The Creator Of Evil by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction

Writer: Hoku Lani

Subject: The Creator Of Evil

Link: MEWE / 19.05.2022

The Creator Of Evil

I am frustrated at two specific verses in the bible, which applies to this topic. The first is the biblical statement is as follows: “God is the Alpha and the Omega” — This means the beginning and the end, the all knowing. Which of course implies that all of his actions and the results are fore known to him.

I don’t know about you, but I have a real problem with this notion. For if God had knowledge ahead of time that someday he would send me to hell for being a High Priestess of Lilith, urinating on bibles, obtaining orgasms in church during service, encouraging others to masturbate while yelling blasphemous thing, I ask what was the purpose in him creating me in the first place? Was it simply to watch me be tortured in a lake of fire?

That seems to be the most logical explanation. I can think of no other rational explanation, nor neither has any Christian who I posed this question to —  

“I form the light and create darkness.  I make peace and create evil.  I the lord do all these things,” — Isaiah 45:7.

Yahweh outright claims that he is indeed the source of evil.  So how can he then claim to be sinless? Let’s take a moment to talk about the lord’s creation of evil and the conception of Satan. This being was created and unleashed by Yahweh .  He knew as he is the all knowing, that at the time of Lucifer’s creation he would eventually become Satan, and spend his existence wreaking havoc on humankind.

Suppose I were to create through training an evil dog, that I knew would go around attacking and killing people. Whose fault would it be if I let it loose? Mine or the dog’s? Of course it would be mine, for I trained it with that purpose and unleashed it for that purpose. Now I ask you, whose fault is deviltry in the world? Is it the puppet Satan or the being that deliberately created Satan’s evil?

6 thoughts on “The Creator Of Evil by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction”

  1. Thank You Hoku Lani
    I appreciate all the writings you create.

    Rhank You Brother Xpanther
    For sharing her wisdom.

  2. Even if God is the beginning and the end, he would not create you without free will. You would then be an android computer. Not what he wanted, no? Free will is the true gift. Yet, I love that you chose to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. In Hell along with the Dark Angel, Lillith and all the Demons. Be proud, whore of Satan, that your cunt rules your life. Hope your abortion was beautiful?

  3. BTW, you should be joyous that God gives you free will, Hoku. What is more powerful and beautiful than for you to sin, not because God allows you to sin, but because you allow you to sin? Even knowing you will spend eternity in eternal fire, begging Lillith to quench your thirst by pissing down your throat with Her unholiness, can you truly be set free from Yahweh. Fuck God. Hail Satan.

    1. Phil, thank you for your kind words. I do not sin, as that is a concept invented by mankind to leverage as a motivation to control those who can not think for themselves.

      Without sin, why would slaves need to beg for freedom?

  4. If God knows the beginning and the end, why doesn’t hé stop war, even better, why does hé allowe that a war starts? To me, hè is a fake. Only lord SATAN and Lilith give us reason not to start war, by giving us lust, perversion, all kinds of sex and porn. I am greatful for that and I always be their servant

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