Feature Writer: Quixerotic1

Feature Title: THE CRIMSON MILK 10

Published: 04.12.2019

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: A insidious change begins with a drink of crimson milk.


The Crimson Milk 10

At times, Phillip wondered why he ever let himself make his own decisions. Blindfolded, in the back of an SUV, crammed between two other guys he had recently met was one of those times. The car jerked and turned at random while 90’s pop music blared. The two guys in the front of the car sang off tune at the top of their lungs. His high school baseball team had done the same kind of stuff. Well, not this really, but they’d hazed the freshmen, filling their lockers with popcorn or making them carry all the equipment at the end of the practice. They had not grabbed them in the locker room, put a torn pillowcase strip over their eyes, and drove them to a secret location. Or any of the bizarre scenes from bad fraternity movies. Phillip consoled himself with the thought that his new teammates wouldn’t really want to hurt him. Baseball players aren’t much good with broken arms.

He had signed the scholarship in the spring. Since then, he’d been spending afternoon practices with the community college team. The summer days were hot and long, but he loved the game. He’d come to appreciate his new teammates, but it was hard to replicate his high school experience. At least, that’s what he thought. He didn’t like to admit it to himself, but whenever he tried to remember his high school life, much of it was vague. The memories were cloudy and too troublesome to figure out. Cloverdale had become a strange place recently.

The two other young men on either side of him were Dan and Sean, who were also freshmen on the team. Neither of them seemed to appreciate the current experience either, but had resigned themselves to suffer through it. Unbeknownst to the three of them, they all shared this feeling and could have used that common bond to become closer, essentially accomplishing the goal of hazing, but instead they rode on trying not to get the Backstreet Boys stuck in their head.

The car lurched to a halt outside of a building near the edge of town. The blindfold did nothing to inhibit Phillip’s sight. He made a note to himself that when his turn came to abduct some freshmen, he would use better quality cloth. The music shut off and the two men in the front jumped out and slammed the doors behind them. Tony and Karl, the seniors. Phillip initially wondered how they had come to be seniors at a community college and managed to play baseball all those years, but as he learned more about the world, he saw that this was not uncommon. Every community college was littered with Tonys and Karls. Phillip heard the two of them talking through the window. He distinctly heard the words “cops” and “handjobs.” This mildly bothered him. He had expected some kind of mischief since Tony and Karl often teased the freshmen about their inexperience with women, But as most of the town had become obsessed with the reveal of a secretive gentleman’s club, incorporating a trip to the club seemed natural. Turning his head, Phillip could make out a neon red glow peeking through his blindfold. He knew he couldn’t possibly be anywhere else.

The passenger door opened. A voice said in a loud whisper, “Ok. We’re going to lead you inside. Don’t worry, we’ve got everything planned. No one is going to get in trouble so long as you don’t make a scene or anything. Everyone cool with that.” It was Karl. He sounded uncharacteristically nervous.

No one answered for a moment then Phillip said, “Yes.” Dan and Sean echoed the response.

“Alright, fuckers,” Tony’s voice came. “Careful getting out of the car, when you’re standing up, put your hand on the shoulder of the guy in front of you, and we’ll lead you inside. Karl, go get the sheep and the condoms.”

Through the slit in his blindfold, Phillip saw Karl roll his eyes. The Crimson’s sign glowed behind him. As he got out of the car, he could see they had pulled up to the side of the building and were heading toward a port door on the end of the strangely shaped building. Around the side, he saw multiple cars in an unkempt grassy lot. Only a mild wind disturbed the air. He assumed the building had some kind of sound proofing. Karl grabbed his hand and put it on Dan’s shoulder. A moment later, Sean’s slammed down on his own. They began an awkward shuffle toward the port door. Their feet scuffed over the leaf covered ground. The blindfold’s ineffectiveness did not extend to his ability to navigate with his own feet.

As they walked, Tony started to “baaah” and laugh to himself. They reached the door, opened it, and entered without any ceremony. No one to stop them for ID. No bouncer to leer at them. No hostess of any sort. Past the door they walked down a straight hallway. The floor was smooth and easier to walk on than the broken asphalt outside, so they didn’t fumble as much. Phillip could make out the low thrum of a heavy bass coming from somewhere deep in the building, but for being inside the back hallway of a club it was eerily quiet. They walked and walked, making slow progress. He wondered just how big this building could be and started to consider that the blindfold was throwing off his sense of direction more than he’d expected. The hallway could be curved slightly enough for him not to notice. They could be walking in a circle for all he really knew.

