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The Downfall of the Devout – Chapter One

John Chapman had an amazing gift of the spiritual sense. Some say it is as if Jesus himself is speaking through the man. He had managed to turn this into a business venture and capture the hearts and minds of tens of millions of people around the world. Make no mistake however, John did not do this for the money.
Sure it was nice and provided him and his family with some modicum of wealth, but it was mainly funneled back into shelters, charities, and the like. All in all their household would probably be considered on the above average, but not much more than that. In every sense of the word, this man was a devout Christian who actually practiced what he preached.

His family was no different. His wife, Eve, was just as devout a follower of God as he was and no less charitable. His son, David, twenty-four, a great orator in his own right and someone who many considered to be in grooming to take his fathers’ place when the time came. His daughter, Sara, who was David’s twin and was studying in the convent to become a nun before taking her final vows in a few weeks.

Finally his other daughter, Hope, eighteen, who was in her final year of high school and had also been contemplating the vocational calling. As you can see, it is enough of a holy family to really upset the stomach of anyone who worships the other side, of which there are many.

“Please sir, have some more. There is plenty to go around.” David said as he scooped out another spoonful of soup for the homeless guy in front of him.

This is how Thursday nights usually went for this young man. He loved this soup kitchen near his house and was a staple on these nights when it was open.

“Bless you, sir, bless you,” Was the response from the man as he smiled a toothless grin and walked to his table.

The next person to come through the line looked different than the rest. There were no rags or other symbols of homelessness. She appeared to be well kept with long raven black hair and pure white skin. The eyes though, those are what drew David to her most. Something about them beautiful blue pools looking straight at him, almost like they were staring into his soul.

“Yes miss, would you like some soup?” While true this lady did not appear to be in need all were welcome in the eyes of the Lord.

“Thank you, sir, for the name’s Lilly,” she said meekly acting almost embarrassed to be in the soup line.

“No need to be embarrassed here, everyone is welcome in the eyes of the Lord.”

“Please sir, my family is stubborn and too prideful to be seen in this place. I know its not right to ask but can I take a little more soup home for them so they can have something in their bellies for the night?”

“Of course my dear, here let me help you deliver it.”

David thought nothing of this request for it happens more times than he could count. He gathered up a Tupperware container and filled it to the brim with some soup.

“Agnes I’m going to deliver this and then head home for the night.”

“Sounds good dear, you be careful out there it’s getting kinda chilly.”

As they headed towards Lilly’s house David did his best to try and get to know this wayward soul. She was twenty-one and her father and mother had fallen on hard times at their jobs. She was here trying to take care of them and her 16-year-old brother. The house they were going to was a little run down on the outside, gutters starting to hang off, wood rotting on the porch, and an unkempt lawn but nothing too horrible. As they got to the door Lilly turned and reminded David to please try and not judge her for the appearance of the house.

“Oh come on now, it’s not bad at all.” Was his reply as Lilly started to turn the handle.

The inside of the house was a little more dilapidated, dust and debris covering the floor, wallpaper peeling off. To David, it looked more like a building that hadn’t been used in many, many years. As they came to the living room David noticed a familiar symbol painted on the floor but unfortunately was grabbed by two strong arms on each side of him before he could backtrack out of the house.

“What is this, let go of me,” he said as he began trying to struggle free

“God damn you are a gullible fucker, how in the hell are you guys winning this war when your such an idiot,” Lilly asked as she walked past the pentagram and started to remove her clothes. “As you can see, I was lying a bit when I asked for your help… not about the help part but about the family part. You see I am what is known as a demon, as are they.” She said while motioning to the two men holding him, “and we are here to try and get a very special someone to pay you a visit if you will just cooperate, or not, really doesn’t matter to me.”

The two demons had by this point removed Davids clothes and he was stuck in nothing but his birthday suit panicked from what he had just heard. Who is this visitor that wanted to pay him a visit?

“My, my, what do we have here?” Lilly asked while reaching for Davids cock, “Mmmmm, I can feel the blood rushing to your little friend here, your body is betraying how you really feel young man.”

