallister Curse was only mentioned as an afterthought, everyone already thought the line was extinguished.

“Still, it was the one that felt true, and so I waited, three years spent watching over you, praying I was wrong and hoping I was right. That finally the hosts of heaven would be able to intercede and fight this terrible curse,” Gabrielle admitted slowly, a small portion of guilt weighing down her words for the hope she had seen fulfilled.

Constance chuckled lightly at the recollection of the angel’s lucky encounter, “Our Lord works in mysterious ways.”

The others were soon laughing softly as well at the overused platitude, it wasn’t truly very funny, but it broke the stress and fear that had been plaguing the room for most of the dire conversation.

“I needed that,” Sara managed to choke out, “Thank you Abbess, I hope I didn’t offend you.”

“It’s quite alright child, you have had a day unlike any other, some levity at my expense can be forgiven,” Constance waved the apology away.

“We are almost done I think,” she continued, “There is not much more to tell.”

“I know this has been a lot to take in Sara, and again I’m deeply sorry but these are things you needed to know. You need to know about this new world you’ve found yourself in.”

Sara swallowed nervously and nodded, “Thank you really, if not for Gabrielle I don’t know what would have happened. Nothing good though if what you’ve said is true.

“I still can’t quite believe it you know?” she said, not really expecting an answer from the trio.

Gabrielle answered anyway, “It’s very real Sara. This curse, the families of Steelhaven, the things you can do to people if you aren’t careful, the person you could become. All of it is real.

“But we will take care of you, I promise,” the angel told her, bursting with passion for Sara and her mission to protect the pale beauty.

Audrey spoke up, almost interrupting the angel and trying to ignore the small flutter of jealousy she felt growing in her chest as she watched Gabrielle and Sara.

“I umm, still have some more questions, things I think we need to know, things that could be important.”

Constance replied, eyeing her off as if sensing the burgeoning jealousy within her, “Of course Audrey, ask and I shall do my best to answer.”

“Umm firstly, I’d like to know why its only now that Sara is in danger, surely she has been heir to the McCallisters for more than a day?”

“From what we know, its Lord Ian’s doing. When he and his family were cursed, he immediately took action. He spent fortunes, traded secrets, and treasures, secured hostages, and arranged murders. He dealt with anyone and everything looking for help.

“I don’t know why he didn’t seek the churches help or perhaps he simply fell before he could. From what our Inquisitors have managed to extract from demons in the past, we know he dealt with several Pitlords and other dark entities.

“We think it is one of these deals that modified the original curse, Ian realized that the curse could not be broken, at least in his time, so instead tried to change it so that a survivor might eventually find a way to do so.”

“What did he do to it?” Audrey prompted eagerly.

“We don’t know what the Pitlord or the other demons got out of it, but the curse was changed so that it only recognized a heir once they reached twenty-one years of age. The prime of their life, a head start against the curse but if they couldn’t escape it then they were in a healthy position to spread the family line as it were.

“Until the day that they reached twenty-one they were a nobody, hidden away by magical contract, names would change, appearances would be disguised if recorded, tracking spells gained no knowledge. The power spent to work such a contract must have been immense,” Constance admitted to them.

“That’s how Sara has managed to be in Steelhaven without anyone coming for her!” Audrey exclaimed.

“Exactly,” the abbess replied.

“But now she is 21 I’m assuming?” Constance let the question hang in the air.

“Yesterday,” Sara confirmed.

Constance nodded, “Then now she is the heir and the protections Ian secured are gone and Sara can now be found and recognized as a McCallister. I would recommend staying within the walls of the abbey for the next few days while we arrange to get you away from Steelhaven.”

“It’s the best place for now,” Gabrielle readily agreed.

Sara couldn’t help but agree as well,” I think you’re right; I don’t know anything about these families, all this magic, vampires…,” she shuddered as she mentioned the famed creatures of the night.

“I’ve even apparently got these powers of my own and no idea how to use, control or stop them.”

“That kinda leads to my other question actually,” Audrey said, shifting slightly in her seat, not quite avoiding looking at Sara.

‘Was what happened this morning because of Sara or because of the succubus?” she asked Gabrielle.

A look of vexation crossed the platinum haired angels’ perfect features before she looked at Sara apologetically.

“We did skip past that bit didn’t we. I’m sorry but the answer for the most part is Sara.

“You haven’t really talked about it, but from the small amount I saw you had both already been quite ahh active when the succubus revealed herself.”

“It started with a dream for me,” Audrey told her “All these men using me, fucking me, I don’t think I’ve ever been that horny in my entire life. But then they were gone, and I was with Sara. Just telling you about it now is bringing it back.”

“it’s ok Audrey, I don’t think you can really stop that anymore,” Gabrielle told her gently.

“It was definitely Sara and I would hazard a guess that you are under her sway already. Things you have said, the way you’ve acted. Sara has claimed you I think.”

“I did what?!” Sara demanded frantically.

“Your ‘Command’ aura has bound Audrey to you I think,” the angel told her.

“I’m only guessing but it does make sense.”

“I need you to tell me what happened this morning before I arrived,” she told the pair.


“Like I said, it started with a dream,” began Audrey, “Men and cocks everywhere, but then Sara was there and everything else faded away.”

“Sara pleasuring me, me pleasuring Sara,” the blonde continued almost dreamily.

“All sorts of positions, toys and acts. All of them pure bliss.”

“I don’t know what woke me up, but when I did Sara was there, a thick hard cock between her legs just for me. I couldn’t help myself, I needed it.

“The pleasure I felt with her was overwhelming, I couldn’t get enough of her, I wanted to own her, make her my pet, my toy, the need for it consumed me,” Audrey was breathing harder as she continued, her face flushing, the arousal just recounting the experience brought forth plainly visible to everyone.

“It was similar for me,” Sara told them, as she observed Audrey’s reaction with an almost feral hunger in her eyes.

“I didn’t dream though, or at least I don’t remember it if I did. I heard Audrey moaning from the kitchen and I went to check on her, I thought she had just gotten lucky.