Phillip was so lost in his thoughts that he walked right into the back of Dan when they finally came to a stop. Another door opened, they shuffled through, and he heard it slam behind them. Hands turned them to face the right side of the room they had entered. Dan and Sean bumped on either of his shoulders in a line. They were ordered to sit as the edge of a chair pushed into the back of Phillip’s knees. He sat, and Karl whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry, this is going to be amazing.” Their hands were pulled behind them, straining their arms around the chairs. A small strip of cloth wrapped around their wrists over and over again until they were unable to move their arms. One by one, the blindfolds were removed.

The room was dimly lit. Phillip could make out a platform several feet in front of them. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he was able to discern the gleaming pole fixed in the center of the stage. He squirmed in his seat, trying to ease the discomfort in his shoulders. Tony walked down the line with a platter in his hand on which sat a dozen or so shot glasses sloshing over their contents. Dan opened his mouth and tilted his head back as Tony poured a shot down his throat. Dan swallowed. Another. Another. Dan closed his mouth and shook his head. Three was the number to beat.

Phillip tilted back his head and braced himself. Tony giggled as he poured the first shot into the younger man’s open mouth. Phillip tried not to wince. The liquid tasted sweet, sweeter than any alcohol he’d ever had, but it still burned. The second shot slid down his throat moments later, the burning sensation worsened. The third churned in his stomach, and, surprisingly, the burning sensation had traveled with it, spreading throughout his body. Something about it made him feel like he should run screaming from room. Tony hesitated with the fourth shot, but Phillip jerked his head around in a manner to convey willingness. He suppressed another wince as the fourth stream of liquid went in his gut. The two seniors cheered him on and Tony started to move to Sean, but Phillip thought he had something to prove. They’d dragged the three freshmen out for a show, so why not give them one.

He made the grunting backwards nod again. Tony hesitated, looking over to his co-conspirator. Kurt shrugged, and Tony poured. Phillip nearly choked. The first four had that sickly sweet taste, but the fifth could have been rubbing alcohol. No, not that exactly. More like the burn from a ghost pepper. The burning sensation spread to his fingers and toes, and he worried it would boil him up from the inside. He snapped his mouth shut and shook his head to stop Tony from reaching for the next shot. Karl clapped him on the back.

Sean took four before giving up. Phillip knew it would happen like that, but didn’t know exactly why. Karl and Tony finished off the platter, but no one seemed interested in how many they could drink. Phillip assumed they had a great deal more practice and their lack of struggle with the shots seemed to back up that thought. Once they finished, Karl walked over to the corner of the room behind the stage and banged loudly on the door. Music came on in the room, a slow country rock song with a raspy male voice providing vocals. The slow strum of guitar did not exactly set the mood that Phillip imagined.

A door opened behind the stage, and a woman walked out. The click of her heels on the platform echoed through the room. Tony whistled. Her legs were covered in dark fish net stockings, running up to her thighs. Garters connected the stockings to a set of frilly red panties. For her top, she had on a billowy, feathered blouse, which shimmered with interwoven silver and red threads. It covered her chest, but with a low enough neckline to show off her enormous breasts. A thin layer of pale foundation covered her face, giving her a ghostly appearance offset by bright red lipstick that made her lips gleam in the low light. Her beauty was entrancing and menacing, and none of the young men could look away.

She moved with grace, lightly raising her hand to the pole. Her leg followed, and Phillip’s face broke into a gleeful, manic smile as he watched her dance. The others were spellbound as well. Their faces hung slack, eyes trained unwavering on the seductress. After a few moments, she gave them a warm smile and pulled her top off. Dan made an audible grunt. Her breasts were still concealed by a very tenuous string and two inadequately sized cups covering the nipples. None of them had ever seen such large, such perfect breasts. The milky white orbs quivered slightly as she continued to dance, defying the boys’ insatiable need to see them swinging freely.

The door at the rear of the room opened. Phillip could see the silhouette of another woman, but little else. Karl and Tony got up and made their way to the door. “Enjoy the ride, boys,” Tony said as he disappeared behind the door. None of the freshmen noticed them leave.

The dancer descended from the stage. She centered herself in front of Phillip and pushed her enormous tits together as she leaned over and asked with a pouting lip, “What’s your name, big boy?” Phillip tried to talk, but his tongue felt thick and heavy. He could only blink rapidly at her. “My name is Rosie,” she said. She leaned closer, her breasts lightly resting on his chest as she whispered in his ear. “I want to suck you first.” She nibbled at his earlobe and then pulled away from him. Phillip felt as if the whole world was torn away with her.

She moved in front of Sean and turned around, wiggling her voluptuous ass at him. She hooked her thumbs into the waistline of her panties and pulled it down slightly. At the sight of her ass crack, the frustrated grunts turned to growls. All three of the young men’s cocks were rigid and desperate to burst out of their jeans. She pulled the thin garment down further, seamlessly disconnecting it from the garters as her mons was exposed. Phillip had never seen a hairless pussy anywhere other than porn.

