Feature Writer: Punky Girl AKA Shannon

Feature Title: SUBURBAN GIRL 3

Published: 25.10.2007

Story Codes: Fetish, Young, Snuff, Zoo, Domination, Sin

Synopsis: In the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio a young girl discovers that masturbation is a sin. But when she breaks a promise to God to stop her immoral actions she begins to see the Bible’s list of sexual restrictions as her most basic and carnal desires. Because for this 13-year-old suburban girl, sin and her wanton sexual needs go hand in hand as she struggles to endure a body built for sex, abuse, and constant orgasm. Inspired by the classic UseNet story “Farm Girl” by Dark Dreamer.


Suburban Girl 3

I started fucking the dogs on an almost nightly basis. Or rather, I started getting fucked by the dogs on an almost nightly basis. I was never really in control, you see. Night would come and the house would settle and I would lay awake in bed imagining that I could hear them howling for me. The thought that they were demanding me to sneak out to serve them would get me so wet that I would toss and turn for hours, unable to sleep from wanton horniness. Sometimes exhaustion would eventually take hold but that was rare. More often than not I surrendered to what I perceived was their will.

It was risky, I knew. There was always a chance of getting caught. Despite that, however, I often found myself going to them. I’d open my window in the dead of night, slip out onto the roof, and then scamper down the lattice to the ground below. Sometimes, when I was feeling especially horny, I would strip naked first and sneak over to the kennel in the nude. It was exhilarating, but whether I was clothed or not when I arrived didn’t matter. My demanding canine masters knew why I was there. I never needed peanut butter anymore. When I went to them I was always wet already, and they could smell my desire and knew that I was in heat. Sometimes they would fight to establish who got first dibs, but generally it was Ike (who had been away with my dad and brothers that first night) who mounted me first. Marshal, my dear and gentle pet who had penetrated me the first time, usually went last. Patton and MacArthur rounded out the middle spots, and that was the way it worked.

My sexually immature (and increasingly depraved) young mind would justify my actions however it could. Convincing myself that I had no choice but to do their “bidding” served the dual purpose of turning me on and establishing that none of this was my fault. I didn’t give them my body, they took it. I didn’t want to fuck them, they fucked me. The Bible was clear that man had been blessed to “reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals”, but when I was with my dad’s dogs I actually felt like an animal. When they fucked me it was like I was a different person, a different species, not ordained by God to dominate these beasts but a weak and wanton creature destined to do their bidding. And that creature had no idea why a 13-year-old Becky Sullivan would even try to resist. In fact, the creature those dogs turned me into hated Becky Sullivan, a weak-willed human girl scared of her own shadow and ashamed of what her body needed. In that kennel, with those dogs, I felt a kind of primal joy I’d never even imagined had existed before.

It wasn’t like I didn’t know how sick these nighttime sojourns were, though. In my hungover yet sexually sated mood the morning after fucking them that first time, I did some research. The Bible was very clear: “A woman must not offer herself to a male animal to have intercourse with it; this is a perverse act.” (Leviticus 18:23). And this came from the Bible, the holy tomb that had been my education, my schooling, my everything since I was old enough to read! And it told me I was “perverse” for fucking the dogs. This fact meant something to me, believe it or not. It made me cry some nights, and have nightmares of roasting in Hell for my terrible sinning. But it couldn’t stop me. Nothing could. Because when I got on my knees for those dogs I became an animal, and I liked being an animal. The orgasms they gave me were quick and sure and perfect in a way that really can’t be described. Sins be damned, I’d confess them on my deathbed. I certainly wouldn’t confess them now. My weekly confessions to Father DeGrazia became less and less sincere as time passed along.

My fear of eternal damnation for what I was doing could only be rivaled by my fear of what might happen if my dad or brothers ever found out. Thankfully my dad had built the kennel for the specific purpose of quieting the dogs’ yowling and barks. My cries and moans as his pets pummeled me were nothing in comparison to their level of noise, so I could remain fairly confident that no one could hear me with them. Even so I was afraid. Constantly afraid. Every night, after Marshal came inside me, I shook from head to toe as I crept back toward the house. What if Tyler or Ron or Jason had woken up for a late-night pee and had checked in on me? What if my dad had? Or what if I’d been wrong when I’d left, and one of them had still been awake and had seen me sneaking out? I thanked God every night when I returned safely to my bed without incident. With doggy-sperm filling my womb I would swear to myself, and to Him, that I wouldn’t be so reckless anymore. But I knew I was thanking a God who I clearly had no respect for. I mean, I was breaking one of his earliest laws! Those words from Leviticus haunted me: “… a woman must not offer herself to a male animal to have intercourse with it, this is a perverse act.” They made me cry. But then I would sleep a bit, go to school, and the cycle would start over again the next night.

Speaking of school, my year as an 8th grader at St. Mary the Immaculate had started with little fanfare. Although I was now in the top class of the private middle school I had nothing to show for it. As I’d feared that incredible weekend of my 13th birthday, Melissa had fallen into Jody’s bitchy little clique, leaving me with no friends. Though the quiet girl would sometimes still talk to me if Jody wasn’t around, I had absolutely no use for her if she wasn’t willing to be my friend full time. Nor did I have any interest in making other friends. All I wanted to do every day was go home, run upstairs to my bedroom, and masturbate myself stupid whilst reading the porno magazines I’d started purchasing at the Silver Star Liquor store. A good climax before fixing dinner for my dad and brothers always seemed justified. But how could I have a good climax if I hung out with girls my age? Most of the girls at St. Mary’s were either boring as hell (which happened to be the image I cultivated for myself), or bitchy as hell. I lost interest in them. Friends became an afterthought and my new porno magazines, along with my dogs, became the priorities in my life.

The porno mags that had stories in them were my favorite. Pictures were great for when I was so close to orgasm that I needed to concentrate on my pussy but the stories really got me in the mood. I found that the stories served as an amplifier to my normal state of sexual arousal and I loved the feeling they gave me. I especially liked the ones written from the female point of view, too. Some of the things these women wrote about just shocked me to the core. And that got me hot. I quickly learned that the more something shocked me, the more intrigued I became by it. Crazy as it sounds I had turned into a just barely 13-year-old who considered straight-up lesbian sex “vanilla”. Throw in some serious fisting, on the other hand? Well, I’d read that story over and over again.

The guys at the Silver Star knew me well by now as I was up to smoking about a pack every other day. That was definitely my second biggest addiction: nicotine. This was another risky behavior I’d adopted. If my dad found out about that, I knew full well, he’d kill me. But it was so much fun! And there was a bus stop not far from the store so I could stop by there basically every day after school. Walking home from there gave me ample time to smoke, gave me an opportunity to soak in the stares of passersby, and allowed me to avoid getting off the bus with Jody and her minions at our neighborhood stop. It was a totally win-win situation.

