The gospel of lust – Non-Fiction

Writer: Koruptdsoud

Subject: The gospel of Lust

Link: Tumblr / 16.04.2021


The gospel of lust 

Bringing temptation to a church near you … the church slut.

Happy Sinday christian, I know exactly what you are going to do at church today, same as you do every Sunday. While the priest drones endlessly on with his boring sermon you survey the congregation in search of all the hot wives in the flock you’d rather be fucking instead of that plain, boring, religious wife of yours. You are a hypocrite and you know it, pretending to be something that you’re not. The word of god means nothing to you, the only thing that matters is the burning fire of lust that rages within your heart. Fuck the New Testament! Sin is your gospel so take the step to walk in a new direction, a new path, to a God that is more aligned to your philosophy and way of life. Hail Satan !!

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