Feature Writer: UnfathomableGrapfruit

Feature Title: The Cave of Eternal Binding

Published: 24.03.2021

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Author’s Notes: This story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.

Synopsis: Another story with Avery, with a not-so-good ending.

The Cave of Eternal Binding

It had been about two weeks since Avery had returned from Matt’s house. As a result of their agreement, she actually had some decent clothes now, along with enough cash to freely spend it on whatever she wanted. She’d settled back in fine, but noticed that these past weeks since being home she had become increasingly bored. Kaitlyn was coming to visit in a week, but that didn’t help Avery’s situation now. She spent hours on end pacing back and forth through the house, daydreaming about random things. She hated to admit it, but more than a good few times the things she daydreamed about involved Matt taking her in one way or another. She played with herself thinking about it until she came. Avery couldn’t help it. Ever since she had first been fucked, she found that she kept wanting more.

All she knew was that she definitely didn’t want to spend today doing nothing but sitting around the house again. Maybe she’d go and check out the city’s bounty board to see if there were any contracts she wanted to take on.

The bounty board was a collection of bounties people could take on in return for loads of cash following their success. Sometimes bounties were for wanted criminals; other times they were for getting rid of monsters in certain areas. As a result, there was an innate sense of danger in taking one up. They were listed on sheets of paper pinned to the wall of one of the city marketplace’s buildings; new ones were put up every week.

Without further ado, Avery stretched, opened her front door, and made her way to Larley. It was about ten minutes later when she made her way through the outer archway that served as the entrance to the city’s marketplace. The area was enclosed by thin walls, and more times than not, filled to the brim with people. There were various colorful booths and stands where individual vendors called shoppers over to have a look at their goods. Towards the back of the area, there were a few compact buildings that served as shops for sellers with more intricate products, accompanied by a humble inn.

The bounty board was on the front wall of the inn, so Avery slowly made her way through the crowds of people to get there. As the sheets of paper pinned to the board came into view, she noticed that no one else seemed to be interested in it but her. She wasn’t surprised, though. Most folk were content enough with their lives, and saw no use risking their well being to go out to try and slay monsters or capture escaped convicts. Most people who accepted the contracts didn’t return, anyways. However, Avery wasn’t too worried. She had taken on her fair share of bounties in the last year or two, and never accepted any she thought were too dangerous.

She sifted through the papers with her hands as she skimmed over them. There was one for capturing some guy who had stolen some perishables … boring. There was another to slay some wolf that was apparently eating someone’s livestock … nah. If bounties weren’t dangerous, they were just straight up boring. Avery continued looking through them, about to be disappointed with the lack of any fun ones when just then, one caught her eye. It wasn’t particularly dangerous … and it didn’t seem the most interesting, either. But it was … different. The paper read:





Three thousand bits?! That was already a crazy amount of money. And for what? Gathering some crystals from the wilds just outside the city? Something was too good to be true. For starters, she had never seen a bounty for bringing back simple resources. Most of the time, the people who needed them were capable of getting them themselves. If someone had been desperate enough to list it as a bounty, with a cash reward as high as this, there had to be a catch. Avery just didn’t know what it was. But, despite that, she yanked it off the wall and folded it up into her pocket as she started making her way out of the marketplace. It might be dangerous, but it was still the most interesting one on the board. She couldn’t deny that the inevitable hidden catch excited her, and made her wonder what she was getting herself into.

Once she got home, she packed her things for the trip ahead of her. She grabbed a bag and threw in an extra set of clothing, in case hers got ruined for whatever reason. Afterwards, she took the bag and walked into the kitchen, where she grabbed an empty pouch from the cabinet. She filled it up with some nuts and berries, then tossed it into the bag along with her water skin. She tied it up and made one last trip to her bedroom. Dropping the bag, she bent down to reach underneath her bed and pulled out her sword. Once in her hand, she stood up and looked it over.

The sword wasn’t anything special. Its dark grey blade was attached to a chipped wooden handle. It was just fine enough to be considered sharp, but definitely wouldn’t be one’s ideal weapon of choice in battle. It might’ve been shiny at one point, but when she had first bought it from the trader a year back it was already pretty beat up. Avery wasn’t even sure what the sword was made of. All things considered though, she couldn’t complain too much. It had been up for sale for a generously cheap price, and it did its job well enough.

