Feature Writer: Quixerotic1

Feature Title: THE CRIMSON MILK 15

Published: 14.12.2019

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: A insidious change begins with a drink of crimson milk.


The Crimson Milk 15

Sebastian noticed his loneliness for the first time on a Tuesday morning at 9:17 in the doughnut shop across the street from his apartment building. Until then, he never particularly cared about other people. Not to say he was a misanthrope or that he actively avoided contact with anyone. Instead, he simply found the most enjoyable path of life to be one where people were more incidental than regular. He enjoyed friendships in high school, but did not languish their dissolution upon graduation. He saw it as a part of life, the normal ebb and flow of human existence. Each day followed the previous day’s pattern of drifting apart from anything he had that could be called a friend.

He graduated and left Cloverdale, not seeing much point in remaining where he felt no real obligation. He wanted a more populous city so, two days after receiving his diploma, he bid his parents farewell and moved. With two banker’s boxes of odds and ends, a second hand Honda Civic his grandmother had gifted him, and a few thousand he had saved from odd jobs, he left Cloverdale behind. He sold the Civic when he reached Chicago, found an apartment, and landed a mail room job at a burgeoning tech company.

A year passed, and he didn’t notice his loneliness. Though it haunted his apartment and followed him to and from work, he was too distracted to pay it any mind. It squished between him and the young woman on the train, but he only edged away while listening to a blaring song in his earbuds. It lingered at the lunch table with him while all the tables around him exchanged weekend stories, and he gazed mindlessly at a hand held video game. The loneliness didn’t only confine itself to his mundane moments, but found its way awkwardly into the room during his work promotion and the few telephone calls from high school friends to check on him.

The calls became infrequent, and then stopped. Sebastian did not notice. He enjoyed his new job and the comfort it provided. He found better music and more involving games. Other hobbies trickled in, jogging in particular. It gave him time to listen to music and think through his games, and loneliness is not very cardio oriented. As a reward for this new hobby, he partook of a small bag of donuts on his day off. So he entered the doughnut shop at a quarter after nine on Tuesday, and he recognized someone.

“Amanda?” he said, dumbstruck. The young woman had just turned around holding a cinnamon role halfway to her mouth. She looked the same as he remembered from high school. Thin and tall with a mousy demeanor. Her brown hair was pulled back in a short pony tail, and she looked as if she had just rolled out of bed.

“Oh my god, Sebastian?” The two engaged in an awkward dance involving an attempt to hug, an attempt not to hug, Sebastian’s loneliness, and Amanda’s pastry. “How have you been? I haven’t seen you in forever.”

“Oh, good, I’ve been well, you know,” he blundered through his words. It felt strange to talk to someone outside of work. “What are you doing here? I mean, what are the odds?”

Amanda stepped to the side as busy, doughnut-seeking people pushed past her. “I’m in town visiting family. I was supposed to leave today, but who can resist a cinnamon bun?”

It was then that Sebastian’s loneliness grinned from ear to ear from over the shoulder of the simple young woman. The specter, which he had held at bay for years, seeped into his being with ease, gripping his heart with emotions he had not thought of since childhood. His mind worked rapidly through the situation. “You’re going to eat and travel? That’s terrible for you. As a person who took one biology class several years ago I can testify that as fact. I insist you have breakfast with me.”

She blushed and cast a furtive look to the street. “Ok,” she replied. “I’ll grab us a table.”

As he exchanged the usual pleasantries with Wanda the doughnut lady, a sense of elation came over Sebastian. He had found the missing puzzle piece. For the first time in years, he was excited to talk with someone. The two had known each other in high school. She had been into debate and academic clubs. Sebastian had been more into apathy. Of the few people he did notice, Amanda had always been one of them. As he put cream into his coffee, he recalled a few angst driven poems written vaguely enough to mask the fact that they were odes to the pretty girl in his study hall. He dropped two coffees on the table and took a seat beside her looking out into the street.

“So, you’re going to school back home right?” he asked. Small talk was not his best skill. Nevertheless, he wanted to talk. He wanted her to talk. He wanted his loneliness to sulk in the corner with the day old eclairs.