Whenever I entered the Silver Star I’d wave to whoever was working with a smile on my face, then shudder delightfully as I felt their eyes glue onto my body. Except for on weekends I was always wearing my school uniform and the stares I got from wearing it always made me feel good. I no longer thought of that uniform as drab and boring. Sure, the colors were all grays and black and white, but I had noticed that since my body had developed over the summer I got a lot of appreciative stares while sauntering around in it. The pleated gray skirt along with the white shirt and matching knee-high socks seemed to really turn men on. I guess the innocent nature of a little girl’s school uniform, contrasted by my developing curves and perky little breasts, made me look sexy in a forbidden sort of way. The more I noticed men liking it the more I liked wearing it, too. The only problem was having to unbutton the darn shirt so that I could flash my tits for the men at the Star. It made the process take longer, but that wasn’t too big a deal. I no longer got nervous baring my chest for these strangers and, in fact, it gave me a wonderful thrill to engage in such exhibitionism. And since I’d taken to buying the bras that clasp in the front, showing my naked tits was actually easier in that sense. Front clasping bras, I learned, made life a lot easier in a myriad of ways.

One day after leaving the Silver Star I lit up a cigarette and found myself staring across the street at Blue Moon Video. I hadn’t been in there since the Saturday I’d first fucked the dogs and I was trying to decide if I should finally return the movie I had rented that wonderful night. The owner of the store had said I could return it “in my own due time” but it was going on two months now. November was fast approaching and the leaves had already fallen from the trees. It made me feel guilty that I’d held onto the movie for so long. I guess I’d been holding onto it in the hope that I’d get another chance to watch it, but in my heart of hearts I knew those chances were slim. When my dad wasn’t around at least one of my brothers always was. Without a TV in my own room I had no privacy. I pondered for a moment if I should finally give it back, my heart aching at the thought of losing such a filthy and exciting possession. With a sigh I finally flicked my cigarette away and headed across the street to the video store. It was time to let go of “Group Girls 2”.

I kept the movie hidden in my backpack since I knew it was the last place my dad or brothers would ever invade my privacy. My bedroom was fair game, as was my purse, and I’d found the top drawer of my bureau (where I kept my underwear) disheveled on several occasions over the last six weeks or so. But no one had any interest in spying on what my latest homework assignments were.

I kept my porn magazines in the bag too but there was another reason for that. Having porn mags available whenever I needed them was a convenience. Sometimes at school I would get really hot and bothered thinking of the dogs, or of Amy, or of whatever. When I got so worked up from these perverted thoughts that I couldn’t concentrate on class anymore, well, I simply had to cum. I couldn’t resist it. But masturbating in a Catholic school’s girls bathroom isn’t as easy as you might think. I would sit there in a stall, fingering myself, and then hear another girl in the bathroom start talking about God. Or family. Or tests. Such mundane things always crushed my libido and made it hard for me to climax. Having a good porno magazine on hand to rub-off to always set me straight. Besides, it was kinda hot to masturbate to a hard-core porn magazine whilst listening to other girls my age (or younger) gossip about whatever from the other side of my stall.

As I stared at the video store I was glad I’d kept that DVD hidden in amongst my porn mags and school textbooks. It really was time to return it, I realized, and the parking lot in front of Blue Moon Video was empty.

I went inside the store and smiled when I saw the owner walking down one of the aisles toward the front. When he saw me waving happily to him he smiled, too, and came waddling over in that slow, precise way he had. He didn’t look any different than he had the last time I had seen him, though I suppose he had lost some weight. He still had a good sized spare tire around his midsection, don’t get me wrong, but his button-up shirt seemed to be hanging a bit more loosely on his pear-shaped frame. He also looked a little pale, as though he’d been sick or something, but he didn’t sound under the weather at all when he greeted me.

“Becky, ahh, Becky Sullivan!” his voice boomed.

“Heya!” I said, fluttering my lashes and smiling. “What’s up?”

“Oh, you know,” he shrugged as he drank in my visage with a head-to-toe stare. He walked around to the other side of the counter and leaned heavily against it and sighed. “Internet rentals are killing me, ahh, you know how it is. How are things? Did you, ahh, have school today or are you just dressing up special for me, now?”

I giggled. I had become much more comfortable playing the flirt over the last couple of months, though I hadn’t had a ton of practice. I didn’t often get the opportunity to speak with members of the opposite sex, except for at home of course, but there I was a meek and obedient daughter and sister and never a flirty teen. But I guess that with the dogs to satisfy me sexually, the long walks home from Silver Star to soak in leering eyes, and all the porn I’d been reading had caused me to become more comfortable with my sexuality. I think that if a cute boy had walked up to me and struck up a conversation I would have been awkward and insecure, but flirting with people who I knew I would never have sex with came easy now. People like the guys at the Silver Star, for instance, or this man who owned the video store whose name I still didn’t know.

After blushing gracefully at the man’s remark I slipped my backpack off and put it on the counter. “I have that movie you let me rent,” I said quietly with a grin. “I’m really sorry I kept it so long!”

“Nonsense!” he bellowed. “I told you to, ahh, keep it, as long as you liked. Did you like it?”

I gave him a mischievous smile. The day after my first night with the dogs I had watched the movie again and had decided that the second scene was my favorite. It was the only scene in which the woman, a tall and skinny brunette, actually appeared to be in more pain than pleasure when she was getting reamed in either hole by the three men. That scene more than any of the others had made me lament the fact that my dad and brothers had returned home the next day. It was the scene that had made me so reluctant to return the movie since I’d been dying to see it again. Lowering my voice I said, “Act Two was the coolest thing I ever saw!”

“Ahh, the brunette,” he replied in his normal speaking voice. “When the big fella is fucking her in the ass it looks like she’s going to start crying, don’t it?”

My smiling face quickly turned into a worried one. I began scanning around the video-store, feeling nervous. When I’d spoken with him before about the movie he’d “accidentally” rented to me we’d talked in hushed tones and were careful not to mention anything specific about what kind of movies we were talking about. It was a game I’d been surprisingly good at, a game I’d enjoyed playing. But he wasn’t playing it now.

He saw the concern on my face and made a dismissive gesture with his meaty hand. “Don’t worry, no one else is, ahh, here,” he said. “I had to let go of, ahh, Roger a few weeks ago.”

“What about customers?” I asked, more worried about them than the store employee I’d only ever seen once.

“Don’t I wish,” he chuckled. “Don’t, ahh, worry about it, we’re all alone.” He grinned and winked at me. “So, you come for another, ahh, movie? I have one I bet would knock those pretty socks of yours right off.”

“N-no,” I said slowly. I wasn’t feeling very flirtatious anymore. Hearing him talk about the movie like that had done more than ruined our little game. It was awkward, suddenly, to know he knew what I’d watched, and what had been my favorite part, without the euphemisms to hide behind.

“Why not?” he asked. “Free of charge if that’s your, ahh, worry.”

“No, it’s not that,” I said, chewing on my lower lip now. “It’s just, I don’t have any place to watch ’em. I was alone that weekend but I never am now and I don’t have my own TV and…”

“Hah!” he interrupted me, “you must be the only, ahh, teenager in America without a TV in their room!” I smiled nervously and nodded. Then he leaned in a bit closer and said in a conspiratorial voice, “Tell ya what, though. I’ve got a, ahh, TV all set up in back. You can use it whenever you want.”

