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Feature Title: The Hidden Camera

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Story Codes: MFf, Young, Incest, Mast, Oral, Bi, Voyeur

Synopsis: I wanted to see my sister in the nude and see if all that moaning I had heard was her playing with herself. But I was shocked by what I saw what was really happening.

The Hidden Camera 1

My sister has always been good looking, but when she got into her teens and started filling out, well, all the guys a school would stop dead in their tracks just to watch her walk by.

My buddies asked me more than a few times if I would see if she would go out with them and I told always told them to ask her themselves.

Well if you really want to know, I had a thing for my sister as well. Just looking her got me going in a big way. At times when we were home alone she would walk around in just her bra and panties and I would get a hard-on just looking at her.

She would laugh at me saying that, “I shouldn’t walk around with socks in my pants’ or ‘does little brother have a tiny hard-on in his pants cause he’s looking at his sister?” Then she would call me a little perv or she would call me, “A fucking asshole who gets hard-ons for his own sister.” She loved to walk around with her nose so far up in the air, I wondered how she could see where she was going. Bitch.

Even though she was a tease I really did want to see her naked. I fantasized about it and it soon became an obsession. So one day I came up with the idea to plant a spy camera in her bedroom and video her dressing and undressing and maybe even playing with herself. Then I figured that could make pictures of her and sell when to the guys at school.

Candy — that’s my sister’s name — has a tiny mole about two inches below her neck so everyone would know it was her in the pictures and I could have some jack-off videos to watch too. It’s a good thing I joined the camera club at school so I knew how to set up cameras for the best shots.

One day, Mom and dad were going over to his brothers place and Candy always went with them. I never do because I don’t like him because all he ever does is call me names and belittle me. I don’t understand why mom and dad let him do that, but they do, so I just don’t go anymore. But that gave me four hours to set up my cameras where Candy wouldn’t find them, I even put them on a WIFI system so I could download everything on to my laptop without disturbing the cameras.

That night after I went to my room I turned on my cameras and watched as my sexy sister come into her room. She started combing her long dark red hair and looking at something on her cell phone. She then called one of her girlfriends and I could hear some things she said but not everything. I had put a microphone in her room as well, but I would have to move it to get everything she said.

When she ended her call she started undressing. I already had my cock out ready to jack-off watching her. She took off her top first and then her bra, which is a 32B. I know that because I checked it out. Then she unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor stepping out of it, giving me a great view of her firm round ass in a thong as she picked up her skirt. I didn’t even have to touch my cock it was as hard as a rock. Candy was fourteen years old and had already developed those curvy planes like a hooters waitress.

She then pulled her bra off and put her hands on her tits, playing with them and pulling on her nipples, making them get hard. Oh my god, I was in pervert heaven! But I was hoping she would get rid of her thong and maybe play with her pussy for me. It was like she could read my mind because she started taking off her thong just then, whipping her hips as she did to get they to slide down legs to the floor. She picked them up with her toes and lifted them up and threw them on her dresser.

Then Candy dropped back on to her bed moved to the middle, starting to move her hands up to her tits and down to her shaved pussy and back up again. Soon she opened her legs and I could see her pussy looked like a baby girls, her folds hadn’t dropped down like the women I had seen in the magazines my buddies had. It made her look even more sexy in my eyes.

It wasn’t long before she started playing with her clit rubbing her fingers in circles. She was soon moaning and jerking with her other hand playing with her rock hard nipples. Soon she started lifting her ass off the bed rubbing hard and fast on her clit. I could see her love juice flowing out of her pussy and down her ass-crack. I was wishing I could taste that as I shot all over my belly. I would have to remember some Kleenex next time.

It was then I got the shock of my life.

As I continued to watch her door opened and dad walk in saying, “I see you’re getting yourself ready for me.” Then Candy said, “After what uncle John did to me I couldn’t wait any longer.”

I was thinking, what in the hell was she talking about, and what did he do to her to make her that hot? Then she grabbed dad’s boxers and pulled them down and moved to the edge of the bed, then off onto the floor on her knees in front of dad, grabbing his cock with her hands and jerking it.

Smiling, she looked up at him and asked, “Did you wash mom’s ass juice off your dick when you got home? I don’t want to have mom’s shit in my mouth.”

I’m thinking, what in the fuck is she talking about? And then she says, “You sure fucked and shit out of mom’s ass tonight at uncle John’s place.” Dad replied, “You sure fucked my brother with that tight little pussy of yours, didn’t you?” and laughed.

Now I know why my uncle was a asshole to me, he didn’t want me there so he could fuck my sister.

Dad said he had washed his cock. Candy smiled at him and licked the head of dad’s cock then pulled back she said, “You taste good enough to swallow,” and she started taking more and more of what looked to be eight inch cock in her mouth. It wasn’t long before she had all of his cock in her mouth, sliding it in and out of not only her mouth but down her throat as well.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my fourteen year old sister sucking and deep-throating my dad.

Soon dad pulled her off his cock and stood her up, turned her around, push her face first down on her bed with her ass up in the air, and started working his cock in her pussy from behind. I heard Candy say, “Come on daddy, get your cock in your little daughter’s cunt, fuck me daddy … I love your big cock in my pussy.” He started thrusting in to her. “Faster daddy, I’m going to cum all over your cock daddy!”

She soon started moaning and yelling that she was cumming and dad force her face down onto the sheets trying, to keep her quite. He was banging her so hard I was thinking it had to hurt, but Candy seem to love it.

And that’s when I thought I would see a murder – the door opened and mom walked in … but mom was nude … and for a thirty-eight year old woman she looked good … I mean real good.

I don’t know what she weighs, but I do know that she has small and what I can see, firm tits on her. Her bra size must be a 34A, but her nipples stick out farther than her tits do.

Anyway, she just stood there watching dad fuck her daughter, playing with her shaved pussy as she watched them. It looked like she had at least three and maybe four fingers up her cunt as she watched them.

Dad turned his head and said to mom, that Candy was a very horny girl tonight and mom looked to be having a orgasm with eyes going back in her head, her mouth wide open and her body jerking like she was having a fit.

Dad’s body soon started jerking too and he seem to be cumming in Candy’s pussy and Candy as well was groaning and jerking and hammering her pussy back on dad’s thrusting cock.

After a bit dad pulled out of Candy and mom fell to her knees and pushed her face into Candy’s pussy. It looked like she was chewing on her cunt, but I think she was drinking all that cum that was oozing out of Candy’s pussy slit. It wasn’t long and Candy looked to be getting close to cumming again on moms face as he jacked off, dad moved up on the bed and put his cock in Candy’s mouth I guessed so she wouldn’t yell and maybe wake me up and allow me to catch them fucking each other.

After Candy had come down from her orgasm mom stood up and said to Candy, “Okay baby, it’s your turn to make me cum with your tongue.” Candy smiled and told mom to get on the bed and got between mom’s long shapely legs, kissing her way up to mom’s pussy slit. As Candy reached her pussy Mom grab her hair, pulling her face first into her cunt, telling her to eat her and drink her pussy just like she’d done to her.

What I could not believe is that this was going on for god knows how long and I didn’t know anything about it. I dumbfounded. But I knew now and I was going to get my piece of pussy from not only Candy but mom too.

Then I saw that mom started cumming on Candy’s mouth, and it looked like dad was about to cum in mom’s mouth as well.

All I know is that I had some washing to do in the morning after I shot off three loads watching what was going on. I even thought about selling videos of this, but I think my folks would end up I jail for doing this, after all, Candy is only 1fourteen years old. I think the cops would get upset about it, but man, could I make money on them.

If they let me in on their games, I’ll let you know.