Feature Writer: Rak_Sasha

Feature Title: THE CLUB

Published: 11.07.2018

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Shemale, Baphomet

Synopsis: A failing strip club experiences a change in management


The Club

A set of headlights turn and pull into a nearby vacant lot, stopping near one of the overhead lights to reveal a dark sedan. It’s driver’s side opens to reveal a man looking to be in his mid thirties wearing a grey suit, taking a long drag from a cigar before tossing it onto the ground. Stepping over it and making his way towards the building in front of him, looking rather run down with it’s sign flickering on and off at times. The neon sign once beautiful and faded still displayed the words “Serpent’s Lair.”

He couldn’t help but notice that there were only two cars parked outside, a few more around back where the employees had parked. Rubbing his eyes and cursing under his breath before approaching the club, the lights outside making something glimmer on his tie. A small gold pin in the shape of a serpent, he reaches up to adjust it as one of the door guards steps out to meet him. The young man steps outside wearing a dark shirt and dress pants, a similar pin on his shirt near his security id. After a moment he recognizes his boss, offering a slight smile and welcoming him. “Mr. DeVarios, welcome sir.”

He looks at the guard before grumbling back at him “spare the formalities and open the fucking door, Nick”

Nick just looks down, opening the double doors for his employer without another word. Watching the older man step inside before closing the doors behind him, waiting until he was inside before Nick mumbles back to him. “Yea, fuck you too Carl.”

Carl walks inside, feeling more irritated by the minute at seeing the condition of the club. The entry way had a pair of dusty plants and a painting of some beautiful red-head naked with a large snake slithering across her body. He takes a moment to admire the painting before looking out into the main room, noticing a sultry red head named Candice serving drinks at the bar to some local guy he recognized from being on tv. He couldn’t remember the story, just something about the man’s family being attacked. Also the guy’s daughter had gone missing and the man claimed his neighbor was some kind of monster.

“Well, I see the weirdos still come out at night.”

Still standing in the doorway, Carl looks over to see a single girl performing on the stage. Knowing it had to be Tiffany who had always been one of his favorites, watching her perform for a single man who was sitting next to the stage. Smiling down at him, making sure the man could see the serpent tattoo on her inner thigh that matches the ones the rest of the girls have. The same exact marking as the pin on their boss’ tie, but that’s not what had the patron’s attention. Rather it was the smooth skin covering those legs and leading up towards Tiffany’s thighs as she sits down on the edge of the stage.

“That’s my girl” Carl mutters to himself before a hand gently touches his jacket, causing him to turn and see a barely twenty-one brunette named Heather smiling back at him.

“Welcome to Serpents, I’m … oh, I didn’t know it was you sir. Can I get you any th-”

A sudden and hard slap silences Heather’s voice as she stumbles back away from her boss, instantly covering the side of her face while tears fill her eyes.”

“Serpent’s LAIR … LAIR you stupid fucking bitch!”

Between the sound of him slapping Heather and Carl’s angry yelling, the man at the bar stopped drinking to see what happened. Even Tiffany paused for a moment and the one man watching her performance looks back to see what happened. Feeling everyone’s eyes on her, Heather slips past her boss to grab her keyes from the table and runs out the main entrance. Walking past Nick and walking around the side of the club towards the back, trying to get her car keys before noticing a new vehicle parked next to hers. It looked out of place, it was a black sports car that she could only assume was one that belonged to her boss.

Slowly taking her hand off her face and noticing her reflection in the glass of this other car, her anger pushing reasoning aside as she growls to herself. “You like snakes you motherfucker?” A slight smile comes across Heather’s lips, feeling her tears drying as she places the tip of her keys against the smooth black paint covering the car. Feeling it cut and scratch as she keys the sports car, turning her hand to cut letters into it’s side. She only gets half way through the word “serpent” before feeling a hand grab her wrist, easily pulling it away from the car.

