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Feature Tltle: The Demoness’ Lair #1 (Revised)
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Uploaded: 25 Aug 2006
Disclaimer: Just to let everyone know, this is a work of FANTASY. All the characters within are FICTIONAL. While we all wish we could have big-breasted beautiful sex demons fuck us, we can’t. Oh, and if you’re disgusted with this stuff… what are you doing here?



An air of melancholy had hung over the Mitchell house during the two weeks since Maria Mitchell died at the age of 34. Her death had been unexpected, Maria was survived by Carl, her husband, age 36, and Laura, age 17.

Each of them coped with their loss in a different way. Carl fell into an almost mechanical routine, thoughtlessly carrying on with the motions of his life before his wife’s death. Laura, however, was more obviously affected and fell into a depressed funk, staying inside and often missing classes over feigned sicknesses.

Carl’s saving grace was Tyler, a friend of his from high school. Tyler appeared one day, out of the blue, and convinced Carl to go out with him for a few drinks. He had an enjoyable, normal night and even flirted with a few women at the bar.

The next day Carl finally broke out of his trance. He called into work and took the day off to finally clean the house so he could move on. Laura tried to convince her father to let her stay home with him, but Carl knew that Laura’s continuing depression would only drag him back down.

With Laura gone, Carl set to cleaning. First, he cleaned and straightened the house, while doing laundry, which took about two hours. Then, he set to organizing and boxing Maria’s things, jewelery, books, everything went into boxes. As Carl folded and boxed Maria’s lingere, he couldn’t help but imagine, momentarily, how good Laura would look wearing her mother’s lingere.

Underneath Maria’s side of their bed, Carl found an ornate box he’d never seen before. Inside was an unmarked notebook with a much wrinkled cover.

Opening the notebook to the first page, Varl could a mantra-like verse in Maria’s handwriting:
“The mistress of lust. 
Her pleasures a must. 
In the realm of eternal.
How long will you stay. 
Not long if you stray.
Lust, Envy, Greed. 
One night, one day, one life.”

The passage confused Carl, so he flipped the few pages to the last entry.

“I know I should not go, my soul will be lost forever, but the world has lost it’s pleasure compared to the realm of eternal ecstasy. I am not alive if her lips aren’t on me. I am afraid to say, that even making love to Carl has lost it’s flavor when compared to her sublime pleasures. I long to join the rest of the sex-addicted wretches for eternity, an eternity of pleasure.”

Carl sat in stunned silence before disregarding the account as the fevered carrying on of a dying woman and set back to cleaning the house, dumping the notebook into the trash. With his newfound vigor, Carl was done with the master bedroom by the time Laura returned from school. The two of them ate quietly, only passing some half-hearted banter about what happened to Laura at school.

As Carl lay in bed that night, thoughts of the notebook intruded on his sleep. He pushed them away, but they kept coming back. ‘Is it for real?’ Carl thought, ‘Of course not, but can I afford not to know for sure?’

Having convinced himself, Carl rose from his bed and retrieved the notebook. He turned to the first page and crawled back into bed. Flicking on the bedside lamp, Carl read the mantra three times, as indicated by the directions on the page and was asleep before he knew it.

When Carl awoke he looked upon a sky of the deepest crimson. He was lying on an immense four post bed dressed with only the most luxurious red and black silks and satins.

Every sort of extravagant furnishing populated the room. However, Carl had eyes for only one thing; the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

She stood stark naked in the middle of the room. At first her back faced Carl, but he could tell her skin was the darkest char black with luxurious white hair spilling down her slender, toned form, just touching the top of her taut round cheeks where the crevice of her ass began. As she slowly turned, Carl got a cock hardening silhouette of her amazingly perky DD cup breasts. Carl saw more than a hint of fangs when the mysterious woman flashed him a smile, her perfect, pearl-white teeth standing out against her black skin.

From top to bottom, she was as gorgeous from the front as from behind. Carl took his time to study her as she strode across the room to the bed. Her nipples were the color of blood and seemed to point directly at him, the color carried over to her areoles, which faded to the black of her skin. Her skin was stretched tight over her midsection, giving her an undeniably attractive, washboard-flat stomach. Naked as she was, the woman made no attempt to cover her sex, which showed bright crimson through the folds of her pussy lips.

“Hello Carl,” she said as she climbed onto the bed next to him. There was something in her voice, like the rumbling of a large cat, that resonated in Carl’s groin and brought his cock to a full erection, “Do you know who I am or where you are?”

Entranced, and lost in the building pressure in his pants, Carl slowly shook his head no.
“I am the Mistress of Pleasure and you are in the Realm of Eternal Ecstasy. My home, your playground,” without further ado, the Demoness almost slithered on top of Carl, seized his head and brought their mouths together.

Carl was immediately and completely entrenched in the Demoness’ power. Their lips locked for upwards of five minutes, at the direction of the Demoness. She started with a benign, lip-to-lip kiss, slowly invading Carl’s mouth with her tongue. She explored his entire mouth and allowed him to do the same. By the time their mouths parted, the kiss was frantic. The pair nibbled on each other’s lips and saliva poured down Carl’s face, puddling around his head.

While Carl panted heavily, attempting to get his breath back the Demoness grabbed his shoulders and pulled herself up his body. She arched her back and ground her pelvis into his hard on, stomach and chest before straddling his face. The first trickles of her fluid running down the inside of her thighs escaped Carl’s notice, he watched, rapt, as the Demoness’ pussy slowly pulled apart, opening and appearing to bloom like a flower.

Carl could see the taut tendons beneath her toned flesh and watched the crimson pussy draw ever nearer as the Demoness allowed her knees to slip further and further apart on the smooth sheets of her bed. She stopped expertly, with her pussy barely grazing Carl’s face. The sight and sent was too much for Carl to resist and he inclined his head slightly to make contact with the folds above him. Carl started by kissing the open cunt, then slowly licking it from bottom to top, sometimes starting by grazing his nose against the Demoness’ exposed clit. Carl had her moaning in pleasure before he started tweaking her clit with his hand and fucking her with his tongue, as deep as it would go.

She came with a rush, screaming her pleasures to the sky. Carl patiently lapped up her juices as she came down, inciting an aftershock with his ministrations. It was during that orgasmic aftershock that Carl felt two pinpoint pains in his tongue, deep within the Demoness’ cunt. Surprised, Carl pulled his tongue out and his face away from the Demoness. A black serpent came with him.

