Feature Writer: Nada Bit
Feature Title: The Devil’s Lap
Story Codes: Pedo, Incest, Fg, Mb, Demons, Bestiality, Death, Cannibalism
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The Devil’s Lap

The little 12-year-old girl sat on the Devil’s lap with his enormous cock between her slim legs hugging it closely between her small tit cones. Her nipples having been once pink were now obscenely swollen and coral red from the Devil’s constant rubbing and pinching. The huge phallus pulsing and slimy with a huge cock slit continuously filling with pre-cum as the little girls hug it to her porcelain body licking at the thick slime. Her tiny bulging hairless cunt is red and swollen from rubbing up and down the rough veiny base as she licks at the pulsing slit with a dazed look of horny ecstasy.

Her little cunt oozed thick cunt cream over the base of the Devil’s enormous balls as the little girl’s mommy knelt between the beast’s legs licking up her daughter’s rich cunt cream as it flowed over the veiny base and huge balls. Mommy was bent over and her small tits quivered as she licked with her ass up in the air showing her crimson gaping cunt. Her once tiny ass also gaped and dripped dog sperm from being in the Devil’s kennel all night. Dad was behind his 11-year-old son sucking hard on his abused asshole freshly filled with demon dog cum.

Dad’s hand was tightly wrapped around his son’s abnormally large 8-inch cock that dripped constantly from the insane stimulation. Dad had already drained his balls twice having shoved his mouth violently up down his son’s delicious cock feeling it pulse rich young cum down his throat. This was one of many families the Devil had abducted to his lair below Disney world.

The Devil easily captured young families with his intense staring red eyes as they traveled the park.

Slim young wives and unsuspecting father’s chasing their children from one ride to another. He hunted for the small skirts that would flair and bounce up showing little panties covering young girl cunts wet from the hot day. He had little use for the fathers and sons but brought them along for his devoted horny kennel of horny demon dogs with their veiny red cocks dripping for the master to bring them more treats. The smallest dog had an eleven-inch cock while the rest ranged from 12 to 15 inches of thick hard dog meat.

The Devil’s work was easy as he could sense the young families that harbored demented thoughts of their children. Young mommies that craved huge cocks and tiny young hairless pussies. Dads that dream of being cock sucking sluts at glory holes and often secretly went to adult video arcades to sit for hours sucking cock after cock. The Devil kept the families well fed with rich helpings of demon sperm that made young boy cocks obscenely large and turned little girls into cum craving sluts with swollen cunts and bursting hard young tits. The moms were easiest of all as they were already cum hungry cunts secretly visiting black bars in the afternoon while the kids were at school. The Devil could easily sense and smell when these families entered the park above.

He was eager for another family when he sensed the arrival of an 11-year-old girl with curly blonde hair caressing her face.

There would be family nights as the demented families are brought to the grand hall near the kennel full of horny hard dripping dog cocks. The kennel cage doors would open at the simple thought from the Devil to attack the crazed gathering looking at the dogs through the bars of the kennel doors. All were kept naked and the smell of cunt and dripping human pre-cum was thick in the air. The floor was never cleaned and it was thick with cunt and cock slime from years of orgies.

Little girls and boys too impatient would lick away at the thick slime as they waited for their swollen holes and cocks to be abused. The kids would smile deviantly as they brought their smalls mouths to mothers and fathers giving them a taste of the rich fuck juice. Parents simply had a dazed look on their faces as they worked cocks and cunts around them. Many losing control as wives began to suck on each other’s cunts and dad’s suck away at any thick boy cock that wandered by.

The little boys eagerly spreading their slim legs as they were sucked so the men could slide fingers in their loose slimy asses. More than one daddy would be violently throat fucked by the obscenely huge boy cocks while others sucked away at crimson little boy cunts often still leaking demon dog sperm. Mommies exchange their young daughters after they had been squirming around in the slime covering the putrid floor.

They had no idea what slime was covering the small horny girls as the floor was rich with dog sperm and cunt juice form frothy cunts being abused relentlessly. The was little if any boy or dad cum s the fathers eagerly swallowed every drip of boy cum from their throbbing cocks in horny constant need of release. So young and recharging quickly dads would often get ten or more loads of delicious young sperm as the boys wandered around in a sex crazed daze.

The Devil waited patiently on his throne as he surveyed the room to pick which family would grace his pedestal as his throbbing demon cock leaked pre-cum. He focused on the newest family with the little 11-year-old girl and her curly blonde hair and innocent young pink tongue lapping at the floor while her mommy sucked away at her tiny swollen vulva glistening with little girl cum and her mother’s saliva.