Expecting it to either be Nick or Carl stopping her, she turns around only to be pushed back against the car. Surprise washing over her face as Heather is now face to face with an angry woman she had never met. A tall and athletic looking blonde who still had her wrist in a painful grip, restraining her with one hand while placing another against the car. Careful to make sure Heather couldn’t slip away, taking a step closer so the stripper could get a better look at her captor. Noticing a jungle type necklace around her neck, and a black dress hugging her toned form. Thinking this was probably just one of the boss’ whores who was waiting for him near the car, Heather tries to tell her off.

Just as the stripper is about to say something, a low lion-like growl rumbles within this woman as her eyes take on a reddish tint. Her dark lips peel back to reveal a set of upper and lower fangs before Heather decides to remain quiet.

“There a reason you decided to key my fucking car, or is this what you usually do when taking your breaks?”

“You can tell Carl I don’t have to put up with his bullshit anymore, or yours. Nice contacts and fake fangs by the way, but the vampire themed clubs are a few towns over.”

The woman laughs, flicking her wrist a little and forcing Heather to drop the keys on the ground. “Oh, I’m not a vampire… I never understood their drama. I’m immortal, I can do whatever I fucking want, oh god I’m so depressed.”

Heather could only watch as this woman actually lets go and steps back from her, shaking her head a little before asking “who are you?”

Hearing this, the woman turns away from Heather and looks across the vacant parking lot. Smiling to herself and licking her fangs, a low purr rumbling within her before allowing her feline tail to drop down from under the back of her dress. Making sure the young woman could see it moving on it’s own before turning around to face her, patches of soft fur starting to emerge from the woman’s skin. “I … am The Rak-Sasha.”

Inside the club, in the office upstairs a tiny wisp of smoke drifts in front of the large window near the walkway that overlooks the main room. Carl leans back in his chair, taking another long drag off another cigar as he shakes his head. The desk in front of him covered in papers, past due notes and collection notices. He had known the club had been losing money for a long time, now it was threatening to end the whole operation. Nervously running his fingers through his hair and pushing some of the papers onto the floor, asking himself in a desperate voice “how am I gonna get these greedy bastards to leave me alone?”

“Have you tried slapping them or yelling at them, like you did that little slut who ran out crying?”

The sound of a woman’s voice he had never heard before startles the seasoned club owner, sitting up from behind his chair and looking towards the door to his office. Quickly putting his cigar down while his other hand reaches down into his desk, palming a handgun he kept in case of any uninvited guests. Carl could see the outline of this woman standing in the doorway before she steps inside, closing the door behind her and allowing the man to see this sultry blonde in her black dress.

“Who the fuck are you?”

“Someone who can help you …”

Carl laughs and waves for her to leave, taking his hand off the weapon and picking up his cigar. “Listen bitch, if I want my dick sucked I got girls for that. I want my place cleaned or my car washed, I got someone for that too. So what can you possibly help me with, well.. besides giving me something to think about the next time I’m drilling Tiffany downstairs?”

Listening to the man brag of the women he uses for his own satsifaction, of the help he has for whatever he needs done. She didn’t seem to pay him much attention as she walks across the office, turning on a light switch to reveal a demonic looking woman made of stone. Despite the material, it was rather detailed and could be recognized as an image of the ancient demon known as Lilith. The woman couldn’t help but smile and reach up, gently touching the side of the statue’s face before allowing her hand to drift down towards those supple breasts.

“Then tell me something Carl, have you ever felt the caress of a forked tongue gliding across your throbbing manhood?”

“What, no … I haven’t miss?”

“… Rak-Sasha”

“Lovely name, rather exotic … I could use a girl like you.”

Sasha smiles a little, walking up to Carl’s desk before sitting down on the edge of it. Allowing this man to finally get a good look at her, knowing he could see her toned muscles and tight dress. Reaching over with one hand, he could see that her nails were thick and looked more like claws. Carl couldn’t ignore the savage beauty, the natural animal magnetism this woman seemed to possess. Feeling his own arousal becoming evident from the tightness in his pants, he leans back in his chair to wait for this woman’s answer to his offer.

“So tell me Carl, how would you use a girl like me? Would you have me drive you around, or would I get to be the one who makes your coffee and gets your meals?”

