THE FOSTERS by Amandablonde

Feature Writer: Amandablonde

Feature Title: The Fosters

Published: 09.09.2019

Story Codes: Religious, Young, NC, Rape, Corruption

Disclaimer: The characters and events depicted in this work are fictional. The author does not condone or promote any unlawful activity such as is depicted in the story. By continuing to read this work you acknowledge that you are an adult who wishes to read works of fantasy and fiction for the purpose only of fantasy.

The Fosters

Mike Foster and his gorgeous blonde wife Amanda had been married ten years. They had no children as Amanda was infertile. They had met years before when Amanda was a social worker and Mike was her client, in transition from prison to normal life. Mike had done time in a juvenile facility for sex offences with some girls in his school, but he presented as a model prisoner and a good candidate for rehabilitation. He was an adult then. Mike had got religion and presented as sincere. Amanda saw through him and could have cancelled his parole but she didn’t.

Mike was a great actor and had a charismatic personality. Amanda was attracted to him made him her personal project. As soon as he was discharged from parole Amanda used her contacts to get Mike a new identity. They moved from Kentucky to California and Mike got a job as an actor. He never made the big time but still made a good living. They were married soon after they moved. Amanda continued her social work and specialised in working with troubled children. The couple joined their local Congregational Church and were well respected. To the outside world Mike and Amanda Foster appeared to be a model couple.

Inside the four walls of their beautiful home, however, there were secrets. Amanda had always known about Mike’s violent sexual tastes. She had her own rape fantasies and they were a good fit sexually. They had shared their fantasies from the outset. His taste for rape and underage girls was what had got Mike into trouble in Kentucky and Amanda had worked hard to satisfy him in the bedroom to keep him safe in his new God fearing life. But now, after ten years of marriage, both Mike and Amanda could feel intensely the limitations of the life they had built. At night, as they had sex, their fantasies turned increasingly to young girls and raping them together. It was then that Mike and Amanda hatched a plot to bring a young girl into their home and to turn her into their personal sex slave. They had all the right connections through the church and Amanda’s social work. It was risky but the risk added to their excitement at the prospect.

Amanda took her time selecting the right girl. She searched through her files and found what she wanted.  Her name was Amy Harris, a cute blonde tween just the right age for training, with a very troubled past. Her dad was unknown. Her mom was a crack whore junkie who still lived on the street. Amy has been through various foster homes but none of them worked out. She was a wild, rebellious girl who had seen much more of life than she should have for one of such tender years. Amanda took the file to the church and discussed the situation with the pastor. He consulted the church governors and it was agreed that the church would sponsor the child and pay Mike and Amanda to care for her in their home. There would be an initial trial period of three months and if that worked out it would be extended.  It was all agreed. Mike and Amanda attended the child welfare department to sign the necessary papers. They had to undergo a police check but nothing came up.  Amanda had covered Mike’s tracks so well.

Mike and Amanda were excited waiting for the special day to arrive. When it did they met the woman from the institution where Amy had been housed at their front door and there was Amy, standing back and looking surly. The woman brought in Amy’s bag and Amanda showed her what was to be Amy’s room, right next door to the master bedroom that Amanda and Mike shared. Amy had her own TV and a CD player and lots of dolls to play with. She looked at the room uncertainly after she was brought in.

Mike suggested that Amy should have an early night, that night, as the transition was likely to be quite traumatic for her. He advised the woman that right after dinner they would have a bible reading and then put Amy to bed.  The woman beamed in pleasure and shook both their hands warmly.

“What a wonderful couple,” she thought to herself as she left.

The dinner passed without incident but Amanda and Mike could barely get a word out of Amy. She looked at her plate sourly and played with her food. Amanda cleared the plates away and Mike got out his bible. He called Amy to him and put Amy on his lap and then selected passages from the old testament about obedience, keeping slaves and carnal sex. He cock was getting hard as Amy’s ass rubbed on it through the material of his pants. Amanda came into the lounge from the kitchen and beamed at the lovely family scene of the little girl on her new daddy’s lap having the bible read to her. She instructed Amy to listen carefully to God’s word and to take it into her heart. Amy looked at her feet and said nothing.