The little thing had only hint of beginning titties capped with large pink bulbs of coral nipples. Her little cones barely moved at all as mommy sucked and finger her young cunt to get as much of her little girl slime as she could. Mom looked over her daughter’s tiny ass mesmerized by the Devil’s enormous veiny cock oozing rivers of pre-cum.

Her face was a glaze of dementia finally being able to live out her previously hidden desires for cock slime her daughter’s rich virgin cunt cream. Watching the huge slimy Devil cock had her cunt pulsing with white goo as she wished the devil would pick her and her little flushing pink daughter. She knew her daughter’s little tits ached from sudden recent budding that forced blood into her swollen nipples.

The Devil knew the little girl had started rubbing and pinching her small tit cones trying to relieve the pain of puberty. She had only recently discovered the intense feeling she could get from rubbing her tiny hairless vulva as she rubbed her little titties. The Devil’s meals of demon sperm has caused hers and the rest of the females clits to bulge obscenely from their slim pelvises. Their tiny bodies made their pulsing young cunt mounds bulge from their flat tummies like begging flowers for any humming bird to suck at the girl cream that flowed from virgin holes.

The Devil had made sure that this little blonde fuck doll had extra sperm in her meals making young mons bulge more than others. It caused her immature little cunt lips blossom revealing her ever throbbing distended clit. It caused her both pain and excitement as she tried to sleep and it rubbed on the bed or even the slightest graze from some wandering hand made her cringe in pre-orgasmic spasms. She was often the brunt of other crazed mother’s as they felt her bulging clit in hopes of sucking her young cunt.

A few of the mothers gazed fondly at her tiny ass that was as pearly white as her little tit cones. The anal obsessed mothers gazed longingly at her tiny ass cheeks too firm to hide her pink little asshole. Her mommy bought the tiny bikinis she wore that formed snugly of her cunt and titties. She loved taking her daughter shopping and helping her in the dressing rooms. She had hidden her lust for the little cunt by always insisting on new panties and training bras to cover her precious bulging nipples. Mommy spent a lot of time making sure the fit of panties and bras fit snugly or her slim body.

Smoothing the panties firmly over her tiny mons and pressing firmly on her training bras to ensure they were adequate for her growing body. For this Disney trip she took the tiny angel shopping for a new bathing suit and of course the little girl wanted a bikini as she was a big girl now. Mom carefully selected a small white bikini that barely contained her tiny cones and growing vulva. She made sure the tiny garment fit firmly or her little pubis and growing young titties. She had carefully picked the white one without the extra protection of lining for her little pussy. She new as soon as the darling got wet she would be on display with her little camel toe and hard titties. It kept her tiny body intensely tanned with translucent white bikini lines accenting the coral pinkness of her mons and bulging nipples.

The Devil finally decided on the young mother and daughter with a simple mind suggestion. The mommy quickly grabbed her young daughter and ran to the Devil’s throne on the raised platform. She carefully lifted her little girl up to straddle the enormous leaking demon cock making sure her crimson swollen cunt settled firmly on the base of veiny skin. The scales on the demon belly rubbed her tiny pink asshole as she sighed as she squirmed to fit her tiny body comfortably against the demon.

Mommy tried to sneak a lick at the Devil’s huge gaping piss slit bubbling full of pre-cum when her daughter screamed and pushed her away to stuff her young face in the huge slit sucking and licking the inside of the Devil’s cock. She wrapped her little arms around the veiny cock hugging it to her tiny body between her firm aching white tit cones.

The tiny girl moaned obscenely as she rubbed her titties across the harsh skin of demon cock sucking feverishly huge weeping cock slit. Her tiny hips began humping violently as she rubbed her tiny pink ass raw on the hard scales and her bulging young clit against the veiny stalk. She convulsed in spasms in only seconds as her tiny body orgasmed against the giant demon.

Mommy quickly knelt to lick the girly cunt juice and devil slime form the huge balls before her. The devil finally released the kennel of huge dogs as jealous families gawked at the little girls’ orgasms. Her tiny hips were out of control pumping furiously against the hard demon. Her ass was getting raw and her clit covered in frothy girl cum whipped up form her constant pumping. Mommy quickly leaned in to lap at the dripping filth as it covered the beasts huge ball sack.

Mom and daughter were oblivious to the screams as the herd of kennel demon dogs attacked the other families chewing viciously at tits, cunt and cocks writhing on the filthy slime covered floor. The dogs bit vicious at any cock, tit or cunt they could get at. Little boys and girls were having their pink little asses chewed as the animals feasted. Loud screams as the dogs tugged viciously at young titties and cocks.

