Feature Writer: Mark Gander /
Feature Title: THE HONEY DEW LIST 5 /
Published: 01.12.2016
Copyright: © 2016 by Mark Gander

Story Codes: MF, FF, MM, Bi, Drug-use, Hypnosis, Paranormal, Incest, BDSM, Anal, Pegging, Pregnancy, Squirting, Voyeurism, WS, Violent /

Synopsis: A little play on words here. Damien Martin is right on the verge of dumping his rather demanding live-in girlfriend Cassidy Lassiter, when she surprises him with a new “honey-do list” that isn’t so bad after all. /

The Honey Dew List

Chapter 5

“So, Tara, welcome to our humble abode. Well, we’re all moving in together soon. If you want to be part of that move, be sure to let us know. If you’re still involved with Damien, that is. I’d be disappointed in you if you weren’t, but there’s no accounting for taste. Damien’s the best,” Cassidy told Damien’s colleague, Tara Harmon, in front of the others.

“So … you’re intimate with your girlfriend, her sister, and her mother? And you still had enough left to fuck me that well earlier today? Damn, Damien, I had no idea that you were that virile! I’m impressed! Granted, my religion disapproves of adultery, incest, etc. It also disapproves of bigamy, which Roger committed. I’m supposed to be a good Catholic girl, but … wow! At this point, I just want my marriage annulled and I don’t really plan to remarry, unless it’s to Damien. Since he’ll already be married to you, I’ll just have to be one of his mistresses.

“I’ve always had a naughty side, even as I have struggled with it. In any case, I’ve decided what to do. I gave myself to Roger and he did this to me, hid behind my back. Damien has had the courtesy and decency never to pretend that I’d be his one and only, and that I have to respect. Plus, as I told him, I was only able to resist him for Roger’s sake, and he was so willing to accept and respect my wedding vows for as long as I wished to keep them. Now that Roger has thrown my love and respect away by playing this awful game with me, it’s Damien’s turn to have me.

“So, yeah, count me in. All the way. To hell with the consequences! I want what I want … and what I fucking want is Damien! I’ve wanted him for a while now, but I held back for the sake of my marriage, because I also wanted Roger and I didn’t think that I could have both of them. My feelings for Roger were stronger, emphasis on the past tense, though it still hurts. But I mean it. I don’t care that I’m on the fucking rebound. I’ve wanted Damien since we met. He makes me wet just talking to him. So, there. If you’re inviting me to stay with him and share him with you, I’m all in,” Tara told them, punctuating her point by raising her skirt to show her bare bottom as she sat on his lap.

“Well, babe, consider her an addition to the ‘honey do list, ‘ please. And you know what that means. Tara deserves to know, though. The women on the ‘honey do list’ are women that I swore Damien on his honor to keep fucking … permanently. Well, one man, too, but he’s gay and a bottom. A bit of a twink, too. Mind you, he technically only swore to the ones already on the list, but I hope that he’ll permit me to add names now and then to it. Well, within reason. I did swear to keep it to a sensible limit. I’m hoping that he relaxes that rule just a bit, though,” Cassidy explained.

“I’ll agree to letting you add Tara, but after her, I get either a veto on new names to the list before you add them … or I get to write out a list of my own for you to follow. Which is it? Either way, Tara’s a done deal. She’s in if she wants in and it sounds like she does,” Damien winked mischievously, unsure which one Cassidy would pick, but confident that he would enjoy either choice.

“That’s easy. A list of your own. It’s only fair. I’ve written plenty of lists for you, after all. But the veto’s not nearly as much fun. I like the idea of you committing to the women … and maybe a few men besides Umberto, ahead of time. Don’t worry, dear. You’re a Top, so it’s strictly bottoms for you. So, babe, feel free to write your own ‘honey do list’ and I swear in advance that I will comply with it, provided that you do the same,” Cassidy took the opportunity to have some fun with not only sharing, but being shared … she loved the idea that she would have no say in picking the partners on the list, nor would he.

“Perhaps we should limit ourselves to the lists, though. Only the partners on the list. Obviously, yours includes your mother, sister, and Tara, if Tara is open to the fair sex, that is. If we stick to the lists, it should keep things from getting too wild. Tara is obviously on my list, along with you, Mom, Tammy, Stephanie, Umberto, Vera, and Emmanuelle. Any other names that you want to add to the list now? I can add Roger, Tara’s husband, to your list if he comes crawling back and Tara accepts him, that is. Maybe Wanda, too, if she decides to share him with Tara after all. But for now I won’t. For now. The list allows to expand our circle in stages, carefully controlled, but with enough unpredictability to be spontaneous and fun,” Damien proposed.

