Feature Writer: One Silky /
Feature Title:  The Devil and Silky /
Story Codes: Erotic Horror /
Synopsis: A Silky Adventure /


The Devil and Silky

The Devil came back from Georgia and met with his Executive Committee to review potential souls to target. He had several Popes, Imams, and various other religious leaders to help out.

“There is a young woman in Alabama that is a prime target. She has sex constantly,” said a Baptist Minister who lived below due to his penchant for prostitutes. “Just look at this!” And a Diabolical Power Point Appeared with sound and video.

Silky was on her hands and knees as George licked her asshole. Her red hair hung as draperies to her emerald eyes, while she poured liquid heat on his fingers.

“Oh, God that’s so good, right there, yes, there!” She shuddered as she moaned. “Please don’t play anymore, just fuck me!”

“I’ll fuck you when I am ready!” Slap! George landed a sharp blow to her butt. After three more hand prints in florid crimson painted her derrière, she was even more out of control.

“Puh lease, George! Fuck me now!”

George put his hand on his swollen cock, and the Devils crew could see from every angle at once, so they saw the purpled head nearly bursting, the veins standing out on his shaft, and the crimson wetness of her cunt as he approached her entrance. Her introitus strained to allow his adamantine erection to slide deep into her close-fitting pussy.

“Jesus, Silky, you are so fucking tight! I think I’m gonna explode!”

“Oh yes, that’s it! You are so big! I like your finger in my ass!”

“Here it comes baby! Aahhh!”

“Yes George, yes yes! Oh, God, I’m gone!”

“I think this clearly establishes her as a fornicator.”

“Not so fast,” replied the devil, being his own advocate. “She loves George. We know that’s true. She is sincerely expressing that love.”

“But the blasphemy!”

“I know you didn’t call me to this meeting just to talk about a little misuse of His name?”

“Well the sexual love may be not bad enough for you to get excited about, but perversity must be a sin!” This came from a former Pope who had overseen the burning alive of heretics. Once again the magical videos played.

George lay back on the bed smiling down at his beautiful daughter Silky, while her green eyes connected with his blues. She held his rigid penis in her little hand and stroked up and down the shaft while deftly leaning left and right to lick the underside of his head with short quick movements of her neck and tongue. His foreskin wrapped and unwrapped his aubergine plum, which was coated with her saliva.

She moved forward and took the entire cock into her mouth, holding the glans between her lips for a few moments and then sliding down until the entire shaft was buried in her throat. She began a rhythmic bobbing up and down on his tumescence, pausing every few thrusts to again massage him with her fist and lick up and down the length of his rigidity.

She moved faster and faster, her tongue flicking like a lizard’s, until he began pumping against her face in an involuntary effort to put more meat into her orifice. She stroked his balls gently with her other hand and slid a finger back to tickle his anus.

George cried out in ecstasy and grabbed the sides of her head, letting her carmine curls bleed across his fingers as the arterial spurting of a different kind of body fluid, white and thick, spewed into her mouth and dripped back down more rapidly than she could swallow.

“Silky, you do that so well! I love you so much!”

“Now that, Lord Lucifer, is a sin and she deserves to go to Hell!”

“I wish things were as simple as you pitiful humans believe,” sighed the Devil. “You have read His Book; show me where it says that missionary style vaginal intercourse is the only way to express love.”

“But surely My Master, love cannot extend beyond procreation.”

“By my last count human beings fuck one thousand times for every fertilization. They need plenty of stimulation to make that one thousand times or the poor bastards would all die out.”

Abdul Mohamed, who had overseen more than four hundred suicide bombings, spoke up. “Your Malignancy, I know that you and I both understand that in all things sexual there must be one man and one woman. If I were in charge then certainly anything outside of that pairing would bring me their soul.”

A flick of his wrist and the committee watched another image.

“Jess, would you do anything I asked you to?” Silky lay in the bed naked with her arms wrapped around her sister caressing her sibling’s breast with one hand.

“As long as it doesn’t involve any eggs or letting my pubic hair grow.” Jess’s hands were not idle either, as they caressed the soft skin of Silky’s cheek

Silky maneuvered around to pull the silver ring in Jessica’s right nipple into her mouth, and sucked until it felt like a diamond. Jessica moaned.

“What if I wanted to do a sixty-nine?”

“Silly Silky, you don’t even have to ask for that.”

“But I want to be on the top. Puh lease!”

Jessica rolled her eyes but smiled as she slid around to assume the bottom position for their mutual oral sex. She reached up and grasped Silky’s ass cheeks and pulled her rubicund pubis down to her mouth. Simultaneously Silky let her long claret hair pour like wine between Jess’s thighs. Beneath her tresses she spread Jessica’s labia and delicately licked the moist fenestra below. She had trouble with focusing as the sensations of Jessica’s magic mouth on her lower lips tended to drive her insane.

Determined to achieve her goal, Silky sucked on the clit beneath her, rolling it like a pearl between her tongue and lips. She was rewarded in the struggle by a lessening of Jessica’s onslaught as the Scandinavian blonde was in turn overwhelmed with sensations emanating from her crotch. Now the battle was joined in earnest as each girl strove to distract the other and force an orgasm before she was herself carried away.

Jessica was the first to fuck Silky with her tongue, sending it like a sinuous snake in and out of the red head’s dripping pussy. Silk almost lost with that attack but then she suddenly added two fingers in Jessica’s vagina and one in her ass hole and the campaign was hers. Jessica’s tight wet tunnel spasmed around her fingers only microseconds before Silky found her own path to Nirvana.

They lay back sprawled against each other, the gentle noises of their whispers washing against each other’s ears like the last inches of a waning surf. They mumbled meaningless words of love.


“All of us agree mighty Prince of Darkness that this behavior has to be evil enough for you to track her soul and be ready to take her.”

“I think that you Council Members just don’t understand the situation. We used to be able to just go out and stone somebody whenever they broke a rule. We even had a pretty strict set to hold them to, those Ten Commandments thingies. Then His non-damned Son messed up everything. What He said was that loving your neighbor, being kind, taking care of those who had less than you, in short believing in love was all it took.

His cheap shot was to say that anyone who believed in Him would go to heaven. Breaking rules doesn’t count; love is all you need. One good thing out of this is that all you members of the Executive Council who think you can do a better job than the Devil himself are assured of at least another hundred thousand years on this Council; we meet every Thursday for 18 hours nonstop.”


Back in the World, George watched as the two women who owned his heart practiced various dildos on each other, frequently arguing about who was doing it right or being fair. He throat caught with the emotion he felt for them, they were the light of his life.



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