“But when I got to her room, she was alone, moaning and twisting and turning all by herself, it didn’t feel right, I touched her and then my mind was full of these images. Audrey with all these men, every single image full of sex.”

“And then I was there, images of Audrey and I together,” Sara couldn’t help but look embarrassed by the admission, colour filling her cheeks and the hunger fading from her eyes as she avoided looking at her friend.

“I fell against the wall after that, and then I grew…

“I grew a penis,” Sara mumbled softly.

“It felt amazing, and then Audrey touched it. After that all I could think about was wanting her, having her.

“I would’ve done anything,” she said.

“I almost did I think, Audrey wanted me.

“Wanted me to submit, to become a plaything and I almost did it, I couldn’t think of anything better. But something in me stopped it. It wouldn’t let me become a slave,” Sara explained, her eyes searching Gabrielle’s face, trying to see if the angel understood, if she had an answer.

Sara found sympathy but no answers, Gabrielle simply nodding for her to continue her tale.

“When I resisted, something changed. I wanted to be the one in charge. I wanted to have Audrey, to own her,” Sara still couldn’t bring herself to face her dearest friend as she admitted it.

Sara’s voice lowered and her next words were barely a whisper they all had to strain to catch even in the secluded silence of the study.

“Then she said yes.

“Audrey accepted me, and it felt wonderful, this beautiful creature belongs to me.”

Sara finally faced her friend as she spoke, terrified of finding hate, of rejection. Afraid that after all the days crazy events she would have lost her friend as well.

It wasn’t rejection that met her, but neither was it acceptance. Audrey’s face was a mask, no hint of her feelings towards Sara’s declaration of ownership was visible upon her face. Not even her bright blue eyes revealing her inner thoughts.

Sara couldn’t hold the gaze, she knew she should feel guilty about claiming to own Audrey, that she should take the words back and try and pretend this morning hadn’t changed things between them, but it felt right, it satisfied something within her that she knew had to be her curse.

She knew she wouldn’t take it back.

Audrey was hers.

Gabrielle broke the building tension calmly, her soothing voice pulling them away from their own dark thoughts.

“Thank you for sharing, both of you. Truly.

“I think I can guess as to why it all happened, I’m not infallible, only angelic,” she said with a small smile.

“When Sara’s curse activated, you were all out, drinking and partying, you wouldn’t have noticed it. All those people, all of them also probably drunk, high and aroused as well. Your mind would’ve touched them all, it’s more than likely that it was here that you attracted the succubus. A demon would’ve known who and what you were instantly.

“When you got home and slept, your unleashed mind has latched onto Audrey’s. The pent-up desire, the demands of your curse dumped straight into her dreams.

“Then again, when you went to wake her, touching the naked skin, your newly awakened mind-reading abilities latched onto the dreams. You would’ve fed upon each other, a constant cycle of lust and need, all of it probably amplified by the lurking succubus,” the angel explained, laying all of her deductions out for the pair.

“Rose,” Audrey interjected.

“I’m sorry?” Gabrielle asked.

“The succubus, she said her name was Rose,” Audrey told her.

“I see,” Gabrielle’s reply was confused, thrown off by Audrey’s interruption.

“In any case I think this morning’s events were simply the result of an untrained mind coming into ownership of powers well beyond its ability to control. With time and effort Sara it will be easy for you to contain them, to learn control.”

“What about her dick? What caused that?” Audrey demanded.

Gabrielle shrugged in response.

“I don’t know. It could be something from the curse, from one of the deals Ian, or Duncan or another ancestor made in the past. It could even have been the succubus’ influence, though I have never heard of such a thing personally,” Gabrielle told the demanding blonde.

Audrey sat back in her chair in a huff, arms folded across her ample chest, clearly not impressed by the angel’s answer.

“I’m sorry Audrey, I wish I had better news for you. I will look for more answers but our best hope for those is probably with the Inquisition, the arm of the church that deals with the magical side of society.”

“Right,” Audrey’s answer was derisive, obviously not impressed with Gabrielle’s lack of knowledge.

Sara intervened, afraid her friend might say more, her sharp tongue had often gotten the better of her in the past and Sara had no wish to see their saviors and hosts receive a spray from Audrey. Besides there was one last thing she had to know.

“I’ve got one more thing I’d like to know if that’s ok?” Sara broached, hunching her shoulders, shrinking her already small frame further into the cushioned chair.

“Of course Sara, anything, and we shall do our best to answer,” Constance told her, readily stepping up, she too sensing the potential conflict from Audrey’s abrupt tone.

“I feel terrible about it now, and for even asking this at all, but ummm.

“Is it because of my power, this ‘Command’ that it felt good to have Audrey submit? Why did I feel better when she did? Why do I feel more…,” Sara paused, her voice shaking with suppressed emotion, hands outstretched as she searched for the right word to express herself.

“Why do I feel more complete? Why do I feel as if I already own Audrey?”

The loaded question hung in the air between them all, stifling them all with its potential consequences. The trio all looked to Gabrielle, this question beyond the ability of Constance to answer.

Gabrielle looked back at them all, face pensive as she surveyed the room, weighing the cost of answering. But she was an angel, the truth was demanded of her, no matter how much she wished the opposite.

“It’s both I suspect. Your curse and ‘Command’,” she told them.

“You have unwittingly used ‘Command’ on Audrey, and she gave her assent, you have bound her with your power and linked her to you and your desires,” the angels tone was tired, as if the admission of the truth had cost her something dear.

“To put it bluntly, she is yours.”

Sara’s eyes filled with tears as Gabrielle confirmed it, the shame, the guilt overwhelming. She had enslaved her best friend and she had enjoyed it.

“The satisfaction comes from the curse, the need to dominate. By taking Audrey, you fed it,” the angel continued.

“In time that hunger will grow again.”

“This is too much, I need…, I need to get out,” Sara cried and jumped from her chair.

“I can’t do this!”

Constance rose smoothly from behind her desk, moving to comfort the distressed girl.

“It’s OK Sara, it’s OK. It wasn’t your fault, you couldn’t have known what was happening,” the kindly abbess said, taking Sara by the shoulders, trying to calm the crying young woman.