My heart began to flutter. “Really?” I asked.

“Sure,” he said. “In fact I have something, ahh, special back there right now. You wanna go see?”

I frowned. It was a very tempting offer. I hadn’t seen a porn movie since that Sunday night before my dad returned home with my brothers. The porn magazines were great with their pictures and stories but actually being able to see live-action sex was definitely what I preferred. But even so my brain was telling me this was a bad idea and that I should just leave. My pussy, though, was throbbing with desire and he plainly saw the temptation in my large blue eyes.

“Come on,” he said reassuringly, as though it was no big deal for a 13-year-old girl to go into the back room of a video store and watch hard core pornography with a 40-something man. “I can lock up for a few minutes to get you, ahh, situated. Then you can stay as long as you like. It’s employees only back there so, ahh, no one will bother you.”

No! No! No! the logical part of my brain was screaming, but his offer was irresistible to my hormone-driven mind. What could be the harm? it said. He brings you back there, shows you how to use the remote control, and then you can watch some good porn in privacy. It’ll be great!

My pussy agreed with that logic, and that was that. After a momentary pause I found myself bobbing my head up and down, my golden hair bouncing around my head as I shyly said, “Well, okay…”

It didn’t take him long to lock the front door and flip over the “Be Right Back” sign on the door, and soon I was walking side by side with him down the aisle to the back of the store. He was acting very casual, chatting about innocuous things like the weather and stopping a couple times to adjust a DVD on a shelf or something. I just gripped my backpack, which was slung over one shoulder, and smiled and nodded nervously as he talked. I was afraid that if I heard my own voice again I’d lose my nerve or something and I wanted so desperately for this to work out. It would mean I’d have a place to watch porn movies again, and so what if some creepy old pervert knew I was masturbating in the back of his store? It was a little embarrassing but sort of hot, too. I mean, if exposing me to hard-core pornography was what got him off how did that possibly affect me? He got his jollies, I got my porn, and we’d both be happy. The arrangement seemed so simple and awesome that I was actually counting myself lucky.

He unlocked the “Employees Only” door with a key and then walked in ahead of me. Taking a little breath, I followed. The room was dimly lit, a lone fluorescent light fixture above flickering eerily as though it was going to burn out in any minute. Around the perimeter of the room were wire shelving units, every shelf of which was packed tight with obsolete VHS tapes, cardboard boxes, and old rolled-up movie posters. Directly in front of me was a long folding table piled high with empty DVD cases and messy stacks of paperwork. On the other side of the table was an old ratty recliner which sat in front of the promised television set. It wasn’t nearly as nice a set as the one we had at home but it was a good size and anyway, beggars can’t be choosers. It wouldn’t be like at home, obviously, but it was still going to be great!

Yes, great. It was going to be awesome. But why was I so nervous?

I let my heavy backpack slump off my shoulder to the floor and then followed him around the long table to where the TV was. He was apologizing for the light, saying he kept meaning to replace that fluorescent tube, but did I know how much of a pain in the ass it was to replace those things? I just shrugged and nodded. I was standing next to the old, patched-up recliner and watching as he rummaged around inside a box next to the television set. He was mumbling, “Let’s see, let’s see,” and then finally said, “Ahh! Here it is.” He put a disc into the DVD player and then stood up and turned to face me. The flickering greenish light made his pale skin look a little creepy but he was all smiles as he said, “Alright, now I think you’re going to, ahh, really like this.”

He sat down heavily in the recliner, which seemed way too small for him, and turned the television set on with a remote. Isn’t that supposed to be my seat? the logical part of my mind wondered. But the horny part of my brain decided, He’s fat and old and needs to rest while he shows you the remote. Just relax!

After fumbling with the remote for a moment he grinned at me. “Now watch this,” he said in a mirthful tone of voice.

No DVD movie menu splashed across the screen, nor did any FBI copyright warnings or anything like that. When he hit play on the remote there was just a brief pause before the screen was filled with the image of a bed in what appeared to be a cheap motel room. The production quality wasn’t nearly as good as the other two porn movies I’d seen. There were no credits, and no soundtrack, or anything like that. What there was, though, was an image of a girl not much older than me laying back on the bed wearing nothing but a grown man’s t-shirt. She was reading what appeared to be a porno magazine with an indifferent expression on her young face.

My heart caught in my throat at the sight of her. She couldn’t be much older than 14, I figured, or 15 at the absolute oldest. I could feel my pulse quicken as I realized what kind of movie this was. Not just a porn movie, but a porn movie starring a girl! Not a full grown woman but a girl like me. I’d never heard of such a thing. Instinctively I knew it was wrong, and probably illegal, but I felt my nipples harden anyway.

I must have made some kind of sound because the video store owner looked up at me from his sitting position and smiled. “Wait, ahh, it gets better.”

And it did. The girl, who was very pretty with long dark hair and incredible eyes, suddenly closed the magazine and placed it on a nightstand next to her. Then she sat up in the bed and pulled off her top without any fanfare. Her breasts were larger than mine, a good c-cup in size I thought, and her body was clearly more developed, too. Her tits were capped with big brown nipples and her long slender legs were nearing the end of their maturation. I decided then that she had to be at least 15 but she could have just been a well developed 14-year-old. It was hard to pin-point an exact age but her incredible youth was obvious, especially in her eyes. The expression in them was blank but there was a youthful innocence there, too, that can’t be faked by adults. She leaned back into her pillows again and spread her legs apart, bringing her feet back so that her pussy was fully exposed. For the first time the camera moved, zooming in slowly to her vagina as her slender fingers began to play with herself down there. Her pussy was hairless and sort of puffy and I found myself squeezing my legs together involuntarily. The girl’s fingers were gently pulling aside the lips of her young cunt and holding it open for the inspection of the camera.

I didn’t even notice that the video store owner had gently put his left arm around my hip. Even when his hand began to wander, going down the front of my left thigh over my skirt, it was only the vaguest sensation way off in the distance. I was too enraptured with the image of a girl not much older than me showing off her wares in front of a camera to pay attention to anything else. And when the camera zoomed back again so that the entire bed was once more in view I felt my legs begin to shake. Because the man who had been operating the camera, which was evidently on a tripod, suddenly stepped into the frame.

He was a large man with a hairy chest wearing absolutely nothing except for what looked like an old fashioned executioner’s hood over his head. As the girl continued to hold open her puffy labia she looked at him with an expressionless face. He slowly walked over to the side of the bed, sat down on it, and said one word: “Now.” The girl knew what he meant. She crawled around over to him and obediently draped her thin body over his lap. Loud slapping sounds were heard next as he began to spank her. For the first time the girl made a sound, gasping in pain soon after the man started to punish her pale young behind.