David didn’t want to believe it, he couldn’t believe it. He was a man of God, a man that didn’t pine for the flesh of a woman, at least not one that he had only met an hour ago and was now holding him against his will. The feeling couldn’t be denied though and it sickened him to the core.

Lilly stood there stroking the member, which had grown to its fully erect size while gazing into the eyes of her captive. Slowly she started to take her clothes off and that is when David noticed the rest of her body and not just the eyes which had drawn him in at the start. Her nice C-cup breasts leading to that sumptuous waist and perfect pussy. Davids dick twitched when he saw her lower lips and she definitely realized it.

“Oh, like what you see down there huh you little pervert? Wonder if your whole family are a bunch of closet sluts like yourself.”

“Never, we are a God-fearing family and no matter… what you do… to me I… will not give in.”

His voice was trailing off because Lilly had finally put those beautiful red lips of hers to work on his cock.

“Won’t give in?? Boy, your dick was practically begging to jump out of its pants when you saw me at that ridiculous fucking soup kitchen.”

She continued to give him one of her sloppier blowjobs all the while sensing his balls starting to strain for release.

“This really must be your first time, can’t even last 10 minutes before wanting to pop. Well we can’t have that now, can we? Got to get you primed and ready for the big finale.”

No sooner had she said this did she begin standing back up and walking away.

“What game are you playing at demon?”

“Nothing really. I’m just gonna let your erection subside and then we can start all this fun over again. Your dick tastes pretty good so I don’t mind, and since my boys got you restrained you can’t do anything about it anyway.”

David hung his head in shame. Was this how he was to die? Was he to be some demon plaything for the rest of his existence. Quietly he mumbled an Our Father under his breath.

“Once again demon you can do your worst but I shall not renounce my love for the Lord.”

“Well if that’s the way you’re going to be then we are just gonna have to keep at it. I have all night you little fuck slut.”

She was not joking either. The blow job/hand job rotation went on for what seemed like hours. David was slowly starting to lose the willpower he once had. There are only so many times a man can get blue balls.

Lilly was straddling him now on top of the pentagram design, obviously going for the big finish after so many edgings. To his credit David had held firm in his beliefs and would not easily break, unfortunately for him, however, that was not necessary for her ultimate goal. You see the ritual they had been performing on this unholy symbol only needed a virgin “sacrifice”. So there he was with his cock firmly entrenched in her pussy, tears streaming down his face as he begged God for mercy knowing full well that his lord and savior could not hear him.

“Please, let me…”, she covered his mouth quickly.

“If the next word out of your mouth isn’t cum then I am afraid we are going to have to continue our little tryst.”

In his mind, he knew this was the end. There was no denying that it felt good, however wrong it was, and to be honest he just wanted whatever hellish nightmare this was to be over. If saying the words she wanted him to say would suffice for her than he would say them.

“Please let me cum!!” He wailed, and with that, he could feel her lips tighten around his cock and start milking him dry rope by rope.

What he did not see, however, was the jewel-encrusted blade that came piercing him right in the chest. The sudden shock of finally having sexual release and the pain of being stabbed in the chest was too much for David and slowly he closed his eyes.

Almost instantaneously his eyes reopened and he found himself back in his bed. Looking at the calendar he realized it was the next morning.

“Thank the Lord that was just a dream…but it felt so real,” he muttered to himself as he started rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Oh my good man, we are just getting started,” called out his response from inside his mind, “names Lucifer, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

The Downfall of the Devout – Chapter Two

A cold chill went up to the back of David’s spine. How is this possible? Was what happened last night a dream or not, and if it wasn’t how in the world did he get back to his house and into his bed?

“Look, I know you got questions so here is the abridged version of what you’re wanting to know. The jeweled dagger that Lilith, I mean ‘Lilly’, stabbed you with at the moment of your orgasm allowed me to put a part of myself into your body. Think of it as remote control software. What that means for you is that you have no control over any bodily function except your consciousness, and even that is just a ruse so the man upstairs doesn’t get suspicious.”

