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Story Codes: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Teacher/Student, Public Sex, School, Prostitution /

Synopsis: A series of vignettes about the slaves Mark and Mary have given to their friends and family. Many of these tales serve as epilogues for the various, minor characters /

Note: Mark’s friend Quatch requested his sister Kim for his slave the night of the D&D game, so Mark gave her a call /

The Devil’s Pact Slave Chronicles 1

Chapter 1: Kim, Cockteasing Sister

June 13th, 2013 – Kim Penor – Bonney Lake, WA

“I’ll be back later,” my brother James said. “Going to play D&D at Mark’s house.”

I glanced at my big, hairy brother—he was practically a Sasquatch, which is why all his stupid friends call him Quatch—and saw his eyes were fixed on my body. Inside, I smiled as his eyes lusted at my tight figure clad in a frilly bra and a wispy pair of panties. On the outside though, I glowered at him, pretending to be indignant that he would dare pant after his little sister. He flushed, a bulge forming in his pants that he tried to causally hide.

He was so much fun to tease.

“Have fun with your stupid game,” I said, rolling my eyes. He was thirty-seven and still playing that childish game. He’d never grow up. It was embarrassing having a brother that was twelve years older than you—I was a late, accidental child—that had a fucking toy collection. “And stop perving on me. I’m your sister.”

“Then stop wearing just your underwear,” he argued back.

“Why? I should be able to prance around naked without you getting turned on. Fuck, what kinda pervert are you?”

His jaw worked, then he turned and fled. God, that was fun. My poor little pussy was so wet. I stuck my fingers into my panties and gently rubbed at my pussy. A nice, leisurely jill sounded like the perfect thing right now. I would have my brother’s trailer to myself for a few hours, and I knew where he hid his porn.

Teasing my brother was the only thing that made living with him bearable. If only I hadn’t caught my asshole ex-boyfriend bent over our couch, his best friend balls-deep in his ass. Turned out, my boyfriend was gay, and hadn’t been ready to come out to his parents. His ‘best friend’ was his real lover, and I was his beard that he could trot out to his friends and family.

I was still hurt and pissed about it. He made me cum like no-one I had ever fucked. How could he be gay? He seemed to love my pussy, and would spend hours eating me out. I had thought we were going to get married. When I had lost my job six months ago, he had let me move in and had supported me. So why did he have to lead me on, and make me waste my time on him?

Because he’s a selfish, cowardly asshole, that’s why, Kim. It’s the fucking 2010s. No one has to be ashamed of being gay anymore. Hell, the asshole could have fucking married his ‘friend’ since last November!

I hadn’t gotten laid in two months. The dating scene was too depressing in Bonney Lake, a small town in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. It was a forty or more minute drive to anywhere that had a fun nightlife, and my unemployment checks barely covered my food, my cell phone bill, and my salon visits. I didn’t even have the money to fill my gas tank up every week.

I should have moved in with my friend Michelle, even if her live-in boyfriend was a creepy perv—far worse than my brother—who’d probably have tried to get in my panties whenever Michelle was out the apartment. She, at least, lived in Seattle where I could find some cute guy to rescue me from my problems. Someone fun, handsome, intelligent, who knew how to treat a girl right.

I found my vibrator, Danny, rattling around in my underwear drawer. A small cylinder made of silver metal that turned on by twisting the bottom. His surface was a little marred by a few minor scratches, but I had him since I was sixteen. I had paid a college girl to buy him for me. I don’t know why I called my vibrator Danny, it just felt right. The first time I hesitantly stuck him inside my twat and felt that wonderful vibration igniting my nerves with passion, I had moaned, “Oh, Danny! Fuck me!” I didn’t even know anyone named Danny.

I then entered the pigsty that was my brother’s room. Dirty clothes, dirty dishes, dirty wrappers dotted the floor. I strode through the sea of filth to get to the shelf where a pile of hentai—Japanese animated porn—lay strewn next to a moldy plate. The whole house was like this before I moved in, and I had spent the first week browbeating James into helping me clean the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

That failed.

Then I started dressing skimpily, and he was more then happy to follow me about the house staring at my ass and tits—the pervert. But it got the house clean, and I found out just how much fun it was to get him all hot and bothered, knowing he couldn’t do anything about it because I was his sister. My own, petty revenge that helped to take the sting out of living with the slob.

I popped in the DVD and, while the FBI warnings played, I shimmied out of my panties. Danny hummed to life; I shuddered as I lightly rubbed it around the lips of my pussy, teasing myself as it took the hentai a few minutes to get to the good stuff. On screen a young girl was being spanked by a nun, her animated ass reddening beneath the stiff hand of the older woman.