“Yeah, but school’s out. One year down. I think you did it right though, moving up here. I’m getting burnt out on Cloverdale. Too much history in the town. How about you? How’s big city life?”

He told her. In long stories and short ones. He made her laugh. He admired the small creases around her eyes when she smiled. She was everything he remembered, but more. “You came up here by yourself?”

“Yes, why?”

He shrugged, “The Amanda I went to school with wouldn’t go off to Chicago by herself.”

“I’ve grown a lot,” she said with a demure smile. “Say do you remember the time at the Clarke Central game…” she lapsed into a story. He told a few more of his own. They laughed, and she touched his hand. The morning went on until the streets thinned of commuters and bleary eyed students. Wanda eyed as she cleaned tables, and Sebastian’s loneliness found itself in an existential crisis.

“Well, I have a long drive ahead of me,” Amanda said finally. “It was great catching up with you. You shouldn’t be such a stranger all the time. I’m sure some folks back home would like to see you.”

He had to think fast. “Amanda, uh, I know you probably need to get back, but I was thinking you might like to tour the city or something. I mean this doughnut shop is great, but you haven’t lived until you’ve seen the one two doors down.” She looked at her phone. “C’mon, it’s my day off, and I haven’t got anything to do except sit at home naked and watch daytime television. Actually, that sounds awesome, so you better get that tour and save me from a perfect life that makes me useless to society.”

Amanda looked at her phone again. She dropped it on the table and rapped her fingers across it while biting her lip. She batted her eyes at him, and his heart plunged. “Fine. Fine! I’ll hang out with you for a while, but I really have to get back by tonight. So, where to?”

They left the shop and started out through the city. Amanda followed Sebastian around with a bemused smile. She laughed at his jokes and oohed at the various landmarks he pointed out to her. They had lunch at a small pizzeria where she gushed on and on about the quality of the food. As they left the eatery, she slipped her hand into his and gave a light squeeze, causing his stomach to flutter. They traveled over to the Buckingham Fountain and stood side by side watching the water flitter through the air. A gust of wind caught the spray, and Amanda tucked her face into Sebastian’s shoulder to avoid the cold water. She lingered for a moment, and he brought his head down to her cheek. Tentatively, she looked up at him and lightly pressed her lips against his. “Wanna go?” he asked.



She gripped his hand, and he led her toward his home.

Back at his apartment, he kicked dirty clothes under the bed as she politely averted her gaze. He went to the kitchen and returned with two strong drinks. Amanda took a sip and winced. Sebastian did the same, but choked down half the glass anyway. “You’re the first person other than me to ever come in here.”

“What? You don’t have a string of hot tail in and out of here?” Amanda said gesturing to the unmade bed in the corner. “No woman can resist the modern décor of a sketchy twenty two year old guy.”

“Twenty-one, thanks. I still have a year to refine my decorating skills. And if I’m so sketchy, what made you come back here?”

Amanda dropped down onto the bed. She placed her drink on the small table beside a blinking alarm clock. “You think you’re in, don’t you? Getting me all liquored up to seal the deal?”

Sebastian didn’t know how to respond. Something had changed about her. He couldn’t tell exactly what, but something about the way she was sitting made him think she could be a completely different person than the one he’d spent the day with. Her top had dropped off her shoulder and her jeans seemed tighter. He swirled the drink in his hand and took another long gulp, “Look, it’s not like that. All that time in high school, I wanted to ask you out back then, but it just never seemed…never made sense to do it. You were pretty and smart and engaged, and I was just not those things. Today has been insane, running into you and spending the day with you. Now you’re sitting on my lumpy uncomfortable bed. I was just going to eat a bag of doughnuts and play some shitty video game for eight hours. Except now I don’t really want to stop talking because I’m afraid that if I do, you’re going to make some excuse about really needing to get on the road because you’re too nice to point out that you’ve realized I’m probably some kind of sociopath who lured you into his trap with promises of better throw pillows -”

She put a finger to his lips. He looked at her closely. The strangeness about her had gone. The girl he had always known stood inches from him. Sebastian wasn’t particularly broad shouldered, but he was tall and wiry from all the miles spent running. Amanda was small and delicate compared to him. A strange tingling possessed his arms, an intense desire to hold her, to feel the warmth of her body wrapped in his arms.