After ten minutes or so Amanda announced that it was bath time and took Amy to the bathroom. Amanda pulled off Amy’s clothes and bathed her lovingly, checking for any marks on her body. Amanda took particular care washing around Amy’s genitals, and displayed them for the beneift of the hidden camera Mike had installed near the bathroom mirror. Amanda smiled for the camera as she did so.

Bathtime done, Amanda towled off Amy and pulled a flimsy night shirt over her body. She took her hand and led her to her bedroom. Amanda put on a DVD for the girl to fall asleep to. It was a children’s bible story, that had been spliced with a hard core rape movie, about forty-five minutes into the film. Amanda kissed Amy and turned down the bedroom light.

Amanda and Mike went to bed too and discussed in hushed voices what they were going to do with Amy.

“Fuck Amanda, I can’t wait to ram my cock into that little pink cunt. She looked so cute in the bath!”

Amanda stroked Mike’s cock and snuggled into him.

“I know baby, and that little whore is going to love your big beautiful cock after we break her in, but we have to go slowly and carefully okay? We don’t want to blow this heaven sent opportunity do we baby?”

They laughed and explored each other’s bodies for a three quarters of an hour or so. Then, right on cue, there was a knock on the door. It was Amy.

“What is it baby?” cooed Amanda.

“That movie got scary. I can’t sleep. Can I sleep in your bed?”

“Yes of course Amy darling, what a great idea. Let me pull that slip off of you and you crawl in between Mike and me.”
Amanda threw back the covers showing that both she and Mike were naked. His big cock lay over one thigh.  Amy’s eyes widened. Amanda laughed as she climbed out of bed and took Amy by the hand and led her into the bed between the two of them.

“Now, how about Mike and I give you a special sandwich cuddle okay?”

Amy nodded silently.

Mike and Amanda pressed their bodies into Amy as they cuddled her. Their hands roamed over her body.  Mike’s cock was hard and pressed into Amy’ ass.  She squirmed.

“His thing is pressing into me!”

Amanda smiled and put her left hand over Amy’s right hand and guided it behind her until her tiny fingers brushed against Mike’s cock. Amanda moved Amy’s hand up and down the shaft, then arranged her fingers around it.

“Doesn’t that feel nice Amy?”

“Yes … I … I guess so …”

“Good girl. It’s Mike’s cock. Keep your fingers around his cock and move your hand up and down sweetie.”

Amy did so. Mike moaned in pleasure.

“See, Mike likes it! Keep doing that sweetie while I take a little movie of it on my phone! Feel how his cock throbs in your hand!  YEEEEEESSSS GOOD GIRL!!!”

Amy kept stroking Mike for some minutes until Mike pushed Amy back onto the bed and began rubbing his throbbing cock between the smooth folds of her vulva. Amanda held Amy and spoke quietly to her to prevent Amy from panicking, but she gave Mike a warning look.

“Only outside Mike tonight. Not inside okay?”

Mike looked disappointed but grunted, “Yeah, okay I guess. Help me do this will you?”

Amanda pulled Amy on top of her and helped Mike rub his cock between the moist warm folds of Amy’s cunt lips. Amy giggled in delight as the thickly veined cock rubbed against her tiny clitoris. Amanda encouraged her to push back against Mike’s cock, improving the stimulation for both of them.

Eventually Mike stopped and said quietly, “Make her suck me off!”

Amanda turned Amy over and Mike guided his cock to her lips. Amanda told Amy to kiss the head and she did so hesitantly. Then Amanda got her to run her tongue around the head, encouraging her and praising her all the time as she went.  Mike slipped his cock into Amy’s mouth and she sucked on the head like a pro. Amanda was thrilled.

“Good job Amy! You are such a  grown up girl!”

“I want to throat fuck her!” announced Mike.

Amanda was dubious but he talked her into trying to get Amy to do it. She showed Amy how to make a big “O” with her mouth and Mike slipped his throbbing cock right inside. He only pressed for brief moments into her throat, giving her plenty of time to breathe and so as not to frighten her.  Amy caught on quickly and Amanda suspected that she might have done this before someplace.

Mike snarled, “I’m gunna cum!”

He bucked his hips and shot a huge load of cum into Amy’s mouth and down her throat. Amy sucked in down like a pro and even licked her lips afterwards. Mike and Amanda could not have been more pleased. They snuggled more with Amy then until she fell asleep between them. They spoke quietly for some time.

“When can I rape her?”