A sensation of sexual agitation, similar to the early build up to orgasm, began to emanate from Carl’s tongue. The Demoness addressed it, chuckling, “Good, I see you’ve met Lust. He’ll be your first and most powerful vice. Relax, enjoy it, there is no more powerful aphrodisiac than Lust’s venom.”

The serpent detached itself from Carl’s tongue and slid beneath his shoulder, wrapping around his arm until it came to his hand, where it once again bit him. Carl could feel the same pleasureful sensation begin to spread up his arm. The Demoness slid her pelvis back down Carl’s body, the serpent completely detaching itself from her pussy as she moved.

The Demoness pressed the erect nipple of one enormous tit against Carl’s lips while the serpent detached itself from his arm and once again traveled his body. Carl was bitten eighteen more times as he dutifully attended the Demoness’ tits, sucking, licking and biting to her enjoyment. It was only moments after he took the first nipple into his mouth that Carl decided the venom really was the most potent aphrodisiac, from the pleasure coursing through his head and the moans from the Demoness, Carl was inclined to believe he was experiencing at least as much pleasure as the Demoness. Carl came four times, with the aphrodisiac in full effect his cock didn’t even need to achieve a full erection before blowing a load into his trousers.

“GOD!” the Demoness’ shouted as she wrenched her breast from Carl’s mouth, he simply opened his mouth, asking for more. “Impressive, human. How would you like to fuck me before I send you home?”

Carl absently nodded his desire and the Demoness re-positioned herself, face between Carl’s legs, and unzipped his pants with her mouth. Carl’s cock, already soaking with his own sperm, sprang to attention at the promise of penetrating the beautiful Demoness. She carefully took the entire member into her mouth and cleaned it before once again crawling atop Carl and positioning the member against her eager cunt. The serpent moved in a circle around Carl’s cock, the soft scraping of its scales building up to the straight fuck the Demoness now offered Carl.

The Demoness moved in a rough loop, pulling herself up Carl’s stomach until he nearly popped out of her pussy, then arcing out and slamming down against Carl’s groin. The Demoness continued this for some time, interspersing it with bouncing on the rigid member, until she could feel Carl approach his largest orgasm of the night. She expertly pumped herself a few more times, placing Carl right on the edge of orgasm before sliding off his cock.

If the sensation of the Demoness sliding off his cock wasn’t enough to send him over the edge, the bite of her serpent certainly did. Carl sprayed load after load of cum down the throat of the serpent. The venom induced his orgasm, which caused the serpent to expel more venom, which caused him to come again, and so on. Carl found himself locked in an infinite loop of pleasure, each orgasm more intense than the last. Carl’s eyes began to blur and his body began to numb and the sensations of pleasure faded into the recesses of his memory.


Only minutes after her father fell asleep, Laura made her way to her bathroom. She sat on the toilet, tweaking her nipples while she peed. Aside from a few isolated incidents before, Laura had almost had a sexual awakening since her mother’s death. A slew of boys at school had tried to “comfort” her after her loss, but each one was after the same thing, sex. Not that Laura didn’t feel she needed some of that too, but it quickly became old. She was tired of the same hollow pickup lines, day after day after day.

Not for the first time that day, Laura removed the scrap of paper from her pocket and pondered how she should respond to it. Sara, one of her best friends since elementary school was bisexual, and had offered to help Laura with some friendly exploration, since she obviously wasn’t finding what she desired in men. The paper was an invitation to Sara’s house, explaining that her parents were in Vegas together.

Laura finished up in the bathroom and washed her hands, but instead of returning to her bedroom she quietly approached her father’s bedroom, rapping lightly on the door. She listened intently and knocked one more time before making her mind up. With sweats over a set of lacy underwear Laura had purchased for herself she set out for Sara’s house.

Sara’s house was a sprawling one story ranch, which made accessing her bedroom all that much easier. Laura lightly rapped on Sara’s window and waited for her friend to wake up. It was a surprisingly short few moments before Sara’s face appeared, as soon as she recognized Laura she raised one finger, telling her to wait, and disappeared inside.

Sara was a little shorter than Laura. With raven black hair and a petite figure she was just as attractive. Laura had a hard time pinning down Sara’s bust size, she knew Sara’s breasts were smaller than her own, but they almost seemed to change on a whim.

“You could have rung the doorbell, no one’s home, silly,” Sara emerged from the back door wearing a black sweatshirt and pajama pants that Laura soon discovered clung alluringly to her friend’s ass crack.

“I… I know, force of habit,” Laura attempted to chuckle off her nervousness as she followed her friend inside.

“So it’s that bad, eh?” Sara made conversation as the pair navigated the darkened house to Sara’s room.

“Well, yea. I’ve gotten pretty sexual, but these jocks just use me. And home life isn’t any reprieve, it seems that my dad has moved on, but I can’t get over it!” Laura quickly clamped her hands over her running mouth, “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry, that’s why I invited you here,” Sara opened the door to her room and motioned for Laura to enter. Sara’s room was different, like Sara. Sara wasn’t a Christian, Laura wasn’t sure what she was, but her room reflected that, enumerable candles provided the only light and books were stacked all over the place.

“I knew you would come,” Sara smiled as Laura found a seat on the side of her bed.

“I.. um… what do we…” Laura stumbled around breaching the subject of sex with her friend, but Sara stepped in.

“Well, first, I think you need to relax,” Sara handed her a small, hand-rolled cigarette, “Don’t worry, it’s not pot. It’ll just help relax you and put you a little more… in tune.”

Laura lit the cigarette off a candle flame and inhaled like it was a joint. Laura and Sara passed the cigarette back and forth a few times until it was gone.

Sara turned to a chest of drawers behind her, rummaging through a drawer while she instructed her friend, “You’ll probably want to undress now.”. The noises sounded musical and almost preternatural to Laura under the influence of the drug Sara had given her.

“First, Laura, you need to be comfortable with yourself,” Sara turned from the drawer and held out a rubber dildo, “The first thing I want you to do is get yourself off. However, don’t just ram it in and straight fuck until you come, get into it, enjoy yourself. The herb will help.”

Hoping Sara was right, Laura tentatively took the dildo from her friend. She could tell it was green now that it was closer to herself in the poor lighting.

‘Well, I suppose it’s got to be lubed first,’ Laura thought.

Laura choked up on the shaft and started licking the top of the shaft, rolling her head back and forth like she’d seen in a porn video. Soon, Laura was slowly pumping it into her mouth, letting the saliva run down to her hands. Laura felt it was slick enough and pressed it against her cunt, but the spit slick surface popped out of her vagina, grazing her clit as it went. Laura gasped, but returned to work, this time with her other hand working her clit.