Her hand ran along the stubble of his cheek and into his black hair. With a little push, she urged him down, and he pushed his lips into hers. The kiss was awkward, but they both smiled and tried again. She pressed into him, and he slowly brought a hand up to her hip. His fingertips traced the hem of her shirt, grazing against her bare skin. She sighed, pulling him over to the bed. His drink sloshed as he dropped it on the bedside table.

Sebastian stopped to look at her. He never had much tolerance to alcohol. The sudden rush of adrenaline hurried the liquor soaked blood to his brain. Amanda peered up at him, smiling. Her hair framed her face with messy lines, and he could glean the slightest hint of confusion or anticipation in her eyes. “You’re…pretty…” he said.

Amanda grinned, “Heh…thanks.”

Sebastian bent down and kissed her neck, trailing his way upward to her lips. She smelled heavenly, and her skin warmed his lips. Her hands were on his chest, pulling apart the buttons of his shirt. He returned the favor, pushing up her shirt and feeling the goosebumps on her ribs. Her stomach heaved with each breath. Leaning back, he peeled off his shirt and undershirt. She took the opportunity to sit up and finish removing her own. Sebastian stared at her red lace bra, awestruck. She reached behind her back and unfastened the clasp. The fabric dropped away revealing the smooth skin of her chest. His heart pounded in his ears as he reached out tentatively. Amanda grabbed his hand and pressed it against her breast. The other hand quickly followed suit, Sebastian smirked and leaned in to kiss her.

Amanda enjoyed the feeling of his hands on her. He flicked his thumb over her erect nipple, sending a bolt of pleasure throughout her body. Her panties were damp. His erection pressed into her thigh. His mouth left hers and wet kisses dotted a path down to her right nipple. He took it into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the erect nub all too briefly. With a wet pop, his mouth continued down her stomach, light kisses around her naval as his hands gripped her hips. She looked down to see his eyes peering back up at her. She nodded. His hands moved to the button of her pants, and, with some difficulty, he pried open her jeans, the loud metal clicks of the zipper building her anticipation.

Sebastian pulled on her jeans, his breath hurried and erratic. Once over her hips, the pants became unwieldy and loose. He stood away from the bed to more effectively pull them off of her. While standing, he unfastened his own belt and let his pants fall off. The damp spot on his boxers slightly embarrassed him, and he hoped she wouldn’t notice as he quickly hopped back between her legs. He ran his hands down her thighs, stopping just short of her hips, and hooked his thumbs into the band of her underwear, wriggling away the lace fabric. She was shaved bald, which struck him as adventurous. He thought that was only something that happened in porn. He continued stroking her thighs in small concentric circles, moving closer and closer to his goal.

His hand grazed her folds, and he pulled away again. Amanda let out a small sigh of frustration. She was exerting every ounce of self control she could muster. His patience and delicate touch enthralled her, teased her, and inflamed her lust. Another graze, this time he blew a jet of cool air against her. She wanted to grab his head with her thighs and force him down, take the breath away from him as he pleasured her, but she waited. Looking down, she saw him watching his own hand skip slowly across her flesh, pause with mild interest at the crest of her labia and then slowly move down to her opening. His fingers were slick with her juices already and with little resistance, he slipped in.

As Sebastian’s two fingers went inside of her, he marveled at the heat which greeted him. His tongue lolled out of his mouth and began massaging her in slow long strokes in time with the gentle push and pull of his hand. Amanda writhed and gasped as he worked. His free hand loitered momentarily on her butt for his own satisfaction, and then moved up to feel the rise and fall of her stomach. He curled his fingers inside of her, pressing further and further while his tongue continued its deft movements.