“Come with me OK, I’ll get you something to eat, some tea perhaps? Then I’ll have Talia show you to a room where you can get some rest OK?”

Sara just nodded glumly, trying to control her sobs, letting the tears fall smoothly down her cheeks. Constance nodded to Audrey then smiled glumly to Gabrielle before leading Sara from the room, turning, and pushing the young woman out the door, careful not to touch the newly awakened McCallister’s skin.

Closing the door firmly behind her, she left a dejected angel and a confused, angry young woman alone and with no real idea as to how they should deal with the other.

Gabrielle figured as the divine one and the only angel in the room that it was up to her to try and help Audrey. She had been completely silent since her revelation and the news she had received would be enough to make anyone angry and confused. She was surprised at the blonde’s restraint.

“I’m sorry I…,” she began.

“What are you…,” Audrey started at the exact same time.

They both looked at each other and shared a low chuckle, some of the tension bleeding out of them, the silly exchange helping to clear the air between them.

“Please, you first Audrey, my role here is to help. Ask your question,” Gabrielle insisted afterwards.

Audrey apologized as well, “I’m sorry Gabrielle, I shouldn’t be taking my frustrations out on you, it’s not your fault that all of this is fucked up.”

“I just wanted to know what do we do now, we can’t hide here forever, as lovely as Constance is and how pretty this abbey is, I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave Sara stuck in a convent for any length of time.”

“Yes, you are probably right there. Caging Sara won’t solve the problem of her curse or save her from the families. But for now, it will do.

“A few days out of sight while Constance and myself contact agents of the Inquisition. They really are our best chance for helping her, of keeping her safe,” Gabrielle told her.

“A few days? OK I think we can do that,” Audrey conceded, weariness threading its way through her words, the tension of all that had been revealed finally taking its toll.

Gabrielle took pity on the obviously drained young woman.

“You should rest as well Audrey, you will need that brain of yours soon enough, going into the magical world for the first time can be dangerous, and you two have even more to be wary of.

“And I’m sorry about what happened with Sara, I should have acted sooner, saved you from her powers. I should have seen the wild usage coming.”

She hesitated briefly before adding, “She didn’t mean it, claiming you I mean, binding you to her. She feels sick about it all, I can tell.

“I would give her some space, some time to come to grips with what she has become, then go see her, don’t let this ruin your friendship.”


“I’m the one…”

Audrey had to bite back her initial responses, bitterness clouding the words. Gabrielle was right, it wasn’t Sara’s fault, but the knowledge didn’t make her feel better, didn’t sooth the fact that she was owned, that she now had a Mistress. Didn’t make her any less angry that it was obviously messing with her brain, with her thoughts and emotions.

She sighed heavily, “I know it’s not her fault,” she told the angel, “but I can’t help but feel like I’m the one that’s gotten the shitty end of the stick. You’re saying I’m basically a slave to someone that’s cursed, that Sara is gonna go fucking crazy because of it and now I’m part of it!”

Audrey couldn’t help it, her voice rising as she vented to the waiting angel.

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen to us and I’m scared. Magic, monsters, curses, angels, and demons. All of it is terrifying!”

Not knowing what else to do Gabrielle simply moved in and hugged the distraught girl.

“It’ll be OK Audrey, it’ll be OK. I’m going to take care of both of you.

“I promise.”

Sara wasn’t sure what woke her. After the barrage of revelations that had left her reeling, her perceived reality in tatters, she had retreated from the study with the aid of Constance. The kindly old abbess had taken her to the abbey kitchens and plied her with food and tea before disappearing into the stone passageways to find Sister Talia.

She had sat in silence, consuming a small platter of fruit, sipping her tea, completely overwhelmed by her experiences for the day. By the time she had finished Sister Talia had found her and simply sat, waiting patiently, her hand folded into her lap while Sara finished her meal.

When she finished, Talia spoke.

“The Abbess said you had received some bad news. Is there anything I could do to help?”

She had smiled wistfully at the polite young nun. Constance had obviously not told her the full truth and she couldn’t really blame her. It was too crazy.

“No Talia., I just need some time is all. It was a big shock the news. I don’t think my life is ever gonna be the same,” she had admitted sadly.

The nun had surprised her then, moving quickly from her seat to envelope her in a hug before she could stop her or pull away. Again, Sara had been engulfed in a feeling of lightness and joy. Now though she could recognize it. Her powers. They were reading the young woman’s mind, flooding Sara with the shared feelings.

Not wanting to scare Talia or seem ungrateful, she had endured the quick embrace, trying to figure out a way to reign in her free-wheeling powers.

“Could you show me to a room Talia? I think I just want to be alone for a little while,” she had asked.

“Of course, Sara. Please follow me.

That was how she had found herself in a small room, almost a cell, buried deep into the abbey’s depths. A sturdy well-made bed sat up against the wall in one corner, an old plain wooden desk and chair in another, and finally a tattered red rug that covered the floor in between. The meagre bag of belongings she had fled her apartment with had already made it to the room and was sitting neatly at the foot of the bed. She had ignored it, quietly thanking Talia before closing the door and then collapsing onto the waiting bed.

Looking around the room now, it was dark, someone had come in and placed an old lamp on the desk and lit it while she was sleeping, the faint glow barely reaching the far wall. Sara stumbled to her feet, trying to gain some sense of what had awoken her.

Not hearing anything as she stood silently within her room, Sara picked up the old lamp and using its minimal light left her room, silently sliding into the cold stone hallway. She stopped and cocked her head, angling it to try and detect something, anything from the pitch-black corridors of the old building. The abbey was as silent as the grave.

Cautiously, carefully, she made her way back towards where she remembered the main hall to be, pausing every few meters to stop and listen, straining to hear anything at all. It was unnerving how quiet it was. She couldn’t help but think that something was very, very wrong.

It was roughly twenty meters from where she thought the labyrinthine passages re-joined the main hall when she finally heard something. It was barely audible. Sara kept going. Edging closer and closer, cautiously trying to find the source of the sound.

Just as she rounded the final bend, light from the hall flooding the hallway entrance did Sara recognise the sound. Moaning, whimpering, mewling.