As I shoved the vibrator slowly inside myself, savoring every delicious inch, I wondered what it would be like to be spanked. Not by a woman—I was into cock, not cunt—but by a man. His strong hands falling on my rear, the air filled with the stinging slap of flesh. The bimbo in the hentai seemed to be enjoying it as the nun’s blows fell on her round ass.

Then the nun slapped the girl’s shaved vulva, juices dripping thick and sticking to the nun’s hand. The girl moaned, and not in pain. She loved it, bucking across the nun’s hips, and crying out her passion. God, what would that feel like?

I pulled the vibrator out and gave a light, experimental slap on my pussy. I shivered in pleasure and pain. My poor little clit was sore. I aimed lower, a stinging blow on my vulva surrounded by my close-trimmed, black carpet. The hit was electrifying, pleasure driving through my body. I roughly shoved my vibrator deep inside me, back arching, and let my other hand lightly slap at my clit.

“Oh, fuck!” I moaned. Every slap sent my body quivering with mini-orgasms, while Danny’s vibrations churned my cunt. “Oh, yes!”

That wonderful, humming piece of metal was stirring my passions into a maelstrom inside me, a giant orgasm that would drown all the little ones my slaps produced. My hand came down, my body shook, my orgasm swept through me. I howled wordlessly as I writhed on the couch, lost in the currents of rapture Danny and my slaps brought me.

I was a leaf carried by the violent rapids, thrown this way and that, tossed in circles of lust, spun in eddies of passion, and tumbling through cataracts of rapture until finally I was free of the rapids, floating down the suddenly gentle river as I panted on the couch.

“Holy shit,” I muttered, pulling the vibrator out of my sensitive pussy. “Holy, goddamn shit.” What was that? God, don’t tell me I was turning into some sort of S/M slut?

My pussy felt sore, abused, and I decided a nice, hot, and very long bath was in order. I loved taking a bath after jilling. To relax in the warm cocoon of water and doze, idly stroking my twat as I luxuriated in the afterglow of my cum.

When I woke up, the water was decidedly not warm and was instead decidedly cold. I pulled a on bathrobe, tied it loosely so my flesh peaked out enticingly, and plopped myself in front of the TV to await James’s return from D&D. I wanted to have a little bit more fun cockteasing the perv.

I was in the middle of texting a few girlfriends—they had gone clubbing in Seattle and kept sending me pics of all the fun they were having while I was stuck here, the cunts—when my phone rang. I rolled my eyes in disgust, seeing it was my brother calling.

“Hey, bro,” I answered.

“Kim, from now on, you’re going to be Quatch’s sex slave,” a deep, hypnotic, male voice told me. It sounded vaguely like Mark, my brother’s best friend. But he never sounded so … compelling before. His voice reached into my soul, plucking the strings of my emotions like a guitar pick; I sang his song. Of course, I would be my brother’s sex slave—it would solve the problem of getting laid. “You’ll happily do whatever nasty, depraved acts he wants, and do it with a smile. You’ll live to please him.”

“Sure,” I purred. Maybe he would spank me. Oh, that sounded wonderful.

There was a rustling noise, then my brother nervously greeted me: “So, Kim. What did Mark tell you to do?”

“I’m your sex slave, bro,” I cooed. “I live to please you. You can do whatever nasty, disgusting things you want to me.”

“Good, I want you naked, and ready to fuck when I get home.”

I gave a throaty laugh, that sounded wonderful. “Yes!”

“Later, bitch!” my brother, my master, snarled and hung up.

I had to get ready to be fucked! What was I going to wear? And, fuck, my hair was an absolute mess. I should have went to the salon this afternoon. I flew to the bathroom, and set about curling my hair so it would fall in beautifully black waves around my shoulders. Then my make-up: a hint of rouge to add some color to my cheeks, innocent and blushing; dark-red lipstick that made my lips so lush and inviting; mascara to make my eyes wide; and dark eye shadow to make myself more mysterious.

I tore my room apart. What would he want me to wear? He seemed to like stockings. I found a pair of black, thigh-high stockings I wore to an office Christmas party my asshole ex-boyfriend took me to last December. I pulled on the black garter belt, trimmed in white lace, and clipped my stockings to it. Then I pulled on a blue, silk robe that fell to just below my ass and tied it loosely, my tits almost falling out.

James is going to have a heart attack when he sees me, I decided as I stared at myself in the mirror. The silk robe molded to my body and my nipples were two pronounced nubs dimpling the front. When I moved, the robe slipped, showing a hint of my areolas, and if I bent over my ass and twat were visible. I was pretty much naked, and this was going to drive him wild.

I sat down on the couch, full of excited energy, and I waited.

And waited.

Where was he? You’d think if he had his baby sister at home ready to fuck, he’d blow off his stupid D&D game and come fuck her! My poor pussy needed his cock; Danny just wasn’t the same as the real thing.

Keys rattled. My heart revved, and I sprang to the door to pose.

“Holy fuck,” James breathed when he saw me.