“I like that. The list only. Stick to the list. If you or I go outside it, it’s cheating, but we can forgive each other provided that there is genuine remorse and maybe even some willing penance. But no talk of vetoes. Deal?” Cassidy offered with a kiss.

“Deal,” Damien agreed, locking lips with her.

“The list only affects you and Cassidy now, but what about us? We need lists, too. It’s only fair. Not sure if it would work for Stephanie while she’s in porn, but I propose that Cassidy and us all help write Damien’s list and he writes ours. Fair? Stephanie doesn’t have to follow the list, yet, but the price is that until she does, she doesn’t have any say in writing yours,” Tammy urged them.

“I agree with that. Deal?” Maryam asked.

“Same provisions, then. You agree ahead of time to follow your list and I agree to follow mine. Right, Cassidy?” Damien demanded.

“Precisely. What of you, Tara? Do you want in on the list, with the stipulation that you have to follow yours, but you’d get to help write Damien’s? You’d get to boss the boss around on something. Think of that,” Cassidy suggested to Tara, who was now very wet at the idea of such a game or arrangement … it was regulatory, but fun and playful in a way.

“And Damien would write mine. Only Damien? I could honestly tell Roger that if he wanted me back, he’d have to convince Damien. I love it! Well, Damien, honey, I think that you got yourself a plaything … a willing fuck toy!” Tara told him with a hungry kiss.

“Any girls catch your eye today?” Cassidy asked Damien upfront.

“Yes, as it happens. Charlene at Wendy’s, though she is married. She does seem attracted to me, though. She’s often at the drive-through and often flirts, but shyly. I’m not sure why she does that, given that she’s married, but she does. And Trish, the waitress from the cafe. She helped us out with getting some privacy to fuck, Tara and I, that is,” Damien grinned.

“Consider Trish to be on your list for sure. We’ll have to look into Charlene. See what’s up with that. Wouldn’t you agree, Cass?” Maryam proposed.

“Works for me,” Cassidy declared.

“And me,” Tammy added.

“I love it! Trish is lovely, after all, even if she helped get me served. She didn’t mean to do that,” Tara acknowledged, “And she more than made up for it afterward.”

“Served?” Cassidy asked.

“With a subpoena related to Roger’s upcoming divorce from Wanda for bigamy. Which was what brought this up and started my affair with Tara,” Damien explained.

“Speaking of which, I would like to watch you two fuck, if that’s alright. You had one quickie so far. Not much of an affair. Let’s see you drill her in front of us, please,” Cassidy urged them.

The next thing that happened, Tara was riding Damien on his lap, her pussy spread nice and wet by his cock as it went as deep as it could from below. It was bareback, of course, and she loved the feeling of his fine dick, the fleshy, veiny tool that now penetrated her depths. Damien also enjoyed the act, to the point that he fondled her buns as she bounced up and down on his prick, relishing the impalement.

They screwed with such force that Damien honestly feared at various points that she’d break his cock, but she didn’t, of course. What she did was to squeeze the maximum pleasure from both of them, as she also forced him to shoot his seed up inside her snatch. They fucked so hard that Tara’s glasses fell off her face and only quick thinking by Tammy saved them. They kept fucking for a little longer, as Tara reached her climax and then came down with incredible power, her entire body shaking with her ecstasy. She hobbled to her feet and retrieved her glasses, her pussy now slick with Damien’s spunk as it leaked down to her ankles.

“Thank you, Damien … and ladies! That was delicious, even more than the first time! I think that I should strip, though. Nudity seems to be de rigeur around here, or am I wrong?” Tara licked her lips as she undressed in front of them, letting her hair down, too.

“You’re not wrong. Not even slightly. We can talk more about it over supper, though. How about we order some pizza? I’m sure that we’re all a little beat right now and I’d rather save my strength for sex. Wouldn’t you?” Maryam urged them, to general accord on that front.

Maryam went ahead and ordered the pizza, while Cassidy, Tammy, and Tara started prying details about Damien’s past from him, with various degrees of success, until, that was Maryam returned to the living room and joined the interrogation. The purpose of that inquiry was clear: they wanted names to add to Damien’s “honey do list.” These people would have to be tracked down, but the girls were sure that once they were, at least a few of them would want to return to Damien’s loving arms, if not all of them. The more old flames, the longer the list, now that it was established that they could add more to it.