Laura was so into her masturbation that she failed to notice Sara moving back to the drawer.

Laura was building quickly, riding a bolt of lightning between her legs when Sara fitted her with two nipple clamps, sending her over the edge.

“Sara,” Laura panted, “That was better than any guy yet!”

Sara smiled at her practically glowing friend, “I’m sure it was. The great thing is, you don’t need the drug for it to be that good, you just need to learn how to get into it,” Sara removed her shirt and offered Laura her hand pulling the blonde to her feet. The two girls were standing so close their breasts were touching. The cold metal of the clamps hardened Sara’s nipples almost instantaneously.

There was no more talking. Sara drew her friend’s head down till their lips met, it was like magic. A tingling coursed through each girl, exciting them and starting the first of many rivulets down their thighs.

The kiss was sublime, but Laura wanted more. She wrapped one hand around Sara’s back and held a breast to her mouth, finding Sara’s moist cunt beneath her panties with her other hand. Laura soon discovered that pulling on Sara’s nipples with her teeth caused a slightly delayed contraction of her friend’s pussy. Laura quickly found a rhythm, pulling on Sara’s breast then pumping her fingers into Sara’s cunt against the contractions. Sara’s screams became more and more insistent until she came, her scream elevating and dropping off rapidly.

For a few moments Sara just leaned against Laura, recovering her breath. Then she pointed to her bed, and with a mischievous grin said, “My turn.”

Laura laid face up on Sara’s bed, watching the more experienced girl above her. Sara started by removing the clamps from Laura’s punished nipples, the throbbing sensation made Laura sigh contentedly. Next, Sara delved into her own pussy, returning with two cum soaked hands. She began slowly massaging her cum into Laura’s breasts, knowing the warm liquid would have something of a soothing effect on Laura’s breasts.

Laura was most certainly enjoying the attention her friend was giving her tortured breasts, she moaned and writhed whenever Sara’s hands touched a particularly tender spot. Laura writhed in ecstasy for over fifteen minutes under Sara’s expert guidance, the orgasm was a low, rumbling, eternity filling wash of pleasure.

“I… I.. didn’t know you could do that…” Laura panted, “You didn’t even touch my pussy!”
Sara was smiling, “Yep, all it takes is some patience and experience, but I’m not done yet.”
Laura’s head collapsed back onto the couch as Sara knelt between her legs, kissing her navel and down to her clit. Sara’s grip was like a vice when Laura started writhing for real. Where her last orgasm was deep and long, just the sheer pleasure building up to this one was much more powerful than her last one. Laura could feel, almost in freeze frame, each and every lash of Sara’s tongue in her cunt. The pleasure felt like a strobe light, and finally Laura came with a stop-motion orgasm.

“That one, however, was the drug. As it begins to break down its effects, and any pleasure at all, become pulsated, so don’t expect one like that too often,” it was all Laura could do to nod in response to her friend’s explanation.

Laura and Sara continued for several more hours, sharing intense, long, and simply earth-shattering orgasms. Laura still managed to return home before her father woke the next day.


Carl burst awake, the memory of the Demoness’ pleasures fading like a dream. However, when he got up to get a cup of water he felt the tug of loads of drying cum attaching his member to the bed sheet. When he pulled back the cover, he found a small, black cord coiled around his cock and ball sack. Closer inspection, however, revealed the snake-miniature’s head and teeth, buried in his cock.

Carl cried silently, weeping inside his head for his lost Maria.



The reality of the experience crashed home for Carl and he let out a cry of anguish. Tears rolled down his face as he staggered back into his bedroom. Between sobs he heard a quiet knock on his door. Carl stuffed his cock back into his pants and wiped the tears from his face before he opened the door.

Laura stood in the hall, looking very concerned, “What’s wrong dad?”

“It’s nothing, just a dream…just a dream.”

Laura could see that whether or not it was just a dream, it still bothered her father, “Tell me about it, maybe it will make it better.”

Carl was afraid of telling his daughter about the real dream he’d had, so he responded, “I couldn’t remember her name. I saw her, and I held her, but I couldn’t remember her name!” A new wave of tears trickled down Carl’s face as he relived the experience in his mind.

“Oh my,” Laura exclaimed, and then crashed into her father, hugging him fiercely. “It’ll be all right, dad, it was just a dream.”

Carl returned the hug halfheartedly, for he knew it was not just a dream. His daughter’s softball-sized breasts pressing against his chest were uncomfortable reminders of that other world, and Carl felt the obsidian band tighten around his cock as it became excited.

Carl was losing control. Frightened by the implications of his arousal he suddenly pushed his daughter away, saying, “You better get ready for school. You wouldn’t want to be late, would you?”

Laura looked dejected, but said no. She turned and walked down the hall to her own room, Carl watched her swaying, straw-blond hair the whole way before closing the door.

Knowing it was real buoyed Carl’s hope, he had to rescue Maria! He called into work sick, his boss was very understanding given the recent death of his wife, and got back into bed.

He began to recite the incantation and soon drifted off to sleep, where he had his second encounter with the Demoness. She was standing in the same place, again wearing nothing. She crossed the room and said to him, “I see you have returned. Do you wish to enter my realm and, perhaps, free your wife’s soul?”

“I will try as many times as I have to to rescue her.”

This brought a smile to the Demoness’ lips, “You only have one more.” She approached him until her breasts touched his naked flesh, then she pushed him back onto the bed.

The touch of her skin against his body excited Carl and his cock once again stood at attention.

The Demoness bent down and took Carl’s cock into her mouth, sucking on it lightly. Her breasts bounced and swayed, rubbing against Carl’s skin.

Carl was about to lose himself in the attention, when it stopped. The Demoness had moved and was once again straddling Carl. This time when she sat back Carl’s member found a tighter hole. It took more pressure, but Carl found himself impaling the beautiful Demoness’ anus. She seemed to revel in the feeling, pumping slowly at first, then bouncing wildly on his cock.

When Carl came, it was amazing, he had never fucked a woman in her ass before, but he liked it. However, the Demoness was not done with Carl. She crawled to one side of him and rolled him onto his back so he was bent over the bed, with his knees touching the floor. The Demoness knelt behind him and spread his ass cheeks lightly.

