The Death Of An Xian by Destiny1961

Writer: Destiny1961

Subject: The Death Of An Xian

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The Death Of An Xian

So the vision starts out with a depression. I am thinking about mortality and my past. I have had sexual thoughts as a girl and have always been jealous of them. I go to see a psychiatrist who happens to be a hypno therapist as well.

He does some hypno so I am open about my thoughts. I tell him about my catholic upbringing and school. I was always bullied for being smart and small and looking like a girl. He asks if I even wished I was a girl. I told him I often pictured myself in the schoolgirl outfit but that is wrong.

He tells me it is who taught me that is wrong that it is okay to want to be something different and the right school can help. I sat it is too late and he asks if I could go back and do it as a girl would I be willing. He tells me there is a school hidden that I can go back as the people there are who they were meant to be inside. It is religious with nuns and priests but serving their own god. There are girls there of all ages though taken back into a young mind. He tells me if I am open to give a weekends he can make it so.

I agree as would love to see what is in mind. So I am given an address to meet with the headmaster of the school and church. We talk for a few minutes as it is like I am falling asleep or tired. He talks very monotone and slow. I am taken to a room where there are others there of all ages and we are told to go into this room where there is a nun who undresses us and shaves our bodies then we are made to change into these schoolgirl outfits.

They look like a cross between Catholic and goth. Some of them have small breasts as they started taking hormones at a young age and others look like sissies. We are then taken to a room where they give us something to drink and some headphones and put on this bus. It sounds like instructions over the headphones as we all start to drift. A nun walks over and tells me due to my age and set ways we may need a little help and gives me a shot. I know what this feeling is as before surgery you get an anesthetic and that warm feeling. I fall out slightly as if i a daze.

We get to our destination which is a church and school and we get off the bus and head into the church. I watch as the others walk off like zombies but am kind of weak from the drug and two are made to help me in. We walk in and there is no sign of Jesus or even Mary as we head to the sanctuary. We go through the door and it is dark and I see signs of a demonic manner.

I remember walking into a church years back and feeling the spirit guide me, this was that same feeling only it was dark spirits, or was it demons. We all sit and a mass starts as we kneel and call upon those known as the four Queens of Hell, aka, the four prostitutes.

I call a nun over and mention I have read about them and such to a point she calls the school nurse over who give me another shot, some sort of sedative. I hear the two mumble that I am going to be a tough one as the other says they are gonna enjoy breaking me. I start to feel drowsy as candles flicker and shadows start to fly around and I watch as these shadows go into and back out of everyone and head to me.

They stop in front of me when seeing the two standing there. The nuns tell them I am a tough case and then one at a time they enter me but do not come back out. It is like a movie where someones mind is being broken as I see visions of a transsexual female serving sexually as a prostitute, she is sucking and being fucked by many and then I see her face. She looks a little rough stained in cum and piss and it is, well, me.

Something happens and I shoot a load in my panties. They then come out of me as I fall over and the nuns are told to clean me up for class. We are then taken to our rooms where I am given another sedative and headphones and feel am being brainwashed. In the middle of the night am taken to a room and put into a chair and strapped in and am made to watch a video and then talk to the nurse again.

She gives me something else and then talks to me and tells me to go back in time to being a baby ,only this time am a girl. She brings me through early years and makes my memories feminine and dark. Am told Jesus put me in this body as a punishment as before being born was a wild girl. When finished I was now a teenage femme. I was feeling all things feminine including urges and a naughty side I was told what caused him to bring me in this male body.

I am now falling into my young feminine mind as am taken to a classroom where the others are. There is the headmaster and a nun. She begins to teach about a new world where special girls are used for the stronger ones.They are talking about prostitution and how to properly suck cock and give our asses as pussies.

How to dress for out leader and how Satan is the leader of this world. We do not have much time to be his and now we can start from the beginning as little girls and be brought up the right way. I find myself mumble something about this experience supposedly being a weekend thing and then going back as I am almost out of it.

The headmaster looks at me and tells me we signed up for the long haul and have surrendered. He grabs me by the hair and tilts me head back as he looks dead into my eyes. I see a mix of fire and darkness as he tells the nuns he sees a little left inside. He tells them to break me and punish me. I am to be taken into the punishment room and the others will watch.

I am half dragged into a room and put into some sort of device like a mix of exam table and torture device. The room has windows all around as I see the student fill and watching. There is a room full of what I now see as trans nuns as they strap me done naked with legs spread and lifted and a mouth spreader and then given a shot of something that is like a local anesthetic.

They start by bringing some sort of fucking machine over and set it up under me and use a smaller toy on it they slide into my asshole. I feel it start to go in and out of me as I moan. But not too bad and then they walk over with candles and drip wax on my penis and then pour some as well. Then they put clamps on my nipples and some sort of sucking device over the breasts.

I feel my breasts being sucked like a vacuum as they tell me I will love my teenager tits. I lay there as it starts to actually hurt and they the pull the device from my ass and I feel I made it. Then they take crops and whips and start to whip my ass. As I lay there a few nuns start to pull there cocks out and are at my face.

They say to drink Satan’s golden nectar and start to slowly piss in my mouth. It runs from my mouth but I cannot help but swallow some.Then they remove the device from my chest as my tits are now slightly plumper and look like a girl just starting puberty. They start to chant and call out as I see shadows and they tell me to embrace that little girl and start to feel myself fade as I am beginning to feel like a little girl.

It has been a short bit and what seems to be spirits are entering and leaving me as more and more I become this little girl. They ask who I am and we answer as such. They tell me I have been a bad girl and must be taught a lesson as the device is brought back, this time with a longer and thicker toy and is slid inside me as I moan.