A slight smile comes across his lips, his hungry eyes traveling along her legs and up to that black dress. Reaching over with one hand to caress her inner thigh as he answers, feeling her muscles tense underneath his fingers. Gently pushing her dress, making it ride up before she reaches down to stop him. Turning and feeling Carl’s lips brush against her own as the two almost kiss, he could feel Sasha pull back teasingly and look into his eyes.

“That little cunt that ran out of here, good riddance. I need a strong woman to work here, one that isn’t afraid of me.”

“I’m not afraid of you …”

Without another word, the two stumble back onto Carl’s desk as he desperately locks his lips to Sasha’s. He begins to grunt and moan a little, feeling her clawed hands reaching down between them to quickly undo his pants and belt. Sasha could only moan at the feel of Carl’s painfully erect shaft pressing against his underwear, grinding back against him before she releases it of it’s cloth prison. The warmth of his precum smearing onto Sasha’s skin while he pushes her dress up, feeling nothing underneath and bringing the tip of his shaft to tease her delicate folds.

Sasha suddenly tangles her claws in his jacket, tearing into it as she raises her hips, Feeling the head of his cock slip inside her, baring her fangs and closing her eyes tightly before letting out a deep inhuman growl. The beastly sound catching Carl off guard as he almost starts to pull back, Sasha’s eyes open to reveal they were now pure red. Smiling up at him and showing off her upper and lower fangs, speaking in a lustful voice laced with the growl of an animal “mmm … Carl … mmmmhhhh … rrrrrr … rrrrrrrhhh! Yesss … fuck me, Carl!”

Carl couldn’t resist thrusting harder, sheathing the full length of his manhood within this lustful creature. Not even thinking about the growling sounds she was making, or her red eyes or even the feline tail brushing against his leg. That last thought forcing him to rethink things, forcing his eyes to look back to see what looked like a lion’s tail coming from underneath Sasha’s dress. It seemed to move in time with their thrusts, and when she would tense up it would flick or twitch a little.

Eventually placing his hands on her breasts as he peels the top of her dress down, toying with her nipples and pulling a few more vicious snarls form this feral woman. This seemed to go on for some time, already Carl could feel himself growing closer to a release. Sensing this, he tries to pull back only for Sasha to cling to him. Refusing to allow him to pull out and either cum on her or force her to swallow his seed, instead she smiles up at him and nods. Gasping out her words between thrusts, biting back a growl and licking her dark lips.

“Do it Carl, cum in me … I need it, please …” Sasha moans, digging her claws into Carl’s back while her heels slip off her feet to allow her toe talons to dig into his legs.

Unable to deny how good it felt inside this woman, hearing that she wanted it and just shrugging it off that she had either been fixed or was on the pill. Carl had only a microsecond to consider it before allowing himself to explode within her, the warmth of his seed erupting inside Sasha’s body as she clings to him. He could feel her tense up before a wash of warm slimy fluid soaked his aching member, Sasha’s own orgasm rips through her body. Forcing her to draw a sharp breath and to close her eyes tightly, feeling his manhood pouring his essence into her as she lets out a ferocious roar of pleasure. A roar so intense the club itself seems to shake, the beastly sound from upstairs scaring what few patrons that were inside. Even the waitresses and strippers made their escape, leaving the club while also hearing their boss screaming from upstairs.

With the club now abandoned, the roaring from upstairs softens to a low and satisfied growl as Sasha casually pushes Carl’s body off of her. Allowing it to fall onto the floor nearby, laying there and catching her breath before a paw-like hand covered in soft fur reaches over to grab the still burning cigar. Bringing it over to Sasha’s feline muzzle as she lays her horned head back on the desk, taking a long inhale from the cigar. Looking over at the man laying on the floor, noticing that he was still breathing. A little impressed with the human being able to survive mating with her, already she could see Carl beginning to recover. Offering a slight smile and watching him fall asleep, the changes taking place inside him draining what remained of his strength.

The warmth of this mortal’s seed could still be felt tickling her insides as she smiles to herself, reaching down to tease her cum-soaked slit with a single talon. Biting her lower lip and purring softly, slowly fucking herself with one finger and then two. Her breathing quickens before feeling something firm pressing against her fingertips, as she touches it she felt an intense pleasure coarse through her body. A few thick drops of cum leak out from her well fucked pussy, feeling something pushing out as she sits up a little. Looking down to see something dark sliding up from between her legs, gasping a breath before touching it again.