It was lust.

It was pleasure.

It was Audrey.

Sara abandoned all pretense of caution when she recognized the familiar sounds. Audrey was in trouble again. Her friend fallen victim to Sara’s own unrestrained powers. Sara couldn’t help it, she panicked, aghast that once again Audrey was in her thrall.

Her rush into the hall towards Audrey ended almost as soon as it began. The sight that greeted her stopping her dead in her tracks. A true vision of decadence was sitting within the centre of the great hall. Gone were the old wooden pews and the religious trappings of the abbey, great demonic statues had appeared, stone carved monstrosities depicting all manner of demon in the throes of pleasure. Cocks, tits, and pussies all carved in obscene detail, every statue a tribute to hedonistic debauchery. Even the great stain-glass windows were transformed, the holy figures replaced by demons and monsters, all of them grotesque, all of them perverse and engaged in carnal acts. Only the candles remained, all of them were lit, burning bright and sharp, illuminating every inch of the room.

All of these things were barely noticed by Sara, she wanted to pay more attention to the erotic statues, the carved depravity a beacon to the curse within her but even then, they were still but fleeting thoughts dashing across her mind as she was transfixed by the centerpiece of it all. She couldn’t take her eyes off it.

Audrey. Her friend. Her pet. Her slave.

The blonde bombshell was bound. Naked and restrained. Stretched out and held in place by cords of rope, Audrey lay spread across an altar that now stood within the center of the room. Her upper arms were pulled away from her towards the edge, her forearms dropping below the altar, her wrists bound by ropes, tying them into heavy iron rings at the base of the altar.

Her long legs too were bound, spread horizontally towards the opposite sides of the altar. At the edge, her calves dropped, her ankles tied to a matching set of rings opposite the others.

With her legs spread wide open, Audrey’s exposed pussy was located just slightly over the edge of the altar, unobstructed.

The candlelight was reflected in her tanned skin, glistening and glowing, her breasts heaving upwards as she strained against her restraints, her fingers clawing at nothing, muted cries of pleasure escaping her body softly through a gag.

The source of those moans, the thing that Sara had locked onto as she entered the room, was Gabrielle. Gabrielle and Talia.

Sara was speechless, her jaw dropping as she took in the sinful pair. Gone was the conservative habit of a nun, gone were the jeans and shirt that had been Gabrielle’s human clothes. They had been replaced entirely by new outfits of latex, steel, and sin.

It was all black, skin-tight, and sleek. It revealed everything that her old clothes hadn’t. It clung to the young nun’s body, shapely legs leading to an impossibly tight ass, the corseted top half giving clear emphasis to her hips and bracketing a mesmerizing set of tits. The soft brown skin of her tear-drop shaped breasts, her hard nipples and her pert ass were all exposed. High six-inch thigh high boots elevated her well above the prone and restrained Audrey. A simple circlet of polished steel encircled her throat, a sinfully twisted version of the cross embossed upon its surface, no savior represented, no holy spirit. Only a naked bound woman, blindfolded and restrained, arms wide and face painted with ecstasy.

The skin-tight latex continued all the way down her arms, ending in perfectly fitted gloves. Every inch of the nun’s body was ensconced within the tight bodysuit, only her face, tits and ass were available for pleasure and viewing.

One of those gloves was buried in her companion’s hair. Gabrielle, her protector; her angel was looking anything but holy.

The angel was naked, her perfect form on clear display. Only the rope binding her arms behind her, wrists tied to the opposite elbow offered any blemish to her beauty.

Talia had the angel on her knees, the angel’s hair held tightly in her grip as she held the celestial’s face firmly in Audrey’s exposed crotch. The frantic moaning coming from her friend a clear testament to what the submissive angel was doing.

“That’s it you dirty little slut,” Talia crooned “Make her cum on your tongue. Don’t you dare stop licking now.”

Sara could feel the lust flooding her body as she took in the scene. If she didn’t act soon it would be too late. She wouldn’t be able to resist it. Already it was getting harder to think of anything besides joining the trio in ecstasy.

With an effort of pure will she tore her eyes away, unable to focus on them less she be consumed as well. Sara rushed forward, darting quickly across the space between, intent on ending this madness. The drastically changed hall, Talia, Gabrielle, and her sexy, helpless Audrey. All of it could only be a dream. Her power running wild as she had slept. She had to wake them.

It was only when she reached Audrey, scrambling in her panicked haste did she realise her mistake. A brief second of realization before it was buried beneath a tsunami of lust. The moment her hands touched Audrey, reaching forward to shake her friend awake, she was lost. The tide came forth and washed everything but the need away.

Sara straightened, her back arching and she couldn’t stop herself from trembling as the pleasure crashed through her body. Her small dark nipples hardening instantly, and she could feel her pussy becoming impossibly soaked. Then the pressure. That same pressure from the previous morning. Sara shuddered and moaned as her cock reappeared from inside her body, already thick, hard, throbbing and wanting, it easily tented the front of her panties and light summer dress.

“Uggh, ohh god, fuuuck!”

The re-emergence of her dick caused Sara a momentary unsteadiness, she grasped the edges of the stone altar, her hands resting to either side of Audrey’s head, her own head directly above her friends. She looked into the bright blue eyes below her, relishing the unbridled pleasure she found within, then smirking as they opened wide, Audrey’s pupils rolling back into her head, her whole body straining against her restraints as Gabrielle made her cum yet again.

“Uggh, uggh, plse, pleasee stop,” came the muffled cries, barely escaping her gag.

“Yessss, good girl Gabby. My naughty little angel,” Talia crooned at the other end of the altar.

“Now make her cum again and you can have a reward,” the young nun said before burying the angels cum coated face back into Audrey’s waiting pussy.

The blonde went rigid again, trying to escape the angels questing tongue as it buried itself once again into her sensitive depths.

“Oh Audrey, my little fuck pet, look at you. How many times have they made you cum?” Sara was filled with wicked glee as she questioned her tormented friend, her hand falling to her shaft, slowly stroking its length as she took in the sight.