Looking at his exposed ass hole, the Demoness first inserted one finger to the first digit. Surprised by the intrusion, Carl’s ass clenched shut. Then the Demoness really got to work, she began licking around Carl’s anus and occasionally forcing her tongue into the hole. It was not long before Carl was soft and loose.

When he was ready the Demoness inserted an obsidian butt plug into Carl and said, “Now you belong to me twice.” She didn’t say anything else to him as she walked across the room and opened the door to the other realm.

Carl was dazed and confused, but got up from his position on the bed and followed her to the door. He stepped through and again found himself plummeting toward the undulating ball of erotic bodies. While in the blackness Carl could feel that the butt plug was no longer in his ass, he reasoned that the obsidian items were links to this world and therefore were not present within it.

Lost in the press of engaged bodies, Carl began to search for his wife. He saw every kind of sexual act. A woman took one cock in each hole, while one of the men fucking her was sodomized by another. One woman ate another’s pussy while being fucked by a man, and the other woman gave one man a blowjob and another a hand job.

Several times the denziens of the Demoness’ realm attempted to engage him in their activities, sometimes forcibly. Once a brunette tried to get him to eat her pussy and, when denied, grabbed his ankle and pulled his cock to her face. Carl sprayed her face with cum as he extricated himself from her embrace. Once he was hugged by a woman who began kissing him relentlessly, he carried her a short distance before she lost interest and took another woman’s nipple into her mouth. Once a man grappled Carl from behind, his cock riding between Carl’s ass cheeks while he gave Carl a hand job. Several others joined when they saw the man on Carl, a man forced his cock into Carl’s mouth while a woman took Carl’s into her own.

It took Carl several moments of struggling to extricate himself from their embraces, spitting out the man’s pre-cum and pulling his cock from the woman’s mouth. Only as he was looking back did he see that the woman was his wife. He tried to call out to her, but his tongue clove to the roof of his mouth. Once again, he could not remember her name.

Carl almost wept, but the surprise of being forcibly seized from behind forced back his tears. Carl found himself dragged rapidly backward, deeper into the massive orgy. Along the way a few people slapped Carl’s ass and gave him a knowing smile as he was dragged past them.

Carl couldn’t tell if the trip took minutes or days, but eventually he was tossed past his assailants into a room formed of the slowly undulating bodies of men and women locked in ecstatic embraces. The room was lit by the collective luminosity of the bodies and by this light Carl could see a man, no a demon, sitting atop a man and a woman 69ing. The demon was the same charcoal black as the Demoness, he had two small black horns on his forehead, but was bald.

His small aureoles and nipples were of the same blood red as the Demoness, as were his crimson eyes.

The demon was magnificently endowed, as became evident when the man stood. His enormous cock pointed directly at Carl as he strode across the room, “What’s the matter? Can’t remember her name?” the demon taunted. “I can help you, but there is a price.”

“What? Anything!” Carl shouted in response.

The demon’s cock swung nearer to Carl, “I do enjoy debauching the truly righteous. Do as I require and the next time you come to this realm you shall remember her name.”

Carl rose from the floor to his knees, knowing and fearing what was coming, “Very well.”

“Excellent. I knew you would be reasonable,” the demon’s cock was now only a fraction of an inch from Carl’s face. The head of the demon’s cock was also blood red.

The demon placed a hand on the back of Carl’s head, applying only the slightest pressure.

Grudgingly, Carl opened his mouth and took the demon’s cock into it. He tried to emulate the way Maria (He could remember her name now!) had given him blowjobs in the past, and he felt that the way the demon leaned back indicated he was doing a good job. To his surprise the demon suddenly pulled his cock out, he found himself staring at the engorged member, dripping with his own saliva.

“Does the Demoness have you imprisoned here like the rest?” Carl asked in the short reprieve.
The demon laughed, “Of course not, she is my queen and I, her king. Now turn around,” the demon ordered.

Carl’s spirits sank, but he did as he was told and presented his posterior to the demon. Shortly, he felt warmth and dampness against his ass hole. The demon applied some pressure and, lubricated by his own spit, the demon’s cock pierced his anus. At first all he felt was pain, Carl was unused to such forcible expansion of his sphincter, but he held strong and soon the smooth fucking of his ass began to feel as pleasure. The demon’s movements soon became more punctuated and violent, this heightened both the pain and the pleasure (more the pleasure, to Carl’s shock). When the demon came it felt as though someone had dumped boiling oil into his colon. The demon pulled out of him, satisfied, and watched in continuing pleasure as Carl writhed on the floor, he shot his own cum on himself and the bodies he lay upon before he lost consciousness.

Carl awoke with a start, he was in his own bed and no light entered through the window. His ass no longer hurt, but it felt different. He didn’t need a mirror to know that the butt plug the Demoness had given him was still there, it sent small pleasureful twinges through his ass whenever he moved.

“Hi Daddy,” Carl froze at the unexpected sound of Laura’s voice, “You were out for a long time.”

Carl rolled over and found himself looking upon the naked form of his daughter. His cock immediately sprung to full attention, she was really quite attractive. He cursed himself inwardly, but climbing through the Realm of Eternal Ecstasy had certainly frayed his inhibitions.
His heart was in his throat when he asked her, “What are you doing here sweetie.”

“Waiting for you to wake up,” she said as she pulled herself the short distance across the bed to kiss her father lightly on the mouth. “I love you, and I know it’s been hard for you since mom died.”

Carl fought against himself as he reached out to caress his daughter’s cheek. She took the invitation and kissed him deeply, extending her tongue into his mouth. Carl was able to resist inserting his own tongue into Laura’s mouth, but not playing with her tongue was beyond his addled senses.

Laura pulled back, “I’ve wanted this for so long.” She then wrapped her leg around his and placed his hand upon her breast before resuming their passionate kiss.

Carl was now totally lost in his daughter, her impressive breast was soft and comfortable in his hand. He cupped it and squeezed it before pinching her nipple, when she gasped he pushed her onto her back and descended to take that nipple into his mouth. Laura occupied herself with her other breast, so Carl used his hand to massage her pussy lips, they were already wet. Carl then inserted his fingers into his daughter’s pussy, they slid in and out easily, lubricated by her pussy juices. When she first moaned he pulled his fingers out and used his hands to open her while he ate her vagina.

Laura was quite winded by his attentions, “Oooohhhh… please… let me… taste… your cock.”
Not about to turn down such an opportunity, Carl climbed onto the bed and lay on his back. His daughter moved to inspect his cock, “What’s this,” she said, referring to the obsidian ring.
Carl paused before he responded, “It’s something your mother gave me.”