I feel it start to spread and open my hole as it starts slowly in and out and the they approach me again with candles. This time they slap my new tits and then drop wax over the clamps. Then they take the spreader from my mouth and tell me to open wide. I am told I am a good girl as I do what is told. Then mare piss as I swallow like a thirsty whore.

The table is leaned back more as the device is picking up speed and depth and one nun slaps her balls down on my face and then shoves her cock down my throat. I now feel many things as the toy takes me,my ass is being smacked and tits as well and even wax still as my face is being fucked. I feel a slight chill as if the breeze and almost like something entering me. I hear whispers telling me to let it in.

This is what they called my succubus guide. I feel myself start to grind against the toy as it is now pounding me and I feel like I am on some drug and then the nun shoves deep down my throat as she hold my head and explodes. As she finishes I feel the toy removed and I see another nun who is bigger then the toy under me.

She then guides her shecock into my hole as another takes my face and all in the room take turns. I hear them calling out demonic statements as they take me one at a time. Each til they explode. I now lay there oozing and the spirit of the great whore as they tell me and over the loudspeaker is the voice of the headmaster. He asks if I am ready and tells them to take me to his lounge.

I am taken as they other girls leave the theater to return to their rooms for it is almost midnight. I walk into the lounge where there is a bed and a throne and what would be the stereotypical set up for a ritual or ceremony. The room is barely lit by the candles as we hear a voice from the corner.

On the bed is a goat head type of mask and he is lighting candles around the room, around an alter and then the bed and finally the throne as he charges them. I stand in a daze in the center, not realizing am in the middle of the sacred circle.

He walks around me sizing me up and then hugs me from behind as he tells me this is my true destiny and will call me as such. I feel what to me feels like a small baseball bat pressing between my legs when he asks if I like the feel. What I feel must be at the least a foot long and so thick. He tells me I must first give myself to him and then Satan will take me as his own. I feel a pinch in my ass as I know that feeling if a needle. He tells me it may help.

He walks away and as it starts to take effect her tells me to turn and face the throne and kneel. He then calls to Satan and asks him to bring us to him for sodomizing and prepare me for him. Then he calls what I know to be a demon of prostitution who also abides inside me and tells her to come to him.

I walk to the throne and am guided to sit with my legs over the arms as it makes it difficult to not fall into his lap. He hold me just above his lap with his huge head pressing against my hole. He tells me to accept my new life and kiss him and feel his spirit enter me. He kisses me as my worn and sore body starts to fade. I feel it as if like in a movie as a spirit leaves his mouth and enters mine and into me.

I start to go slightly limp as if giving my body and feel it. He spreads my cheeks and his huge head enters me as I quiver. He slides me down about 4″ as he tells me he is only to prepare me.He slides me up and down enough to open the doorway. He kisses and licks my clamped nipples and moves me around and up and down as I stretch. It is like he has the strength of many as he lifts me off him and I stand back up. I feel the sore and even blood from my ripped hole as he says it is the sign of a young girl growing up. In reference to a period.

He then walks me to the bed and dresses me in a black and purple corset he says symbolizes the whore of Babylon and Satan himself … then stockings and panties with openings. He then lays me down in the center of the bed and sits on my chest as his huge cock is between my tits and so big it is slightly in my face.

He tells me to take the head in my mouth and kiss and suck it like a wife preparing to be bred for her husband. He slides it in and out of my mouth as he begins to chant for Satan to enter him. He then grabs the goat head and slides it on his head and looks down at me. I see his eyes glowing and his voice change as he asks if I am ready.

Then I hear him say, “Are you ready to become my child bride, to go from the bride of Christ to become the child bride of Satan?”

I now and he tells me to say I give him my soul and spirit, and he slides his cock from my mouth and slides down my body. I tell him I give to him and he says he must take what I offer and then does something I would not have expected. I feel him touch my dick as it becomes erect and he guides it into his ass. He tells me he will make us one and guides me as he tells me what to say.

I lay there and say, “I commend my spirit to you my master Satan.”

I feel him as if using his ass to milk me and I begin to cum as he puts his hands on my chest. I then tell him to make us one as I feel something in my chest as if the light leaving and the dark filling me.

“Are you there Destiny,” he says and I acknowledge I am and he slides off me.

He takes off the mask,but his face seems different as he slides up under me and leans over. I am told to look him in the eyes as he tell me it is the gateway to the soul. I go into some sort of trance as I feel my limp legs lifted and his push into me. I begin to squirm as it rips me open and slowly goes deep. I feel the pain and he hits bottom ,and is only about halfway inside me.

He leans over til we are eye to eye and he tells me to let him in and I feel him pop into me as that inner doorway opens. Again I begin to squirm as he slides further and further. He tells me the pain will become pleasure the more I give in and then starts to slide out and then back in. Before I know it he is going in and out as my hole gives way.

After a bit it like going from being fucked to making love on a wedding night.Then he pulls out and tells what is inside to assume the position and I roll over onto my belly. I hear him talk about the act of sacred sodomy as I feel his body lean onto mine. He then tells me we are one and shoves straight into me as far as he can. Out and back in a few times then the biggest and deepest shove as I squeal and he lets loose as he breeds his little girl. I feel something inside me I cannot explain other then a new lust.

He slides off and his voice and looks come back to the headmaster. He tells me I have just been blessed and asks how I feel. I tell him in all honesty horny. He tells me that is great as he opens the door and the rest if his staff come in, nuns and dark priests and he tells then to enjoy. They undress and gang bang me as I am becoming that Whore of Babylon.