“Would you like me to help? I could take that gag away,” Sara teased her friend, her free hand caressing the soft skin of Audrey’s cheeks, tapping at the gag with her fingertips.

Audrey for her part nodded frantically at Sara’s words, the tongue buried in her pussy was driving her crazy, her restrained limbs aching to move, the gag holding her jaw open seemed small in comparison, but she would take any relief she could get from this torment.

Sara grinned at her friend, the wild look in Audrey’s eyes as she frantically nodded only fuelling the lust that was pooling inside her body.

“You’ll have to do something for me though if I do, my pet,” Sara told her, casually stroking her friends’ body, fingers softly tracing their way across her throat, then the swell of her breasts, finding a hard firm pink nipple before pinching it.

“Mmmm, plese!” was Audrey’s ready response.

“OK then pet, just a second,” Sara told her.

Sara stripped herself quickly, efficiently. No hesitation or worry about being naked in the middle of the abbey hindering her smooth movements. Dress, tight thoroughly soaked panties, and bra, all discarded without care. The candlelight glow magnifying the paleness of her skin, her firm breasts sitting high on her chest, long thick cock raging in the cool air and her midnight hair cascading smoothly down her back. Sara was a masterpiece, the perfect match to the dark fantasy that had captured them all.

Now free of her clothes and her petite body on display, Sara climbed onto the altar, her knees resting easily on the stone to either side of Audrey’s waist, her cock resting easily between the bound blonde’s heaving tits as she faced her friend.

Sara bit her lip, concentrating slightly as she lent forward, her fingers searching among Audrey’s golden locks as she lifted her head slightly, trying to find the gag’s clasp.

“Easy my pet, easy. Soon this naughty little gag will be gone.”

Audrey was moaning heavily now, Gabrielle’s continued attentions unceasing under Talia’s strict control.

“Please! Please stop! It’s too much! Gawwwd!” Audrey cried; the plea escaped her soft lips as soon as the gag was removed.

Sara caressed her face almost lovingly before laughing.

“Oh no my pet, no stopping. You’re going to drown in pleasure. You’ll lose your mind to it. Soon the only thing you will be able to think of is me and what I do to you.”

“Sara please. Uggh, oh god…,” Audrey tried to plead, only to thrash around unable to finish as the angel between her thighs began to nuzzle at her clit.

Sara tutted, “Such a noisy little pet. No wonder they had you gagged.”

Her grin was fiendish as she looked down at the helpless Audrey.

“I do believe I said you’d have to do something for me if I took off that gag,” she said, rising higher onto her knees, her dick leaving its glorious resting place in the valley of Audrey’s tits to hang menacingly above, rock hard flesh throbbing, its tip drooling precum onto the bountiful skin below.

Audrey was beyond caring. She had lost count of how many times Gabrielle’s tireless tongue had made her cum. Unendingly it buried itself into her pussy, seeking her center, tracing her lips and just as it was now, unceasingly teasing her clit.

The angel just would not stop. Talia commanded, Gabrielle obeyed, and Audrey came. Again, and again and again. The constant pleasure was driving her mad, she was so sensitive it was almost painful. But there was no escape. And now her Mistress was there. Above her as she belonged, the body that Audrey could no longer resist flaunting itself out of her reach. The dick that she had begun to crave resting above her chest.

It was too much.

“Fuuuuuuuck!” she screamed as another orgasm was forced from her.

There was nothing left but the pleasure now, the lust that filled every inch of her being. Audrey surrendered to the tide. She could feel Sara lifting her head, her eyes focusing on the thick cock before her. She knew what was expected. What her Mistress needed from her. She obeyed.

Sara was in ecstasy. Audrey had given herself to her again. Her friend, her toy, her pet. Sara had taken her by the hair, those soft blonde tresses wrapped around her fingers and lifted Audrey’s head. She had seen Audrey briefly manage to focus, drawn to her dick. Then the focus had faded, washed away by the angel’s attentions. Audrey had simply opened her mouth, the soft pink lips parting in invitation.

Sara hadn’t needed anything else. Her hips thrusting forward eagerly. The drive to bury her member within the hot confines of Audrey’s mouth impossible to resist even if she had wanted to.

She kept her hand wrapped in Audrey’s hair as she pumped back and forth, filling Audrey’s mouth over and over again, saliva spilling out as she pushed as deep as she could each time. Every time she pulled back Audrey’s tongue chased her, teasing the tip, tasting her precum before being pushed aside as Sara had her way, driving herself back into the blondes waiting mouth.

With her other hand she traced her friends throat, fingers deftly tracing the delicate tanned skin, feeling the muscles tense and strain from their ceaseless attentions. The desire to wrap her hand around it, to feel her cock pushing into Audrey’s throat as she choked her rose within her mind. Sara couldn’t tell if it was her own fantasy or something gained from Audrey. It didn’t matter, it was enough to send her hips into overdrive. Her cock slamming into Audrey’s mouth, fucking her pet’s face, the tight seal of her toy’s lips filling her with bliss.

“Fuuuck Audrey!” Sara growled, “Your mouth is so good!”

Audrey’s only reaction was to suck harder. Sara could feel it, Audrey trying to pull her deeper into her mouth, her tongue lashing the sensitive skin of her dick as she fucked her mouth.

“Fuck yeesss Audrey!” Sara cried. She could feel it, the pressure building at the base of her dick. The newly familiar sensation warning her of her rapidly approaching orgasm.

It only served to drive her further. The need rising within her as the pressure built, Sara shuffled forward on her knees, the hand tangled in Audrey’s hair shifting the blondes head, trying to find a better angle, a way deeper into her pet’s mouth.

“Oh! Take it Audrey! Suck my dick!” Sara howled into the vast space of the hall, her dick sliding its way between those heavenly lips again and again.

Sara was almost there. The heat, the constant lashing of her tongue against it and head and sides as she tried to fill every inch of Audrey’s willing mouth. The small constrictions and the vibrations from her moans as she felt Audrey strain and flail in another torturous orgasm. The sheer beauty of her toy restrained and helpless upon the altar. The perfect sacrifice to her dark desires.