“This can’t be real, how is he even letting this happen? Surely he is about to smite you and send you back to the depths of hell Satan.” David tried his best to put on a brave front until he realized that no words were coming out of his mouth and that this conversation between him and the devil was squarely in his own mind.

“Jesus you are a fucking idiot aren’t you. I just said that you can’t do anything and that your consciousness was a diversion for big man upstairs. You see he has this one thing that he is most proud of, his sin if you will, and it is pride. That big oaf is so proud that he created mortals with free will and the majority of you still worship him. Long story short numb nuts is as long as he senses your conscience he will assume that you are doing everything, and everyone, of your own accord.

“I will not be a part of this Satan. I will not be a pawn in your war with the Almighty.” As he thought this he started to recite a prayer only to realize that he didn’t know any. His mind was completely empty of all religious teachings.

“I swear someday I need to have a talk with Lilith about recruiting fucking idiots. Remember dip shit you CAN NOT do anything without my say so understand. That is how this remote control shit works. Once I get strong enough and have enough of your “followers” converted to me than that little peasant won’t stand a chance.”

“David, honey, come down for breakfast please.”

“Coming, mom.” Of course, David did not say that. This was a phrase spoken by Lucifer to show just how serious he was about David not doing anything on his own anymore.

As he got out of bed David noticed that his chest had a little more muscle sculpture to it. He had always been well built but the extra muscle was a nice touch. He also looked down and saw that his penis was significantly bigger than it ever had been.

“Yea, if you think I’m gonna stick that little thing you called a dick inside your mother’s sweet pussy you are mistaken, sir.”

That is when it hit David exactly what Lucifer’s plan was. It all made sense when you take in the fact of how just insanely popular his father is. If Lucifer could somehow say his family, David thought, then the majority of the world you fall in line and the world would be doomed.

“It is about damn time you realize what’s going on. Now let’s get going so your momma doesn’t have to wait.”

After getting dressed David made it to the kitchen in time to see that his sister and mother had both started eating.

“Come on dear, before it gets cold,” his mother said with a genuine smile.

“Ugh, your mom is gonna be a lot tougher to crack than I thought. That is some serious Holy Spirit vibes I get off of her. Your sister on the other hand. I can smell a little bit of doubt in her. Not much but even just a little bit is enough for me to start the downfall.”

“Don’t you dare touch my sister Satan” of course he knew those words meant nothing and that they literally fell on deaf ears.

“My good man, I will not be the one touching her. You, however, are going to stick this demon infused cock in that tight pussy before the week is up and she will be calling me master. What I plan to do is send her something of an image bomb. It will periodically project images in her mind of her older brother. Tame at first as to not arouse suspicion, but over time and at a more frequent pace they will get lewder and her pussy will throb so much more.”

With that, the “bomb” was sent and instantly David could see Hope stop eating mid-bite and look at her brother with a quizzical stare. Just as suddenly, however, she went back to eating.

“Honey, do you mind going over to Barbara Jeans and helping her with some housework. Since her husband is on a business trip she has no man to help her out.”

“Of course mom, I’d be happy too.”

Once David was finished with his breakfast he made for Barbara Jeans and was greeted by her 18-year-old daughter Sandy.

“Hey David, mom is in the kitchen. She said she needed some help moving some boxes out of the attic. I’ve got to run to the store real quick”

“Oh, this one has a crush on you. That should be easy enough to exploit.”

“Thanks, Sandy. You look very lovely today.” David said as he softly touched her arm, sending a little of the Devil’s corruption into her body and causing her heart to beat a little faster which Lucifer took some delight in.

“Not too long for this one. If my timing is right it should be about when she gets back from the store… hopefully”

“Mrs. Willson, I’m here to help you move some boxes.”

“Oh yes sweety, come on in the kitchen I was just about to put a pie in the oven.”

As David walked in the kitchen his conscience heard once again from the Devil.