Laura smiled and then took her fathers cock deep into her mouth. Carl was surprised at her skill, the head of his cock entered her throat each time she came down. Carl was squirming with pleasure, wishing she would suck him faster when she stopped entirely.

“Fuck me daddy,” Carl opened his eyes to find his daughter lying on the end of his bed, with her legs pulled back. Carl stood and walked around to Laura’s pussy. First, he inserted a finger, then tasted her sweet juice. Then he lined up his cock and inserted it into her vagina. There was no resistance, but Carl was not really surprised to learn his daughter was not a virgin. Carl began pumping for all he was worth, the screams from his daughter fueling his passion. The ring seemed to increase his virility and she came before he did, but he continued to fuck her until he shot his seed deep into her pussy.

His dick now limp, Carl climbed into bed and they fell asleep hugging each other.



Carl rose early the next morning. He dressed and made breakfast for Laura and himself. When Laura came out of the bedroom it was very awkward for the both of them. They ate in silence and neither spoke until Laura left to catch the bus to school, and all they said then was a simple goodbye.

Carl made a concerted effort to lose himself in his work, and the day passed quickly. He went out at lunch with some of his coworkers and convinced some of them to go out to the bar with him after work. Carl stayed out late and by the time he came home Laura was asleep, he quietly made his way to his bedroom where he undressed and prepared for bed.

Carl considered waiting to return to the Demoness’ realm, but he felt he needed something to redeem himself after his incestuous act the night before. Carl once again fell asleep repeating the Incantation of Eternal Ecstasy.

For the third and final time, Carl found himself standing in the five walled room, looking upon the beautiful Demoness who would soon own his soul. This time, she didn’t say anything to him, simply pushing him back onto the bed.

The Demoness then crawled on top of him and kissed him for what seemed an eternity. When she finally came up for air she asked him, “Are you ready to be mine?”

Carl fought the lust in his heart and lost, “Yes,” he responded.

The Demoness smiled a crooked smile and bent to offer him a tit. Carl took it eagerly, sucking and biting the nipple. At the same time Carl rubbed the

Demoness’ cunt until he could feel her juice on his hand. He inserted finger into her cunt, removed it, and slid the lubricated finger into tight ass. Carl slowly fucked the Demoness’ ass with his finger while sucking her tit.

“Aughhhh,” the Demoness exhaled harshly, apparently feeling some kind pleasure from Carl’s ass finger fucking. She rose, pulling her breast Carl’s mouth and his finger from her ass.

The Demoness then lay down on the bed and grabbed both of her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples violently. Her breath was ragged when she asked Carl to fuck her tits. He needed no further coercion and climbed atop the Demoness, placing his cock between her breasts, which she closed tightly around it. Carl then began humping those huge black bags, his eyes rolling back into his head before he came, shooting his load straight into the Demoness’ waiting mouth.

Carl rolled off the Demoness, exhausted. Yet he was still excited to find her atop him shortly thereafter. She kissed him and he could taste his cum in her mouth, a lot of it. They kissed for a long time, sharing the taste of Carl’s cum until all of it had slid down their throats, or dripped out of their mouths.

Carl was afraid it was over when the Demoness rose from her position over him. He was, unexpectedly, mistaken. The Demoness lowered her blood red cunt onto Carl’s face and he started lapping eagerly, enjoying the taste left over from his earlier fingering and a new infusion from his ministrations. Every so often, Carl would pull his neck down and rub her clitoris with his nose, or strain it up to graze it with his teeth. It was not long before she exploded, filling his mouth and covering his face with sweet nectar. It was at this time that Carl discovered that her cum, while it looked almost normal when spread thinly, was actually thick and black. Still, he swallowed much of her pussy juice. Once again they kissed, but the Demoness must have found what was left in his mouth lacking, for she set to work on his face, kissing and licking it until he was completely free of her wonderful taste.

This time, there was no trinket, Carl had already received and ingested it. She merely rose and walked across to the door. Carl followed her across the room, she kissed him once more before opening the door. Carl strode forward and stepped through, never looking back.

On his third trip, Carl found it even more difficult to resist the ministrations of the other denziens of the Demoness’ realm, but he still searched for his wife. Occasionally he would see an opportunity that was just too good to pass up. The first was a woman in the fetal position sucking on a cock with her arms extended, one stroked another cock while the other finger fucked another woman. Rising from below her, Carl couldn’t resist the tight ass presented to him and pressed his sweat-slick cock into her ass, she moaned and after an immeasurable interval she came, splashing cum on those below her. Carl extricated himself from her anus and continued his quest.

While climbing past a man who was fucking a woman doggy style, Carl couldn’t help inserting his cock into the man’s open mouth. Carl finger fucked a nearby woman while the man sucked him off, swallowing all of his cum like a pro. Carl sucked the woman’s cum off his fingers while he continued on his way.

Carl was still taken against his desire, occasionally; although he desired it more often now. Once a woman hugged him from behind, pressing her tits into his back while another wrapped her legs around his head, forcing him to eat her out before she would let him go. Once he got started the woman who grappled with him gave him a hand job and finished him with a blowjob.
Another time a woman and a man double teamed him. They each grabbed a leg, pulling them apart to hold him in place. The woman sucked his cock while the man fucked him in the ass.

The man’s cum spraying into him triggered his orgasm, spraying cum into the woman’s mouth, which she gagged on. He left the pair sharing a kiss flavored with his sperm.

Carl spent much longer than either time before searching for his wife and, in fact, found her by accident. He crawled up between a woman’s legs and decided to eat her cunt, excited by the attention, she sought his cock and they 69ed until Carl was about to blow his load. He hastily stopped licking and pulled his cock out of the woman’s mouth. Then he re-positioned to fuck her, when he worked himself around to face the woman he found that it was his wife.

“Maria!” he screamed, overjoyed at his luck.

The woman’s blank eyes slowly un-glazed, she blinked a few times then exclaimed, “Carl?! What are you doing here?”

“I came to rescue you,” he explained.

Overcome with joy they hugged each other tightly. To each of their surprise the people around them slowly faded to blackness. As Carl lost consciousness he thought he heard a man and a woman laughing maniacally.

The incubus Cral came to lying on a bed. His mate, the succubus Miraa, was lying on top of him. Miraa’s skin was ashen, her shoulder length hair white, and her eyes faintly glowing orbs of crimson, she also has a pair of small wings extending from her back. Cral looked much the same, except his hair was relatively short and instead of wings he had two small horns on his forehead. Miraa’s breasts were perky and firm, the size of baseballs with quarter-sized, blood red aureoles. Cral’s enormous cock, with its blood red head, was currently embedded in Miraa’s tight cunt.