Her muscles tensed and shuddered in rhythm with his fingers. Her hand gripped the back of his head, pulling his hair slightly as her thighs pressed into the side of his face. The knot in her stomach drew tight, and she arched her back, grinding into his mouth. She let out a long, sharp breath, and her body spasmed.

Sebastian slowed and pulled out his fingers, kissing her thigh as she limply stroked his hair. He rose up to her, kissing her stomach along the way. She drew him to a long, slow kiss that tasted like her. Her fingernails traced invisible patterns on his back down to his boxers, she snapped the band playfully then pushed him over onto his back.

Amanda did not know what had come over herself, but she wanted to make Sebastian feel the same as she had moments before, to experience the sparkling sensation rising in his chest. He did not want to lie on his back without her, but she insisted, and he stopped protesting as her hand gripped him through his boxers. She felt the damp sticky spot of precum and was more pleased that she expected, somehow she still believed she could disappoint him. Her body pressed against him as she slithered down to pull away the underwear, freeing his throbbing erection. His member stood up rigid with the slightest glisten of wetness at its tip. She returned his teasing strokes by running her hands closer and closer to his dick, finally taking it into her hand, causing his whole body to shake with anticipation. She pushed her hair behind her ears, and bobbed her head out of his line of sight.

Sebastian stared at the ceiling waiting for that first wet touch. Her tongue started at the base of his cock, wide and flat rising up its whole length. She repeated the motion again before taking the head into her mouth. Her tongue flicked along the crest of his cock, teasing out a few more drops of his precum. She elevated herself a bit more and looked up at him with her wide eyes.

Sebastian grunted at the sight of her. This lovely girl who hours before was but a distant memory was looking up at him with affection as she let his cock disappear slowly into her mouth. The hot tongue massage sent waves of pleasure throughout his body. Just as he felt on the verge, his cock slipped out of her mouth into the room’s cool air. His eyes opened from their delirium to find her inches from his face. They kissed again as she repositioned herself. The heat radiating from her traveled up his leg and hovered over his genitals. His cock pressed against her slick wetness as she teased him, rocking back and forth along his length. He wanted to beg her for it, to plead with her. He wanted to force her down, to roll on top of her and fuck, but he waited, willing himself to be patient, satisfying himself with the feel of her hovering over him, her soft flesh cradled in his hands.

Amanda sank down slowly. Inch after inch of his cock found its way into her. He grunted, and she moaned with the feeling of completeness. His hands pulled her down, bringing her into a series of quick, passionate kisses as she started to rock back and forth on top of him. Sebastian craned his neck up to nip slightly at her shoulder. She licked his earlobe, her hot breath rushing over his ears. Their speed quickened, and his cock twitched inside of her. His grip became tense, and his thrusting hurried.

Abandoning his patience, he rolled her over and pressed her down. Her legs were pushed wide, and he hooked one forward against his shoulder as he reentered her. He slammed into her again and again in flurry. She raked her hands up and down his back, squeezing his ass and pulling him forward harder with each thrust. He pushed his whole length into her, and she felt the warm surge of cum spray into her. Sebastian’s whole body shook as he let out a long, satisfied sigh. He collapsed onto her chest, kissed her cheek, and ran his hands through her hair.

Sebastian rolled off of her and pulled her into his shoulder. She nestled herself against him, listening to the sound of his heartbeat slowing. He murmured something, but she did not pay attention. Contentment washed over her as she listened to his breathing slow and turn into a low snore. She kissed his chest and drifted off to sleep pressed against him.


Amanda woke several hours later. The city still hummed outside. The apartment remained bathed in pale yellow light, and the abandon drinks sat in a pool of condensation. She gently sat up, desperate not to disturb Sebastian. She retrieved her clothes and dressed in silence. She watched him sleep. Feelings she didn’t understand clouded her mind. Forget this insane godhood you’ve created. Stay with him, make him happy, and be happy with him. Or go back. She made her choice, bent over him and whispered into his ear. She gave him a light kiss on the cheek and left his apartment in silence.


