Feature Writer: ThePersianStallion


Published: 23.08.2019

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Nuns experience storm of lust

The Erotic Storm of Lust

The vast night sky filled with stars cast it’s illumination down upon the quiet, desolate English countryside and upon the Convent of English Hill. The convent was a large sprawling manor estate beneath a large hill where the beautiful nuns of the manor resided, praying and worshiping god. The convent housed 100 nuns all aged between 18-42, all of whom were the best and brightest of the academy nearby. All of the nuns were very beautiful.

Inside the convent, as the night winds howled, the nuns lay sleeping and all began to stir and writhe in their sleep. They all dreamed of a mysterious stranger descending from atop the hill in a cloud of fog. The stranger who was in black armor and rode on a black horse had a black cape flowing from behind him. As the stranger approached a powerful erotic lust overtook the nuns driving them into a frenzy of carnal lust.

Sister Rachel shuddered awake, she had the dream again. She was really hot and her pussy was really wet. “What is going on?” she thought to herself, this was the sixth time she dreamed of the stranger who was really hung and excited her immensely. The dreams felt like visions and premonitions.

Sister Laura moaned in her sleep. She got up quickly, panting excitedly. “Forgive me lord, I am having impure thoughts,” she murmured aloud. The stranger’s hands had been all over her, touching her everywhere all over her body. Her trembling legs yearned for more.

Sister Sarah moved in her sleep. She pulled down her bed covers, “Yes you found me my lord. I am yours!” She had her breasts out and were squeezing them with both hands when she awoke embarrassed, vividly recollecting the dream that had her so sopping wet and juicy for more.

One by one every nun awoke in a state of shuddering arousal, pussies dripping wet from the dream of the erect stranger having his way with them. They were all experiencing recurring dreams that were vivid and felt real. They felt like more than dreams.

The sun cast it’s morning light upon the convent, providing a magnificent vista to the top of the hill where there was a lone tree. The hill sloped down than up slightly in a few spots for quite a ways. The top of the hill seemed far away yet was quite visible.

The nuns gathered for morning prayer, they were all alone except for a few caretakers who visited regularly but were not due for quite awhile. They each had a choice of praying together or in private. Sister Margaret, aged 42, who many looked to as a leader told the gathered nuns “Let us each pray in private this day so that the lord hears our prayers.” The nuns all agreed and went to their private quarters. Sister Margaret let out a sigh of relief, her pussy was on fire because she was so wet. She had to be alone! She was straining not to rip her clothes off and give in to thoughts of the stranger tempting her flesh with his prowess.

Sister Kelly stood in her private quarters. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was juicy. She could not stop thinking about the stranger in her dreams and how good he could make her feel. She felt like something was coming for her, which excited and frightened her.

Every nun in the convent was a horny, juicy, shuddering mess on the verge of a carnal breakdown. Sister Jennifer let the hot water of the shower in her room try to sooth the hungry yearning from between her legs to no avail. She trembled in the shower as she saw visions of the strangers huge cock and her putting his huge cock in her mouth then getting pumped gallantly in her eager juicy holes. The stranger would ignite her wet pussy and virgin ass on fire as it throbbed within each making her scream so much in ecstasy, moaning and wailing forever.

As night approached the winds began to pick up and dark clouds filled the sky, a storm was approaching. The clouds seemed supernatural, lightning crackled across the sky. Heavy rain poured down until midnight when without warning the rains stopped and the night sky became visible. The multitude of the stars in the night sky appeared but something was different. The alignment of some stars had changed. A pentagram was visible in the night sky among the stars. The winds howled once more as an eerie fog formed atop the hill. The nuns of the convent were startled awake at the sound of the winds and something else in the winds. The sound of a horse and rider atop the hill!

A jolt of erotic lust surged through every nun’s body making them horny beyond imagination setting their wet, juicy pussies ablaze with a fire they have only dreamed of until now! With stark realization every nun looked at each other than to the hill licking their lips, rubbing their tits and fondling between their own thighs. The recurring dream was coming true! The Beast was coming for them and his mighty cock would know the fire of their wet burning holes! His prowess would make them scream and moan in ecstasy for all eternity!

Every nun was shuddering and trembling now, panting with breasts heaving deliciously as they all disrobed completely naked and fell to their knees. Lightning flashed across the hill top and a supernatural thunder emanated across the countryside. The dark rider rared up on his horse then started galloping towards the convent. The sound of the galloping was like thunder. The closer the stranger got to the convent, the wetter and hornier the nuns became.

The nuns all of whom were naked on their knees in a state of utter lust all chanted together “Yes my lord! Take us! We are yours forever! We beg of you make us your sex slaves for all eternity!” Their pussies were dripping wet! Their legs were quivering as they felt the powerful hunger of desire and lust for the pleasures of their flesh. They were hopelessly in the grip of this supernatural phenomenon.

The mysterious rider, the stranger was a short distance away now. The cacophony of lust was built up into a frenzy as the nuns were moaning and screaming in ecstasy. Lightning flashed across the convent and the thunder of the gallop reached an apex as the stranger reached the convent. A powerful light emanated across the countryside as screams of ecstasy were heard far and wide.

The star filled night sky of the present day, car lights seen in the night, women everywhere shuddering and trembling with arousal and ecstasy as lust courses through them preparing them for their master, for the eternal ravishing of their flesh. Some under the bed covers at night disrobing naked and pulling back the sheets alone with lust, others taking long showers alone with lust. Recurring dreams that feel like premonitions and visions. The stars start to align. The Erotic Storm Of Lust has returned!


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