“Holy Shit, this woman is pretty much begging to be fucked. I guess your mom’s friends aren’t as holy as she is. I would like to say this would be a tough order to drill her pussy but fuck that. Her panties are damn near soaked just from thinking about fucking her husband. Luckily for her though, you are much more well endowed than he ever would dream of being.”

“Please, don’t make me do this. I have known her since I was a little boy.” David pleaded, but it was too late.

While the Devil did not have his full strength, it was clear that he would only need that for the truly righteous. For the hidden sluts, it was simply a matter of mental suggestion.
As Barbara Jean was bending over to put the pie in the oven David came up from behind and slowly slid his hand up her leg pulling her dress up and exposing her nice round ass.

“Mmmmm… that’s a nice firm hand you got there David. I think I need to be punished a little for having these impure thoughts.”

*Smack, smack, smack*

“I would say you have been a very naughty woman Mrs. Willson” Davids’ hand was slowly sliding up and down on her pussy becoming more and more coated in her juices.

Slowly she backed into him and felt his giant manhood through his clothes causing her to elicit a slight moan.

David spun her around and set her on the counter, diving directly for her sopping pussy and engulfing it with his mouth. As he suckled on her clit he could hear her moaning and tearing at her dress and bra to get them off as well.

“Holy shit you eat that pussy so well dear, and what of your cock? I don’t suppose a virgin boy like you knows how to use a tool like that.”

“Only if you can get it primed and ready you slut.” David was mortified to hear himself speak with these words. He was yelling as loud as he could in his mind but unfortunately, it was no use.

Taking that as an invitation, Barbara Jean hopped off the counter, pulled down his shorts and swallowed his member, well as much of it as she could. Gagging on it was music to David/Lucifer’s ears and he smiled to himself.

“No bitch, let me show you how you gag on a cock of this magnitude,” he said while grabbing her head and impaling her on his dick.

Barbara Jean felt her oxygen leaving her as she began to suffocate. Only when she was near the point of asphyxiation did he release causing her to spit up a huge amount of saliva and gasp for air.

David didn’t care however and bent her over the counted ramming his cock full speed into her pussy causing a squeal of delight. With an unholy speed he was using and abusing her love slit and she was beside herself with pleasure. This was something she had never experienced before with any man.

“Truly you are endowed with the power of the Holy Spirit” she cried and suddenly felt his dick stop thrusting. “wha… why did you stop?”

“This power, you slut, it does not come from the holy spirit or anyone else that you have worshiped. This is the power that the unholy one can give. Surrender yourself to my dark lord and I will give you that which you are desiring. Refuse and I will walk away, but know this, once a mortal has tasted a demon cock no other will suffice.”

“Satan, but… no… there is no way I could worship… I mean it is just… there is no… there is no…there is no other cock for me. This beautiful piece of flesh is amazing. You hit places that I didn’t even know I had. Please David, Satan, I don’t even care I just need to feel that cock fill me up again.”

“No, Barbara Jean, please GOD no.” David cried unable to get anyone to hear his pleas.

“As you wish my little fuck slut. Now be a good cock sleeve and tell me whose cock you are going to worship from now on.”

“Yours, Satan, only yours. My body is yours whenever you wish. Everything I have is yours.” Barbara Jean had fully committed to serving her new master. After the pleasure he had given her in roughly ten minutes she could only imagine what it would be like having sex for longer.

Barbara Jean was about to experience it all as she felt his unholy power course through her body. Every hole was at his discretion and he made sure that every hole was filled at least once with his seed. During the fourth fuck session of the day, while they were in the attic “moving” boxes, David heard the front door open.

“Mom, I’m back.” It was Sandy and now it was time to see how the corruption mark he had placed on her as well as how well his new play toy could work their magic and bring another under their sway.

“It is time my pet. Let us bring your wayward daughter under the embrace of the unholy.” David said as he pulled his cock from her thoroughly used pussy.

“Yes Lord, it shall be done.”