Feature Writer: AlexMarkov

Feature Title: Succubus Summoning 1

Published: 28.10.2019

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Transgender, Shemale

Synopsis: “Adorable” isn’t what you expect from a demon summoning.


Succubus Summoning 1

The sharp smell of brimstone flooded the room, cutting through the soft incense. A plume of thick, black smoke poured out of the chalk circle. Stray embers floating in the air swam about the oily blackness, colliding and growing until they formed a pair of gleaming red dots that leered into the small room. A rush of wind with no source snuffed the hellfire out and blew the smoke away, leaving the pale figure to slowly stretch her arms up and sigh contently.

She was a pretty thing; short and petite with a slender waist and gently curving hips. Her soft body was draped with bands of gold, tiny rubies hanging from her pointed ears. A rounded face framed by walnut brown hair that wafted around her shoulders. Between her legs hung a cute, almost chubby looking cock. She would have been easily mistaken for human, were it not for the two little horns that poked out from her temples, and the way her eyes gleamed with hellfire.

She stepped out of the circle –drawn on the only piece of exposed stone- and onto the red velvet sheets. She stepped over and on piles of soft cushions, her hips swaying gently as she reached the summoner.

“Hi,” She said, “I’m Nymira, and your wish is my command, master.”

“Holy shit,” Thomas said, “It actually fucking worked.”

“Of course, it did!” Nymira giggled, “You got the incantations right, and now you get to enjoy a real, bona fide succubus.”

Thomas fumbled for words, fiddling with his hands under the heavy robes he’d bought a week before. “You’re, um… a lot cuter than I expected.”

“O-oh!” She blushed. “I um… thank you!”

“Not that you’re not sexy, either! I was just expecting something –someone!- a little more… I dunno, voluptuous? Er… devilish?”

“Well… you got me instead. Not that I think you’ll mind,” She purred, running a hand down his chest and cupping his crotch through the robes, “Oh… you don’t mind at all.”

Thomas’ heart was pounding in his ears as Nymira slowly pulled his robes away. A flash of heat went over his cheeks as she giggled, looking his near-naked body up and down. He wasn’t anything special; average looks, average build, average everything. But the way she dragged her fingers down his skin and the way she looked up at him from her knees made him feel like a fucking king. She pawed and purred around his boxers, hooking a finger around the hem and tugging them down with a lick of her lips. She hesitated, her eyes widening as they focused on his semi-hard cock.

“Oh. Wow, I…” Nymira swallowed, “It’s, um… it’s bigger than I thought it’d be. A-and its twitching too…”

“It’s not really that big…” Thomas started, “Wait, hang on. Have you never seen one before?”

“No! I have! Just um… in pictures.” She tapped her fingers together, “I-I’m still a trainee succubus you see… You’re my first actual summoner. But, um, don’t worry! I aced all my exams a-and I’ve been practicing a lot on my toys!”

“So… I’m your first? Ever?”

“Mhmm…” She wriggled on her knees, her cheeks turning a bright red. She smiled up at him, barely making eye-contact. “Lucky me, huh?”

There was a moment’s hesitation before Nymira lent forward and kissed the tip of his cock. And again, and again, each one more passionate than the last. In just a few seconds, she was lavishing every inch of his shaft with her long tongue. She moaned around him, hands gripping his thighs. Thomas gasped as she swallowed his cock, her head bobbing slowly as her tongue teased the tip and underside. Fuck, it was so warm and wet… Her lips just glided along his shaft. He curled his fingers in her soft hair, urging her further and further until she was practically kissing his hips.

“Holy shit…” Thomas groaned, “No fucking way am I your first.”

“Really, you are!” Nymira said after pulling off his cock with a lewd pop. She suckled his tip. “I’ve just… hah… had a lot of practice, is all. Mmph… You’re delicious.”

“How much practice, exactly?”

“Well… if you wanted, you could fuck my throat.” She opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out and looking up at him with pleading eyes. “Ah…!”

Thomas swallowed. And grabbed her by the horns, slamming his cock as far down as he could. There wasn’t even a hint of resistance; just warmth and wetness and the occasional squeeze as she swallowed around him. His hips moved before he had a chance to think, pounding past her lips as his grip tightened. Nymira moaned and hummed around him, eyes rolling back as he took her. The room was filled with wet slaps and soft gagging as his pace increased. The pressure was building quickly, not at all helped by the way her cute eyes bore into him. If he wasn’t careful, he’d-

“Shit!” Thomas cried as he came, pulling Nymira’s head against him. Her squeal of delight was muffled, her throat milking him for every last drop of cum as pulses of pleasure ripped up his shaft. Her hands squeezed his arse as he groaned, until finally, he pulled away, one last spurt hitting her tongue. She rolled it around her mouth, moaning before gulping it down and tracing its path with her fingers.