Outside, two tall, dark figures waited for her. They directed her to a car parked across the street. One let her in the back seat and closed the door behind her.

“Thought we were bringing him back,” Wolf said before getting in the driver’s side.

“I changed my mind,” Mandi answered.

The trio drove in silence for hours. Chicago disappeared behind them. Eventually they passed through a small town, and the red lady stirred. “Stop here,” she said.

The two goons watched her in the rear view mirror, feeling the hint of a malicious chill radiate from her as the glamour faded away. Her top swelled as it filled with her immense breasts, dark stains appearing on the cloth as her milk started to leak. The seams of her pants strained, but held as her hips widened and her ass grew out to its usual bubbled size.

They had stopped in front of a bar in a small town. Hound smelled the familiar scent of congregated youth and noted the signage for a local college. Mandi’s heels clicked on the asphalt. “I’m going in. Stay outside, guard the door. Let anyone in. No one out.”

She strode across the street, getting long looks from a few passers by. The two hulking shapes followed her diligently, their own glamours remaining in tact. She opened the door, walked inside, and stepped up to the bouncer. He was a large man, close to thirty, who clearly spent all his free time in a gym or a gym locker room with a needle. Looking her up and down he said, “What you want sweetie?”

“You still have any cock left muscle man or has it all shriveled up inside of you?” she spat out the words venomously. Behind him the bar throbbed with fast paced music. She sensed roughly eighty twenty-somethings raucously talking while chugging down their drinks.

“Listen here, bitch,” the bouncer yelled back. His muscles twitched, and he jumped up off his stool. Mandi did not budge, but reached out and touched his arm. Instantly, his face went slack.

“Follow me,” she said.

Close to the door was a small stage, currently empty of any local band. Mandi stepped up to the stage and immediately the patrons turned their attention to her. The bouncer followed her. “On your knees,” she said. The bouncer complied, falling to his knees in front of her. A few of the establishment’s employees started to move towards her, and the music seemed to die down. Mandi glared out at the crowd. Rage filled her heart. She saw the young men with their hands on the legs of their dates. Women feeling alarmed reached for their significant other’s arm. “It was supposed to be gone!” she yelled out at them. Her voice was desperate and mournful. “How can you people live like that? Wanting so desperately to be wanted! How do you not claw away your own skin and go mad? You all reek of loneliness! I can taste it on all of you.” More security was closing in on her. A few people reached for their phones. The music got louder as a new song came on. It started as a low, slow blare, growing to a fast paced screech that deafened the crowd.

Mandi grabbed the edges of her top and pulled, ripping the shirt off with ease. A few of the men cheered as her voluptuous tits swung free. The sight of her naked stopped everyone. The whole of the bar watched with fascination as she pulled the bouncer into her breasts, pressing his mouth against her tits. At first he resisted, but once the first spurt of hot red milk splashed against his tongue, he eagerly suckled. Energy radiated out from Mandi. She pushed the bouncer away, and he collapsed on the floor, his body racked with apparent seizures. She looked out at the crowd and saw a young man standing protectively in front of a girl. “Come fuck me,” she said. She unfastened her jeans and let them drop to the floor. More cheers. She pulled over a table and bent over it. “Now!”

The young man fought his urges for only a minute. His girlfriend pulled at him as he shucked off his pants and lunged on to the stage. His hands gripped her ample ass greedily. His dick frantically pushed at her cunt until he found the proper angle. “Not big enough,” she said sending a new wave of energy throughout the room. The young man’s cock swelled to twice its normal size, and he plunged hilt deep into her, desperate to fuck. “Watch him fuck me you ungrateful little bitch,” she taunted at his girlfriend. “Wish that he loved your cunt like he loves mine.”

Mandi’s frenzy began to spread throughout the room. The crowd watched the coupling pair on stage with a dazed fascination. One girl dropped to her knees, reached in the pants of closest guy and stuffed his cock down her throat. Seizing the opportunity, more dicks were taken out and wagged near her face, soon being serviced by a hand. Another young man pulled up his girlfriend’s dress as she dropped her panties and spread her legs. She invited over another woman to play with her bouncing tits. The bartender, who had always played for bigger tips with low cut tops and skimpy shorts, lost no time in climbing on top of the bar and spreading her legs for anyone cunt hungry.