Cral gave his mate a few test pumps, his cock met some resistance while moving in and out of her, almost as though she were under lubricated at the time or his cock had been significantly smaller when he inserted it. Regardless, these pumps brought Miraa around and she smiled at him, revealing her slightly elongated incisors before kissing him.

Miraa kissed down the side of Cral’s face, finally extending her inhumanly long tongue to explore his ear. Cral smiled and growled lowly in the pleasure, then Miraa whispered in his ear,


Turning his head over, Cral followed Miraa’s extended arm and arched forefinger. Lying on the other side of the bed was a beautiful young woman. She lay on top of the covers, it looked as though she may have fallen asleep while masturbating. Her breasts were the size of softballs and she had beautiful, long, straw-blond hair.

Miraa whispered into Cral’s other ear, “Shall we take her?” Cral responded without turning his head, “Of course.”

Miraa immediately crawled off Cral, over to the young woman. Miraa looked down on her momentarily before bending to kiss her. The girl responded immediately, but languidly, as if she were in a dream-like state. Miraa’s kiss could have that effect on people, almost anyone was more amenable to the bizarre or even the truly horrible if they believed they were asleep.

Cral followed Miraa over to the woman, she was beginning to kiss back, slowly but passionately. Cral spat on his hand before taking one of her breasts into his mouth, sucking lightly, at the same time he rubbed his spit-lubed hand over her bare pussy. The woman’s body began to undulate faster due to his attention.

“I want her cunt,” Miraa told Cral as she wound past him.

Cral took his hand from the girl’s pussy and moved it to her mouth. She licked her pussy juice from his hand while he continued to massage her breast and Miraa licked her pussy with that amazing tongue.

The woman let out a moan and opened her eyes for the first time. Cral left her breast, while moving the hand at her mouth to her other breast, and began kissing her. She kissed him back, thoroughly engaged in the act and obviously enjoying Miraa’s tongue in her pussy.

When the woman started exclaiming as she approached orgasm Miraa left her pussy and took Cral’s place, though she placed her pussy over the woman’s mouth instead of her own mouth. Cral moved around to the woman’s cunt and inserted his cock, it took only two thrusts before the woman came, but he continued to fuck her. She came two more times before Cral launched his black seed into her pussy. Soon thereafter the woman passed out.

With their victim unconscious Cral and Miraa returned to administering to their own needs.

They 69ed until they both came and then shared their respective juices, in a kiss that lasted until both of them passed out.

The next morning Laura awoke groggily. She felt confused, what a weird dream, she thought; but when she swung her legs over the edge of the bed she could feel something between her legs, in her pussy. She spread her legs and reached into her pussy. Inside, she found a black, glass-like dildo.

The memories of her ‘dreams’ of the night crashed back home for Laura. She remembered being taken wonderfully by two demons. After that she had a second dream, where she was taken by a beautiful demoness of a darker shade, black this time. It was the demoness who had inserted the dildo into her pussy, after they had ravaged each other; finger fucking and eating each other’s pussies. The demoness had then sent her into an amazing realm of sex, where her every fantasy was realized, and some fantasies she had never dreamt of.

Laura returned the dildo to her cunt, feeling that the beautiful demoness would prefer it if she left it there. Then she turned around to take a shower, but froze. What she saw on the bed brought disbelieving tears of joy to her deep, blue eyes.



What Laura saw on the bed were both of her parents, miraculously returned to life and naked as the day they were born. She leapt onto the bed, crashing into the pair, hugging them relentlessly. After their initial shock at the sudden awakening, Carla and Maria returned their daughter’s hug. So close, all three became sexually excited, unconsciously hearkening to their times in the Demoness’ Realm.

Not wanting to ruin their wondrous homecoming with more sinful acts, Maria and Carl pushed Laura away. However, neither of them could resist savoring a lingering touch.

“Shouldn’t you be getting ready for school?” Carl asked, hoping to ease the awkward situation.

Laura paused before responding, “Dad, I graduated. I’m attending East U here in town now.”

Laura let the shock sink in for a moment before continuing, “You died last year.”

Carl opened and closed his mouth without making a sound, then simply asked for some clothes.

Laura had already gotten rid of her father’s clothes, but managed to find him a pair of sweat pants and a button down shirt. Maria was an easier fit. Laura’s clothes hung loosely around her mother’s shorter frame and smaller bust.

The three talked for most of the day, primarily catching up on the intervening year of Laura’s life. Laura probed her parents on what had happened to them several times, but they continually dodged the issue. The most Laura got out of them was that her mother had gone somewhere she shouldn’t have and her father had, heroically, rescued her from her fate.

Laura’s life was a story of solitary success. Stuck twice by tragedy Laura had redoubled her efforts. She graduated from high school with a 3.6 GPA (impressive considering her less than stellar performance prior to her senior year). Then applied to a local college, so she could keep her parents house, since she was now alone and couldn’t handle a move herself.

Laura had a couple classes that day, starting around noon. Before she left, she gave her parents enough money for them to purchase some clothes that actually fit them. They then parted ways until that evening.

When Laura returned home her parents were wearing different clothes and were catching up on world events using the internet. Laura came home with a surprise for her parents, she had rented several of the big-ticket movies of the past year. They ordered some pizza and sat down on the couch, Laura in the middle, to watch the movies. They finished all three movies and were watching an older movie on cable when they nodded off together.

Cral awoke to wet noises beside him, they were definitely sexual and immediately excited his cock. The source of the noises was Miraa and the young woman kissing passionately. Clar caressed the woman’s shoulder, appreciating her smooth, soft skin.

At his touch the woman turned her head to look at him. Her eyes were dulled and there was lipstick smeared over her face, which glistened with her and Miraa’s saliva. Twisted around, one of the woman’s large breasts stuck out tantalizingly.

Cral could not resist the woman before him. He grasped her extended breast squeezing it and rolling it in a circular motion. His other hand slid behind her head pulling the woman’s face to his, where he continued the passionate kiss Miraa had started.

With the young woman’s face now receiving attention from her mate, Miraa put the woman’s arm over her shoulders and latched her mouth onto the young woman’s other breast. Miraa’s arm found it’s way to the woman’s cunt, which she found was filled with a dildo. Without pause Miraa started to fuck the woman with the dildo.