“W-wow…” She panted, “You came so much… Ah, it’s so thick and tasty.”

“That must’ve been some serious practice…” Thomas said.

“Mistress Ictzihal is very strict…”

“Shit, sorry, I’m… fuck I’m already spent, huh?” Thomas sighed, dropping onto a pile of cushions. “I feel kinda bad about it.”

“Don’t! I’m supposed to serve you, after all. Though, um…”


Nymira fiddled with her fingers, before shyly crawling over to him. Her hard, if still cute, cock swung between her soft thighs, her back arched and her pert butt on display. Thomas swallowed, his cheeks reddening as she drew close enough for her breath to tickle his stomach. She dragged a finger along the underside of his wilted cock, a curious tingle following her touch. In mere seconds he was rock hard again.

“Can we keep going? I-if you want to, of course…” Nymira asked.

She crawled away, turning around and presenting her plump arse to him with a shy wiggle. Thomas snapped out of his stunned little trance and pressed himself against her. He squeezed the soft flesh and smooth skin, pulling the cheeks gently apart. Thomas sucked on his finger for a second, pushing the digit against her anus. It slipped in a lot easier than he’d expected. She yelped as he gave her arse a sharp slap, her next breath ragged and heavy. He gave her another and this time was met with a moan.

“You like it rough then?” Thomas asked.

“I like it all,” Nymira purred.

“Even though you haven’t actually done this?”

“I-I, um…” She pouted, “I can fantasize too!”

“Well… I guess you won’t have to anymore.” He ground his cock against her lubricated hole, feeling her shiver against him. Being in charge was the last thing he’d expect after summoning a sex-crazed demon. Though he had to admit, the nervousness was kind of cute. He pushed his tip against her ring, hesitating as she tensed. “Scared?”

“No! I’m a succubus, why would I be n-nervous…”

“I can go slower if you want me to.”

“It’s okay! I’ve taken much bigger with my to-ooo-oh…!” Her eyes rolled back, and her body shuddered violently as he slid inside. Her hips slammed again against his as she squealed with delight. For a few seconds, she just knelt there, her body trembling and her fingers digging into the velvet pillows.

“Are… you alright?”

“Y-yeah, I just… fuck, it’s so… different!” She quivered, “I’ve never had a real cock before. You’re so, so… warm!”

“If you need me to slow down…”Thomas said, pulling out slightly.

“No! It’s okay, I can take it! It’s just… just like my training…”

He cocked an eyebrow, adjusted his grip, and started to thrust. Thomas hissed; she felt good. Really fucking good. Almost searing hot, somehow both slick and tight and every little shiver made her squeeze around him. It didn’t take long before he was fucking her hard and fast, the slapping of skin on skin filling the red velvet room. He groaned, and she squeaked, her head buried into a pillow in front of her. He gave her a quick smack, gasping as she clenched his cock. Thomas was almost glad he’d cum so quickly before because now he’d actually last longer than a minute!

“Just like training, huh?” He teased.

“F-fuck! Hah! So good!” Nymira moaned, slamming her ass back in time with his thrusts. “Please! Harder, harder!”

“I thought I was supposed to be the one getting their brain fucked out…” Thomas murmured. He slid a hand round under her stomach, giving her cock a gentle flick with his finger. Her pre was practically pouring out. He lent over, one hand curling around her hair and pinning her head to the floor while the other jerked her twitching cock. Holding the rhythm was hard, but he kept going. The pressure at the base of his cock was growing, his thrusts wild and deep. He could see Nymira’s eyes roll back and her tongue loll as she purred and moaned.

Without warning, she slammed her hips against him and screamed. Her cock pulsed, her eyelids flickered, and her whole body stiffened. A spurt of thick, white cum splattered onto the cushions below. Her hands scrabbled for a second before she slumped down. Nymira panted quietly as Thomas slowed.

“Wasn’t expecting that,” He licked his dry lips. He was grateful for it, though. The pressure in his cock was starting to subside, and while he was sure succubi were used to men finishing quickly, he was still a little self-conscious about it. Besides… Nymira’s arse was heavenly. He wanted as much time with it as possible. “How’re you doing?”

