Feature Writer: Faljean

Feature Title: THE COVENANT

Published: 12.09.2016

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Four occultists summon a demon


The Covenant

Amara dismounted her horse and walked into the abandoned church. She took the candlestick which was mounted to the wall just inside and lit it, making her way to the door leading to the cellar.

When she arrived downstairs, her three fellow occultists, Janna, Laela and Evane greeted her, each with a long, deep kiss. They were all dressed in black and red robes, their features hidden by the cloth.

The four of them made their way to the middle of the cellar, where a pentagram had been drawn on the floor. Janna and Laela moved to the middle of the pentagram and sat down opposite each other, entangling their legs. They lifted up their robes and slowly started rubbing their pussies on each other. While they shared a long kiss with copious amounts of tongue, both of them got increasingly aroused and they moved their pelvises with increasing speed. Their kiss was broken as the girls approached orgasm, their movements became more frantic and they moaned loudly. Soon after they both came, their bodies twitching and convulsing and waves of pleasure crashing through their bodies. Both of them gushed their fluid onto the floor, where they lay panting.

When they had recovered, they got up and Amara and Evane took their places. The two girls repeated the actions of the other two, screaming even louder when they inevitably orgasmed, making sure their fluids too dripped onto the pentagram.

The girls formed a circle, holding hands and reciting an incantation using words beyond our comprehension. The incantation was long and all of them had to focus on not mispronouncing any of the words. When finally the last word was spoken, a flash of purple light blinded them momentarily. When their eyes opened they saw him.

He stood in the center of the pentagram, almost seven foot tall, skin black as ink. His body was shaped like a strong, muscular yet lean man. Two wings sprouted from the back of his shoulder-blades and two long, curved horns extended from his forehead into the sky. His eyes were red as blood.

The girls however could only focus on what hung between his legs. A cock longer and wider than any of them had ever seen. All of them got very aroused and almost lost control, but they knew they had to wait.

The demon growled and focused his eyes on Janna. With one swift motion he tore off her robes and picked her up in his arms, holding her at waist level. She put her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. His long, muscular tongue snaked into her mouth and she responded willfully, trying to push her tongue into him as far as she could.

The other three girls remained standing, holding hands. Their desire to touch themselves became almost unbearable, but they knew what would happen if they did.

The demon slowly lowered Janna onto his now fully erect cock. Inch by inch she slid down his member, each inch filling and stretching her more and more. When he bottomed out in her she orgasmed, shaking in his arms. Slowly he walked the few feet towards the wall, keeping Janna still. When he finally reached the wall, after what felt like years to her, he pinned her between him and the wall and snuck his tongue back into her mouth. Slowly he started moving his hips, bringing his dick a little further out every time. Soon he had reached full speed, pounding Janna’s pussy with strength no mortal man possessed.

Janna’s mind was blank with pleasure. Every time the demon bottomed out into her she came. Unnatural pleasure like she had never felt before coursed through her body. When the demon’s fucking got even more intense she was about to lose consciousness, lost in a world of bliss. Then he came.

Shots of white hot demon-seed spurted into her womb. When his first shot hit her she came crashing down into an enormous orgasm, which did not stop until the last of his seed was inside her.

When he was finished he pulled out and stepped backwards, letting her drop to the floor. She lay in a heap on the floor, back against the wall, panting. Suddenly she felt something inside her. Something was happening but she did not know what. A blinding pain shot through her entire body and she blacked out.

The other girls’ arousal started turning into fear. This was not what they had expected. Their fear grew even stronger when they saw Janna started to change. Her body changed, her skin tightened, her tits and ass grew larger and firmer and her face took the most beautiful form they had ever seen. Her hair turned blood red.

The demon, pleased with her transformation, turned around and picked up Laela. He discarded her robes and took her the same way he did Janna. When she too was overcome by mind-shattering orgasm as his seed spurted inside her, he dropped her to the floor to watch her transformation.

Amara and Evane, still holding hands standing in what was left of the circle, wanted to run. They wanted to run as far away as possible, now extremely frightened by the demon. But they knew they could not, for they would suffer a fate worse than death by his hand.

When Evane was being pounded against the wall, all her fears forgotten, pushed out of her mind by the pleasure pulsing out of the demon cock into her body, Janna woke up. When she opened her eyes, Amara saw they too, were red. Janna walked over to the demon, who was still mercilessly working Evane’s pussy, and caressed his body. She pressed up against him, her breasts pushed into his back. He turned his head around and she stood on her tiptoes as they kissed long and deep.

After the demon had shot another load inside Evane and dropped her to the floor, he spoke words in a language Amara did not understand. It sounded foul and dark to her ears, and she wanted to run, but she could not. She stood nailed to the ground as Janna approached her, smiling. Janna caressed her, touching her body over her clothes as she brought her mouth closer to Amara’s. Slowly she slipped her tongue into Amara’s mouth, who did not return the kiss. She tried to pull away, but Janna held the back of her head and explored her mouth.

The demon meanwhile had walked over to Laela, who had also woken up. He spoke once again and Laela got on her knees before him, taking his cock in her hands. She slowly stroked and sucked him, trying to force his dick down her throat as far as she could.

Janna had moved behind Amara and lifted her robe. She kneeled behind her, under the robe and planted a kiss on Amara’s ass cheek. Amara stood still, watching Laela suck the demon’s cock as Janna started licking her asshole. She started slowly but picked up the pace fast, moistening the hole with her saliva before pushing her tongue inside.

When the demon came in Laela’s mouth, she swallowed all of it. The demon walked over to Amara and tore off her robes, revealing Janna kneeling behind her, face buried in her ass. He picked up Amara and laid her on the ground roughly, face down. He pinned her hands with his own and laid on top of her, his cock pushing against her asshole. She wanted to scream for him to stop, but she knew it would only lead to a worse fate than this.

Slowly he pushed in his giant cock, stretching and filling her completely. With every inch he went deeper inside, Amara felt more and more pleasure. Her fearful thoughts melted away as his dick pressed deeper and deeper into her hole. A torrent of bliss overcame her as his dick bottomed out and he started moving, fast. He assaulted her ass with otherworldly strength, his dick pistoning in and out like a machine. Amara screamed as waves of pleasure crashed through her body, increasing with each consecutive orgasm. The demon increased his speed even more and his dick twitched, stretching her insides and she came again. He exploded inside her with a magnificent force and his burning cum shot deep into her ass.

Amara’s final, minute long orgasm caused her to wildly convulse beneath the demon before it became too much and she blacked out. The demon pulled his dick out of her and looked down. She was laying in the middle of the pentagram, and the demon struck once, in the middle-left of her back. A gaping hole was left where her heart was, and blood soaked onto the floor.

The demon walked over to the three girls, who were now all awake and playing with each other in the corner. When they saw him approaching they crawled towards him, and when he offered them his cock they sucked it.

Over the next few hours he fucked all of them many times, in their mouths, pussies and asses. He showered their now perfect bodies with his seed, which burned delightfully on their skin. They licked it off each other, sucked each others’ nipples, licked each other’s pussies and tongued each others’ assholes.

Once the girls had simply collapsed from exhaustion, sleeping on the floor, content smiles on their faces, the demon held out his hand. In his hand appeared three large plugs, made from dark red crystal. He placed one in each of the girls’ asses, slowly pushing them in. When they were fully inside, he made sure, using his magic, no one could remove them but him. Through these crystals he would lend the girls dark powers, and complete his nefarious plan.


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