The man behind her emptied his balls onto her ass. His demeaned girlfriend lunged past him to lick the sticky cum off of Mandi before it went to waste. Mandi patted her on the head and turned her attention to the bouncer. The girl went to lick Mandi’s juice off her boyfriend’s still swollen cock.

The bouncer was shriveled slightly. His body seethed with pain. Mandi did not understand the damage she had done to him, nor did she care. She only watched with delight as the man suffered through his tremendous change. His muscles boiled. His bones cracked, shattering and reforming over and over. Whatever small mind he had before Mandi made him drink burned with insanity from the fiery pain coursing through him. His history melted away. His life vanished, and his mind boiled clean of any thought or feeling. The only thing left to fill that void was the fragment of Mandi’s corruption which had passed into him. The first perky thought surfaced in the new mind.

His steroid fueled muscles evaporated, and his new skeleton was almost a foot and a half smaller. His pecs turned to small fatty sacs which started to balloon outwards. Lush auburn hair wriggled out of his bald scalp, and his lips turned from thin lines to plump, cocksucking pillows. Wanting the constraining clothes to be out of the way, the creature mindlessly tore away any shred of clothing that defiled the new form. Hairy pockmarked skin smoothed out into a deep smooth tan. Hips flared out, and his firm gluts became a soft plush ass.

Mandi looked down at her creation. “What is your name?”

The creature looked back at her, “I dunno, silly! Wait I know! Cummybear!”

“Cummybear is a girl’s name, and you still have a little prick down there.”

Cummybear looked between her legs and saw the small cock and balls. “Oh! I know how to get rid of this, watch!” Her new delicate hand gripped the cock and started stroking as fast as she could. In moments, cum spurted out of the tip, splashing on the stage between them. The cock started to shrink, getting smaller and smaller. The pair of testicles shriveled up and withdrew into her body, vanishing as a fresh, waiting cunt took its place.

“That’s better Cummybear. Now why do they call you Cummybear?”

“Because I love cum! I can’t wait to suck another cock! Can I suck cock please?”

Mandi scowled at her, “Yes. You can’t get enough cum. You are going to stay in this town for as long as it takes to fill yourself up with all the cum you can find, and then you’ll go to the next one and the next one. Up your ass, in your cunt, down your throat, on your face or those fat titties.”

“That sounds awesome for Cummybear!” the girl squealed, eyeing a free cock nearby. “Can I start now? Please!”

Mandi waved her away. The small figure crawled over to the closest couple. Cummybear took one of the handjobs away from a girl being doublestuffed. She crammed the cock in her mouth, orgasming instantly from the feeling of a cockhead pushing down her throat. She sucked and licked with more and more vigor, desperate to feel hot cum in her mouth. Another guy came up behind her and pushed into her dripping cunt, eliciting a moan.

Mandi surveyed the room of debauchery. She gathered up clothes someone had discarded and dressed herself. None of them noticed as she left the room. Cummybear had her first load in her mouth and was begging aloud for more.

Wolf and Hound followed their mistress to the car, suppressing their whimpers of sexual frustration. “Wait, are you leaving her here?” Wolf asked once they were in the car.

“Yes,” Mandi said calmly. “The rest of them will wake up tomorrow hungover. That bouncer will spend the rest of her life being a cum dumpster for whatever town she finds herself in when the sun sets. There are worse lives.” She said, bitterly. “Let’s go home.”


Sebastian woke up on Wednesday morning to an empty, quiet room. “Why am I naked?” he glanced at his beside table and saw the two drinks. “Geez, did I start double fisting or something.” For a moment, he thought he saw lipstick on one of the glasses and happiness filled his body. Then it faded, and he went to the kitchen for breakfast. He poured a bowl of cereal and sat down. His loneliness waved cheerily from across the table. Sebastian did not notice.


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