“Mmph…” Nymira wriggled, “So good…”

Her half-lidded eyes snapped open, her cheeks turning bright red.

“No! No, no! Ah, I’m sorry!” She covered her face, “I wasn’t supposed to cum so quickly! Oh, I barely made it passed the final exam like this…!”

“Hey, it’s fine, you’re just-” Thomas fumbled for the right words, “New.”

“Ms Ictzihal is going to punish me…” Nymira groaned, “I’ll be in the stocks getting fucked by fiendish cocks for decades!”

Thomas pushed the image out of his head. As lovely as it was. “Maybe we could just, um… try again?”

She looked at him, “Really…? You’re not disappointed?”

“Why would I be?”

“Because I’m a bad succubus.”

“I mean… I’d disagree…” His cock twitched as if to prove the point.

Nymira looked down, her cheeks somehow getting redder. After a second’s pause, she nodded. She pushed him onto his back and straddled his hips, stomach still glistening with her previous orgasm. A quick bit of positioning and she slid down his shaft. Nymira bit her lip and trembled as her soft arse squished against his thighs.

“You okay?” Thomas asked.

“Yeah… this is just my favorite position, is all.” Nymira’s cock twitched as she rolled her hips. Fuck, Thomas thought, that felt good. “Lets me see all the faces you’ll make.”

“Faces?” Thomas asked. He gasped and dug his fingers into the pillows beside him as she pulled herself up and slammed down the entire length of his shaft in one swift motion.

“Like that one,” She purred.

“Damn… who says you’re a bad succubus?”

“Sh-shut up!” Nymira covered her blushing face.

Thomas held back a chuckle. He took hold of her waist and bucked his hips upwards. It wasn’t a lot of movement, but it was enough to make Nymira squeak. And enough to make her start bouncing. Shaky breaths turned to low moans, and then outright howls of pleasure as her arse slapped against his thighs. She threw her head back, her hips rolling and slamming down his shaft. Her hard cock bobbed between her legs, her small breasts jiggling. Thomas groaned, trying to move his hips in time with hers but failing as the pleasure made his thighs tremble. Fucking her had felt amazing, but letting her fuck him was absolutely incredible; her raw enthusiasm made every bounce, every cry of delight and every sharp jolt of pleasure down his shaft all the more enjoyable.

The pressure was building quickly but stayed away from the edge. Knowingly or not Nymira’s swapping between quick, shallow thrusts and slower, deeper ones were keeping him just shy of orgasm; teasing him as she writhed on his cock. It was almost painful now. He wanted to cum. He needed to cum! But fuck, the pleasure was just too good! His fingers dug into the soft skin of her waist and stomach. His mouth was dry and his heart pounding, his head filled with a single thought. He gasped out just one word.


Nymira’s eyes opened, a soft smile on her face as she slammed her hips down as hard as possible. Like a valve being released, all the built-up pleasure rushed out of him; rippling up his cock as his hips clenched and tensed. Thomas cried out as he came, spurt after spurt of cum pumping into her arse. She mewled, squeezing and milking the last few drops out of him as he collapsed back into the cushions.

His breath was shallow. He could feel warm sweat dripping off his forehead and body. The musk of bodies and the tang of pleasure soaked the air. The weight on his hips shifted, and he whimpered as his cock flopped out of Nymira. He blinked away the haze in his head, suddenly aware he had a slight ache in his temples. Dehydration, probably. They had been going for a long time. A long, enjoyable time.

Nymira dropped down beside him, equally exhausted and sweaty. Her warm body pressed against him, her fingers gently tracing patterns along his chest as their heartbeats slowed together.

“You came so much…” She panted, “I don’t think you have a drop left in your balls.”

“All thanks to you,” He wrapped an arm around her waist and hugged her closer.

“No!” She squirmed, “You’re just saying that to make me feel better!”

“Did it work?”

“… Yes.”

“Good,” He smiled, giving her plump arse a good squeeze, “It’s the least I could do to pay you back for such a good fuck.”

Nymira looked away, a sort of trembling smile on her lips. She must have been really nervous about her first time… “I, Um…”


“Do you think you could maybe…” Nymira started, burying her face into his shoulder.

“Summon me again sometime? If you wanted to, of course.”

Thomas’ cheeks brightened. “I, well, um…”

“Please? I promise I’ll do better next time!”

His exhausted cock twitched. What could be better than an adorably bashful succubus and her heavenly arse? Especially when said succubus was looking up at you with big hopeful eyes.

This was not how he expected his first summoning to go.




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