The blade was light in her hands, and Avery swung it around a couple of times to get a feel for it. Afterwards, she strapped it to the side of her bag and slung it over her shoulders. While the contract didn’t mention any monsters or other threats, Avery wasn’t so sure that was true and definitely didn’t want to leave that to chance. She wouldn’t bring anything serious like her crossbow, but her simple sword should be enough to ward off any critters she might find.

Despite having a variety of clothing options, for this excursion Avery decided to keep on her half-shirt and shorts. Because she would be in the forest she needn’t worry about anyone staring at her, and this outfit would be much easier to move around in than other options.

With her things packed, Avery walked out her front door and closed it behind her. She considered taking her horse with her; it would make getting to her destination much quicker. However, the crystals she needed would be in caves, and while she was down there she wouldn’t have a good place to keep her horse. She would deal with the walk – god knew she probably needed the exercise anyways.


The sun was still high in the sky when Avery began walking through the trees of the Outer Rim Forest. She smiled and took in her surroundings. Everywhere around her was a variety of lush green plants, with flowers of a multitude of colors lining the ground. The tall trees were just enough distance away from each other for the sunlight to be able to shine through the canopy, and Avery could hear birds and other creatures singing from places she couldn’t see. She loved the wilderness – well, at least the peaceful places.

She looked back and forth as she traversed the forest, looking for any outward rock formations that might be one of the many cave entrances. While she knew of the caves’ existence, there were no markers laid down that might’ve assisted her in her search. After an hour of not finding anything Avery started to become frustrated. She was hoping this excursion would’ve been easy money, but if she couldn’t even locate the place she was supposed to be, that was kind of a problem.

She started walking faster, only quickly skimming her surroundings due to her wanting to cover more ground quicker. As a result, she paid little attention to the ground in front of her and almost fell right into the giant hole in front of her. She yelped as she came to a sudden start, struggling to get her balance. She fell back onto the ground, grunting as she did. It was better than risking the alternative. Avery took a few moments to breathe and calm down, then crawled over and peered down into the hole. It was pitch black at the bottom, but she could see most of the way down. The hole was deep, but it didn’t go directly down. If she had fallen in, she would’ve slid down to the bottom. It did seem too steep to climb back down, though.

Avery hesitated as she thought about what to do. She could try and safely make her way down this tunnel, or leave it and keep searching for another entrance. While this definitely wasn’t an ideal way into the cave, the last thing Avery wanted to do was spend another hour — or, probably more — looking for another way in. Screw that.

She turned herself around so her feet were in front of her and rested them on the edge of the tunnel. With her hands on the ground behind her, she carefully pushed herself forward on her butt. Slowly… slowly… her heart was racing at this seemingly slow-paced task. She kept inching forwards, slowly getting deeper when suddenly she lost her grip on the floor. It was too steep for her to keep crawling down and too smooth for her hands to grip. Avery screamed as she fell forwards, bracing herself as she tumbled down the rocky surface and disappeared into the darkness below.

That fucking hurt. Avery coughed and picked herself off the ground. She held her head and winced, trying to get a feel of her surroundings and finding that impossible due to the lack of light. At least she had made it into the cave… but once she had found the crystals, she would need to find another way out. She wasn’t even going to waste her time trying to crawl out this way.

She hadn’t brought a torch or any other light source, but that wasn’t much of a problem. She held a hand out into the darkness with her palm facing upwards. A second later, a tiny ball of flame burst from her hand with a fwoosh and lit up the immediate area in front of her. “Nice,” she said to herself with a grin. One of the perks to being a lialek was the ability to conjure flames at her will. She couldn’t burn down a house with a huge fireball or anything of the sort, but she could light up her hand enough to create a natural substitute for a torch. She could only see about four or five feet in front of her, but that would be enough. Once she got close enough to the crystals she would be able to see them glowing.