“Hey, bro,” I husked, drawing my hand down my cleavage. “I’ve been such a bad sister, haven’t I?”

“Yes, you have,” he growled, a smile appearing in the midst of his thick, black beard. “Prancing about this house barely clothed, driving me crazy with lust! You are a cockteasing whore!”

“I was! But I’m a tease no longer.” I pulled the knot on my robe, letting the smooth cloth slide slowly down my body, revealing me in all my naked glory. “I’m yours. Take me, fuck me … punish me!”

He walked up, roughly groping my tit. “Punish you?”

I threw my arms around his neck, bringing my lips closer and closer to his. “I’ve been a terrible sister. You should spank me.” I kissed him, his beard wonderfully rough on my face as his arms wrapped around me, and pulled me tight against him.

“I can’t believe this worked,” he muttered when I broke the kiss. “Mark is some sort of genius.”

My cunt was on fire. “I need to be punished,” I moaned into his ears. “I want to feel your big, strong hand warming my bottom.”

“Okay,” he murmured.

I grabbed his hand, leading him to a chair then pushed him down on it. He stared up at me, his eyes wide with lust and astonishment. He looked so adorable—a big, hairy teddy bear. I bent down and gave him another kiss before I lay across his lap, my cute ass ready to be spanked.

His first slap was soft, light, barely a love top. “Ohh, you can do better,” I purred. “Punish me!”

“Like this?” he asked, his slap stinging. I hit myself harder than that.

“Harder!” I moaned. “C’mon, bro! Be a man!”


I yelped, the pain of his blow warming my pussy, triggering a flood of juices that dripped down my thighs. “Is this what you want?” he demanded, then slapped my other cheek. The pain was wonderful, stinging through my flesh right to my aching clit.

“Yes!” I groaned. Smack! “I’ve been so bad!”

“You have!” Smack! “You’re a bad…” Smack! ” … little sister!” Smack! “Prancing around…” Smack! ” … in those skimpy panties!” Smack! “Making my cock…” Smack! ” … hard all the time!” Smack!

“I was a little…” Smack! ” … cocktease! Punish me!” Smack! “Yes, yes!” Smack! “Keep hitting me! Make my…” Smack! ” … ass glow red!”

My ass felt like it was on fire; heat blazed inside my pussy. I wiggled, rubbing my clit against the rough fabric of his jeans as I moaned like a disgusting bitch. Every blow stoked my passions, every stinging slap added energy to the storm brewing within, but it wasn’t enough. I needed more; I spread my legs.

“My pussy!” I moaned. Smack! “Spank my nasty, dirty twat!”

“You are…” Smack! His hand landed right on my cunt—I exploded! ” … a dirty slut!”

“Yes, yes!” I screamed. Smack! “Oh, fuck! I’m cumming!”


His hand sent pain through my vulva, through my clit, and it fed my orgasm.


Great winds drove the fire in my cunt.


The flames spread and spread, devouring my entire body in agonizing rapture.


I bucked on his lap.


His left hand pressed on my lower back, pinning me.


My twat was an inferno of pain and pleasure.


“Fuck, fuck!” I moaned. Smack! “Oh, my God! Oh, my fucking God!”

The pleasure was so intense it drove all thought from my mind. My orgasm kept rolling and rolling through me, consuming my soul. I was an S/M slut! I needed a strong hand to punish me when I was bad.

I needed my brother’s strong hand.

“Holy shit, Kim,” he breathed, his hand stroking my sore ass. “How many times did you cum?”

“I don’t know,” I answered, sitting up and cuddling on his lap. “But it was amazing!” His hard cock pressed against my bruised ass. My abused cunt was still horny, aching to be filled with his shaft. I shifted on his lap, straddling his waist while I fumbled at his pants. “I want to ride this cock, bro,” I purred.

He grinned. “Incest is the best, put your brother to the test.”

“What?” I asked.

“It’s an old saying.”

“Well, let’s put it to the test,” I purred, fishing his cock out. It was nice sized, not too big or too little—average. He was fully hard, and I guided it to my hungry hole, groaning as sank my twat on it. Oh, fuck! That was wonderful. I missed having a real cock inside me. Hard, warm, throbbing, and stretching my little hole just right. And it was my brother’s cock! That just made it even more exciting.

“Holy fuck!” my brother moaned. “I fucking wanted to do this forever!”

“You are such a pervert,” I laughed. His hands grabbed one of my tits as I began to ride him, enjoying the pain of my bruised cunt mashing into his crotch as his wonderful cock filled me up.

“You’re one to talk,” he growled. “Getting off on being spanked!”

“I’m a pervert,” I gasped. “You’re a pervert! We’re perfect together!”

I rode his cock hard, feeling a violent orgasm churning inside me. His fingers painfully pinched and pulled my nipples—I loved it. I rode him faster, enjoying his moans and pants as my twat pleasured his cock.