My legs went weak as the hooded man brutally spanked the girl’s ass. Memories of my father spanking me not that long ago made me whimper audibly as I struggled to remain standing. I felt weak, the eroticism of what I was seeing sapping me of all my strength. When the video store owner began pulling me over to him I offered no resistance. He pulled me down into his lap, his thick arm still around my waist as his right hand now began to gently, just barely, touch my right thigh. I could feel something hard underneath my little butt and in the recesses of my brain I knew that the video store owner had a hard on. I didn’t care. I didn’t care that I was sitting on this ugly man’s lap, that I was sitting on his covered erection, that his right hand was sliding up and down my thigh and pulling my skirt up higher with every motion. All I could do was breathe heavily as I watched the girl on the video cry in front of me, her long dark hair obstructing her face but her choking sobs clearly audible.

It was the first time I’d ever seen an amateur video. It was the first time I’d ever seen kiddie porn. And it had me in such a trance that the fact I was being groped by the strange and ugly video store owner didn’t even register. At first.

The hooded man began to turn the girl around in his lap after spanking her for awhile. He placed the soft, whimpering girl on her knees between his hairy legs and commanded her to suck him off. Just as she began to obey the video store owner finally placed his meaty hand directly on the skin of my thigh. That’s when I realized he’d tugged my pleated skirt up all the way to my waist. I finally looked down and it looked almost as though I was wearing nothing but my panties, my smooth, soft legs pressed together and completely bare down to my knee-high socks. Reality began to settle in at that moment. The owner’s hand was caressing my thigh, moving slowly toward my panties covered mound. Underneath my butt I could feel the outline of his erection throbbing and his left hand suddenly placed itself over my left breast.

“See?” he rasped quietly in my ear, “I knew you’d, ahh, like this…”

He had no intention of leaving me alone to enjoy the porno movie by myself, I realized just then. My body finally tensed up at the sensation of his hands on me. It should have been obvious from the start but I’d naively chosen to trust him. My stupid young brain hadn’t been able to overrule my horny young cunt and now this gross, ugly man was touching me. Molesting me! And what he wanted became glaringly obvious.

The movie forgotten, I debated what I should do. Allow him to keep groping me like this? That seemed safe in a way but I now knew exactly where that would lead. And despite what I had been doing with the dogs I still considered myself a virgin, safe from God’s judgement on that count at least. As crazy as it sounds I considered sex with a man more taboo and wicked than sex with Marshall, Patton, and the rest of my dad’s mastiffs. It had been ingrained in me at school and at church: when a man entered a woman they became one flesh in the eyes of God, joined together for all time as man and wife. I mean, I had to look up the sin of bestiality myself, but the sin of sex before marriage had been ingrained in my for years! And the thought of being this fat ugly man’s wife scared me more than even his groping hands did at that moment, and I took action accordingly.

I jumped up from his lap, nearly falling over as I broke free from his gentle hold. “Stop, stop!” I cried. “Let me go!”

I was both confused and scared at this point. I didn’t understand how had I gotten into such an intimate position with this man without even noticing. I couldn’t even remember sitting down in his lap. I took some nervous steps backward away from him as I glanced around the room in a panic, not sure what to do, not even sure what was going on anymore.

The video store owner glared at me, then, and there was nothing jovial or casual about the expression on his face. The look he was giving me turned my fear into genuine terror. As the fluorescent light flickered above he gave me a cold, evil looking stare as slurping sounds from the video filled the room around us. The only other sound I could hear at that moment was the pounding of my own heart and his heavy breathing.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he said in a cold, menacing voice. “Get back over here. Now!”

I was shaking from my head to my toes and was on the verge of tears. For whatever reason, though, his commanding voice almost made me take a step forward. I stopped myself, though, and shrieked, “NO!”

And then I ran. He grabbed at me as I sprang forward but I was too quick. I nearly stumbled as I scampered around the long folding table, my dress shoes clacking against the concrete floor as I moved with all the speed I could muster. The door wasn’t far but in my panicked state it seemed a world away. Behind me I could hear the man cursing and moving toward me as the slurping sounds from the video continued. I seemed to be moving in slow motion as step after step brought me closer to freedom. My tiny hands were outstretched, grasping for the doorknob well before they touched it. And when they did I had this brief surge of hope in my chest. All I had to do was turn it and the door would open up into the safety of the well lit store and there was no way he could do anything to me out there, I thought. I was almost free.

But the doorknob wouldn’t turn.

My body slammed into the door at full speed. I shrieked in fear and disbelief: why wouldn’t the doorknob turn?! I tried again and again but it wouldn’t budge. I began to cry, saying, “Oh, God, please, let me go!” as I continued to struggle with the doorknob. In my heart I already knew I was trapped. The door was locked tight. But even as the the video store owner lumbered up behind me I continued to fight against the obvious. I sobbed and begged and confusedly fought with the doorknob as the man finally reached me. With strong hands he grabbed me by my shoulders and spun me around to face him. He looked like the Devil himself at that moment, his face contorted into an evil smile as he slammed my feeble body back against the door. My head smacked against it so hard I saw stars.

“Where the FUCK do you think you’re going?” he laughed.

I blubbered incoherently and brought up my hands as if to push him away but that was impossible. He gripped my arms with his strong hands and pulled me close to him so that my body crushed against his gut. The feeling of his body against mine scared me even more. He continued laughing for a minute and then he shook me again. I was as light as a feather compared to his surprising strength and he nearly lifted me off of the ground as he shook me. Everything was a blur at this point but as I sobbed uncontrollably I could hear his laughter.

He hissed in my ear, “There’s nothing for you out there, Becky. A girl like you should, ahh, know everything you need is right in this room.”

My sobs now mixed with little begging sounds from my mouth as he stepped backward, carrying me with him and ignoring my pleas. I kicked my legs but my feet just flailed helplessly in the air. He chuckled at how weak and defenseless I was. At least I thought that was what he was laughing at. It was hard to make sense of anything at that point, especially his coarse laughter. How could he find any humor in a situation like this?

“You’re a, ahh, rare thing,” he chuckled as he turned around, swinging my body in the air as he did. “A dirty little slut but somehow, ahh, innocent, too.” With that he pushed his ugly, sneering face against mine and our lips crushed together. It wasn’t intimate or erotic like my first kiss had been. He wasn’t gently forceful like Amy. He was simply forceful. I squirmed my head away from his, disgusted by the taste of his sweaty lips, but that only made him laugh louder. Then he turned me around and pushed me into the long folding table. He pulled my arms behind my back and suddenly I felt my wrists pressed together, one of his giant hands grabbing them and locking around them like a fleshy handcuff. He now had one hand free and he used it to push away the giant stacks of empty DVD cases. As he bent me over the table I could hear them crashing to the ground around me.

“Relax,” he hissed in my ear. He’d pushed my face against the table top and my hair was a mess around my head as my tits flattened beneath me. My sobbing continued as he ran his hand from the top of my head to the back of my neck. It continued to slide down my back, over my arms which were pinned there, around my side, then down farther still until it reached the right side of my hip. It was at that exact spot where I had been bent over and the edge of the table was digging painfully into my waist as he stood dangerously close behind me. When his hand began to tug my skirt up over my ass it wasn’t a surprise. I knew, even in my panicked and upset state, why he had me in the position I was in. I whimpered pathetically when his sweaty hand began to rub at my backside, right over each soft asscheeks, with only my panties to protect my butt from his molesting touch.