A guttural rumble rose up from his chest at the sight of her exposed sex. The noise puzzled him, he didn’t normally growl at things. No one seemed to notice anything peculiar about it though, so he made the noise again. Rosie shook her ass at them, the flesh jiggled back and forth, perfectly smooth and globe shaped. Sean started to breath harder and harder, he rocked back and forth in his chair, thrusting vainly at the exposed cunt a few feet in front of him. His eyes squinted shut, and a damp spot appeared on his jeans.

Still in heels and stockings, she moved to Dan. After a few moments of teasing him, she settled down onto his lap, rubbing her bald cunt on the bulge in his pants. His eyes were wild with lust. “Oh, could you be a sweetie and untie me?” she said, gesturing to the small bow knot that held on her ruby red top. The young man strained against his bonds, but they held tight. Instead, he craned his neck forward and snapped at the string with his teeth. That close to her skin, he could smell her sweat. It made his vision blurry and his cock throb with frustration.

After gnashing his teeth hopelessly for a few moments, he latched on to the string and pulled with all his might. Her breasts were freed and dropped slightly from their prodigious height to a more natural shape, straining outward from her chest. Immediately, she brought her hands up to rub her enormous breasts, and Phillip swore to himself that they were becoming even bigger. She rolled her perky nipples in between her thumb and index finger. The young men salivated at the sight of a small drop of pinkish milk eeking its way out of her teats. Sean continued to buck and strain against his bonds. Her back arched away from him, denying him even the scent of her skin, but she continued to grind herself on his bulge, leaving her juices on him. Soon, he was clenched and moaning as he shot a load into his boxers. She pulled away from him and gave him a consolatory pat on the dick.

She returned to the stage and started to dance again. Phillip’s head swam with lust as he watched her move and shake and jiggle. She would heft her tits and shake them at the young men. Her hand would slap against her ass as she popped her rear into the air. Sean and Dan bulges were almost immediately straining against their cum soaked boxers once again. Phillip tried to thrust up against the denim fabric, going mad with the urge to fuck against something, anything.

The door opened and two other women walked into the room. Phillip thought his mind had broken at first, but then he realized he was looking at twins, or almost twins. If he looked long enough at one, he could convince himself she was different than the other, but he didn’t particularly care. Both of the women were completely naked and had breasts to rival Rosie. They held hands as they entered the room, only separating when they reached Dan and Sean. They got down on their hands and knees, crawling around like caged cats until they were ass up, primed for mounting. Their hands traced small patterns on their skin as they traveled down from their belly buttons to dip in and out of their sopping pussies. At the small of their backs, bright red tattoos showed their names. “Trixie” and “Lexie.”

Rosie stood between the two of them gently squeezing their asses as they slowly rocked back and forth. “Don’t you want to slip your dick in them? They really want it. They’re getting off to the idea of your pricks slipping just inside. Can’t you imagine how hot and warm it will feel on your cocks? And I want you, Phillip, I want your thick meat inside me, spurting cum into my pussy. I bet there will be enough to share. You just have to get out of that chair. She leaned in, placing one hand on his cock and rubbing slightly. She bent her head into the crook of his neck and licked his skin, running her tongue up to his ear and nibbling some more. His heart pounded in his ears, and his eyes saw red glimmering in the depths of Rosie’s eyes. She smiled at him and then planted her lips on his, her tongue massaging his as she melded their soft lips together. Then she turned around and took her place between Lexie and Trixie, ass up, cunt exposed, waiting to be mounted. Her eyes locked on his over her shoulder, begging him to fuck her.

Phillip’s blood boiled. He felt light headed and his mind raced with incoherent voices and thoughts. He clenched his fists together harder and harder. His bonds remained tight. He tried to slow his breathing, but he couldn’t escape the smell of her, the feel of her lips on his, or the soft whisper lingering in his ear. A loud pop came from his arm. Then another from his back. The muscles in his chest expanded, pressing out against his tight fitted shirt. His forearms swelled as the muscle tripled. Another loud crack and his calves felt as if they were about to explode from pressure. New strength coursed through his body. He roared as his shirt ripped into tatters.

The other two guys were trapped in their own struggle with lust and didn’t notice their friend bursting from his clothes. The women mewled and cooed at him, their masturbatory session becoming more and more intense. They urged him on. Rosie started at him over her shoulder, licking her lips.

Voices thundered in his head and pain racked his body, but he felt strength beyond anything he had known before. His shoes burst open as black talons replaced toe nails. His hands had grown to twice their size and dark claws replaced his fingernails. His tongue slithered out of his mouth, long and grotesque with a small fork at the tip. Finally, he exerted every ounce of his new strength and the bonds burst, freeing him from the chair. He stood and marveled at his new body. His skin was turning a dark shade of crimson. His hair was growing into a lengthy mane around his neck. Muscle bulged from every part of his body. He shed the remnants of his shirt and tore off the band of his pants, freeing his cock.