She couldn’t resist it anymore. Her hand no longer simply enjoying the pleasing feel of Audrey’s now slippery skin. She grasped her friend’s neck, the slow squeeze, the slight application of pressure and they were both undone. Their shared fantasy setting them both off. Audrey thrashing wildly in her ropes as Sara’s own orgasm collided with her own.

“Fuuuuck Audrey! I’m cummmming!”

Sara’s cry was a wild shriek as the dam inside her broke. She could feel it boiling out of her shaft, blast after blast of thick cum escaping her cock only to be trapped inside Audrey’s waiting mouth.

Audrey tried to swallow frantically as the thick cum filled her mouth, Sara still held her tightly even as she looked to the sky, lost in the need and lust as she rode her orgasm. There was no escape as load after load was pumped into her helpless body. The torrent of cum was unending and she couldn’t keep up, the cum starting to escape through her lips, dribbling down the sides of her face.

After what seemed like an eternity Sara came back to earth, her dick was still cumming, but the peak had passed. She eased herself back, Audrey taking choking, gasping breaths as her mouth was emptied of cock. Sara just rested back on her heels, the last few ropes of cum splashing themselves across Audrey’s now cum covered chin and neck.

“Mmmmm,” Sara purred somewhat dreamily, “That was exactly what I needed.”

She looked back over her shoulder, Talia, her breasts capped by small brown erect nipples were on display. The holes in her skin-tight latex outfit emphasizing their presence. The domineering nun was still unrelenting in her grip on Gabrielle and her torturous command to make Audrey cum.

Her eyes focused on the gap between Audrey’s legs, the platinum hair of Gabrielle shifting back and forth between them. Sara could still feel the need. She was not sated yet, the weight of her still erect dick hanging from her crotch highlighting the fact. It was time for something more.

“Move,” the word was simple, direct. A command for the sister and Gabrielle.

Talia looked at her, dragging her eyes away from their hungry focus upon the angel. She scowled at Sara’s attempted interruption. There was no trace of the lovely, bubbly woman who had greeted them that morning in her visage.

“Excuse me?” her tone was clearly unimpressed.

“I said MOVE,” Sara repeated, but this time it was different. She felt something within her infusing her voice. It thrummed with power as she unleashed her birthright.

The effect on Talia was immediate, her mind unprepared for even the untested and untrained onslaught of a McCallister’s ‘Command’. Her hand released its grasp on Gabrielle’s head, finally allowing the angel to cease her unending feast on Audrey’s sensitive pussy.

The nun then moved to the side, stepping away from the altar and its messy, aroused offering. She left enough room for Sara to replace her beside Gabrielle but then moved no further. Her eyes were sharp with fear and anger. Sara couldn’t really tell if it was because she had obeyed or because Sara had made her abandon her pet angel. She decided she didn’t really care.

Trying to get the feel for the command Sara tried again, actively trying to use her voice to compel the others as she climbed down from the altar and leaving Audrey alone for the moment.


Sara couldn’t help but smirk as the nun complied with her commands. The feeling that filled her body as she dominated Talia’s mind was exquisite, almost as good as filling Audrey with her cum. She knew it had to be the curse feeding off her actions, enjoying the dark pleasure that came with forcing herself on others. But Sara didn’t care. The raging lust had returned to her, her need rising once again as the curse inflicted itself upon her body.

Her eyes roamed Audrey’s restrained body once again, the blonde still trembling slightly from the aftershocks of pleasure that still coursed through her body. The large heaving tits, the tanned expanses of skin, the soft curves of her hips and the delicious treasure that awaited between her perfect thighs. Audrey was a sight to behold. A perfect fuck pet, and she was all Sara’s.

Sara sauntered to the end of the altar, passing Talia as she pulled an unresisting Gabrielle to the other end. She trailed her fingertips along the length of Audrey’s body as she went, feeling the perspiration that had slickened her skin and made her glow faintly as it reflected the candlelight.

Her grin was lecherous as she reached her goal. Standing between Audrey’s splayed restrained legs, her gaze and touch unrestricted as she looked upon her prize.

Audrey’s pussy was as perfect as the rest of her. Cleanly shaven, lips spread slightly, allowing Sara to see the soft pink flesh within, her clit was clearly visible, standing proud after Gabrielle’s attentions, and all of it coated in a sinful mix of saliva and cum. Sara couldn’t wait to claim it as her own.

She couldn’t help herself, could not and would not contain herself any longer. Sara lent forward, burying her face between those exceptional legs. Her tongue finding its target with unerring precision. She dragged it from the bottom of Audrey’s sweet hole to the top, savoring the taste of Audrey’s juices, the sweet ambrosia filling her mouth as she teased her friend.

“Ohhh gawwwd…”

Audrey’s cry of pleasure was abruptly cut short, her moans soundly muffled.

Sara glanced up, her gaze traveling the length of Audrey’s body feasting upon the swathes of perfect skin. The cause of Audrey’s sudden silence was a sight to behold, Sara moaned involuntarily as she observed the erotic tableau.

Sister Talia had done as commanded. Reaching the other end of the altar, she had climbed onto the stone edifice. She hadn’t even given Audrey any warning, the blonde beauty’s eyes closed as Sara tasted her and she voiced her pleasure. Talia had simply rested her knees to either side of Audrey’s head before dropping her hips, grinding her pussy down onto Audrey’s unsuspecting face.

Sara watched as Talia rolled her hips, spreading her arousal across Audrey’s face and chin before holding her pussy above her friend’s lips. The nun ran her hands across Audrey’s chest, hands squeezing her breasts before pinching and pulling on her nipples. She uttered only a single word.


A small sensual gasp escaped Talia’s body as Audrey obeyed. Her body arching as she was penetrated by the blonde’s eager tongue. Satisfied her order was being fulfilled she twisted, looking for her favoured pet. Gabrielle was where she had been left on her knees at the foot of the altar, her gaze completely focused on the tight latex clad body of the young nun.

“Come here my angel,” Talia crooned, crooking a finger, and stretching towards the submissive divinity.

The angel shuffled forward on her knees, the hard floor of the abbey proving no issue and leaving no marks on her flawless form.