“Anyone ever touch you, ahh, here before?” he asked, clearly enjoying himself. “You ever been a, ahh, bad girl? Ever had Daddy spank you here? Ever let a boy bend you over like this and, ahh, play with your pretty little butt?”

When the only response I gave were my unrelenting sobs he leaned his weight onto the arm that was holding me down, crushing my small body painfully against the table. In a less playful tone of voice he asked again, “Have you?”

“N-no!” I cried. The pain was intense and it was hard to breathe. When he let up a bit I sucked in a lungful of air then went back to sobbing as he continued to run his hand around my backside. He was tracing the outline of my underwear, letting one beefy finger slide along under the elastic and following it to where my legs met.

“So no, ahh, lucky boys have had you like this?” he asked, obviously pleased. “But I bet your daddy has spanked this little butt. Hasn’t he?” After I managed to choke out my reply he continued. “I thought so. Daddy’s probably trained you, ahh, his whole life. Bet you enjoyed it, too, draped over his lap, getting spanked for being a bad girl? Hah! But guess what, little one? I’m your daddy now. You’ll get your punishments and, ahh, pleasure, from me, from now on. Yes you will.”

And then his finger slid free from under my panties and his hand cracked down on my defenseless butt. I gasped in pain as he laughed behind me. He did it again, and again, alternating between each cheek as I writhed against the table. Truth be told my dad’s spankings had always been much harsher. At least this guy wasn’t telling me he wished I’d never been born. But the stinging of his hand was still intense, causing me to squirm my butt and helplessly kick my legs. Only the tips of my toes were able to reach the floor before but now they just kicked back blindly into the air. My body seemed to slip forward on the table a bit, too, and when I tried to get my toes back on the floor they wouldn’t reach.

Thankfully, finally, he stopped slapping my butt and to my surprise the room was silent. The movie must have ended but more than that, the sounds of my sobbing had been replaced with heavy breathing. Quiet breaths, uncomfortable breaths, but not the fear-filled choking sobs they’d been a few moments earlier.

He seemed to notice, too. He chuckled softly to himself as he unceremoniously pulled down my panties. He peeled them down over my butt and then yanked on them forcefully so they would come down the front side, too. Every time his hand made contact on my bare behind I shuddered. Lightly along the crack, then his knuckles brushing between my legs, then his hand on the inside of my thigh. I felt lost. Wasn’t I supposed to be afraid? Well, I was. Desperately afraid. I don’t think I’d ever known such fear. But it was like I had broken through that into a sort of calm that replaced the panic from before. I knew what was going on and I was pretty sure how my body would respond and I knew I had no choice. I had to obey, the way I had always obeyed when confronted with authority. It didn’t erase the fear but at least I wasn’t so panicked I could hardly breathe anymore and that made me feel better. I instinctively brought my legs together when the panties were ready to drop, and drop they did after finally clearing my butt and upper legs.

I kept my ankles pressed together with my underwear tangling with my dress shoes, and made no move to kick them away. The video store owner didn’t seem to notice. He said, “Alright, ahh, Becky. I’m going to let go of your arms now. If you so much as, ahh, try to push yourself up or make any attempt to escape I’ll hurt you. I hope you’re smart enough to understand what that means. I’m not, ahh, talking about another spanking. If I have to, ahh, punish you today, you’ll end up regretting it the rest of your life. Do you understand?”

I gulped, and nodded my head, though it was an awkward motion with the left side of my face still pressed against the table top.

“I want to, ahh, hear you say it,” he said. His voice had an edge of violence in it now, the same tone my father liked to use when reminding me to do my chores or something. “And you’ll, ahh, address me as Sir. Now do, you, understand?”

He accentuated those last three words by once again leaning his weight onto the arm that was pinning me down. I tried to suck in some air, but it was no use: he was crushing me against the table even harder than before. In desperation I tried to choke out the words, “Yes, Sir!” but they sounded like soft little squeaks in my ears. Thankfully they seemed to satisfy him. He let up on his arm and now I could breathe again.

My numb arms fell limply to either side of me when he let go of my wrists. I remained motionless as I tried to catch my breath. I could hear him unzipping his pants, now. The distinct sound of the metal teeth peeling apart as he slid down his zipper, then the leather-on-leather hiss of his belt pulling out from its loop, and finally the soft rustle of clothing as he unbuttoned. I didn’t make a sound or move a muscle. When he used one foot to softly kick my ankles apart I remained limp even as one of my feet finally slipped free from my panties. The white cotton underwear remained dangling from my right ankle, though, while he pushed my legs apart and stepped forward into me.

I felt his large gut first when it came to rest on top of my soft butt. That’s what made me start to cry again. I cried softly this time, afraid to make much sound in what had become a quiet room. When the head of his cock made contact with the entrance to my teenage hole it was he who truly broke the silence by speaking. He whispered, “See, girl? Ahh, you’re already wet for me. You were wet when I bent you over, you were wet when you were, ahh, in my lap. Now you’re wet for my cock.”

And then he entered me.

He did it slowly. At first it was just a warm sensation at the lips of my pussy, then it was more like the cucumber I’d penetrated myself with in the past. But when I felt my cunt grudgingly accept the first two inches of his penis it became its own experience entirely. This wasn’t like with the dogs, who fucked me fast with dicks I’d thought were big in size. No, this was a real man’s cock sliding into my body, now. It was attached to a man who should have known I didn’t want it. When Marshal had first penetrated me against my will I’d thought of that as rape, but in the end he was an animal. He didn’t know any better. This man, this horrible man, he knew better. He knew what he was doing, and I had no choice but to be his victim.

“Everything about you screams victim,” I could remember Amy telling me. At the time I hadn’t known what that meant. But now I did.

This was what being raped really felt like, I thought. The total lack of choice. The fear, the helplessness. Both made me cry. And there was pain too, of course. The physical pain of his cock as it stretched my pussy wide for its entrance. But that paled in comparison with the mental anguish I now felt. My sobs grew in intensity, not from my stinging, screaming cunt but from my humiliated, helpless brain. From the lack of power. From the realization that I was defenseless and could not stop him from doing this to me. I sobbed and sobbed as he slowly pushed inside my body. But I didn’t move or say a word. All I did was cry. My hot tears were like acid as they burned down my reddened face and I endured his brutal, unwanted entry into my virgin hole.

No man had ever fucked me and now this man was raping me. The Bible, so far as I knew, made no distinction between wanted or unwanted sex. My sobbing became even more pathetic when I realized that according to the Book I’d studied my whole life, we were now one, one flesh. This ugly, mean man was in me. We were now one flesh. In God’s eyes he was now my Adam, and I was his Eve.

If he had cum right away, like the dogs always did after penetrating me, I might have been able to smarten up. Maybe I would have gone to Father DeGrazia and asked him if there was an exception to the sex-rule where rape was concerned. And maybe Father DeGrazia would have told me that rape was different from consensual sex. Maybe I would have felt saved. Maybe I would have concluded that being a victim wasn’t my fault, that I wasn’t a sinner, and that I didn’t have to continue on this path my life had taken. But the video store owner did not cum right away. So I can never really know for sure about all that.

