Feature Writer: Angel Cherysse


Published: 22.11.2016

Story Codes: MF, Bi, Shemale, TS, Fiction, Cuckold, FemaleDom, Interracial, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Enema, Oral, Transformation

Synopsis: What if your most cherished dream could become reality? What if the love of your life became a cultural icon? Are you strong enough to weather the storm brought on by these two potentially disparate actions?


The Institute: Body Double 4

Go ahead. Tell me you could be perfectly blasé coming home to your television/movie-star-clone wife every day, as if it were the most normal routine on earth. Tell me having sex every night with an out-and-out goddess – an insatiable screamer of a goddess – is “ho-hum, same old, same old”. Tell me you wouldn’t be tripping over your own tongue and doing your very best to keep saliva spots off your shoes. Tell me seeing the rings on her finger and hearing this woman tell you she loves you with all her heart for making her dream life come true isn’t the most humbling experience you have had in your life.

Tell me you wouldn’t do, give her anything she asked for with a snap of those elegantly-manicured fingers and a rich, gentle purr in that crisp, alluring British accent.

It’s not like she had to go to court to legally change her name. Alexis Morrell was her name. If she had to sign legal documents, it was “D. Alexis Morrell”. Otherwise, the metamorphosis was complete. She embraced her new identity with serene confidence. Other than me, Mama was her biggest fan. The other girls and clients at the salon were not far behind. People came up to her and asked for her autograph.

“Wow, you are even more stunning in person. I swear, you don’t look a day over twenty-five.”


Alexis was beyond exquisite as she left that Friday evening to join Mama and their friends. The black crepe dress hugged her curves like wet tissue. The right arm was bare. The left shoulder strap featured a big, fluffy bow. It wasn’t low-cut, but the thrust of her F-cup breasts through the clingy material was not to be denied. The hem demurely covered the welts of her stockings, unless she moved suddenly or bent over. Add a pair of Christian Louboutin platform pumps with seven-inch stiletto heels, jewelry, perfume, makeup and hair and my lover was hot. So was the embrace she gave me before she went out the door, complete with grinding her pussy into my crotch.

“No other boy I ever dated would have let me walk out the door looking like this unless he was attached to my side like a remora,” she posited. “You are the ‘real man’ in my life. Don’t think for a moment I don’t recognize that – and appreciate it.”

She paused for a moment, her eyes fixed on a point over my shoulder as her mind wandered. A coy smile tugged at the corners of her glossy lips as her attention returned.

“Just think of all those boys who will be there tonight,” she continued in her saucy, accented ‘Alexis’ voice, reinforcing her words with the pressure of her pussy rubbing back and forth against my clothed flesh. “They will see me and want me so bad. They will take me out on the dance floor and dance real close, pressing their sex against mine just the way I am doing to you right now. Their hands will be all over my body, too; touching, feeling, caressing, trying to get me as hot for them as I am getting you for me…”

Her words were getting me hot and bothered. She had slipped into our hot wife role-playing fantasy so smoothly, effortlessly, knowing full well the erotic effect it had on my libido as well as hers.

“You had better be ready to perform for me when I get home, Pretty boy,” she cooed, gently scraping the sharp tips of her fingernails down the tender flesh of my cheek. “I’m going to need good loving and lots of it after the evening I’m going to have. If you can’t give me what I need, I might have to go elsewhere to find it.”

She punctuated her threat/promise with the lightest, sweetest buss on my lips, adding a stroke of my cheek with the palm of her hand. Then she was gone.


It must have been close to 3AM when I was awakened by a shifting of the mattress. It was dark, but I felt myself being straddled, pinning my arms to my sides. A looming presence hovered above my head. My nose detected a pungent, complex bouquet of hairspray, perfume, liquor, raging sexual arousal.

“Do me,” her voice hissed in the night as she jammed her sex into my face. My mouth was immediately flooded with a gush of thick, ropy, pungent cum. She had really done it!

“Clean my cunt, you bastard,” she commanded. “You have no clue how much I need a good, hard fucking. Those pricks were all over me all night, teasing me, enticing me, feeling me up, dry-humping me on the dance floor, whispering sweet nothings in my ear, telling me no real man would allow a girl like me to go out without him, looking as fine as I do, unless he wanted me to get laid by any man who had the stones to take me. Your mama got laid. Gayle got laid. Jennifer got laid. Even Elizabeth got laid.

“There was this one guy who walked up and introduced himself as pretty as you please. Even in my high heels, I had to look up to him. He was so ripped, even his muscles had muscles. He took me out on the dance floor and danced real close. I could feel him, Michael; right through his pants. His cock was huge; the biggest I have ever felt in my life. He was hard, throbbing and wanted me so bad. God help me, I wanted him, too! What was I to do, Michael? What was I to do?”