Without wasting a moment, Avery cautiously walked through the darkness. She waved her hand around and was able to make out the rocky walls around her; she was still in the tunnel. She moved forward, and thankfully the ground appeared to remain level for the most part. Even so, though, she made sure she kept looking at the ground so that she didn’t fall into another hole. Just then, she heard a noise nearby and stopped in her tracks, quickly moving her hand back and forth to look around her. The sound had only been for a split second, but she swore she heard a noise that sounded like something sliding across the ground. Were there serpents down here? Surely not, right? God, she hoped not. She stood in place for almost a full minute, waiting to hear the noise again, but she did not. With that, Avery took a deep breath and kept moving forwards.

After a few minutes the walls around her seemed to spread apart, and as she moved her hand around her Avery found that she now appeared to be in an open space. At first, she didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing – and then she saw a faint purple glow about ten feet away. She almost gasped in relief as she walked to it, where she saw the tiny crystal shard peeking out of the wall. Avery reached down and grasped it in her palm, then, with little effort, snapped it off and put it into her pocket. “One down.” To her amazement, though, as she looked to her left she saw another purple glow. She thanked the heavens above as she approached it to see four more crystals in front of her.

She bent down and snapped one off the wall, throwing it into her pocket with the other one. As she reached for another one, she suddenly felt something slide over her ankle. She yelped in fear and swung around, crawling backwards into the wall, but as she waved her hand around saw nothing. Her heart was pumping and she stayed where she was, slowly moving her hand back and forth when something long and white jumped out from the darkness and wrapped around her wrist. Avery screamed and instinctively pulled away, and as she lost her focus her flame went out. She kept struggling against her assailant in the darkness, panicking, but just then something else touched her ankle again and slid around it. “Get off! Get off, get off!” She kept screaming as two more tendrils wrapped around her other arm and leg, and suddenly they yanked her forwards onto the ground. She frantically flailed around, but to no success as she felt herself being pulled forward. The only thing she could use to mark her position was the purple glow of the crystals, which slowly got smaller and faded away as Avery was dragged away and down through a small gap in the floor.

As she fell into yet another cavern, Avery grunted as she made contact with the ground. Thinking fast, she opened up her palm again and reignited the small ball of fire. The area she was in now seemed to be a lot smaller, and the ceiling was low enough she could faintly make it out. The tendrils were still wrapped around her ankles but the ones on her arms had slid back. Avery didn’t waste the opportunity, and with her other hand she reached back and pulled her sword from the side of her bag. She couldn’t stand up with her legs being held, but she could sit back against the slanted wall behind her as she held her weapon out in front of her. All she could think about right now was how much she was regretting taking on this contract.

She saw three more of the long white tendrils slithering across the ground towards her and her breathing got heavier as she kept panicking. As they got near, she leaned forwards and swung down at one with a grunt, slicing it and causing it to retreat. Avery couldn’t get all of them at once though, and the other two that avoided her attack slid up her legs with the others and moved up further, tightening around her thighs. “No, no, no …” She moved her sword back and tried slicing them off her right leg, moving the blade back and forth against one but it didn’t seem to have much effect. As Avery’s attention was on tendrils already wrapped around her, she failed to notice the others approaching her.

A tendril slid underneath her and wrapped itself around her bare waist, sliding upwards and coiling around it a second time. At the same time, another slid out of a crevice in the wall behind her and slid around her shoulder, sliding down her sword – holding arm and grabbing hold of her wrist as well. Avery’s arm was yanked back into the wall and the sudden collision caused her to drop her sword. “No!” She attempted to lean forward to grab it but the tentacle around her waist stopped her from being able to move from the wall even a little.

She felt her heart skip a beat as she noticed something about the tendrils. Their ends seemed to be… phallic? The tip of each one genuinely looked like the end of a human dick, which confused and excited Avery at the same time as a new thought crossed her mind about what they were going to do to her. It didn’t stop her from continuing to escape her circumstances though, and she yanked her body against her bounds as more tentacles appeared from the ground and walls around her.

A second one wrapped around her waist and slid up underneath her shirt, and Avery gasped as it wrapped around her boob. Before her other arm was bound, she decided to try one last desperate thing. With the flame still in her hand, she reached her arm down to one of the tentacles on her waist and pressed down on it, trying to burn the thing. The creature twitched for a second, appearing to react to it, but didn’t remove itself from her. And as she expected, a moment later she felt another slide around that hand and pull it back over her head.