The leathery pads on her palms touching the ebony flesh and stroking it slowly, making her cum again from the sensation. A thick ribbon of seed shoots up into the air before landing on her stomach and chest, closing her eyes for a moment until the pleasure subsided enough to look again. Still stroking her new cock before feeling a few bumps forming on it, not remembering them as she narrows her eyes a little. Watching the bumps suddenly split open, a few tiny holes forming near it’s tip while the opening reshapes into what resembled a serpent’s head. A mouth forming as Sasha begins to purr, stroking her transforming shaft until she actually heard a hiss coming from it.

Slowly running her forked tongue across her dark lips, at the same time the serpent’s mouth opens to reveal it’s venomous fangs. Looking down to see the drool stretching between it’s upper and lower jaws, then looking over to Carl to see the bite marks on his manhood. Sasha couldn’t help but growl softly, still stroking her cock as if it were a new pet. Feeling it starting to lick the cum from her hand in return, turning her head to look back towards the office door. Noticing a vaguely female form standing in the doorway, hearing the sound of hooves hitting the floor as this person comes closer. The reflection in the office window revealing a shemale goat demon approaching Sasha as she sits up from the desk. Turning to face this ancient and more powerful beast, welcoming her with a lustful purr while hungrily staring at the shemale demon’s impressive erection.




From within a rather expensive apartment complex, the sound of a man’s voice shouting in anger could be heard from outside the building. A string of profanity and some loud banging sounds catching the attention of a woman who pulls into the parking lot, looking up at the building before hearing a loud bang. Picking up her bag of groceries and shaking her head, knowing what apartment the noise likely came from.

Inside one of the apartments a cell phone breaks against the wall, it’s pieces landing on the floor as a man walks away. Grabbing his car keys and walking out the front door, slamming it shut behind him. Cursing to himself while making his way down the walkway to the parking lot in front of his apartment complex. Wearing a brown leather jacket and jeans he walks to his car, a woman nearby waves at him but he ignores her. The woman asks “hey Wes, how are you and Amanda doing?”

Wes doesn’t answer at first, so angry he has a little trouble getting the car to unlock before shouting across the parking lot. “Like you don’t fucking know, dumb bitch!”

A look of anger and confusion could be seen on her face while he gets into the car and slams the door, quickly starting the car to rev the engine. Rolling the window down a little to toss out his engagement ring he had just recently purchased, hearing it hit the ground before burning rubber as he drives off the lot. The street lights offering a warmth to the night as he drives through the city, sticking mostly to the outskirts and noticing a strange shop.

His lights revealing the dark and obviously closed building with the name ‘Lilith’s Erotic Emporium’ on it. A slight smile coming across his lips for a moment, recognizing the name and just wondering what a store with that name could offer. Disappointed that it was closed he decides to keep driving, along the way making sure he had thrown out all of Amanda’s belongings from the car. Gripping the wheel roughly as he continues to drive, even pulling out a pack of cigarettes he had hidden from his former girlfriend. Deciding things are different now as he lights one, savoring the sweet flavored menthol smoke before something catches his eye.

A neon sign on a building he knew was once a rather run down strip club, now it seemed to be doing much better. The often vacant parking lot had several expensive vehicles there, there was even a line at the entrance of people waiting to go inside. The new name was what really caught his attention as he slows down to get a better look, “Safari” he says to himself while reading the sign. The name alone conjuring images of beautiful naked women in a steamy jungle setting, feeling it enough reason he turns to drive up to the club.

Finding a place to park and shutting off the car, suddenly hearing Amanda’s voice in his head “what the fuck are you doing, a strip club Wes … seriously?

“Seriously, we’re going steady for months then you dump me with a text message.”

Shaking his head a little, realizing he was arguing with himself before getting out of the car. The cool night air helping to clear his mind of the woman he thought he could spend the rest of his life with. Walking across the parking lot as he approaches the club, seeing all the people in line waiting to enter. At that moment he gets a good look at one of the guards standing near the entrance, seeing a strange look in their eyes that made him uncomfortable.