She had hold of my head with both hands, jamming my face into her hot, steamy snatch. Her well-toned muscles were expelling her juices and his into my mouth in waves. I could easily envision this faceless, well-hung stud having his way with her, filling her cunt to overflowing with his demon seed. That, plus her vile, stream-of-consciousness invective of how she had been defiled these past few hours was like a drug, binding me to her, compelling me to do her bidding. I wanted to please her, worship at her temple, give her any and all she required of me. As I lapped furiously at her love canal, she screamed through one climax after another; still she wasn’t satisfied.

I knew instinctively what I had to do. I managed to roll her off me and onto her back. Reaching across her, I opened the top drawer of her nightstand and withdrew the Manhandler. Holding her tightly with my right arm, I jammed all ten inches of latex ‘meat’ into her with my left and pumped hard, emulating her description of how she had been taken and used like a fuck toy. She seized my left wrist with both hands; not to pull the phallus out, but to drive it in harder, deeper. Her banshee wails intensified with the assault, echoing off walls and windows and crashing into my head.

My lover released her death grip on my wrist. Her hypersonic screams tapered off to whimpers. We both rolled onto our backs, panting. Alexis pulled the latex intruder from her well-used hole and tossed it aside. Her whole body vibrated like a cell phone on silent ring. I closed my eyes for a minute…

I awoke to a sharp prick in the side of my neck. A sudden rush of intense warmth and well-being suffused my senses. I felt … detached, dreamy, like I was being borne aloft on a carpet of fog. At the same time, I felt tingly, electrified, as if millions of nerve synapses were firing in sequence. It was still dark in the room, but there was enough light emanating from the clock-radio on the nightstand to make out my lover pulling back from my side, a dermal injector pen in her hand.

“That’s better,” she sighed. “I gave you a little ‘mood enhancer”. That will make this next part so much more pleasurable for you. She’s all yours, Jean-Claude. Make her your bitch.”

A darker shape emerged from the darkness. In the semi-illumination, it appeared very tall, very broad, and very muscular. Jutting out from the inverted “V” of his loins was something huge! As he pressed it to my lips, I could detect its pungent aroma.

“Suck it, Baby,” she cooed in my ear. “Suck his cock. Show him you are alright with him being here.”

The pressure persisted until I finally had to part my lips and jaw. The bulbous head slipped in, then withdrew, then entered again; this time a little deeper. The process repeated. Each time, a little more of the thick shaft worked its way into my mouth. In my euphoric state, I suddenly craved this delectable hunk of man-meat more than the tenderest, juiciest sirloin. I grabbed the shaft with both hands and guided its seductive bulk into my oral opening.

“Ooooo, that’s the way, Baby,” she purred appreciatively. “Take all of him. We knew, in your heart, there was no way you could resist this.”

I sucked greedily, savoring the flavor. It was … different than that which had filled my wife’s quim. In fact, it was better, somehow sweeter. I was in bed with the love of my life. We were sharing this, as we shared all important things. Everything was alright.

“That’s so good, Baby,” my lover repeated, “but you know what? He is still not sure of you. He needs to be convinced you are totally okay with being his little fuck toy. What can we do to set his mind at ease? I have an idea. Help me with this, Baby. This is going to be the best yet.”

Under her prodding, I rolled over, then rose on elbows and knees, my tush high in the air. I could feel the mattress shift as he positioned himself behind me. It was like that first time all over again, but better. I heard the soft pop, like that of a plastic cap, followed by a barely-audible gurgle. Then came the first cold, lubed finger, then the second, then the third, sawing their way in and out of my anal flower, expanding my hole and making my insides slick. At last, the trio withdrew.

“Here he comes, Baby,” she purred. “Relax. Welcome him into you. He wants to make it good for you, too, just like you want to make it good for him.”

A hard, muscular arm wrapped firmly around my waist, holding me in place. Then I felt him at my opening and pushed back, allowing him access. He entered a little, then eased back, then pressed forward a little more, then eased back again. The pattern repeated as he filled me, inch by glorious inch, until I could feel his balls pressing into the cleft between my ass cheeks. He was in me now, filling me beyond full. Oh God, he was big! The shaft of his dong was rubbing against my prostate. Electric jolts of pure pleasure rocketed through my whole body. I rocked back to meet his thrusts, greedily seeking out every fraction of an inch he had to offer.

“That’s it, Baby,” she encouraged in my ear. “Give in to him. Take it. You know you want it. Use his cock for your pleasure, even as he is using your pussy for his.”

I did want it; more than I had wanted anything in my life. My entire body was vibrating like a violin string. My lover was using me for his pleasure, even as I was using him for mine. Alexis was there with me, assuring me everything was fine. It was fine; more fine than it had ever been before in my whole life. The tension was building towards a crescendo…

My world exploded, came undone. My whole being exited through its only avenue of escape, even as the stud emptied his into my bottom. Every thought I had had, every feeling I had felt, every emotion I had experienced was nothing compared to this. If not for the supporting arm around my middle, I would have collapsed like a rag doll. The arm let me down gently, rolling me on my side, with him spooned behind me. His amazing cock was still hard, still buried inside me.

“That was perfect, Baby,” Alexis’ voice whispered in my ear. “Sleep now. Everything is going to be just fine.”