Talia’s hand tightened in its familiar grasp, tangling in the angel’s platinum locks as her head came within reach.

“You can put that tongue of yours to good use again.” Talia told her, straightening her back and reaching back to spread the firm cheeks of her ass with a hand while she guided Gabrielle between them with the other.

“Eat my ass, stick that heavenly tongue inside me and make me cum!” Talia demanded.

“Yessss” she hissed as Gabrielle obeyed.

Talia was ecstatic as she was pleasured by her pets. A blonde bombshell between her thighs and an angel of heaven on her knees, her divine tongue buried deeply in her ass. This was her heaven; this was her paradise.

Sara was mesmerized, the exotic latex clad body of the nun swaying and grinding upon Audrey’s face, the delicious taboo of an angel guiding a nun towards a vastly different kind of rapture. It fueled the lust within her, she wanted more. She needed more.

She left her bent position, tongue teasing Audrey’s sweet pussy a final time, swallowing down some more of her delicious juices. She had had enough of teasing, had had enough of foreplay. It was time to truly claim Audrey as hers.

Sara lined up her cock, the head nudging Audrey’s clit and causing her friend to moan into Talia as she got into position. Sara dragged her length down Audrey’s wet slit, the abundant cum and juices lubricating her dick. Reaching the end of its short journey Sara waited barely a second before claiming her prize.


Sara’s moan was long and loud as she pushed her cock into Audrey, finally satisfying her desire to claim her friend. Her pet was warm, wet, and willing. Muscles gripping and flexing, encouraging her cock deeper and deeper. Sara didn’t need it. The experience was beyond her. She knew it was something she would crave evermore. Her desire, her lust, her curse. She had found its purpose.

“Uhh fuck,” Sara moaned again as she bottomed out, her entire thick length swallowed by Audrey’s eager body.

Audrey had gone rigid, every muscle straining against her ropes as she was filled completely by her Mistress’s hard cock.

There was no hesitation from Sara now. This is what she wanted. This new sensation, she needed more of it. Her hips drew back, pulling her dick right back to the tip before pushing back in, filling Audrey to the limit, the slick heat of her body welcoming her thrust.

Again, again and again. Every thrust sending bolts of pleasure through her cock and into her body. Sara was relentless, a machine, her earlier orgasm reducing the need to cum but not the desire and she was chasing it wildly now, her hips slapping into Audrey and filling the hall with the obscene smacks of skin-on-skin contact.

Audrey’s body was quaking, every impact of Sara’s hips upon her own was a wave of sensation, the fat cock of her Mistress filling her like nothing ever had before, her already over sensitive pussy gripping and spasming around the rock-hard invader as it plundered her body, and she was driven towards yet another orgasm.

She could only moan into Talia’s pussy, her tongue no longer able to obey the nun’s command as Sara used her as her fuck pet. She wanted to claw and twist and thrash as she was used. Anything but the forced bondage she had found herself in. The pleasure was torture, the restraints an exquisite agony that only made her cum harder and harder. She hated it. She loved it. She wanted it to stop. She wanted to beg and beg for more.

Sara could feel it. The lust, the pleasure she was generating within Audrey, a mass of pure bliss that was obliterating the blonde’s mind. She could feel it fueling her, gas poured on an already roaring fire. A loop of ecstasy for them both to be lost in. Her hips managed to drive even harder, her cock pushing into Audrey’s core at a maddening pace. She wanted to cum. She needed to cum. To fill Audrey with it, to claim her body and soul once and for all.

“Ohh lord yesss!”

It was Talia’s cry that rang throughout the great hall this time. Gabrielle’s persistent attentions once again driving one of them to cum. Her heavenly tongue planted firmly within the nun’s tight asshole she had finally brought Talia to orgasm even without Audrey’s aid.

Her dark hair shone in the candlelight as it was flung about, the young nun twisting and gyrating upon the altar as she pressed the angels head harder between her cheeks with both hands, unwilling to let Gabrielle stop as she rode her talented tongue. Her entire body shaking with pleasure within her black bodysuit as her ass clenched and grasped at the probing tongue, trying to find a way to increase the intensity of her anal orgasm.

The nun’s cries of ecstasy were all Sara needed to push her over the edge. The erotic vista before her, the warm grip of Audrey’s pussy around her dick as it was filled again and again, the tsunami of lust inside her swept everything aside as it crashed through her body.

Sara hilted herself, cramming her cock as deep into Audrey as she physically could before she unloaded. Like a cannon firing, shot after shot of cum was launched from her body.

“Fuuuck Audrey! I’m cummmming!” she wailed, she small body falling limply forward, the explosion of pure bliss too much for her to handle. Her trembling arms resting upon the altar were the only things keeping her upright as she ground her cock into Audrey.

“Fuuuck yesss,” the cry was more subdued the second time but no less fervent, the torrent of cum flooding her pussy triggering Audrey’s final climax, her body clamping down onto Sara’s cock as it filled her with its supernatural load.

Sara was done. Her need had truly been sated. The lust no longer burning in her veins like unholy fire. Her curse was satisfied for now. A small smirk crossed her flushed face at the thought that it was only sated for now.

“You are mine now Audrey,” she whispered to herself, then louder, “My little fuck pet, you’re all mine now, this is what your days and nights will be filled with, a never-ending orgy of sin, sex and …”

Sara never got to finish her sentence. She could feel something intruding, something invading the dream, violating her little kingdom.

Sara awoke with a start, jerking upright in the small bed she had been shown. Only the quick reflexes of Gabrielle saved her from a headache, the angel jerking backwards at Sara’s sudden rise.

The angel was in Sara’s room, hands clasped tightly around one of Sara’s own as she knelt beside the bed, her head bent in benediction and prayer. Her divine aura sweeping through the sleepy young woman’s body as she banished the manifestation of Sara’s unleashed McCallister powers.

It only took a few moments for realization to sink in. Sara’s beautiful green eyes filling with tears as comprehension dawned on her as to what had happened.

A deep sorrow and horror filled her trembling voice as she asked the angel.

“What have I done?”