“Not yet, we have to go slow. We have church tomorrow remember and we will have to make an appearance with Amy.”

“Yeah I guess so. But I REALLY want to rape her, Amanda!”

“I know you do baby and I promise you will, and I will help you all along the way!  In the meantime rape me and pretend that its Amy okay?”

As Amy continued to sleep deeply, Amanda rolled away from her. Amanda and Mike ran into Amy’s room.  Mike chased her in there and threw her onto the bed. Amanda looked up at the camera in the ceiling and smiled to herself, knowing that it would record Amy’s rape on this bed very soon. Mike forced Amanda’s legs wide apart and with all his force rammed his cock deeply into Amanda’s cunt.

She gasped and played along, crying … “NO, NO, NO, PLEASE NO.”

Amanda grabbed one of Amy’s teddy bears and tried to ward him off with it. Mike grew more excited and ripped into Amanda like a wild animal, snarling and growling deep in his throat. Amanda moaned in ecstacy and pushed her hips up, forcing Mike’s cock more deeply into her. They came together and fell asleep in each others arms, only waking in the dull pre dawn light to crawl back into the main bed with Amy.

Amanda took care dressing Amy for church the next morning. She put a long white frock on the girl. She looked like a demure Christian virgin. Amanda laughed inwardly. If only people knew!

The congregation in the church applauded when Amanda and Mike arrived with Amy. The church was paying for the couple to care for the girl and every heart filled with pious pride to see the happy smiling child with her new family. Amanda had sworn Amy to strict secrecy about what had happened in bed the night before. If she told anyone they would not be able to do that stuff anymore. The minister blessed the family and announced to all that God had called Amanda and Mike into his service to rescue Amy from her awful past life and raise her as a god fearing young girl. Amanda thought to herself that that was kind of true. After all, Mike’s cock was God and Amy would learn to fear it!

During the service Amanda’s mind wandered to Amy’s rape. She meant to keep her promise to Mike and wanted to make it happen as soon as possible. Amanda hatched an evil plan in her mind. She shared it with Mike after church. He grinned and bit her earlobe.

“I know why I married you, you perverted whore. I love it!”

Amanda took Amy to meet the neighbours. She particularly wanted Amy to meet Jason, the young teen boy who lived next door. Jason was central to Amanda’s plan. Amanda took Jason aside and slipped him a one hundred dollar bill, whispering to the boy what she wanted him to do. Jason grinned and nodded. Then he took Amy by the hand and led her away to explore the large garden out back of his home.

Amanda waited around twenty minutes and then went in search of Amy and Jason.  She found them half hidden in a shrubbery. Jason had taken Amy’s panties off and had hitched up her white church dress around her waist. The boy was frigging her clit. He had his pubescent cock out and had his hands on the back of Amy’s head, feeding his cock to the girl’s mouth. The boy was really horny and Amanda knew he would have done this for free. The money however bought Jason’s silence.  Amanda knew Jason would tell no one about this and Jason knew that Amanda would not tell his parents. Amanda watched them for some minutes, not wanting to disturb then before Jason had orgasmed. When he did cum, shooting his load into Amy’s mouth, Amanda counted to ten and burst in upon the pair. Amanda hauled Amy up onto her feet by one arm.

“Filthy little whore!”

Amanda shouted at the girl as she slapped her face hard — WHHHACCKKK — Amy began to whimper.  Amanda slapped her again.

“You little slut I can’t turn my back on you for a moment can I! Get back to our house and go to your room at once! Read your bible while you wait for daddy Mike to deal with you!”

The girl started back to their house with Amanda hard on her heels. But Amanda turned to look over her shoulder at Jason, who was putting his still hard and oozing cock back into his pants. Amanda caught his eye and winked. Amanda mouthed the words, “thank you.” Jason smiled and made a telphone sign with his fingers next to his temple. Amanda nodded. Yes Jason could call her. She liked the boy and he was becoming increasingly useful.

When Amanda and Amy got back to their house Amanda hunted the girl into her bedroom and locked her in.  Then she went in search of Mike. She found him in his den watching a rape porn DVD. Amanda slipped her arms around his neck and put her face to his ear.

“Its all set baby. She is locked in her room. Whenever you are ready baby.”

Mike grunted approval, not taking his eyes off the young girl being gang raped on screen.