The guard stood there wearing a black shirt and black jeans, boots and finger-less gloves. Obviously male as the guard’s shirt was stretched tight over toned muscles, the boots and gloves were different. The boots themselves had the ends modified to show what looked like talons slicing through them, even one sticking out of the back above the heel. The finger-less gloves being worn to allow similar looking claws to be free as the guard reaches over to push someone back.

For a moment he almost reconsiders before stepping forward, bypassing the line and taking out a couple hundred dollars. Wes had money, that was never a problem but women seemed to just want to use his bank account and take no interest in him or his needs. At first the guard turns toward him, a beastly growl slips past his lips as he shows a hint of fang before grabbing the money from Wes’ hand. Offering a slight nod as the other guard opens the doors for him, allowing him inside to the disapproval of the people waiting in line.

With a slight smile, he looks to the guard opening the doors. Noticing the firm breasts and tied back hair of this rather powerful looking woman as he walks past, for a moment wondering why she wasn’t working inside with a body like that. It was as if she could hear his thoughts as she turns to look at him, her eyes showing a shade of gold in them as she actually snarls like an animal. Her facial features briefly shifting to a more wolfish appearance before changing back, pushing Wes through the double doors before slamming them shut.

“… Bitch”

“She is, actually … welcome to Safari. I’m Kaja, please … follow me”

He walks forward into the dark after hearing that voice, the air seemed moist and almost like that of a dense forest or jungle. Following the sound of a distant beat thumping loudly as he feels something brushing against him, what felt like plants or vines hanging from the ceiling. Pushing them apart as he enters the main room of the club, from outside it didn’t look as big as it appeared to be. Inside the building was a living and breathing jungle, with what seemed to be real trees growing there.

His eyes wandering across the room to see the numerous tables and chairs, as well as a few stripper poles and even what looked like cages with strippers inside them. A clawed hand reaches up to touch his shoulder, turning him around to reveal a beautiful redhead wearing only a few rags of clothing. Seeing the full tribal outfit, complete with claw necklace as he nods slightly.

His mind racing with what he had just witnessed outside but before he could ask anything, she turns to lead him into the club. Making her way through the main hall and walking between the numerous tables, even pointing out the bar to him. Inwardly cursing himself for never having the courage to come to this place until now. The descriptions given to him by others who had visited the club some time back were very different than the one he was standing in the middle of.

“This is our main room, we have a full bar with shit beyond top shelf … go easy on it. The main stage of course, live shows every night and special performances on occasion.”

“I knew someone who went here once, they didn’t say it was anything like this.”

“Nor would they, the existing club experienced a change in ownership. We run things a little differently, and people seem OK with it”

“And who is “we” I never heard about anyone buying the place?”

Kaja suddenly stops, Wes couldn’t help but notice a brief shiver travel through her as it runs along her spine. At the same time, he could see what looked like tiger-stripes fading through her skin before the disappear. A low growl rumbles within her before the woman shakes her head, regaining her composure as she points to the upstairs walkway and doors. Wes looks to where she is pointing to see a blonde woman in a black dress standing on the walkway. Smoking a cigarette and casually sipping her drink before the tigress answers him.

“Rak-Sasha, she is the owner and operator of this club and others.”

“Yes, we have one here … one in New York, Los Angeles and one soon to open in Vegas”

Wes couldn’t help but feel an instant attraction to this strange woman, even turning to walk up the steps before feeling Kaja suddenly grab his arm with inhuman strength. Speaking in a threatening growl as Wes turns to look at her, seeing a predatory glare in her eyes.

“Paws off, kitten … my family has the money to buy, shut, and burn this fucking place down a dozen times over. So unless you wish to see that happen, I suggest you let go of my arm and let me talk to your boss… alone”

Kaja looks at him for a moment, growling softly like an animal before looking past him at Sasha. Seeing a slight nod before Sasha motions for the man to be released and allowed to come upstairs. Kaja reluctantly lets go of his arm, admiring that he showed no fear to her that obviously seemed to turn her on. Hearing her growl becoming a lustful purr as she steps back from him, licking her lips to reveal her feline looking fangs.

