Feature Writer: Quixerotic1

Feature Title: THE CRIMSON MILK 9

Published: 21.11.2019

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: A insidious change begins with a drink of crimson milk.


The Crimson Milk 9

The house was as old as the college itself. Mary Wortham had provided a great sum for the college’s endowment, and used her clout to secure the house. She had loved her years as a Gamma Kappa, and wanted the girls in her home town to have the same opportunity, even if it was just a community college. The national sorority never agreed, of course, but Wortham was too rich to simply ignore. As a happy medium, the GK’s were created as a sort of minor league sorority. For all other purposes, they were not different than their four year counterparts. In fact, it was a point of pride to be one of Wortham’s Gammas. These girls were the red-shirted elite, destined to be the wives and mistresses of the rich and powerful. The Gamma’s creed did not carry much in the way of self reliance or even in independence. They were the product of old money and had little interest in modernizing.

The GK house grounds left the building separated from the rest of the school by a hundred and fifty yards in either direction. It was nestled behind old oak trees and hanging moss which swayed in the hot wind. The campus was dark other than the orange orbs of the lampposts and the occasional safety floodlight. A few lights were on in the house dormitory, but for the most part the girls slept. Only the best of the best were allowed to live in the house. The sorority president’s suite was one of the few still illuminated, and keen eyes saw the girl’s form flit from one side of her room to the other. The faint memory of a name returned for a moment, Sandra Neely. The wolves’ snouts opened in a toothy grin as they watched her. With a low, luring whistle the shrouded figure between them urged the two beasts to follow.

Cordelia guzzled down her bottle of water in the house kitchen. Late night jogs always helped her sleep. Her shirt was draped over her shoulder and she tugged around the edges of the sweaty sports bra. At first, she didn’t notice the tapping at the kitchen door. She continued stretching her calves against the stainless steel cabinets. A faint smell filled the kitchen, something Cordelia could barely remember. She looked around at the counter tops, expecting to see an array of fresh fruit laid out for the morning breakfast. The tapping happened again. She rolled her eyes and stomped over to the door, annoyed at whichever freshman girl on the other side had forgotten the code again.

The door swung open and Cordelia staggered back away from the tall, hooded figure standing on the other side.

“Hello, sweetie,” said a melodious voice. Red-gloved hands rose up out of the dark cloak as the figure pulled back her cowl and an array of ruby locks fell out around her shoulders. Cordelia was struck by the woman’s beauty, her dazzling eyes and plush lips. “Is this your house?”

Cordelia answered, “Yes, I live upstairs with the other girls.”

“Oh, good. My name is Mandi. Can I come in?”

A small, fleeting thought in Cordelia’s mind warned her that something was extremely wrong. In the shadows behind the beautiful woman, she imagined seeing hulking monsters with red eyes and huge…well.

“Yeah, sure,” she answered with a wholesome smile.

Mandi’s eyes flashed a crimson hue as she crossed the threshold. Rasp laughter filled the shadows behind her. A wave of euphoria washed over Cordelia and she was struck dumb on the spot. Mandi walked around the girl, pulling off her red gloves slowly. “Come on in boys. Don’t worry, they’re house trained.” Wolf and Hound stalked into the kitchen, sniffing at the stunned girl. Cordelia felt a twitch go through her pussy at the sight of the beasts. Mandi stroked her hand down Hound’s back, “Ah-ah, not yet.” She took Cordelia by the hand and led her out of the kitchen. The four of them moved deftly upstairs into the empty common room. The wolves ears pricked up at the sound of movement in the dormitory. With a snap of her fingers, Mandi drew their attention to the task at hand and the two mongrels started to clear away furniture. Cordelia was placed in the center of the room, a few feet away from Mandi.

A clear thought rang through the minds of her disciples. “Surround the house. Let none escape. ENJOY THE SHOW.”

Mandi turned her attention back to the entranced girl in the center of the room. “What’s your name dear?”

“Cordelia,” she replied.

“Excellent. Now, we’re going to play a little game, just to get warmed up. I will ask you a question and if you answer it, you will get a reward. Doesn’t that sound fun? I do enjoy giving out the rewards. Now then, for the first question. How many girls live in this house, Cordelia?” Mandi asked, moving closer to her prey.

“Fourteen, counting myself. Six double rooms and two suites.” Cordelia desperately wanted to hide or run, but something kept her legs frozen and urged her to answer whatever was asked.