It looked strange on the monstrous body, but then it too began to swell. His balls became huge red orbs that swung between his thighs, and his cock grew as long and wide as an arm. He wrapped his clawed hands around the python cock and started stroking it, urging forth crimson precum from the tip. He let his dick slap against Rosie’s ass, he prodded downwards, searching for her folds. She slid her lips along the top of his shaft, greedily wiggling her ass back into his new chiseled stomach. He placed his hands on her bubble like ass cheeks and admired the contrast in color between his deep red skin and her milky white flesh. He reared back and wedged his cock in her folds, his hands clamped down on her ass. He roared with satisfaction as he plunged hilt deep into her dripping cunt.

Behind him, the other two young men were starting to transform as well. They winced in pain as their bones snapped and muscle grew, but they strained harder and harder against their bonds, urging the change forward, desperate for the strength to break free and fuck the harlot writhing in front of them. Sean freed himself first, ripping the chair itself in half and sending the shards sprawling across the floor. His claws were longer and seemingly sharper than Phillips and he laughed a demonic chuckled as he slashed the bond containing Dan. Both of them roughly pawed at their girl, their cocks quickly swelling to fourteen inches, only a few shy of Phillip.

Horns nudged their way out of Phillip’s scalp. They curled out on either side of his temple as he sawed into Rosie. Her cunt’s walls massaged his cock, coaxing him towards orgasm. After only a few moments, he was spewing his seed inside her. He pulled out and sent a few ropes onto her ass, smearing the cum with the head of his dick. She crawled around quickly and started to suck him back to full length.

Trixie and Lexie tweaked their nipples as they started to orgasm. Small bursts of milk erupted from their breasts, relieving some of the swollen pressure. The pool of fluids underneath the fucking couples grew with every thrust.

Rosie let her new conquest’s cock slap on either side of her face for a moment with a greedy sneer. Then she leapt up and grabbed Phillip’s horns, pulling herself up. She speared herself on his cock once again and instantly started to writhe in orgasm. His mouth clamped down on her tit as it started gushing the sweet tasting milk. Dan let out a roar and filled Lexie’s pussy with enough cum for it to spill out of the sides. He didn’t slow at all, but kept fucking her as she moaned and shuddered. Sean lifted Trixie from the doggy position and held her suspended in air, groping her tits as he fucked into her with cruel abandon.

Phillip’s tongue slithered over Rosie’s nipples as he came again, blasting his seed deep into her craven womb. Momentarily spent, he let her down, but continued to lightly stroke as much of her as he could. He admired his work. Her makeup was smeared and her stockings were little more than strands of thread. His pink cum dribbled down her leg, and her body was covered in red streaks where his talons had passionately raked against her flesh. She pressed against his chest, and he purred with contentment at the feeling of her breasts squishing against his hard chest. Taking him by the hand, she led him away from the other coupling pairs toward the rear room. He had to duck down in order to fit through the door frame. His eyes stayed trained on Rosie’s swaying ass and his cock started to harden once again.

The next room looked identical to the one where Phillip had transformed. The only difference being that Karl and Tony were tied to hooks dangling from the ceiling, stark naked. They both had dazed expressions and seemed unaware of the massive beast man that had just entered the room. Rosie dropped to her knees in front of Phillip. She slurped his cock into her mouth. One of her petite hands went to the base of his cock and started to lightly stroke up and down in rhythm with her wet mouth sliding up and down the top half. Her other hand went to his enormous balls, pulling lightly on them in alternation with her stroke. In only a few moments, he was filling her mouth with his spunk.

She stood up with her mouth filled with cum and walked over to the two young men. She grabbed Tony by the cock and his eyes fixed in attention. “Jesus fucking hell, what the fuck is going on? My god what is that?! What are you fucking mmmmphfff.” Rosie kissed him and allowed some of the cum to slide into his mouth. His stomach knotted up and his mouth clamped shut in pain. Karl accepted his kiss more complacently, looking almost thankful for the attention.

“Hazing isn’t right, boys,” Rosie said. “Time to learn your lessons.”

Phillip watched them started to writhe on their hooks. The hair on their chests started to vanish. Their dicks began to shrivel and their testicles pulled up into their bodies. Facial features started to soften. Muscular chests grew new soft flesh, nipples darkening and widening. Their hips cracked and reformed as their skin started to tint a deep shade of red. Their hair grew longer and silky as their asses became obscenely bubble shaped. Long barbed tails grew from the base of their spines, flicking back and forth as their new cunts split open, eager for cock. Their lips opened in lewd smiles of cushioned cocksucker lips, they started to cackle and twist, their eyes locked on their new god. Toni and Karli freed themselves from their hook and rushed over to Phillip, eager for their first taste of cock.


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