Walking away from Kaja, Wes couldn’t believe what he had just done. He had never been one to threaten others, or to throw his families wealth and reputation around. Making his way up the stairs as he replays the whole confrontation back in his head, astonished that he managed to walk into a club he had never visited, and within minutes he was set to meet the owner privately. Looking to the top of the stairs to see this blonde woman smiling back at him, sipping the last of her drink before placing it on the railing nearby.


She nods slightly, walking up to him and allowing him to get a better look at her. Noticing the intensity in her eyes and the confidence in her walk as he stands there, he could see now that she was taller than him. Sasha answers back with a sensual tone, a distinct rumble could be heard in her undertones not unlike the growl of a beast.

“Wesley DeVarios”

“How do you know my name?”

“Lets just say I know your father, inside and out …”

Wes felt a little uneasy with the way she said that but decides to take another step closer, fighting back his hesitation as he actually slips an arm around Sasha’s waist and tilts his head back. Bringing his lips to hers to steal a brief kiss, at first he could feel her almost pull away before deciding to go along with it. Bringing her hips against his own, allowing Wes to feel something firm pressed against him from under her dress.

What starts out as a soft and teasing kiss quickly grows more passionate, Sasha’s moans becoming deep growls before pulling away from the kiss with a snarl. Roughly shoving Wes back through the double doors and into Sasha’s private apartment above the club. In an instant, Wes suddenly found himself laying on a smooth marbled floor and looking over at a demonic stone figure. A winged demonic goat-like shemale beast, seeing the horrible shape as he sits up and pushes himself away from it.

Sliding across the floor until he hits Sasha’s high heeled foot, looking up to see a lustful smile coming across her dark lips while Wes gets to his feet. Stepping back from her as she slowly approaches the statue, introducing it to her guest. Placing a clawed hand on the statue’s shoulder, idly moving down to caress it’s breasts while she explains.

“Wesley … meet Baphomet, your father had a great appreciation for her.”

“My mother divorced him because of his … ‘appreciation’ for that fucking animal. Where is he anyway, I know he’s around.”

“Oh he’s around … a little bit here and there, actually.”

Hearing this, Wes looks across the apartment to see a few paintings of some demonic shemale feline beast, a few of that goat demon, even a small black dragon statue. Among the strange demonic decor of the apartment, he began noticing pieces of meat and bone laying around on the floor. Large pieces that looked like they could have been human, one catching his eye as the light reflects off what appears to be a large ring. Taking a few steps closer to get a better look, Wes recognizes his father’s ring on the skeletal remains.

“What the fuck have you —”

A sudden lion-like roar echos across the apartment as Sasha crashes into Wes, knocking him back as the two pass through a set of doors and land on a large bed. Silencing whatever he was going to say with a rough and passionate kiss, her claw-like nails digging into his jacket before actually tearing it away from him. Tossing it aside while straddling his hips, reaching up with one hand to tear open the top of her dress. Exposing her breasts for him as she lets out a ferocious snarl, easily pinning him to the bed as he tries to ask what was going on.

“You didn’t come here looking for your father, Wes … you came because some stupid little slut got tired of your dick and found another one to play with. Being a friend of the family, I could make this other guy go away if you really want that worthless whore back.”

Wes struggles for a moment, finding Sasha to be inhumanly strong as she pins him against the bed. Hearing a reminder of what really brought him to the club, but still unsure as to how she knew about any of this. Then understanding his father’s unhealthy obsession with Baphomet, he considers may ball this demonology bullshit had some truth to it after all.

“I don’t fucking care anymore, I … wha … whats that?”

Sasha purrs softly, continuing to grind her hips against him as he could definitely feel something pressed against the bulge in his jeans. Trying to sit up a little and look down, even as Sasha still holds him down against the bed and kisses him softly.

“Something I know you’ve always wanted but never had the balls to tell Amanda”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

With that, Sasha reaches over to grab his hand and slide it along her inner thigh. Moving further up until he could feel the warm throbbing shaft pressing against her dress, his fingertips becoming moist and slimy from the precum oozing from her shaft. Rather than pulling his hand away, he instead begins to stroke her cock. Hearing a low purr coming from this beastly woman as she rests on top of him.