Unlike the dogs this man knew how to fuck a girl. He took his time. And his cock was big. Bigger than the dogs’, or at least thicker. That didn’t really matter, though. What mattered were the slow, deliberate strokes he gave me. In and out. In… and… out. That first, drunken night the dogs had fucked me I’d felt like each had taken forever, but I’d long since realized that wasn’t true. Generally it took more time for their knots to shrink down after cumming in me than it did for them to actually fuck me. They were quick and furious animals with their strokes into my young body. This man, though, raping me over this cheap table? He wasn’t quick. He wasn’t furious. He was slow and deliberate. In and out he went, slowly, so slow. His fat gut rested on my ass, sure, but his hips slid his cock into and out of me with careful movements. One moment I felt empty, and then I felt full. With each slow push he raped himself into me and all I could do anymore was choke at the feeling. He was so slow! In and out, in and out, his fat cock went. And there was no huge ball growing at the base of his cock, either. No sudden and uncomfortable pain to detract from his penetration of me. There was nothing to lock himself to me, either. Nothing to stop his strokes, nothing to keep his shaft from chaffing against my clit. The only thing that existed was the Fuck. And boy, did he know how that game was played. Slow, even, over and over and into me. Constantly surprising me. Constantly shocking me.

After probably ten minutes of this, my slender arms began to move, sending even more of the piles of empty DVD cases crashing to the ground. I stretched out my fingers to the other side of the table. I gripped at it. Because I couldn’t resist the pleasure I was feeling anymore. My sobs turned into little grunting moans of desire as he fucked himself in and out of my small body.

I tried desperately to keep my soft, choking grunts as quiet as possible, but he heard them anyway. He chuckled in response. “I could cum right now,” he breathed, never breaking the rhythm of his slow in-and-out fucking. “But I have a, ahh, mattress, in my van… I could lay you out on it… Would you like that? Want me to, ahh, lay you back on a nice mattress and fuck you like God intended?”

With a feeling of utter shame I realized that I did. Oh God, I did! Even as my mind had lamented the way he was raping me my body had begun to respond to it, and I realized now that I could cum. I could actually cum from this mean, ugly man’s rape of my small body. It was humiliating but his dick felt so fat and large in me as he so slowly pushed into and out of my tight pussy that I actually wished I could be in a different position, and not just because being bent over this table was so uncomfortable. I wanted to lay back, have him on top of me. I wanted to feel him slam his meat deep into my womb as I wrapped my skinny legs around his back. I wanted his crushing weight on my tits, to be fucked missionary style like a husband does to impregnate his wife, to feel his sweaty lips on mine as I came and came…

I continued choking back my moans of pleasure and my sobbing returned, too. As he slowly fucked me I would whimper pathetically like a little girl, then a spark would shoot up my spine when I felt my cunt fully penetrated and I would stifle a gasp of desire, and then the sobs would come back again. I didn’t know how much longer I could put up with this. Did he know how close I was to cumming? Was he just toying with me?

I could hear him chuckling again. Then he said, “So, is that what you want? Should I go, ahh, get the mattress?”

“Yuh–yes!” I sputtered mindlessly. My face burned even redder at the sound of my tiny voice. Had I really just consented to having sex with this man? I cried even more, and he let me cry for a moment, perhaps enjoying the way I was breaking down for him. He’d already broken my body, that was clear. Now he was breaking my mind.

“Yes, ahh, what, little one?” he asked finally.

His cock was fully in me and for once he actually left it there. He kept it planted inside my cunt making me feel bloated, so joyously bloated, that I thought now I might actually cum. But I didn’t. Instead I nearly hyperventilated as I used the last of my willpower to resist answering his question. Then I gasped in pain when I felt him slap my ass, hard, more like the way my dad liked to spank me than the way he had earlier. “I, ahh, asked a question!” the video store owner demanded.

“Yes, yes!” I said, my small body now writhing helplessly. I was still gripping the far edge of the cheap table but now my legs were sort of kicking out into the air as his cock remained locked inside me. I felt charged up from head to toe, ready to climax, and wondered why he wouldn’t just finish me off.

He smacked my ass for a second time and I started to sob piteously once again. “Yes, ahh, what?” he asked, almost kindly.

I continued to cry but managed to say, in between my blubbering sobs, “Yes, I want… I want, the m-mattress!”

“Why the mattress?” he asked. His voice was so soft I could only barely hear it over my sobbing. I felt his cock throb inside me as he continued, “Becky? Why, ahh, the mattress? Why do you want it? So I can fuck you the way, ahh, God intended? Is that why?”

I gasped one last time as my willpower fully dissolved. “Y-yes! Please, please, so you c-can… so you c-can…”

“Fuck you?” he offered.

“YES!” I moaned. My body was a powder keg, ready to explode, and he had my mind, now. With brute force and threat of violence he had started raping me, conquering my body. But it was through subtle fucking and my desire to cum that he had conquered my immature mind. I cried out, “Yes, fuck me, FUCK me, please… g-get the m-mattress so you c-can… fuck ME!”

He was chuckling now. He knew he had me. Slowly he withdrew his cock from my wet young hole and said, “Well, ahh, I don’t need the mattress for that.” Suddenly he slammed his cock back into me, a brutal thrust that made me shriek with pleasure. “THIS is how God intended it, ahh, Becky.”

Now he really began to fuck me. No longer was he being slow and deliberate. He pulled out, slammed home, pulled out again. Each time I went from empty to full my threshold for pleasure seemed to multiply. I kept thinking I was going to cum, I kept moaning and screaming and crying as though I was about to cum, but each violent thrust into my body only heightened my state of arousal instead. My body went limp again as he rutted into me, over and over, and all I could do was moan and pant deliriously as he chuckled sadistically. My mind was a jumble of confused thoughts and feelings. Why couldn’t I cum? I feared for a brief, terrible moment that I had passed the point of cumming. Maybe I would always feel like this, now, charged up and unable to climax. Stupidly I began to sob once more, but they were sobs of frustration only.

And then he did it.

I don’t know how he did it, I don’t know how he knew how to do it. But on one final thrust into my tight box he angled his cock upward a little so that I could feel the swollen head of cock push along the back of vaginal tube. He did this slowly and it was like he’d found an itch deep inside my teenage body that needed to be scratched. And scratch it he did with the tip of his embedded cock. Finally, I exploded.

I whimpered and screamed through my orgasm. It was such a relief I nearly laughed, too, but my girlish giggles were overridden by my whorish screams of delight. Every nerve ending in my body was on fire as I came, and maybe that was why I was so aware of his throbbing cock and his vice-like grip on my hips as he began to shoot his load into me.