“Fuck!” I moaned. “Oh, fuck, this is amazing! Incest is the best!”

“Goddamn, I love your cunt!” he moaned. “You dirty whore! Faster! I want to fill you to the brim with my cum! I’m fucking my little sister!”

“Oh, yes!” I husked. “Oh, fucking yes!”

I rose up and down faster, working my hips to get us both off. My climax neared, a violet burst of passion building within my pussy. My brother’s cock felt so wonderful inside my sopping cunt, thick and hard, and our friction … God, it was amazing! I humped faster, eager for my cum. This was so wrong. He was my brother. I loved it. We were both perverts!

“Cum in me, brother!”

“I am! I’m gonna pump so much incestuous spunk inside you, you’ll be leaking it for a year!”

“Oh, fuck! That sounds amazing!”

His lips found my nipple, biting. The exquisite pain shot through my nerves like a bullet fired from a gun, traveling down through my body, and striking the explosive inside my womb; my climax detonated. Pleasure surged through me in mind-numbing waves. My entire body electrified, muscles spasming as I gasped and moaned.

“Oh, fuck, your cunt!” he moaned around my nipple. “Holy shit! It’s squeezing me!”

“Goddammit!” I screamed, buffeted by passion and pain. “You fucking, wonderful brother!”

“Oh, Kim! Oh, Kim!” With a grunt, his incestuous seed flooded my cunt, adding to the explosion of rapture ripping through my body. “My sister-slave,” he whispered.

“My brother-master,” I husked back.

Our kiss was wonderful, loving, tender.

I stood up, luxuriating in the feel of his seed leaking out of my cunt, then turned and swayed across the living room to the hallway that led to the bedrooms and bathroom. “Come to my room,” I purred.

“Why not mine?”

“Mine is…” Clean. ” … romantic.”

I walked down the hallway, my master following like a puppy.

Sunday, July 27th, 2014 – Kim Penor

“Attach the nipple clamps,” I ordered my master.

“Sure, Kim,” he answered as he knelt before me.

I moaned in pleasure as he clipped the clamp about my hard nipple. A silver chain dangled from the clamp, tipped with an opal teardrop. I loved the constant, dull pain wearing clamps gave me. It kept me randy all day.

We were getting ready for Chris’s wedding this afternoon. James’s D&D friend was marrying his six busty girlfriends. They were all great girls, and I wished Chris well keeping those horny vixen’s satisfied all the time. That dirty, freakish whore Sam was keeping him supplied with her magical Viagra and, in exchange, Chris was letting her titty fuck any of his fiancees.

“Now the other one,” I ordered. My Master was always eager to obey me.

He grabbed it off the tray, about to reach up and attach it when his phone rang. “Shit,” he muttered. “Sorry, Kim.”

“It’s okay, Master,” I sighed, pinching my unclamped nipple hard; my twat moistened. “Just make it quick!”

“I will,” he agreed. “Oh, hey, Mark.”

I didn’t pay attention to their conversation, amusing myself by pulling on my nipple clamp. The pain went straight down to my twat. I reached my other hand down to slide through my shaved lips. Umm, I bet there was time to have James eat me out before we had to leave. Even though he was my Master and I would do anything he asked, my brother was still easily manipulated by my body.

“What did he want?” I asked, realizing James had stopped talking.

“He offered me a job,” he answered, sounding unsteady.

“What?” I asked, handing him the other nipple clamp.

“He wants me to rule the Middle East for him.”

I sighed as the clamp bit into my nipple. “Really? Sounds important.”

“We would have to be bound to him though.”

“Bound…” I thought about that. It would mean selling our souls to Mark, but I would stay young and beautiful. “Do it,” I ordered him. “I would never age! You could always have your hot, little sister-slave to play with.”

“I guess,” he muttered, picking up the final clamp and reaching between my thighs.

“Don’t guess, you should…” I gasped as the clit clamp bit into my sensitive nub, almost triggering an orgasm. “Take the job and I’ll make you very happy.”

“Really?” he asked.

“I’ll let you fuck me in the ass during the wedding.” I only let him fuck me in the ass on special occasions or rewards for good behavior. “How does that sound, Master?”

“Sure,” he eagerly said. “You’re the best slave. I love you, Kim!”

I smiled, my heart melting. He was such a sweet brother. “I love you, too,” I purred and pulled his face into my crotch. “I love my big teddy bear!” I closed my eyes, enjoying his rough beard as he began to devour my pussy. I would get to rule the Middle East. Sure, I’d let James think he was making the decisions, but I would have all the power.

“Umm, that’s a good Master,” I purred as I drifted off into my fantasies of power. All those dusky, middle-eastern beauties for us to abuse. “Eat your slave’s pussy!”

It would be a great life!


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