“Very good, Cordelia. You get a treat.” Mandi bent slightly towards the shorter girl and gave her a long wet kiss. Cordelia shuddered on the spot. She’d never kissed a girl before. As Mandi pulled away, Cordelia felt a strange tingling in her lips, similar to anesthetic wearing away. From underneath her cloak, Mandi withdrew a small hand held mirror and put it a few inches away from Cordelia’s face. The girl watched her lips swell and turn a permanent shade of red. Under a strange compulsion, she kissed herself in the mirror, leaving lip prints on the glass.

“Permanent lipstick,” Mandi said. “I’ve picked up all sorts of tricks. It even changes colors with each kiss.” She showed the mirror to Cordelia again. Her lips had changed to a light shade of orange. “Just think of all those cocks your going to turn into rainbows. Hmm, I might even let them stay that way. I know I’d like to be fucked by a rainbow dick.”

Cordelia’s mouth started to water. She’d sucked her boyfriend off a couple of times and never enjoyed it. Now, she could smell the memory of his cock and remembered the faint salty taste of his precum.

“Another question,” Mandi said. “Is your boyfriend an ass man or a breast man? Does he want to watch your titties jiggle as you bounce up and down on his dick or does he fuck you from behind to watch your ass squish against his crotch?

As soon as she thought of an answer, Cordelia felt a heavy pressure in her chest. The sports bra ripped and her titflesh spilled out as she tried to catch her breasts in her hands. They swelled rapidly and she felt a dampness coming from her nipples. Pleasure coursed through her body and she quivered, falling to her knees. Mandi walked over to her and stroked the changing girl’s back. Cordelia felt the touch like scalding water rushing over her body.

“Last question, sweetie,” Mandi cooed. “Would you sacrifice all of your sisters just to be fucked right now?”

Cordelia sensed that the proposition carried a finality to it. Despite her rapidly changing body and mind, she understood that whatever witchcraft this demoness was using, she still needed some type of permission. Entry into the house had ruined Cordelia’s chances, but maybe if she refused the other girls could get away. Then her eyes went to the wolf man sitting on his haunches across from her. His tongue lolled out of the side of his mouth, and she could imagine his breath on her neck as he panted. The dark fur grew lighter as it traveled down his underbelly before turning almost black around the base of his cock. She could see it, hanging there, huge balls dropping down behind the sheath. It wasn’t fully erect, but she could see the dark red tip slightly emerging. The other beast was somewhere behind her, sniffing loudly at the air. She knew they could smell her arousal.

“Yes!” she yelled, letting her breasts swing free. She reached back and pulled down her yoga pants and thong, exposing her dripping cunt. “Please let them fuck me!”

“Jesus Christ!” yelled a voice from across the room. Another girl had emerged from the dormitory wing and stood horrified at the display in front of her. Hound didn’t pay her much attention. He quickly obliged the wanton girl in front of him, his clawed hands grasping her newly curvy hips as he thrust hilt deep into her juicy snatch. She yowled in satisfaction. Wolf seized the opportunity to shove his dripping cock into her open mouth, eager to add a colorful ring to his dick.

Mandi turned to the new arrival and the girl shied back from the beautiful woman. “You should really learn to knock.” The woman’s cloak fell away and she stood naked in the room. The girl had only a second to admire the perfect form in front of her, the swollen breasts and thick ass, before a wave of energy pulsed out from Mandi and spread throughout the house. It washed over the young woman and she fell to her knees as orgasm wracked her body. Her vision went blurry as she felt a tail burst from the end of her spine, twitching slightly above her expanding buttocks. Her belly grew taut and she arched her back as her breasts swelled to three times their normal size. The girl pulled away her clothes as quickly as possible, mewling with arousal and confusion. She managed to crawl over to her new mistress as rabbit ears emerged from her blonde hair. With eager relish, she grasped Mandi’s ass and plunged her tongue along the sweet tasting slit, eliciting a soft sigh and a slight tug on the new bunny ears.

Natalie was having an amazing dream. Her long time crush was hunched behind her, his bristled chest scratching against her sweating back as he stroked into her. In front of her was a red haired woman, dancing in ecstasy and smiling at her.

She woke to a strange, pleasurable feeling. A sort of tingle that spread all over her body and made her sort of squirm. She felt hands running up and down her thigh and a tongue licking vigorously between her legs. “What the fuck?! Emily?! Wha?”