“Some might be married in the traditional monogamous sense, especially the ones farthest back, but I hold out a lot of hope for Lauren, from the sound of it, probably Adi and Morgan, too. Maybe even Natasha. Only geography and jealousy might stop Adi, and by now, who knows how she really feels about those issues as opposed to in the past. I personally suspect that more than a couple of Damien’s exes regret becoming exes. Plus, I think that it would be sweet, as an Arab Muslim woman, to welcome a Jewish girl into the family, even one from Israel itself. Talk about your reconciliation and love overcoming bitterness!” Maryam openly licked her lips now.

“Yes, but you also mean that you want to eat her pussy and lick her ass, don’t you? Forbidden fruit, Romeo and Juliet, the love that dare not speak its name,” Cassidy teased her mother.

“Well, there’s that, too. Plus, I’d like to compare couscous recipes,” Maryam would have blushed if she could, her twat now rather damp at the prospect of Israeli tail.

“Is that what you call it these days?” Tara joined in on the teasing.

“Mommy does love the taste of a good cunt, don’t you, Mom?” Tammy giggled now.

“So, you really want me to bone Adi good and hard. Word of warning, that woman cusses in Hebrew so loud at times during sex that it’s hard to prevent hearing the whole damn thing!” Damien chuckled now.

“That’s probably because you’re so good in bed, and you’re even better now than you used to be, stud. I bet that the whole block will hear her moans, curses, and screams of ecstasy!” Cassidy said as she began sucking Tara’s juices off his dick, while Tammy started licking his balls.

“I should point out that Stephanie and Adi stopped getting along when Adi recklessly accused Stephanie of incest with me. I’m not sure if they’ll forgive each other, let alone share me with each other,” Damien observed, “Though I would love it if they did.”

“Well, now she won’t have to accuse her, because the incest will be true. By the way, Steph’s porn screen name is ‘Sister Stacey.’ Odd name, don’t you think, for a porn starlet? On her profile with her production company, her relationship status says, ‘Waiting for my brother.’ It can’t get any plainer than that. She’s your twin, isn’t she? It’s time for some twincest,” Cassidy encouraged her man even more.

“Wow, a real-life porn star! I hope that she retires, though, so she can spend time with us all the time. Imagine the fun that we can all have with her around,” Tara thought aloud as she now licked Damien’s taint.

Just then, the pizza guy arrived and Maryam was stunned at how little he was affected by her nudity right then.

“Oh, that’s because I’m gay. Who’s the stud, though? He seems hot!” the delivery boy pointed to Damien.

“That’s my son-in-law … You like? Maybe you’ll get lucky someday,” Maryam teased him, glad to make him hard at last, if indirectly through Damien.

“I should be so lucky,” the guy chuckled as he took payment and waited for the tip for a second.

“Add him to the list?” Maryam turned to the other ladies, who nodded.

“Alright, stud, do your chores!” Cassidy slapped Damien’s ass, as he walked over to the pizza guy and yanked down his pants.

The lube took only a few seconds to apply, as it was some of the garlic-butter sauce, and before a few minutes had passed, Damien was inside the pizza guy’s butt from behind, sodomizing him with a fury right in the doorway. The very public nature of the act only excited both of them more. He had a rather cute ass for a guy, though he was only twenty-one, so that might have explained it. The act only lasted for another minute or so, because the youth was very tight back there, due to having only been with his high school and college boyfriends in the past, the former of whom had been a bottom rather than a Top.

As Damien spilled his jizz up Will’s sexy, biracial butt, the ladies cheered and Maryam gave him an even larger tip than she initially planned. They also exchanged numbers for the purposes of sexual companionship for Damien, since Will wanted more of what Damien had to offer. Being a versatile instead of a strict Top or bottom, he would also be useful to help satisfy Umberto, they realized. He ran a little late coming back, but he could make up some excuse to fool the boss this time. He just decided to make sure that in the future, he limited visits like these in favor of ones on his spare time.

Damien found himself being wiped off by eager, lustful women, so that after the pizza, they could drag him to bed and take turns with him. The looks on their faces also said that they would gladly let him punish them for any mischief, but they wouldn’t avoid pulling tricks like that in the future … far from it. They also teased him incessantly about the other women on the list, not to mention Umberto and Will.

“You know, I just realized that no one wiped Damien’s cock after he fucked me. So, some of my pussy juice is now inside Will’s booty. How’s that?” Tara laughed while making out with her new lover, her boss.

“Damn, that’s hot! We should do that more often. Leave traces of pussy inside each other. Yours, mine, hers, etc. I’m going to have a lot of fun when you fuck Adi or Morgan or Lauren or Natasha and place your cock straight from them inside me,” Cassidy told him bluntly, “You’ll need those pills then for sure. Even more fun when it’s Stephanie’s juices in my twat.”

