Solicit yourself to the demonic legions of Hell – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: Unknown

Feature Title: Solicit yourself to the demonic legions of Hell

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Solicit yourself to the demonic legions of Hell

Lasciviously whore your flesh for their pleasure. Open wide your anal cunt and suck their serpentine phallus’s deep into your body. Submit completely to the brutality of their rape and be consumed by their maleficence. Become blind to all but their bestial ravaging become deaf to all but their hideous blasphemous chants, savor and yield to their raw lust.

As you sink into the black tendrils of their consumption send forth your anima into them and become one as you feed as parasite and host, see with their eyes as they use your flesh feel yourself within them and learn, learn for they shall teach you the ways that they feed, how they wield their individual evil, their pleasures and perversions shall be yours to imbue.

These are the foundations for you to build and seed your infinite deviancy. Take them as your own and mold them, twist their blasphemies ever darker, embellish with your fetishes and personal sickened desires and you shall become the demon that you covet.

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    1. Hail Rose — It makes me very happy to know that I could play a small part in sharing the pleasure of sexual satanism and lust demons to fuck your mind and body — tell us more about what you have experienced

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