I’d started cumming before him and I was only finishing that magnificent orgasm after he had emptied his load of sperm into my womb. It felt hot and gooey inside me, much more substantive than what the dogs ever gave me. When my orgasm finally subsided I realized the room had grown eerily silent again. Even my panting had quieted and his chuckling had ceased. He pulled out of me, then, just as slowly as ever. My dazed mind considered it a wonder to suddenly be empty except for his gooey seed. And he wasn’t touching me anymore, either. I could hear him walking away. Where was he going? I remained motionless, sprawled across the cheap table with my naked ass in the air and my legs dangling off the edge. When I felt his hand on my head, gently brushing away my hair from my face, I felt like I’d just been woken up from a dream.

“I’ll give you, ahh, a few minutes to recover,” he whispered. He had come around to the other side of the table and was now leaning over me. The left side of my face was still pressed against the table surface but my right eye blinked in confusion and saw him grinning down at me. “When I call for you, though, you’d best come, and, ahh, you’d best be naked.”

He left me like that. I heard the old recliner creek as he rested his heavy body into it, and I realized he was putting on another movie. Finally I slid myself backwards onto two wobbly legs. Amazingly my shoes were still on. And my shirt, and bra. As I lowered myself to the floor my skirt came back down over my legs, too, and for some reason it felt dirty to still be clothed; to realize I’d been completely clothed in my school uniform while getting fucked by a man for the first time ever. But it was a great relief for my tired body to be off the table and I found myself curling up into a fetal position amongst the empty DVD cases that had fallen to the floor.

I don’t know how long I laid there like that. Through a fog I could hear another porn movie playing, the sounds of sex, the occasional grunt of the video store owner’s approval. Deep in my tiny body I thought I could feel his seed swimming around inside my womb and the thought both terrified and enthralled me. Would I get pregnant? Did it matter? I’d just been raped by this man and yet, in the end, he’d turned my body and mind against me. He’d made me his. Is that what the Bible meant about “one flesh”? Was I truly now his wife? If so, getting pregnant by him wasn’t such a bad thing. Was it?

Obviously I was in a terribly confused state of mind. My pubescent body had just gone through an incredible trauma and my mind was ill-equipped to make sense of it. It’s no wonder, then, that when I heard him call my name I stood up and started to undress without any thought of refusal.

My fingers fumbled with each button on my shirt and when I slipped out of it I suddenly felt cold. I shuddered as I unclasped the front of my bra and slipped it off, too. The tips of my pink nipples were hard little diamonds, I saw, as I reached behind me to unzip the back of my skirt after undoing my belt. I shook it off, then, stepped out of it with only my dress shoes and knee-high socks still on. I went down to one knee and undid the clasp of my right shoe, then switched to my other knee and undid the clasp on the right. Then I stood back up and stepped out of each shoe and suddenly I felt even shorter than before. I was just beginning to peel down one of my socks when I heard him say that I could leave them on.

He’d been watching me the whole time and I hadn’t even noticed. He was grinning at me and the sight of my nakedness underneath the flickering fluorescent light. With a gesture he commanded me to come to him, and obediently I did. As I got closer my embarrassment at having my young, developing body on full display brought back some of the earlier nervousness and embarrassment. This wasn’t like getting raped: in a way it was even more humiliating, to go to him like that, naked and freshly fucked and completely vulnerable. I brought my hands up to my chest as my face reddened. I kept my eyes on the ground as I walked around in front of him, between the recliner and the television set. I stood like that for a minute or so, my eyes cast down at the ground, staring at my toes. When he told me to look at him I started chewing on my lower lip but brought up my eyes as instructed.

He was still wearing his shirt but he was naked from the waist down. His hairy legs were spread apart and his cock was soft, but not shrivelled, between them. He was staring at me with hungry eyes when he said, “Arms to your, ahh, sides, Becky.”

I took a deep breath and then complied. He whistled softly as he got his first good look at my pale teenage breasts. Then he told me to turn around and, slowly, I did. He chuckled at my nervous obedience and I felt my flesh burn redder still. Posing for him like this was a new kind of humiliation that threatened to make me cry again. But in the end I was all cried out. And who was I kidding, anyway? Though the tears from earlier were still drying on my face it was his cum I could still feel lodged deep inside my belly. My tears hadn’t protected me from that and they wouldn’t protect me from whatever he had planned now.

He told me to come over to him and I did. When I got close enough he took me by the arm and gently pulled me up onto one of his fat, hairy legs. His arm came down around my waist, holding me in place, and I was suddenly reminded of sitting on Santa Claus’ lap at the mall when I was younger. His other hand was gently running over my naked thighs as I sat there. His touch made me shiver from head to toe.

“Now, ahh, here’s what’s going to happen,” he said to me as he reached out for my right wrist. He brought it over between his legs and then said, “You’re going to play with my cock as we, ahh, I explain things to you. When I get hard enough you’re going to get on the floor and take it into your mouth. Have you ever done that? Ahh, given a blowjob?”

I shook my head as my pulse quickened. He grinned. “Good,” he said. “Girl like you better learn sometime and, ahh, I like teaching little girls. So that’s what you’re gonna do, learn how to suck cock, and after I cum in that pretty mouth of yours I’ll let you get dressed and go home. But, ahh, when you get there you’re going to have a homework assignment to do. Are you good at homework, ahh, Becky?”

I gulped and nodded my head. My hand was now wrapped around his soft, semi-erect penis, and I was marvelling at the way it felt in my cool hand. It was definitely bigger than any of the dogs’, even Patton’s, I could now clearly see. Even in its current semi-hard state it seemed so large that I couldn’t believe it had fit inside my body. Of course the cucumber I’d fucked myself with a lifetime ago had been bigger, but I’d never gotten it fully inside me. And though it wasn’t as large as the massive penises I’d seen in the movies he’d rented to me, this one was real. It was in my hand, throbbing in my small hand. Out of instinct I began to stroke it as he continued to speak.

“Of course you are. A good girl like you, ahh, probably loves homework,” he chuckled softly. “Now this assignment is, ahh, very important. You’re going to make me a list of every sexual thing you’ve ever done. Every person you’ve been with, every object you’ve put inside your cunt, every, ahh, dirty game you’ve played with your little friends. You will tell me everything, ahh, from the first time you rubbed your sweet puss to the first time a cock was inside you. Understand?”

The thought of writing such a revealing account of my sexual experiences made me shudder again, this time with fear. How could I possibly tell him about the dogs? Or did I have to tell him that much? With my fist slowly stroking his hardening dick I nodded, though, knowing that I could figure that out later.

“Good, good. And tomorrow, after school, you will come straight here when you, ahh, get off the bus. You will come straight to me and turn in your, ahh, homework. And we’ll have some more fun, you and me.

“Now here’s what you aren’t going to do,” he continued, his voice gaining that authoritative edge I was so used to hearing from my father. “You are not, ahh, going to tell anyone about this. Not a friend, ahh, not a teacher. No one. You are mine, now, Becky. This, ahh, is mine.” He gripped at my cunt, then, to show me what he meant. I squeaked with pain and nodded my head as he continued to talk. “If you, ahh, try to take it away from me, I’ll have to punish you severely.”