“It feels amazing, doesn’t it?” her roommate asked, between the light flicks of her tongue. “It’s getting bigger, just like your boobs. I have to make you cum for my ass to grow, though. You’re not going to be the only one with a cute butt any more.” She gave a coy smile that Natalie could barely see in the dim room’s light. Her room mate went back to her ministrations and Natalie could do nothing but lie back and sigh with pleasure.

Her nipples felt sore and swollen as they rubbed against her t-shirt, so it only felt natural to pull it off. As she sat up, she realized that Emily’s tongue wasn’t slipping up and down her pussy any more, but swirling around her clit while two quick fingers plunged in and out of her sopping snatch. Natalie felt amazing, fully awake and alert. She pulled her roommate up for a sloppy kiss, tasting her own juice on the other girl’s lips. “Look, it’s almost big enough to fuck now.” Natalie looked down between her legs. Where her clit had once been, a small penis was nudging its way out of her folds. She gasped at the sight of it. Curious, she flexed her pussy walls and watched the new growth pulse bigger. Reaching down, she wrapped her small hands around the shaft. The second she touched it, hot cum gushed out of the tip.

“Oh! You’re wasting it!” Emily dove down to the spewing cock and lapped up the cum. She took the dick in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, gulping down the jizz as it bubbled out. When she pulled off the cock with a loud pop, it had grown to six inches and remained rigid. “I want the next load in my pussy, so you’re going to have to fuck me.”

Natalie eagerly pushed her roommate back on the bed, roughly pulling her legs out from under her. She rubbed her new cock along her roommates dripping pussy. “Is this what you want? To be fucked by my new cock? Do you want me to fill you up with my hot cum till it pours out of your cunt?”


Natalie pushed forward and felt her new appendage slip into the hot canal. She stroked earnestly into her friend while Emily moaned beneath her. She bent down to the other girl’s chest and took a nipple into her mouth with a loving suck, and a gush of warm milk filled her mouth. She felt her cock grow and the pussy around it clench with enthusiasm.

Monica woke up with jolt. Something was wrong. Her hands went to the lamp at her bedside and clicked it on. Light filled the room and she saw her roommate leaning against the door. “Mia? What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

Mia looked at her. “Oh no, I didn’t know you were still in here. I guess I forgot. I went out to look. I heard noises. I saw…” Monica got out of bed. She started over towards Mia, but the other girl held up her hand. “No, I don’t think you should get near me. It’s like, like some kind of infection.” Mia turned her head to look away and Monica caught a glimpse of what appeared to be bright purple lipstick on her cheek.

Monica hesitated, “What are you talking about? What’s going on outside?”

“Ahh! Ahhh!” Mia slid down against the door. “No! Not me! I’ve been a good girl! I didn’t know…please not me!” She kept her hand up to stave off Monica. “Get away! It’s starting…I saw what they became. I saw Cordelia…I don’t want to be like her. Not anymore.” Mia pulled at her clothes, ripping off the slim fitted t-shirt. “It’s so hot. Why is it so hot!”

“Mia, I don’t understand what’s wrong, but if you’re sick we need to get you help. What happened to Cordelia? Let me out, I’ll get help.”

“No! I don’t…they’re out there…I can control this. I can keep you safe, I just know it. God! Don’t you just want to get fucked in the ass by a big fucking horse cock!” Her hand slipped down to her pussy and slipped two fingers into her. She looked up at Monica, horrified, but didn’t stop. “Oh no, I’m sorry! It just feels so amazing. Monica you should try. How long have us girls been pent up in this room together. I mean it’s silly that we don’t play with our pussies in front of each other. I know where you keep your vibrator and everything. I even used it once. I got so wet thinking about it in your dresser drawer, wondering what you thought about when you slit it inside you. I thought about you when it made me cum. God, I’ve wanted to lick you out from the moment I moved in with you.”

Monica backed away from her friend. “Mia, what the fuck? Is that you talking? You’re not well. Let me get you some help.”

“Don’t you see, Monica? This is the best thing that’s ever happened to us! We can finally just fuck and suck all day long and never have to care about anything. I mean, just imagine all of the cum you’re going to get to swallow. Isn’t that just the best?!” Mia giggled. “Oh look, my boobies are getting all round and swollen. Hmm…maybe it has something to do with Cordi’s kiss. I think she had that guy’s cum on her lips too. Maybe it’s that. Monica? What’s the matter?” Mia got up from the floor, leaving a small puddle of her own juices behind.