Several times the woman moaned into Cral’s mouth, he inhaled the moans like he was inhaling her soul, never breaking the kiss. However, Cral was unable to maintain the kiss when she came. The woman screamed, an expression of how hard she came. Cral felt some of her cum soaking into the pants he was wearing. Miraa, on the other hand, was enjoying it immensely. She pulled the dildo from the woman’s cunt and began licking and gulping the woman’s cum, while offering the dildo to its owner’s mouth.

The woman took the dildo into her mouth and sucked it like a lolly pop, while Cral seized Miraa’s hand and licked every last drop from her fingers. At the same time Miraa’s continued ministrations were bringing the woman closer and closer to another orgasm and, when she came, Miraa caught almost all of the juice in her mouth. Miraa moved to the other end of the couch where the three of them were sitting and pulled the young woman’s ass along with her, until the woman’s ass was in the air and she looked directly upon Cral’s engorged cock.

The woman replaced the dildo in her cunt, then eagerly took Cral’s cock into her mouth, giving him a fantastic blowjob. Meanwhile, Miraa sat behind the woman and began to see to her ass. She started by spitting some of the woman’s cum onto her asshole and then started probing with one finger. When the woman’s ass loosened up, Miraa bent forward and sprayed her whole mouthful of cum into the woman’s ass. Miraa then pulled lightly on the woman’s hips, softly commanding her to stop. The woman paused and then turned around when she was commanded.

Cral smiled at the woman’s lubed ass and slowly inserted his spit-slick cock into the woman’s anus. On the other end of their victim, Miraa had her legs wrapped behind the woman’s head while she ate Miraa’s pussy. Cral played it slow, sliding all the way into her ass then pulling out until his cock head started to stretch the woman’s sphincter, then repeating. Occasionally Cral would add more force and he found the results pleasant for all involved, the woman would gasp and press her tongue further into Miraa’s cunt, resulting in another gasp of pleasure.

Cral increased his pace and force only a little, until he heard Miraa nearing orgasm. The succubus began moaning harshly, so Cral picked up the pace. Soon thereafter he heard a near-scream from his mate and the woman’s body took on a different rhythmic movement, as though she were licking up Miraa’s cum. A few more fast pumps and Cral himself reached climax, blasting his dark seed into the woman’s ass. She arched momentarily, reaching for her punished pooper before collapsing onto Miraa, unconscious.

Despite their successful debauchery, the two demon-lings were not yet sated. They shed their clothing before traveling into the night in search of more partners.

They were only two houses down when Miraa located their mark. Climbing onto the roof she found a young boy masturbating fiercely with a porno magazine spread on his bed. She signaled to Cral who entered the first floor through an unlocked window.

The boy’s window was cracked to let a little cool air into his room, so Miraa simply lifted the window and crawled into his room. The boy didn’t notice her presence at first, occupied as he was, but when Miraa slapped her hand on his porno and shoved it off on the floor, she got his attention. The boy was shocked, to say the least, to see the naked beauty before him and made no noise. Miraa mounted the boy and pulled his hand from his cock, she slung his arm over her shoulder and leaned in to kiss him, the boy’s cock rested between Miraa’s ass cheeks and she enjoyed the feeling while she took the boy’s breath away.

Cral wandered around the lower level of the house looking for another inhabitant. He found the boy’s mother watching TV downstairs. Cral crept up behind her, when he was close enough to reach out and touch her the TV image was obscured by a burst of static. The movie she had been watching was replaced by a picture of Miraa and her son.

Miraa was sitting on the boy’s cock, undulating slowly. The mother craned her head forward, not believing what she saw on the screen, “What is going on?”

Cral covered the woman’s mouth with one hand and grasped her breast with the other, she instinctively tried to break his grasp. He looked into her eyes and watched them deaden and the woman ceased to struggle. With her firmly under his spell, he asked, “Isn’t that hot?” The woman nodded slowly and Cral removed his hand from her mouth.

With her firmly subdued Cral walked around in front of her to appraise his new partner. She was a little aged, perhaps in her late thirties, but still possessed an attractive figure. Her shoulder length hair was coppery and her freckled body was toned. Her breasts were obscured by a loose fitting shirt, but appeared to be about the size of Miraa’s.

Cral immediately removed the woman’s shirt and she undid her bra. Cral took one breast into his mouth and began attending to the woman’s pussy, rubbing the lips with three fingers. It was not long before she was pumping her pelvis against Cral’s touch, gyrating in a most un-motherly fashion. As the woman’s pussy began to leak onto Cral’s fingers he plunged them into her pussy, fucking her slowly.

Cral removed his fingers when the woman’s breath became ragged, displaying them in the light from the television. Cral quickly licked most of the pussy juices from his fingers and roughly pulled her legs apart, exposing her pussy to his engorged member. She was pinching her nipples ferociously when Cral rammed his cock into her cunt, making her gasp. Only a few pumps were necessary to set the woman to orgasm, but Cral didn’t stop at that. The woman was screaming in pleasure when Cral unloaded into her cunt.

Satisfied, the incubus and succubus left their newest victims. Upon returning to the house where the young woman lived, they dressed her prone form and donned what clothing they had taken off before returning to their positions on either side of her.



The next morning Maria cooked breakfast before Laura left for class. On the drive to class Laura pondered the gray demons who had taken her again last night, and their uncanny resemblance to her parents.

Sitting in class Laura couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. It made her so uncomfortable that she took a bathroom break in hopes that it would go away. Sitting on the toilet Laura was shocked when the door latch suddenly snapped into the unlocked position. The door swung open and a woman stepped through, latching the door behind her.

Laura was stunned speechless. The woman was almost six feet tall with long red hair tied into a bunch above her head, a tail of loose hair hanging down past her shoulder blades. Her eyes were emerald green and her 36C breasts were restrained by her sash-like top of the same color.

The red head cocked her head down at Laura, raising her bun and making her appear even taller. The red head exuded a powerful sexual aura and Laura was certainly affected, her pussy almost immediately began leaking around the shaft of the black dildo.

Laura didn’t protest when the red head reached to her crotch and rubbed her pussy lips and the end of the dildo shaft. “I see you’ve been there. You should be careful with such things.” The red head sucked Laura’s pussy juice from her fingers before saying, “Come with me.”

Laura wordlessly dressed and followed the woman from the stall and the bathroom. Using Laura’s car the two of them drove to the red head’s apartment, on the way she introduced herself as Sara.