The flame went out again, and Avery was filled with fear as complete darkness enveloped her. She couldn’t see anything, but she felt the things writhing around her. She continued struggling in the tentacles’ grasp as two of them slid up through the bottom of her shorts and moved up her leg. They didn’t stop there, and a half second later Avery felt one of them pressing up against her pussy lips. “Please…” Avery whimpered. She didn’t know if she was asking them to stop or keep going, but it didn’t matter either way.

Her lips were spread apart as it pushed into her, seeming to shiver in pleasure as it did. Avery whimpered and tried to close her legs but the multiple tendrils wrapped around them kept them bent and spread open. The one inside her wasted no time pulling out just a bit before thrusting back in, and continued its motions as Avery felt one the other one in her shorts press against her backdoor. Her eyes widened. She had never anally done anything before and wasn’t sure she was ready. Given her current situation, though, she wasn’t going to have much of a say in the matter. “Wait … please, wait …” she pleaded quietly, but to no avail. She screamed out in pain as it forced its way into her, and slowly but surely both her holes were filled up.

Tears streamed down the lialek girl’s face as she was assaulted. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, the tentacle in her ass started moving back and forth along with the one in her pussy. She kept groaning in pain as both fucked her at the same time. The sensation of being taken in one hole was already a lot; the feeling of being screwed in her ass at the same time was overwhelming. Yelps continued to escape her body as she did her best to endure it and the tentacles almost seemed to like that. They tightened around their prey and even more emerged, one sliding around her other boob and playing with it, another ensnaring her right arm and one wrapping around her neck. One even curled around one of her horns, and another took a lock of her hair and held it tightly.

The one around her neck moved upwards, and a second later she felt it probing her mouth. She turned her head upwards, trying to avoid it but it tightened around her neck further to the point where she opened her mouth to gasp for air. As she did, the tentacle slid in between her lips and loosened around her, letting her breathe again. Avery glared in the darkness, with all three of her holes now full at the same time. “Mmrph.”

As a lialek she had extremely sharp teeth, and she bit down on the one pushing into her mouth. However, in response it tightened around her neck and she took the hint. The demon girl was completely at their mercy, a simple fuck toy for them to enjoy. At the moment, she wasn’t sure if she liked or hated that.

The two pushing into her from below railed her without ever wasting a second. They didn’t push in deep, but they were fast. The one in Avery’s mouth was a bit different. It slid all the way to the back of her throat before slowly sliding back out and in. She struggled not to gag around it as it deep throated her.

Avery was continually fucked without a moment to spare. She wanted to enjoy it so badly, but knew she had to keep struggling. She might’ve been able to if she had been in control, even a little – but she wasn’t. She was theirs, and they would do what they wanted to her. She didn’t know how long these things planned to keep her down here; she had to escape.

Avery tried to deny how hopeless it was but she couldn’t. The tentacles were more than firmly wrapped around her, and there were so many of them. She wouldn’t even be surprised if there were more that just hadn’t shown their faces yet. Avery couldn’t pull them off her; her sword would be the only way she’d be able to free herself from their bounds. And right now, she wasn’t exactly in a place where she was able to reach it.

Avery’s body rocked as her ass and pussy were slammed by the white tendrils over and over again. They repeatedly thrust against her inner walls, undoubtedly enjoying every moment. They seemed to like it whenever Avery pulled against them, trying to escape, or when she whimpered or moaned. They knew her attempts were futile as well.

After about forty minutes, Avery was a crying, whimpering wet mess, but her fucking continued. Just when she thought it would never end, the two inside her lower holes thrust all the way into her simultaneously and started to convulse. They unloaded their sticky cum inside her one strand at a time, then, finally they both slid out of her. Avery gasped in relief around the one still in her mouth. It was almost refreshing to not have something rammed inside her. Her face lit up as she realized that they were done using those holes, and she would be let go once the one in her mouth finished. With that thought in mind, her worry disappeared and she decided to enjoy this last one. As it pushed into her throat she lapped at it with her tongue, actively sucking on it. She felt the tentacles wrapped around her tighten and assumed they enjoyed that, so she continued working at it. It got faster, and after a few more minutes it shot its load down her throat. However, once it was finished it didn’t leave her mouth, and Avery was forced to swallow its cum down. She hated the taste of it, but she endured and afterwards the tentacle slid out of her lips.