The fathers were pinned helpless as dogs rammed their enormous cocks in their willing gagging throats. Suddenly a violent scream filled the room as one dog lifted his huge slobbering head with one of the dad’s cock and balls dangling from his huge fanged jaws. The dog gulped the bloody mess as he started back on the stomach ripping out the intestines.

The smell blood caused a frenzy among the 40 other beasts as they ripped tits and cunt lips form the screaming girls and mommies. The dads could hardly make a mumbled in agony as dogs ripped them apart savoring the cocks and balls first as they continued to disembowel the dads as thy squirmed helplessly with their throats stuffed by huge throbbing cock meat filling them with demon sperm that leaked out of their gaping abdomens.

The frenzy continued as mommies had their tits ripped off and eaten right in front of their startled faces. Another demon raised his head with a mound of cunt in his jaws. The parents were soon devoured in violent blood spattering frenzy as the beast ripped flesh with insane slurping sounds as they got as much blood as they could with each gulp. Not even a bone was left as the dogs turned to the kids.

This was a trained and practiced event that had been carried on for centuries. The dogs did not age and the devil moved freely to where he smelled the most potential young cunt. He let the dogs have the rest. They did have to be fed. The little girls and boys cowered in the corners as the dogs turned their attention to the remaining meat. The kids shivered at the sight of the snarling fang filled jaws walking slowly towards them dripping with blood. One little Asian doll was violently lifted by her arm it snapped off while another beast watched here drop her tiny cunt into his gaping jaws. With one vicious bite the tiny legs fell to the filthy floor as the beast chewed her cunt and stomach.

The younger dog pounced immediately on the tiny tit cones on the convulsing little girls’ torso. The child was alive still but could not figure out why her legs would not let her kick to get away. She was thrashed about violently by her little tit and saw her legs laying bloody on the floor looking at her little tummy that was basically gone from her cute belly button down. Another beast grabbed her other small breast as the dogs played tug of war until the blood started gushing pulsing out of her tiny body. A third dog leapt in to capture the rest of torso as her tit cone were ripped away.

The larger dog lifted her up and swallowed her whole as she screams in agony. The rest was the chaos the Devil loved to watch as children were ripped apart. Cocks and cunts were usually first as they were only morsels to the giant demons. Dazed the remaining children laid bloody and disembowel viciously as they watched themselves eaten alive by the savage beast. Not a tiny tit or bone remained on the floor as the devil looked on praising his pets with thoughts.

The devil finally reached down grabbing the young wife at his balls. He lifted her just above his fanged mouth and in one quick practiced movement ripped the bottom half off the slut leaving alive as she watched her blood spilling over her tiny blonde daughter. The little girl was in a drug like daze from slurping up demon pre-cum and destroying her enlarged clit and tiny asshole on the beast. Her head was matted in her mother’s blood as she slurped away. The tiny thing looked up as the devil lowered her mommy into his gaping fanged jaws.

The little girl only heard a small groan as mommy disappeared in the blood covered demon jaws. The little girl smiled and knew she was next as the demon lifted her above his face. Instead the devil’s slivering tongue invaded her tiny virgin cunt taking her virginity as it snaked of and wiggled into her small cervix, the little girl squirmed violently as the tongue licked her entire womb and the rough devil face rubbed against her engorged clitty.

She convulsed as the first orgasm she ever had consumed her. The delirious child held tightly to the demon’s horns at thrust her tiny hips until her small vagina was a gaping mess of Devil saliva and girly cum. He held the tiny thing against his gaping jaw as she thrashed about in preteen orgasmic delirium. She held on and came violently again and again filling the demon mouth with increasing amounts of preteen girly cum.

She awoke still cradled in the beast’s lap with the huge cock leaking for her breakfast. The Devil decided she might be useful at the French convent for little girls. The satisfied demon dogs returned to their cages to sleep as the doors closed. Hardly a speck of blood remained on the floor. With a thought the Devil’s lair was under St Mary’s all girl school in the French country side. It was a very exclusive school with young nuns and novice teen nuns eager to enter service to God.

Europeans spent huge amounts of money to have their little girls educated at the elite school safe from boys. Scandinavians were especially interested in keeping their tiny young blonde daughters from lecherous boys and men. Mother Superior welcomed the small curly haired blonde as she was inducted into the elite school for virgins.

The dogs had to be fed again soon.


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