“Is the security camera on?”

“Yes baby, trained on her bed just like you said.”

“Good, I want to take her ass first and then her cunt later. I want to watch her suffer.”

“MMMMMM, yes that’s my big bad man. Lets go do it now! I can’t wait!”

Amanda slipped into a seat next to Mike and began stroking his cock as their eyes feasted on the tiny girl being gang raped on screen in front of them. Amanda soon coaxed Mike away from his computer and upstairs to Amy’s room. Amanda brought with her the key, lubricant, some condoms, gaffer tape and a container of hot chilli sauce. Amanda unlocked the door. Amy was lying on her bed, still in her crumpled and dirty white dress, reading her bible as she had been instructed.

Mike spoke sternly to her, “You know why you are being punished Amy?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes sir.”

“That’s better, and why are you being punished?”

“For playing dirty with Jason.”

“That’s right, for playing dirty with Jason. And what do you do if you want to play dirty Amy?”

“Ask you or Amanda?”

“That’s right. And it is always okay to play dirty with us if you ask first. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good girl, and now I am going to punish you.”

With that Mike began to tear Amy’s white dress off of her body, leaving her with just her white panties on.  Amanda reached down and ripped those off, stuffing them into Amy’s mouth and using gaffer tape to hold them in position. Then Amanda took hold of Amy and rolled her onto her stomach, holding her by the arms at the end of the bed.  She looked up at the hidden security camera and made her best sexy look, running her tongue around her lips.

Meanwhile, Mike got naked.  He took out a condom and put it on, and then applied a liberal dose of chilli sauce to the end of it. Then Mike rubbed some lubricant into Amy’s anus to ease the passage of his cock. He put several pillows under Amy’s body to raise up her ass, then positioned himself with his erect cock on her anus.

Slowly Mike forced his cock into Amy’s anus while Amanda held her tightly by the arms. The girl wailed and sobbed as the chilli sauce burnt the soft inner tissues of her anus. She struggled and hollered into the panty gag in her mouth but it smothered her shouts. Mike pounded his cock into Amy’s ass, telling her that the pain would help her remember her misdemeanour and be a better god fearing girl in future. He told Amy to think of Job and the trials he had to endure to become a better person. Gradually Mike picked up speed as he raped Amy’s ass. He ground his hips into her ass cheeks and held on to her shoulders to give himself a better purchase. Her tight asshole felt great on his cock. He could not hold back too long and within a few minutes Mike shot his load into the condom.

Amanda let go of Amy then and left her lying prone on the bed.  She took off the condom from Mike’s cock and emptied the cum into her hand. Then she took it to Amy, and after removing the gag, she smeared it onto Amy’s lips, telling her to open up and lick the cum off her hand. Amy did so reluctantly, still in pain in her ass from the chilli sauce.

Amanda explained that now Amy had been punished and had accepted her punishment, she would be rewarded. She could suck on Mike’s cock to make him hard again, and then Mike would fuck her vagina to show her how much he loved her.  Amy stopped crying and looked a little more cheerful. She sat up and at Amanda’s direction she crawled between Mike’s legs, taking his cock in both her hands and putting it into her mouth. Mike lay back and read from the Song of Solomon in the Bible, creating a mental picture of love and affection.

Soon Mike was hard again. Amanda lay Amy back in her lap, face up and holding her arms once again. With no foreplay or warning Mike rammed his cock hard into Amy’s cunt. There was no condom this time and of course no chilli sauce, just the delicious juices of Amy’s tight little cunt. Mike put his arms around Amanda’s neck and kissed her hard on the mouth, his lust rising. Amy was no virgin and she knew about fucking, no doubt from the men her crack whore mother brought home at night. She was still super tight though and Mike drove into her with wild abandon, opening her up by width and depth. This time it took longer and for a full ten minutes Mike raped the girl, rejoicing in evil delight in the feelings her cunt gave him. Amanda urged him on, obviously turned on by the sight of Mike’s cock slamming into Amy so hard and fast. Amy herself went into a kind of trance, no doubt learned from her previous rapes, she had taken herself to another place. Mike brought her back to the present with multiple short stabbing motions of his cock as he came for the second time, and Amanda clapped her hands in delight!

They all slept together in Amy’s bed, and during the night Mike fucked both Amanda and Amy several times.


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