Avery coughed and gasped, taking in a big breath of the cool cave air. It’s over, she thought to herself. She waited to be untied, but the tendrils remained firmly around her. Her worry began to resurface as she started to squirm, without them removing themselves from her at all. And then she felt it. Avery’s heart sunk as something pressed against her pussy and ass again, and yelled out in frustration as the two new tentacles thrust inwards. She didn’t even resist as another one slid into her mouth again.

The tentacles around her arms loosened a bit and she pulled as hard as she could on the tendrils around her waist, and tears streamed down her face once more as she was met with failure. She was about to lose all hope when she remembered – my sword. She reignited the flame in her left hand and looked to her right, to see it on the ground just out of reach. She leaned towards the blade against her bounds, but as she reached out, something long and white wrapped around it and then pulled it into the darkness, sealing her fate. At that moment, all hope she had of escaping left her body. Her body went limp around the assailants fucking her and she leaned her head back against the wall as she was deep throated. I’m never getting out of here.

The tentacles continued to ravage her for hours. At this point Avery was sure it was past midnight. Whenever they finished thrusting into her, they were promptly replaced with fresh ones that immediately started railing her again. Each time they slid out of her Avery hoped those would be the last ones, and each time her hope was crushed further. By now the inside of every one of her holes was full of their cum, and it spilled out onto the ground around her. She became used to feeling it lining the interior of her whole mouth. She didn’t try to hold back her whimpers, and she freely moaned around her attackers. She kept the fire alive in her hand and watched as she was violated. If she was going to be fucked like this, she at least wanted to see it happen.

Avery started thinking to herself. If there really was no escape for her, shouldn’t she at least try to enjoy this? She knew it wasn’t the best mindset to have, but at the same time she didn’t just want to be trapped here in misery the whole time, either. Maybe there was some fun in being controlled.


It had been days. Almost a full week had passed and the white tentacles binding the lialek girl hadn’t budged an inch. The fluids that the tendrils shot down her throat had been enough to sustain her this whole time, and they loosened around her whenever she needed to move to another part of the cavern to use the bathroom. Avery was fine with her situation. She hadn’t struggled against the tentacles once, and began to actually like being fucked by them. She also did her best to make them enjoy it more, too. She sucked each tendril that invaded her mouth, working her tongue around it until it unloaded in her throat. With her arms free, she grabbed two more and stroked them in her hands until they came on her body. Avery moaned loudly each time her pussy and ass were slammed, and whimpered around the ones in her mouth for the tentacles’ enjoyment.

They seemed to recognize that they had broken their prey, and they started doing what they could to make it more enjoyable for her as well. They loosened their grip on her and let her move around the cavern as she pleased. Avery liked being tied up though, and if one ever tried to unravel itself from her she would pull it back and hold it until it wrapped itself around her again. The tentacles noticed that, and as a result a swarm of them emerged from the walls to bind her whole body. They held her hands together above her head and spread her legs open, slid around her horns, and even grabbed her hair to yank it backwards. Covered head to toe in the white tendrils, Avery tested her bounds to find that she couldn’t move an inch. Knowing that she was firmly tied up, she let out a whimper of happiness letting them know she was satisfied. Whatever part of her body wasn’t covered by the white tentacles was covered in their cum.

Even if she was ever presented a chance to escape, Avery wouldn’t leave. This was her place now; she accepted that. She reveled in the tentacles filling up her holes, fucking her until she thought she was going to pass out. She knew they were doing their best to make her enjoy the experience, and she was grateful for that – and she wanted to please them just as much. They had captured her that day in the cave – so they deserved her. She was happy that she meant this much to the tentacles, and didn’t want to disappoint them.

She would spend her days as a cock sleeve for the tendrils, and she moaned out every time they came inside her. She worshiped them as they mercilessly slammed her tight holes. Giving them pleasure was her only purpose now, and she did her job well. They kept her helplessly tied up for her sake, and would never let her go. They had no intention of letting her leave, and Avery loved that. Kaitlyn would visit her house soon to find that she wasn’t there, but wouldn’t have any idea where she went. To her, Avery would be missing forever. But Avery was okay with that. Down here, she was happy. And she would remain that way.



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