Rose was growing frustrated, her large wings held her aloft, sailing smoothly through the early evening sky, as she hunted her still elusive prey. It was her second night searching for the McCallister woman, the first a string of failures as she scouted the many churches and holy sites within the city, each and every one showing not a single sign of the girl or the overblown chicken she had as a guardian.

What she had found was multitudes of the Grey’s servants and family operatives, flooding the streets and alleys like vermin, she wasn’t certain what they were hunting but it could hardly be a coincidence that it was happening so soon after a McCallister awakening within the city.

Going by the numbers she was seeing on the streets again this evening, they had had as little luck as she. This was good, the McCallister would be hers and hers alone, at least until she deigned to let her brethren join her. Even she could only feed off that exquisite curse for so long before feeling overwhelmed by it. Still a few days alone with the small lithe girl and her soft curves, that magnificent dick she somehow had, the poor girl would be lost, her consciousness buried beneath a mountain of sex and perversion.

Rose couldn’t help but laugh, the wicked sound reaching no ears but her own as she cruised towards her next hunting ground, she couldn’t wait to sink her claws into the girl.

First though, first she had to be found. The angel was obviously hiding her, using her oh so holy touch to help supress the girl’s powers and curse. Sanctified ground would help her to do so, thus she had chosen to focus her search on such locations.

Unfortunately, a city as large as Steelhaven had a lot. Like a lot. The city was crammed with them, it seemed like a house of god-botherers was on every second corner. It made Rose sick. People really should find better things to do, like seducing self-righteous fathers, making homemade flamethrowers, enslaving an entire elven clan. Anything with a little excitement, a little sin. Not hanging around in old buildings muttering to a being that had much better things to do then answering them.

Rose shook her head, the church before her was empty, its single high spire reaching to the heavens above its empty nave and locked doors. Not a trace of the curse to be sensed and no angel to be seen. Another bust. She was certain that the angel would’ve gone to holy ground, she would need mortal help to deal with the girl and her powers.

That meant the Inquisition, a bunch of trigger-happy zealots who would be better placed back during the crusades in her opinion. But still they would be the ones the angel would want to contact, so that meant a church. Just not this one apparently.

Rose scowled; her discontent was growing as the hunt failed to provide results. Perhaps she could say a private little hello to one of the Greys goons. A little pleasure, a little business, and maybe they would provide a hint to where the angel had taken the girl.

She continued on her evening prowl, magical and demonic senses outstretched, trying to find any trace of her prey. Her deep purple eyes swept the streets below, looking for the unfortunate soul who would be her dinner. She had to be careful though, the wrong target would be a disaster, an actual Grey would be a colossal blunder. She was ancient and powerful but even she knew not to cross Lord Grey. He had forced one of the true ancients, a Lord of Hell itself to submit to him.

Rose scanned another two churches, more modern constructions this time, neon crosses lighting up the air around them into unknowing imitation of the divine glow of the angels. Again, the search was fruitless, no sign of the glowing feather duster, or of the McCallister.

It was another three buildings before the realization came to her. The Greys had informants and allies everywhere, even within the Church itself. If they were still searching, then none of them had seen the girl and reported it. That meant she wasn’t in a major church within Steelhaven, they would’ve known about it by now if she was. Her searching of all these massive inner-city churches had been a waste. The angel must have taken her to one of the smaller sites on the outskirts of the city.

She changed course immediately, winging away from the crowded inner city and its sprawling megachurches, history wrapped cathedrals and compromised clergy. She needed to find something small, out of the way and wholly unremarkable. A supernaturally feral grin filled with too many teeth stretched across her unnaturally beautiful feature. The McCallister would be hers before morning.

Unfortunately for Rose, this new direction did not go unnoticed. Just as she had been hunting, she too in turn was hunted. Rafe Newark was mostly an ordinary guy, with an ordinary life and an ordinary job. But sometimes, sometimes he had to become something more. The past day had been one of those times. Word had come from his masters. The Greys were seeking a girl, a young woman. They wanted her found and they wanted it done quickly.

So, he had taken to the streets, searching, seeking, looking for any trace, any tiny packet of information. It had been during the long hours of the search that he had first seen her. The succubus, high in the dark night sky, hidden from the world below. Hidden from everyone but him.

Because he, he was a rather specialized enchanter. A Runemaster, he could weave enchantments into the very skin and bone. A rare talent, one that had seen him recruited by the Greys. It was this talent for bodily inscription that saw him on the streets rather than in a workshop, for he had mastered his art on himself.

Thick intertwining lines, full of sharp edges and intricate knots surrounded his eyes, the deep blue ink of the inscription sinking deep into his flesh to provide him power. In this case it was a vision enhancement, an enchantment that boosted his vision, allowed him to pierce glamours and even see in the dark. Perfect attributes for a hunter. They weren’t his only enhancements of course but they were the ones that mattered when it came to the succubus and keeping track of her.

He had noticed her first at the Grand Cathedral of Steelhaven, circling the vast stone edifice, taking care never to cross the border into sanctified land. It was when he’d seen her for the third and fourth times that she had truly captured his interest. Always circling holy land, always behind a glamour. She was hunting something. He’d noted in and then continued on his way. The girl was infinitely more important to his employers then any demon.

But now, a second night in a row, she was out cruising the evening skies once again. Following the same pattern, circle a church, scan its surroundings then move towards the next building. It occurred to him now that the Greys might not be the only ones who were hunting for the girl. So, he had chosen to follow the succubus. It wasn’t hard with his enhancements, to keep track of the flying demon. She was relying purely on her glamour to keep her hidden from the world below.

He followed her for a good hour, keeping his distance as she went from church to church to church. It was with a sense of relief and then sweet anticipation when he observed the demon suddenly stop, as if struck by something out of the blue. Her constant flight swiftly ending, and she held herself aloft in a single spot, her large wings easily holding her in the sky. When she took off at speed away from the city, he couldn’t help but feel satisfaction. His hunch had borne fruit, the demon knew something and all he had to do now was follow her and report.

Rafe knew it within his bones. Lord Grey would have his McCallister and Steelhaven would never be the same again.


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