Somehow she knew his darkest fantasies, having never imagined he would get to experience them in real life. Yet now he had some strange woman on top of him, a beautiful and seductive shemale who seemed more than interested in fucking him. A wave of disappointment washes over him as Sasha reaches down, pushing his hand away before tearing open her dress. Ripping it from bottom to top before tossing it aside, revealing her lean athletic frame. Her firm breasts, toned abs, sensual curves … a thick cock as it smears it’s warm pre across his jeans.

“You know Amanda could never satisfy you, not like I can.”

Biting his lower lip as he looks up at this woman, seeing the red beginning to seep into her eyes. Knowing he had thought about this fantasy countless times and now he could experience it, only to feel indecisive about how to begin. Wes could feel this creature’s sharp claws cutting and slicing the clothes away from his body, laying on the large bed as he was carefully disrobed. Looking up as Sasha crawls up on top of him on all fours, leaning down to catch his lips in a another passionate kiss.

He could hear her actually purring, bringing her hips to his and allowing their cocks to rub sensually together. Swapping precum between them before pulling back slightly, reaching back with one hand. Cupping his firm cheeks and helping guide him to raise his ass slightly, bringing the tip of her erection to press against his tight hole. A moan slips past his lips, knowing what was about to happen as he nods a little. His hands scratching at Sasha’s shoulders as she eases herself into him, taking care not to hurt him with it being his first time.

She couldn’t help but shiver at the feel of his virgin ass clenching around her throbbing member, easing herself in inch by inch. Hearing the lust in Wes’ voice as he moans softly, feeling the warmth of this creature inside him and a fullness he had never experienced. After several minutes, her hips come to rest against him as she just holds the full length of her cock inside him. The two so intimately connected as Wes looks up into Sasha’s eyes, for an instant he didn’t see some blonde woman staring back at him.

“Do you still want her Wes, or do you want me?”

Instead he was looking into the pure red eyes of some demonic feline beast, a lion-like head and mane. A humanoid body covered in soft fur and a sexy feline tail swaying back and fourth behind her, Wes blinks a few times as this vision fades. Pushing himself up to sit up and whisper into Sasha’s ear, submitting to a desire that ultimately cost him his relationship.

“I want you, Sasha … you beautiful fucking animal, I want you to cum inside me”

Sasha could hear the lust in these words, she had often seduced and corrupted both men and women. Rarely did she see such willingness in a mortal male without some kind of possession or manipulation, hearing this only seemed to fuel her insatiable desire as she pulls back. Feeling Wes’ insides gripping at her cock to keep her in, only to slide back in with a forceful thrust. A deep growl escapes her dark lips, feeling Wes tense up beneath her as the two begin to have sex.

Wes hooks his legs around Sasha’s thighs, squeezing and drawing her in deeper. Her moans and growls filling the room as the two continue to move against one another, She pulls back teasingly, allowing her cock to slip free of his ass. Hearing him groan with disappointment before that noise becomes one of satisfaction, feeling Sasha’s warm lips and agile tongue gliding over the tip of his manhood.

Hearing this woman actually purring, Wes looks down to see the feline ears poking up through her blonde hair. Watching it grow out into a full mane like that of a lion, even seeing what looked like the tail he had seen earlier now growing out from the base of her spine. Along her back, soft fur was starting to grow out before feeling a warm sensation traveling through his body. Surging within him and racing down the length of his shaft before it erupts into the feline demon’s mouth.

Hungrily wrapping her dark lips around the base of his cock, lapping at his balls with her now forked tongue. Savoring the taste of his seed oozing down her throat as she swallows most of it, reluctantly pulling her lips from his cock with a wet popping sound. Sasha crawls up on top of her mortal lover once more, purring softly and leaning down to kiss him. As she opens her mouth, some of his own seed drips down onto his lips. The two begin to kiss passionately, sharing with him some of his own seed in the utterly sinful kiss.