I gulped, and nodded, and continued to stroke his cock. It was almost fully erect. “There are other things you, ahh, aren’t going to do, either. For one, you’re not going to that liquor store anymore, because you, ahh, aren’t going to be smoking. Bet you didn’t, ahh, think I knew about that, did ya? Well I know what goes on over there with those Arabs, ahh, Becky. And you won’t be showing your tits to nobody from now on unless I say so. ‘sides, I don’t like watching you smoke. Makes you look trashy. Heh. From now on you only get to look trashy when I say so, too.”

The thought of quitting smoking made me frown. I’d really liked it and, in fact, I was dying for a cigarette as I sat in the man’s lap stroking his penis. I’d also grown to enjoy my little acts of exhibitionism at the Silver Star and would miss that, too. At the same time, though, it was sort of a relief to be told I had to stop. There was no way I’d be able to quit on my own and it was only a matter of time before my dad found out about my nicotine addiction. By commanding me to stop my new master was actually keeping me out of trouble.

“Second, you’re not going to, ahh, wear any panties anymore. Not at school, not at home, and definitely not here. I want your cunt to have air to breathe, and the thought of your juices dribbling down your leg while you’re kneeling for, ahh, prayer at school turns me on. Understand?”

That command made me shudder, but again I nodded. No underwear? Now that could possibly get me into trouble. But despite the potential embarrassment for doing so, I knew deep down that I would obey my master’s command.

“One last, ahh, thing, before you get on your knees,” he said. He began to tickle my little patch of pubic hair and then said, “This, ahh, needs to go. You’re too, ahh, young for this nasty hair. From now on you will shave your cunt so it’s as bald as the day your were, ahh, born. Understand?”

“Y-yes, Sir,” I said meekly. For me, that was the strangest command he had given me so far. I was proud of my pubic hair and I thought it made me more attractive, made me look more like a woman. Why would he want this evidence of my maturity gone? I could understand why the actresses in those porno movies shaved– so that their pussies were easier to see on camera– but I wasn’t about to star in any movies. But again, for some reason I knew instinctively that I would obey. No matter how strange or degrading the command, I was going to be obedient and do as I was told.

He chuckled finally and then told me to get on my knees.

His cock was almost fully erect as I meekly crawled off his leg and got on my knees in front of him. I studied his member intensely. It was so large I had to doubt if it would actually fit inside my mouth, but I had no choice. Already he was pulling my head toward it, commanding me to open up wide. I obeyed and when it slid past my teeth I felt a wave of pleasure wash over me. Ever since I’d eaten out Amy I’d wondered what it would be like to give oral sex to a man, too. It always looked so degrading in those movies when the woman was servicing a man like this, using her mouth for his pleasure only, sucking on the thing he fucked and peed with. Now I was the one sucking a cock and it made me feel deliciously naughty.

And it felt natural, too. It felt natural to be in this position. I was no longer afraid or confused at all. The more he commanded me and told me what to do the more I felt like I really was his. Just like he’d said, I was his. It was strangely relieving to know that. And it was exciting. As he instructed me on how to properly blow him I felt more subservient and degraded, and that just got me hotter. I swirled my tongue around the head of his shaft, just like he told me to, and actually felt proud when he made sounds of pleasure as a result. I found myself taking the initiative, trying to force the entire length of his cock down my throat like I’d seen the women do in those movies. When I heard him call me a “good little cocksucker” I felt goosebumps break out on my flesh. I slobbered over his dick, choking on it, trying to live up to his words. Of course, I didn’t know enough about blowjobs back then to know I was really doing a sloppy, amateurish job. But ignorance was bliss and he was sighing in delight above me and it made me feel proud.

I was disappointed when he told me to stop. Had I done something wrong? But then he was telling me to keep my mouth open and he was pumping his dick right in front of my face. He wanted to finish himself, I realized, and I knew exactly where he wanted his seed to go.

“Ahh, perfect position, just perfect,” he sighed. My hands were on my knees, my mouth wide open, and his cock was mere inches away from it. He was stroking himself quickly now and telling me what I already knew, that he was going to cum in my mouth. My heart thumped in anticipation as I waited and then, finally, it happened.

Squirt after squirt of his gooey cum shot out of his cock, most of it landing directly on my tongue. I shuddered in response but kept my mouth wide open as my heart pounded and he groaned through his climax. Some of his jets of sperm missed, landing instead on my lips and chin and cheeks, but the majority hit where he’d intended. When he finished cumming he started to chuckle. He told me to straighten my back since I’d been leaning forward, and I did, and now he really began to laugh. My face grew red with embarrassment. What was so funny?

“A perfect cum receptacle,” he chortled. He placed one hand on the top of my head and turned it this way and that so he could see my open, cum-filled mouth from every angle. “That, ahh, is exactly what your mouth is. You look very pretty like this, did you know that?”

I couldn’t reply, not that I would have known how to. What I did know was that he wasn’t laughing at me in a mean way. What he said was meant as a compliment, or at least I took it as such. It made me feel good to know that I had pleased him.

“Okay, ahh, swallow it down, now, that’s a girl.”

I tingled all over as I gladly closed my mouth and tasted his thick gobs of semen on my tongue. Obediently I swallowed it down, loving the feel of it sliding down my throat even more than the feeling of it inside my womb. When I was done he told me to get the rest off my face, and I did so, using a finger to wipe his sperm from my chin and cheeks and then sucking that finger without being told. I loved the taste of it, I decided. It was a salty, sort of sweaty taste made all the more delectable because of what it was and where it had come from. When I was done I looked back up at him and for the first time since following him to this back room of his store there was a smile on my face.

He told me to get dressed, then, and I nodded and stood dreamily to my feet. I felt giddy and dazed as I pulled on my skirt, and then my shoes, as he watched me from his chair. I was completely horny, I realized, but it didn’t look like he had any plans to get me off. The only thing he said to me while I dressed was a reminder not to put on my panties. When I was finally fully clothed again I stood facing him with a nervous smile on my face. I decided I just had to ask him, so I did, as demurely and politely as possible.

“Uhm, sir?” I said, “Can I uhm… cum, too? B-before I leave, I mean?”

He studied me with a wry expression on his face. He seemed to consider my request for a moment before saying, “No, ahh, I don’t think so. In fact, I don’t want you cumming after you leave, either. I want you, ahh, charged up for tomorrow.”

I stood there, wanting to protest but unable to speak. If he noticed my discomfort he ignored it, saying only that I had better get going and that he wanted me to leave via the back door. With a slight, confused frown on my face I slung my backpack over one shoulder and followed him to the exit, which he unlocked with a key before turning to me and gently patting me on the head. “Remember the rules and, ahh, your homework tonight, little one,” he said. “We’ll have plenty of fun tomorrow. Don’t, ahh, be late.”

He gave me a gentle push as I stepped out into the alley behind the store. Then he closed the door behind me without even saying goodbye. The smell of trash from a nearby dumpster filled my nostrils as I stood there. For a moment I didn’t moved, sort of blinded by the realization I was outside again. And then, with a deep breath, I started walking home.


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