“I love that idea, too. Just as I love knowing that I’ve had my juices inside you and vice versa, same with Mom and me … and Mom and you. I’m going to enjoy fucking him with Tara’s fluids there on his dick, too. I hope that the feeling is mutual. By the way, like how I have helped reorganize some things? If we’re going to be visiting here a lot until the lease expires, we might as well make ourselves at home,” Tammy showed some of the work that she had done on decor, including some rock band posters from bands such as Metallica and Def Leppard.

“Very nice work, there, Tam. What will you do for an encore?” Damien teased her, kissing her to show that he was only having fun at her expense and he did appreciate it, “Seriously, thank you, Tammy.”

“So, the mailman for Cassidy’s list, I think it’s safe to say. It’s only fair. I did promise that she could screw him next time. Stephanie on her list as well. And Marlene and her husband. It’s only fair to him. Plus, Vera, Emmanuelle, and Amos Clark, if he proves open to it. He’s quite worthy of the list. And Trish and her boss. Maybe his wife, too, if it comes to that. Plus any girls who get added to my list, as well as any bisexual men who are added, too,” Damien added now.

“Do I get to have those people on my list, too?” Tammy asked him now.

“Of course, and Roger and Wanda, as noted before, if things go well. Any husbands of married women who get added to the list. That’s only fair. For both of you. Well, for Mom and Tara, too. Fair enough?” Damien smiled devilishly now.

“What about mall Santa, when the story is posted, I mean? May I use him?” Tara asked.

“Okay, but he also goes on their lists, too,” Damien announced.

“Thank you. Wow, that’s a lot of definite and possible partners, but it’s large enough to be practical, and names can be removed, I think, right?” Tara asked aloud.

“That’s only sensible. If someone no longer works for us, remove their name and be done with them. Oh, and what about condoms?” Damien answered.

“Fuck that noise. Part of the fun with the list is that it limits exposure to social diseases in the first place. By being somewhat selective, we can screen and reduce the risks. It also gives us a decent pool, neither too large, nor too small, of possible fathers, right? Besides, I’m Catholic. I might be a flawed one, but I refuse to do anything but bareback. If someone is worth fucking, they’re worth the risk. Deal?” Tara put out her hand and the others put theirs on top, including Damien himself.

By now, the five of them were going through the pizza like it was going out of style, with the ladies doing little tricks to keep Damien nice and horny. Tara, for instance, slipped a slice of pepperoni on each tit and let Maryam eat them directly off her breasts. Tammy, meanwhile, spread her mother’s cheeks and licked parmesan from her butt-crack, while Cassidy smeared marinara sauce on Tammy’s twat and began cleaning it off orally. The effect was predictable. Between those little deviant activities and the blue pill now in Damien’s system after he swallowed it down with beer, he was soon hard as steel again.

Before long, Damien had Cassidy bent over an ottoman and plowed her pussy good and rough, much to her delight as she thought of whom he might fuck next and fill with her juices. Cassidy was even more aroused when Tammy spread her cheeks and started rimming her in front of their mother and Tara. When Damien pulled out of Cassidy to begin fucking Tammy for a few strokes before sliding back inside Cassidy, both women became very weak in the knees indeed. He kept it up, moving back and forth between the sisters, even as Maryam got busy rimming Tammy herself. It was clear that the idea of sharing their pussy juices was a real turn-on for all of them.

As for Tara, her own plan was simple, and she acted on it by lubing Damien up and slipping her fingers inside his butt while she licked his taint and sucked his balls. While he tried hard not to cum too soon, Tara made it even tougher on him to prevent it, her mouth and fingers working magically against his willpower. Damien was in Heaven for sure, especially as he felt the sensual differences, both appealing, of Cassidy’s and Tammy’s twats, too. Hearing their moans as they were fucked and had their asses licked was yet another delight that drove him near the brink. They were incredibly smooth, silky, warm, and wet as he fucked them both.

“Just imagine fucking Marlene, grudge-style, as you’re going to do, since we’ll be sure to add her to your list,” Cassidy finally encouraged Damien, forcing him to expel his load inside her cunt.

“Okay, let’s get your hard again for my mother, eh? Her turn is next,” Tammy said as she worked with Cassidy and Tara make Damien ready for Maryam’s round.

“You meant that part about Marlene, didn’t you? What if she doesn’t want even a grudge-fuck?” Damien asked.

