The Demons of Seduction and Perversion – Non-Fiction

Writer: Ezra Scroll of Scribes

Subject: The Demons of Seduction and Perversion:

Link: 23.06.2021 / Ezra Scroll of Scribes

The Demons of Seduction and Perversion: Succubus and Incubus

When it comes to the rankings of demons and spirits in the spirit world, there are what they call ruling demons that oversee and command the other evil spirits to do their bidding. Now the ruling demons are the demonic princes that take their commands from Lucifer himself and then down the chain of unholy command comes the low-ranking demons, evil spirits, imps, and sprites that do their evil works upon humans. The spirits of lust, perversion,  and rape are ruled by a male and female demons called the succubus and the incubus. These demons are not like what you see from John Cassavettes old horror Incubus nor like the new show on Sci-Fi Channel called “Lost Girl” which talks about a girl who is a succubus. They can transform into humans for the purpose of draining a soul through seductive and perverted methods of sexuality. The difference between these demons and the Dionysus spirit (demon of orgies, excesses, and indulgences) is they are used to seduce, trick and absorb the very essence of a person’s entire being. The incubus is not the rape demon of rapists(an entire different name for that one) but he seduces the person through charm and a strong sexual prescence that will overwhelm an unsuspecting female to surrender herself sexually to his desires in order to take her soul, not to impregnate her. An incubus is a spiritual rapist of women and can operate in men who already have the spirits of lust, perversion and fornication in their soul. Now when it comes to the succubus demon, she is a chameleon of sorts in which she can become anything a man desires or wants in a woman in order to beguile and bring a man under her seductive powers. Once she has the man in her clutches, just like a vampire she begins to suck the very life of that man through sex, perversion and lustful activities until he is drained spiritually and physically. A woman can have the succubus demon if she participates heavily in some form of witchcraft whether intentionally or unintentionally and operates in the spirit of perversion. Dominatrixes can have the succubus demon in them or women who live a lifestyle of perverted sexuality. These demons tend to dwell in regions where there is saturated place of perverted activities and places that house these perversions. They definitely like to target men and women of the cloth in churches to take their anointing, gifts, talents and their very souls in order for them not to be effective in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. The way to ensure you don’t become ensnared by these demons is to not be delving into any kind of perversion of a sexual nature.

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