“Stay the fuck away from me,” Monica threatened. “I don’t know what the hell is happening to you, but it’s not going to happen to me.”

“Oh! Sure it is!” Mia giggled. She turned around and bent over, “Don’t you want to have an ass like this. Can’t you see a fat cock shooting cum on my butt while I wiggle it. You’ll be the first in line to lick his cream off my back, I bet.”

“I swear to god, if you touch me…” Monica was panicked.

“Sweetie, I was wrong,” Mia said. “You don’t have to even get touched any more. That’s how strong my mistress is! You just have to let it all in.” She walked over to the door and turned the knob. “See!”

A wave of heat rushed in the door and struck Monica, sending her to her knees. Her whole body shook as her will broke. She grunted and squirmed as her hips expanded and her breasts heaved with new flesh. Delighted, Mia dove on her roommate, eager to explore the new curves for herself.

“STOP!” Sandra yelled. All around her, her sisters were embroiled in carnal experiments. She heard some of the rutting in their rooms, beds squeaking and uttering animalistic cries. The two werewolves had their flat tongues lapping at any girl within reach while they fucked into the closest available orifice. In the center of it all, Mandi was impaling herself on Natalie’s new girthy cock. The new futa goddess pulled out of her mistress and plunged into Monica’s waiting cunt.

Mandi shivered with pleasure as she crossed the room to the only remaining human. “Sandra. It was brave to stay. Of course, I can hear the girls who tried to run squealing in pleasure while they fuck on the lawn, so I guess you didn’t have much choice.”

“What the fuck are you? What have you done to us?”

“I have made you all better. It’s a gift, just be grateful and accept it.”

Sandra slapped Mandi across the cheek.

Mandi sneered at her. “Ungrateful and spoiled. Even now. I have a special treat for you. You probably don’t remember what you called me. Hell, you probably don’t even remember me at all. The other me, the weak me. Do you? Do you remember the dismissive word you all whispered when I came around to join? ‘Heifer.'”

The other girls surrounded Sandra and stripped her. She tried to resist them, but they had surprising strength. She was left exposed and crouched on the floor. Mandi blew her a kiss and she felt the waves of pleasure wash through her body. Her breasts heaved and her ass bubbled into a perfect round pear shape. The changes worried her, but the strange itch around her naval drew her attention. Four dark spots had appeared on her otherwise flat, white stomach. “What the fuck have you done to mooooooo?!”

Her eyes went wide. Her tongue felt hot and dry. She tried to stand up, but her feet were aching. Patches of hair started appearing on her thighs. Looking around for help, she only saw the orgy becoming more intense. She felt pressure at the base of her spine. Craning her neck around, she managed to catch sight of a thin white tail growing out slowly, with a tuft of black hair on the end. Her stomach rolled in panic. She ran her hands over her stomach and found that the dark spots were getting larger and were extending out from her stomach. The skin around them was growing swollen as well, distending from her otherwise smooth frame. “Moo?” she managed to get out with a pleading look at Mandi.

“Yes, Sandy, the cow says moo! Oh, do you want some cock to suck?” Mandi closed her eyes and concentrated. Sandra watched as her tormentor’s clit engorged itself and a pair of testicles ballooned into existence behind it. After only a few moments, Mandi sported a fourteen inch cock, oozing cum onto Sandra’s cheek. “Open up,” she said with a nudge.

Sandra wanted to run and scream and do anything to escape that moment, but an overwhelming desire for the woman in front of her seized her. She opened her mouth and let the cock slip past her lips. Her large tongue massaged the underside of the shaft, desperately coaxing out more of the delicious pink fluid from the tip.

The growth on her stomach descended and four long, fat nipples popped out as her udder swung free beneath her. Her tits matched the sac in size and girth, oozing their own milk on to the floor. Her tail swished from side to side, offering the spectators glimpses of her dripping sex. The fur spread over her body completely and her feet cracked and formed into hooves. She doubled her efforts to get a load from Mandi’s new cock with glee. Someone grabbed her tail and pulled it to the side. Managing a look back, she saw Bull’s massive dick slide down her new voluptuous ass before wedging itself in her cunt. She flicked her tail in his hand, “Moo.”

Mandi smiled. “That’s a good girl. Now we just need to organize a fraternity swap.”


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