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Subject: The Greater The Sin, The Greater The Forgiveness

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The Greater The Sin, The Greater The Forgiveness

A message from one who purports to be a pastor who shared the following:

” . . . I believe and tell those around me that when one sins, if they pray they will be forgiven. So if you don’t sin there is no need for forgiveness so one should sin and when they do, the greater the sin will result in a greater forgiveness. Such is God’s grace so I share with women I have been with this teaching which helps them reason that it is okay to sleep with me so they can experience the grace of God. . .”

He goes on to share that he truly believes this and feels there is no need to leave the xian God and follow the Dark Lord or some other entity because the xian God, thru his grace, will forgive all anyway. So when one sins they will be forgiven if they ask and they can, if they wish, continue to engage in sin and repeat the process of prayer and walk away knowing that the infractions have been erased from the heavenly ledgers because the xian God says he forgets all as if the sin had never occurred.

Whoever hangs onto this reasoning is going to have issues with the xian God because that is NOT the way forgiveness works. A simple rote prayer or something similar is not sufficient and this pastor should know so. When one prays and asks for forgiveness, the petition is conditioned on the desire to forsake the sin in the future. Note, the prayer is conditioned on wanting to forsake the sin. And that isn’t what happens if you follow his interpretation and application of biblical teaching.

The act of praying and going through the motions is one thing. The efficacy of the prayer (whether or not its heard and God hears and acts) is another. What is happening is this pastor is frequently seducing and frequently fucking any number of his parishioners using his “theology” which can be supported by cherry-picking various scriptures which seem to support what he is saying.

This idea of the need to sin in order to experience God’s grace is not new. It occurred in the early history of the xian church. There were those groups who wanted to experience in a “touchy-feely” way and said that in order to do so, if you sinned, then you could appeal to God’s grace by way of prayer and be forgiven. The greater the sin, the greater the grace extended or forgiveness provided.

There was this idea that can be expressed like this: I did such and such a sin and I prayed and God forgave me! Hallelujah, Praise the Lord.” But others pointed to the fact that “sin abounds” and no one is truly sinless so why commit sin to receive forgiveness. Thus emerged what we see today as the maxim: We are born in sin, live in sin and will die in sin and only through God’s grace which can never be deserved but is a gift (For all sin and fall short of the glory of God but the Gift of God is forgiveness and acceptance).

Sadly we are told that this gift can only be received via the, “Church,” be it whatever denomination who holds to basic xian doctrine. So, xians are face with trying to achieve an impossible ideal which can’t be achieved even in death. We are always sinning, coming up short and failing no matter how we live and how much we sacrifice in ourselves and our lives. I have discussed this in other articles so I won’t here except to say I discovered, for me, that the Dark Lord is maybe the real Lord of the Universe because he truly takes me as I am, as I am created and his, “Rule,” for me is to love him and love my neighbor as I love myself, a struggle in itself.

What I have discovered as a follower of the Dark Lord is I am not compelled to live by the morality of others and as long as I exercise prudence, discretion, responsibility and common sense, I am able to relate to others within the context of how I see my world. If I truly regret an action I have taken, I can and will. But I am not subject to a morality that restricts my thoughts, my mind or even my actions. This last, though, is one where the four maxims apply and context is important. I am not writing a treatise on sin or moral behavior.

What I should say is that the pastor who has presented me with this proclamation re sin and forgiveness, in my personal opinion, is using this corruption of xian teaching as a strategy to seduce and frequently fuck his parishioners. By believing in the Dark Lord I have no need to come up with such a subterfuge

I have written this article because of the unique issue that this pastor has presented so others will be aware of how he goes about getting xian women to do as he wishes sexually and maybe in other things. I don’t believe even the Dark Lord is happy with his actions but then I am not privy to what happens where His Wickedness resides and presides.

I am reminded of a young wife who was frequently fucking the pastor of her church (a true story by the way. One which I know because it involved my husband), having been seduced by him. He was pastoring one of those larger pentecostal type independent churches on the Coast. She was so conflicted about what was happening, she went forward for altar call every Sunday, for prayer and guidance and it was this pastor who would kneel and pray with her as she cried, her husband wondering what in the hell was happening with his wife who was going through all this grief over something she wouldn’t share with him.

It didn’t take long for others to discover what was happening. He was confronted by staff in his church who had seen the two together and he had always locked the door to his study rather than leave it ajar when he met with women (the church’s expected practice unless another woman sat in). It all came out and my husband was one of the pastors made privy to what happened and how to deal with telling the church, etc. even though we are part of a denomination.

He resigned without severance. Simply disappeared and my husband was one of the pastors who filled the pulpit while they sought an interim of their persuasion. Nothing was ever said. The wife was quietly approached and she admitted what had happened but nothing was said to the church or even her husband by her or anyone else.

There were those who said the pastor was fooling around with the wrong women in his community and was caught by a jealous husband. All manner of tales were told. The errant pastors wife with their children left him when he left the church, returning her home state in the midwest and later divorced him. These things happen in churches. This is one of the reasons I am intensely discreet.

I would not encourage anyone to endorse the above theology of grace and forgiveness. Centuries ago it was labelled a heresy and still is. Sadly, though, the doctrine of inherent sin in all of us emerged and every xian is burdened therewith, leading to the question for many of them, “Is it worth it because sinless perfection is impossible to achieve?”

In the book of Jude in the New Testament, at the ending, is found words like these: we are presented faultless before his throne. Think about that. God sees us a perfect but we are in life imperfect. If that is thought through, why the hell would we seek to live the xian life when the xian God sees me as faultless already or at least when I die he will see me that way?

I am sure there are those who will say, “No, you’re not reading all this in the correct context.” But am I?

(The gif I have chosen speaks to a woman committed to the xian God who is engaging in oral sex because she has made the decision to do so, representing for me a xian who sins to fulfill a desire and can pray and be forgiven afterward but keep on doing so)

I leave this matter at this point and trust that the Dark Lord is pleased

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