His erection throbbing with renewed lust as she pulls back from the kiss, looking into his eyes to see a red glow filling them. Holding Wes’ head in her hands as she licks some of his cum from his face, growling softly before shoving him away from her. Watching him tumble off the bed and land on the floor nearby, looking over at Wes as she snarls angrily. Wanting nothing to do with him until he sheds his mortal skin, instead she turns towards the entrance and lets out a brief roar.

Almost instantly the doors swing open to reveal Kaja standing there, Wes could see this woman he had met earlier walking into the apartment. Her body shifting at she walks, becoming what appeared to be a humanoid tigress while approaching Sasha’s bed. The two purring to one another as Kaja crawls up onto the bed, quicky pounced on by Sasha as they share a rough and animalistic kiss.

Wasting no time, Sasha cuts through Kaja’s jungle outfit and leaving the beautiful tigress naked beneath her. She looks over at Wes, watching him attempting to fight against the feral nature awakened within him. Smiling as he grips his hand, feeling the pleasurable sensation, the new strength running through it as he grows claws from his fingertips. Kaja looks over to see his ongoing transformation, curious as to what form of beast he would become. These thoughts are quickly forgotten as she feels Sasha’s inhuman member pressed against her delicate folds.

Leaning up and arching her back as Sasha easily slips inside the lustful tigress, Wes could hear Kaja actually roar at the sensation of this powerful demoness fucking her once more. Wrapping her legs around Sasha’s waist and pulling her in deeper, Sasha thrusts harder as the two continue to mate. Kaja’s breasts shake with the force of each thrust, eventually turning over with Sasha so she could be on top. Moving her hips in small circles, grinding down onto that throbbing cock as she runs her claws through Sasha’s fur.

Shaking her head from side to side, snarling viciously and even biting at the air. Several orgasms later, Sasha’s erection glistens with the juices of the beautiful tigress. Her insides stroking and caressing the demon’s shaft, begging to be filled with her dark essence once more. Wes lays trembling on the floor nearby, looking over as one of his eyes has now become the warm golden eye of a large feline. He could still see Kaja trembling onto of Sasha as the two change positions once more, allowing the more powerful of the two to remain on top.

Sasha’s hips rock back and fourth, moving in time with that sexy tail as she buries the full length of her erection into this savage cat girl. The two who had once been moaning and purring to one another were now ferociously growling and snarling, biting at one another amidst their animalistic mating ritual. Eventually Sasha thrusts herself in deep, holding there and watching Kaja squirm and claw at the bed. A deep lion-like roar erupts from Sasha’s fanged maw that seemed to make the room itself tremble with it’s ferocity.

With Wes’ new senses he could smell the seed of the beast flowing into the lustful tigress, instantly seeing it’s effects on the seductive creature. Watching the tigress begin to transform, taking on a more feral looking form. Bones shifting and popping into place, allowing her to walk on either two or four legs. Wes couldn’t help but watch this demonic evolution as Sasha rests on top of her lustful creation. Speaking in a rough growling voice as she leans down to lick at Kaja’s new feline muzzle.

“Kaja …”

“… Rak-Sasha”

Sasha turns to look at Wes, seeing that he was still resisting the darkness Sasha had filled him with. Narrowing her eyes that he dared to reject what she had offered to him, the eternal life, the pleasure that only a beast can offer. Sensing her frustration, Kaja looks over at him and snarls angrily. Her feline ears lowering against her head as she reluctantly slips off the bed, hearing Sasha’s voice behind her. Wes looks behind the tigress, watching Sasha lay on her side and begin to stroke her cum-slick shaft.

“Teach him, my pet … when I see him again I expect a ferocious and powerful beast. Not this weak creature clinging to the last shreds of his humanity”

“Yes, mistress …”

Kaja hooks her claws into Wes’ shoulder, cutting into the meat and causing an intense pain as she drags him back into the darkness. Deep into the club itself where he could barely hear the musing playing in the main hall, or even smell the scent of Sasha seducing and corrupting another patron. Soon finding himself in a dark room lined with chains and cuffs, bits of meat and bone still hanging from some of them. A heavy bang is heard behind him, looking to see a steel door close with Kaja standing there and smiling back at him.