Sara’s apartment was dark, but luxurious. Laura closed and locked the door behind her and Sara wandered deeper into the apartment, saying she’d be right back.

When Sara returned she was holding what appeared to be a joint, but explained otherwise, “This, is a concoction of rare herbs that allows one to enter the Realm of Eternal Ecstasy without endangering one’s soul.” Without further ado, Sara lit the concoction, took a hit, and passed it to Laura.

As they smoked Sara explained more to Laura, “If you go there three times you will lose your soul and, while you will feel pleasure for eternity, will never be satisfied. However, using these you can go there as often as you want without fear.”

“I don’t… go there. I’m sent.”

Sara was immediately alarmed by Lauren’s statement and attempted to show her shock, although the drug was beginning to take effect. Laura continued, “At night I’m taken by two demons, they ravage me, wonderfully, then I find myself in that… place.”

The two girls were beginning to swoon and Sara straddled Laura suggestively while she talked, “It sounds like you have been targeted for some reason. I know an incantation that might help you, I’ll perform it when we return.”

No sooner had Sara spoken than she locked lips with Laura. They kissed for a long time before Laura moved to suck Sara’s tit. Sara tweaked her other breast and pressed her knee against Sara’s pussy, gyrating slowly. “They are convenient, though,” Sara moaned as she pulled her breast from Laura’s mouth and began to fuck her with the dildo. With her other hand she tweaked Laura’s butt plug, and then they passed out.

Laura and Sara, in the press of bodies, wrapped themselves around each in a 69. For a long time, and several orgasms, they remained that way, ignoring the inviting feeling of other bodies around them. They were eventually forced apart by another denzien, who pulled Sara from Laura’s snatch. Laura felt his cock intrude into her pussy and didn’t hesitate to push against his thrusts. The surprise came when another cock intruded into Laura’s anus, it was already slick and slid in with a minimum of effort. The two paced their thrusts and Laura found herself repeatedly crushed between cocks. With two cocks in her Laura came once, her excitation pushed the owners of the cocks closer to orgasm and they slowed their pace.

Laura felt no regret when Sara’s pussy was torn away from her mouth, for it was quickly replaced with a third cock. She was fucked in all three holes for what seemed an hour before all three men released at the same time, filling her cunt, ass, and throat with salty, searing cum.

When the penis was removed from her mouth Laura immediately began to seek some pussy juice to wash down the cum, it wasn’t hard to find. A woman nearby was kneeling, being spanked by a man who was simultaneously kneading a breast. Laura slid in underneath and kissed the woman’s pussy before setting in to eat it in earnest. With her thumbs she spread the lips, exposing the tasty pink center. It wasn’t long until the woman’s lower half was undulating and spilling juices onto Laura’s face. While it became increasingly difficult to keep her mouth in contact with the cunt, Laura started using her fingers, pumping the pussy for all it was worth. In the process a man, perhaps the one who had been spanking the woman, found Laura’s open cunt and took advantage of the availability. Unable to totally control her own movement, Laura began to push deeper into the woman than intended, so it was not long before she climaxed, spraying sticky-sweet fluids down Laura’s arm.

With her hand lubed, Laura began rubbing her spent partner’s chest, sliding across the smooth expanse between nipples, tweaking one each time she got across. While she was enamored with the woman’s breasts the cock was removed from her pussy and replaced with someone’s mouth. During a momentary break a finger was inserted into first her pussy, then her ass. When the pussy eating recommenced Laura came almost immediately, the presence of the finger in her ass quickly heightened the experience and a second orgasm followed right on top of the first.

Laura sighed as her eyes flitted open. For a moment she couldn’t remember where she was, but the memory of Sara soon flooded back.

Sara was out of the room when Laura woke up, but soon walked back in, totally nude. “Goood evening. I already finished the incantation, you should be relatively safe the next time these demons try to take you. If they try once, you should come back here for a reapplication.”

Laura thanked Sara before returning home. When she got there the house was still dark and her parents didn’t respond when she called. Looking through the house, Laura found herself in the bedroom where, as soon as she stepped through the door, she was tackled and borne to the ground by the ashen skinned demons. Face down on the carpet Laura was straddled by Cral. Her pants tore easily for Miraa, who eagerly sought access to her ass and pussy. Two fingers entered Laura’s cunt, while the thumb intermittently bumped her asshole. Had Laura been able to scream, she would have, but her face was buried in the lush carpeting. Apathy crept into Laura’s mind and by the time she came the first time she had no care for the implications of this encounter to her eternal soul.

Cral rolled her over when Miraa had removed her hand and he wrapped her luscious, soft breasts around his cock and proceeded to tit-fuck the helpless girl. Spurts of cum that splashed on Laura’s chest and chin, evaporated unexpectedly in tendrils of smoke. Miraa was surprised and upset by this happening, and took a position squatting over Laura’s face, her pussy tantalizingly close.

Miraa was lowering her pussy to Laura’s waiting lips when a hand suddenly intervened, “Wait,” Cral barked. “Miraa… MARIA… stop!”

Miraa hissed at her mate before spitting, “Why?”

“Maria, this is our daughter. If she tastes you now, it’s over for her.”

“So what, she wants it!” Miraa retorted

“Please… Don’t stop,” Laura’s voice chimed in supporting her mother’s assumption.

“Is that what we want for her?” inspiration struck Carl and he quickly pulled the dildo from his wife’s pussy and tossed it over his shoulder with his other hand.

Miraa’s crimson eyes suddenly contracted to irises, almost human looking, short of their crimson color. She stood up, exclaiming her shock while Carl joined her. When they embraced in their sorrow the two of them were suddenly consumed in a flash of golden light that illuminated the whole room.

Laura was instantaneously freed from the spell and rose to her feet. The dildo and butt plug fell out of her body and shattered into dust as she stood.

Laura spent the whole night and most of the next day in shock. There came a time, however, when she was able to start pulling herself together. Her parents had been redeemed, or so it seemed, they had lost their souls, but a final act of defiance had freed them of those bonds.

Pulling together, Laura started by cleaning up the house. She began by picking up all the clothes and towels and putting them in the washer.

As Laura descended the stairs to the wash room she became entranced by peculiar smell. By the time she reached the bottom of the stairs she was practically swooning and was totally incapable of walking straight. When she set the basket down in front of the washer she began searching the basket to discover the source of the scent. To her amazement, within a wadded towel from the master bathroom, she found her mother’s black dildo, still glistening with infectious pussy juices.


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