“Then you’re off the hook, but I highly doubt it. Marlene stares at you very hungrily, like a lioness does with a zebra, whenever she doesn’t think that you or I are looking. Even a hint that she could fuck you without consequences and she’d be in bed with you before you could say ‘Casanova, ‘ my dear. I think that she only resents you because you haven’t screwed her yet, not even to cheat on me. She once told me that ‘Cheating is just a game. You can’t blame a guy or girl for playing games, can you?’ Yeah, I know, a bad influence, but a very fun friend … most of the time. Maybe we can rub off on her instead,” Cassidy replied as she orally pleasured her fiance’s balls, avoiding his cock as the others did to keep her juices on it.

The pills must have still worked, because Damien was soon able to get it up for Maryam yet again, much to her gratification, as she showed by bending over the dining room table and taking it balls deep in her twat. She also made it plain that once she was safely pregnant, the ass would be given up on demand. She just wanted to be sure to get knocked up first, so it was a steady diet of pussy first, during the first few days off birth control.

“I agree, so that’s why when I fuck the mailman, I’m going to take it in the butt, if you don’t mind my revising the plan. I hadn’t thought of that. Anal will be just as much kinky fun and won’t result in him putting a bun in my oven. I don’t want to be a cliche, after all. Besides, imagine how quickly he’ll cum if he’s in my ass. Talk about your quickies! And I can avoid making you eat a creampie easier that way, well, that and showering later, of course. If anyone asks, I’m practicing ‘family planning, ‘ right?” Cassidy teased as she licked her mother’s ass while Tara rimmed her own and Tammy devoured Tara’s.

“I want to make sure that my first baby is Damien’s, too. It’s just gotta be. If Roger wants me back, part of the deal is accepting that Damien has a permanent role in my love life and that my first child is his. That’s the price that he must pay for bigamy, if nothing else,” Tara asserted between licks of Cassidy’s bum.

“Yeah, he needs to breed all four of us first, I agree,” Tammy interjected while rimming Tara.

“He should breed Stephanie, too, I think. If she’ll permit it, with her career and all that jazz. Not that I resent her career, sorry, if it seems so, but she loves her brother. She would be so much happier if she were reunited with him, more than anything else could bring joy to her life. The idea of a porn starlet with a baby bump from her own brother is very hot indeed, very sexy,” Maryam confessed before she lost her voice due to Damien’s powerful thrusts inside her twat.

Damien kept it up as long as he could, helped by having already cum thrice since he got home. Even so, talk of breeding so many women didn’t help his resistance to his growing need to cum inside Maryam Aziz Lassiter. Her fantastic hip strokes didn’t aid that cause, either, nor did the sight of his sweet Cassidy licking her own mother’s ass. For that matter, her slippery wet twat was a very strong factor hurting his prospects of holding out instead of unloading his jizz inside her cunt. The last straw was what Cassidy told him next.

“Just think, that was the very hole that I exited. It was the very hole through which Daddy put the seed that made me inside Mom. Just think of that, baby … It’s the same hole that pushed me out and in nine months, that very hole will push out my baby brother or sister, with you as the Daddy. Just think of that as you’re breeding Mom. Not to mention, my baby brother or sister will be half-brother or half-sister to our kids, honey. Imagine that,” Cassidy said, triggering both Maryam’s release and Damien’s at once from the thought of how kinky that would be, to breed mother and daughters at once.

“Well, it’s safe to say that I’ll need a breather, and then it’ll be Tammy’s turn, since she got fucked, but not seeded. Besides, she did a lot of nice work on the apartment, didn’t she?” Damien praised Tammy, making her smile and lick her lips at the idea of being taken next by him.

“One thing’s for sure. Our workplace relations are going to be awkward, but fun. HR might throw a hissy fit, but they’ll get over it. This is a smaller rag. We’re more intimate, almost a family. It’s only a matter of time before two members of the family, or more, get a little physical with each other. It’s probably happened already, so this isn’t without precedent. Besides, what can they do? We outsource all the HR stuff, anyway, so they don’t even have authority over us, strictly speaking,” Tara told Damien as she made out with him, as did Maryam, Cassidy, and Tammy in quick succession.

“Well, dear, this list of yours is the best idea that you’ve ever had,” Damien told Cassidy in the shower.

“Just wait, baby. To quote Bachman Turner Overdrive, ‘You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.’ We’re in for a wild and crazy time, and we’re all going to love it, especially this time of year,” Cassidy said as she hummed “Winter Wonderland.”

“Merry Christmas, honey,” Damien told her now.

“Same to you, dear. The merriest Christmas of all and the happiest New Year,” Cassidy gave him a wink and a kiss while fondling his freshly washed dick in the shower.


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